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    Q28572 Excel: Calculating the nth Root of a Number
    Q101167 Excel: Finding the nth Value That Meets a Condition
    Q79267 Excel: Returning the Second Minimum or Maximum in a Range
    Q162040 MS Excel Articles Available by Fax or E-Mail: User Interface
    Q156837 Query97: Cannot Save a Query's Result Set as a Table
    Q173043 Query97: "Invalid Bracketing" Error Adding Field to MS Query
    Q187698 Query97: MSQuery Uses 1900 Date When Two Digits Are Used for Year
    Q185022 Query97: Query Returns More Records Than You Specify
    Q157957 Query97: Redraw Problems in Choose Columns Dialog Box
    Q167391 SBFM97: Additional Accounting Filters Available
    Q165612 SBFM97: Axis Labels Missing on Profitability Chart
    Q169400 SBFM97: Beginning Balances in Report Are Incorrect
    Q164283 SBFM97: Cannot Find the Aapc.hlp in Canadian SBFM
    Q169887 SBFM97: Currency Changes Sign in Profitability Analysis
    Q166046 SBFM97 ErrMsg: Illegal Operation Updating Quickbooks Data
    Q185173 SBFM97: Error Message Appears When You Import QuickBooks Data
    Q172830 SBFM97: Error Message When Running Wizards Under MS Windows NT
    Q164747 SBFM97: Error Updating Accounting Data
    Q169886 SBFM97: Error Updating Database After Creating Report
    Q166746 SBFM97: Files Installed with Small Business Financial Manager
    Q164995 SBFM97: List of Supported Accounting Programs
    Q166766 SBFM97: Payments Per Year Input Box Only Allows One Digit
    Q167384 SBFM97: Quickbooks 3.1 Filter Fails Under Windows NT
    Q163885 SBFM97: Quickbooks 4.0 Filter Fails Under Windows NT 4.0
    Q171341 SBFM97: Quickbooks Version 5.0 Filter Is Available
    Q176533 SBFM97: Resolving Problems with the QuickBooks Accounting Filter
    Q164285 SBFM97: Restore Wizard Values Does Not Recalculate Worksheet
    Q185974 SBFM97: 'Run Time Error 13' Caused by Incorrect DAO Files
    Q163680 SBFM97: 'Run-time Error 13' Using Buy vs. Lease Analysis
    Q165120 SBFM97: 'Run-time Error 13' Using Compare What-If Scenarios
    Q177370 SBFM97: "Setup Could Not Find Microsoft Excel" Error Message
    Q170613 SBFM97: Setup Could Not Find Microsoft Excel Installed
    Q164745 SBFM97: Total Monthly Payments Calculation Is Incorrect
    Q169401 SBFM97: Trial Balance with Scenarios Out of Balance
    Q165938 SBFM97: Update for Quickbooks Version 4.0 Filter
    Q165381 SBFM97: What-If Scenario Name Does Not Appear in Overview
    Q184107 SBFM98: Current Version of Microsoft Excel Does Not Support Small Business Financial Manager
    Q180382 SBFM98: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library - Runtime Error
    Q170409 SBFM: MS Visual C++ Run-Time Errors Importing Quickbooks Data
    Q168701 XL97: AccessLinks Add-in Fails with Large Number of Rows
    Q176242 XL97: Access Violation or Page Fault Closing a Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object
    Q170826 XL97: ActiveX Controls May Be Inadvertantly Cropped
    Q162601 XL97: ActiveX Image Control on a Worksheet Cannot Be Edited
    Q156000 XL97: Additional Controls Dialog may not use Long Filenames
    Q157165 XL97: Add to List Button Dimmed in Advanced Find
    Q156814 XL97: Adjacent Formulas Left of Data Do Not Fill
    Q166759 XL97: Advanced Filter Doesn't Return Any Data
    Q193481 XL97: Alert for Previous Version Displays Using OnSave Property
    Q169977 XL97: All Input Messages Appear in the Same Location
    Q157348 XL97: All Views Listed in Custom Views and Report Manager
    Q171020 XL97: ALT+DOWN ARROW Doesn't Invoke AutoComplete
    Q157041 XL97: Always Create Backup Fails on Internet FTP Location
    Q170617 XL97: "am/pm" Changed to "AM/PM" in Custom Number Format
    Q176252 XL97: Application Error Updating OLE Link
    Q173954 XL97: Array Formula Using Merged Cells Is Calculated Incorrectly
    Q157027 XL97: Attached Toolbar Is Not Saved in 5.0/95 File Format
    Q157298 XL97: Auditing Tools Clear Undo/Redo Stack
    Q178240 XL97: AutoCalculate Is Inconsistent with Hidden Rows or Columns
    Q177423 XL97: AutoComplete Fails After 102 Rows Past Last Occurrence
    Q174444 XL97: AutoComplete May Not Work
    Q154958 XL97: AutoCorrect May Not Capitalize First Word in Sentence
    Q186181 XL97: AutoCorrect Stops After 255 Characters
    Q156350 XL97: AutoFill Limited to 255 Characters
    Q173268 XL97: AutoFill Not Working with 11 or More Characters
    Q159464 XL97: Automatic Styles and Apply Styles Do Not Apply Format
    Q172043 XL97: "Auto_Open_xlquery_DClick" Error Appears Opening File
    Q155376 XL97: AutoReturn Moves the Active Cell in a Multicolumn List
    Q190185 XL97: AutoShapes Change Location After You Enter Text
    Q157826 XL97: Background Turns Black Pasting Object in 3-D Chart Floor
    Q177857 XL97: "Before You Save..." Error When Quitting Program
    Q167926 XL97: Binder: Virus Warning May Appear More Than Once
    Q159914 XL97: Bitmap Image Shrinks When Pasted on a Toolbar Button
    Q173955 XL97: Black and White Printer Prints Colored Lines as Grayscale
    Q172041 XL97: Blank Workbook Remains Open Using Custom (Book.xlt)
    Q165979 XL97: Borders Appear in Printed Workbook Using Track Changes
    Q157099 XL97: Borders Below Row 65536 Do Not Print
    Q177050 XL97: Borders Near Hidden Cells May Not Be Displayed or Printed
    Q166836 XL97: Borders Printed Black with "Black and White" Selected
    Q185158 XL97: Borders Removed When You Remove Hyperlink from a Cell
    Q172680 XL97: Both Diagonal Cell Borders Use Same Line Style
    Q169107 XL97: BottomRightCell/TopLeftCell Incorrect with Merged Cell
    Q157653 XL97: Button Format Carries Over to MS Excel 5 Dialog Sheet
    Q162477 XL97: Calculated Field Returns Incorrect Grand Total
    Q173272 XL97: Calculating Worksheet Causes Crash After Running Module
    Q157031 XL97: Calculation of Formula in Formula Bar Returns #VALUE!
