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    Q143008 32-Bit PowerPoint Viewer Interface Different on Windows NT
    Q141861 Asian Characters Are Lost in Translation
    Q158413 AutoCorrect Does Not Automatically Scroll Correction List
    Q119383 AVI Files Available for Testing Video for Windows Runtime
    Q117841 Avoiding Background Palette Flash When Viewing AVI Files
    Q118591 Calculating the Disk Space Required for an AVI File
    Q134867 "Cannot Find File" When Object Clicked to Run Interactively
    Q119764 Capturing a Palette from an Intel Indeo-Compressed .AVI File
    Q165378 CG3: Clip Gallery 3.0 Does Not Display Path in Preview
    Q162124 CG3: Clip Gallery General Troubleshooting Tips Part 1 of 2
    Q162128 CG3: Clip Gallery General Troubleshooting Tips Part 2 of 2
    Q193115 CG3: ClipGallery Opens Slowly After Installing Office SR-2 Patch
    Q194992 CG3: Clip Gallery Opens Slowly Applying SR-2 Patch
    Q158542 CG3: Clip Gallery Takes a Long Time to Start
    Q155785 CG3: Colors Turn to Gray in Thumbnail Images
    Q161689 CG3: Error Messages Appear When You Install Extra Clip Art
    Q158425 CG3: Errors and Unable to View Clipart in Clip Gallery
    Q173411 CG3: Error Trying to Delete Image, Category in ClipArt Gallery
    Q156985 CG3: Error When Using Clip Gallery to Insert a Sound
    Q160475 CG3: How to Download and Run Clip Gallery CIL Files from the Web
    Q195095 CG3: Previews on Network Drive Error with Clip Gallery 3.0
    Q155854 CG3: Sound Recorder Needed to Add .wav Files to Clip Gallery
    Q159375 CG3: Unable to Connect to Design Gallery Live Web Site
    Q191440 CG4: Animated GIFs Only Animate in Web Browsers
    Q191133 CG4: "Can't open this item" Error Opening Message with Clip Art
    Q191132 CG4: Clip Gallery Hangs When Importing Multiple CGM Files
    Q187765 CG4: Clip Gallery Object Appears as Gray Hashed Box
    Q240032 CG5: Err Msg: Msvcp60.dll Is Linked to the Missing Export Msvcrt
    Q136351 CG: ClipArt Gallery Shows Extensions Even if They Are Hidden
    Q183915 CG: Clip Gallery Cannot Find Clip Art on a CD-ROM Drive
    Q138511 CG: How to Manually Merge .cag Files in ClipArt Gallery 2.0/3.0
    Q113170 CG: Refreshing ClipArt Gallery Thumbnail Images
    Q137052 Changed Interactive Setting Not Reflected in Active Slide Show
    Q108362 Changes Made by Video for Windows 1.1 Run-Time Installation
    Q108363 Changes Made by Video for Windows 1.1 Upgrade
    Q120495 Changing a Bitmap Palette to Prevent Distortion & Screen Flash
    Q119845 Changing the Working Directory in PowerPoint
    Q131750 Characters on Screen Appear Very Small
    Q155069 ClickArt Manual Has Incorrect Support Phone Number
    Q138393 Clipart Gallery: Can Only Add One Picture at a Time on Win NT
    Q134787 Complete List of Shortcut Keys for PowerPoint 7.0
    Q116400 Comprehensive List of Video for Windows Documentation Errors
    Q135746 Conference Slide Show Keystrokes Don't Affect Audience Screens
    Q108110 Corrupted 8-Bit .AVI File After Step Frame Capture
    Q123794 Custom.dic Not Updated in PowerPoint
    Q135322 Default Printer Not Changed in PowerPoint
    Q107907 Enhancements to Video for Windows, Version 1.1
    Q133085 EPS Picture Appears Transparent on PCL Printers
    Q86446 Equivalent Values for Genigraphics Colors: RGB
    Q163389 "Error Reading Disk..." Unpacking Multi-Disk Pack And Go File
    Q151046 Errors Opening "PowerPoint Step by Step" Presentations
    Q65730 Film Recorder Support Under PowerPoint for Windows
    Q134462 Fonts May Be Listed Twice in Contents Tab of Properties
    Q155166 Fonts That Do Not Change After Reapplying Slide Master
    Q110023 GP Fault When Playing Multiple AVI Files
    Q118590 How to Capture or Create a Palette from an AVI File
    Q138492 How to Run Quick Preview
    Q122156 How to Save (or Not Save) TrueType Fonts with Your Publication
    Q44128 How to Search for PowerPoint Articles by KBSubcategory
    Q108790 Intel Indeo Technology Update -- V3.11.041
    Q85082 Less Free Memory After Running Slide Show in PowerPoint Viewer
    Q143005 Limited Printing Capabilities of 32-bit PowerPoint Viewer.
