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    Q75274 16 Background Colors in Text Mode with MCGA, EGA, or VGA
    Q58437 Accessing Child Process Exit Code from 16-Bit Parent Process
    Q71202 Accessing Drive w/o MS-DOS Message on Single Floppy System
    Q68886 Accessing Interrupt Return Status in Zero Flag
    Q118613 Accessing OLE 2.0 Embedded Object Dirties OLE 1.0 Client
    Q104652 Accessing Open File Handles in a Child Process
    Q40594 Accessing the COM3: or COM4: Port
    Q155645 ActiveX Control Fails in Visual Basic but Works Fine in MFC
    Q98602 Adding a CObList Object to Another CObList
    Q87637 Allocating Space in the Far Heap in Near Data Models
    Q68874 ANSI.SYS Escape Codes with printf() for Screen Control
    Q49006 APPEND Command Is Not Utilized with access() Function
    Q23869 Application Owns Memory Block After free() Call
    Q85860 APPNOTE: Relocatable Object Module Format Appnote Available
    Q118758 Article List for Problems With a CLongBinary Field
    Q41374 Assignment of Void Pointer Does Not Give Warning Message
    Q38312 Attributes in Hercules Graphics Mode
    Q93661 Automatically Closing QuickWin Exec Window at Completion
    Q43486 Automatic Casting from Near Pointer to Far Pointer
    Q118686 Availability of Japanese Visual C++
    Q104242 Batch File to Replace Time OBJs in VC++ w/ C/C++ 7.0 OBJs
    Q169434 BETA-PRB: Tabbing Broken for ATL Controls in IE 4.0
    Q69504 _bios_disk May Require 3 Tries Before Drive Up to Speed
    Q47987 _bios_serialcom Sends and Receives Single Character Data
    Q116287 BUG: $(TARGET) Doesn't Bring Up Single-Source EXE in CodeView
    Q177351 BUG: 16-bit Executable Resources Gets Corrupted
    Q149237 BUG: 4 Class Wizard Problems w/ International System Settings
    Q167749 BUG: Access to Nested Base Class Member Functions Blocked
    Q155721 BUG: Access Violation in RFX_Date If CTime Not Initialized
    Q154111 BUG: Access Violation Opening a Workspace of Type Makefile
    Q177912 BUG: Access Violation When Calling COleVariant::Clear()
    Q190530 BUG: ActiveX Control Events Are Not Fired in ATL Dialog
    Q167697 BUG: ActiveX Control in IE Asserts in CTLINPLC.CPP, Line 328
    Q192626 BUG: Adding Method to Custom Interface Causes MIDL2269
    Q123781 BUG: Additional DLLs Invalid in Debug Project Settings
    Q58779 BUG: After Increasing Available File Handles, exec() Hangs
    Q229964 BUG: AfxMessageBox Help Fails to Bring Up Proper Topic
    Q154320 BUG: AfxOleInit Returns TRUE Without Initializing OLE in a DLL
    Q119519 BUG: Aggregate Initializer Fails In VC++ 32-bit, Ver. 1.0, 2.0
    Q119519 BUG: Aggregate Initializer Fails In VC++ 32-bit, Ver. 1.0, 2.0
    Q177103 BUG: ALT+Key Combination in Property Page Causes Stack Overflow
    Q141866 BUG: App Error While Changing Install Dir for Visual C++
    Q168927 BUG: Application_NewWorkspace Event Is Never Fired
    Q116488 BUG: App Studio Generates GPF with Long Strings Defined
    Q113114 BUG: App Studio GP Faults in RCDLL.DLL When Opening a .RC file
    Q134884 BUG: App with CFormView Causes Stack Overflow or GP Fault
    Q113246 BUG: AppWizard and Table with Many Columns May Cause Error
    Q111813 BUG: AppWizard May Fail Using Text Database as Data Source
    Q170530 BUG: AppWizard Project Cannot Open Include File .RC2
    Q180385 BUG: AppWizard Sometimes Fails to Display the Platforms Option
    Q99153 BUG: Arc Drawn Incorrectly When Bounding Rectangle Large
    Q126843 BUG: Array of Unnamed Union Does Not Initialize Correctly
