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    Q190045 BETA-INFO: ActiveX Controls Removed from Internet Explorer 5.0
    Q188020 BETA-PRB: Type Information not Found in Mshtml.dll
    Q190662 BUG: 16-Bit Internet Explorer Fails on Secure Sites Using Proxy
    Q177551 BUG: Cannot Navigate Away from MFC Active Document in IE4
    Q182315 BUG: Content-Disposition: Does not Force File Download Dialog
    Q230734 BUG: Custom Vertical Explorer Bar Doesn't Resize with Auto-Hide
    Q237878 BUG: Desktop Junction Point Not Opened Correctly
    Q235345 BUG: DHTML Databound Elements Ignore Regional Settings with RDS
    Q182688 BUG: <DIV> tags are positioned incorrectly in IE 4.01
    Q191184 BUG: Document.Frames Collection Does Not Support For Each Syntax
    Q235344 BUG: DTDs and Schemas Not Resolved When Using loadXML Method
    Q160060 BUG: Error Initializing the WinInet Cache
    Q181674 BUG: File Protocol URLs Do Not Work Correctly with # Fragments
    Q196383 BUG: FIX: Windows Opened by Script Lose Authentication or Session
    Q182501 BUG: Fragment Identifiers Ignored for Links on UTF-8 pages
    Q206652 BUG: Frame SRC Property Not Updated when Navigate Method Invoked
    Q238311 BUG: FtpSetCurrentDirectory Returns Error 87 - Invalid Parameter - But Still Changes Directory
    Q176349 BUG: GP Fault in Comctl32.dll with IE 4.0 Installed
    Q175910 BUG: IDocHostShowUI::ShowHelp Not Called for IE4/MSHTML Host
    Q198816 BUG: IE 3.02 Does Not Use Cache for Frames Navigated with Scripts
    Q232632 BUG: ITC Access Violation with Internet Explorer 5
    Q189064 BUG: Java Applets That Use DirectAnimation Do Not Display
    Q233391 BUG: MFC ActiveX Controls Paint Incorrectly when Scrolling the HTML Page
    Q190839 BUG: OCX Cannot Be Deleted With ActiveDesktop Turned Off
    Q216494 BUG: Plugins Fail to Print in Internet Explorer 4
    Q181676 BUG: Problem Toggling Display of Absolute <SPAN> in IE 4.01
    Q190893 BUG: Registry Patterns Ignored for Pluggable Namespace Handlers
    Q231621 BUG: Same Menu Item Appears for All Internet Explorer Tool Band Objects
    Q181677 BUG: Selecting DocObject Server Menu Disables IE's Menu Options
    Q212704 BUG: Special Characters Are Getting Converted Inside String
    Q190278 BUG: THEAD and TFOOTER Text Is Not Printed on Each Page
    Q157828 BUG: Transparent Label Control Comes Up Opaque in IE3
    Q167821 BUG: Unable to Communicate to Multiple IE 3.x Threads via DDE
    Q159688 BUG: Unable to Resolve Gopher Site Via Proxy in IE 3.0
    Q190838 BUG: Using Scriptlet Control in MFC App causes assertion
    Q182111 BUG: WebBrowser Control Destroyed When Hidden
    Q194242 BUG: Causes Delay in NewWindow Event
    Q176122 DOC: Information Missing for WebBrowser in Installed InetSDK Docs
    Q190281 DOC: THEAD Tag Fails to Create Static Headings in Scrolling Pane
    Q179609 DOC: Window.navigator.connectionSpeed Is Not Supported
    Q160957 Dynamic Data Exchange Support in Microsoft Internet Explorer
    Q180367 EtcProtocol Demonstrates Pluggable Protocol Handler
    Q181075 FILE: Automating IE from Within a Contained VB ActiveX Control
    Q167597 FILE: GetVers.exe Specifies Component FileVersion & #Version
    Q179230 FILE: IEHelper-Attaching to IE4 using a Browser Helper Object
    Q179230 FILE: IEHelper-Attaching to Internet Explorer 4.0 using a Browser Helper Object