    Q155954 Lines with Arrowheads Distorted When Pasted into Word
    Q98708 Linked Microsoft Excel Graphs Resized in PowerPoint
    Q137759 List of Reference Words Used by AutoClipArt
    Q135260 Location of the Ppreadme.txt File in PowerPoint 95
    Q133373 Maximum Number of Undos Is More Than Specified
    Q135259 "More Colors" Color Squares Won't Change from Black or White
    Q169963 OFF97: Copy To from Bookshelf Starts Program Not Binder
    Q133737 OLE Objects Don't Update with New Color Scheme
    Q163004 "Pack and Go Setup Was Unable to Install..." Trying to Unpack
    Q160975 Photo Editor: Problems Controlling Resolution of PCD File
    Q156001 PowerPoint 4.0 Presentations Not Recognized in Exchange Folder
    Q132997 PowerPoint 95 Files Saved as PowerPoint 4 Lose Font Embedding
    Q138643 PowerPoint 95 Viewer Doesn't Replace 16-Bit OLE Files
    Q155955 PowerPoint Animation Doesn't Play After Player Download
    Q120126 PowerPoint Cannot Locate Its Spelling Checker
    Q149593 PowerPoint Could Not Locate Character Map
    Q155484 PowerPoint Custom Object Fills and Word's Picture Editor
    Q137878 PowerPoint for Windows 95 CD Does Not Use DMF Compression
    Q133084 "PowerPoint Is Not Responding..." When Closing Windows 95
    Q155482 PowerPoint Pattern Fills and Word's Picture Editor
    Q155290 PowerPoint Stops Responding During HTML Export
    Q156155 PP7T: Write-Up Document Larger Than Presentation
    Q123449 PPT: "1 3/4.PPT. Sorry, the File Cannot Be Found" Error
    Q123342 PPT: 3-D Pie Chart Is Displayed and Printed with Poor Quality
    Q134780 PPT7: Action Item Slides Not Written from Embedded Presentation
    Q169247 PPT7: Action Items/Speaker Notes Not Saved After Slide Show
    Q143013 PPT7: After Build Step Fails in Slide Show
    Q169964 PPT7: Animation Effect Doesn't Work with Auto Advance
    Q143665 PPT7: Animation Player for ActiveX Available
    Q192837 PPT7: Black and White Versus Pure Black and White Printing
    Q136174 PPT7: CABfile Contents, Disks 1-6
    Q136175 PPT7: CABfile Contents, Disks 7-12
    Q178120 PPT7: Cannot Change Color of Embossed Text in PowerPoint 4.0 Fil
    Q133448 PPT7: Cannot Customize AutoClipart List
    Q157474 PPT7: Can't Change Linked File in Folder With "!" in Name
    Q116559 PPT7: Can't Open PowerPoint 4.0 Presentation on Windows NT 3.51
    Q138645 PPT7: Can't Open PowerPoint Files with Windows 95 Quick View
    Q137596 PPT7: Can't Print Multiple Copies to HP DeskJet Printer
    Q159480 PPT7: Can't Unpack File To Folder With Extended Characters
    Q168507 PPT7: Changes to Notes Master Not Reflected in Notes View
    Q135321 PPT7: Changing the Working Directory in PowerPoint
    Q26885 PPT7: Clipart Gallery 2.0a Update for Windows NT Users
    Q137761 PPT7: Color Mapping Errors Between Windows 95 and NT 3.51
    Q134786 PPT7: Color of Embossed Text Varies with Text Box Fill Style
    Q132383 PPT7: Colors and Shaded Fills Dither in PowerPoint
    Q156156 PPT7: Color Text in Shaded Objects Doesn't Print to DeskJet 1600
    Q140981 PPT7: Components That Cannot be Added or Removed
    Q135323 PPT7: Computer Appears to Hang if You Post Message to Exchange
    Q135560 PPT7: Contents of Disks 1-12 (3.5" disks)
    Q143019 PPT7: Contents of PowerPoint Viewer (32-Bit) Disks
    Q135744 PPT7: Contents of PPReadme.txt File
    Q140846 PPT7: "Could Not Find Pngsetup.ex_" Using Pack And Go Wizard
    Q149587 PPT7: Creating PowerPoint 95 Viewer Disks from Downloaded File
    Q165348 PPT7: Date Changes on Presentations Stored on Windows NT Server
    Q137831 PPT7: Default Formatting Not Applied to Every New Presentation
    Q147801 PPT7: Differences Between PowerPoint versions 7.0a and 7.0b
    Q134781 PPT7: Duplicate Clip Art in ClipArt Gallery
    Q134871 PPT7: Embedded Object Resizes if Slide Formatted as Title Master
    Q134461 PPT7: Embedded OLE Object Won't Update in Branched Presentation
