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    Q177052 Application Error Printing from Shortcut Menu in Explorer
    Q157553 Dialog Boxes and UserForms Use Tahoma Font
    Q132271 Importing Bitmaps: Determining Size and Memory Requirements
    Q181047 MSGraph97: Characters Lost or Changed to All Caps When Typed
    Q164921 Mso97.dll and Mso7enu.dll Errors Appear When Starting a Program
    Q190239 OF97: How to Edit an MS Graph Object Programmatically
    Q176443 OF97: Sample VBA Code to Create a Graph from a Text File
    Q158747 OFF2000: Problems with "Provide Feedback with Sound" Option
    Q169975 OFF97: Accessibility Aids May Not Work with Office Programs
    Q159472 OFF97: "Access Violation" When You Add a Button to the OSB
    Q175323 OFF97: "Accwiz.dll Unable to Register Itself" Err on Windows NT
    Q156815 OFF97: Admin Setup Reports Not Enough Free Space
    Q174593 OFF97: Advanced Power Management or Find Fast Indexing May Fail
    Q192874 OFF97: An Overview of Microsoft Office 97 SR-2
    Q171090 OFF97: Artgalry.cag Points to Deleted PCS Files
    Q156848 OFF97: Assistant Appears Twice in Office Assistant Gallery
    Q163027 OFF97: "Audio Compression" Needed for Office Assistant Sounds
    Q186011 OFF97: AutoCorrect Changes URL in Web Toolbar Address Box
    Q157029 OFF97: AutoCorrect Does Not Allow Multiple Word Exceptions
    Q167388 OFF97: AutoCorrect File Is Not Created for Each User
    Q156938 OFF97: AutoCorrect May Not Capitalize Names of Days
    Q157307 OFF97: Back Button in Netscape Navigator Is Not Available
    Q162936 OFF97: Banyan Vines Patch Available
    Q167987 OFF97: Behavior of the Edit Menu Item for a Control Differs
    Q158332 OFF97: "Best of the Web" Link Fails to Open Internet Site
    Q155033 OFF97: Binder Appears to Hang Activating MS Excel Section
    Q170780 OFF97: Binder Crashes When Closing Print Preview
    Q159818 OFF97: Binder Stops Responding Using Binder Page Setup Dialog
    Q161350 OFF97: Blank.pot Appears in New Office Document Dialog Box
    Q160029 OFF97: Bookshelf Missing From Custom Setup Dialog Box
    Q156887 OFF97: Button Displays Image of First Icon on OSB
    Q156838 OFF97: Button Images do not Appear on New Toolbar
    Q173711 OFF97: Buttons in Close Dialog Incorrect After Upgrading to SR-1
    Q163647 OFF97: Buttons on OSB Launch Quick View
    Q161467 OFF97: Camcorder .Avi Plays with Gray or Black Screen
    Q161138 OFF97: Camcorder Movie Appears Clipped When Played
    Q170636 OFF97: Camcorder Movies May Not Work with NeoMagic Video
    Q159614 OFF97: Camcorder Stop Button Setting not Retained
    Q172562 OFF97: Cannot Access Help Topic When Drive Not Available
    Q187923 OFF97: Cannot Bookmark Topics with Office Assistant
    Q156201 OFF97: Cannot Delete Workgroup Templates Path in OSB Dialog
    Q157414 OFF97: Cannot Dismiss Office Assistant With Keyboard
    Q196948 OFF97: Cannot Edit Equations and Graphs in Earlier Versions of Word
    Q161723 OFF97: Cannot Find MSO97.DLL Starting Program
    Q164343 OFF97: Cannot Implement ListBox, ComboBox Control ColumnHeads Property
    Q189715 OFF97: Cannot Install Paradox Driver From Data Access Pack
    Q172504 OFF97: Cannot Install Patch If Microsoft Office 97 Is Not Located
    Q160586 OFF97: Cannot Use Pound Character in File Name for a Hyperlink
