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    Q189817 Font Smoothing in Slide Show Built Text Looks Bad
    Q158285 How to Open PowerPoint 97 Files in Earlier Versions
    Q173824 OFF97: Cannot Find Program.exe When Downloading ClipArt Images
    Q176877 OFF97: CorelDraw Filter Doesn't Support CMX and CMT Files
    Q162303 PowerPoint Articles Available by Fax or E-Mail: ClipArt
    Q162311 PowerPoint Articles Available by Fax or E-Mail: Error Messages
    Q162305 PowerPoint Articles Available by Fax or E-Mail: Internet
    Q162302 PowerPoint Articles Available by Fax or E-Mail: Interoperability
    Q162306 PowerPoint Articles Available by Fax or E-Mail: Printing
    Q162307 PowerPoint Articles Available by Fax or E-Mail: Programming
    Q162308 PowerPoint Articles Available by Fax or E-Mail: Setup
    Q162309 PowerPoint Articles Available by Fax or E-Mail: Sharing Info
    Q162304 PowerPoint Articles Available by Fax or E-Mail: Usage Issues
    Q193848 PowerPoint Presentation Cloning Add-in Available
    Q163100 PPT97: 3-D Effects Can't Be Added to Some AutoShapes
    Q189938 PPT97: 3-D Pie Chart is Displayed, Printed with Poor Quality
    Q162829 PPT97: 97 and 98 Do Not Support Recoloring Bitmap Graphics
    Q228550 PPT97: Accessing an Object OLEFormat Property Resizes the Object
    Q165210 PPT97: Action Button Doesn't Launch Sound or Movie Object
    Q165793 PPT97: Action Item Slides Lost on Embedded Presentations
    Q189703 PPT97: Action Item Slides Not Written from Embedded Presentation
    Q189558 PPT97: Action Items/Speaker Notes Not Saved After Slide Show
    Q163942 PPT97: Action Settings Don't Work W/ Vertical, Horizontal Lines
    Q170328 PPT97: After Animation Effect Fails in Slide Show
    Q190090 PPT97: Aligning Bullets with Higher Level Text Margin
    Q157824 PPT97: All OLE Objects Activate in PowerPoint 4.0 Slide Show
    Q172448 PPT97: Animated Object Icon Appears in Black and White on WinNT
    Q173139 PPT97: Animation Doesn't Play when Viewing Previous Slide
    Q189554 PPT97: Animation Effect Doesn't Work with Auto Advance
    Q159320 PPT97: Animation Order Incorrect Saving as PowerPoint 7.0
    Q195100 PPT97: Animations Don't Dim With Automatic Timings
    Q160847 PPT97: Animation/Sound Effects Lost in ActiveMovie Stream Format
    Q189967 PPT97: Applying Template Does Not Affect Slide Setup
    Q178289 PPT97: Attaching a Presentation with the Fax Wizard Causes Hang
    Q181554 PPT97: AutoClipArt Feature Does not Work with ClipGallery 4.0
    Q157726 PPT97: AutoCorrect Does Not Capitalize Second Bullet Item
    Q189935 PPT97: Automatic Timings Don't Work in Playlist Slide Show
    Q158501 PPT97: AutoRecovered Presentation Always in Slide View
    Q164111 PPT97: AutoShape Format Changes When Moved to Bullet Placeholder
    Q162942 PPT97: AutoShape in Updated Presentation Turns Black After Build
    Q163782 PPT97: AutoShapes in Graph Shift When Returning to PowerPoint
    Q157571 PPT97: Background Does Not Update When Changing Slide Layout
    Q174133 PPT97: Best Scale for Slide Show Does Not Stay Selected
    Q182543 PPT97: Bitmap Image with Shadow Effect Displayed, Printed in Gray
    Q192838 PPT97: Black and White Versus Pure Black and White Printing
    Q189956 PPT97: Borders on Inserted Table Cropped in PowerPoint
    Q189964 PPT97: Branching Requires PowerPoint or the 32-Bit Viewer
    Q162502 PPT97: Branching to Multiple Presentations from a Single Slide
    Q195463 PPT97: Branch Presentations Ignore Animation Order Settings
    Q189646 PPT97: Breaking Link to Embedded Object Converts Object to Picture
    Q171682 PPT97: Build Order Incorrect When Set from Slide Sorter View
    Q189939 PPT97: Bullets Change with PowerPoint Viewer
    Q189958 PPT97: Bypassing Startup Dialog Boxes in PowerPoint
    Q168415 PPT97: Canceling While Saving as PNG Leaves Invalid File
    Q163388 PPT97: Cannot Apply Headers and Footers if Placeholders are Missing
    Q189548 PPT97: Cannot Change Color of Embossed Text in PowerPoint 4.0 File
    Q189937 PPT97: Cannot Change Shadow Color of Organization Chart Object
    Q189969 PPT97: Cannot Convert Linked PowerPoint Objects
    Q189936 PPT97: Cannot Copy or Paste Objects in PowerPoint
    Q189637 PPT97: Cannot Create EPS File if Using Windows NT PostScript Driver
    Q189818 PPT97: Cannot Customize AutoClipart List
    Q182928 PPT97: Cannot Export to Some File Types in Save As Dialog Box
    Q162711 PPT97: Cannot Open PowerPoint 97 Files in 32-Bit Viewer
    Q190392 PPT97: Cannot Open PowerPoint Files with Windows 95 Quick View
    Q189547 PPT97: Cannot Password Protect PowerPoint Presentations
    Q183918 PPT97: Cannot Play Movies from PowerPoint 98 Files