    Q164733 PPT7: Embedded Word Tables Show Unequal Borders
    Q176389 PPT7: Embed TrueType Fonts in PowerPoint Windows Metafiles
    Q180740 PPT7: Embossed Graphics in Converted File Appear as Solid Color
    Q172359 PPT7: Error Editing Graph in PowerPoint 95 & 97 Dual Format File
    Q169359 PPT7: Error Editing PowerPoint 4.0 Object in Word 6.0 Document
    Q170793 PPT7: Error Editing PowerPoint File Type in Windows Explorer
    Q168328 PPT7: Error Inserting or Clicking Excel Object in PowerPoint
    Q155065 PPT7: Error inserting QuickTime Movie (*.mov)
    Q133736 PPT7: Error Message: L.ppt - Sorry, the File Cannot Be Found
    Q136974 PPT7: Error Opening Earlier Version Presentation
    Q143021 PPT7: Error Saving Presentation as PowerPoint 4.0 File
    Q138946 PPT7: Errors Saving PowerPoint 95 File in PowerPoint 4.0 Format
    Q134872 PPT7: Error While Saving in PowerPoint 4.0 Format
    Q133446 PPT7: Features and Limitations of Presentation Conferencing
    Q143024 PPT7: Files Installed by PowerPoint Viewer for Windows 95
    Q158498 PPT7: Files Installed by Stand-Alone PowerPoint
    Q189370 PPT7: Files Installed by the PowerPoint 97 to 95 Translator
    Q134457 PPT7: Files Saved in Outline View Open in Slide View
    Q142280 PPT7: Fonts in Font List Contain Question Marks
    Q133734 PPT7: Font Smoothing in Slide Show Built Text Looks Bad
    Q135740 PPT7: Format Painter Doesn't Copy Custom Background in Sorter
    Q165904 PPT7: Frames Print on Handouts and Notes Pages
    Q142438 PPT7: Frequently Asked Questions about Genigraphics
    Q135264 PPT7: Genigraphics Wizard Replaces Genigraphics Driver
    Q150983 PPT7: Graph Patterns Not Printed in PowerPoint Presentation
    Q141246 PPT7: Group Command Unavailable When Placeholder Object Selected
    Q148296 PPT7: Handout Page Numbers Always Start at One
    Q164828 PPT7: Hang, Error Using PowerPoint Write-Up Command w/ Word 97
    Q134869 PPT7: Header or Footer Text Runs into Date or Slide Number
    Q140482 PPT7: Help Index Shows What's New in Word 95 Topic
    Q253256 PPT7: Horizontal or Vertical Guides May Become Unavailable
    Q142964 PPT7: How to Add the Valupack ClipArt from the Office 95 CD
    Q162560 PPT7: How to Change the Font Size in PowerPoint Dialog Boxes
    Q137054 PPT7: How to Copy Multiple Slides into a Word Document.
    Q151043 PPT7: How to Customize Right Mouse Button Behavior in PowerPoint
    Q155842 PPT7: How to Open a .ppz File in Microsoft PowerPoint
    Q135671 PPT7: How to Play Sound Files Across Multiple Slides
    Q140997 PPT7: How to Play Video Clips Full Screen in PowerPoint
    Q156161 PPT7: How To Print Shadowed Text to PCL Printers
    Q134976 PPT7: How to Restore the Default Design Template
    Q138307 PPT7: How to Run a Slide Show Within a Window (Undocumented)
    Q142944 PPT7: How to Start a PowerPoint Presentation in Slide Show View
    Q134870 PPT7: Illegal Operation Error Saving File as PowerPoint 4.0
    Q161532 PPT7: Importing Freelance 96 Presentations into PowerPoint
    Q155062 PPT7: Information About Compadre for PowerPoint 95
    Q149599 PPT7: Internet Assistant Commands Missing, Don't Work
    Q129386 PPT7: Internet Assistant for PowerPoint Available Online
    Q158514 PPT7: Internet Explorer Prevents Association of .ppt, .pot Files
    Q140993 PPT7: Invalid Data Error Clicking "Send to Genigraphics"
    Q160801 PPT7: Invisible Shapes Print With Borders in Black and White
    Q134864 PPT7: Levels of Undo Greater Than Specified in PowerPoint
    Q138838 PPT7: Limitations of the PowerPoint Viewer for Windows 95
    Q140984 PPT7: Lines Appear Next to Slides on Printed Handouts
    Q155476 PPT7: Lines on Handouts Page Vary in Thickness When Printed
    Q133080 PPT7: Meaning of 24-bit Rendering Options for WMF Files
    Q137687 PPT7: Media Player Box Displays During Slide Show While Playing
    Q155251 PPT7: Menu Items Not Available or Missing