    Q172066 XL97: Calculation Stops at Zero Percent or Occurs Very Slowly
    Q157413 XL97: Callout Adjustment Handle Disappears When Moved
    Q171021 XL97: Cannot Activate a Worksheet While Inserting Control
    Q155205 XL97: Cannot Add a Data Table to Some Charts
    Q157097 XL97: Cannot AutoFit Rows/Columns That Contain Merged Cells
    Q174447 XL97: Cannot Change Gridlines on Surface Chart
    Q159622 XL97: Cannot Change Value for Form Control on a Worksheet
    Q157062 XL97: Cannot Clear "Sort by" List in Query Wizard
    Q163858 XL97: Cannot Click Once to Create Arrows and Lines
    Q167077 XL97: "Cannot Convert" Error Saving File in Earlier Format
    Q182771 XL97: Cannot Drag Cells When You Use AutoFilter
    Q156650 XL97: Cannot Drag Drawing Objects Between Worksheets
    Q156984 XL97: Cannot Drag Drawing Objects onto Windows Desktop
    Q157304 XL97: Cannot Drag UserForm Control onto a Worksheet
    Q168973 XL97: Cannot Edit Automation Objects in Microsoft Excel Viewer
    Q196620 XL97: "Cannot Empty the Clipboard" Error Message When Dragging Cells
    Q163934 XL97: "Cannot Find the Mainxl.hlp File" When Using Help
    Q157087 XL97: Cannot Modify or Delete Custom Menus
    Q190248 XL97: Cannot Open File After Pasting More Than 2000 Characters
    Q158300 XL97: "Cannot Open Specified File" Clicking Hyperlink
    Q168972 XL97: Cannot Paste Drawing Object from Microsoft Excel Viewer
    Q170449 XL97: Cannot Paste Picture into UserForm
    Q165780 XL97: Cannot Record External Data Range Properties
    Q159756 XL97: Cannot Rename Worksheet to History
    Q164750 XL97: Cannot Reset a Column to the Standard Width
    Q172342 XL97: Cannot Scroll to Last Item in a List Box
    Q170081 XL97: "Cannot Shift Objects Off Sheet" Error Hiding Columns
    Q168603 XL97: Cannot Show Scenario That Includes Merged Cells
    Q181887 XL97: Cannot Shut Down Windows While Excel Viewer is Running
    Q172684 XL97: Cannot Undo Background in Text Box on a Chart Object
    Q158247 XL97: Cannot Use Edit Query Button on Sheet With Web Query
    Q157034 XL97: Cannot Use External References with Data Validation
    Q162024 XL97: Cannot Use Form on FrontPage Personal Web Server
    Q172999 XL97: Cannot Use Object Box When Multiple Controls Are Selected
    Q172304 XL97: Cannot Use User-Defined Function in Demand-Loaded Add- in
    Q163904 XL97: Cannot Use Web Data Source as PivotTable Data
    Q166829 XL97: Can't Drag Graphics from Internet Explorer
    Q172823 XL97: Can't Move to Partially Hidden Merged Cells with Keyboard
    Q157569 XL97: Can't Select Cells When Using Netscape Navigator
    Q169253 XL97: Cell Displays Zero with Angled Text and Small Row Height
    Q190219 XL97: CELL Function with "filename" No Longer Volatile
    Q172035 XL97: Cells in Protected Worksheet May Be Unmerged
    Q169885 XL97: Change Event for ActiveX Control Runs Unexpectedly
    Q173821 XL97: Changes May Be Lost When Shared Workbook on FTP Server
    Q177970 XL97: Changes Not Saved When Workbook Is Opened in Microsoft Outlook
    Q170645 XL97: Changes to Menu Bar May be Lost After Closing a Workbook
    Q171722 XL97: Changing Alignment and Indent Causes Text to Disappear
    Q161660 XL97: Changing Chart Type Changes X-Axis
    Q10111 XL97: Characters Lost Saving to Excel 5.0/95 File Format
    Q170088 XL97: Chart Axis Changes Scale Opening Earlier Version Workbook
    Q171999 XL97: Chart Border Is Too Large or Small After Using Paste Link
    Q182999 XL97: Chart Data Labels That Are Linked to Formulas Are Not Updated
    Q161929 XL97: Chart Data Range Disappears After Changing Series Panel
    Q156978 XL97: Chart Data Table Does Not Display All Data Points
    Q161731 XL97: Chart Display Options Change According to Page Setup
    Q157598 XL97: Chart Elements Are Resized When Workbook Is Saved
    Q154959 XL97: Chart Embedded on Chart Sheet Does Not Preview
    Q172098 XL97: Chart in Worksheet Resized After Pasting into Word
    Q186931 XL97: Chart Is Reduced to a Small Size After Formatting Legend
    Q156890 XL97: Chart Opens More Slowly than in Earlier Versions
    Q161664 XL97: Chart Series Doesn't Use Removed Secondary Axis Scale
    Q185392 XL97: Chart Titles with Multiple Lines Display Only One Line
    Q178181 XL97: Chart Truncated After Performing Paste Link Operation
    Q170703 XL97: Clicking Exit Design Mode Switches to Microsoft Excel
    Q159230 XL97: Clicking Microsoft Excel on Taskbar Does Not Work
    Q167672 XL97: Clicking Row or Column Divider Causes Recalculation
    Q168562 XL97: Clicking Undo Last May Cause Error
    Q157557 XL97: Cloud Callout Is Not Printed Correctly on HP Printer
    Q185982 XL97: Columns Are Transparent When Printed in Black and White
    Q181093 XL97: Columns Missing from Chart on Printout
    Q173608 XL97: Comment Changes Are Not Saved in Shared Workbook
    Q171894 XL97: Comment Formatting May Be Lost When You Share a Workbook
    Q188507 XL97: Comments Are Resized Unexpectedly
    Q173347 XL97: Comments May Be Obscured by Freeze Panes
    Q169053 XL97: Comments May Not Be Printed as Expected
    Q165865 XL97: Comparison Value Changed from Fraction to Serial Number
    Q187357 XL97: "Compile error: Expected function or variable" with FindFile Method
    Q157938 XL97: Conditional Format Applies Format for First Condition
    Q171237 XL97: Conditional Format Reapplied After Inserting Cut Cells
    Q165493 XL97: Conditional Formats May Not Work on Rich Text Cells
    Q169022 XL97: Conditional Formatting Not Saved When Saving as HTML
    Q173216 XL97: Conditional Formatting Unexpectedly Applied to Text
    Q170586 XL97: Conditional Number Format Not Shifted in Group Edit Mode
    Q192406 XL97: Constrained Line or Arrow Pastes Incorrectly in NT4.0
    Q171706 XL97: Context-Sensitive Help Not Available for Some Form Controls
    Q171903 XL97: Control in Linked File Is Not Updated When Changed
    Q184000 XL97: Controlling Events in an Automation Server
    Q161694 XL97: Control Toolbox Toolbar Disappears
    Q159157 XL97: Convert to MS Access Menu Command May Work Incorrectly
    Q161218 XL97: Copied and Pasted Chart Appears as Gray Rectangle
    Q179584 XL97: Copied and Pasted Dates Are Changed by 100 Years
    Q192405 XL97: Copy and Paste from Access to Excel May Generate Errors