    Q175513 FILE: Invoke Find, View Source, Options dialogs for WebBrowser
    Q167597 FILE: Specifying FileVersion and #Version for Component Download
    Q176791 FIX: Access Violation on Transition Property of Blend Transition
    Q191127 FIX: ATL Controls Don't Appear in IE When Initially Downloaded
    Q176116 FIX: Canceling BeforeNavigate Shows Dialog with 'X'
    Q187904 FIX: Cannot Deserialize from HTTP1.1 Server / Java Servlets
    Q191186 FIX: Cannot Remove or Change Status Bar on HTML Dialog Box
    Q186318 FIX: Client Hit Log for Channel with Long URLs is not Posted
    Q182688 FIX: <DIV> Tags Are Positioned Incorrectly in IE 4.01
    Q164496 FIX: document.referrer Property Returns Incorrect Value
    Q185978 FIX: Double GET and Cookies Lost with Word or Excel
    Q189063 FIX: Error on Exit in IE when Using Java Serialization
    Q221805 FIX: File Extension Parsing for URLs with Query Strings
    Q217043 FIX: FIX: Cookies Can Be Set for Generic Domain Names
    Q182501 FIX: Fragment Identifiers Ignored for Links on UTF-8 pages
    Q221822 FIX: Fragment Identifiers Ignored when Server Responds with a Redirect
    Q184777 FIX: GPF When Invalid Style Sheet Given for Accessibility
    Q190051 FIX: HTML Dialog Ignores Size Parameters Without <SCRIPT> Block
    Q175910 FIX: IDocHostShowUI::ShowHelp Not Called for IE4/MSHTML Host
    Q201515 FIX: Inline Data For <OBJECT> Tag DATA Attribute Limited to 4K
    Q176797 FIX: Internet Explorer fails to refresh recent pages
    Q191930 FIX: JIT Gives Bad Results When Doing A Comparison Operation
    Q183490 FIX: location.pathname Incorrectly Returns Port Number
    Q174897 FIX: Memory Leak in InternetOpenUrl Function in ActiveX SDK
    Q195556 FIX: Navigating to Frame with Web Page Starts New Instance of IE
    Q182868 FIX: Plugin API NPN_PostURL Causes Internet Explorer to Fail
    Q181676 FIX: Problem Toggling Display of Absolute <SPAN> in IE 4.01
    Q169436 FIX: Second Time Print from WebBrowser Causes AV in MSHTML.DLL
    Q194707 FIX: Thread Local Storage Leak Under Internet Explorer 3.0x
    Q192114 FIX: Type Mismatch Error in showModalDialog Parameter
    Q188764 FIX: Type Mismatch for Document.parentWindow
    Q167821 FIX: Unable to Communicate to Multiple IE 3.x Threads via DDE
    Q159688 FIX: Unable to Resolve Gopher Site Via Proxy in IE 3.0
    Q167840 FIX: Unable to Update Installed Component with Newer Version
    Q190837 FIX: UNICODE Byte Order Marks Ignored by Internet Explorer 4.0x
    Q196219 FIX: VB User Control AmbientChanged Event Does Not Fire in IE
    Q182111 FIX: WebBrowser Control Destroyed When Hidden
    Q168215 FIX: WebBrowser.Navigate Crashes with navNoHistory
    Q183196 Graphics.drawImage Is Not Printed Properly
    Q188015 HOWTO: Access Methods/Properties of Container From Script
    Q185127 HOWTO: Call a Script Function from a VC WebBrowser Application
    Q197921 HOWTO: Change WebBrowser Properties Stored in Property Bag
    Q176792 HOWTO: Connecting to a Running Instance of Internet Explorer
    Q224318 HOWTO: Control Connection Timeout Value by Creating Second Thread
    Q185375 HOWTO: Create a Single EXE Install of Internet Explorer
    Q167715 HOWTO: Debugging ActiveX Controls in IE 4.0 Browser
    Q167230 HOWTO: Detecting when IE holds Controls and Pages in Memory