    Q148598 PPT7: Menu Text Jumbled or Out of Place in PowerPoint for Window
    Q169570 PPT7: Mouse Pointer Disappears After Editing Graph
    Q133162 PPT7: Network Installation: .cag Files Not Read-Only
    Q141847 PPT7: New Slide Dialog Box (AutoLayout) Does Not Appear
    Q143017 PPT7: New Window Opened When Inserted Object Activated
    Q168638 PPT7: No Action or Interactive Settings for Grouped Shapes
    Q135743 PPT7: No Clip Art Available to Import to ClipArt Gallery
    Q139089 PPT7: No Support for Natural Keyboard Application Key
    Q143007 PPT7: "Not Enough Memory--See User's Guide" Printing to HP 1200c
    Q136347 PPT7: "Not Enough Printer Memory..." Error Trying to Print File
    Q135745 PPT7: Objects Displayed in Grayscale in Black & White View
    Q138951 PPT7: Object w/ White Text, Black Background Prints Solid Black
    Q133226 PPT7: Office Shortcut Bar Not Hidden During Slide Show on NT
    Q157741 PPT7: OLE Object Icon Doesn't Display at All Zoom Percentages
    Q157141 PPT7: Pack and Go Never Prompts to Insert Disk into Drive A:
    Q140983 PPT7: Pack And Go Wizard Is Not Supported on Windows 3.1
    Q173551 PPT7: "Part of File is Missing" Error Attempting to Open File
    Q136603 PPT7: Patch to Correct PowerPoint 7.0a Screen Redraw Problem
    Q137277 PPT7: Playlists Don't Work in PowerPoint 7.0
    Q149591 PPT7: PowerPoint 7.0a Stops Responding When Switching Views
    Q141247 PPT7: PowerPoint Encountered an Error That It Could Not Correct
    Q134876 PPT7: PowerPoint Hangs After Canceling "Print To File"
    Q159917 PPT7: PowerPoint Launches In Background From Windows 3.x Program
    Q139150 PPT7: PowerPoint Missing Features Under Windows NT
    Q137055 PPT7: PowerPoint Presentation Conferencing Fails
    Q140982 PPT7: PowerPoint Presentation Conferencing: Hidden Slides
    Q137598 PPT7: PowerPoint Presentation Conferencing Unavailable
    Q149592 PPT7: .pps Files Fail to Start in Slide Show
    Q133227 PPT7: Presentation Conference Doesn't End for Audience Member
    Q134865 PPT7: Presentation Conference Fails with Errors
    Q135325 PPT7: Presentation Conference Troubleshooting Guide
    Q138252 PPT7: Presentation Contains Blank Boxes If Saved as 4.0
    Q133083 PPT7: Presentation Designs Are the Same as Design Templates
    Q137597 PPT7: Preview Not Available for PowerPoint 4.0 Template
    Q141891 PPT7: Printing Error: This Is Not a Valid Page Range
    Q118668 PPT7: Printing Slides or Notes Pages in Reverse Order
    Q135324 PPT7: Running a Peer-to-Peer Presentation Conference
    Q161724 PPT7: Running PowerPoint Animations with Netscape Navigator 3.x
    Q140480 PPT7: Run-Time Error 6 Using the Genigraphics Wizard
    Q150986 PPT7: Sample PowerPoint Templates Available on the Internet
    Q137876 PPT7: Saving as PowerPoint 4.0 Presentation Can Lose OLE Objects
    Q155493 PPT7: Saving in 4.0 Fails if Path Longer Than 100 Characters
    Q148573 PPT7: Saving PowerPoint 7.0 File as PowerPoint 3.0 File
    Q155958 PPT7: Saving Version 7.0 File in 4.0 Format Changes Slide Setup
    Q137599 PPT7: Setup Does Not Install the CorelDRAW .CDR Filter
    Q136178 PPT7: Setup Installs Icon for Graflink on Windows NT 3.51
    Q134873 PPT7: Shaded Backgrounds Appear Banded in Word or Excel
    Q138490 PPT7: Shadow Missing from Text Printed on Black and White Printe
    Q136177 PPT7: Shared Files Installed to \Msapps Folder on WinNT 3.51
    Q138900 PPT7: Slide Miniature Disappears If Dragged to Taskbar
    Q134866 PPT7: Slow Performance or Memory Errors Running PowerPoint
    Q134782 PPT7: Some Filled Objects on Embedded Slides Don't Print Properl
    Q154972 PPT7: Some PowerPoint Features Lost Exporting to HTML
    Q136973 PPT7: Sorry, PowerPoint Could Not Start or Locate 'PPT Tools'
    Q138350 PPT7: "Sorry, There Is No Valid Speller" Error
    Q140785 PPT7: Style Checker Capitalizes Words Incorrectly