    Q168890 XL97: Copying ActiveX Control Loses Code Behind Control
    Q174678 XL97: Copying Shapes Cancels Selection of Shape
    Q176264 XL97: Copying Shared Workbook Causes Multiple Users to Be Listed
    Q172203 XL97: Copying Sheet Does Not Preserve Drawing Object Numbers
    Q190204 XL97: Copying Worksheet into Workbook Deletes Defined Name
    Q169248 XL97: Copy Picture Loses Lower-Right Pixel of Gridline
    Q185946 XL97: "Couldn't Decrypt File" Error with Password Protected File
    Q165260 XL97: COUNTA Function Changed to COUNT
    Q161757 XL97: Countif Function May Not Work with Blank Cells
    Q172558 XL97: Crash Inserting Wang Image Control on Alpha-based Computer
    Q145648 XL97: Crash on Exit After Terminating DDE Connection
    Q161438 XL97: Crash When Chart Gallery File Is Password Protected
    Q166761 XL97: Created Date Is Not Updated When Saving as a New File
    Q156883 XL97: "Create Hyperlink Here" Does Not Work in Unsaved File
    Q156164 XL97: CTRL+ALT+TAB Does Not Insert Tab into Active Cell
    Q159319 XL97: CTRL + Autofill Does not Increment Values
    Q156836 XL97: CTRL+SHIFT+" Keyboard Shortcut Limited to 1,024 Characters
    Q160767 XL97: Cursor and Cell Disappear Editing Text in Cell
    Q168582 XL97: Custom Chart Types May Appear Distorted
    Q186685 XL97: Custom Function Is Not Recalculated with Intersection Operator
    Q223312 XL97: Custom Function May Not Calculate Expected Value
    Q171018 XL97: Customize Command Is Not Available in Customize Dialog Box
    Q157952 XL97: Customize Dialog Stays Behind Toolbars When Clicked
    Q161539 XL97: Customizing Menus and Toolbars Without Customize Dialog
    Q170648 XL97: Custom Toolbars Are Lost After Uninstalling Add-In
    Q162047 XL97: Cutting and Pasting Cells Causes Invalid Page Fault
    Q161071 XL97: DAO Error in Step 3 of Web Form Wizard
    Q164316 XL97: Data in Hidden Columns Is Not Deleted
    Q168702 XL97: Data Not Returned from Query Using ORACLE Data Source
    Q161241 XL97: Data Overwritten Copying More Than 31,737 Characters
    Q173121 XL97: Data Returned from Only One Table Using Query Wizard
    Q169720 XL97: Data Table May Not Be Recalculated
    Q189897 XL97: Data Truncated to 255 Characters with Excel ODBC Driver
    Q159403 XL97: Data Validation Is Only Accurate with Manual Entry
    Q170739 XL97: Date Format Is Not Retained in Parameters Dialog Box
    Q170089 XL97: Dates Made Consecutive When Charting in Microsoft Excel
    Q186386 XL97: Defined Name Formula Is Not Updated After Sort
    Q161899 XL97: Defined Name Is Used by Form Created in Web Form Wizard
    Q171898 XL97: Defined Names Display #REF! After Clicking Undo
    Q166763 XL97: Defined Names Saved Incorrectly in Lotus 1-2-3 Format
    Q166816 XL97: Deleted 4.0 Macro Function Appears in Function Wizard
    Q188449 XL97: Delete Links Wizard Available on MSL
    Q159002 XL97: Deleting Sheet and Closing Workbook Causes Crash
    Q159252 XL97: Description and Examples of Data Validation
    Q174043 XL97: Destructor for ActiveX Control Is Not Called on Exit
    Q162474 XL97: DFunctions Return Errors When Database Has Too Many Rows
    Q169168 XL97: Diagonal Border Disappears with Rotated Text
    Q174239 XL97: Diagonal Gradient Fill May Not Be Printed Correctly
    Q167933 XL97: Dialog Converter Add-in Converts MS Excel 5.0 or 7.0 Dialogs to Excel 97 UserForms
    Q191960 XL97: Display Becomes Garbled When Scrolling Through Workbook
    Q164920 XL97: DocErr: vbMsgBoxHelpButton Not Listed in Help
    Q156264 XL97: Document Disappears After Clicking Hyperlink
    Q154901 XL97: Double-Clicking Hyperlink May Activate Edit Mode
    Q158996 XL97: Double-Clicking in Explorer Doesn't Open Workbook
    Q178528 XL97: Double-clicking Link Formula Doesn't Open Workbook
    Q158543 XL97: Double-Clicking Workbook in MS Exchange Causes Error
    Q160577 XL97: Drawing Object Names Increment Incorrectly
    Q186678 XL97: Drawing Objects Are Not Saved on User-Defined Chart
    Q167930 XL97: Dr. Watson Error Inserting Map into Worksheet
    Q167183 XL97: Duplicate Toolbars Listed in Customize Dialog Box
    Q171660 XL97: Editing Chart Object Causes Illegal Operation
    Q167136 XL97: Ejecting CD-ROM Causes Microsoft Excel to Close
    Q165205 XL97: Ejecting Removable Media Causes Excel Page Fault
    Q170760 XL97: Embedded Chart Changes Size When Copied and Pasted
    Q167078 XL97: Embedded Links to Other Workbooks Cause Error When Exiting
    Q184141 XL97: Embedded Object May Be Deleted from the Worksheet
    Q182671 XL97: Err Msg: "<Filename> cannot be accessed. The file may be read-only..."
    Q185009 XL97: ErrMsg: '&H00000001 Is an Invalid Key' When Opening a File
    Q173393 XL97: Err Msg: Solver: An Unexpected Internal Error Occurred
    Q171314 XL97: ErrMsg to Fix Formula When Comma Is Decimal Separator
    Q190831 XL97: Error 2015 or Type Mismatch Using Evaluate with Dates
    Q172639 XL97: Error Activating Chart Not on the Active Worksheet
    Q169765 XL97: Error Activating Worksheet That Contains Controls
    Q173522 XL97: Error Adding Field to Query Using Query Wizard
    Q163271 XL97: Error Appears or View Not Retained Printing Reports
    Q169250 XL97: Error Appears When Changing Chart Location with a Macro
    Q168904 XL97: Error Clicking Macro Button in Internet Browser
    Q172259 XL97: Error Clicking Pick From List in Cell with Many Characters
    Q160548 XL97: Error Clicking Save As HTML
    Q171405 XL97: Error Closing Workbooks That Contain DDE Links
    Q171019 XL97: Error Creating Circular References Between Instances
    Q159668 XL97: Error Creating Hyperlink with Chart Sheet in Workbook
    Q151271 XL97: Error Dragging Excel File into Internet Explorer
    Q168956 XL97: Error Dragging Merged Cell Over Another Merged Cell
    Q161474 XL97: Error Editing Chart Linked to Closed Workbook
    Q160543 XL97: Error Evaluating Natural Language Formula
    Q171218 XL97: Error Filling Large Numbers of Array Formulas
    Q167385 XL97: Error Formatting Cells on WinBook XP5 Laptop Computer
    Q173055 XL97: Error Formatting Chart Data Label Border
    Q165450 XL97: Error Inserting ActiveX Object in a Worksheet
    Q159416 XL97: Error Inserting or Deleting Rows or Columns After Undo
    Q190358 XL97: Error Looping Through Add-ins in a Custom Function.