    Q190100 PPT97: Cannot Press TAB at Beginning of Paragraph
    Q170800 PPT97: Cannot Register Hlink.dll during PowerPoint Viewer Setup
    Q166317 PPT97: Cannot Rotate Master Slide Title or Text Placeholders
    Q158287 PPT97: Cannot Select Multiple Files by Keyboard in Slide Finder
    Q189559 PPT97: Cannot Unpack Presentation on a Macintosh Computer
    Q192373 PPT97: Cannot Use Action Settings w/ Horizontal, Vertical Lines
    Q171587 PPT97: Cannot Use Page Up, Page Down, Arrow Keys in Slide Finder
    Q190405 PPT97: Cannot Use Playlist File in PowerPoint 97
    Q189816 PPT97: Cannot Use Slide Master to Change Case of Slide Text
    Q162497 PPT97: Can't Apply Animation Effects to ActiveX Controls
    Q157663 PPT97: Can't Cancel Changes to Speaker's Notes From Slide Show
    Q157290 PPT97: Can't Change Soundtrack With Multiple Slides Selected
    Q157259 PPT97: Can't Drag and Drop Movies/Sounds to Excel or Word
    Q163456 PPT97: Can't Edit Graph 97 Objects in PowerPoint 7.0 File
    Q190098 PPT97: Can't Find/Replace Quotation Marks or Apostrophes
    Q162452 PPT97: Can't Find Viewer File When Using Pack and Go
    Q190378 PPT97: Can't Open Files Created in Foreign Language Version
    Q168901 PPT97: Can't Turn Off Slide Show Narration In Web Browser
    Q157423 PPT97: Can't Type Text Into OLE Object Placeholder
    Q190320 PPT97: Can't Unpack File To Folder With Extended Characters
    Q172569 PPT97: Can't Use Arrow Keys to Scroll Action Setting Hyperlink Tab
    Q163780 PPT97: Can't Use Presentation Conference Between PowerPoint 97, 95
    Q186732 PPT97: CD Audio Track Doesn't Loop Continuously
    Q166794 PPT97: CD-ROM Directory Contents: List of
    Q166808 PPT97: CD-ROM Directory Contents: List of Clipart\Office (A-E)
    Q166809 PPT97: CD-ROM Directory Contents: List of Clipart\Office (F-K)
    Q166810 PPT97: CD-ROM Directory Contents: List of Clipart\Office (L-Q)
    Q166811 PPT97: CD-ROM Directory Contents: List of Clipart\Office (R-Z)
    Q166805 PPT97: CD-ROM Directory Contents: List of Clipart\Photos
    Q166804 PPT97: CD-ROM Directory Contents: List of Clipart\Popular
    Q166807 PPT97: CD-ROM Directory Contents: List of Clipart\Powerpnt (A- L
    Q166806 PPT97: CD-ROM Directory Contents: List of Clipart\Powerpnt (M- Z
    Q166803 PPT97: CD-ROM Directory Contents: List of Clipart\Scrbeans
    Q166796 PPT97: CD-ROM Directory Contents: List of Office
    Q166795 PPT97: CD-ROM Directory Contents: List of Os Folder
    Q166793 PPT97: CD-ROM Directory Contents: List of Other
    Q166792 PPT97: CD-ROM Directory Contents: List of Root Folder
    Q166797 PPT97: CD-ROM Directory Contents: List of Template
    Q166799 PPT97: CD-ROM Directory Contents: List of Valupack\Access
    Q166800 PPT97: CD-ROM Directory Contents: List of Valupack\Msfonts
    Q166798 PPT97: CD-ROM Directory Contents: List of Valupack\Pubtrial
    Q166801 PPT97: CD-ROM Directory Contents: List of Valupack\Realaud
    Q166802 PPT97: CD-ROM Directory Contents: List of Valupack\Template
    Q184654 PPT97: Center Gradient Fill Larger in PowerPoint 97
    Q168674 PPT97: Centers of Shapes Don't Snap to Guides
    Q165368 PPT97: Changes to Embedded Object Not Retained
    Q164264 PPT97: Changes to Master Title Object Not Retained If Deleted
    Q158444 PPT97: Changes to Slide Master Title Text Affects Title Master
    Q157578 PPT97: Changing Slide Layout Selects Previous Slide in Outline
    Q157806 PPT97: Changing Views Toggles Slide Miniature Color View
    Q157131 PPT97: Clicking Slide Miniature Doesn't Toggle B/W View
    Q172360 PPT97: Color Dialog Box Displays Only Blues and Greens
    Q158416 PPT97: Color of Chart Floor Is Incorrect in Slide Show
    Q189701 PPT97: Color of Embossed Text Varies with Text Box Fill Style
    Q189824 PPT97: Colors and Shaded Fills Dither in PowerPoint
    Q190340 PPT97: Colors on Screen and Color Printout May Not Match
    Q190325 PPT97: Color Text in Shaded Objects Doesn't Print to DeskJet 1600c
    Q189934 PPT97: Columns or Rows Missing from Inserted Gantt Chart
    Q157419 PPT97: Compact Disc Info Not Recognized if CD Player is Running
    Q167904 PPT97: Computer Hangs when Drawing, Moving, Resizing AutoShapes
    Q195097 PPT97: Conflict with NeoMagic 128XD Graphics Chip
    Q161244 PPT97: Connectors Make Drawing Flowcharts and Diagrams Easy
    Q170329 PPT97: Contents of PowerPoint 97 Viewer Readme.txt File
    Q190342 PPT97: Copying Slides Between Presentations
    Q178168 PPT97: CorelDRAW Object Is Not Visible
    Q189552 PPT97: Creating 35 mm Slides for Slide Imaging
    Q171244 PPT97: Creating PowerPoint Viewer 97 Disks from Ppview97.exe
