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    Q195656 BUG: Accessing Custom Properties using CDO
    Q177630 BUG: Anonymous Logon Causes Spooler to Hang During Logoff
    Q219691 BUG: CDO Copies Unnecessary Properties in Forwarding and Replying
    Q183248 BUG: CDO in C/C++ RawTable->Release() Hangs at Logoff
    Q192910 BUG: CDO Message.Text Property May Return Truncated
    Q217067 BUG: CDONTS Newmail Object Fails on Terminal Server Client
    Q235361 BUG: CDO With #import Causes Incorrect HRESULT Error Code Values
    Q198631 BUG: EFD: Extension Settings in an EFD Form's CFG File Are Ignored by Outlook
    Q183095 BUG: E_INVALIDARG Error Returned From CDO Reply Method
    Q166931 BUG: File Attachments NULL when Received via Internet Transport
    Q178072 BUG: GetStatusTable() Returns Invalid PR_RESOURCE_FLAGS
    Q176917 BUG: HrModify Overwrites Default ACL with Anonymous ACL
    Q174394 BUG: IAdrBook::OpenEntry() Fails on Outlook Contacts
    Q215463 BUG: MAPILogonEx Memory Leak
    Q174215 BUG: MapiSendMail Incorrectly Returns Success Using Outlook Form
    Q174215 BUG: MapiSendMail Incorrectly Returns Success Using Outlook Form
    Q169680 BUG: Memory Problems with Simple Mapi
    Q185385 BUG: MSMail Command Extensions Do Not Work in Outlook 98
    Q184834 BUG: OL97: Custom Form Server Process Remains in Memory
    Q181940 BUG: Outlook Loads Custom Form Messages with Attachments
    Q193557 BUG: Outlook Web Access Stops on Distorted Calendar Data
    Q198905 BUG: Sample Gateway will not Use Configuration Data File
    Q195928 BUG: Type Mismatch Error Using CDO in MS Transaction Server
    Q195984 DOC: AddressBook Dialog Box Not Modal When Called From CDO
    Q175748 DOC: CreateMsgService() Has Incorrectly Documented Flag
    Q236012 DOC: Error in ADSI Example in "Notes From the Field" Book
    Q231945 DOC: Error In April 1999 MSDN Regarding HrGWLogon and HrGWLogoff
    Q198897 DOC: Incorrect Attachment Name/Icon For Word/Excel Attachments
    Q200360 DOC: Problems with the lpABContEntryID Field of ADRPARM Struct
    Q181739 Error: MAPI_E_LOGON_FAILED (80040111) Using CDO
    Q173915 FILE: A Visual Basic-Based Active Messaging Inbox Agent
    Q172038 FILE: DLL to Read and Write RTF with Active Messaging
    Q177854 FILE: How to Acquire the Win95 Windows Messaging System (WMS)
    Q177542 FILE: Mapiasst.exe: MAPI ASSERT Debug Routines
    Q178480 FILE: Mfccdo.exe: Collaboration Data Objects with Visual C++
    Q176337 FILE: Profsamp.exe: How to Manipulate MAPI Profiles Sample
    Q176060 FILE: Showform.exe: Display Message in it's Own Form with VB
    Q176060 FILE: Showform.exe Displays Message in its Own Form with VB
    Q171096 FILE: Simple MAPI Console Application
    Q194807 FIX: Accepting Meeting Request Changes Organizer
    Q197848 FIX: DoCommands Not Called On Some Context Menu Items
    Q225010 FIX: EDK Sample Proxy Generator Fails After 21st Identical Alias
    Q187799 FIX: ERR Msg: Failed to Perform MAPI Logon
    Q183247 FIX: Folder.Messages.Delete Hangs Visual Basic
    Q173850 FIX: #Import Does not Include Index Parameter Error from VC5
    Q183093 FIX: MAPI_E_FAILONEPROVIDER Using Store Related Properties w/CDO
    Q183719 FIX: MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND Returned Adding Personal Address Book
    Q179116 FIX: MAPIInitialize() Fails with MAPI_E_INVALID_FLAGS
    Q179234 FIX: Toolbar Bitmap Order Wrong in Calendar, Contacts Views
    Q174211 HOWTO: Accessing Message Properties Not Exposed by Active Messaging