    Q172211 XL97: Error Message Appears After You Edit an Embedded File
    Q170794 XL97: Error Message Appears Creating Custom Chart Type
    Q169177 XL97: Error Message Appears Formatting Chart Data Labels
    Q170792 XL97: Error Message Appears Setting Zoom Below 50%
    Q172279 XL97: Error Message Appears Sorting a Field in a PivotTable
    Q171362 XL97: Error Message Calculating Custom Function in Formula Bar
    Q169100 XL97: Error Message Running Recorded Macro That Resizes a Line
    Q168201 XL97: Error Messages Appear Clicking Options on Tools Menu
    Q184159 XL97: Error Opening File from Address Bar in Microsoft Internet Explorer
    Q171216 XL97: Error Opening Password-Protected File with Merged Cells
    Q172358 XL97: Error Opening Workbook That Contains MS Access Table
    Q172638 XL97: Error Opening Workbook That Contains Very Long Strings
    Q172356 XL97: Error Opening Workbook That Is Modified By Using DAO
    Q172461 XL97: Error or Chart Disappears When You Open a Lotus WK4 File
    Q172264 XL97: Error Pressing TAB with Transition Navigation Keys Option
    Q160342 XL97: Error Printing Microsoft Excel Section in a Binder
    Q160539 XL97: Error Printing Page Number Greater Than 32,767
    Q172544 XL97: Error Quitting WordPad Document That Contains Worksheet
    Q168757 XL97: Error Rolling Wheel on Mouse While Editing Formula
    Q166933 XL97: Error Running Macro That Inserts Control into UserForm
    Q166141 XL97: Error Running Macro To Modify Cell Comments
    Q169105 XL97: Error Running Wizard When a Control Is Active
    Q184900 XL97: Errors Activating Embedded Object Containing PivotTable
    Q168564 XL97: Errors After Copying Worksheet with Auditing Arrows
    Q157309 XL97: Errors Appear When Opening Web Query File on FTP Server
    Q168097 XL97: Errors Appear When Using an ODBC Text Data Source (DSN)
    Q172709 XL97: Error Saving or Closing Files with Defined Names
    Q171094 XL97: Error Saving to FTP Site Using Wizards
    Q169354 XL97: Error Sending Workbook If Mail Program Is Offline
    Q168605 XL97: Errors If Module Contains Duplicate Subroutine Names
    Q161898 XL97: Errors in Web Form Wizard Saving Form to FrontPage
    Q177248 XL97: Errors Opening Workbook from Windows Explorer
    Q165102 XL97: Errors Printing Filled AutoShapes to PostScript Printer
    Q229816 XL97: Errors Saving to an Earlier File Format When Transition Formula Evaluation Is Enabled
    Q175445 XL97: Error Submitting Data by Using Web Form Wizard Worksheet
    Q174226 XL97: Errors Using Quit Method with Virus Search Add-in Loaded
    Q155128 XL97: Error Updating Link to Web Document
    Q172753 XL97: Error Updating or Modifying Link to DDE Server Program
    Q160648 XL97: Error Using ActiveX Control on Web Form
    Q185318 XL97: Error Using Add-In Function in Conditional Formatting
    Q163274 XL97: Error Using Canon MultiPASS C2500 or Bitware Fax Driver
    Q168238 XL97: Error Using Evaluate and User-Defined Add-In Function
    Q170634 XL97: Error Using Virus Search Add-In on Alpha-based PC
    Q167981 XL97: Error Viewing Properties of Visual Components Control
    Q157770 XL97: Error When Dragging Embedded Chart into Microsoft Word
    Q172545 XL97: Error When Inserting Portfolio 7.0 Object into Worksheet
    Q157484 XL97: Error When Using Validation Drop-Down List Box
    Q161795 XL97: Error When You Display Form Created by Web Form Wizard
    Q192361 XL97: Euro Currency Character Is Not Displayed Correctly
    Q193431 XL97: Euro Symbols Deleted After File Saved in Excel 98
    Q162319 XL97: Excel Articles Available by Fax or E-Mail: Components
    Q162321 XL97: Excel Articles Available by Fax or E-Mail: Functionality
    Q162320 XL97: Excel Articles Available by Fax or E-Mail: VBA
    Q75539 XL97: Excel File Is Deleted from Server When Logging Off Windows NT
    Q173311 XL97: Excel Hangs Opening Scenario Manager on a Protected Sheet
    Q179028 XL97: Excel Object Is Not Closed After Running Macro
    Q189279 XL97: Excel Objects Appear Truncated
    Q186055 XL97: Excel Quits When You Scroll in Workbook on IBM 770 Laptop
    Q173609 XL97: Exchange Folder Tool Doesn't Appear After Dragging
    Q171313 XL97: Exploded Slice of 3-D Pie Chart Appears Incorrectly
    Q166338 XL97: Export Method Code Example in Help Is Incorrect
    Q157303 XL97: Extended Characters in Text or Property Inaccurate
    Q165779 XL97: External Data Range Property Not Saved with Workbook
    Q157101 XL97: F1 in Custom XLM Dialog Box Displays Office Assistant
    Q178897 XL97: F4 Key Does Not Change Cell Formula Reference
    Q157539 XL97: "Features May Be Lost" Message Appears When Saving File with a Chart
    Q171463 XL97: "Features Not Supported" Error Message Saving Workbook
    Q161325 XL97: File Conversion Wizard Included with MS Excel 97
    Q163102 XL97: "File Format Not Valid" Appears Opening Routed Workbook
    Q154902 XL97: File may not Open From the Favorites Menu
    Q158097 XL97: File Name in Formula Doesn't Appear Correctly
    Q185017 XL97: "File not Found" Error Activating Excel Object
    Q158921 XL97: File Password Lost Moving File to an Exchange Folder
    Q171741 XL97: Files Installed with the Stand-Alone Version of MS Excel
    Q166092 XL97: File Size Increases After Launching Visual Basic Editor
    Q162173 XL97: File Size Increases When You Save the File in 97 Format
    Q155206 XL97: File with Many Cell Notes Opens Slowly
    Q168788 XL97: Fill Colors May Be Saved Incorrectly with WK3 File
    Q175569 XL97: Fill Is Printed Outside Object on Canon BJC Printers
    Q158139 XL97: Fill Values Fills Series with Merge Cells Formatting
    Q175081 XL97: Financial Functions Return #NUM! If Dates After Year 2078
    Q173979 XL97: Floating Toolbars Disable Animation Feedback
    Q156894 XL97: Fonts on Chart Title and Label Are Too Large
    Q176531 XL97: Foreign Object Library Files (.olb) for MS Excel Available
    Q163231 XL97: Format Cells Sample May Display Number Signs
    Q159321 XL97: Format not Applied on Grouped Sheet with Merge Cells
    Q163495 XL97: Formats May Not Be Applied to Pasted Merged Cell
    Q162028 XL97: Formatting Not Retained in PivotTable
    Q185749 XL97: Formula AutoCorrect Inserts Formula with Incorrect R1C1 Cell Reference
