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    Q120353 ALT+SHIFT+NUMLOCK Doesn't Save Use Keypad As Mouse Option
    Q120468 Cannot Edit or Add Sounds for IntelliType
    Q183255 Cannot Log On to Windows 98 with Natural Keyboard Elite
    Q182826 Cannot Use Natural Keyboard Elite in MS-DOS Mode
    Q121351 Choosing Task Manager Help Closes the Task Manager Itself
    Q182796 Connecting the Natural Keyboard Elite Using a USB Adapter
    Q137070 CTRL+ESC Opens HP Dashboard's Task Manager
    Q120561 Differences When Running IntelliType in Windows and Windows NT
    Q126961 Double Ampersand (&) Characters in IntelliType Setup Program
    Q127076 Err Msg: Unable to Load the Language DLL: IDINTL16.DLL
    Q120713 Err Msg w/IntelliPoint/Type & ProofReader: Sound Input Is Busy
    Q159616 Err Msg: You Attempted to Run IntelliType Under a Newer...
    Q121154 Functions of the Applications Key
    Q120454 How to Remove IntelliType Software 1.0 from Windows NT
    Q183862 IBM ThinkPad Does Not Detect Natural Keyboard Elite
    Q120711 IntelliPoint & IntelliType Setup Generate Incorrect Errors
    Q121127 IntelliType 1.0 Directory Listing (3.5-Inch 1.44-MB Disk Set)
    Q134434 IntelliType 1.1 Disk Contents (3.5 Inch, 1.44 MB)
    Q173708 IntelliType 1.1 Features Not Available in Windows NT 4.0
    Q149635 IntelliType 1.1 MouseKeys Setting Not Saved in Windows NT 3.51
    Q146200 IntelliType 1.1 Online User's Guide Icon Left After Uninstall
    Q189628 IntelliType Err Msg: This Program May Not Run Correctly...
    Q128511 IntelliType Manager Options Unavailable on IBM Thinkpad
    Q128643 IntelliType Manager Settings Not Retained
    Q126818 IntelliType Setup Under Windows NT Produces Error Message
    Q164579 IntelliType Software Update Available
    Q125921 IntelliType Task Manager Files and Directories Windows Overlap
    Q121313 KBDCPL /S Option Unclear Under KBDCPL /?
    Q120034 KBDCTL16.DLL and CPMGR.DLL Errors Starting IntelliType
    Q120494 KBDX16.EXE Errors in IntelliType with Incorrect CTL3DV2.DLL
    Q203711 Keyboard: CAPS LOCK, SCROLL LOCK, or NUM LOCK Lights Change but States Don't Change
    Q203721 Keyboard Is Not Detected When Connected to Laptop Computer
    Q197239 Keyboard Not Detected When Connected to NEC Docking Station
    Q120805 Keystroke Sounds Are Not Available in Windowed MS-DOS Prompt
    Q185459 LED Lights on Keyboard Are Not Lit in MS-DOS Mode
    Q121125 Microsoft Natural Keyboard IntelliType 1.00 README.TXT
    Q134455 Microsoft Natural Keyboard/IntelliType 1.1 Readme.txt File
    Q145625 Microsoft Plus! Screen Saver "Hot Corners" No Longer Work
    Q232433 MNK Pro: Bezier Screen Saver File Appears in Documents Menu
    Q232424 MNK Pro: Cannot Assign Tool in Control Panel to Hot Key
    Q232409 MNK Pro: Cannot Select Configuration Files When Changing Keyboard Type
    Q236835 MNK Pro: Cannot Use Internet Hot Keys to Start Internet Browser
    Q232426 MNK Pro: Cannot Use Keyboard to Select Commands on Shortcut Menu
    Q232415 MNK Pro: CD Audio Continues to Be Played After You Quit AudioStation
    Q232413 MNK Pro: CD-ROM Error Message During Setup
    Q232423 MNK Pro: Computer Does Not Respond to Keyboard Input
    Q232414 MNK Pro: Computer Stops Responding (Hangs) When You Press the Sleep Hot Key
    Q232436 MNK Pro: Computer Stops Responding When You Press Volume Keys
    Q232440 MNK Pro: Default E-mail Program Is Not Detected by IntelliType Software
    Q232352 MNK Pro: Device Manger Reports Incorrect Number of Available Ports