    Q194870 HOWTO: Accessing SMTP Headers of a Message Using CDO
    Q172093 HOWTO: Access MAPI Address Books with Active Messaging 1.1
    Q174211 HOWTO: Access Message Property Not Exposed by Active Messaging
    Q223865 HOWTO: Access MS Exchange Hidden Recipients Using ADSI
    Q232265 HOWTO: Access, Restore, Delete Soft Deleted Item Exchange Server
    Q194809 HOWTO: Add a User with Permissions to Exchange Server Objects
    Q171636 HOWTO: Adding a Delegate to Exchange Server Messaging Service
    Q171636 HOWTO: Adding a Delegate to the Exchange Server Messaging Service
    Q167891 HOWTO: Adding Help to a Service Provider Property Page
    Q224560 HOWTO: Add Message Tracking to the EDK Gateway
    Q177851 HOWTO: Build a VB/Messaging Application to Run from a Service
    Q172198 HOWTO: Build Exchange Samples Using Visual C++ Projects
    Q200150 HOWTO: Call a Visual Basic ActiveX DLL to Send Mail
    Q178319 HOWTO: Cause EFD Forms to Display Named Props Set from Ext. MAPI
    Q194955 HOWTO: Change the Aging Properties on a Folder
    Q186753 HOWTO: Check Someone Else's Schedule for Free/Busy Information
    Q195681 HOWTO: Configure an Exchange Mailbox for Anonymous Access
    Q229883 HOWTO: Create Address Book View Using ADSI
    Q194954 HOWTO: Create a Mailbox Using DAPI
    Q200174 HOWTO: Create a Message With an Attachment and Send It Using MAPI/VC++
    Q178172 HOWTO: Create an Entry in the Personal Address Book
    Q194976 HOWTO: Create an Organizational Forms Library Programmatically
    Q225106 HOWTO: Create a Personal Address Book Distribution List in VC++
    Q177622 HOWTO: Create a Restriction
    Q180232 HOWTO: Create, Move, or Rename a Folder Using MAPI
    Q165931 HOWTO: Creating a Custom Recipient Progammatically
    Q165931 HOWTO: Creating a Custom Recipient Programmatically
    Q177210 HOWTO: Creating an Action for a Rule
    Q170319 HOWTO: Creating a One-Off Address
    Q165350 HOWTO: Customizing the Reply To Property for a Message
    Q168239 HOWTO: Debugging a Transport Provider with Visual C++
    Q199087 HOWTO: Debug the Sample Gateway as a Console Application
    Q181035 HOWTO: Determine If a CDO Session Is Online or Offline from VB
    Q194623 HOWTO: Determine if a Incoming Message is Signed and/or Encrypted
    Q195591 HOWTO: Display Free/Busy Information from an ASP Page
    Q170601 HOWTO: Displaying the Compose IPM.Note Form
    Q169031 HOWTO: Embedding a Document in a Message using Active Messaging
    Q168903 HOWTO: Embedding a File in a Message Programmatically
    Q196424 HOWTO: Enumerate the Organizational Forms Library
    Q200154 HOWTO: Export Directory Information to a File Using BatchExport
    Q183917 HOWTO: Find a User's Home Exchange Server from a MAPI Session
    Q220043 HOWTO: Find Distribution List Membership for a Given Recipient
    Q195569 HOWTO: Finding a Sent Message using Collaboration Data Objects
    Q229700 HOWTO: Find the Correct Path to MAPISVC.INF Under Outlook 2000
    Q178789 HOWTO: Forwarding Messages Using CDO Version 1.2 (VB Sample)
    Q178789 HOWTO: Forwarding Messages Using Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) version 1.2 (Visual Basic Sample)
    Q183920 HOWTO: Generate a Value for PR_MTS_ID
    Q198752 HOWTO: Get Message Store Information on Mailboxes Programmatically Using Visual C++
    Q180597 HOWTO: Get the Name of the Profile you Logged On With
    Q166106 HOWTO: Getting the Contents of the Exchange Global Address List
    Q171637 HOWTO: Getting the Details of a Recipient
    Q177622 HOWTO: How to Create a Restriction
