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    Q125379 1995 Windows Encarta: Media Gallery Truncates Drop-Down Menu
    Q160047 3DMM: Cannot Load Studio.chk File
    Q142108 3D Movie Maker: Animation Stops While Credits Box Scrolls
    Q151441 3D Movie Maker: Cannot Hear Background Music
    Q150249 3D Movie Maker: CD-ROM Drive Error Messages During Setup
    Q142582 3D Movie Maker: Clicks During Melanie Talking Don't Invoke Act
    Q149744 3D Movie Maker: Copy, Paste Path Varies by Actor or Prop Used
    Q141822 3D Movie Maker: Default Text Color Not Available in Color List
    Q149800 3D Movie Maker: Disabling Resolution Switching in Windows 95
    Q149823 3D Movie Maker: ErrMsg: You Do Not Have a Multimedia Driver
    Q141820 3D Movie Maker: Error Messages When Trying to Save a Movie
    Q150490 3D Movie Maker: Features and Limitations
    Q149070 3D Movie Maker: Files Installed by 3D Movie Maker
    Q143369 3D Movie Maker: How to Add Frames While Freezing Actor
    Q150487 3D Movie Maker: How to Import Sounds
    Q141821 3D Movie Maker: How to Improve Performance
    Q143365 3D Movie Maker: How to Move Sounds Between Movies
    Q150488 3D Movie Maker: How to Record Sounds and/or Dialog
    Q143231 3D Movie Maker: How to Remove or Change a Text Box Mid-Movie
    Q145825 3D Movie Maker: How to Remove Recorded/Imported Sounds
    Q139495 3D Movie Maker: How to Reset the Talent Book
    Q142583 3D Movie Maker: Inserted Sound Doesn't Play
    Q143268 3D Movie Maker: Legal Issues of Making and Sharing Movies
    Q149798 3D Movie Maker: Locations for All of the Talent Book Pages
    Q143232 3D Movie Maker: MIDI Does Not Work Properly with SB AWE 32
    Q138982 3D Movie Maker: Minimum System Requirements
    Q143230 3D Movie Maker: Movies Cannot be Saved in AVI Format
    Q138986 3D Movie Maker: Plane/Actor Flips Over When Raising or Lowering
    Q147870 3D Movie Maker: Program Hangs When Playing MIDI
    Q157976 3D Movie Maker:Recorded Sound Available in Original Movie Only
    Q149082 3D Movie Maker: Recorded Sound Is Distorted or Poor Quality
    Q139366 3D Movie Maker: Storing Recorded/Imported Sounds
    Q143364 3D Movie Maker: Tools Available on CD-ROM for Troubleshooting
    Q143269 3D Movie Maker: Windows NT 3.51 Requires Administrative Rights
    Q123075 Artist: Animated Backgrounds Don't Play In Pigture Show
    Q136082 Artist: Centers of Borderless Balloon Text are White
    Q119265 Artist: Distorted Output to Color StyleWriter
    Q142512 Artist: Epson Stylus Prints with Gray Overlay
    Q138884 Artist: How to Print Without a Border on Your Painting
    Q125034 Artist: How to Remove or Add Custom Stickers
    Q135728 Artist: How to Transfer a Pigture Show to Another Computer
    Q141089 Artist: Oval Drawing Tool Produces Extra Lines or Ovals
    Q129805 Artist: Pictures Print Black & White, Not Grayscale or Color
    Q114957 Artist: Prints Only in Landscape Orientation
    Q120546 Artist: Saved Documents Are Black
    Q127913 Artist: Saved Documents Are Black with ATI Mach 64
    Q113848 Artist: Stickers Become Jagged-Looking When Enlarged
    Q130173 Bookshelf: Audio Clips Do Not Rewind Automatically
    Q156253 Bunyan: 16-Bit Setup Creates Unused Directories
    Q153184 Bunyan and Koi: 32-bit Setup Doesn't Remove 16-bit Version
    Q160712 CD Audio MMSystem Error Accessing CD Audio from Wrong Drive
    Q151514 CD-ROM Programs Vibrate in 6x or Faster CD-ROM Drive
    Q151328 Changes and Corrections in Encarta Encyclopedia 1996a Update
    Q179825 Contents of the Plus! For Kids Readme.doc File
    Q176706 "Could Not Load or Run" Error Message When You Start Windows
    Q115071 Creative Writer 1: Difficulty Printing Card to HP DeskJet
    Q161262 Creative Writer 2: How to Import/Export Picture
    Q125865 Creative Writer: Canon BubbleJet Prints Borders Incorrectly
    Q123076 Creative Writer Err Msg: Integer Divide by Zero
    Q150326 Distorted Video With Avance Logic Drivers
    Q98850 Encarta 1993: Minimal Installation May Cause Sound Gaps
    Q124724 Encarta 1994: Distorted Images Printed to HP LaserJet 4M/4ML
    Q118996 Encarta 1994 Err Msg: Encarta Must Be Loaded To Use Dictionary!