    Q236830 MNK Pro Err Msg: Cannot Start an Internet Browser
    Q235919 MNK Pro Err Msg: Speedkey Caused a General Protection Fault in Module User.exe
    Q235913 MNK Pro Error Message: Cannot Find Network.drv
    Q235920 MNK Pro: Healthy Computing Guide Is Not Displayed Properly
    Q232427 MNK Pro: Hot Keys Do Not Function as Expected
    Q237179 MNK Pro: How to Assign a Program to a Hot Key
    Q236915 MNK Pro: How to Assign Your E-mail Program to the Mail Hot Key
    Q232439 MNK Pro: How to Connect the Keyboard to Your Computer
    Q232420 MNK Pro: How to Connect the Natural Keyboard Pro to a USB Port
    Q235915 MNK Pro: IntelliType 1.1 Files Remain on Hard Disk After You Install IntelliType Pro Software
    Q236817 MNK Pro: Internet Browser Does Not Respond to Hot Keys
    Q232441 MNK Pro: Internet Hot Keys Do Not Work
    Q237606 MNK Pro: Keyboard Is Not Detected or LED Lights Do Not Work Properly
    Q236832 MNK Pro: List of Internet Hot Keys and Their Functions
    Q235923 MNK Pro: Media Hot Keys Do Not Work Correctly
    Q237809 MNK Pro: Mute Hot Key Does Not Function Correctly
    Q235917 MNK Pro: Nothing Happens When You Click Command on Shortcut Menu
    Q235906 MNK Pro: Nothing Happens When You Press Internet Hot Key
    Q235918 MNK Pro: Nothing Happens When You Press the Play/Pause Media Hot Key
    Q236917 MNK Pro: Summary of E-mail Programs that Appear in the Mail List
    Q236827 MNK Pro: Summary of Supported Internet Browsers
    Q232411 MNK Pro: Temporary Files Remain on Hard Disk After Unsuccesful Installation
    Q232435 MNK Pro: Unexpected Characters Displayed on Screen When You Press Hot Keys
    Q237546 MNK Pro: USB Device Connected to Port Does Not Work Properly
    Q235909 MNK Pro: Web/Home Key Does Not Start Default Version of Netscape Navigator
    Q125172 MNK: Right Windows Key Does Not Work with Jetkey BIOS
    Q122546 Mouse and Natural Keyboard Require DASDDRVR.SYS on PS/2
    Q120035 MSINPUT.386/Media Vision Conflict Causes Repetitious Sound
    Q120939 MSINPUT Device Settings Not Read After Second Device Is Added
    Q120469 MSINPUT.INI Settings Not Read at Startup at MS-DOS Level
    Q194143 Natural Keyboard Does Not Work Properly on IBM Aptiva Computer
    Q194071 Natural Keyboard Elite Does Not Function on Toshiba Laptops
    Q184849 Natural Keyboard Elite Does Not Work with Compaq Deskpro 4000
    Q224970 Natural Keyboard Elite: Function Keys Do Not Work and Keyboard Recognized as an 84-Key Keyboard
    Q183861 Natural Keyboard Elite: Pressing CTRL+BREAK Has No Effect
    Q182738 No Software Is Available for the Natural Keyboard Elite
    Q120003 No Working Directory Option in Task Manager
    Q120355 NT Systems with Non-8042 Chips Cannot Use Natural Keyboard
    Q134302 Online Documentation Contains Information About MouseKeys
    Q126570 Pointer Disappears When Using the Keypad as a Mouse
    Q175882 Pressing NUM LOCK Key Does Not Turn On the Number Lock Setting
    Q119703 Remote Control Programs Do Not Work with Natural Keyboard
    Q121237 Some Application Windows Overlap When Tiling
    Q120579 Sonar Feature Does Not Appear in MS-DOS Prompt Session
    Q120677 Sonar Feature Leaves Rings on the Screen
    Q167716 Sounds Assigned to Keys in IntelliType Are Not Played
    Q121010 System Hangs and/or WAV File Repeats When Using MOUSEVKD.386
    Q129996 Windows Key Does Not Start Alternate Task Swapper
    Q119409 Windows Keys Do Not Function on Toshiba 8500 Desktop

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