    Q183249 HOWTO: How to Modify Recipient's Alias Through Extended MAPI
    Q200669 HOWTO: Install the Sample Gateway in Exchange Development Kit
    Q171422 HOWTO: Logging on to Active Messaging Session w/ Default Profile
    Q195662 HOWTO: Log On to Exchange with the ProfileInfo Parameter
    Q197820 HOWTO: MAPI Enable a Windows NT Service
    Q170225 HOWTO: Modifying Settings of MS Exchange Transport Provider
    Q197191 HOWTO: Modify Recipients of Exchange Global Address List
    Q172740 HOWTO: Move Messages Using Active Messaging MoveTo Method
    Q178073 HOWTO: Obtaining the SMTP Header for a MAPI Message
    Q186334 HOWTO: Obtain the Exchange Directory Hierarchy Programmatically
    Q194627 HOWTO: Opening Mailboxes with Privileged Access
    Q188482 HOWTO: Open the Global Profile Section
    Q179084 HOWTO: Print Messages in Rich Text Using Outlook Object Model
    Q231958 HOWTO: Programmatically Copy a Message Type Attachment to a Folder
    Q170226 HOWTO: Programmatically Embedding a Message in Another Message
    Q180233 HOWTO: Programmatically Find the Default MAPI Profile
    Q179332 HOWTO: Programmatically Gain Anonymous Access to Public Folders
    Q186333 HOWTO: Programmatically Get List of Exchange Servers in the Org
    Q179082 HOWTO: Read Address Book Properties from Active Server Pages (ASP) Page with VBScript
    Q179082 HOWTO: Read Address Book Properties from ASP Page with VBScript
    Q179083 HOWTO: Read Address Book Properties in Visual Basic
    Q200162 HOWTO: Read a Rules Table in Exchange
    Q187661 HOWTO: Rebuilding the Exchange SDK Library
    Q231160 HOWTO: Relate a Deleted Message Using Folder_OnMessageDeleted
    Q200180 HOWTO: Remove a Published Form from a Folder Using Visual C++
    Q200176 HOWTO: Remove Published Forms from a Folder Using CDO
    Q202098 HOWTO: Remove the EDK Sample Gateway
    Q172556 HOWTO: Removing a delegate from an Exchange Server service
    Q172556 HOWTO: Removing a Delegate From an Exchange Server Service
    Q181483 HOWTO: Render a Calendar To an ASP Page with CDO
    Q192435 HOWTO: Render a Folder To an ASP Page with CDO
    Q192436 HOWTO: Render the Global Address List with CDO
    Q171426 HOWTO: Resolve a Recipient Using IAddrBook::ResolveName
    Q171426 HOWTO: Resolving a Recipient Using IAddrBook::ResolveName
    Q196507 HOWTO: Retrieve Alternate E-mail Addresses Using CDO
    Q154514 HOWTO: Retrieve MAPI User Information with OLE Messaging
    Q200181 HOWTO: Retrieve Messages Based on a Particular Criteria
    Q191365 HOWTO: Retrieve Original Message from Non-Delivery Receipt (NDR)
    Q197743 HOWTO: Retrieve the ACLs for Folders You Do not Own
    Q181732 HOWTO: Retrieve the PR_PROVIDER_DISPLAY Property
    Q198277 HOWTO: Sample JScript for the Exchange Event Service
    Q173353 HOWTO: Saving a Message Attachment to File
    Q223151 HOWTO: Search and List Recipients Using IDirectorySearch
    Q179812 HOWTO: Search for MAPI/EDK/CDO Articles by Topic/Keyword
    Q216723 HOWTO: Send a Message Using CDO with Visual J++
    Q216344 HOWTO: Send an HTML Message Using MAPI and CDO
    Q189945 HOWTO: Send HTML Formatted Mail Over SMTP Using CDONTS
    Q171098 HOWTO: Sending a Message via Active Messaging with VC++
    Q161833 HOWTO: Send Mail from Visual Basic Using OLE Messaging
    Q176914 HOWTO: Send Mail to Remote Exchange Server in ASP with VB DLL
    Q216728 HOWTO: Send Message Using Outlook Object Model with Visual J++
    Q231574 HOWTO: Send Rich Text Formatted E-Mail from Visual Fox Pro Using CDO