    Q118303 Encarta 1994 Err Msg: Graphics Server EXE Wrong Version (2.20)
    Q107179 Encarta 1994: Manual Installation Instructions
    Q121334 Encarta 1994: Search Not Sorted By Word Frequency
    Q124017 Encarta 1995: How to Rewrite a Damaged Driver
    Q137281 Encarta 1995: Mindmaze and Gallery Will Not Launch
    Q141412 Encarta 1995: Mindmaze May Hang with 8-bit Sound Blaster Cards
    Q147649 Encarta 1995: Minimum System Requirements
    Q124942 Encarta 1995: MSETUP.TXT Incorrect
    Q139396 Encarta 1995: Printout Missing Jump (Hot) Text
    Q139922 Encarta 1995: Word Processor Starts Only Once
    Q133166 Encarta '95 Edition: Msetup.txt Contents
    Q180439 Encarta 95 Err Msg: Cannot Open Encart95.stf
    Q125048 Encarta 95 Err Msg: Encart95 Caused An Exception
    Q132888 Encarta 95: GP Fault When Using Dictionary or Thesaurus
    Q128481 Encarta '95: MindMaze Hangs with Ensoniq Sound Card
    Q134887 Encarta '95: No Scroll Bars in Some Interactivities
    Q167541 Encarta 97/Bookshelf 98: Invalid Page Fault Starting Program
    Q107491 Encarta: Cannot Use WordPerfect or AmiPro as Word Processors
    Q107212 Encarta: Color Graphics Print Black & White on PaintJet XL300
    Q133169 Encarta: Copying .Wav Sound Files from Encarta
    Q112740 Encarta Err Msg: Could Not Write to File Named CTL3D.DLL
    Q120479 Encarta Err Msg: Invalid MindMaze Game File
    Q128591 Encarta Err Msg: MindMaze Cannot Play Game Music
    Q100727 Encarta Err Msg: MindMaze: Player Already Playing
    Q101045 Encarta Err Msg: The Necessary Text Fonts Are Not Available
    Q106686 Encarta GP Fault: Printing with Universal and Thirdparty Video
    Q113124 Encarta: GP Fault When Starting
    Q106548 Encarta: GP Fault with Diamond Speedstar Pro Video Card
    Q133170 Encarta: Incorrect Font is Displayed
    Q97854 Encarta: MindMaze Allows Two Players with the Same Name
    Q103893 Encarta MindMaze Err Msg: Invalid Property Value
    Q143028 Encarta Notemarks: Err Msg or Problems Saving Notemark
    Q126236 Encarta: "Sub Or Function Not Defined" Error in MindMaze 1994
    Q107213 Encarta: Table Text Garbled with ATI Mach 32 Video Driver
    Q133371 Encarta: Title Bar Overlaps Windows 95/98-Style Title Bar
    Q152192 Err Msg: Setup Error 258. Your Setup Files May Be Damaged...
    Q225355 Err Msg: Unable to Find the Magic School Bus Animals Files...
    Q177060 Error Message: Cannot Find File Imaadp32.acm,
    Q152176 Explorapedia: Audio Codecs Used to Play Compressed Audio
    Q124506 Explorapedia: Banded Output Using Hewlett Packard DeskJet
    Q125957 Explorapedia: Cannot Hear Tad's Narration
    Q135015 Explorapedia: Clearing/Removing List of User Names
    Q140767 Explorapedia: Clicking Taskbar Does Not Maximize Program
    Q126006 Explorapedia: Err Msg: Cannot Open .TDF; Unable to Locate
    Q126745 Explorapedia: ErrMsg: Error 8## (or 4##) When Starting
    Q129453 Explorapedia: Error Messages When Running Explorapedia
    Q134221 Explorapedia: Little Kids Mode is New
    Q124581 Explorapedia: Minimum System Requirements
    Q124508 Explorapedia Nature 1.0: Contents of README.WRI
    Q148370 Explorapedia Nature: Alphabetical List of Topics
    Q149825 Explorapedia Nature: Contents of Version 1.2 Readme.wri
    Q131109 Explorapedia Nature: Earth Rotates in Wrong Direction
    Q154323 Explorapedia Nature: Files Installed and Modified, version 1.2
    Q149827 Explorapedia Nature: How to Run Setup
    Q154305 Explorapedia Nature: List of Files Installed and Modified
    Q143370 Explorapedia Nature: Setup Runs Each Time You Insert the CD
    Q136001 Explorapedia: Nature: Tad's Mouth Doesn't Move
    Q150342 Explorapedia Nature: Topics Listed By Scene
    Q148368 Explorapedia People: Alphabetical List of Topics
    Q142511 Explorapedia People: Err Msg: Not Enough Memory to Perform
    Q149795 Explorapedia People: Installs Visual FoxPro
    Q153431 Explorapedia People: Listing of Files Installed and Modified
    Q130648 Explorapedia People: .WAV Files for Testing Included on CD
    Q124580 Explorapedia: Program Seems to Hang When Printing
    Q124711 Explorapedia: Troubleshooting Sound Problems
    Q152179 Explorapedia: Video Not Available, Cannot Find 'vids:iv32'
    Q12047 Explorapedia: Where Is the Help File?
