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    Q194774 BUG: Adding Design Time Control to a WFC Form Crashes IDE
    Q192384 BUG: Applet.getImage(), getAudioClip() Cause Memory/Handle Leak
    Q182620 BUG: Applets Download Slowly If Host URL Uses IP Address
    Q199033 BUG: Bad Default Start Menu Program in Setup Projects
    Q195159 BUG: Build May Hang with Pre-Build Rules that Prompt User
    Q156919 BUG: Cannot Edit min/max Float Values in the Debugger
    Q219053 BUG: Cannot Install Virtual Machine on System With No VM
    Q192386 BUG: Certificates Have Corrupted Text With latest VM on IE 3.02
    Q202600 BUG: ClassCastException Calling from Java to Java via COM
    Q161709 BUG: ClassView Does Not Fully Support Interfaces
    Q161707 BUG: ClassView Incorrectly Allows Non-Abstract/Abstract Method
    Q201484 BUG: Close Button Does Not Close Modeless AFC UIPropertyDialog
    Q157896 BUG: Create New Class Includes Classes Not in CLASSPATH
    Q186032 BUG: DatagramSocket Causes Security Exception
    Q222955 BUG: DateFormate.Parse Function Misinterprets Dates for Year 2000
    Q197570 BUG: DhBulletedList.setBackColor() Does Not Color the Bullets
    Q194899 BUG: DhText Gets Interpreted as HTML Code
    Q156916 BUG: Fatal Error RC1015: Cannot Open Include file Afxres.h
    Q191936 BUG: file.list() Doesn't Work with File("c:\\") on Win 95/98
    Q178639 BUG: FileOutputStream(String,boolean) Functions Incorrectly
    Q196876 BUG: getForeColor() Returns Color(0,0,0) for Bound Elements
    Q180046 BUG: IE Print Creates New Instance of Applet Class to Be Printed
    Q177180 BUG: IllegalAccessError Using Private Inherited Constructor
    Q165548 BUG: Interface Fields are not Displayed when Expanding Object
    Q194903 BUG: JActiveX-Generated VC6 COM Wrappers Don't Compile in VJ6
    Q190301 BUG: java.awt.event.KeyListener.keyTyped Method Does Not Work
    Q177752 BUG: java.awt.TextArea Does Not Provide Shortcut Menus
    Q192385 BUG: Java Client Using an MTS/Java Server Hangs During GC
    Q162108 BUG: Java Compiler Does Not Report Case Labels Out of Range
    Q177751 BUG: java.text.DateFormat.parse() Throws a NullPointerException
    Q165550 BUG: JavaTLB Generates Invalid Classes for MFC Server
    Q195471 BUG: JDBC Stored Proc with Output Date Param Causes Exception
    Q177166 BUG: Jvc.exe Gives Ambiguity Error on Overloaded Methods
    Q188808 BUG: KEY_PRESSED Event Not Generated for Some Controls
    Q162111 BUG: Msdev.exe Crashes when Creating a New Project
    Q165552 BUG: "New Class..." Item in ClassView Shortcut Menu Disabled
    Q167942 BUG: NullPointerException in DialogLayout Constructor
    Q184601 BUG: NullPointerException When Tabbing Inside a Dialog Box
    Q220592 BUG: PaintEvent.clipRect Does Not Return Clip Area Width/Height
    Q157897 BUG: Parameter Types and Values Not Displayed in Call Stack
    Q182623 BUG: PrintJob Output is Incorrect After First Page
    Q195527 BUG: Protection Fault with Reserved System WNDCLASS Names
    Q200508 BUG: Resource File Does Not Show Up in EXE/CAB Packages
    Q194772 BUG: SaveFileDialog.showDialog() Fails at Head of Empty if Block
    Q194769 BUG: Saving Form Designer Code Throws a ComFailException
    Q214780 BUG: Scrolling Over Applet in IE Causes Improper Painting Behavior
    Q196576 BUG: setBorderWidth(..,DhUnits.PERCENT) Causes ComFailException
    Q197031 BUG: Signing a CAB File Fails When Project Is on Remote Drive
    Q194189 BUG: Specified Main Class 'Form1' Not Found
    Q221206 BUG: System.getProperty("user.home") Returns Java Home Directory
    Q178645 BUG: Text Components Are Not Brighter for Editable Controls
    Q221948 BUG: User-Defined Parameter Names Lost When Creating COM Objects
