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    Q216048 IMAP4 User Cannot Receive Mail and Sender Receives "Intended Recipient's Mailbox Is Full" Message
    Q217100 MCIS SMTP Service May Terminate Unexpectedly While Attempting to Send a Message with 300 or More Recipients
    Q216160 SMTPSVC May Strip Message Body When Message Contains BCC
    Q196893 Total Nick (Alias) Collisions Counter Not Incremented Properly
    Q164726 XFOR: Access Violation If Corrupted Message Received Through Portal
    Q195083 XFOR: Access Violation Installing News Service on DEC Alpha Computer
    Q219839 XFOR: Access Violation Occurs When Sending Message Through SMTP Service
    Q164719 XFOR: Access Violation When Reading DBCS Chars from the Reason Field
    Q159932 XFOR: Adding Third DNS Server Causes SMTP to Not Use MX Records
    Q164716 XFOR: Authentication Requiring More Than Three Hops Fails
    Q164714 XFOR: Busy Chat Server Can Hang when a Portal Disconnects
    Q195084 XFOR: Cannot Send SSL Messages after Installing New Certificate
    Q166709 XFOR: Error 502: Moderated Newsgroups Must Have Same Moderator
    Q164718 XFOR: French Version Does Not Support SSPI Authentication (DPA and NTLM)
    Q170281 XFOR: ICS: Channel Service Does Not Have its Own Thread Pool
    Q170282 XFOR: ICS MBS: Membership Server Becomes a Default SSPI When No Domain Name Supplied
    Q170283 XFOR: ICS: SetMemberMode Is Not Available
    Q166385 XFOR: Index File Corruption with Network Error during File Update or Write-back
    Q167131 XFOR: INS:"501 Syntax Error" Returned During Replication
    Q162580 XFOR: INS May GPF When It Receives an Article with a Large Header
    Q170064 XFOR: INS: NNTPBLD Takes Too Long to Rebuild a Server
    Q160927 XFOR: INS Server Hangs with Listgroups Command on UNIX NNTP Clients
    Q164717 XFOR: Intermittent Access Violations Occur with Abnormal Disconnect
    Q193687 XFOR: Invalid Handle Exception Error During SMTP Server Maintenance
    Q195046 XFOR: IStream::Stat( ) Returns E_NOTIMPL in MCIS 2.0
    Q166722 XFOR: MBS: Banned Chat Users Regain Access w/ Authentication
    Q214552 XFOR: MCIS 2.0 NNTP Logging Does Not Include Newsgroup Name for Read Articles
    Q197292 XFOR: Mode Command Does Not Function Properly with Chat Server
    Q164079 XFOR: NNTPSVC 501 Syntax Error When Wildcard (*) in List Newsgroup Command
    Q164715 XFOR: Persistent Channel w/ Autostart Flag Not Replicating Over Portals
    Q194228 XFOR: Rule Containing Multiple Clauses Only Functions Properly Once
    Q159329 XFOR: Same Autostart Channel on Two Servers Causes Failure
    Q164720 XFOR: Secure Chat Server (DPA, RPA) May Cause Memory Leaks
    Q164727 XFOR: Server Does Not Support Simultaneous SSPI Security Providers
    Q160691 XFOR: Server Returns Error 599 when It Receives Multiple Line Responses to HELO and EHLO
    Q164725 XFOR: Server Slow When Making Connection to Portal
    Q222885 XFOR: SMTP Service Continuously Attempts to Reconnect to Remote Server
    Q193686 XFOR: SMTP Services Do Not Start Automatically After One Is Stopped
    Q194850 XFOR: SMTPSVC May Display BCC Addresses on Outgoing Messages
    Q168108 XFOR: Smtpsvc Queue Processing Is Slow When DNS Lookup Fails
    Q158698 XFOR: Use of Persistent Channel Data Field Causes Corruption
    Q193921 XFOR: Virtual Server Is No Longer Viewable Through MMC

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