    Q134219 Explorapedia: Wrong Version is Displayed on Product ID Screen
    Q152183 Home Products Err Msg: Invalid Dynamic Link Call to a DLL
    Q136537 How the Leopard Got His Spots: Minimum System Requirements
    Q140572 How To Save Or Reset My Place When I Exit Encarta
    Q100093 "Invalid File Format" Error When Launching MindMaze
    Q130394 Kids: Color Palette Problems During PowerPoint Slide Show
    Q127885 Kids: Distorted AVIs and Transitions
    Q124969 Kids: ErrMsg: Error Messages When Accessing CD-ROM Drive
    Q129639 Kids: ErrMsg: Insufficient Resources to Run...
    Q131108 Kids: Err Msg: Invalid TrueType Font Detected
    Q168355 Kids: Error Message When Copying Clipart from Picture Picker
    Q130786 Kids: Hangs at Black Screen or Quits After Microsoft Logo
    Q124812 Kids: Hangs with Ensoniq Sound Card
    Q110194 Kids: HP DeskJet 500/550C Omits Patterns
    Q128529 Kids: Insufficient Resources with Packard Bell
    Q167162 Kids Plus: Custom Icons Appear in User Start Menu Profiles
    Q164196 Kids Plus!: Desktop Icons do not Change with Different Users
    Q177846 Kids Plus!: Desktop Themes Wallpaper Is Not Displayed
    Q163122 Kids Plus!: Desktop Wallpaper Settings Lost After Installing
    Q185903 Kids Plus!: Documentation Error in Paint It! Help
    Q163462 Kids Plus!: Fonts Installed with Microsoft Plus! For Kids
    Q164368 Kids Plus!: How to Disable Login Screen When Starting Windows
    Q166208 Kids Plus!: How To Remove Plus! For Kids From Your Computer
    Q166705 Kids Plus!: Internet Settings Remain After Protect It! Removed
    Q164190 Kids Plus!: Network Neighborhood not Restricted by Protect It!
    Q168369 Kids Plus: No Sound After Installing Microsoft Plus! For Kids
    Q163124 Kids Plus!: Paint It! Creates/Saves To My Documents Folder
    Q174430 Kids Plus!: Play It and Talk It Missing Required .DLLs
    Q163426 Kids Plus!: Play It! Does not Play on Mono Sound Cards
    Q163170 Kids Plus!: PolEdit and Protect It! Interfere with Start Menu
    Q166192 Kids Plus!: Protect It! Err Msg: A Fatal Exception Has Occurred
    Q166039 Kids Plus!: Protect It! MS-DOS Applications Won't Start
    Q161679 Kids Plus!: Quit Button Saves Changes to Embedded Objects
    Q171703 Kids Plus!: Resetting Protect It! and Internet Ratings Passwords
    Q161267 Kids Plus!: Screen Savers Settings Require System Agent
    Q161668 Kids Plus!: Server Application Retains Previous Active Tool
    Q166710 Kids Plus!: Start Menu Loses Hierarchies With Protect It! On
    Q160045 Kids Plus!: Talk It! Is Uncensored
    Q161263 Kids Plus!: Talk It!: Not All Characters Pronounced
    Q161680 Kids Plus!: The Background Displays Different Color
    Q163137 Kids Plus: Themes are Located in Different Directories
    Q163433 Kids Plus!: Uninstalling Protect It!
    Q166962 Kids Plus!: Users Use Same Screensaver But Different Passwords
    Q168394 Kids Plus: What Is The ".Default" User?
    Q180132 Kids Plus!: You Cannot Remove a Family Member in Protect It!
    Q253692 Kids Products Troubleshooter Available
    Q126822 Kids: Program Group and/or Icons Disappear in TabWorks
    Q122930 Kids: Program Icons and Groups Disappear from Program Manager
    Q135729 Kids: Screen Turns White or Computer Hangs When Playing Videos
    Q156470 Kids: Summary of Audio Used in Kids Titles
    Q153459 Kids: Troubleshooting Help File Included on Compact Disc
    Q154438 Koi and Bunyan: Ejecting CD During Setup Causes Error Message
    Q152700 Koi and the Kola Nuts: Minimum System Requirements
    Q152697 Koi and the Kola Nuts: The Story of Koi and the Kola Nuts
    Q136646 Leopard: Audio Breaks Up
    Q154324 Leopard: List of Files Installed and Modified
    Q122490 Macintosh The Ultimate Haunted House - Memory Issues
    Q175536 Mac MSB Ocean: Err Msg: The CD Was Ejected While It Was in Used
    Q156674 Magic School Bus: Black Screen Before Microsoft Logo with SB 16
    Q269812 Magic School Bus: Computer Hangs When You Install Program
    Q141035 Magic School Bus: Err Msg: CD Audio in Use by Another App
