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    Q219657 FP2000: Absolutely Positioned ActiveX Controls Don't Respect Z-order
    Q219140 FP2000: Absolutely Positioned Element Difficult to Place
    Q219592 FP2000: ActiveMovie Control is not Resizable After Changing the Control's Parameters
    Q205768 FP2000: Add Button Unavailable After Adding 9th Image (Banner Ad)
    Q232525 FP2000: After installing MS PWS 4.0, MDAC is Downgraded
    Q229550 FP2000: Application Error Occurred in MSOHelp.exe
    Q219174 FP2000: Applying Themes Optimized for Netscape
    Q205727 FP2000: Aspect Ratio Not Preserved Using Percentage Height/Width
    Q219585 FP2000: AVI Movie Does Not Show Controls in Internet Explorer 4 or Internet Explorer 5
    Q219634 FP2000: Banner Ad Appears as Gray Box
    Q219618 FP2000: Banner Ad Does Not Preview Properly if it Has no Images
    Q229571 FP2000: Blank Window Appears When Accessing Help for DOM Object
    Q229533 FP2000: Border Content Does Not Appear on Included Page
    Q219092 FP2000: Browser Restrictions Don't Disable Web Templates and Wizards
    Q205479 FP2000: Browsing Web Returns List of Files Instead of Home Page
    Q219941 FP2000: Cancel Does Not Change to Close in the Themes Dialog
    Q232526 FP2000: Can Earlier Versions of FrontPage use the FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions?
    Q233144 FP2000: Can FrontPage 2000 Publish to a web Server Running Older Server Extensions
    Q205485 FP2000: Cannot Access Help After Importing Files from Floppy Disk
    Q205550 FP2000: Cannot Choose Collate or Selection in Print Dialog Box
    Q205518 FP2000: Cannot Create Web Using .com, .dll, or .exe Extension
    Q205527 FP2000: Cannot Open, Create Webs Remotely w/MSPWS 4.0
    Q219133 FP2000: Cannot Preview an Internet Web Page That Uses a Client-Side Redirect Script
    Q229543 FP2000: Cannot Resample Image After Copying It Onto The Same Page
    Q205725 FP2000: Cannot Select Table By Dragging Pointer Across Table Cells
    Q219680 FP2000: Cannot Type URL in Get Background Information From Another Page Check Box
    Q219664 FP2000: Can Not Undo the Conversion of an Image
    Q205540 FP2000: Cannot Use Search Component With Active Server Pages
    Q205545 FP2000: Cannot Validate Form Field if Name Has Invalid Character
    Q219109 FP2000: Categories in Report View Not Updated on Delete
    Q205726 FP2000: Changed Border Retained After Closing, Not Saving Page
    Q219209 FP2000: Clip Gallery Cannot Open the Previews File
    Q219698 FP2000: Collapsed Table in Normal View Displays Differently in Browser
    Q208644 FP2000: Collapsing and Expanding Outlines Using OnMouseOver Event
    Q206112 FP2000: Color Images Print Black and White From FrontPage
    Q219072 FP2000: Column Values are Added to Current Cell in Database Region
    Q219154 FP2000: Compatibility List Does Not Populate Unselected Technologies Check Boxes
    Q232645 FP2000: Configuration Settings to Assist in Securing Database Information on a Web Server
    Q219122 FP2000: Content-Language META tag is not preserved after editing Page Properties
    Q222949 FP2000: Creating Hover Effects for Form Buttons using DHTML and CSS
    Q208846 FP2000: Creating Margins in FrontPage for Netscape Navigator 4.0 or Later
    Q225200 FP2000: Custom Confirmation Component Returns Field Name if Called by Save to Database Form
    Q219126 FP2000: Custom Scripts can Still be Used When JavaScript and VBscript are Disabled in Compatibility Options
    Q219075 FP2000: Custom Styles Applied to Form Fields Do Not Display in Normal View
    Q219118 FP2000: Database Connection is Not Created After Moving Database to a Different Web.