    Q166740 XL97: Formula Errors Appear After Updating PivotTable
    Q184260 XL97: Formula Is Not Recalculated After Paste Special Operation
    Q193158 XL97: Formulas Not Displayed Properly with Data Table in Sheet
    Q192810 XL97: Formulas Not Recalculated After Moving Worksheet
    Q186394 XL97: Formulas Not Refreshed After Data Consolidation
    Q186395 XL97: Formulas with Range-Style Cell Reference Are Not Updated
    Q155050 XL97: Forward and Back Buttons May Not Work with Hyperlinks
    Q156941 XL97: Forward Button on Web Toolbar May Not Be Available
    Q178129 XL97: "FrontPage Cannot Be Found on Your Machine" in Wizards
    Q154134 XL97: Functions in Filled Formulas May Not Be Recalculated
    Q175984 XL97: GET.DOCUMENT Function Returns Incorrect Document Name
    Q172775 XL97: Gridlines Are Displayed Incorrectly in Print Preview
    Q159489 XL97: Grouping ActiveX Option Buttons on a Worksheet
    Q169957 XL97: Group Name in Name Box Does not Update
    Q169970 XL97: Hang While Editing Formula Directly in a Cell
    Q173553 XL97: "Help Topic Does Not Exist" Error in Function Wizard
    Q188781 XL97: "Help Topic Does Not Exist" Error with Data Analysis Tools
    Q182473 XL97: Hidden or Blank Rows or Columns Are Displayed in HTML File
    Q168253 XL97: How to Change the Depth of a 3-D Surface Chart
    Q166254 XL97: How to Change the Font in a Comment
    Q168651 XL97: How to Control Object Placement in Microsoft Excel 97
    Q156943 XL97: How to Convert an Add-in File into a Workbook
    Q154874 XL97: How to Create a Conditional Format to Hide Errors
    Q156942 XL97: How to Create an Add-in File in Microsoft Excel 97
    Q192063 XL97: How to Create a Pie Of Pie Chart or a Bar Of Pie Chart
    Q156449 XL97: How to Create a Report Template
    Q157482 XL97: How to Create Web Query (.iqy) Files
    Q157769 XL97: How to Delete, Restore, and Edit Menu Items Manually
    Q170782 XL97: How To Display a Progress Bar with a UserForm
    Q165499 XL97: How to Import Web Page Tables into Microsoft Excel
    Q172503 XL97: How to Link to a Particular Worksheet from a Web Page
    Q162944 XL97: How to Modify the Number of Undo Levels
    Q161670 XL97: How to Plot Values Against a Recommended Range
    Q168561 XL97: How to Programmatically Save a Worksheet as HTML
    Q161439 XL97: How to Remove Entries from Add-Ins Dialog Box
    Q169882 XL97: How to Rename a Chart Using Name Box
    Q188661 XL97: How to Restrict Numeric Entry to Only One Cell in a Range
    Q166173 XL97: How to Save Files in Other Formats
    Q174537 XL97: How to Sort Cells Without Sorting Linked Cells
    Q162051 XL97: How to Specify Dynamic Web Query Parameters
    Q161235 XL97: How to Use a Toolbar Settings File from a Network Share
    Q161322 XL97: How to Use Custom Toolbars in Excel5.xlb
    Q161881 XL97: How to Use Natural Language Formulas
    Q161538 XL97: How to Use the GetPivotData Worksheet Function
    Q158079 XL97: How to Use the Internet Assistant Wizard
    Q156314 XL97: How to Use the PivotTable AutoSort Feature
    Q164117 XL97: How to Use Wildcards in Parameter Queries
    Q157354 XL97: How to View Sample Chart with the Keyboard
    Q167612 XL97: Html.xla Add-in May Delete All Files in a Folder
    Q173392 XL97: Hyperlink Does Not Work or Open in Separate Window
    Q158330 XL97: HYPERLINK Doesn't Work If Second Argument Returns Error
    Q172112 XL97: Hyperlinks to Charts Fail After Saving to FrontPage Web
    Q168234 XL97: Hyphens and Apostrophes Sorted After Alphabetic Letters
    Q167313 XL97: Identical Patterns May Be Printed Differently
    Q159997 XL97: Illegal Operation Closing File When VBE Is Visible
    Q166987 XL97: Illegal Operation Error Using ListBox Control
    Q171640 XL97: Illegal Operation Occurs While Recalculating Workbook
    Q159679 XL97: "Illegal Operation" Opening a Non-Microsoft Excel File
    Q178164 XL97: Illegal Operation Refreshing Data in PivotTable
    Q159669 XL97: Illegal Operation Saving Workbook
    Q165984 XL97: Image Control on UserForm Is Not Updated with Click Event
    Q159338 XL97: Imported Toolbox Page Loses Caption and Tip Text
    Q192437 XL97: Inconsistent Results Using Natural Language Formulas
    Q147959 XL97: Incorrect Cell Range Selected When Activating Excel Object
    Q202232 XL97: Incorrect Field Names Appear in PivotTable Field Dialog Box
    Q169349 XL97: Incorrect Printer May Be Used When Printing from Macro
    Q166781 XL97: Incorrect Printout on HP Color LaserJet PostScript
    Q193727 XL97: Incorrect Workbook Saved from Visual Basic Editor
    Q156889 XL97: Indent Option on Alignment Tab Not Available with General Alignment
    Q173554 XL97: Input Range Error Using Anova Analysis Tool
    Q187934 XL97: Inserted Objects on Charts Are Not Redrawn Correctly
    Q159832 XL97: Inserting Second Trendline into Chart Halts MS Excel
    Q169055 XL97: Insertion Code for Internet Assistant Is Case Sensitive
    Q157750 XL97: IntelliMouse Cannot Zoom Beyond 100%
    Q187358 XL97: Internet Assistant Update Does Not Include XLHTML.DLL
    Q170227 XL97: Internet Assistant Wizard Doesn't Recognize All Files
    Q193650 XL97: "Invalid Data Format" Error Opening Workbook
    Q169024 XL97: Invalid Page Fault After Pasting Control
    Q185584 XL97: Invalid Page Fault Closing WK4 File
    Q169023 XL97: Invalid Page Fault in Msqry32.exe with Long File DSN Name
    Q172386 XL97: Invalid Page Fault Occurs When You Use Auto Outline
    Q192061 XL97: Invalid Page Fault Opening Workbook Sent in E-mail
    Q164428 XL97: Invalid Page Fault When Selecting Shared Workbook Feature
    Q190106 XL97: "Invalid rows to scan" Error Creating Excel Data Source
    Q156893 XL97: Invalid Site Error Using Relative Hyperlink Path
    Q175362 XL97: January 1 May Appear as February 1 in a Date
    Q168203 XL97: "Later Version" Error Message Appears Opening a Workbook
    Q168841 XL97: Letters Available as Keyboard Shortcuts for Macros
    Q157483 XL97: Limit of Natural Language Formulas per Worksheet
    Q178023 XL97: Line and Border Are Not Aligned When Printed or Viewed in Print Preview
    Q168237 XL97: Line Chart with Smoothed Line Selected May Cause Error