    Q269814 Magic School Bus: How to Troubleshoot Video Display Issues
    Q163427 Magic School Bus: Installing to a Removable Drive
    Q142515 Magic School Bus: No Printout on Canon BubbleJet
    Q149742 Magic School Bus: Out of Memory Printing to Laser Printer
    Q139660 Magic School Bus: Requires 13-Inch Monitor or Larger on Mac
    Q138885 Magic School Bus: Slow Performance During Videos, Transitions
    Q269804 Magic School Bus: Slow Performance with Network Installation
    Q271237 Magic School Bus: Sound Is Not Played in Program
    Q156119 Manic Marbles Trial Version: Characters Summary
    Q156123 Manic Marbles Trial Version: Known Issues
    Q156121 Manic Marbles Trial Version: Playing Field Descriptions
    Q156118 Marbles Trial Version: Overview, Setup, and Game Tips
    Q126567 MindMaze Causes EMM Exception Error #06 on the Compaq Presario
    Q120202 MindMaze Err Msg: Cannot Access This File
    Q174263 MP Tutor Preschool & Kindergarten: Minimum System Requirements
    Q223305 MSB Animals: Character Stops Talking and Program Hangs
    Q224165 MSB Animals: License and Certificate Printouts Are Not Centered
    Q223299 MSB Animals: Unable to click Quit or Cancel to Quit Program
    Q261951 MSB Bugs: Cannot Print Field Manual at Freshwater Pond
    Q251079 MSB Bugs: Does Not Run or Quits on Terminal Server
    Q250984 MSB Bugs: Error Message When You Click "Run Demo"
    Q250855 MSB Bugs: How to Obtain the Product Identification Number
    Q250582 MSB Bugs: Program Runs Slowly on Macintosh Computer
    Q250605 MSB Bugs: Program Stops Responding After You Type Your Name
    Q250856 MSB Bugs: Screen Turns Black When You Start Program
    Q269807 MSB: Computer Hangs When You Eject The Magic School Bus CD-ROM
    Q156127 MSB Dinosaurs: Canceling Setup Leaves Microsoft Kids Folder
    Q162428 MSB Dinosaurs: Err Msg: PCM Audio Codec is Not Installed
    Q312611 MSB Dinosaurs: Err Msg:Setup32 Caused an Error in Msvfw32.dll
    Q154321 MSB Dinosaurs: Hangs at a Black Screen on Startup
    Q154341 MSB Dinosaurs: How to Play the Games
    Q156252 MSB Dinosaurs: Long Text Strings Are Truncated on Past Cards
    Q162433 MSB Dinosaurs: Media Control Device Not Installed Message
    Q153434 MSB Dinosaurs: Minimum System Requirements for Windows
    Q156249 MSB Dinosaurs: Program May Not Start Without CD Audio Device
    Q156775 MSB Dinos: Errors Installing with 8-bit Sound Card
    Q163479 MSB Dinos: Name Game: Close Captioning Doesn't Match Crystals
    Q177605 MSB Dinos: Sound Distorted or Fuzzy when Ms. Frizzle Is Talking
    Q269815 MSB: Distorted Sound or MMSYSTEM326 Error Message in Program
    Q153435 MSB Earth and Dinosaurs: Mouse Freezes at Corner of Screen
    Q151734 MSB Earth: Can't Enter Name in High Score Table
    Q151450 MSB Earth: ErrMsg: The System Is Unable to Play CD Audio
    Q151554 MSB Earth: How to Play the Games
    Q157904 MSB Earth: How to Run MSB Earth Without CD
    Q151436 MSB Earth: How to Start the Bus Stop Utility
    Q157452 MSB Earth: How to Use the Geotable
    Q151440 MSB Earth: How to Use the Rock Transformer
    Q156617 MSB Earth: Location of Rocks
    Q150248 MSB Earth: Minimum System Requirements for Windows
    Q150352 MSB Earth: Other Program Windows Are Resized After Using MSB
    Q152190 MSB Earth: Overview of Magic School Bus Explores the Earth
    Q142110 MSB: ErrMsg: Not Enough Printer Memory on HPDJ 1200C
    Q165449 MSB: ErrMsg: This Program Has Performed an Illegal Operation ...
    Q163480 MSB: Err Msg: "Wave Error" When Starting Program
    Q269817 MSB Error Message: Cannot Find Vids:IV50 Decompressor
    Q140768 MSB: Game in Progress Is Not Saved
    Q153436 MSB: Hangs on Exit with Alliance Promotion Video Driver
    Q147276 MSB: How to Run Programs Via Multiple CD Changer
    Q169441 MSB Human Body Minimizes When Printing To HP Deskjet
    Q123394 MSB Human: Cannot Play MIDI Sounds
    Q124968 MSB Human: Computer Stops Responding on Exit
    Q159762 MSB Human: ErrMsg: MIDI Device Is in Use by Another ...