    Q229578 FP2000: Database Connection with Parenthesis Disappears
    Q219170 FP2000: Database Features Do Not Work on Disk-Based Web Published to MSPWS
    Q232532 FP2000: Database Menu Item on Insert Menu Unavailable
    Q219159 FP2000: Database Pages Created Before Running ASP.EXE on MSPWS 1.0a Return No Data
    Q232245 FP2000: Database Results Drop-Down List Does Not Appear in Netscape
    Q205612 FP2000: Deleted Pages from Web Show up in Search Results List
    Q219561 FP2000: Design Time Controls Do Not Preview Changes Made in Normal View
    Q219125 FP2000: Design Time Controls Use Scripting Even if Scripting is Disabled
    Q205618 FP2000: Determining if Index Server/FrontPage is Performing Search
    Q219108 FP2000: DHTML Animations Not Appearing on Page Load
    Q219096 FP2000: DHTML Effects Can Only be Applied to Paragraphs
    Q219606 FP2000: Dialog Box Appears if Updating Hyperlinks with a Page Open in Html View
    Q197998 FP2000: Differences Between the Preview Tab and Preview In Browser
    Q219250 FP2000: Download Time Doesn't Reflect Files Used in Hover Buttons or Banner Ads
    Q219087 FP2000: Duplicate Words Not Found by the Spell Checker
    Q205833 FP2000: Dynamic HTML Effects Are Unavailable When Editing Shared Border
    Q219616 FP2000: Empty Frameset Displayed When Opening a PowerPoint Presentation in FrontPage
    Q219674 FP2000: Enable Collapsible Outlines Not Disabled when Browser Compatibility is Set to Navigator
    Q233018 FP2000: Enabling Database Features Without the Server Extensions
    Q205632 FP2000: Error Browsing Web as File Instead of as HTTP
    Q219079 FP2000: Error Message: "The server encountered an error while processing the database request"
    Q205650 FP2000: Errors Attempting to Start FrontPage Personal Web Server
    Q229555 FP2000: Errors When You Apply Style Sheet Links
    Q205601 FP2000: Error Using Publish Web Command Copying Web Remotely
    Q229296 FP2000: Exceeding Upper Limit of HTML File Size Causes FrontPage to Stop Responding (Hang)
    Q219639 FP2000: Excel 97 Add-In Will Not Recognize That FrontPage 2000 Is Installed
    Q205659 FP2000: Extra Line Spacing Inserted after Pressing ENTER
    Q233008 FP2000: FAQ: Database Connections Made Before Installation of ASP Need to be Verified After Installing ASP
    Q232524 FP2000: Features That Require FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions
    Q219135 FP2000: Field Validation Uses Scripting If Scripting is Disabled In Page Properties
    Q205662 FP2000: Files, Folders Beginning w/ Underscore Character Disappear
    Q219110 FP2000: Folder is Marked Executable Error When Saving a Page to a Web
    Q219605 FP2000: Folders.Add Method Does Not Overwrite Existing Folder
    Q219573 FP2000: Folders.Add Method Fails on External Files
    Q219625 FP2000: Font Dialog Box Appears When Double-Clicking Form Field
    Q219551 FP2000: Font Formatting does not overwrite text with DHTML effects
    Q229297 FP2000: For Each Loop Skips Every Other Instance When Replacing Tags
    Q219704 FP2000: Form Elements do Not Display Styles in Normal View
    Q219645 FP2000: Form Tag Properties Dialog Does not Load Correctly in HTML View
    Q206059 FP2000: FP2000: Design-Time Control Command Not Available
    Q219117 FP2000: FP2000: How To Create, Modify, and Delete Shared Templates
    Q200973 FP2000: FP98 Extended Server with Send to Database Form Handler Results in Error
    Q219157 FP2000: FP98 Icon Disappears After Installing FP2000
    Q225205 FP2000: FPREAD9.TXT Cites Issues With Left-to-Right Languages
    Q233406 FP2000: FrontPage 2000 Creates Access 2000 Database Files
    Q222108 FP2000: FrontPage 2000 Not Registered as the Default HTML Editor
    Q233090 FP2000: FrontPage 2000 Themes are Different than FrontPage 98 Themes
    Q232180 FP2000: FrontPage 2000 Trial and Office 2000 Preview not Compatible
    Q231684 FP2000: FrontPage 2000 Trial May Expire Prior to 45 Days