    Q113428 BUG: Array-Style New Allocates Wrong Number of Objects
    Q231578 BUG: ASSERT in WinOcc.cpp when Hosting a WebBrowser Control in an MFC Container
    Q195033 BUG: Assertion Failed When Opening a Second ActiveX Document
    Q187684 BUG: Assert When Calling AfxFreeLibrary from ExitInstance
    Q231592 BUG: ATL ClassWizard Uses AfxGetStaticModuleState() in MFC EXE
    Q202128 BUG: ATL EXE Server Based on CComAutoThreadModule May Hang on Registration
    Q166720 BUG: ATL Object Wizard Dialog Box Comes Up Empty
    Q190148 BUG: ATL Object Wizard Doesn't Add Entry to Connection Point Map
    Q166723 BUG: ATL Object Wizard Prevents Undo Changes
    Q198520 BUG: ATL OLE DB Provider Fails When Called from SQL 7.0 Query
    Q194861 BUG: "AtlReportError: no overloaded function takes X parameters"
    Q190686 BUG: ATL Server Registration May Fail for Non- Administrators
    Q172955 BUG: ATL Service Causes Random Asserts in Run Member Function
    Q167946 BUG: ATL Service EXE Doesn't Build in Release Build
    Q235434 BUG: "Attach to Process" List Is Empty
    Q188721 BUG: AV Using ios-Derived Type in Multithreaded Apps
    Q229030 BUG: A Workspace with Many Dependencies May Appear to Hang
    Q117200 BUG: Bad Address for Anonymous Union/Struct Fields in VWB
    Q113117 BUG: Bad Code for Case 0xFFFFFFFF in Switch on Unsigned Long
    Q112564 BUG: Bad Code for Comparison of long When Compiling for 80386
    Q114875 BUG: Bad Code for __fastcall Function Calling an Intrinsic
    Q116441 BUG: Bad Code Generated for Based Structures
    Q170514 BUG: Bad Codegen with /Og and FP Mult in Class with Virt Dtor
    Q135526 BUG: Bad Result If Call Inline Function Twice in Expression
    Q116172 BUG: Based Ptr. Init Fails at Global Scope in CPP File
    Q66773 BUG: Based Variable EXTRN Directive Incorrect in ASM, COD File
    Q142211 BUG: Blob Persistent Data Incorrect for Ported OLE Control
    Q117736 BUG: Books Online Topic Window Closes with Workbench
    Q114535 BUG: Books Online Viewer GP Faults When Using DBWIN
    Q195373 BUG: Breakpoint Not Hit in ActiveX DLL on CE Device
    Q148880 BUG: Breakpoint Occurs When You Insert Clipboard Assistant
    Q108290 BUG: Breakpoint on WM_MDIACTIVATE Code Maximizes Windows
    Q171065 BUG: Breakpoint Skip Count Resets to Zero After First Pass
    Q193513 BUG: Breakpoints Not Hit in ATL MMC Snap-In
    Q117311 BUG: Break When Expression Has Changed Fails With Floats
    Q168419 BUG: Browse Info Flag Not Saved for Subproject After Conversion
    Q116325 BUG: Browser Information Shows Incorrect Reference to Variable
    Q147632 BUG: Browsing Template Function Definition Goes to Wrong Place
    Q167927 BUG: Building ATL Service Project Does Not Register the Service
    Q183418 BUG: Build Succeeds Despite Invalid Custom Build Command
    Q136486 BUG: Build w/ Many Include Directories Quits Early w/No Errors
    Q179271 BUG: C1001 Error for More Than One Explicit Instantiation
    Q92617 BUG: C1001 Error From Complex Structure Declaration
    Q168374 BUG: C1001 file 'msc1.cpp', line 1188, Using Recursive Namespace
    Q116442 BUG: C1001 Generated Using typedef for Member Functions
    Q100966 BUG: C1001: grammar.c, Line 155, Constructor Argument List
    Q87527 BUG: C1001: grammar.c, line 179, 180, or 192
    Q126844 BUG: C1001 ICE If Compiling MFC Applications with /vmg Option
    Q113115 BUG: C1001 in '@(#)p3io.c:1.29', Line 611
    Q115524 BUG: C1001: Internal Compiler Error, File main.c