    Q162164 BUG: Using Java Servers and DCOM
    Q194901 BUG: Visual J++ 6.0 May Crash When Opening a Large Java File
    Q234209 BUG: Visual J++ Debugging Fails with Windows 2000 Beta 3
    Q200517 BUG: VJ 6.0 Crashes When Selecting Inherited Members Folder
    Q196877 BUG: VJ 6.0 Crashes When Using IE4 ActiveX Control IELabel.ocx
    Q194771 BUG: VJ6 Crash Trying to Override an Inherited Member
    Q201527 BUG: VJ++ Does Not Start or Uses Too Much Memory on Startup
    Q195532 BUG: VJ++ Pro Doesn't Recognize Uninstall of Server-Side Setup
    Q193876 BUG: VRML 2.0 Add-On Causes Problems With Classpath
    Q195528 BUG: WFC DataGrid Control Fails When Displaying a Binary Column
    Q194186 BUG: WFC HTML Control is Not Supported on HTML Pages
    Q179000 DOC: Clspack's "/" Option Doesn't Work As expected
    Q179000 DOC: Clspack's "/" Option Doesn't Work As Expected
    Q200121 DOC: @file Does Not Work With cabarc Utility
    Q216813 DOC: MSDN Sample - Creating Composite WFC Controls
    Q199226 DOC: MTS Debugging Requires Windows NT 4.0 SP4
    Q216748 FAQ: Visual J++ 6.0 Installation & Configuration Issues
    Q169800 FILE: Developer Java Classes for Microsoft VM for Java
    Q177162 FILE: JWindow Demonstrates How to call Win32 APIs from Java
    Q169801 FILE: Microsoft VM for Java Download Locations
    Q188446 FIX: AFC Deadlock May Occur When Setting UIFrame's Cursor.
    Q182620 FIX: Applets Download Slowly If Host URL Uses IP Address
    Q218595 FIX: Automation Object Not Being Released After Call To ComLib.release()
    Q189066 FIX: BorderLayout: Cannot Add To Layout: Unknown Constraint
    Q223352 FIX: Button Sizing Inconsistent Between Form Designer and Run-Time
    Q223341 FIX: Calling Cursor.setPosition When Using showDialog Crashes NT
    Q167828 FIX: Cannot Access the ClassView Information File Error
    Q195174 FIX: Cannot Add Items to a Page from Server-Bound DhDocument
    Q156917 FIX: Cannot Add Primitive Method or Variable to Package
    Q167998 FIX: Cannot Debug Visual J++ Programs on IE 4.0
    Q167998 FIX: Cannot Debug Visual J++ Programs on Internet Explorer 4.0
    Q156910 FIX: ClassView Allows Duplicate Variables and Methods
    Q162966 FIX: COM Object Returns Incorrect Value for Bool
    Q156913 FIX: Comparision with Zero Generates Bad Code
    Q156911 FIX: Compiler Handles Comma as an Operator
    Q163721 FIX: Controls Not Visible in a JAVA Application
    Q178996 FIX: Correct Format for VM Version Number in the Registry
    Q223358 FIX: Creating More Than Two MDI Children Throws WFCException
    Q233271 FIX: DateFormat Class Does Not Default to the System Time Zone
    Q223359 FIX: DateTimePicker.getValue Fails After setShowNone(true) And setValue(null)
    Q194768 FIX: Daylight Savings Time Transition and GMT Time Zone Errors
    Q197567 FIX: DhCell.resetTextAlign() Does Not Update Cell Display
    Q194767 FIX: DhDocument.setTitle() Does Not Work From initForm()
    Q194898 FIX: DhRow.removeAll() Causes a
    Q223366 FIX: DhStyleBase Missing setBackgroundImage()
    Q190571 FIX: Double-Byte Characters in Java Applets Print Incorrectly
    Q161705 FIX: Empty Tab Created in Component Gallery for VJ++ Projects
    Q223370 FIX: Enter/Leave Events Are Not Getting Fired in Code-Behind HTML
    Q160113 FIX: Error Generated when Variable and Method Have Same Name
    Q158221 FIX: Error J0049: Undefined name "XXX" in Visual J++
    Q178639 FIX: FileOutputStream(String,boolean) Functions Incorrectly
    Q214531 FIX: Function Call Is Not Executed When Used as Expression in Empty IF Block
    Q177180 FIX: IllegalAccessError Using Private Inherited Constructor
    Q161806 FIX: Internet Explorer Hangs when Running Java Applets