    Q233111 FP2000: FrontPage 98 Server Extensions Do Not Support Applying External Style sheet to Multiple Files
    Q205671 FP2000:FrontPage Client, Personal Web Server Run Only on i386
    Q229568 FP2000: FrontPage Closes When Printing or Print Previewing Large Images
    Q205672 FP2000: FrontPage Does Not Accept Blank Password
    Q239083 FP2000: FrontPage Features That Require Server Extensions Whitepaper
    Q219114 FP2000: FrontPage may Rearrange Some Nested Block Level Tags
    Q208641 FP2000: FrontPage Moves <BODY> Tags in <FRAMESET>
    Q197605 FP2000: [FrontPage Save Results Component] Shows Instead of Form
    Q229303 FP2000: FrontPage Stops Responding When Applying Wrapping Style to Bulleted Item
    Q205680 FP2000: FrontPage Times Out While Trying to Connect to Server
    Q208624 FP2000: General Information on Using "Localhost" as Server
    Q219214 FP2000: Header and Footers in a Word Document Are Not Displayed in FrontPage
    Q208632 FP2000: Hit Counter Doesn't Work in Sub web on Netscape Servers
    Q219069 FP2000: "Home" Does Not Appear on Navigation Bars Using FTP
    Q219150 FP2000: Hover Buttons from a Disk Based FP98 Page are not Updated by FP2K
    Q229304 FP2000: How FrontPage 2000 Handles Unknown HTML Tags
    Q205728 FP2000: How FrontPage Works With Visual SourceSafe
    Q205686 FP2000: How to Add a Script to the ActiveX Calendar Control
    Q233104 FP2000: How to Alter the Formatting of Hyperlinks Using Styles
    Q206011 FP2000 How to Alter the Theme Used by Web Templates
    Q215455 FP2000: How To Apply a Theme to a Word Document Using FrontPage 2000
    Q232647 FP2000: How to Assign a Reviewer to a Page
    Q205691 FP2000: How to Call a Custom CGI Script With a FrontPage Form
    Q219723 FP2000: How To Change the Number of Records Returned in the Database Results Wizard
    Q205755 FP2000: How to Create a Custom Image for the Hit Counter
    Q229808 FP2000: How to Create a Link to a Worksheet in an Excel Workbook
    Q207288 FP2000: How to Create a Registration Web
    Q213872 FP2000: How to Create a Scrolling Message in Browser's Status Bar
    Q233096 FP2000: How to Create a Style Class or ID Within a Style Sheet
    Q205996 FP2000: How to Create Cascading Style Sheets in FrontPage
    Q205441 FP2000: How to Create Custom Templates in FrontPage
    Q205694 FP2000: How to Create Custom Web Templates
    Q232646 FP2000: How to Delete a Web
    Q233093 FP2000: How to Display A Page on the Full Screen
    Q233095 FP2000: How to Display More than One Page Simultaneously
    Q205234 FP2000: How to Divide a Large Root Web into Smaller Sub webs
    Q235554 FP2000: How to Filter a Database Query Using a List
    Q232367 FP2000: How to Filter Information From a Database Results Component Based on the NT Logon
    Q229900 FP2000: How to Insert an Invisible Hit Counter
    Q229549 FP2000: How to Insert Large Amounts of Text into a Page in FrontPage.
    Q236856 FP2000: How to Insert Paragraph Tags Before or After Tables
    Q210865 FP2000: How to Install FrontPage Server Extensions for MSPWS
    Q237672 FP2000: How to Loop Through All Files in a Web Using VBA
    Q198523 FP2000: How to Publish a FrontPage Web
    Q205980 FP2000: How to Return a List of Records as Hyperlinks Using ASP
    Q237797 FP2000: How to Set File Publish Status Using Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications
    Q219199 FP2000: How to Set Page Transitions on a Frames Page
    Q196489 FP2000: How to Set up FrontPage 2000 Forms for E-mail
    Q219095 FP2000: How to Share FrontPage Visual Basic for Applications Code
    Q205756 FP2000: How to Submit Form Results to Multiple Files, People
    Q208272 FP2000: How to Use Microsoft Forms 2.0 ActiveX Controls
    Q205698 FP2000: How to Use Secure Sockets Layer to Secure Pages in Your Web
    Q232680 FP2000: How to Work With COM Add-ins in FrontPage 2000
    Q219238 FP2000: HTML View is Not Updated When Page is Modified Elsewhere
    Q205271 FP2000: "HTTP Code 500" Creating Web, Browsing Page w/Image, Web Bots