    Q169877 XL97: Linked Cell Changes Before Sheet Is Completely Calculated
    Q166691 XL97: Linked Formula May Return a Maximum of 255 Characters
    Q183016 XL97: Linked Picture of Cells Changes Size with Print Quality
    Q182873 XL97: Link in Merged Cell Is Not Recalculated on Copied Sheet
    Q165568 XL97: Links In Microsoft Excel 4.0 Workbooks Are Incorrect
    Q165167 XL97: Links in Shared Workbook Return #REF! Error
    Q217129 XL97: Links to Excel 4.0 Macro Sheets Do Not Update
    Q172065 XL97: Link to File on Network Is Not Updated Correctly
    Q170305 XL97: List Box Click Event May Not Occur
    Q173700 XL97: ListBox Control Is Resized with Zero Column Width
    Q161747 XL97: List of Errors That Formula AutoCorrect Detects
    Q172996 XL97: List of Fixed Problems in MS Excel 97 for Windows, SR- 1
    Q190810 XL97: LOOKUP Returns Incorrect Value When Source File Is Closed
    Q168102 XL97: Lotus 1-2-3 Dates Are Converted to Number
    Q170492 XL97: Lotus 1-2-3 Version 5.0 File wth Bitmap Hangs MS Excel 97
    Q171469 XL97: Lotus Macro Interpreter Menus May Not Work as Expected
    Q170448 XL97: Macro Command Menubars(xlWorkBook) Is Not Valid
    Q166143 XL97: Macro Error Using Show Method with AutoShape Selected
    Q166450 XL97: Macro to Tile Windows Does Not Work with Minimized Window
    Q171661 XL97: Macro Virus Warning Appears Opening File Without Macros
    Q183999 XL97: Manual Page Break Does Not Move in Excel 5.0/95 File
    Q159725 XL97: Map Object Different Depending on Insertion Method
    Q166342 XL97: Maximum Array Size in Microsoft Excel 97
    Q136761 XL97: Memory Errors Appear When You Calculate a Custom Function in a Cell
    Q162313 XL97: Merge Workbooks Not Same as Lotus 1-2-3 "/File Combine"
    Q174492 XL97: "Method 'Delete' of object..." Running Sample Code in Help
    Q174139 XL97: Microsoft Excel 97 Viewer Cannot Open Lotus Files
    Q151064 XL97: "Microsoft Excel Cannot Access..." Opening Excel File from Web Server
    Q156603 XL97: Microsoft Excel Inserts a Defined Name in Formula
    Q175356 XL97: Microsoft Graph Object Displayed Differently in Excel 97
    Q173521 XL97: Microsoft Query 97 Does Not Support User and System DSNs
    Q173112 XL97: "Missing or Illegal Field Name" Using Advanced Filter
    Q172789 XL97: Missing Totals When Using Multilevel Subtotals
    Q166880 XL97: Most Recently Used List Is Not Updated
    Q166467 XL97: MRU Displays UNC Path to File on Mapped Drive
    Q171239 XL97: MS Excel Does Not Resume Calculation After Halting
    Q157127 XL97: MS Excel Hangs with UserForm Displayed in Binder
    Q191963 XL97: MS Map May Hang When You Insert Canadian Postal Codes
    Q186382 XL97: Must Restart to Change the Format Painter Mouse Pointer
    Q169397 XL97: Name Box Functionality Has Changed
    Q170309 XL97: Named Locations in Hyperlinks Missing After Saving as HTML
    Q167379 XL97: #NAME? Error After Linking or Updating Data
    Q174290 XL97: #NAME? Error in Formula After Copying into Data Range
    Q170455 XL97: Natural Language Formula Returns Incorrect Results
    Q166744 XL97: Natural Language Formula Returns Zero Value
    Q157095 XL97: Natural Language Formulas Return Error
    Q156445 XL97: New A Functions in Microsoft Excel 97
    Q164729 XL97: New Database Query (.dqy) File Format
    Q172857 XL97: New Text Box Created When Text Box in Chart Linked to Cell
    Q163263 XL97: New UsedRange Property Behavior
    Q167989 XL97: NLFs that use Restricted Labels Return #VALUE! Error
    Q156442 XL97: No "Center Across Columns" Toolbar Button
    Q165758 XL97: No Combination List-Edit Control for UserForms
    Q188992 XL97: No Help on Link for Formatting Can't Be Converted to HTML
    Q156450 XL97: No Info Window in Microsoft Excel 97
    Q157768 XL97: Not all Menu Items Appear for Other Users
    Q220980 XL97: Not All Workbooks Print When Printing from Windows Explorer
    Q168650 XL97: "Not Enough Memory" Error Adding Chart to Workbook
    Q167079 XL97: "Not Enough Memory" Error Using Linking Formulas
    Q160099 XL97: Nothing Is in Printout of Embedded MS Excel Chart
    Q170231 XL97: No Warning with Incorrect Data Validation Setting
    Q156419 XL97: No WorkGroup Toolbar in Microsoft Excel 97
    Q158879 XL97: ;;; Number Format Fails to Hide Cell Contents
    Q171279 XL97: Number Formats Lost Error Opening HTML File
    Q167724 XL97: Number Signs (#) May Appear in Recorded Macros
    Q170290 XL97: "Numeric Value Out of Range" Error in Parameter Query
    Q167725 XL97: Objects Are Printed Incorrectly on HP DeskJet 1600c
    Q173949 XL97: Objects in Chart May Not Appear in Sample Chart
    Q169351 XL97: Objects May Not Appear After Copying Worksheet
    Q164814 XL97: Objects or Borders Are Not Printed Correctly
    Q157204 XL97: Odd Behavior Using Format Painter and Merged Cells
    Q156881 XL97: Only 1,024 Characters Are Displayed in a Cell
    Q196618 XL97: OnSave Property Doesn't Run Using Save As Command
    Q171236 XL97: Opening Workbook in Internet Explorer Does Not Open Viewer
    Q174884 XL97: Option Button Link to Cell Is Lost After Copy and Paste
    Q157108 XL97: Options Not Available in Macro Options Dialog Box
    Q238570 XL97: "Out of Virtual Memory" Opening Many Workbooks with ActiveX or OCX Controls
    Q188503 XL97: Overlapping Formatted Cell Border Behavior
    Q232652 XL97: Overview and History of Excel Patches
    Q161530 XL97: Overview of the Built-In Chart Types
    Q168953 XL97: Page Fault Adding Shadow to Series in Surface Chart
    Q169976 XL97: Page Fault After Saving Microsoft Excel 4.0 Worksheet
    Q172260 XL97: Page Fault Clicking Sheet Tab When Formula Bar Is Active
    Q168363 XL97: Page Fault Copying Shared Formulas and Opening Workbook
    Q172263 XL97: Page Fault Copying Worksheet That Contains a Chart
    Q170759 XL97: Page Fault Creating RealAudio ActiveX Control Object
    Q173018 XL97: Page Fault Deleting a Record with the Data Form
    Q168365 XL97: Page Fault Displaying Macro Options Dialog Box in Macro
    Q169971 XL97: Page Fault Editing Formula That Returns #NULL! Error
    Q175446 XL97: Page Fault Occurs After Filling Formatting and Saving
    Q172212 XL97: Page Fault Occurs Pasting Input Cells for a Data Table