    Q236099 BUG: C1001: Internal Compiler Error in Template.cpp File, Line 6514
    Q115525 BUG: C1001: Internal Compiler Error, msc1.cpp Using /Zi
    Q115853 BUG: C1001: Internal Compiler Error: msc3.cpp, Line 429
    Q115526 BUG: C1001: Internal Compiler Error: pgoMD2.c, Line 681
    Q178512 BUG: C1001 in Third-Party STL Code Using Visual Studio 97 SP3
    Q140188 BUG: C1001 or C2434: Using Templates in Default Arguments
    Q168383 BUG: C1001 p2symtab.c, line 2221 In Direct Init of Static
    Q113110 BUG: C1001: pgoMD.c, Line 4578 or 4877 Compiling for 80386
    Q195738 BUG: C1001 When Template Class Is Included in Precompiled Header
    Q111357 BUG: C1017 Occurs with /Zg and #if
    Q102159 BUG: C1083, "Compiler Cannot Open Intermediate File" Error
    Q179273 BUG: C2059 Initializing Static Data Member of a Template Class
    Q103789 BUG: C2059 When Memory Model Used with Conversion Function
    Q113118 BUG: C2061, C2062, C2226, C2039 Occur When Using enum types
    Q177431 BUG: C2065: Undeclared Identifier Creating a STL Function Object
    Q168373 BUG: C2065 When Default Constructor of a Nested Class Called
    Q119522 BUG: C2088 Error Incorrectly Generated by Fast Compiler
    Q116170 BUG: C2099 Generated Initializing Struct with Macro
    Q128788 BUG: C2143 When Initializing Static Member in Class Template
    Q216977 BUG: C2233 on User-Defined Type Array Member of Template Class
    Q168384 BUG: C2248: No Access for Friend Class in a Template Class
    Q167966 BUG: C2248: Statics in Friends, No Access to Protected Members
    Q122370 BUG: C2248 When Access Protected Nested Class in Derived Class
    Q150885 BUG: C2321 Expanding Template with a Pointer to a Nested Class
    Q153801 BUG: C2352 Error for Reference to Nested Class Member
    Q154527 BUG: C2374 in OLECTLID.H When Rebuilding DBDAO3.DLL for VC 4.2
    Q123093 BUG: C2400 With __asm and __emit Inline Assembler
    Q149327 BUG: C2440 Expanding Template with a Pointer to a Nested Class
    Q125799 BUG: C2443 Using Structure Member Operand in _asm Block
    Q117383 BUG: C2483 Instantiating Objects with the Thread Attribute
    Q127900 BUG: C2487 Error Occurs If Multiple Static Vars Use dllexport
    Q122267 BUG: C2511 Error on Member Function with Unknown Parameter
    Q171064 BUG: C2512 Instantiating Template in Member Initializer
    Q184089 BUG: C2555 with Virtual Function Returning Template Object
    Q138847 BUG: C2572 When Define Function Pointer w/ Default Argument
    Q167113 BUG: C2734, C2166: Caused by Template Function with const ref
    Q168078 BUG: C2784 Instantiating STL Objects With a UDT Parameter
    Q139296 BUG: C2955 Error Generated If Using Same Name as Template
    Q150076 BUG: C4003: Not Enough Parameters for SubclassWindow Macro
    Q148223 BUG: C4003 When Building Wrapper For Word.Basic 7.0 Object
    Q119224 BUG: C4306 Warning when Using Signal Handler
    Q122539 BUG: C4786 or C1067 Caused by Long Identifier and /Zi
    Q167355 BUG: C4786 Warning is Not Disabled with #pragma Warning
    Q167355 BUG: C4786 Warning Is Not Disabled with #pragma Warning
    Q65331 BUG: C 6.0 /G1 Option Puts .286 Specifier in Assembly Listings
    Q116443 BUG: C 6.0 Symbol STKHQQ Not Defined in OLDNAMES.LIB
    Q189094 BUG: Calling CHttpFile::ErrorDlg Function Causes Errors 127 & 2
    Q88092 BUG: Cannot Access Static Data Members in Inline Assembly
    Q167798 BUG: Can Not Attach Process to Debugger from NT Task Manager
    Q142493 BUG: Cannot Cast Double to int for Use in an Array Declarator