    Q164736 PPT97: Creating Special WordArtText Effects With Pictures
    Q190345 PPT97: Creating Transparent Bitmaps in Paintbrush for PowerPoint
    Q165723 PPT97: Cropped PowerPoint Slide Shrinks When Edited
    Q171683 PPT97: Custom Schemes Not Retained After Template Applied
    Q193213 PPT97: Custom Settings Lost After Installing SR-2 Patch
    Q157595 PPT97: Custom Soundtrack Stops Playing After Slide Paused
    Q166326 PPT97: Custom Toolbars Lost After Upgrading
    Q189565 PPT97: Date Changes on Presentations Stored on Windows NT Server
    Q184248 PPT97: Day of Week in Date Field Changes When Saved as 4.0 File
    Q190398 PPT97: Default Formatting Not Applied to Every New Presentation
    Q186730 PPT97: Default Location Changes to Local Disk Starting PowerPoint
    Q144992 PPT97: Dimensions of Custom Slide Not Correct
    Q163693 PPT97: Disk Contents (3.5" DMF Disks)
    Q189828 PPT97: Double-Clicking File Opens Wrong Version of PowerPoint
    Q165349 PPT97: Dragging .avi or .wav File Creates Media Player Object
    Q174131 PPT97: Dragging Size Handle Doesn't Change Height of Autoshape
    Q203410 PPT97: Drawing Objects in Earlier Version Files Change Size
    Q178564 PPT97: Duplicate Animations on Web Based Presentations
    Q163455 PPT97: Editing Text on One Notes Page Deletes Notes on Others
    Q190382 PPT97: Embedded AVI File Plays in Window Rather than Full Screen
    Q189696 PPT97: Embedded Object Resizes if Slide Formatted as Title Master
    Q189814 PPT97: Embedded OLE Object Won't Update in Branched Presentation
    Q168834 PPT97: Embedded or Linked Presentation Saved to Wrong Desktop
    Q189636 PPT97: Embedded Word Tables Show Unequal Borders
    Q189546 PPT97: Embossed Graphics in Converted File Appear as Solid Color
    Q171173 PPT97: Embossed Text from Word Appears White in PowerPoint
    Q190092 PPT97: EPS Graphic Displays as Mostly Empty Frame
    Q189556 PPT97: EPS Graphic with Clipping Path Not Supported
    Q191245 PPT97: Equation Editor Objects Printed Incorrectly on Handouts
    Q190105 PPT97: Equivalent Values for Genigraphics Colors: CMYK
    Q190104 PPT97: Equivalent Values for Genigraphics Colors: RGB
    Q183217 PPT97: Error Automating Viewer 97 on Computer Without Office 97
    Q182924 PPT97: Error Coloring Word Tables in PowerPoint
    Q182745 PPT97: Error Editing Equation Editor Object
    Q189553 PPT97: Error Editing PowerPoint File Type in Windows Explorer
    Q189562 PPT97: Error Inserting or Clicking Excel Object in PowerPoint
    Q164265 PPT97: Error Inserting PowerPoint Object Into Corel Presents 6.0
    Q169069 PPT97: Error Installing Presentation Templates from Compact Disc
    Q159605 PPT97: Error Leaving Custom Animation Dialog Box During Preview
    Q161027 PPT97: Error Linking to Free Stuff from PowerPoint Central
    Q172834 PPT97: Error Obtaining PowerPoint Viewer 97 Object Reference
    Q186878 PPT97: Error Opening File Containing Macintosh EPS
    Q161909 PPT97: Error Opening File from Slide Finder's List of Favorites
    Q171632 PPT97: Error Opening Playlist File With Long File Name
    Q165425 PPT97: Error Opening Pptsms.pdf in Adobe Acrobat
    Q158490 PPT97: Error Opening Word 97 Outline
    Q169935 PPT97: Error Printing Presentation Based on Fireball Template
    Q176559 PPT97: Error Saving as HTML Using Save As HTML Wizard
    Q170327 PPT97: Error Saving PowerPoint 97 File in PowerPoint 4.0 Format
    Q165424 PPT97: Errors Inserting Picture from Scanner
    Q183921 PPT97: Error, Unsaved Changes Lost Clicking Font List
    Q178332 PPT97: Error When Saving PowerPoint Presentation to a Server
    Q157372 PPT97: ESC Key Doesn't Stop Saving AutoRecover Information
    Q163834 PPT97: European Currency Symbol Doesn't Print After Cut/Paste
    Q145435 PPT97: European Currency Symbol Doesn't Print with PCL Printer
    Q145522 PPT97: European Currency Symbol Doesn't Print w/PostScript Driver
    Q183334 PPT97: Export to CD-ROM Wizard no Longer Available
    Q180069 PPT97: Extra Space Added After Entering Single Quotation Mark
    Q184629 PPT97: Faxing PowerPoint Attachment from Outlook 97 Fails
    Q189819 PPT97: Features and Limitations of Presentation Conferencing
    Q193850 PPT97: File Being Modified Message Attempting to Open File
    Q158887 PPT97: File Opens as Read-Only if Active in Slide Finder
    Q171327 PPT97: Files and Locations Installed by PowerPoint Viewer 97
    Q169735 PPT97: Files Installed by PowerPoint 97 (Compact Disc Version)
    Q196812 PPT97: Files Installed by the Custom Soundtrack Add-in
    Q190385 PPT97: File Size Differs Between Macintosh and Windows Versions
    Q157260 PPT97: File Size Increases After Pack and Go
    Q161142 PPT97: File Size Larger if JPEG Images are OLE Objects