    Q233359 FIX: JActiveX fails for COM Property Declared as IUnknown
    Q177751 FIX: java.text.DateFormat.parse() Throws a NullPointerException
    Q167719 FIX: JavaTLB Gives an Internal Compiler Error with VBCCE Control
    Q191933 FIX: JIT: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException Improperly Thrown
    Q214621 FIX: JIT Loses Shift Results in Arrays
    Q177166 FIX: Jvc.exe Gives Ambiguity Error on Overloaded Methods
    Q191931 FIX: KeyStrokes in a Dialog Box are Preprocessed by IE
    Q156921 FIX: Large String Literals Can Cause Compiler Errors
    Q215353 FIX: Licensing Problems in Third-Party ActiveX Controls with VJ6
    Q223365 FIX: MouseEnter and MouseLeave Don't Get Fired on PictureBox
    Q156918 FIX: Msdev.exe Fails when Component Inserted into VC++ Project
    Q222581 FIX: MSJAVAH Fatal Error: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError
    Q177754 FIX: NoClassDefFoundError When a Valid Class Definition Exists
    Q223339 FIX: onCOMRegister Not Called for VJ-Generated COM DLLs
    Q158223 FIX: "Out of Date" Message When Executing/Debugging a Project
    Q177185 FIX: Printing Fails with java.lang.NullPointerException
    Q182623 FIX: PrintJob Output is Incorrect After First Page
    Q161708 FIX: Problems Using Breakpoints when Debugging Java Classes
    Q156912 FIX: Protected Members Accessible to Subclass in Other Package
    Q156920 FIX: Recursive Import Statement Causes J0161 and J0049 Errors
    Q223344 FIX: RegistryKey.setValue() Doesn't Work Correctly for String[]
    Q223367 FIX: RegistryKey setValue() Fails for Terminating Character on NT
    Q197566 FIX: Removing Header Row from DhTable Results in Footer on Top
    Q167720 FIX: Saving Java File on Multiprocessor Machine Crashes MSDEV
    Q197944 FIX: setAllowUserInteraction(true) Fails to Prompt Certificates
    Q223368 FIX: setChecked Not Working on Context Menu
    Q223351 FIX: setSelectedTab() In TabControl Does Not Properly Paint Children
    Q188448 FIX: Setting Colors for List/Choice Control Fails
    Q223364 FIX: Stepping Over Recursive Function Calls Is Broken
    Q177175 FIX: System.getproperty("") Returns Null
    Q178645 FIX: Text Components Are Not Brighter for Editable Controls
    Q214760 FIX: TextField and TextArea Are Not Grayed Out on Call to Component.disable()
    Q191932 FIX: Thread Blocking Issues When Using JDBC-ODBC Bridge
    Q223363 FIX: Unhandled Exception When Hosting Java Beans as ActiveX Controls
    Q222107 FIX: Upgrading VJ++ 6.0 with SP2 Changes PID to All Zeroes
    Q223356 FIX: Visual J++ Crashes When Adding All ActiveX Controls to Toolbox
    Q194902 FIX: Visual J++ Crashes When Pasting a File into the Toolbox
    Q171541 FIX: Visual J++ Debugger Crashes in EMJAV DLL
    Q214409 FIX: VJ6 COM DLL: Function/Interface Marked Restricted or Automation Type Not Supported in VB
    Q162039 FIX: VJ++ Debugger Fails on Subsequent Debugging Sessions
    Q184600 FIX: WebBrowser Events Not Being Received Inside Java
    Q223362 FIX: WFC ActiveX Controls Do Not Fire Custom Events in VB
    Q195173 FIX: WinIOException Occurs when Calling dumpHTML or dumpDHTML
    Q223355 FIX: WJView Hangs with CPU Usage at 100% Using 315x VMs
    Q168942 Frequently Asked Questions About the SDK for Java
    Q169796 HOWTO: Automate Excel from Java
    Q163638 HOWTO: Automatically Update the Microsoft VM
    Q163638 HOWTO: Automatically Update the Microsoft VM for Java
    Q222092 HOWTO: Call Native (DLL) Code From Java Using JNI
    Q179851 HOWTO: Clearing a Selection in an AFC UIChoice Control
    Q169764 HOWTO: Converting Between IEnumVARIANT and java.util.Enumeration
    Q227202 HOWTO: Create Date Parameters with ADO in Java