    Q122258 BUG: Cannot Disconnect From Network Drive After Running Setup
    Q139012 BUG: Cannot Map Functions to Special Keys in Developer Studio
    Q148806 BUG: Cannot Open Document from Shell If EXE Has Long File Name
    Q163252 BUG: Cannot Remove BS_PUSHLIKE in Resource Editor
    Q180593 BUG: Cannot Rename Directory of a Closed Workspace
    Q132200 BUG: Cannot Restore MSVC.EXE from Windows 95 Taskbar
    Q155591 BUG: Cannot Set Access Memo Field to NULL with Snapshots
    Q200578 BUG: Cannot Step Over Function That Contains Data Breakpoint
    Q122277 BUG: Cannot Traverse MKTYPLIB.EXE Errors in Visual C++ IDE
    Q166110 BUG: Can Set SQL Breakpoints on Invalid Lines Inside a Trigger
    Q104240 BUG: Can't Debug LibMain with VC++ Debugger
    Q221083 BUG: Can't Insert CE ActiveX Control onto a Dialog Box in the Resource Editor
    Q138632 BUG: Can't Serialize Items After CRichEditDoc::Serialize
    Q139053 BUG: Can't Set Some Background/Foreground Colors in InfoViewer
    Q129132 BUG: Can't Use Simple Type in an Explicit Call of a Destructor
    Q87554 BUG: CArchiveException for Read-only and Write-only Files
    Q201116 BUG: CB_SETTOPINDEX and CB_GETTOPINDEX Always Return Zero on Macintosh
    Q72889 BUG: C Compiler May Not Catch Integer Division-by-Zero Error
    Q224928 BUG: CFormView Loses the Control's Focus When Restored
    Q158230 BUG: Changes in an ISAM Table Not Seen by DAO
    Q145995 BUG: Changes to Remote Project Files Not Detected
    Q116493 BUG: Changing Radix May Result in Inaccurate Watch Values
    Q122790 BUG: Character Constant with \0 Not Stored Properly
    Q122540 BUG: 'char *' Passed to 'const char * &' Violates Type Safety
    Q220021 BUG: CHtmlView Does Not Repaint Correctly in an AppWizard-Generated MDI Application
    Q114153 BUG: Class Export with Inline Constructor Causes L2022
    Q182323 BUG: ClassView Add... Errors with Read-Only Project Files
    Q192629 BUG: ClassView Cannot Add Member Functions To Template Classes
    Q154112 BUG: ClassView Cannot Find Template Member Function Definition
    Q179012 BUG: ClassView Lacks "Go to Declaration" for Static Data Members
    Q118875 BUG: ClassWizard "Bind", "Update Columns" Buttons Disabled.
    Q102668 BUG: ClassWizard Does Not Display Messages for VBX Control
    Q131990 BUG: Class Wizard Generates Incorrect CScrollBar Class Name
    Q131990 BUG: ClassWizard Generates Incorrect CScrollBar Class Name
    Q190510 BUG: ClassWizard Is Disabled When Any Workspace Project Unloaded
    Q168044 BUG: ClassWizard May Fail to Derive a Class from CRecordset
    Q192975 BUG: ClassWizard Parsing Error with MBCS Helpstring in .odl File
    Q121544 BUG: CL.DEF Not Copied from CD Causes LINK Fatal Error L1092
    Q134736 BUG: Clicking Thumb Does Not Generate SB_THUMBPOSITION Message
    Q114102 BUG: CL /? Only Displays 25 Lines at a Time
    Q116464 BUG: Closing MS-DOS Session While Debugging Causes GPF
    Q113586 BUG: CMemFile File Size Limited to 64K
    Q116238 BUG: Code Generation Problem with /Oc and /f Compiler Options
    Q116490 BUG: CodeView for Windows Displays "Unsupported Video Mode"
    Q196837 BUG: Compile Errors Result for Certain ATL Method Parameters
    Q116171 BUG: Compiler Accepts Invalid Syntax: "class funcname()"
    Q127803 BUG: Compiler Error C2470: Cannot Open Database File
    Q167323 BUG: Compiler Error C2955 Caused by Global STL Iterators
    Q116240 BUG: Compiler Errors Initializing const Reference to an Array