    Q189815 PPT97: Files Saved in Outline View Open in Slide View
    Q178670 PPT97: Files Save Slowly to Banyan Vines Server on WinNT4
    Q159312 PPT97: File Type Not Retained in File Open Dialog Box
    Q164116 PPT97: Font Attributes Not Retained When Pasting to Text Box
    Q190377 PPT97: Fonts in Font List Contain Question Marks
    Q189963 PPT97: Font Substitutions - Macintosh to Windows
    Q189644 PPT97: Format Painter Doesn't Copy Custom Background in Sorter
    Q157786 PPT97: Format Painter Lost Trying To Apply Text Style to Shape
    Q189564 PPT97: Frames Print on Handouts and Notes Pages
    Q190376 PPT97: Frequently Asked Questions about Genigraphics
    Q157803 PPT97: Full Screen Show Doesn't Return to Browsed Show Correctly
    Q186729 PPT97: Gap Appears Between Connector and Object
    Q189690 PPT97: Genigraphics Wizard Replaces Genigraphics Driver
    Q157538 PPT97: Graph Color Does Not Change Once Animation Complete
    Q196813 PPT97: Graph Format Changes if Slide is Copied into Presentation
    Q190339 PPT97: Graphic Formats Supported by PowerPoint
    Q167886 PPT97: Graphics Displayed as Red X in Presentation
    Q157206 PPT97: Graph Settings Tab Disabled When Multiple Graphs Selected
    Q235862 PPT97: Group Object Containing Excel Object Changes Size When Excel Object Is Opened Via OleFormat.DoVerb
    Q190336 PPT97: Handout Page Numbers Always Start at One
    Q189697 PPT97: Header or Footer Text Runs into Date or Slide Number
    Q189959 PPT97: Hidden Slides at Beginning of Slide Show Aren't Hidden
    Q190383 PPT97: Hidden Slides in Presentation Conferencing
    Q176457 PPT97: How the Duplicate Command Works
    Q158886 PPT97: How to Add 3-D Effects to Objects
    Q160246 PPT97: How To Add Your Own Menu to PowerPoint 97 and 98
    Q161296 PPT97: How to Align and Distribute Objects
    Q189827 PPT97: How to Automatically Number Lists in PowerPoint
    Q190380 PPT97: How to Bring Harvard Graphics Slides into PowerPoint
    Q184626 PPT97: How to Change the Default Font in Microsoft PowerPoint
    Q189638 PPT97: How to Change the Font Size in PowerPoint Dialog Boxes
    Q233049 PPT97: How to Change Units of Measurement in Microsoft PowerPoint
    Q169736 PPT97: How to Completely Remove Microsoft PowerPoint 97
    Q166330 PPT97: How to Control the Dimensions of Bitmaps
    Q166182 PPT97: How to Convert a Graphic to a Watermark
    Q190407 PPT97: How to Copy Multiple Slides into a Word Document.
    Q190347 PPT97: How to Copy Slides Between PowerPoint Presentations
    Q190329 PPT97: How to Create a Half-Circle in PowerPoint
    Q173134 PPT97: How to Create a Mailto Hyperlink in a Presentation
    Q171681 PPT97: How to Create a Play List That Loops Continuously
    Q190343 PPT97: How to Create (Format) a Default Presentation
    Q189940 PPT97: How to Create Mirrored Text in PowerPoint
    Q190337 PPT97: How to Create More Than One Notes Page Per Slide
    Q190333 PPT97: How to Customize Right Mouse Button Behavior in PowerPoint
    Q165416 PPT97: How to Decrease the Size of Sound Files
    Q189825 PPT97: How to Determine and/or Change the Bullet Style
    Q161544 PPT97: How To Determine the IP Address of a Windows 95 Computer
    Q168167 PPT97: How to Do Presentation Conference Between PowerPoint 7, 97
    Q189691 PPT97: How to Find Credits Screen in PowerPoint
    Q189960 PPT97: How to Hide Slide Show Annotation and Hidden Slide Buttons
    Q160205 PPT97: How To Insert Slides from Existing Presentations
    Q223793 PPT97: How to Minimize Metadata in Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations
    Q168413 PPT97: How to Move a Submenu Anywhere on the Screen
    Q170801 PPT97: How to Obtain PowerPoint Viewer 97
    Q180056 PPT97: How to Obtain the PowerPoint Viewer for 16-Bit Systems
    Q190328 PPT97: How to Open a .ppz File in Microsoft PowerPoint
    Q199866 PPT97: How to Play Movies in PowerPoint with the Windows Media Player Control
    Q176565 PPT97: How to Play Sounds Across Multiple Slides
    Q190324 PPT97: How To Print Shadowed Text to PCL Printers
    Q165502 PPT97: How to Remove the Custom Soundtrack Add-in
    Q157641 PPT97: How To Re-register PowerPoint 97
    Q160596 PPT97: How to Reset the Default Toolbars and Menu Commands
    Q189693 PPT97: How to Restore the Default Design Template
    Q190332 PPT97: How to Rotate Clip Images
    Q190394 PPT97: How to Run a Slide Show Within a Window
    Q173937 PPT97: How to Run PowerPoint Viewer 97 from a Compact Disc
    Q158284 PPT97: How to Set Object Defaults in PowerPoint 97 and 98
    Q190375 PPT97: How to Start a PowerPoint Presentation in Slide Show View