    Q196894 HOWTO: Create Dual Interface COM Objects Using VJ++ 6.0
    Q216726 HOWTO: Create Task and Appointment Items with Outlook Object Model and Visual J++
    Q177753 HOWTO: Creating a Modal Dialog Box from Java
    Q180712 HOWTO: Debugging a COM Server Written with Visual J++
    Q179652 HOWTO: Deploying Java in Internet Explorer 4.0 and Netscape 4.0
    Q169808 HOWTO: Disable "Warning: Applet Window" Message
    Q169808 HOWTO: Disabling "Warning: Applet Window" Message
    Q177160 HOWTO: Dynamically Adding a Java Package to the Classpath
    Q179852 HOWTO: Enabling Hot-Tracking in an AFC UIPushButton
    Q177177 HOWTO: Enabling Messages Printed Using System.out.printIn
    Q177177 HOWTO: Enabling Messages That Are Printed Using System.out.println
    Q216721 HOWTO: Filter Messages Using CDO with Visual J++
    Q178994 HOWTO: Fire 'Events' from a Java Applet on a Web Page
    Q177161 HOWTO: Getting an Applet to Submit Information
    Q162129 HOWTO: Handling Packages with the Visual J++ Compiler
    Q179543 HOWTO: How Do I Enable Test Certificates on a Client Machine?
    Q232642 HOWTO: Install a Distribution Unit or Java ZIP File into the JPM with Rundll32
    Q183712 HOWTO: Installation Instructions for SDK for Java
    Q193877 HOWTO: Make Your Java Code Trusted in Internet Explorer
    Q169795 HOWTO: OleDate: Conversion Between DATE and java.util.Date
    Q169807 HOWTO: Passing a License Key to ADO from Java
    Q179850 HOWTO: Playing a .WAV file in Java
    Q169798 HOWTO: Prevent Output Window from Closing After Running Jview.ex
    Q222117 HOWTO: Print the Contents of WFC's HTMLControl
    Q177176 HOWTO: Programatically Tell What Version of the VM is Installed
    Q177176 HOWTO: Programatically Tell What VM Version Is Installed
    Q232485 HOWTO: Programmatically Create Members in Site Server 3.0 Using Java
    Q180707 HOWTO: Reading a File on a Web Server from an Applet
    Q194187 HOWTO: Redirecting WFC Debug Output to the VJ6 Output Window
    Q179021 HOWTO: Redirect Output from jview or wjview
    Q179021 HOWTO: Redirect Output from jview or wjview.
    Q177750 HOWTO: Relaxing Visual J++ Security Restrictions on Java Applets
    Q164916 HOWTO: Search for VJ++ & Java Articles by Keyword
    Q195175 HOWTO: Sending Text to the Visual J++ Output Window
    Q233200 HOWTO: Silently Install the Microsoft VM Without Rebooting
    Q169798 HOWTO: Stop Output Window from Closing After Running Jview.exe
    Q179849 HOWTO: Use Connectable Objects Including ActiveX Objects in Java
    Q178561 HOWTO: Use Java Serialization with VARIANT SafeArrays
    Q167941 HOWTO: Using a Java Class with Active Server Pages
    Q173790 HOWTO: Using DllSurrogate Support for Java/DCOM Servers
    Q172200 HOWTO: Using Scratch Space From Your Java Applet
    Q184067 HOWTO: Using TrueType Fonts in Java
    Q163637 INFO: Availability of Current Build of Microsoft VM
    Q163637 INFO: Availability of Current Build of Microsoft VM for Java
    Q168941 INFO: Frequently Asked Questions for CAB Files
    Q168935 INFO: Frequently Asked Questions for Java/COM/DCOM
    Q169173 INFO: Frequently Asked Questions for Visual J++
    Q186124 INFO: Frequently Asked Questions for Visual J++ Install Issues
    Q168942 INFO: Frequently Ask Questions About the SDK for Java
    Q168943 INFO: Frequently Ask Questions for AFC
    Q168935 INFO: Frequently Ask Questions for Java/COM/DCOM
    Q169173 INFO: Frequently Ask Questions for Visual J++
    Q169803 INFO: Historical List of Shipping Vehicles for Java VM
    Q169803 INFO: Historical List of Shipping Vehicles for Microsoft VM
    Q177168 INFO: How Does the Java Virtual Machine Search for Java Classes?