    Q205700 FP2000: HTTP Code 501 Error Opening, Creating Web
    Q229295 FP2000: HTTP Error 405 After Renaming Page with Database Search Form
    Q206046 FP2000: "HTTP Error Code 405" Opening or Publishing a Web
    Q219131 FP2000: Hyperlinks are Not Processed in XML Documents
    Q229301 FP2000: Hyperlinks Do Not Work in Office Files when Opened From FrontPage
    Q229531 FP2000: Images are not Viewable in Internet Explorer 5 With Word Document as an Include Page
    Q219730 FP2000: Images Converted to JPEGs do Not Display
    Q205823 FP2000: Images in Centered Bulleted List Are Left Aligned
    Q219545 FP2000: Include Page Allows you to Specify Page Outside of Web in HTML View
    Q219205 FP2000: Incorrect URL Appears in Background Sound Dialog Box
    Q219700 FP2000: Inserting Macro Creates a New Module
    Q199365 FP2000: Installation of ASP.EXE may Interfere with Database Connectivity in Office 2000
    Q219220 FP2000: Invalid Page Fault Inserting Timestamp When System Date is 2038
    Q207567 FP2000: Java Applets Fail If Case Is Incorrect In Codebase
    Q219169 FP2000: Links Are Not Updated in PowerPoint Presentations
    Q225234 FP2000: Link to Office Document Produces Password Prompt If Office 2000 Installed
    Q219636 FP2000: Long File Path Appears in Style Sheet Link Dialogue Box
    Q219706 FP2000: Marquee Does Not Appear on Page with Shared Borders
    Q205238 FP2000: Modified By Attribute Displays as a Question Mark
    Q205715 FP2000: Multiple Errors Trying to Access Web Sites
    Q222834 FP2000: Navigator Cannot Display Some Form Fields When Using Cascading Style Sheet Themes in Web
    Q219716 FP2000: Netscape Browsers Unable to Display Absolutely Positioned Text with DHTML Effect
    Q205772 FP2000: Netscape Does Not Display Page, System Resources Diminish
    Q205710 FP2000: No Documents Found After Performing Search Query
    Q206136 FP2000: No Icon for Script, Formatting, or Inserted HTML
    Q219552 FP2000: No Option to Apply Heading Style in Paragraph Properties Dialog Box
    Q229285 FP2000: No Record Sources or Tables Found When Using an OLEDB Provider for SQL
    Q219702 FP2000: Not all Pages Saved from Frames Page
    Q219685 FP2000: Object Failed to Load Error In Script Editor When Working With Positioned ActiveX Controls
    Q219119 FP2000: Office Specific File is Saved to the FrontPageTempDir
    Q229545 FP2000: OnBlur and OnFocus Incorrectly Listed as Supported Events
    Q219609 FP2000: Only GIF and JPG Files are Valid Formats for Theme Images
    Q206028 FP2000: Page Banner Not Visible w/16-bit Netscape Browser
    Q229558 FP2000: Pages Marked to Not Be Included In Navigational Structure Appear on FrontPage 98 Extended Servers
    Q219191 FP2000: Paragraphs Do Not Appear Justified in Normal View
    Q219146 FP2000: Password Prompt is Displayed More than Once When a Read-Only File is Opened
    Q219566 FP2000: Pressing CTRL+ENTER Does Not Insert Blank Line Before or After Table
    Q212501 FP2000: "Preview In Browser" Prompts to Connect to Internet
    Q219190 FP2000: Printed Form Fields from FrontPage Appear Incorrectly.
    Q216330 FP2000: Printing From the HTML View in Landscape Mode Skips Lines
    Q219164 FP2000: Prompted for Password When Publishing Using FTP Locations
    Q219078 FP2000: Prompted to Overwrite Global.ASA File When Publishing
    Q219138 FP2000: Prompted to Overwrite the Wrong File When Using Save As Command
    Q219088 FP2000: Prompted to Save Unused Embedded Files on Themed Page
    Q205729 FP2000: Publishing from Remote Server to Local Computer
    Q223377 FP2000: Publishing to FTP Location Via Proxy
    Q219143 FP2000: Quotes or Ampersand Around Text Within <pre> Tag Are Converted to HTML Entity
    Q235000 FP2000: Regional Separators Prohibit Validation
    Q208637 FP2000: Registration Form not Supported on IIS Web Server
    Q219242 FP2000: Renaming files does not update URLs in some tags
    Q207293 FP2000: Reports View May Not Show Actual Size of Web.