    Q165782 OFF97: Cannot Use Quiet Mode to Install ValuPack Components
    Q189124 OFF97: Cannot View Preview Picture on File Created on Macintosh
    Q169763 OFF97: Cannot View Worksheet in Binder After Viewing Outside
    Q157955 OFF97: Can't Change Assistant When Free Disk Space is Low
    Q197347 OFF97: Can't Import Some EPS Files from Adobe Illustrator 8.0
    Q157296 OFF97: Can't Insert Multiple Channel TIFF in 97 Programs
    Q163272 OFF97: Can't Use MS Fax After Removing Windows Messaging
    Q157030 OFF97: Change Directory Unavailable for Office Tools
    Q156456 OFF97: Change in Default Setup Location for MS Office
    Q156199 OFF97: Clicking "Remove All" During Setup Removes Inbox Icon
    Q173221 OFF97: Clip Gallery: Import Clips Button Missing from Dialog Box
    Q164522 OFF97: Compile Error Using Client Billing Template
    Q156835 OFF97: Complete Setup Doesn't Install All ODBC Drivers
    Q165970 OFF97: Computer Slows When Find Fast Is Running
    Q177338 OFF97: Confirm File Delete Dialog Box Not Displayed
    Q10127 OFF97: Controlling Where Office Stores Documents and Templates
    Q160062 OFF97: Convdsn.exe/Msvcirt.dll Error During Setup
    Q169963 OFF97: Copy To from Bookshelf Starts Program Not Binder
    Q186028 OFF97: Crystal Reports Are Not Available in Office Resource Kit 97
    Q162760 OFF97: Custom Fill Color Preview Appears White
    Q160580 OFF97: Custom Toolbars on OSB Are Not Reset by Setup /y
    Q174227 OFF97: Data Access Pack Drivers Not Visible in Control Panel
    Q172731 OFF97: Data Is Returned Very Slowly from External Query
    Q164536 OFF97: Default Documents Folder Is Not Changed by NIW
    Q173196 OFF97: Deleting Embedded Object Causes File Size to Grow
    Q159561 OFF97: Description of the Microsoft Camcorder
    Q181597 OFF97: Differences Between U.S. and International English Office
    Q158704 OFF97: Disk Space Requirements for Microsoft Office 97
    Q120783 OFF97: Document Routing API Exposed by Office 97 Truncates Unicode Characters
    Q170806 OFF97: "Doing Business on the Internet" Is Not Completely Loaded
    Q167945 OFF97: Equation Editor 3.0 Toolbar Disappears
    Q182555 OFF97: ErrMsg: MSCam Cannot Use the Audio Settings Specified
    Q194581 OFF97 ErrMsg: "SR-2 Patch Cannot Be Applied to Your Computer"
    Q197365 OFF97: ErrMsg: "The Configuration of the ODBC <Driver> Failed"
    Q172858 OFF97: Error Activating Password-Protected Workbook Object
    Q160555 OFF97: Error Adding Blank Web Page to Binder
    Q173951 OFF97: Error Adding/Removing Files After Patching Office 97
    Q172781 OFF97: Error Appears When Dragging Drawing Object from Binder
    Q172413 OFF97: Error Closing MS Word Document Containing Worksheet
    Q163859 OFF97: Error Double-Clicking File in 16-bit Mail
    Q159751 OFF97: Error Enabling Feedback with Sound Option
    Q168202 OFF97: Error in OSB When You Close Windows Explorer Window
    Q173430 Off97: Error Inserting an Office Object Under Windows NT 4.0
    Q159626 OFF97: Error Inserting Hyperlink in an Embedded Document
    Q166134 OFF97: Error Inserting Object on Certain Hitachi Computers
    Q160598 OFF97: Error in ValuPack Help After Manually Starting Autorun
    Q162295 OFF97: Error Message: "Bdrintl.dll was unable to register itself"
    Q161437 OFF97: Error Message "Cannot connect to the FTP server" When You Access an FTP Site