    Q190344 PPT97: How to Use the Mouse as a Slide Show Pen or Arrow
    Q189563 PPT97: How to Videotape a PowerPoint Presentation
    Q176390 PPT97: How to View PowerPoint 97 and 98 Files on Windows 3.x
    Q190091 PPT97: How to Write and Use a List File in PowerPoint Viewer
    Q166968 PPT97: Hyperlinks in Converted PowerPoint 7.0 File Don't Work
    Q145960 PPT97: Imported EPS Graphics Have Poor Print, Display Quality
    Q190341 PPT97: Importing Word for Windows Document into PowerPoint
    Q190396 PPT97: Inserted Media Player Object Is Linked, Not Embedded
    Q163392 PPT97: Inserted Movies Always Rewind in Slide View
    Q182982 PPT97: Inserted Movies Appear Grainy in Slide View
    Q196810 PPT97: Inserted Pictures Change Position when Slide is Exported
    Q189557 PPT97: Inserting Slides into Single File Starting PowerPoint
    Q190319 PPT97: Invisible Shapes Print With Borders in Black and White
    Q176529 PPT97: I/O Error 6 Opening PowerPoint Files
    Q190402 PPT97: Justify Text Command Unavailable in PowerPoint
    Q157620 PPT97: Keyboard Shortcuts Don't Appear on Slide Popup Menu
    Q157825 PPT97: Keyboard Shortcuts in PowerPoint 97
    Q157212 PPT97: Large Images Import Blank
    Q157128 PPT97: Larger File Size When Saved in Previous Format
    Q163390 PPT97: Last Second of Narration Repeats Under Windows NT 4.0
    Q157312 PPT97: Last Slide Inserted Not Displayed With Undo/Redo
    Q189700 PPT97: Levels of Undo Greater Than Specified in PowerPoint
    Q169094 PPT97: Limitations of Converting to PowerPoint 4.0 Format
    Q169095 PPT97: Limitations of Converting to PowerPoint 7.0 Format
    Q173127 PPT97: List of Articles About Issues w/ Viewer 97 Object Model
    Q170796 PPT97: List of Exposed Objects in the PowerPoint Viewer 97 Model
    Q189968 PPT97: Lotus 1-2-3 Chart Object Fill Colors Lost in PowerPoint
    Q190270 PPT97: Macro Virus Warning Appears When Hyperlinking to Programs
    Q189823 PPT97: Meaning of 24-bit Rendering Options for WMF Files
    Q190399 PPT97: Media Player Box Appears During Slide Show While Playing
    Q158608 PPT97: Menu Changes Between PowerPoint 97 and Earlier Versions
    Q190335 PPT97: Menu Text Jumbled or Out of Place
    Q166862 PPT97: Microsoft Excel Chart Cropped When Pasted in PowerPoint
    Q159608 PPT97: Microsoft Word Table Borders Disappear on Screen
    Q169962 PPT97: Minimized Presentation Hidden Behind Drawing Toolbar
    Q159015 PPT97: Minimum System Requirements for PowerPoint 97
    Q178307 PPT97: "Mmsystem 296" Error When Inserting AVI or MPEG Files
    Q190397 PPT97: Movies Do Not Play When Moved Cross-Platform
    Q157627 PPT97: Narration Doesn't Synchronize With Animated Bulleted List
    Q172004 PPT97: New Features, Problems Fixed in PowerPoint 97 SR-1
    Q190379 PPT97: New Slide Dialog Box (AutoLayout) Does Not Appear
    Q189561 PPT97: No Action or Interactive Settings for Grouped Shapes
    Q164829 PPT97: No Build on Audience Computer After Next, Previous Slide
    Q166863 PPT97: No Errors, Can't Start Presentation Conference Utilities
    Q190102 PPT97: Non-PowerPoint Objects Have No Selection Box
    Q157291 PPT97: No Repeat Custom Soundtrack Command on Edit Menu
    Q186728 PPT97: Not All Slide Titles Visible in Outline View
    Q190374 PPT97: "Not Enough Memory--See User's Guide" Printing to HP 1200c
    Q189640 PPT97: "Not Enough Printer Memory..." Error Trying to Print File
    Q168427 PPT97: No Warning When Opening PowerPoint Files From Web Pages
    Q168639 PPT97: Object Border Extends Past Edge of Slide
    Q157163 PPT97: Object Does Not Act as Hyperlink in Slide View
    Q221511 PPT97: Objects Are Lost When PowerPoint 95 File Is Opened and Saved in PowerPoint 97
    Q164872 PPT97: Objects from CorelDRAW! 7.0 or Canvas 5.0 Paste in Blank
    Q190338 PPT97: Objects on Master Appear Behind Objects on Slide
    Q190389 PPT97: Object w/ White Text, Black Background Prints Solid Black
    Q169737 PPT97: Obtaining Higher-Resolution Versions of Clip Art Photos
    Q157155 PPT97: Office Binder: How to End a PowerPoint Slide Show
    Q157406 PPT97: OK Button Unavailable With Shading From Center
    Q190322 PPT97: OLE Object Icon Doesn't Display at All Zoom Percentages
    Q168531 PPT97: OLE Objects Don't Resize When Slide Orientation Changes
    Q190097 PPT97: Omit Master Disables Number, Date, Time Features
    Q162095 PPT97: Opening Folder May Cause PowerPoint to Hang
    Q159317 PPT97: Opening From and Saving To an FTP Site
    Q190327 PPT97: Orange Text Prints Yellow on HP DeskJet 1200c
    Q186871 PPT97: Other Notes Pages Change After Editing Notes Page
    Q164118 PPT97: Outline of Comment Visible When Moving Grouped Objects