    Q168362 XL97: Page Fault Opening Workbook with a Merged Column
    Q108032 XL97: Page Fault or Violation When Clicking Options on the Tools Menu
    Q171026 XL97: Page Fault Pasting Array Formula Between Workbooks
    Q168366 XL97: Page Fault Pressing ENTER After Clicking Camera Tool
    Q170939 XL97: Page Fault Pressing HOME with Transition Navigation Keys
    Q169108 XL97: Page Fault Printing to Generic / Text Only Printer
    Q172412 XL97: Page Fault Setting ProtectGoalSeek Property of Chart
    Q172277 XL97: Page Fault Starting MS Excel After installing Add-in
    Q167188 XL97: Page Fault Using Formula Containing Boolean Functions
    Q169251 XL97: Page Fault Viewing Chart in Print Preview
    Q173612 XL97: Page Fault Viewing Workbook in Frame in Web Page
    Q172321 XL97: Page Fault When Formatting a Series in a Chart
    Q159754 XL97: Page Numbers in "Now Printing" Dialog May Skip Numbers
    Q160487 XL97: Parameter Query Is Case Sensitive
    Q156888 XL97: Paste Function Buttons Missing in Formula Palette
    Q193065 XL97: PasteSpecial Crash with Math Operation & Paste Range Errors
    Q156869 XL97: Pasting Entire Column Is Slower than in Earlier Versions
    Q161688 XL97: Pasting in Merged Cell Duplicates Copied Cells
    Q157028 XL97: Pasting Merged Cells May Clear Cells in Destination
    Q231304 XL97: Patch Available for Excel 97 Virus Warning Vulnerabilities
    Q157499 XL97: Picture Linked to Cell Does Not Immediately Update
    Q177528 XL97: Pie Chart Slices Don't Match Legend in Printout
    Q172990 XL97: PivotTable Appears Incorrect If Data Contains Merged Cell
    Q168252 XL97: PivotTable Items Missing When Fields Are Pivoted
    Q161540 XL97: PivotTable Report Unavailable with Parameter Query
    Q161746 XL97: Pointer Does Not Change into Hand with ActiveX Controls
    Q186208 XL97: Pointer Not Changed to Format Painter Pointer
    Q238445 XL97: Potential Security Issue with Microsoft Access ODBC Driver
    Q165258 XL97: Pressing ALT+F11 May Not Start the Visual Basic Editor
    Q155836 XL97: Preview Available on Blank Sheet with Merged Cells
    Q171720 XL97: Print Area in Custom View from Earlier Version Is Lost
    Q170683 XL97: Print Area with Merged Cells May Be Set Incorrectly
    Q181200 XL97: Printer Unavailable Error on Print or Page Setup
    Q169056 XL97: Printing After Deleting ActiveX Control Causes IPF
    Q173047 XL97: Printing at Non-Square Resolution Distorts AutoShapes
    Q166274 XL97: Printing or Faxing Entire Workbook Sends Multiple Jobs
    Q164024 XL97: Printing Problem When Print Titles Contain Borders
    Q189314 XL97: Print Preview of Sheet with GIF Causes Invalid Page Fault
    Q156983 XL97: Print Titles with Merged Cells Add Columns or Rows
    Q163895 XL97: Problems Importing Files from Quattro Pro 7.0
    Q191191 XL97: Problems Printing Unicode (Extended) Characters
    Q165494 XL97: Problems Setting Column Headings in ListBox Control
    Q167278 XL97: Problems Using Inserted Control in Another Window
    Q173613 XL97: Problems Using Office Assistant in Netscape Navigator
    Q157610 XL97: Problems When AutoFilling Very Large Time Frames
    Q171278 XL97: Problems When Macro Opens/Saves Text Files with Dates
    Q168563 XL97: Problems When Using Different Print Quality for Sheets
    Q159863 XL97: Problems When you AutoFormat an Entire Worksheet
    Q168848 XL97: Problem with ActiveX Control After Moving Sheet
    Q174516 XL97: Products That Qualify for the Microsoft Excel Upgrade
    Q169374 XL97: "Project Is Unviewable" Message Trying to View Project
    Q218980 XL97: Protected Worksheet Allows You to Paste Data into Cells
    Q162476 XL97: Purpose of the PivotTable Optimize Memory Option
    Q183050 XL97: Queries No Longer Work After Upgrading Oracle ODBC Driver
    Q161759 XL97: Query Is Not Executed in the Background
    Q184388 XL97: Query Is Not Updated When File Is Opened
    Q171578 XL97: Query Wizard May Not Appear When Editing Query
    Q137427 XL97: Question Marks Appear After Deactivating Worksheet Object
    Q177841 XL97: Range of Pasted Hyperlinks May Not Be Sorted Correctly
    Q159361 XL97: Read-Only Recommended Opening 97 & 5.0/95 File Format
    Q162177 XL97: Read/Write Permission Required for Customized Toolbars
    Q175050 XL97: Recalculating Displays Values from Another Workbook
    Q165240 XL97: Redo Toolbar Button Does Not Repeat Formatting
    Q168505 XL97: Redraw Problems Applying Page Setup in Many Sheets
    Q167277 XL97: Referenced Workbooks and Add-Ins Are Automatically Opened
    Q160206 XL97: Reference for ListFillRange Does Not Update Properly
    Q175863 XL97: Reference Incorrectly Listed as "MISSING" in MS Excel 97
    Q156008 XL97: "Reference Is not Valid" Error Clicking Hyperlink
    Q222844 XL97: #REF! Error Recalculating Worksheet with Defined Name
    Q186109 XL97: Refreshing PivotTable Causes Excel to Quit Unexpectedly
    Q178243 XL97: Regression Err: "Cannot Add Chart to a Shared Workbook "
    Q172303 XL97: Remove Page Break Menu Item May Not Remove Page Break
    Q156841 XL97: REPT Function Limited to 32,767 Characters
    Q173614 XL97: Resolving Conflicts Unhides Previously Hidden Worksheet
    Q158540 XL97:Results Unchanged Toggling Transition Formula Evaluation
    Q198159 XL97: Rotated Cells Incorrectly Display Zeros
    Q169722 XL97: Rotated Text May Not Be Visible
    Q166461 XL97: ROW And COLUMN Functions Are Not Recalculated
    Q168915 XL97: Row and Column Submenus Missing in Excel Viewer
    Q186370 XL97: ROW or COLUMN Formula Is Not Updated After Cut and Paste
    Q171075 XL97: Run-Time Error 438 If Macro Uses ControlFormat Object
    Q170635 XL97: Run-Time Error 9 When Using a Macro to Remove Page Break
    Q169103 XL97: Run-Time Error in Macro Assigned to Control
    Q189003 XL97: Run-time Error Using Copy Method to Copy Module Sheet
    Q71315 XL97: Run-time Error Using Location Method to Change Chart
    Q169104 XL97: Run-Time Error Using Macro to Add Custom List
    Q162027 XL97: "Save As HTML" Does Not Create Some Tags
    Q168200 XL97: Saving Worksheet in MS Excel 2.1 Format May Change Data
    Q172960 XL97: Scroll Bar Missing If Control Text Is Too Long
    Q168965 XL97: Scrolling in Chart Causes Text Boxes to Disappear