    Q162627 OFF97: Error Message "Vbe.dll Was Unable to Register Itself"
    Q197604 OFF97: Error Message: "Word Cannot Find the Thesaurus File Msth32.dll"
    Q161093 OFF97: Error Opening Camcorder .avi File in Media Player
    Q163125 OFF97: "Error Reading CD-ROM"/Blue Screen During Setup
    Q174143 OFF97: Errors After Using Orphan Finder to Remove DLLs
    Q160552 OFF97: Errors Caused by Corrupted ACL Files
    Q162414 OFF97: Errors Installing Microsoft Office with CleanSweep
    Q176824 Off97: Errors or Setup Fails After Using Orphan Finder
    Q177637 OFF97: Errors Quitting Office Apps with IntranetWare Network
    Q162023 OFF97: Errors Restarting After Run From Server Install
    Q164163 OFF97: Errors Running Setup After "Run From CD" Installation
    Q191190 OFF97: Errors Running System Information After Removing Office
    Q175433 OFF97: Error Starting "Microsoft Office 97 Starts Here"
    Q159606 OFF97: Error Starting Programs from Office Shortcut Bar
    Q176317 OFF97: Error Submitting Web Search with Grouped Fields
    Q167314 Off97: Errors Using Lotus Notes 4.5 and Microsoft Office 97
    Q168839 OFF97: Errors When Trying to Add Custom Toolbar to OSB
    Q161805 OFF97: Error Using Help Method with Microsoft Word 97
    Q167723 OFF97: Error Using Image Document Object under Windows NT 4.0
    Q172543 OFF97: Error When Inserting .Exe File into Worksheet in Binder
    Q158650 OFF97: Error When Using Online Registration
    Q185191 OFF97: Error When You Click Show Me in Help Topic
    Q158888 OFF97: Extra Buttons Appear on Office Shortcut Bar After Setup
    Q217584 OFF97: "Failed To Unregister .SRG File" Error When Uninstalling Office
    Q181728 OFF97: File Opened Normally When You Click "Open Read-Only"
    Q176416 OFF97: Files Are Not Extracted by CABFILE Viewer
    Q188393 OFF97: Files Copied Twice During an Administrative Installation
    Q172387 OFF97: Files Installed and Updated in MS Office 97 SR-1 Patch
    Q161091 OFF97: Files Installed with Microsoft Camcorder 97
    Q162758 OFF97: Files Installed with Run From Network Server
    Q161613 OFF97: Files Installed with the Data Access Component
    Q162714 OFF97: Files Installed with the Data Access Pack
    Q168068 OFF97: Files May Be Removed from Server During Installation
    Q158157 OFF97: Find Fast Indexes Special FrontPage Directories
    Q162398 OFF97: First Aid 97 Causes Invalid Page Fault
    Q159253 OFF97: Format Callout Dialog Box Is Available Only in Word
    Q214757 OFF97: Forms 2.0 (Fm20*.dll) ActiveX Control Security Fix
    Q168955 OFF97: Generic Icons Appear on OSB After RNS Installation
    Q165379 OFF97: Getting Results Book Opens in Internet Browser
    Q160620 OFF97: Gradient Fill Color Remains Unchanged
    Q171383 OFF97: Graph8 Process Remains in Memory After Macro Ends
    Q178744 OFF97: Graphics Are Printed with a Blue Haze
    Q187563 OFF97: Grid Pattern Prints Larger Than Expected
    Q168756 OFF97: Hang Viewing Properties of MapInfo MapX Control
    Q222180 OFF97: How and Why Unique Identifiers Are Created in Office Documents
    Q165070 OFF97: How to Add a Command to a New Toolbar
    Q159406 OFF97: How to Change a Toolbar Button in the OSB
    Q158658 OFF97: How to Completely Remove Microsoft Office 97
    Q173310 OFF97: How to Completely Remove SR-1 Enterprise Update
    Q173431 OFF97: How to Completely Remove the SR-1 Patch and Patch Update