    Q177168 INFO: How Does the Virtual Machine Search for Java Classes?
    Q167938 INFO: How Do I run JavaSrc After Installing
    Q177179 INFO: IE Does Not Display Signed CAB File Certificate
    Q172202 INFO: Implementing Java Automation Objects using AutoIDispatch
    Q157618 INFO: Installing VJ++ Upgrades Certain VC++ Components
    Q169805 INFO: Internet Explorer 3.01 Known VM Issues
    Q177179 INFO: Internet Explorer Does Not Display Certificate from a Signed CAB File
    Q177167 INFO: JACTIVEX /X:m- Disables Automarshaling of COM INTERFACES
    Q177167 INFO: JACTIVEX /X:m- DISABLES Automarshaling of COM INTERFACES
    Q214828 INFO: JDK Compatibility for Microsoft VM
    Q169805 INFO: Known Issues with Microsoft Win32 Virtual Machine for Java
    Q172441 INFO: Programmer's Guide to Using ADO in Visual J++
    Q181374 INFO: Related Component Download Articles
    Q184598 INFO: Reloading Class Files with Internet Explorer 4.0
    Q177159 INFO: Support for Multiple CABs or JARs in the Same APPLET Tag
    Q177165 INFO: Use New Java 1.1 Language Features with Visual J++ 1.1
    Q179549 INFO: Using Long Class File Names with the Java Virtual Machine for Win16
    Q179549 INFO: Using Long Class File Names with the Java VM for Win16
    Q194185 INFO: Visual J++ 6.0 Readme
    Q177750 INFO: Visual J++ Relaxes Security Restrictions on Java Applets
    Q227210 INFO: When are Java Applet Methods init, start, stop, and destroy Called in IE3 Vs IE4 and Greater?
    Q191120 PRB: Allowing the URL class to Access HTTPS in Applications
    Q199950 PRB: Application Using JNI Gives UnsatisfiedLinkError
    Q197568 PRB: bindNewElements() of DhTable Changes   to "" in Cell
    Q184599 PRB: BorderLayout Does Not Accept Null Constraints
    Q165549 PRB: Breakpoints Not Hit If Class Is Not Preloaded
    Q197573 PRB: Cab Files Signed Low in VJ++ Request Full IE Permissions
    Q162097 PRB: Cannot Find the Samples on the CD-ROM
    Q201634 PRB: "Cannot Insert Object" When Inserting ActiveX Control in Excel
    Q179002 PRB: Cannot Install Visual J++ 1.0 on Windows NT 3.51
    Q179001 PRB: Cannot Use JDBC in Applets Outside of Visual J++'s IDE
    Q165551 PRB: Cannot View Welcome Pages on Visual J++ CD
    Q189065 PRB: Catastrophic Failure Error Using an ActiveX Control
    Q194188 PRB: Certain Samples Don't Work in Visual J++ 6.0 Standard Edition
    Q197032 PRB: Choosing Quit in WFC Exception Dialog Box Shuts Down Host
    Q169806 PRB: ClassCastException Error When Using Excel Object in Java
    Q179062 PRB: COM Objects are not Being Released in Java
    Q160005 PRB: DAO Setup from Redist Directory Fails
    Q196575 PRB: DhCell.getValue() Returns 0 for DhCell w/o Integer Value
    Q215413 PRB: Environment Variables Are Lost When Running from VJ6 IDE
    Q197033 PRB: Error "Cannot Create DLL Without COM Classes"
    Q172794 PRB: Error J0049: Undefined Name 'Package'
    Q169799 PRB: Error J0051: Undefined package 'lang'
    Q173788 PRB: ERROR: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
    Q177158 PRB: Event for the F10 key not fired in a Java Applet
    Q177158 PRB: Event for the F10 Key Not Fired in a Java Applet