    Q127914 MSB Human: ErrMsg: This Program Requires 256 Colors Video Mode
    Q127858 MSB Human: ErrMsg: Wave Error 10 and 7
    Q122114 MSB Human: Files Installed
    Q133278 MSB Human: Freezes on Opening Animation on Macintosh
    Q126821 MSB Human: Hangs at Classroom or Driver's License
    Q159761 MSB Human: Hangs Before Classroom or During Transition
    Q122896 MSB Human: How to Change Installation Directory
    Q122670 MSB Human: How to Play the Games
    Q147848 MSB Human: How to Run Macintosh Program without CD
    Q146196 MSB Human: Human Body for Macintosh ReadMe File
    Q123074 MSB Human: MIDI Mapper Does Not Appear in Control Panel
    Q136538 MSB Human: Minimum System Requirements for Macintosh
    Q122113 MSB Human: Minimum System Requirements for Windows
    Q124710 MSB Human: No MIDI Drums with Gravis UltraSound
    Q122669 MSB Human: Overview
    Q124851 MSB Human: Program Hangs in Classroom
    Q128423 MSB Human: Program Hangs in Classroom on Gateway 2000/GTK Audio
    Q269808 MSB: Incomplete Printout or You Cannot Print from the Program
    Q269806 MSB in Concert/Lands on Mars: How to View the About Dialog Box
    Q269958 MSB in Concert: Minimum System Requirements for Macintosh
    Q269763 MSB in Concert: Minimum System Requirements for Windows
    Q147849 MSB: "Internal Error" or Computer Hangs When Starting
    Q269961 MSB Mars: Minimum System Requirements for Macintosh
    Q269762 MSB Mars: Minimum System Requirements for Windows
    Q269813 MSB: No Sound When You Run the Program on Terminal Server
    Q147863 MSB Ocean and MSB Earth: Problems Starting in Windows 3.x
    Q145646 MSB Ocean: Answers to Frizz's Treasure Hunt Clues
    Q154343 MSB Ocean: Background Music Stops Playing on Macintosh
    Q142516 MSB Ocean: CD Audio MCI Driver Not Installed with Aztech Sound
    Q150654 MSB Ocean: Contents of the Readme File
    Q139659 MSB Ocean: ErrMsg: CD Audio MCI Driver Not Installed
    Q142514 MSB Ocean: ErrMsg: Internal Error XXX Skip Type XXX
    Q240186 MSB Ocean: "Error 2 Cannot Run" or Black Screen
    Q163476 MSB Ocean: Files Installed on the Macintosh
    Q150476 MSB Ocean: Hangs at the Beach After Playing About 30 Times
    Q150344 MSB Ocean: How to Access All Games from Any Location
    Q151465 MSB Ocean: How to Determine Which Version You Have
    Q151507 MSB Ocean: How to Play the Games
    Q150652 MSB Ocean: How to Run MSB Ocean for Macintosh without CD
    Q147862 MSB Ocean: Listing of Files Installed in Windows
    Q160733 MSB Ocean: Macintosh System Error After Driver's License
    Q139079 MSB Ocean: Minimum System Requirements
    Q151497 MSB Ocean: Minimum System Requirements for Macintosh
    Q152189 MSB Ocean: Overview of Magic School Bus Explores the Ocean
    Q146602 MSB Ocean: Program Stops Responding with Ensoniq Soundscape
    Q150414 MSB Oceans and Earth: How to Remove Divers' Licenses
    Q156787 MSB Ocean: Typographic Error in Tide Pool
    Q140766 MSB Ocean: Video Distortion in Games When Using S3 Card
    Q136539 MSB: Program Runs Slowly on Macintosh (Virtual Memory)
    Q170260 MSB Rainforest: Areas to Click in Each Scene and Where You Go
    Q172007 MSB Rainforest: Hangs When Exiting the Driver's License Screen
    Q173602 MSB Rainforest: How to Play the Games
    Q168359 MSB Rainforest: Minimum System Requirements for Windows
    Q168361 MSB Rainforest: Overview of Magic School Bus Explores Rainforest
    Q161243 MSB Rainforest: Report Closed Caption Window Remains Open
    Q170259 MSB Rainforest: Toolbox Clues and Answers
    Q170273 MSB Rainforest: Using the Toolbox to Replicate the Rainforest
    Q269811 MSB Setup Err Msg: There Isn't Enough Free Space on That Drive
    Q269809 MSB: Slow Performance or "Out of Memory" Error Message
    Q189885 MSB Solar and Explorapedia: Program Does Not Start
    Q126005 MSB Solar and Ocean: Err Msg: Problem Loading or Finding Files
    Q126004 MSB Solar and Ocean: Err Msg: Run Magic School Bus Setup Again
    Q143371 MSB Solar: Blank Buttons on Windows 95 Taskbar After Exiting
    Q130446 MSB Solar: Computer Freezes When Entering Games
    Q162201 MSB Solar: ErrMsg: Magic School Bus Needs More Memory
    Q143366 MSB Solar: ErrMsg: Solar System Needs More Memory to Run
    Q154327 MSB Solar: Err Msg: This Program Requires a Newer Version...
    Q151433 MSB Solar: ErrMsg: Video Not Available, Cannot Find vids:msvc
    Q151732 MSB Solar: How to Change the Installation Folder
    Q128758 MSB Solar: How to Play the Games
    Q147861 MSB Solar: Listing of Files Installed and Modified
    Q123733 MSB Solar: Minimum System Requirements
    Q152188 MSB Solar: Overview of Magic School Bus Explores Solar System
    Q258577 MSB Solar: Sounds and Speech Are Cut Off Abruptly
    Q127749 MSB Solar: Sounds Echo with Mitsumi CD in Windows NT 3.5
    Q180022 MSB Solar: Sound Suddenly Stops After You Click an Object
    Q313263 MSB: Sound Stops Working After You Enter the Schoolroom
    Q122115 MSB: Theme Song Lyrics
    Q149098 MSN Interactive Teen: How Much Does It Cost to Use?