    Q193740 OFF97: How to Configure Setup.stf so WordMail is Off by Default
    Q166012 OFF97: How to Configure Setup.stf to Exclude Access
    Q192520 OFF97: How to Configure Setup.stf to Exclude Exchange Client
    Q166070 OFF97: How to Configure Setup.stf to Exclude Find Fast
    Q165725 OFF97: How to Configure Setup.stf to Exclude Office Assistant
    Q165571 OFF97: How to Configure Setup.stf to Exclude Outlook
    Q165696 OFF97: How to Configure Setup.stf to Exclude Photo Editor
    Q165955 OFF97: How to Configure Setup.stf to Exclude WordMail
    Q162914 OFF97: How to Configure Setup to Install Extra Clip Art
    Q171749 OFF97: How to Determine If SR-1 Is Installed
    Q158705 OFF97: How to Disable the Find Fast Indexer
    Q162048 OFF97: How to Force Installation of All Office Assistants
    Q161819 OFF97: How To Install Bookshelf Basics to an Admin Install
    Q210231 OFF97: How to Install Office onto Terminal Server
    Q159803 OFF97: How to Install Program Shortcuts to a Folder
    Q192995 OFF97: How to Install ValuPack Components Updated for SR-2
    Q223396 OFF97: How to Minimize Metadata in Microsoft Office 97 Documents
    Q162763 OFF97: How to Modify or Remove Microsoft Office Assistant Help
    Q172475 OFF97: How to Obtain and Install MS Office 97 SR-1
    Q151261 OFF97: How to Obtain and Install MS Office 97 SR-2
    Q160049 OFF97: How to Obtain Microsoft Office 97 on Floppy Disks
    Q169071 OFF97: How to Register Graph 97 for Windows
    Q183264 OFF97: How to Reinstall Office 97 After Installing Outlook 98
    Q162174 OFF97: How to Rotate Patterned Fills in Office Art
    Q172577 OFF97: How to Update the Office 97 Small Business Edition to Service Release 1
    Q163811 OFF97: How to Use the CABFILE Viewer Utility
    Q157851 OFF97: Hyperlinks Do Not Use Browser-Defined Colors
    Q168694 OFF97: Hyperlinks Fail with Apostrophe in Folder Name
    Q160542 OFF97: Hyperlinks to Same Location Don't Appear Followed
    Q172950 OFF97: Hyperlink ToolTips in MS Excel Worksheet Stop Working
    Q163776 OFF97: IE Shortcut Installs Correct Version 3.01
    Q169549 OFF97: Information About the Microsoft Office ValuPack
    Q178305 OFF97: Inserting MS Excel Object Causes Errors
    Q171663 OFF97: Inserting Sections or Saving Binder Causes Error Messages
    Q238969 OFF97: Installation Error After Applying Spanish SR-2 Patch to Administrative Installation
    Q188080 OFF97: Installing IE 3.02a and Ie302y2k.exe Included in SR-2
    Q179876 OFF97: Installing Office 97 Products in Mixed-Mode Environment
    Q166988 OFF97: Installing Office Overwrites Web Find Fast Service
    Q190040 OFF97: Installing Win 98 to New Folder to Tshoot Office Problems
    Q178400 OFF97: Installing Windows 95 to New Folder to Troubleshoot Office Problems
    Q163493 OFF97: "Insufficient Memory or Disk Space" Setup Error
    Q156638 OFF97: International English SR-1 Patch Offpro97.inf
    Q156818 OFF97: Internet Explorer 2.0 Required in Windows NT 3.51
    Q175045 OFF97: "Invalid Dynamic Call" Error Starting Camcorder
    Q180188 OFF97: Invalid Page Fault in OLE32.DLL Closing File
    Q173158 OFF97: "I/O Error" Creating New Data Source Under Windows NT
    Q182475 OFF97: IPF in Kernel32.dll Clicking "Look In" in Open Dialog Box
    Q221562 OFF97: IPF in Winhlp32 When Starting Help If It's Already Running