    Q171429 HOWTO: Set and Clear an Active Messaging MessageFilter via VC++
    Q233293 HOWTO: Set SMTP Header Properties Using CDONTS
    Q195842 HOWTO: Set the Default Reply-Recipient with CDO Using C++
    Q181484 HOWTO: Specify Events for Exchange or Outlook Extensions
    Q171638 HOWTO: Use Active Messaging to Work with Public/Personal Folders
    Q200152 HOWTO: Use Address Type as a Restriction with MAPI
    Q188960 HOWTO: Use BatchExport to Specify Which Attributes to Export
    Q186204 HOWTO: Use CDONTS to Collect and Mail Information From a User
    Q203019 HOWTO: Use CDO to Loop Through All Mailboxes in the GAL
    Q194070 HOWTO: Use CDO to Programmatically Resolve Ambiguous Recipients
    Q195381 HOWTO: Use CDO to Set the Message Delivery Options
    Q181408 HOWTO: Use CDO to Set Up Reply to Alternate Recipient
    Q195545 HOWTO: Use CDO/VC++ to Get Properties on Received Messages
    Q235368 HOWTO: Use Extended MAPI to Access Custom Attributes of Public Folders
    Q214816 HOWTO: Use Mdbvu32.exe to Set/Create a Property on a Folder
    Q173056 HOWTO: Use VB with Active Messaging to Add a New Folder
    Q184268 HOWTO: Using DAPIRead
    Q175368 HOWTO: Using Recipients Collection RawTable with Active Msg/VC++
    Q173550 HOWTO: Using VC++ to Start an Active Messaging Session
    Q173552 HOWTO: Using Visual Basic to Access the Mail Control Panel GUI
    Q178552 HOWTO: View Public Folder Contents from an ASP Page
    Q178787 HOWTO: Work with Distribution Lists Using CDO from VB
    Q178787 HOWTO: Work with Distribution Lists Using Collaboration Data Objects from Visual Basic
    Q172741 HOWTO: Write a VB Active Messaging Inbox Agent
    Q178508 HOWTO: Write a VB MessageFilter for Your Appointment Collection
    Q178509 HOWTO: Write a VBScript MessageFilter in an ASP Page
    Q178508 HOWTO: Write a Visual Basic MessageFilter for Your Appointment Collection
    Q178553 INFO: Accessing Custom Attributes of Recipients
    Q176916 INFO: Active Messaging and Collaboration Data Objects (CDO)
    Q172197 INFO: Defines View Column Descriptors (VCD)
    Q238079 INFO: EDK Sends Read Receipt for Reading a Read Receipt
    Q171670 INFO: Entry IDs of Outlook Special Folders
    Q217337 INFO: Exchange 5.5 Development Kit Missing from January 1999 MSDN CD
    Q216407 INFO: Finding the Distinguished Name of a MAPI Object
    Q186137 INFO: IIS Security Settings for CDO Web-Based Messaging
    Q188295 INFO: IMAPITable::Restrict 16000 Row Limitation in Exchange AB
    Q191363 INFO: Is CDO a Redistributable Object Library?
    Q169551 INFO: Items Required to Use DAPI
    Q166097 INFO: Known MAPI Address Types
    Q192917 INFO: License/Redistribute Win95/Win98 Windows Messaging System
    Q169792 INFO: Location of MAPI Debug Files for Windows NT 4.0
    Q172036 INFO: MAPI Version Cross Reference
    Q181409 INFO: Object Support for IExchangeExportChanges
    Q184266 INFO: Personal Address Book and Personal Message Store Format
    Q188958 INFO: Possible Causes for Memory Leaks in MAPI Clients/Providers
    Q196361 INFO: Programmatically Monitoring Inbound Mail from All Sources
    Q179640 INFO: Property Containing the Number Value of a Form
    Q184060 INFO: Redistributing the MAPI Subsystem
    Q171907 INFO: Save Message to MSG Compound File
    Q199343 INFO: The Basics of Exchange Client Extensions
    Q184271 INFO: Updated AutoAccept Event Script
    Q183655 INFO: What is a Developer Support Messaging Issue?
    Q177850 INFO: What is the Difference Between CDO and CDONTS?