    Q164919 XL97: Scrolling Through Worksheet Causes MS Excel to Pause
    Q162152 XL97: Separate Jobs Sent When Printing/Faxing Multiple Copies
    Q161348 XL97: Setting Default and User-Defined Chart Types
    Q164164 XL97: Setting Zoom to 39% or Less Changes Worksheet Appearance
    Q156953 XL97: Shaded Objects Printed Differently from Earlier Versions
    Q167276 XL97: Shadows and 3-D Effects Fail to Print Across Page Breaks
    Q158156 XL97: Shadows on Drawing Objects may not Appear Correctly
    Q172485 XL97: Size of a Picture is Larger in Microsoft Excel 97
    Q174195 XL97: Size of Scaled Picture Is Incorrect When Cropped
    Q236419 XL97: Small Business Financial Manager 97/98 Year 2000 Update
    Q221108 XL97: Solver Returns Incorrect Result
    Q177873 XL97: Some Commands Are Not Listed in the Customize Dialog Box
    Q186452 XL97: Some Formulas Are Not Refreshed with Data Table in Workbook
    Q163646 XL97: Some On Events Are Not Displayed in Object Browser
    Q171339 XL97: Some Values Not Recalculated When Using Multiple Formulas
    Q169106 XL97: Some Worksheet Properties not Preserved
    Q159474 XL97: Startup Switches for Microsoft Excel 97
    Q168142 XL97: Status Bar Is Bold When Display Setting Is in Large Font
    Q177051 XL97: SUBTOTAL May Include Data in Hidden Rows
    Q166464 XL97: Summary List of Confirmed Bugs in Microsoft Excel 97
    Q166760 XL97: Syntax Error Running Macro That Inserts WordArt
    Q171217 XL97: "System Error &H80070057" Message Opening Add-In
    Q148607 XL97: Template Wizard May Update Database with Blank Record
    Q165644 XL97: TextColumn Property Displays Only the First Column
    Q156604 XL97: Text Contained in AutoShapes Does Not Rotate
    Q171705 XL97: Text Copied from Microsoft Word Is Converted into Squares
    Q173109 XL97: Text in Colored Cell Fails to Print on Color LaserJet
    Q173156 XL97: Text Is Cut Off When Printing or Viewing a Worksheet
    Q158801 XL97: Text Is Truncated in a Text Box with Rounded Corners
    Q168434 XL97: Text Is Truncated to 255 Characters After Using Justify
    Q157093 XL97: Text May Print on Top of Drawing Objects
    Q167076 XL97: Text Problems in Controls When Worksheet is Zoomed
    Q156446 XL97: "That Command Cannot Be Used" Inserting Columns or Rows
    Q185100 XL97: "The Disk Is Full" Error Copying Very Large Worksheet
    Q179507 XL97: The Workbook Consolidation Wizard
    Q168707 XL97: Times Created by Filling-Down May Be Incorrect
    Q155144 XL97: Toolbox Disappears After Clicking TabStrip Control Tab
    Q171234 XL97: Trendline Equation Label Uses Different Color
    Q183201 XL97: Two Methods for Justifying Text
    Q160609 XL97: Unable to Create a Transparent Chart Area
    Q155209 XL97: Unable to Delete or Hide Sheet1
    Q163924 XL97: "Unable to Open" Error Performing Web Query
    Q172500 XL97: Unable to Open File After Changing Code Name of Sheet
    Q166492 XL97: "Unable to Record" Message When Recording a Macro
    Q155375 XL97: Unable to Rotate AutoShapes While in Edit Mode
    Q168437 XL97: Unable to Select Defined Names by Using Function Wizard
    Q155208 XL97: Unable to Share Custom Lists
    Q157417 XL97: Unable to Use File URL in Linking Formulas
    Q171656 XL97: UNCONF: Problems Using PowerBuilder with Microsoft Excel 97
    Q167873 XL97: Undo After Clearing OLE Object Turns Object into a Picture
    Q156891 XL97: Undo Does Not Always Restore Previous Value
    Q171334 XL97: Undoing "Merge and Center" Causes Page Fault or Hang
    Q173077 XL97: Unexpected Font or Color Formatting Applied to Chart
    Q159958 XL97: Unexpected Results Paste Linking Noncontiguous Range
    Q156926 XL97: Unusual Behavior When You Use the HYPERLINK Function
    Q162794 XL97: Unusual Sheet Names Appear Using Custom Sheet Template
    Q171635 XL97: Upgrade Doesn't Migrate All Xlstart Files
    Q170562 XL97: UserForm Flashes When Editing Caption Property
    Q173148 XL97: UserForm Is Lost When Saving in Earlier Version Format
    Q170938 XL97: User Settings Are Reset After Upgrading
    Q164570 XL97: Using Adobe Acrobat 3.0 PDFWriter with MS Excel 97
    Q173429 XL97: Using AutoFilter May Take a Long Time
    Q161882 XL97: Using PivotTable Calculated Fields and Calculated Items
    Q157488 XL97: Using Server Page Fields in PivotTables
    Q181148 XL97: Using the File Integration Wizard
    Q169355 XL97: Using the MailLogon Method in Microsoft Excel 97
    Q169972 XL97: Using VbConstants in Text Strings in MS Excel 97
    Q175290 XL97: #VALUE! Appears When Function Is Recalculated
    Q190359 XL97: Value (Y) Axis Labels Missing When Workbook Is Reopened
    Q161792 XL97: ValuPack Templates Not in Microsoft Excel 97 Format
    Q170650 XL97: VBE: User-Defined Functions Are Calculated Incorrectly
    Q162630 XL97: Virus Search Add-In Was Not Included with Microsoft Excel
    Q172411 XL97: Visio 4 Drawing Object Disappears After Being Opened
    Q168949 XL97: Visio 4 Drawing Object May Not Be Displayed Correctly
    Q162633 XL97: Visual Basic Help File Is Available for Microsoft Map
    Q175223 XL97: Visual Basic Procedure Halts on Workbooks.Open
    Q160333 XL97: Warning Saving Workbook if It Contains a Sound Note
    Q162025 XL97: Web Query File Is Case Sensitive
    Q172241 XL97: White Text May Not Be Printed or Appear in Preview
    Q170839 XL97: Windows Are Restored After Adding Worksheet to Binder
    Q169353 XL97: Window Vanishes/Stops Responding After Inserting Cut Cells
    Q174219 XL97: WordArt Object Displayed Differently in Excel 97
    Q174218 XL97: Word Object Displayed Differently in Excel 97
    Q176251 XL97: WorkBookBeforeClose Event Fires Unexpectedly
    Q168199 XL97: Workbook Protected/Saved with a Password Is Saved Slowly
    Q167713 XL97: Workbooks Saved in Earlier Formats May Open Slowly
    Q191661 XL97: Worksheet Not Recalculated with More Than 240 Formulas in Same Row
    Q187479 XL97: Wrong Folder Displayed in Save As Dialog Box Quitting Excel
    Q174080 XL97: Wrong Printer Is Used After Changing Printer Properties
    Q172097 XL97: Wrong Values Displayed for Calculated Item in PivotTable
    Q173321 XL97: "Xlquery.xla Could Not Be Found" Error Opening File

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