    Q190630 OFF97: Kernel32.dll Error Installing Products with DMA Enabled
    Q186369 OFF97: Large Increase in Document File Size After Inserting JPEG
    Q168392 OFF97: Limitations of ActiveX Control Support in Office Document
    Q176261 OFF97: List of Files Installed with Network Installation Wizard
    Q172995 OFF97: List of Fixed Problems in Office 97 for Windows, SR- 1
    Q151020 OFF97: List of Fixed Problems in Office 97 for Windows, SR-2
    Q161508 OFF97: Location of Template and Wizard Files
    Q166690 OFF97: "Lock Aspect Ratio" Checkbox Doesn't Always Work
    Q161119 OFF97: Low Memory Message When Recording in Camcorder
    Q170728 OFF97: Macro to Get Windows and Windows System Directories
    Q163275 OFF97: Macro Virus May Be Detected in WWINTL32.DLL
    Q170974 OFF97: Macro Virus Warning When Inserting MS Excel Workbook
    Q164165 OFF97: Mci.vbx/Picclip.vbx Error with Kinko's Compact Disc
    Q157763 OFF97: Memory Problems When Hyperlinking Between Programs
    Q163269 OFF97: Menu Disappears with Kensington TrackBall
    Q160259 OFF97: Menus and Toolbars Selected Only When Program Is Active
    Q160258 OFF97: Menus Do Not Animate When Selected Using Keyboard
    Q160937 OFF97: Microsoft Camcorder Requires Microsoft Windows 95
    Q166451 OFF97: Microsoft Imager Removed by Microsoft Office 97 Install
    Q156542 OFF97: Microsoft Office 97 Service Release 1 Enterprise Update
    Q150613 OFF97: Microsoft Office 97 Service Release 1 Patch
    Q165983 OFF97: Microsoft Office 97 Sounds Don't Work for all Users
    Q156042 OFF97: Microsoft Office 97 System Requirements
    Q173883 OFF97: Missing Parts or Changed Fill When Pasting AutoShapes
    Q160939 OFF97: Mouse Pointer Changes Shape During Camcorder Playback
    Q167589 OFF97: MS Access CCP Does Not Detect Small Business Edition
    Q170451 OFF97: Msencode.dll Shared File Is Removed by Setup
    Q157489 OFF97: MS Excel File Does Not Appear in Open Dialog Box
    Q159990 OFF97: MS Excel Worksheet Does Not Show in Add Section Dialog
    Q179025 OFF97: MSGraph97: Can't Use CTRL+F9 or CTRL+F10 to Resize Window
    Q183914 OFF97: MSGraph97: Custom Chart Set as Default Doesn't Retain Font, Scale
    Q101131 OFF97: MSGraph97: File Formats for Graph's Import Data Command
    Q160221 OFF97: MSGraph Installed if Powerpoint Is Selected
    Q183219 OFF97: Multipage Active X Control Tooltips Appear at Design Time
    Q164373 OFF97: My Documents Folder Automatically Created in NT 3.51
    Q156877 OFF97: Name and Organization Boxes Blank During Setup
    Q160530 OFF97: Networks Supported by Microsoft Office 97
    Q168840 OFF97: New File Types Still Open in Version 7.0 After Upgrade
    Q162795 OFF97: NIW 2.0 Add Files Dialog Box Displays Only 16 Files
    Q159525 OFF97: NIW Progress Indicator Appears in Upper-Left Corner
    Q172368 Off97: No Buttons Appear on Shortcut Bar Under Windows NT
    Q161472 OFF97: No Graphics on "Getting Results" Web Page
    Q156268 OFF97: No Help Text Appears in Status Bar for Menu Items
    Q184112 OFF97: No ISP Offers with SBE 2.0 When Running Microsoft Windows NT
    Q165257 OFF97: File Is Removed When You Remove Office 97
    Q169813 OFF97: Not All Files Can Be Distributed Using Setup Wizard
    Q161977 OFF97: ODBC Control Panel Fails After Installing IIS 2.0
    Q66400 OFF97: ODBC Driver Manager Setup Is Not Run in Quiet Mode