    Q208649 FP2000: Sample JavaScript Code to Redirect Page Based on Browser
    Q219182 FP2000: Save Results Output File Not Created with Extension
    Q219158 FP2000: Save to Database Form Gives Confirmation but Does Not Add Data to Database
    Q219100 FP2000: Saving Changes to an Image After Using Undo Edit Picture Does Not Work
    Q219694 FP2000: Saving Office HTML File to a FrontPage Web Results in a Broken Hyperlink
    Q219707 FP2000: Selecting Picture Properties with Hotspot Selected Opens Edit Hyperlink Dialog Box
    Q219247 FP2000: Server Extension Error When Opening a File Using FTP
    Q219203 FP2000: Setting Default Font Does Not Affect Text in Browser or Preview
    Q232253 FP2000: Shared Border on a Word HTML File are not Displayed Properly
    Q205752 FP2000: Shared Borders and Theme Lost When Importing Page
    Q219074 FP2000: Shared Borders are Applied More than Once
    Q205245 FP2000: "Socket Code 4" Error Connecting to Server Using SSL
    Q233033 FP2000: Some FrontPage 98 Menu Items Not Present in FrontPage 2000
    Q206154 FP2000: Some FrontPage Components Do Not Work on Disk-Based Webs
    Q205878 FP2000: Some FrontPage Content Scores Low w/ Some Search Engines
    Q219115 FP2000: Some OK/Cancel Buttons in Same Language as Windows
    Q205759 FP2000: Specifying a Series of Fonts Using the FONT Tag
    Q229575 FP2000: Spell Checker Does Not Check Spelling Properly For English (British) and English (Canadian)
    Q219103 FP2000: Spell Checker Does Not Spell Check Shared Borders
    Q219635 FP2000: Style Sheet Links do not Apply to New and Unsaved Pages
    Q213370 FP2000: System Requirements for FrontPage 2000
    Q219165 FP2000: Task List is not Updated After Publishing
    Q219083 FP2000: Tasks are Not Updated After Deleting and Re-Creating Pages
    Q205466 FP2000: TCP/IP Test Fails But Other Internet Programs Run
    Q219137 FP2000: Themes Are Applied by FrontPage to a Web Page Created by Word in a FrontPage 98 Web
    Q219916 FP2000: Themes "Selected Pages" Option Not Available to Active Server Pages
    Q229527 FP2000: The Microsoft Script Editor is Unavailable
    Q219153 FP2000: The Number 21 is Added to Path When Publishing to FTP Server
    Q219167 FP2000: The Size Of Web In Reports View Is Not The Same As Windows Explorer
    Q219124 FP2000: Time Stamp in Database Form Handler Shows Two-Digit Year
    Q205972 FP2000: Too Few Parameters Error Previewing Page w/Database Region
    Q219223 FP2000: Transparent Region of PNG File Appears as Gray Region
    Q219626 FP2000: Two Home Page Nodes in Navigation View When Folder List is Disabled
    Q219128 FP2000: Unable to Delete, Modify, or Use a Custom Theme
    Q219614 FP2000: Unable to Drag Absolutely Positioned Element Past Bottom of Page
    Q232246 FP2000: Unable to Install Server Extensions on FrontPage Personal Web Server
    Q219134 FP2000: Uninstalling Previous Version of FP Removes the FP Personal Web Server
    Q205932 FP2000: Unknown Field Error When Viewing Page With Database Region
    Q219168 FP2000: Un-Paired Closing Tags are Removed
    Q208620 FP2000: Using an Image Rather than Standard Submit Button on Form
    Q225204 FP2000: Using FrontPage Database Features on Servers Running Chili!ASP
    Q231998 FP2000: Using Perl with Microsoft Personal Web Server on Windows 95/98
    Q205493 FP2000: Using the META Element with Web Spiders, Robots
    Q232644 FP2000 : VBA Dialogs and Controls Not Visible at Browse Time
    Q219554 FP2000: Vector Fonts Are Not Displayed Properly
    Q219147 FP2000: VID SDK Query Builder DTC Causes Run-Time Error When Inserted in FrontPage
    Q219097 FP2000: Visual InterDev Database Connection Is Not Updated in FrontPage
    Q219687 FP2000: Warning when Applying Theme to a Single Page
    Q219106 FP2000: Web Folders Displays 0 KB for File Size
    Q205254 FP2000: Web Permissions Must Be Unique to Be Modified
    Q219104 FP2000: Web Publishing Wizard Generates Error Publishing to Nested Sub web
    Q232684 FP2000: Webs Missing After Upgrade from Earlier Version
    Q205403 FP2000: What You Need to Know if You Are Using FrontPage and AOL
    Q219705 FP2000: When Browsing Links, the Preview Pane Does Not Show the Latest Page
    Q229435 FP2000: When FrontPage Markup Component Writes To The HTML In Your Document
    Q229291 FP2000: When Prompted to Save Add-ins, Cancel Closes the FrontPage Visual Basic Editor
    Q219145 FP2000: When Selecting "Configure Server Extensions" The New Sub web Wizard Starts
    Q235233 FP2000: White Paper That Describes Updating and Deleting Records
    Q219565 FP2000: Wipe DHTML Effect Positions Affected Sentence on Top of Adjacent Sentence
    Q219677 FP2000: Wizards may Add Pages to the Incorrect Window
    Q233480 FP2000: Word Document Saved in RTF Format Does not Display Headers and Footers in FrontPage
    Q205335 FP2000: Wrapping Text Around an Image in FrontPage
    Q219089 FP97: "Unable to Include File" Error on FrontPage 2000 Web Server

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