    Q167230 HOWTO: Detecting when IE Holds Controls and Pages in Memory
    Q176794 HOWTO: Detecting Whether the Freiburg Patch is Installed
    Q167820 HOWTO: Determining Browser Version from a Script
    Q155969 HOWTO: Distribute the WebBrowser Control
    Q185373 HOWTO: Download a Text File Using IE Component Download
    Q165075 HOWTO: Downloading Dependent DLLs in IE with .inf File
    Q200839 HOWTO: Enable ActiveX Control Event Handling on a Web Page
    Q178059 HOWTO: Find the URL of ActiveX Document from Inside the Server
    Q178059 HOWTO: Find the URL of an ActiveX Document from Inside the Server
    Q166961 HOWTO: FTP with CERN-Based Proxy Using WinInet API
    Q196340 HOWTO: Get the WebBrowser Object Model of an HTML Frame
    Q233188 HOWTO: How to Bind the Datagrid Control to the ADO Data Control on a Web Page
    Q195650 HOWTO: How to Handle Proxy Authorization with WinInet
    Q168151 HOWTO: How to Make SSL Requests Using WinInet
    Q178222 HOWTO: Launch Word from Internet Explorer
    Q197922 HOWTO: Link to a Sheet, or Named Area, of an Excel File in HTML
    Q188018 HOWTO: Pass Parameters from HTML to ActiveX Documents
    Q234067 HOWTO: Prevent Caching in Internet Explorer
    Q226473 HOWTO: Programmatically Query and Set Proxy Settings Under Internet Explorer
    Q234913 HOWTO: Provide Download/Upload Progress Information when Using WinInet
    Q194227 HOWTO: Refresh a Specific Frame from Script
    Q224282 HOWTO: Select Client Certificate in WinInet
    Q175500 HOWTO: Setting Timeout Period for Script
    Q168917 HOWTO: Setting Up Internet Download for Comdlg32.ocx
    Q195730 HOWTO: Set Work Offline as the Default for Internet Explorer
    Q178057 HOWTO: Share State Between UserDocuments in Internet Explorer
    Q188762 HOWTO: Show Web Page Source from a Hyperlink
    Q165298 HOWTO: Simulate a Form POST Request Using WinInet
    Q200874 HOWTO: Specify HTC/HTA Files as HTML in Visual InterDev 6.0
    Q196061 HOWTO: Tie ActiveX Controls to a Specific Domain
    Q149413 HOWTO: Using InternetReadFile To Get File
    Q197920 HOWTO: Windows Script Host Script for Sending E-Mail
    Q172763 INFO: Accessing the Object Model from Within an ActiveX Control
    Q180365 INFO: Advantages of Hosting WebBrowser Control Instead of MSHTML
    Q189167 INFO: Calling System.exit() from Applet Exits Internet Explorer
    Q178058 INFO: Command-line switches for Internet Explorer 4.0
    Q178058 INFO: Command-Line Switches for Internet Explorer 4.0
    Q160957 INFO: DDE Support in Internet Explorer Versions
    Q174485 INFO: Differences Between 16-bit and 32-bit Internet Explorer
    Q232077 INFO: Executing Files by Hyperlink and the File Download Dialog Box
    Q182316 INFO: FTP Append Functionality not Available from WinInet
    Q172437 INFO: IE4 PP2 Win32 Virtual Machine for Java File List
    Q173887 INFO: Internet Explorer 3.x Has No Built-In Image Object
    Q188019 INFO: Internet Explorer 4 MAILTO Protocol Parameters
    Q188864 INFO: Internet Explorer designMode Property Is Not Supported
    Q166694 INFO: Internet Explorer's Netscape Plug In Support
    Q190280 INFO: JavaScript Entities Not Supported in Internet Explorer 4.0
    Q224816 INFO: Launching the Default Web Browser with ShellExecute
    Q172712 INFO: Limitations of WinInet FTP Functions