    Q149103 MSN Interactive Teen: How to Send Suggestions
    Q149115 MSN Interactive Teen: Installing and Setting Up a Sound Card
    Q149099 MSN Interactive Teen: Minimum System Requirements
    Q158036 MSN Kids: Where Is MSN Kids?
    Q139830 Multimedia, Kids: Windows 95 Icons Moved in Full Screen Mode
    Q139182 Multimedia: Second Mouse Cursor In Flyout Menu
    Q106619 Multimedia Works Cannot Run Help While Encarta Help Runs
    Q192834 My Personal Tutor 1st & 2nd Grade: Minimum System Requirements
    Q218156 My Personal Tutor Error Message: Corrupt Files Have Been Found
    Q269140 My Personal Tutor: How to Remove Names from the Sign-in List
    Q195345 My Personal Tutor: No Sound After You Sign In
    Q195344 My Personal Tutor: Sound Is Distorted When You Run Program
    Q195346 My Personal Tutor: System Info Button Is Not Visible
    Q159262 Nick 3DMM: Compatability Between 3DMM and Nick 3DMM
    Q176827 No Settings Command on Start Menu After Logging On to Windows
    Q169572 No Speech in Talk It! With Sound Blaster 32 or AWE 64
    Q152408 Overview of Magic School Bus Explores in the Age of Dinosaurs
    Q152706 Paul Bunyan: Cannot Skip Through Checkers Instructions
    Q153185 Paul Bunyan: List of Files on Compact Disc
    Q152699 Paul Bunyan: Minimum System Requirements
    Q152698 Paul Bunyan: The Story of Paul Bunyan
    Q172725 PC Pack/Barney Island: Minimum System Requirements for Windows
    Q160046 Play It!: Space Bar and Mouse May Cause Stuck MIDI Notes
    Q175405 Plus! For Kids: All Bitmap (.bmp) Files Open With Paint It!
    Q248722 Plus! for Kids: Cannot Log On When You Upgrade to Windows 2000
    Q166021 Plus! For Kids: Protect It Cannot Disable Main System Icons
    Q176253 Plus! For Kids: "Restrictions" Err Msg When You Start Windows
    Q195550 Problems Running My Personal Tutor Using Multiple Displays
    Q124852 Program Doesn't Take Up Entire Screen at 640 x 480 Resolution
    Q177845 Protect It!: Error Message When You Start Windows
    Q166191 Protect It! Everything Restricted if You Use McAfee WebScan
    Q175876 Protect It!: Some Restrictions Lost After Install of IE 4.0
    Q94651 Scratchy Sound, Erratic Sound, or Sound Stops
    Q124638 Settings - How to Change Them
    Q163123 Setup Error Message: Unable to Copy a File ...
    Q96337 Setup Fails with Tandy Sensation Shell
    Q175373 Solar Err Msg: MMTASK Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module...
    Q159259 Spike's World: How Do I Download and Install the Games?
    Q159258 Spike's World: How Do I Get My High Score Uploaded?
    Q159255 Spike's World: How Do I Send Spike E-Mail?
    Q159260 Spike's World: What Is Shareware?
    Q159257 Spike's World: Why Doesn't Chat Work?
    Q197078 Tutor: Colors Are Incorrect and Objects Appear Fuzzy or Blurred
    Q188137 Tutor: Computer Hangs When Playing Game in Preschool Workshop
    Q195459 Tutor Err Msg: Insufficient Available Space to Install Program
    Q198748 Tutor Err Msg: Out of Memory! Please Close Some Applications...
    Q195460 Tutor Err Msg: Program Needs More Memory or Cannot Continue
    Q192585 Tutor Err Msg: Skyspace Caused an Invalid Page Fault...
    Q192828 Tutor: Err Msg: Sky's Space Station Voyage Cannot Continue
    Q186279 Tutor Error Message: Invalid Page Fault in Module Kernel32.dll
    Q178792 Tutor: Error Message: Unable to Initialize Direct Draw
    Q192584 Tutor: Online Registration Wizard Does Not Start
    Q174892 Ultimate Climb: Err Msg: Cannot Find Msacm32.dll
    Q166145 Ultimate Climb: Minimum System Requirements
    Q175201 UNCONF: MSB ErrMsg: Error 99 Starting Magic School Bus Programs
    Q124182 Vacuum Tool Hangs Computer with Pro Audio Spectrum
    Q148798 Windows 3.1 [MCI] CD Audio Driver Available
    Q125734 Word Processor in Encarta Asks for Bookshelf CD
    Q121831 Writer 1.0: ErrMsg: Can't Look at ~Creative Writer Preferences
    Q108446 Writer 1: After Saving in Adult Mode, Can't Save Again
    Q107902 Writer 1: Can't Use the Keyboard to Highlight Text
    Q109863 Writer 1: Difficulty Printing Card to Canon BubbleJet
    Q108401 Writer 1: ErrMsg: "Almost Out of Space" Message When Printing
    Q108743 Writer 1: Fir Tree Border Prints Incorrectly on Card
    Q108626 Writer 1: Gaps in Letters that Cross Page Breaks
    Q115586 Writer 1: GPF When Printing in Color to some 9-Pin Printers
    Q107901 Writer 1: Inserting Sounds from Floppy Disk Slow on Macintosh
    Q108627 Writer 1: Macintosh Setup Error Says to Use CHKDSK
    Q115070 Writer 1: Prints Black/White on DeskWriter or Other Printers
    Q109864 Writer 1: Text Missing, Jumbled, or Overlapping
    Q108491 Writer 1: Upside Down Pages Not Dithered
    Q157867 Writer 2: Cannot Open Artwork with Real-Mode CD-ROM Drivers
    Q156791 Writer 2: Creative Writer 1.x Cards Will Not Import
    Q195616 Writer 2: Creative Writer Couldn't Open a Piece of Art Work
    Q159428 Writer 2: Creative Writer Needs a Printer When Started
    Q156465 Writer 2: "CWWEB.DLL Not Found" Error Message
    Q156616 Writer 2: Dimensions of PaintIt! Picture Aren't Retained
    Q156634 Writer 2: Drop Caps Disappear When Posted
    Q155150 Writer 2: Email Asks for Exchange Profile if Exchange Is Not Run
    Q156935 Writer 2: Email Packages Contain Creative Writer 2 Viewer
    Q166034 Writer 2: ErrMsg: Creative Writer Had Trouble Spell Checking...