    Q169921 INFO: What's New in Active Messaging Library Version 1.1
    Q171440 INFO: Where to Acquire the Active Messaging Libraries
    Q171440 INFO: Where to Acquire the Collaboration Data Objects Libraries
    Q192650 INFO: Windows Messaging System Available on Windows98 OEM CD
    Q231699 PATCH: Template.exe Missing from Platform SDK
    Q196509 PRB: Accepting Meeting Request Loses Categories Information
    Q181941 PRB: Access Denied Error Returned on Call to CreateStoreEntryID
    Q179104 PRB: Access Denied Using CDO from VBScript
    Q168661 PRB: Accessing Public Folders Via a Web Browser Causes Error
    Q236577 PRB: Access Violation Using CDO in Multi-threaded COM Server
    Q234213 PRB: ACL/Rules Samples and Some CDO Apps May Fail Installing Exch Server 5.5 SP2
    Q176484 PRB: Application Hangs Calling Fetch of VB5 MAPIMessage Control
    Q184270 PRB: ASP Running CDONTS Applications Out of Process Fails
    Q214463 PRB: Building Sgwadmin.dll Sample on the EDK
    Q188297 PRB: Calling FlushQueues() Does Not Deliver Messages
    Q196508 PRB: Cannot Retrieve AppointmentItem from Other Folders
    Q235514 PRB: Cannot Set TimeSent and TimeReceived Properties Manually
    Q230749 PRB: Cannot Store PR_ENTRYID in a Fixed Length Field
    Q233243 PRB: Can't Access MMF File Programmatically Via MAPI
    Q195379 PRB: CDO Application in an ASP Page Causes ASP 0115 Error
    Q195380 PRB: CDO Cannot See New Incoming Messages in Personal Folders
    Q183250 PRB: CDO Error: Run-time error "-2147221233" with GetFreeBusy
    Q192404 PRB: CDO Filter on AppoinmentItems has Unexpected Behavior
    Q232626 PRB: CDO: MAPI_E_NO_SUPPORT When Using ClearRecurrencePattern
    Q201352 PRB: CDONTS Line Length is Limited to 74 Characters
    Q189256 PRB: CDONTS NewMail Object Sends 'Quoted-printable' Header
    Q188599 PRB: CDO Rendering Library Not Available Outside of ASP
    Q190548 PRB: CDO: Session.Logon Fails with E_AccessDenied (0x80070005)
    Q171671 PRB: Changing Properties of AddressEntry object of a Recipient
    Q180174 PRB: Client Extensions Do Not Display Changes to Messages
    Q166503 PRB: Creating One-Off Address Causes Application Error
    Q223446 PRB: CurrentUser of CDO Session Object Returns Wrong User Name
    Q194644 PRB: DAPIStart Fails Within COM Object Instantiated from ASP
    Q178554 PRB: DateValue Does Not Return Time Information
    Q181738 PRB: Duplicate Messages on Server When Synchronizing OST
    Q197145 PRB: E_FAIL on SaveChanges() with Too Many Properties
    Q172715 PRB: ERR: "Access Denied" Trying to Use HrBackupPrepare()
    Q188959 PRB: Error 2001 Linking Simple MAPI Applications
    Q169552 PRB: Error 80010010 in the NT Application Log on DAPIStart
    Q193451 PRB: "Error 8002009 - MAPI_E_NOT_INITIALIZED 80040605" w/ CDO
    Q194435 PRB: Error "800b0001" From HrMAPIOpenFolderEx()
    Q195849 PRB: Error: MAPI_E_FAILONEPROVIDER (8004011D) Using CDO
    Q179639 PRB: Error MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND (8004010F) Using CDO
    Q214667 PRB: Errors When Sending Mail with CDONTS
    Q179638 PRB: Folders.Item("tag_name") Returns Wrong Folder Item
    Q179233 PRB: GetDefaultFolder Method of CDO Session Fails with VARIANT
    Q183096 PRB: GetFirst/GetLast methods of CDO Cannot Filter Appointments
    Q196258 PRB: GetMessage Returns Message Object Instead of MeetingItem
    Q182237 PRB: HrBackupClose in an Online Backup Becomes Unresponsive
    Q216420 PRB: IExchangeManageStore::GetMailboxTable Doesn't Return PR_ENTRYID
    Q181739 PRB: IIS 4.0 Automatic Password Synchronization and CDO
    Q184269 PRB: IMAPIProp::GetProps May Return Truncated Data for PR_BODY
    Q173850 PRB: #Import Does not Include Index Parameter Error from VC5
    Q188298 PRB: IMS Custom Routing DLL may Drop Mail
    Q180231 PRB: ITnef::ExtractProps Does Not Extract All Properties
    Q187663 PRB: Link Errors when Building Exchange SDK Samples
    Q187662 PRB: LNK1181: Cannot Open Input File "ExchSDKd.Lib"
    Q173852 PRB: Load Library Failed Error Registering Active Messaging