    Q223337 INFO: Loading/Saving XML Data Using the Internet Explorer XML Parser
    Q231322 INFO: Override a Default Action in Internet Explorer 5 by Canceling the Event
    Q172976 INFO: Platform Specific Functionality in IE 4.0
    Q172976 INFO: Platform Specific Functionality in Internet Explorer 4.0
    Q192007 INFO: Properties Not Applicable to the WebBrowser Control
    Q184349 INFO: Shipping Versions of Wininet.dll
    Q231321 INFO: Text Selection in a Control Not Cleared on Blur Event
    Q183978 INFO: The "About:" Protocol in Internet Explorer
    Q180153 INFO: The Difference Between the <DIV> and <SPAN> HTML Tags
    Q183803 INFO: The HTML Layout Control Treated as Unsafe Control in IE4
    Q182486 INFO: Using Alternative HTML Within the OBJECT Tag
    Q188017 INFO: Using Win32 Scroll Bar APIs with Internet Explorer 4.x
    Q216435 INFO: Validate Data when Submitting Forms with Internet Explorer
    Q196150 INFO: Why CONFLICT Directories Are Created During Code Download
    Q183110 INFO: WinInet Limits Connections Per Server
    Q238425 INFO: WinInet Not Supported for Use in Services
    Q177877 Internet Explorer 4.01 Refresh of the Internet Client SDK
    Q165488 Internet Explorer 4.01 Service Pack 1 Alters GETHOSTBYNAME Call
    Q182603 Java VM TextArea Function Slower in Internet Explorer 4.0/4.01
    Q169373 PRB: Access Violation in RPAWINET.DLL
    Q196342 PRB: ActiveDesktop Compilation Errors Under Visual C++ 6.0 MFC
    Q195188 PRB: ActiveX Control Window is not Created Until Visible in IE
    Q190044 PRB: Backspace in ATL Subclassed CTL Causes IE to Navigate Back
    Q182894 PRB: Can't Create WinInet Log with Internet Explorer 4.0, 4.1
    Q189280 PRB: CGI Application Hangs When Reading Data Posted from Browser
    Q174545 PRB: Clicking on a CDF Does Not Bring Up Add Channel Wizard
    Q231931 PRB: Compiler Warnings Using #import on Mshtml.tlb
    Q191213 PRB: COMP_TYPE_HTMLDOC Type Fails With AddDesktopItem
    Q191508 PRB: Confusing Return Values from DDE topic WWW_ListWindows
    Q165022 PRB: Content of Frameset is Not Displayed
    Q195826 PRB: CreateObject Fails from Client-Side Scripts
    Q176788 PRB: Data Source Control Must Be in Frame of Bound Element
    Q176788 PRB: Data Source Control Must Reside in Frame of Bound Element
    Q167826 PRB: DDE with IE Does Not Work As Expected
    Q167826 PRB: DDE with Internet Explorer Doesn't Work As Expected
    Q175505 PRB: Dialog Box Displayed When Downloading .cab File with IE3
    Q188763 PRB: document.readyState Not in Sync with Download in IFrame
    Q181674 PRB: File Protocol URLs Do Not Work Correctly with # Fragments
    Q184762 PRB: Form Elements Do Not Support a Type Property
    Q190892 PRB: Form.Reset is not Supported in Internet Explorer 3.0x
    Q188766 PRB: Forms 2.0 CommandButton Fires Click Event When Disabled
    Q199805 PRB: Forward and Back Button Behavior in Internet Explorer
    Q168408 PRB: FTP Does Not Support InternetSetFilePointer
    Q190244 PRB: HREF="#" with Event Code Behaves Differently
    Q190282 PRB: HTML Tag KEYGEN Not Supported in Internet Explorer
    Q173145 PRB: IE3.x Leaks Memory when Submitting Pages Using POST Method
    Q231932 PRB: IHTMLControlElement UUID Changed in Internet Explorer 5
    Q169433 PRB: #import "shdocvw.dll" / tagREADYSTATE compile errors