    Q156461 Writer 2: Gaps Between Pages on Printed Banners
    Q156467 Writer 2: GPF in GDI with Virtual Memory Disabled
    Q160468 Writer 2: Graphics Print with Solid Black Box on Canon BJC
    Q155151 Writer 2: Help Is Limited in Certain Areas
    Q172006 Writer 2: How to Access the User's Guide Located on the CD
    Q156936 Writer 2: How to Edit the Custom Dictionary
    Q164200 Writer 2: How to Mute All Sound In Creative Writer
    Q164298 Writer 2: How to Preview and Publish Your Web Pages
    Q164197 Writer 2: How to Remove Clip Art from My Clipart
    Q156789 Writer 2: Large Metafiles Decrease Program Performance
    Q155149 Writer 2: Letter Size Tool Remains Depressed
    Q156636 Writer 2: Link Text Colors Don't Transfer
    Q157874 Writer 2: Minimum System Requirements
    Q155153 Writer 2: Paste Using Keyboard and Menu Behave Differently
    Q156615 Writer 2: Performance Decreases When Working with OLE Objects
    Q156464 Writer 2: Postscript Printing
    Q156614 Writer 2: Print Dialog Incorrectly Indicates 4 Pages to Print
    Q156471 Writer 2: Print Jobs May Spool to 10+ MB Files
    Q161853 Writer 2: Problems Spell Checking
    Q156635 Writer 2: Scrollbar Navigation Is Jumpy in Large Documents
    Q156462 Writer 2: Seven Levels of Character Sizes Allowable in HTML
    Q163405 Writer 2: Shared Graphic Filters not Compatible with Paint
    Q155147 Writer 2: Spaces to the Right of Right Margin Behave Strangely
    Q155148 Writer 2: Start New Page Places Cursor After Insertion Line
    Q156463 Writer 2: System Font Remains When Show TrueType is Selected
    Q156613 Writer 2: "The Printer Could Not Be Found" Error Message
    Q156468 Writer 2: You Can Enter Anything As Web Link
    Q155152 Writer 2: Zoom Button Not Dimmed When at Extreme Position
    Q132373 Writer: Adjust Margins to Fix Truncated Borders
    Q107657 Writer: "All Gone" Tool Leaves Only One Page of Card
    Q12049 Writer and Artist 1.x: How to Save to a Floppy Disk
    Q108445 Writer/Artist 1: Can't Find Files Saved in Control Room
    Q108443 Writer/Artist 1: Document Prints Strangely
    Q111382 Writer/Artist 1: No Sounds with Reveal Sound Card
    Q121446 Writer/Artist: All Drives Are Checked At Startup
    Q133209 Writer/Artist: Cannot Access Control Room on Macintosh
    Q106515 Writer/Artist: Cannot Import Some Graphic Files
    Q130393 Writer/Artist: Colored Squares Appear Around Some Objects
    Q126774 Writer/Artist: Colors Lost When Pasting From Paintbrush
    Q107723 Writer/Artist: Copying Text and Graphics
    Q121896 Writer/Artist: Deleting or Recycling Files
    Q107670 Writer/Artist: Directory Name Disappears on Network Install
    Q132280 Writer/Artist: DocErr: Control Room Access is Incorrect
    Q109222 Writer/Artist: Do Not Run in Windows 3.1 Standard Mode
    Q139658 Writer/Artist: ErrMsg: Could Not Create The File Named...