    Q161702 PRB: Exiting Internet Explorer when Debugging Applet
    Q184071 PRB: Fatal Error J0162: Failed To Initialize Compiler
    Q163720 PRB: Getting Out Of Memory Error with COMCallingJava
    Q169814 PRB: Getting Run-Time Error: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError
    Q180713 PRB: Getting "Unsatisfied Link Error" When Using J/Direct
    Q232638 PRB: Java Distribution Units Need Lots of Disk Space to Install on a FAT System
    Q225523 PRB: JAVAH Cannot Find Classes When Executing
    Q169810 PRB: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:com/ms/com/LicenseMgr Error
    Q167952 PRB: JavaTLB Emits J5008 Warnings for Some COM Objects
    Q198322 PRB: JVC: J0029 and J5020 Errors When Using Language Extensions
    Q178560 PRB: NoClassDefFoundError Accessing a COM Object Through Java
    Q179854 PRB: No Suitable Driver Exception With JDBC Bridge and SDK
    Q232640 PRB: Obsolete Packages Not Removed from Java Package Manager
    Q167953 PRB: Possible Reasons for "Failed to create object"
    Q172201 PRB: Problem Connecting to Debug Manager in Visual J++
    Q175622 PRB: SecurityExceptionEx Exception Running a Java Applet
    Q169815 PRB: Security Exception when Launching an Applet with Images
    Q162119 PRB: Some Visual J++ Samples Report Errors when Compiling
    Q179853 PRB: System.exit() Causes a SecurityExceptionEx
    Q177181 PRB: System.getProperty("user.home") returns incorrectly
    Q177181 PRB: System.getProperty("user.home") Returns Incorrectly
    Q178707 PRB: Unable to Play .wav file from Applet or AudioClip
    Q178707 PRB: Unable to Play .Wav File from Applet or AudioClip
    Q177178 PRB: Unable to Sign the Cabfile When Running Signcode
    Q163722 PRB: Unable to View Visual J++ Books Online
    Q169809 PRB: Using AppletContext.showDocument() to navigate to an Anchor
    Q200184 PRB: Using Cut/Copy Items in HTML Edit Control Fails in VJ++ 6.0
    Q161701 PRB: Visual C++ Standard Not Compatible with Visual J++
    Q194770 PRB: Visual J++ 6.0 Code Generator Can Generate Ambiguous Names
    Q157877 PRB: Visual J++ Requires a Protected Mode CD-ROM Driver
    Q200492 PRB: VJ6 Does Not Support VJ 1.0 (.mdp) Project Files
    Q178646 PRB: Warnings When Installing Virtual Machine Build 2339 Over 2334
    Q178646 PRB: Warnings When Installing VM Build 2339 Over 2334
    Q195160 PRB: Wjview.exe Causes Unhandled Exception on Handle Creation
    Q195016 SAMPLE: ADO2VJ6 Demonstrates Using the ADO 2.0 dll Directly
    Q161706 SAMPLE: GCDJava.exe Integrates Native Methods in a Java App
    Q169802 SAMPLE: How to Automate Word 8.0 from Java
    Q161706 SAMPLE: How To Integrate Native Methods in a Java Application
    Q169802 SAMPLE: Jword8.exe Demonstrates Automating Word 8.0 from Java
    Q231294 SAMPLE: SmartGC Uses an ATL Server to Trigger Java Garbage Collection
    Q206452 SAMPLE: Spvjado Demonstrates Using Stored Procedures from WFC/ADO/Java
    Q222957 SimpleDateFormate.parse Function Fails on 2/29/00 for Year 2000
    Q194813 WFCADO Demonstrates Using WFC ADO with Visual J++ 6.0

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