    Q201601 OFF97: OFF97: Errors Opening File with Long File Name
    Q164996 OFF97: Office Assistant Displays Different Startup Options
    Q160257 OFF97: Office Assistant Help Runs Search When Enter is Pressed
    Q162420 OFF97: Office Assistant Not Removed in Maintenance Mode Setup
    Q183985 OFF97: Office Assistant Window Appears Off the Screen
    Q156452 OFF97: Office Programs Require Virtual Memory
    Q163028 OFF97: Office Resource Kit Is Not Available for Download
    Q166303 OFF97: Office Startup Shortcut May Not Be Installed
    Q155143 OFF97: One Office Assistant Installed With Complete Setup
    Q163260 OFF97: "One or More of the Setup Files Are Missing" Error
    Q167081 OFF97: Opening and Closing Programs or Files May Be Slow
    Q163167 OFF97: Organization Chart 2.0 Does Not Run After Upgrade
    Q156929 OFF97: OSB Buttons Move or Appear When Renamed
    Q161227 OFF97: OSB Customize Dialog Always on Top
    Q157205 OFF97: OSB Getting Results Book Not Available on NT 3.51
    Q161605 OFF97: OSB May Not Be Installed Upgrading with Typical Setup
    Q178682 OFF97: OSB Programs Toolbar Displays Wrong Icon on Windows NT
    Q156447 OFF97: OSB Setup and Exiting Behavior Is Different
    Q175710 OFF97: Outlook Fax Fails If Word Not Started Once Before
    Q179499 OFF97: Out of Memory Opening, Saving, Inserting Files
    Q159222 OFF97: Output Quality Problems Printing Drawing Objects
    Q166302 OFF97: Overview of Find Fast Indexer
    Q194377 OFF97: Overview of the Updated Microsoft Office 97 SR-2 Patch
    Q156312 OFF97: Page Fault After Using Desktop Themes Control Panel
    Q162411 OFF97: Page Fault in MSO97 When Printing
    Q169350 OFF97: Page Fault Occurs Running Macro with FollowHyperlink
    Q173271 OFF97: Page Fault Using the Microsoft Web Browser Control
    Q175976 OFF97: Page Fault When Attempting to Use Internet Functionality
    Q163679 OFF97: Page Numbering Problem in Excel Binder Section
    Q170610 OFF97: Performance Issues After Installing Office
    Q177832 OFF97: Personal Web Server Is Not Included in the Value Pack
    Q165812 OFF97: Photo Editor Is Not Installed by the ValuPack
    Q174010 OFF97: Photo Editor is Unable to Open More Than 32 Images
    Q157196 OFF97: Photo Editor Opens First Image in Multifile Selection
    Q170450 OFF97: Picture Disappears When Edited or Ungrouped
    Q161143 OFF97: Played Camcorder Movie Does Not Occupy Full Screen
    Q160938 OFF97: Pointer Movement Problems Playing Camcorder Movie
    Q169634 OFF97: Policy Editor Displays Incorrect Settings
    Q160756 OFF97: Presentations Don't Fill Entire Screen in Binder
    Q162153 OFF97: Problems After Reawakening Suspended Computer
    Q159723 OFF97: Problems Fixed by Service Pack 2 for Windows NT 4.0
    Q167988 OFF97: Problems Moving Controls Between Programs
    Q174431 OFF97: Problems Occur After Removing MS Internet Explorer 4.0
    Q169165 OFF97: Problems Playing Sounds After Installing Office 97
    Q159618 OFF97: Problems Replaying .avi Files Created by MS Camcorder
    Q160235 OFF97: Problems Using Keyboard With Vertical Menus
    Q166125 OFF97: Problems with Millennium and Mystique Video Cards
    Q158069 OFF97: Products That Qualify for the Office Upgrade
    Q163884 OFF97: Programs Hang Using Cirrus Logic GD546x Video
    Q165071 OFF97: Q&A: What Is the OSA and What Does It Do?