    Q237197 PPT97: Outline View Preset Animations Apply Only to Body Text
    Q168329 PPT97: Pack and Go Creates 0 KB File on Windows NT With NTFS
    Q160845 PPT97: Pack and Go: Error in Help Topic
    Q190323 PPT97: Pack and Go Never Prompts to Insert Disk in Drive A
    Q189695 PPT97: Pack and Go Saves Files in 8.3 Format
    Q166331 PPT97: Pack and Go Setup Runs PowerPoint, Not the Viewer
    Q176524 PPT97: Pack and Go Wizard Does Not Pack Hyperlinked Files
    Q178119 PPT97: Pack & Go Wizard Doesn't Allow You to Select Floppy Drive
    Q176421 PPT97: Page Numbers on Printed Handouts Overlap
    Q182534 PPT97: Page Numbers Printed on Handouts Even if Not Selected
    Q190321 PPT97: Palatino Font Prints Squished From Windows 95
    Q190103 PPT97: Pantone(R) Color Conversion
    Q189551 PPT97: "Part of File is Missing" Error Attempting to Open File
    Q169994 PPT97: Pattern Filled Lines or Objects Print Incorrectly
    Q190099 PPT97: Pattern Shows Through Double Line Style Border
    Q163945 PPT97: Pausing Slide Show Also Pauses Slide Meter
    Q223348 PPT97: Picture Is Clipped When You Copy/Paste into PowerPoint
    Q157504 PPT97: Placeholder Does Not Retain Shape if OLE Server Not Found
    Q164110 PPT97: Playback Controls Hidden After Resizing MIDI Object
    Q160811 PPT97: Playlist Containing PowerPoint 97 Files Causes Error
    Q164053 PPT97: Play Settings Disabled When Multiple OLE Objects Selected
    Q164926 PPT97: "Play Sound" Doesn't Convert Selection to Hyperlink
    Q176532 PPT97: Portrait Presentation Is Exported to HTML as Landscape
    Q176536 PPT97: Position Not Retained Saving Slide in PPT 3.0, 4.0 Format
    Q168675 PPT97: PowerPoint 7.0 Templates Not Installed w/ PowerPoint 97
    Q159813 PPT97: PowerPoint 97 and TrueType Font Embedding
    Q162184 PPT97: PowerPoint 97 Clip Art Shipped as Windows Metafiles
    Q234167 PPT97: PowerPoint 97 Doesn't Support Animated GIF's
    Q173138 PPT97: PowerPoint Appears to Hang Resizing Image, Changing Zoom
    Q189970 PPT97: PowerPoint Cannot Open Some Files with .DRW Extension
    Q160687 PPT97: PowerPoint Can Undo/Redo Several Changes At Once
    Q169070 PPT97: PowerPoint CCP Does Not Detect Small Business Edition
    Q189826 PPT97: PowerPoint Centimeters Different from Actual Centimeters
    Q217904 PPT97: PowerPoint Couldn't Translate this File, Opening PowerPoint 7.0 Presentation
    Q193823 PPT97: PowerPoint File Does Not Open in Web Browser Window
    Q159611 PPT97: PowerPoint Hangs After Changing Word Table Border Style
    Q167626 PPT97: PowerPoint Hyperlinks Cannot Contain the Number Sign (#)
    Q189955 PPT97: PowerPoint OLE Objects Ignore Default Template
    Q183658 PPT97: PowerPoint Opens Earlier Version Files as Read-Only
    Q190384 PPT97: PowerPoint Overrides Default Graph Color Scheme
    Q191599 PPT97: PowerPoint Saves Year in Three-Digit Format
    Q157240 PPT97: PowerPoint Startup Slow With Custom Soundtrack Add-In
    Q225058 PPT97: PowerPoint Substitutes Incorrect Fonts For Formatted Characters
    Q170443 PPT97: PowerPoint Viewer 97 Does Not Support Macros
    Q190403 PPT97: Presentation Conference Command Unavailable
    Q189821 PPT97: Presentation Conference Doesn't Seem to End for Audience Member
    Q189699 PPT97: Presentation Conference Fails with Errors
    Q190406 PPT97: Presentation Conference Fails Without Error
    Q189647 PPT97: Presentation Conference Troubleshooting Guide
    Q195395 PPT97: Presentation Conferencing Requires Microsoft Client
    Q189822 PPT97: Presentation Designs Are the Same as Design Templates
    Q148897 PPT97: Presentations Do Not Open With Web Browser
    Q189954 PPT97: Presentation Using Template Ignores Default Setting
    Q167164 PPT97: Presenter Unaware When Network Connection Lost
    Q168741 PPT97: Pressing ESC Halts Slide Narration Recording
    Q234729 PPT97: Pressing F4 (Repeat) Applies Incorrect Black and White Formatting
    Q190404 PPT97: Preview Not Available for PowerPoint 4.0 Template
    Q161386 PPT97: Previews Count as Changes When Undoing/Redoing
    Q189961 PPT97: Printing Slides or Notes Pages in Reverse Order
    Q157118 PPT97: Problems Importing Photo CD Files
    Q162629 PPT97: Problem with Drum Sound/Yamaha XG Sound Card
    Q161028 PPT97: QuickStart Tutorial Doesn't Run from Network Installation
    Q190391 PPT97: QuickTime PICT Placeholder Appears in Place of Graphic
    Q189953 PPT97: Recolored OLE Object Reverts to Original Colors
    Q157460 PPT97: Recolor Information Lost After Ungrouping Clip Art
    Q161473 PPT97: Recorded Narration Overrides Embedded Sounds
    Q186870 PPT97: Red X Appears After Using PowerPoint Add-in or Macro
    Q158286 PPT97: Repeat Command Unavailable After Rotate, Move, or Resize