    Q134463 PPT7: System Requirements for PowerPoint for Windows 95
    Q165211 PPT7: Text Behind Object Prints w/ Some HP Printer Drivers
    Q169804 PPT7: Text Box Alignment Lost When Saved as PowerPoint 4.0 File
    Q155474 PPT7: Text Does Not Display With Generic/Text Only Printer
    Q156022 PPT7: Text in Drawing Objects Prints Double to HP LaserJet 4
    Q143015 PPT7: Text Printed Incorrectly on HP DeskJet 500
    Q173732 PPT7: Text Prints Slanted, Truncated to Tektronix Phaser Printer
    Q168745 PPT7: "The File Cannot Be Removed..." Error Running Pack And Go
    Q143504 PPT7: Translator for Opening PowerPoint 97 Files
    Q139149 PPT7: Troubleshooting Video Driver UMA Conflicts
    Q139087 PPT7: Turning off Background Printing Increases Print Speed
    Q136748 PPT7: Unable to Link Only a Portion of a Presentation
    Q139304 PPT7: Unexpected Font Substitution Caused by Some Printer Driver
    Q136419 PPT7: Unexpected Results Overlapping Two Semi-Transparent Object
    Q143020 PPT7: White Shadows Overlay Text with HP LaserJet 4
    Q173315 PPT7: White Text Prints Black w/ HP Color LaserJet Driver
    Q136176 PPT7: Windows 95 Taskbar Doesn't Respond During Slide Show
    Q161204 PPT7: WLL's May Cause Write-Up to Fail
    Q135822 PPT7: Write-up Fails If "Show Field Codes" Turned On in Word
    Q136179 PPT7: You Can Add Only One Textured Background Format at a Time
    Q116424 PPT: Adding the Present It Tool to Word
    Q95457 PPT: Aligning Bullets with Higher Level Text Margin
    Q113015 PPT: Applying Template Does Not Affect Slide Setup
    Q125196 PPT: Automatic Timings Don't Work in Playlist Slide Show
    Q135558 PPT: Breaking Link to Embedded Object Converts Object to Picture
    Q122784 PPT: Bullets Change with PowerPoint Viewer
    Q120128 PPT: Bypassing Startup Dialog Boxes in PowerPoint
    Q113017 PPT: Cannot Branch to PowerPoint Slide Objects
    Q113019 PPT: Cannot Change Default Fit Text or Anchor Point Options
    Q123797 PPT: Cannot Change Shadow Color of Organization Chart Object
    Q112430 PPT: Cannot Convert Linked PowerPoint Objects
    Q124820 PPT: Cannot Copy or Paste Objects in PowerPoint
    Q163641 PPT: Cannot Create EPS File Using Windows NT PostScript Driver
    Q90064 PPT: Cannot Find/Replace Quotation Marks or Apostrophe
    Q179539 PPT: Cannot Password Protect PowerPoint Presentations
    Q88259 PPT: Cannot Press TAB at Beginning of Paragraph
    Q76189 PPT: Cannot Run Workstation Setup from a Floppy Disk
    Q169239 PPT: Cannot Unpack Presentation on a Macintosh Computer
    Q134365 PPT: Cannot Use Slide Master to Change Case of Slide Text
    Q141860 PPT: Can't Open Files Created in Foreign Language Version
    Q155068 PPT: Can't Use PowerPoint 7.0 CD-ROM on a Macintosh Computer
    Q163692 PPT: Code Displays Each Word of Selection in Message Box
    Q163531 PPT: Code to Count the Placeholders on the Current Slide
    Q182849 PPT: Code to Detect if PowerPoint is Running on a Macintosh
    Q115048 PPT: Color of On-Screen Show Drawing Feature
    Q78138 PPT: Colors on Screen and Color Printout May Not Match
    Q130154 PPT: Columns or Rows Missing from Inserted Gantt Chart
    Q131687 PPT: CompuServe GIF89a Doesn't Import Transparent Background
    Q62748 PPT: Copying Slides Between Presentations
    Q104451 PPT: Copy Picture from Excel Automatically Paste Links
    Q171243 PPT: Creating 35 mm Slides for Slide Imaging
    Q26760 PPT: Creating a Labeled Drawing Object
    Q59208 PPT: Creating Transparent Bitmaps in Paintbrush for PowerPoint
    Q130158 PPT: Double-Clicking File Opens Wrong Version of PowerPoint
    Q185095 PPT: Embedding Fonts Not Supported in Macintosh PowerPoint
    Q85958 PPT: Embossing Diagonal Lines and Angles
    Q93588 PPT: EPS Graphic Displays as Mostly Empty Frame
    Q169574 PPT: EPS Graphic with Clipping Path Not Supported
    Q86445 PPT: Equivalent Values for Genigraphics Colors: CMYK