    Q195013 OFF97: Read-SR2.txt Contains Incorrect Reference to SR-1 Patch
    Q168517 OFF97: Registry Keys Remain After RFS Upgrade from Office 7.0
    Q165757 OFF97: Registry Keys Remain If Mso97.dll Is Loaded During Setup
    Q165018 OFF97: Remove All Breaks WordMail Option in MS Exchange
    Q158915 OFF97: Remove All Doesn't Remove Shortcut Bar .Tmp Files
    Q159825 OFF97: Remove All Removes Mail Options from Internet Explorer
    Q183932 OFF97: Removing Getting Results, VIM, Binder from RFS Install
    Q156819 OFF97: Removing MS Exchange Breaks MS Outlook
    Q170723 OFF97: Removing Preceding Space for Values Converted to Strings
    Q161555 OFF97: Removing Templates Removes Modified Database Files
    Q161880 OFF97: Renaming My Computer Causes Office Apps To Error
    Q166707 OFF97: Resizing Graph Object After Pressing CTRL+Z Causes Error
    Q219410 OFF97: Rotated Text in PICT Graphic Converted from MacWord Is Duplicated
    Q168103 OFF97: Run From CD Reinstall Removes Shortcuts from Program Menu
    Q175221 OFF97: Running Bookshelf Basics Without the Compact Disc
    Q165872 OFF97: Sample Macro That Converts the Default Chart to Microsoft Excel
    Q163530 OFF97: Sample VB Code to Count Graph 97 Objects on Current Slide
    Q185210 OFF97: SBE Help Erroneously Points to Getting Results Book
    Q185320 OFF97: SBE Version 2.0 Includes Office Shortcut Bar
    Q173766 OFF97: Search Button and Search Box Missing in Office Assistant
    Q161739 OFF97: Sections Created by Unbind.exe not Readable on the Mac
    Q169387 OFF97: Security Requirements When Using NTFS Partitions
    Q167095 OFF97:Semitransparent Fill in Embedded Object Is Printed Badly
    Q161470 OFF97: "Send To Microsoft Word" Unavailable in Binder
    Q168693 OFF97: Server Pack Setup Does Not Complete
    Q156444 OFF97: Service Pack Requirements for Windows NT Workstation
    Q178373 OFF97: Setting the Default Shared Templates Location
    Q156352 OFF97: Setup Adds Info to PATH Variable in Autoexec.bat
    Q171028 OFF97: "Setup Could Not Open the File" Error Running Setup
    Q173045 OFF97: "Setup Error 168" Installing Office Under Windows NT
    Q163277 OFF97: Setup Error 168 or "Tahoma Font Is Not Present" Error Message
    Q162796 OFF97: Setup Error 932 After Modifying STF File
    Q177392 OFF97: Setup Error 947 After Using NIW to Modify STF File
    Q167717 OFF97: Setup Errors Appear Inserting Disks 22 or 27
    Q163820 OFF97: Setup Error with UNC Path as Working Directory
    Q157022 OFF97: Setup Fails if Network Share Name Contains a Space
    Q186073 OFF97: SetupFix.exe Available For Download
    Q156455 OFF97: "Setup Is Updating Your System" Appears to Hang Setup
    Q158098 OFF97: Setup May Remove Older Components
    Q156817 OFF97: Setup Overwrites Office 95 Start Menu Items
    Q162380 OFF97: Setup Performs Typical Installation by Default
    Q161242 OFF97: Setup Program Fails to Run in Maintenance Mode
    Q158503 OFF97: Setup Switches for Microsoft Office 97
    Q172399 OFF97: Setup Switches for Microsoft Office 97 SR-1 Patch
    Q173266 OFF97: Setup Wizard "Creating a List of Duplicate Files ..."