    Q189973 PPT97: Resetting Customized Toolbars in PowerPoint
    Q157231 PPT97: Resizing Object Can Turn Text Upside Down
    Q190349 PPT97: Restoring the Aspect Ratio of an Imported Graphic
    Q189648 PPT97: Running a Peer-to-Peer Presentation Conference
    Q237891 PPT97: Running Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer from CD-ROM Not Supported
    Q201543 PPT97: Running Windows Media Player via VBA
    Q163792 PPT97: Sample Color Wheel Available For PowerPoint 97
    Q169934 PPT97: Save As HTML Command Unavailable (Dimmed)
    Q161554 PPT97: Save as HTML Does Not Convert Slash Characters in URLs
    Q172354 PPT97: Save as HTML not Available in PowerPoint Object Model
    Q178290 PPT97: Save As JPG or GIF May Not Save the Entire Slide
    Q144532 PPT97: Saving PowerPoint Files on Banyan Vines Is Very Slow
    Q176460 PPT97: Scale Feature Does Not Change Text Size
    Q189971 PPT97: Scaling Bitmaps and Movies for Slide Shows
    Q189975 PPT97: Scaling Lines and Arrowheads
    Q176786 PPT97: Screen Flashes when Adding Object to Slide Show Via Macro
    Q157545 PPT97: Screen Unblanks Before Changing Slide
    Q171056 PPT97: Semitransparent Color in Grouped Shape Lost in Slide Show
    Q160782 PPT97: Semi-Transparent Objects Look Grainy While Animating
    Q172565 PPT97: Semi-Transparent PNG Images Appear Dithered in PowerPoint
    Q163946 PPT97: "Send to Microsoft Word" Causes GP Fault
    Q189692 PPT97: Server Application Error Trying to Edit Organization Chart Object
    Q190346 PPT97: Setting Default Attributes for Slide Objects
    Q222643 PPT97: Setup Can't Install the PowerPoint Templates
    Q217133 PPT97: Setup Error 258 Installing the Custom Soundtrack Add-in
    Q157789 PPT97: Set Up Show Command Unavailable
    Q167094 PPT97: Set Up Show Dialog Box Won't Close w/ Invalid Number
    Q159404 PPT97: Shade From Title Wrong When WordArt Pasted Into Title
    Q190393 PPT97: Shadow Missing from Text Printed on Black and White Printer
    Q189642 PPT97: Shared Files Installed to \Msapps Folder on WinNT 3.51
    Q189965 PPT97: Shortcut Keys for Superscript and Subscript Text
    Q168677 PPT97: Shortcut Menu Different Between PowerPoint, Office Binder
    Q162499 PPT97: Slide Branching Lost When Saving as Previous Version
    Q171328 PPT97: Slide Images on Notes Pages Don't Print
    Q190390 PPT97: Slide Miniature Disappears if Dragged to Taskbar
    Q157860 PPT97: Slide Navigator Has Limit of 256 Slides
    Q163640 PPT97: Slide Numbers Don't Change for Custom Shows
    Q163463 PPT97: Slides Displayed Incorrectly from UNIX-based Server
    Q190096 PPT97: Slide Show Does Not Return to Previous Slide
    Q182556 PPT97: Slide Show Hangs Playing QuickTime Movies on Windows NT
    Q189545 PPT97: Slide Show Runs On Primary Monitor Under Windows 98
    Q167902 PPT97: Slide Show Unexpectedly Ends After Hyperlinking
    Q189972 PPT97: Slides Look Bad When Pasted into Other Programs
    Q190401 PPT97: Slides Not Centered When Printing from HP DeskJet Printer
    Q157162 PPT97: Slides With Automatic Animation Timing Print Incorrectly
    Q176676 PPT97: Slide Title Doesn't Appear in Hyperlink To Slide Dialog Box
    Q182920 PPT97: Slow or Medium Flash Animations Only Appear to Flash Fast
    Q189698 PPT97: Slow Performance or Memory Errors Running PowerPoint
    Q164514 PPT97: Some Action Settings Disabled in Presentation Conference
    Q189702 PPT97: Some Filled Objects on Embedded Slides Don't Print Properly
    Q162350 PPT97: Some Fills Lost When Saving to PowerPoint 4.0
    Q167303 PPT97: Some Keystrokes Do Not Work in Presentation Conferencing
    Q168746 PPT97: Some Objects Missing After Saving as HTML
    Q189933 PPT97: Some PowerPoint Buttons Not Available in Office Binder
    Q190330 PPT97: Some PowerPoint Features Lost Exporting to HTML
    Q170799 PPT97: Some Presentations Print Blank from PowerPoint Viewer 97
    Q190331 PPT97: Sound or Movie Objects Play Incorrectly or Not at All on NT
    Q157133 PPT97: Sounds Clipped in Animation Preview
    Q191244 PPT97: Spelling Check Fails in Text Box
    Q230315 PPT97: Strange Behavior With Embedded or Linked Word Document
    Q189957 PPT97: Summary of TAB Key Usage with Text and Objects
    Q190400 PPT97: Superscript and Subscript Text Build Incorrectly
    Q176296 PPT97: Symbols Appear as Squares After Opening Presentation
    Q190387 PPT97: System Stops Responding Opening/Viewing File w/Graphics
    Q234172 PPT97: Table of Contents Disabled in PowerPoint Animation
    Q189941 PPT97: Table Size Limit of Word Table Object in PowerPoint
    Q189974 PPT97: Tab Limitation in Each Text Block
    Q167092 PPT97: TARGA Transparency Information Ignored