    Q119578 PPT: Error 340 Printing CorelDRAW! 4.0 Objects to Genigraphics
    Q156162 PPT: Error Opening Unpacked Presentation In Windows 3.1
    Q88082 PPT: Error Opening Untranslated Presentation
    Q137756 PPT: Errors in PowerPoint Due to Multiple User Profiles
    Q156003 PPT: Error Trying to Install Internet Assistant for PowerPoint
    Q85993 PPT: Excel Charts Embed in Black and White
    Q140559 PPT: File Size Differs Between Macintosh and Windows Versions
    Q116430 PPT: Font Substitutions - Macintosh to Windows
    Q163532 PPT: For Each Loop Doesn't Find All Shapes on a Slide
    Q118606 PPT: GP Fault in HPPCL5E2.DLL When Printing
    Q85415 PPT: Graphic Formats Supported by PowerPoint
    Q119577 PPT: Hidden Slides at Beginning of Slide Show Aren't Hidden
    Q158896 PPT: How to Add a Macro to a Toolbar
    Q131251 PPT: How to Automatically Number Lists in PowerPoint
    Q141604 PPT: How to Bring Harvard Graphics Slides into PowerPoint
    Q51463 PPT: How to Copy Slides Between PowerPoint Presentations
    Q155781 PPT: How to Create a Half-Circle in PowerPoint
    Q61916 PPT: How to Create (Format) a Default Presentation
    Q122743 PPT: How to Create Mirrored Text in PowerPoint
    Q86444 PPT: How to Create More Than One Notes Page Per Slide
    Q132189 PPT: How to Determine and/or Change the Bullet Style
    Q119576 PPT: How to Hide Slide Show Annotation and Hidden Slide Buttons
    Q105123 PPT: How to Modify Freeform Objects in PowerPoint
    Q148561 PPT: How to Open a PowerPoint 7.0 File in PowerPoint 4.0
    Q153833 PPT: How to Resize the AutoLayout Placeholders
    Q152033 PPT: How to Rotate Clip Images
    Q111822 PPT: How to Scale Bitmaps and Movies for Better Slide Shows
    Q99023 PPT: How to Set Object Defaults in PowerPoint 4.0, 7.0
    Q162709 PPT: How to Use the AddLine Method
    Q162385 PPT: How to Use the EntryEffect Property
    Q61895 PPT: How to Use the Mouse as a Slide Show Pen or Arrow
    Q167090 PPT: How to Videotape a PowerPoint Presentation
    Q93702 PPT: How to Write and Use a List File in PowerPoint Viewer
    Q124022 PPT: Importing MatLab Graphics into PowerPoint Causes Error
    Q68948 PPT: Importing Word for Windows Document into PowerPoint
    Q119104 PPT: Incorrect Title Case Change When Word Contains Apostrophe
    Q155064 PPT: Information About PointPlus
    Q138028 PPT: Inserted Media Player Object Is Linked, Not Embedded
    Q85750 PPT: Inserting Sound Objects in Presentations
    Q137601 PPT: Justify Text Command Unavailable in PowerPoint
    Q112524 PPT: Lotus 1-2-3 Chart Object Fill Colors Lost in PowerPoint
    Q158502 PPT: Macro Menus and Visual Basic Editor Require an Open File
    Q87556 PPT: Maximum Number of Objects Per Slide and Notes
    Q113024 PPT: May Have to Scale Cross-Platform Bitmaps for Display
    Q138027 PPT: Movies Do Not Play When Moved Cross-Platform
    Q168493 PPT: Narration Does Not Play From Unpacked PPT97 Presentation
    Q120410 PPT: Narrowest Line Style Prints Thicker than Expected
    Q87563 PPT: Non-PowerPoint Objects Have No Selection Box
    Q112422 PPT: Not All .AVI Files Play Under Windows NT
    Q143014 PPT: Objects Disappear from Presentation on Windows NT
    Q85847 PPT: Objects on Master Appear Behind Objects on Slide
    Q90364 PPT: Omit Master Disables Number, Date, Time Features
    Q155481 PPT: Only True Harvard Graphics for MS-DOS File Imported
    Q155855 PPT: Orange Text Prints Yellow on HP DeskJet 1200c
    Q157747 PPT: Palatino Font Prints Squished From Windows 95
    Q86666 PPT: Pantone(R) Color Conversion
    Q89155 PPT: Pattern Shows Through Double Line Style Border
    Q138839 PPT: Pictures Display as QuickTime Pict Placeholders
    Q112420 PPT: PowerPoint Cannot Open Some Files with .DRW Extension
    Q160152 PPT: PowerPoint Does Not Collate Using NT 3.51 Postscript Driver
    Q120601 PPT: PowerPoint OLE Objects Ignore Default Template.