    Q158245 OFF97: Shared Apps Removed From Msapps Folder
    Q164371 OFF97: Shared Components Deleted with Local Installation
    Q159282 OFF97: Shipped Graphics Filters and Their Limitations
    Q182472 OFF97: Shortcut Bar Does Not Always Remain on Top
    Q157353 OFF97: Show Office Toolbars Button may not be Available
    Q165453 OFF97: Small Business Edition Doesn't Include Binder or OSB
    Q157956 OFF97: Small Business Pack Does Not Work with MS Office 97
    Q160608 OFF97: Some Binder Headers/Footers Are Not Printed
    Q177870 OFF97: Some Components Are Not Updated After Running SR-1 Patch
    Q166096 OFF97: Some Features Are Not Functional When System Policies Are Enabled
    Q196422 OFF97: Some Files Remain in Office Folder After You Click Remove
    Q168620 OFF97: Some Office Assistants Are Not Available
    Q157046 OFF97: Sounds Not Supported on Windows NT 3.51
    Q174084 OFF97: SR-1 Patch Fails When You Use Extended Characters in the Path to Office
    Q185279 OFF97: SR-1 Patch May Fail to Update Word 97 in OEM Versions
    Q184083 OFF97: SR-1 Patch May Not Work Under Microsoft Windows 98
    Q193565 OFF97: SR-2 Patch Can't Update Admin Install Without Bookshelf
    Q192816 OFF97: SR-2 Patch Fails Even Though SR-1 Has Been Installed
    Q193857 OFF97: SR-2 Patch Fails if Files are Read-Only
    Q193290 OFF97: SR-2 Patch May Fail to Update Admin Installation
    Q169034 OFF97: Start Menu Shortcuts Change After Upgrade
    Q172355 OFF97: STOP HLINK.DLL Error After Installing SR-1
    Q162209 OFF97: Strange Cursor Behavior with Office Programs
    Q170847 OFF97: Supported Scanners for Microsoft Photo Editor
    Q177833 OFF97: Support Files Are Not Updated If Project 98 Is Installed
    Q188081 OFF97: Support for the New Euro Currency Symbol
    Q175683 OFF97: System Policy Does Not Completely Restrict Network Access
    Q157490 OFF97: Templates Missing from Binder Add Section Dialog Box
    Q162918 OFF97: Text in Setup Billboards Appears Incorrectly
    Q173078 OFF97: "That control can only..." Appears Clicking a Control
    Q172476 OFF97: The Microsoft Office 97 SR-1 Patch Readme
    Q176590 OFF97: "The Specified Volume Does Not Support Long File Names"
    Q170414 OFF97: Thick Line Styles May Appear Differently in Office 97
    Q166343 OFF97: "This Setup Program Is Not Intended" Error During Setup
    Q157764 OFF97: Timex Wizard Setup Fails Under Windows NT
    Q160482 OFF97: Toolbar Animation Help Topic Is Not Available
    Q169721 OFF97: Toolbar Buttons Disappear When Closing Customize Dialog
    Q161092 OFF97: Toolbars Missing in Camcorder 97
    Q157100 OFF97: ToolTips Briefly Stop Working
    Q160578 OFF97: Tooltips Don't Appear in All Dialog Boxes
    Q215377 OFF97: Topics Added to Office 97 Resource Kit
    Q178565 OFF97: Troubleshooting Office Programs Under Windows NT 4.0
    Q173990 OFF97: Troubleshooting the Microsoft Office 97 SR-1 Patch
    Q186261 OFF97: Two-Digit Years in Properties Dialog in 20th Century
    Q157233 OFF97: Two Instances of Same Program in Switch-to List
    Q160207 OFF97: Unable to Edit Images for Controls With a Drop-Down
    Q172921 OFF97: Unable to Insert CGM File Running Under Windows NT
    Q183319 OFF97: Unable to Open Offcln97.opc When Running the Upgrade Wizard
    Q158748 OFF97: Unable to Preview File Using Quick View
    Q172516 Off97: Unable to Run Patch After Upgrading from Trial Version
    Q193480 OFF97: Undo Criteria Removes All Criteria Fields and Tables
    Q182968 OFF97: "Unknown User" Appears After Installing from Network Server
    Q175015 OFF97: Updated Tahoma Font with Euro Currency Symbol
    Q163126 OFF97: Upgrade Setup Doesn't Recognize Corel 7 CD-ROMs
    Q172866 OFF97: Upgrade Wizard Doesn't Remove Files on Network Drive
    Q162134 OFF97: Upgrading Microsoft Office 4.x or 95
    Q179461 OFF97: "US\English" Error When Installing SR-1 Patch
    Q141236 OFF97: User-Entered Queries Searching for Help on Outlook
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