    Q173145 PRB: Internet Explorer 3.x Leaks Memory when Submitting Pages Using POST Method
    Q166367 PRB: Internet Explorer Returns Object Required: 'Explorer'
    Q190052 PRB: JavaScript Errors, Broken Images, and Links Over SSL
    Q192551 PRB: Memory Not Released Using Implicit Assignment With VBScript
    Q178060 PRB: MFC Active Document Appears to Hang When Printed from IE
    Q178060 PRB: MFC Active Document Appears to Hang When Printed from Internet Explorer
    Q190866 PRB: Modal Forms From ActiveX Docs or Controls Don't Disable IE4
    Q185532 PRB: Moving Mouse Over Anchor Shows Entire URL
    Q221841 PRB: No Access XML Object Model After Call to XML Parser Load() Method
    Q185372 PRB: openWindow in Anchor Tag Fails in Active Desktop Item
    Q176789 PRB: Permission Denied Accessing Web Browser Control in HTML
    Q167796 PRB: "Permission Denied" When Scripting Across Frames
    Q182669 PRB: Placing a '<' Within <PRE> in IE3 Stops Display of HTML
    Q182733 PRB: </PLAINTEXT> Closing Tag Is Ignored in IE4
    Q237831 PRB: Problem Adding New Option to Select Box in Another Frame in Internet Explorer 5
    Q206998 PRB: Problems Printing ActiveX Control on HTML Page
    Q181498 PRB: Problems Using "B" Related Functions in VBScript
    Q185566 PRB: Radio Button Does Not Bind Correctly to Boolean
    Q216593 PRB: Scripting Differences in Internet Explorer for Macintosh
    Q183443 PRB: Scroll Bars Appear on Active Desktop Item
    Q183413 PRB: ShowHTMLDialog Returns E_NOINTERFACE (0x80004002)
    Q167714 PRB: Signature Not Recognized for Self Extracting Executables
    Q196220 PRB: SignCode.exe No Longer in Visual C++ CAB&SIGN Folder
    Q183649 PRB: Size Information Specified in Active Desktop Item Ignored
    Q172924 PRB: SRC Attribute of the <SCRIPT> tag
    Q172924 PRB: SRC Attribute of the SCRIPT Tag
    Q169435 PRB: Subscription Not Fulfilled When User Is Not Logged In
    Q175502 PRB: Tabbing Broken in WebBrowser Hosted in MFC Regular DLL
    Q188953 PRB: The File Upload Control Cannot Publish Your Files
    Q177239 PRB: Toolbar removed from Active Document in a frame in IE4
    Q167840 PRB: Unable to Update Installed Component with Newer Version
    Q190243 PRB: Using Brackets [] to Index an Array of Objects Causes Error
    Q186422 PRB: Value of a Checkbox Interpreted Differently
    Q183979 PRB: Visual Basic UserControls Within UserControls Do Not Print in Internet Explorer
    Q201901 PRB: WebBrowser Control Application and Internet Explorer Sounds
    Q183412 PRB: WebBrowser Control Clients Share Global Settings
    Q179229 PRB: WebBrowser Problems When Refreshing in TitleChange Handler
    Q194220 PRB: Windowless ATL, MFC Controls Work in Internet Explorer 3, Fail in 4.0
    Q172607 SAMPLE: CacheVW.exe Enumerates and Displays Wininet Cache
    Q216214 SAMPLE: FTP with CERN-Based Password Protected Proxy Using WinInet
    Q168214 SAMPLE: MFCAxs.exe Implements an Active Script Host Using MFC
    Q168214 SAMPLE: MFCAXS Implements an Active Script Host Using MFC
    Q177231 Transfer-Chunk Encoding (Including ASP) May Cause 800c0008 Error
    Q160013 Two Hits on Server Per POST Request on Internet Explorer
    Q196339 WebBand Hosts WebBrowser Control in an Explorer Band

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