    Q140650 PPT: PowerPoint Overrides Default Graph Color Scheme
    Q193848 PPT: PowerPoint Presentation Cloning Add-in Available
    Q117195 PPT: PowerPoint Readme- Filter Limitations (BMP and WMF)
    Q182546 PPT: PowerPoint Saves Year in Three-Digit Format
    Q157216 PPT: PowerPoint Slide Shows Look Bad in 16 Colors
    Q112827 PPT: PowerPoint Viewer (16-Bit) Available from Online Services
    Q126492 PPT: PowerPoint Viewer (32-Bit) Available from Online Services
    Q120956 PPT: Presentation Using Template Ignores Default Setting
    Q150982 PPT: Problems Unpacking Presentation on a Windows 3.x Computer
    Q110608 PPT: Resetting Customized Toolbars in PowerPoint
    Q26529 PPT: Restoring the Aspect Ratio of an Imported Graphic
    Q133735 PPT: Rotated Text Prints Horizontally on Canon LBP 1260 Printer
    Q163146 PPT: Run-Time Error Using the AddPicture Method
    Q163781 PPT: Sample Code Displays Message Box With AutoShape Type Name
    Q162121 PPT: Sample Code to Animate All Graph 8.0 Objects
    Q163694 PPT: Sample Code to Apply Small Caps Formatting to Selection
    Q162180 PPT: Sample Code to Assign a Random Animation to all Objects
    Q162247 PPT: Sample Code to Center a Selection of Objects
    Q163268 PPT: Sample Code to Change the Zoom Percentage
    Q161134 PPT: Sample Code to Control Word from a PowerPoint Macro
    Q161661 PPT: Sample Code to Copy Slides to Another Presentation
    Q163195 PPT: Sample Code to Copy Slide to Different Presentation
    Q161123 PPT: Sample Code to Determine the Current View
    Q162706 PPT: Sample Code to Determine the Number of Open Presentations
    Q161390 PPT: Sample Code to Display the Selection Type
    Q161135 PPT: Sample Code to Extract Text from an Organization Chart
    Q161485 PPT: Sample Code to Find Slides that Don't Follow Slide Master
    Q161246 PPT: Sample Code to Get Input From an Office Assistant Balloon
    Q162959 PPT: Sample Code to Get PowerPoint's Build Number
    Q161392 PPT: Sample Code to Name a Slide
    Q161597 PPT: Sample Code to Print All Open Presentations
    Q171571 PPT: Sample Code to Print Slide Numbers for a Custom Show
    Q162090 PPT: Sample Code to Reset Action Settings
    Q168495 PPT: Sample Code to Reset the Builds on a Slide
    Q161202 PPT: Sample Code to Retrieve or Set Slide Size
    Q163611 PPT: Sample Code to Retrieve the Fonts Used in a Presentation
    Q173288 PPT: Sample Code to Update Links in a Graph Datasheet
    Q158913 PPT: Sample Macro Code To Visit Every Open Slide
    Q163857 PPT: Sample VB Code Adds Multiple New Slides to Presentation
    Q162612 PPT: Sample VB Code that Inserts Title Slide and Title Text
    Q163301 PPT: Sample VB Code to Check for Open Presentation
    Q165217 PPT: Sample VB Code to Create a Custom Slide Show
    Q163188 PPT: Sample VB Code to Create a Graph on a Slide
    Q165795 PPT: Sample VB Code to Create Shape Using FreeForm Tool
    Q165218 PPT: Sample VB Code to Delete a Custom Slide Show
    Q163434 PPT: Sample VB Code to Get Selected Text
    Q163566 PPT: Sample VB Code to Group Objects Together
    Q163612 PPT: Sample VB Code to Make the Selected Text Bold
    Q166859 PPT: Sample VB Code to Print Current Slide from Slide Show
    Q163194 PPT: Sample VB Code to Retrieve Current Slide Number
    Q161989 PPT: Sample VB Code to Retrieve Summary Properties
    Q164583 PPT: Sample VB Code to Retrieve the Path to PowerPoint
    Q163302 PPT: Sample VB Code to Retrieve the Title of a Graph
    Q162175 PPT: Sample VB Code to Reverse Order of Slides
    Q165903 PPT: Sample VB Code to Turn Bullets On or Off
    Q95817 PPT: Scaling Lines and Arrowheads
    Q135261 PPT: Server Application Error Trying to Edit OrgChart Object
    Q119842 PPT: "Server Not Found" Error Editing 3.0 Slide in 4.0
    Q58323 PPT: Setting Default Attributes for Slide Objects
    Q138949 PPT: Shadows Not Printed from Organization Chart 2.0
    Q113323 PPT: Shortcut Keys for Superscript and Subscript Text
    Q117858 PPT: Simulating Use of More Than One Template in PowerPoint
    Q90979 PPT: Slide Show Does Not Return to Previous Slide