    Q130649 Writer/Artist: ErrMsg: There Isn't Enough Space to Setup
    Q107486 Writer/Artist: Error Message During Network Setup
    Q122776 Writer/Artist: Filenames Used For Saved Documents
    Q124505 Writer/Artist: Fonts Not Visible in Font/DA Mover 4.0
    Q131110 Writer/Artist: How to Change User Names
    Q137258 Writer/Artist: How to Install to Run from a Network File Server
    Q125428 Writer/Artist: How to Make Backup Disks
    Q125458 Writer/Artist: How to Print a Kids Document to a File
    Q140457 Writer/Artist: How to Remove Users
    Q130647 Writer/Artist: How to Remove Your Recorded Sounds
    Q125763 Writer/Artist: How to Transfer Documents b/t Mac and Windows
    Q119061 Writer/Artist: Importing and Exporting Pictures
    Q126003 Writer/Artist: Keyboard Shortcuts
    Q126677 Writer/Artist: Limitation on Number of Users
    Q135313 Writer/Artist: Macintosh Network Server Installation
    Q140769 Writer/Artist: Mouse Doesn't Work
    Q106547 Writer/Artist: Novell Network User Rights Needed
    Q127912 Writer/Artist: Paint Bucket Does Not Fill
    Q122668 Writer/Artist: Patterned Objects Appear Blurry on Printouts
    Q113365 Writer/Artist: PowerBook 180C Crashes with Sounds On
    Q109221 Writer/Artist: Setup Does Not Run in Windows 3.1 Standard Mode
    Q126823 Writer/Artist: Setup on Novell Personal NetWare
    Q119060 Writer/Artist: Starts in Black and White
    Q127750 Writer/Artist: Sticker Rolls Are Missing
    Q141221 Writer/Artist: Stickers Print with Gray Squares Around Them
    Q129293 Writer/Artist: The Switcher Tool
    Q121528 Writer/Artist: True Type Font is Required to Run Programs
    Q125033 Writer/Artist: Unable to Record Sounds on Power Macintosh
    Q141560 Writer/Artist: UNCONF: Screen Colors Change After Printing
    Q126773 Writer/Artist: Using Manual Feed on a Panasonic KX-P2123
    Q109454 Writer: Backgrounds Are Truncated on LaserWriter
    Q113366 Writer: Banner and Card Text Inserted in Wrong Place
    Q164179 Writer: Black Splotches when Printing to Canon BJC 600/620
    Q143229 Writer: Borders Cut Off on Cards: Alternate Layout Method
    Q126260 Writer: Borders Cut Off on HP DeskJet Series
    Q107655 Writer: Borders Don't Print on PostScript Printer
    Q108744 Writer: Borders Print Incorrectly with ATI Mach32
    Q141169 Writer: Cannot Apply Backgrounds in Writing Studio
    Q115069 Writer: Canon BubbleJet Prints Off Page
    Q141679 Writer: Can't Copy Files From Library Wall to Portfolio Rack
    Q107725 Writer: Can't Preview 16-Bit Sounds
    Q109272 Writer: Can't Print from Control Room (Adult Mode)
    Q122667 Writer: Card Borders Print Solid Green on HP DeskJet
    Q131799 Writer: CD-ROM: Printing Landscape Mode Documents to Fax
    Q126048 Writer: Difficulty Printing Cards on Epson Stylus
    Q121447 Writer: DocErr: How to Get to Control Room (Adult Mode)
    Q138883 Writer: Document Prints Landscape/Portrait Incorrectly with HP
    Q107660 Writer: Drop Caps Not Aligned with Indented Paragraph
    Q125764 Writer: Edited Stickers Are Not Saved
    Q142109 Writer: ErrMsg: Integer Divide by Zero with STB Vision
    Q114414 Writer: ErrMsg: Invalid Print Data. Aborting Print Job
    Q114415 Writer: Font Used on Product Box and in Dialog Boxes
    Q107656 Writer: GP Fault After a Random Animation Plays
    Q107654 Writer: Gray and Light Blue Text Don't Print on Epson
    Q124850 Writer: How to Decode a Document with a Password
    Q141936 Writer: How to Import Text
    Q126049 Writer: How To Set Default Font/Font Size for a Session
    Q107661 Writer: HP LaserJet 4si MX Prints Banners Incorrectly
    Q143367 Writer: Incomplete Border Printout On Ink-Jet Printers
    Q154304 Writer: List of Files Installed and Modified, Version 1.1
    Q117852 Writer: List of Picture Window Graphics
    Q107652 Writer: Necessary Lantastic Network User Rights
    Q107658 Writer: No Network Setup Option on Lantastic
    Q118931 Writer: Pattern-Filled Word Shapes Don't Print
    Q132372 Writer: Patterns Created Using Word Shape Tool Do Not Print
    Q109577 Writer: Pop Caps or Drop Caps Formatting May Not Appear
    Q125427 Writer: Rebus Pictures Don't Print on ImageWriter
    Q149792 Writer: Solution for GhostWriter Case of Blue Makva Mystery
    Q109455 Writer: Some Backgrounds Don't Support Multiple Columns
    Q107653 Writer: Some Borders Print Incorrectly
    Q110193 Writer: Sound Defaults to Off with Sound Galaxy Card
    Q107669 Writer: Speller Does Not Spell Check Document
    Q110324 Writer: Spelling Checker Does Not Recognize All Caps
    Q123651 Writer: Starts Up in Black and White
    Q107724 Writer: System Error 15 with Insufficient Disk Space
    Q125035 Writer: Text Does Not Appear Until Middle of Page
    Q149790 Writer: Tips on Using GhostWriter - Case of the Blue Makva
    Q126226 Writer: TrueType Fonts Not Showing Under Letterizer Tool
    Q106516 Writer: Watch Cursor Appears Repeatedly When Typing

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