    Q162182 PPT97: Template Animation Lost When Saving from PowerPoint 97
    Q189635 PPT97: Text Behind Object Prints w/ Some HP Printer Drivers
    Q189555 PPT97: Text Box Alignment Lost When Saved as PowerPoint 4.0 File
    Q158415 PPT97: Text Cropped in Generic (Online) Presentation Template
    Q159033 PPT97: Text Doesn't Automatically Wrap in AutoShape Objects
    Q189966 PPT97: Text Format Lost When Promoting, Demoting Paragraph
    Q190326 PPT97: Text in Drawing Object is Printed Double to HP LaserJet 4
    Q190372 PPT97: Text in Microsoft Excel Table Shifted Up in Slide Printout
    Q190348 PPT97: Text In Slide Master Does Not Appear On Every Slide
    Q159643 PPT97: Text Lost After Hyperlink when Inserting Word 7.0 Outline
    Q157282 PPT97: Text Not Automatically Selected in Presentation Templates
    Q189550 PPT97: Text Prints Slanted/Truncated to Tektronix Phaser Printer
    Q168506 PPT97: Text Selected After Opening Speaker Notes
    Q190095 PPT97: Text Shadow Color Not Affected by Color Scheme
    Q190094 PPT97: Text Shadows Don't Print Properly to PCL Printers
    Q189560 PPT97: "The File Cannot Be Removed..." Error Running Pack And Go
    Q190381 PPT97: Title/Body Text Placeholders Don't Group with Other Objects
    Q165491 PPT97: Title Text Doesn't Stand Out w/ Some Preset Backgrounds
    Q159014 PPT97: Transparent Image Support in PowerPoint 97 and 98
    Q189549 PPT97: Troubleshooting Damaged Presentations on Windows 95
    Q190388 PPT97: Turning off Background Printing Increases Print Speed
    Q190395 PPT97: Two Blank Boxes Appear at Bottom of Presentation
    Q157498 PPT97: Types of Presentations PowerPoint 97 Can Open and Save
    Q178291 PPT97: Unable to Insert a Movie from the Selected File
    Q193119 PPT97: Unable to Insert Last Track from Audio CD
    Q190408 PPT97: Unable to Link Only a Portion of a Presentation
    Q164832 PPT97: Unable to Link to PowerPoint Add-In (.ppa)
    Q145146 PPT97: Unable to Loop Through Playlist with PowerPoint Viewer 97
    Q190093 PPT97: Unable to Recolor All Colors in a Picture
    Q144375 PPT97: "Unable to Save File" Error Opening PowerPoint 4.0 Formatted File
    Q214566 PPT97: Unable to Spell Check after Changing Language of Default Dictionary
    Q157382 PPT97: Undo Command Deletes Drag And Drop Object
    Q170614 PPT97: Undo Typing Doesn't Remove all Text Just Entered
    Q190386 PPT97: Unexpected Font Substitution Caused by Some Printer Drivers
    Q189639 PPT97: Unexpected Results Overlapping Two Semi-Transparent Objects
    Q176422 PPT97: Unwanted Numbers in Edit Hyperlink Dialog Box
    Q172011 PPT97: Upgrading to Service Release 1 Resets Toolbars and Menus
    Q189645 PPT97: Using Colors in PowerPoint
    Q176678 PPT97: Using Command-Line Switches with Playlist Files
    Q189694 PPT97: Using Transitions to Achieve Smoother Branching
    Q170795 PPT97: VB Code to Connect to the Viewer 97 Object Model
    Q171175 PPT97: Viewer 97 Flashes Desktop Between Slide Shows in Play List
    Q230751 PPT97: Viewer: ActiveX Objects Don't Function in the Viewer
    Q189976 PPT97: Viewer Cannot Access Multiple Disks Using Playlist
    Q171184 PPT97: Viewer Setup Cannot Remove
    Q193029 PPT97: Viewer Slide Navigation Menu Doesn't Show All Slides
    Q216786 PPT97: Visual Basic Error Moving a Slide with an ActiveX Control to Another Presentation
    Q176383 PPT97: What Happens When You Disable Macros
    Q142668 PPT97: What is a Comment in PowerPoint 97?
    Q160848 PPT97: What is the Publish to ASF Add-In for PowerPoint 97?
    Q228995 PPT97: Where Settings are Stored in the Registry
    Q159831 PPT97: Which Products Qualify for PowerPoint 97 Upgrade?
    Q190373 PPT97: White Shadows Overlay Text with HP LaserJet 4
    Q189643 PPT97: Windows 95 Taskbar Doesn't Respond During Slide Show.
    Q160218 PPT97: Windows Metafiles Used as Textures Appear Large On Screen
    Q162896 PPT97: Word Table Borders Displayed Incorrectly in PowerPoint
    Q170444 PPT97: Word Table Text and Borders Disappear on Dark Background
    Q164580 PPT97: Wrong Instructions in ORK for Installing Pp7trans.dll
    Q189641 PPT97: You Can Add Only One Textured Background Format at a Time
    Q166318 PPT: Arrow Heads Flipped Saving in PowerPoint 3.0, 4.0 Format
    Q168493 PPT: Narration Does Not Play From Unpacked PPT97 Presentation
    Q189962 PPT: Simulating Use of More Than One Template in PowerPoint
    Q230746 PPT: Viewer: Presentation Macros Don't Run Within the Viewer
    Q172005 Removing PowerPoint Viewer Removes TypeLib Registry Key
    Q189820 Types of Presentations PowerPoint 97 Can Open

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