    Q173852 PRB: Load Library Failed Error when Registering Active Messaging
    Q180104 PRB: LocalFileTimeToFileTime may not Return Correct UTC Time
    Q184267 PRB: MAPI 1.0 Calls Fail with Microsoft Mail 3.2 Client
    Q192119 PRB: MAPI/CDO Applications Fail After Outlook Express 4 Install
    Q189533 PRB: MAPI_E_FAILONEPROVIDER Accessing Public Folder Through ASP
    Q194069 PRB: "MAPI_E_NO_SUPPORT" Calling Session.Logon on Windows 95/98
    Q179639 PRB: MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND(8004010F) Accessing Folder in Collection
    Q183094 PRB: MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND Err Setting Value of Property with CDO
    Q236455 PRB: MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND Retrieving Global Profile Section Properties
    Q193643 PRB: MAPI Error 80040700 When Making Profile Programmatically
    Q228890 PRB: MAPI_E_TOO_COMPLEX when Sorting the Messages by Subject
    Q171428 PRB: MAPIInitialize from Console App can Block Windows Messages
    Q185139 PRB: MAPILogonEx() Returns 0x80070057- MAPI_E_INVALID_PARAMETER
    Q187822 PRB: MAPILogon Fails with Error 3 Called from CGI Script on IIS
    Q180200 PRB: MAPI_W_PARTIAL_SUCCESS When Creating a Forward Rule
    Q171427 PRB: Memory Leak in Active Messaging v1.1 Folder Handling Proces
    Q194806 PRB: Message.Class Incorrect After Calling GetMessage()
    Q189531 PRB: Missing Exchange Server SDK Headers and Libraries
    Q186332 PRB: MSMI Reports Event 10000 When Missing Envelope Information
    Q182236 PRB: Number of Recipients is not Updated Under Window_Store
    Q224495 PRB: OWA HTML Form Converter Doesn't Convert Rich Text in Message Body
    Q235681 PRB: Path Not Found When Using CDONTS with IMC
    Q228465 PRB: Permission Denied While Using CDONTS to Send Mail with Exchange
    Q181485 PRB: Personal Folders Do Not Support the COPY_SUBFOLDERS Flag
    Q197789 PRB: PR_EMAIL_ADDRESS Missing When Querying Offline AddressBook
    Q182857 PRB: Problems Responding to Schedule+ 1.0 Meeting Requests
    Q181697 PRB: Problems Sending Many Messages Using Multiple Threads
    Q195586 PRB: Problems Using CDO Against an Exchange 4.x Server
    Q194077 PRB: Problems with CDO after Upgrading to Outlook 98
    Q177853 PRB: PR_SECURITY Property is Ignored by Exchange Server
    Q196080 PRB: ReadFromFile() Fails for Attachment of Type CdoOle
    Q216365 PRB: Routing Objects: ANDSplit Only Uses Folder Map
    Q194937 PRB: RuleEdit Fails with MAPI_E_CALL_FAILED (Error 80004005)
    Q177623 PRB: Rule that Applies to All Messages Cannot Be Created
    Q191816 PRB: Run-Time Error -2147467259 with MoveTo Method
    Q198899 PRB: Sample Gateway Administrator Templates Not Appearing
    Q198911 PRB: Sample Gateway Fails to Start and Reports Event Id 7023 in System Event Log
    Q200668 PRB: Sample Gateway Fails to Start with a Logon Failure
    Q192083 PRB: Setting PR_SENTMAIL_ENTRYID in CDO is Not Retained
    Q173851 PRB: Simple MAPI Messages Appear Incorrectly in Some Clients
    Q173851 PRB: Simple MAPI Messages Appear Incorrectly in Some Clients
    Q188653 PRB: Transport Causes MAPI Spooler to Shutdown Unexpectedly
    Q193711 PRB: Unable to Load Client Extension Because of a Missing DLL
    Q192651 PRB: Unhandled Exception Using COM Smart Pointers with VC++
    Q223048 PRB: Using ADO with ADSI Returns 'Error 800a01ad (429)'
    Q198725 SAMPLE: AdContac.exe Adds Sender of Incoming Message to Contacts
    Q193285 SAMPLE: AddToPAB.exe Add Sender of Incoming Message to the PAB
    Q195682 SAMPLE: ASPSess.exe Passes CDO Session to Separate ASP Page
    Q230770 SAMPLE: FrmVwr.exe Extended MAPI Form Viewer
    Q224362 SAMPLE: Hook.exe MAPI Spooler Hook Provider Sample (C++)
    Q216346 SAMPLE: RTFView.exe Rich Text Format Stream Viewer
    Q192339 SAMPLE: SUGGEST.EXE is Microsoft Exchange Server Custom Agent
    Q146396 XCLN: Pasting Text Into a Richedit Field Fails
    Q146210 XCLN: Tab Doesn't Change Focus in Richedit Control

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