    Q110831 PPT: Slides Look Bad When Pasted into Other Programs
    Q137602 PPT: Slides Not Centered When Printing from HP DeskJet Printer
    Q130156 PPT: Some PowerPoint Buttons Not Available in Office Binder
    Q154971 PPT: Sound or Movie Objects Play Incorrectly or Not at All on NT
    Q120200 PPT: Summary of TAB Key Usage with Text and Objects
    Q137686 PPT: Superscript and Subscript Text Built Improperly
    Q104375 PPT: Tab Limitation in Each Text Block
    Q113026 PPT: Text Format Lost When Promoting, Demoting Paragraph
    Q143023 PPT: Text in Microsoft Excel Table Shifted Up in Slide Printout
    Q46767 PPT: Text In Slide Master Does Not Appear On Every Slide
    Q91717 PPT: Text Shadow Color Not Affected by Color Scheme
    Q92473 PPT: Text Shadows Don't Print Properly to PCL Printers
    Q157434 PPT: "There are Too Many Windows Open" Error Message
    Q175839 PPT: Troubleshooting Damaged Presentations on Windows 95
    Q166818 PPT: Unable to Change the ActivePrinter Property With VBA
    Q137603 PPT: Unpacked PPT4.0 Presentation Requires PPT95
    Q135559 PPT: Using Colors in PowerPoint
    Q173126 PPT: Using LeftMargin or FirstMargin Yields Unexpected Results
    Q158891 PPT: Using Macros Stored in Templates
    Q134877 PPT: Using Transitions to Achieve Smoother Branching
    Q150924 PPT: Version 4.0 Clip Art Not Added to ClipArt Gallery 2.0/3.0
    Q165897 PPT: Versions of Internet Assistant
    Q95685 PPT: Viewer Cannot Access Multiple Disks Using Playlist
    Q138251 PPT: Viewer Quits After the First Show in Playlist.
    Q164266 PUB: Rulers Disappear When Inserting, Editing Object
    Q155063 Pure Black and White Add-in Not Installed on Workstation
    Q135263 Reapply Layout Doesn't Work If Master Layout Is Deleted
    Q142279 Semi-Transparent Fills Are Black on Printout (Canon BJC-610)
    Q143022 Setting the Default Fill Color for All New Drawn Objects
    Q143010 Slide Colors Change When Editing Graph or Organization Chart
    Q155288 Slidedmp.exe Will Not Run By Itself
    Q137830 Slide Numbers in Title Not Printed in Outline View
    Q138639 "Slides From Outline" Command Causes "Currently In Use" Error
    Q155071 Slide Transition Sounds Lost with 16-Bit Viewer
    Q138439 Some Fills Lost When Saving from PowerPoint 7.0 as 4.0
    Q136180 Sorry, This Presentation Contains Open Embedded Objects...
    Q89202 Speller Handles Some Abbreviations Incorrectly
    Q136172 System Stops Responding (Hangs) with Certain Backgrounds
    Q134783 Text Entered in Second Column Not Reflected in Outline View
    Q162176 Thumbnail Image Doesn't Appear on Expected Gallery Page
    Q120453 Unable to Capture Audio and Video Simultaneously with VidCap
    Q120508 Unable to Create a Palette Consisting of More Than 256 Colors
    Q116399 Valid File Formats in BitEdit Dependent on Installed Filters
    Q110286 Video for Windows 1.1 Disk 1: (5.25 Inch)
    Q110287 Video for Windows 1.1 Disk 2: (5.25 Inch)
    Q110288 Video for Windows 1.1 Disk 3: (5.25 Inch)
    Q110290 Video for Windows 1.1 Disk 5: (5.25 Inch)
    Q108793 Video for Windows 1.1 Drivers Disk (3.5 Inch, 1.44 MB)
    Q108792 Video for Windows 1.1 Runtime Disk (3.5 Inch, 1.44 MB)
    Q108791 Video for Windows 1.1 Samples Disk (3.5 Inch, 1.44 MB)
    Q108794 Video for Windows 1.1 Setup Disk (3.5 Inch, 1.44 MB)
    Q108805 Video for Windows 1.1 Utilities Disk Directory
    Q122131 Video for Windows Conflicts with Diamond VideoStar Board
    Q102636 Video for Windows VidEdit Doesn't Run on Windows NT
    Q135741 What's New in PowerPoint for Windows 95: Slide Show
    Q134458 What's New in PowerPoint for Windows 95: Working with Slides
    Q140786 Which Products Qualify for PowerPoint for Windows 95 Upgrade
    Q123734 Writer/Artist: CD-ROM System Requirements
    Q138253 Write-Up Does Not Display Slides in Word 95
    Q133789 WT1229: Getting Started Controlling PowerPoint Through OLE
    Q113143 WT1230: Batch File Converter for PowerPoint for Windows 95
    Q85342 WT1249: Pure Black and White Printing Add-in

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