    Q133179 BUG: Compiler Fails Syntax Check of Extra Comma in enum List
    Q65744 BUG: Compiler Fails to Generate Symbolic Info for ELSE IF
    Q116169 BUG: Compiler Incorrectly Decorates C++ Operators
    Q115326 BUG: Compiler Omits C4758 and/or C4762 Warnings
    Q235224 BUG: Compiling ANSI Build of Dao36x.dll Generates Error
    Q152211 BUG: Constructor Gets Called Multiple Times on the Same Object
    Q110801 BUG: Contain Sample Draws Incorrectly with In-place Server
    Q167848 BUG: Context Sensitive Help Problems in OLE Common Dialogs
    Q168082 BUG: Crash During Project Conversion If Project Has MAC Targets
    Q178967 BUG: CRecordset Does Not Set HSTMT Attributes for Updates
    Q166939 BUG: CRecordset::Update Fails After Upgrading
    Q181207 BUG: CRuntimeClass Not Available for CInternetException
    Q145993 BUG: Crystal Reports AppWizard Disables Multi-Language Support
    Q148455 BUG: CSharedFile::Detach() Does Not Call GlobalUnlock()
    Q190471 BUG: CTime::Format Returns Wrong Date If the Date Field Is NULL
    Q143313 BUG: CToolTipCtrl Stops Working After Dialog Is Displayed
    Q138756 BUG: Cursor Editor Fill Tool Doesn't Affect BackGround Pixels
    Q190977 BUG: Custom AppWizard Generates Incorrect Toolbars and Bitmaps
    Q194842 BUG: Custom AppWizard Lacks Toolbar Templates for Standard Steps
    Q117498 BUG: Custom-Based new() and delete() Fail
    Q138764 BUG: Custom Build Commands Not Assigned Values
    Q167324 BUG: Custom Build Rule Not Saved for File Excluded from Build
    Q168123 BUG: CWindow::GetTopLevelWindow() returns NULL
    Q115709 BUG: 'CXX0017: Error: symbol not found' Compiling with /Zi
    Q235507 BUG: DAO 3.6 Causes Debug Errors in MFC DAO Non-Unicode Builds
    Q145719 BUG: DAOENROL - Can't See Added Records in Windows 95
    Q150408 BUG: Data Entered with HGLOBAL Is Not Placed in Table
    Q165432 BUG: DBGrid Does Not Insert Record if Field Name Contains Dash
    Q122273 BUG: DDP_PostProcessing() Catches All Exceptions
    Q139593 BUG: DDX Problem with Combo Box in Win32s
    Q168378 BUG: Debug "Additional Dlls" Entry Shows on All Projects
    Q172398 BUG: Debug Assertion When Assigning to STL String
    Q172887 BUG: Debugger Cannot Safely Change Current Location
    Q200597 BUG: Debugger Cannot Step Out of Recursive Function
    Q177937 BUG: Debugger Cannot Watch Function Returning struct or union
    Q115322 BUG: Debugger Can't Watch Static Member in Static Function
    Q168379 BUG: Debugger Does not Step Over to __finally Code Block
    Q168379 BUG: Debugger Does Not Step Over to __finally Code Block
    Q199058 BUG: Debugger.SetNextStatement Displays Dialog Box
    Q143109 BUG: Debugger Shows Incorrect "this" Pointer
    Q167696 BUG: Debug Static MFC Library Links to UrlMon.dll/Wininet.dll
    Q135759 BUG: Default Button Style Not Set Correctly in CFormView
    Q167350 BUG: Default Constructor Argument Cannot Use Namespace Scope
    Q138971 BUG: Default Dialog-Based Application Doesn't Work in Win32s
    Q185675 BUG: DelayRenderFileData() Does Not Call OnRenderFileData()
    Q133068 BUG: Deleting a Struct Typedef Causes C1059, C1063, or C1001
    Q190975 BUG: Deleting Files from a Project Does Not Update IntelliSense
    Q130218 BUG: Deleting Pointer of Pointer Gives Ambiguous Error Message
    Q168410 BUG: Dependency Information Is Lost After Workspace Is Closed
    Q201092 BUG: Derived Structure Can Access Private Members of Base Class
    Q131148 BUG : Destructor Called Erroneously
    Q120964 BUG: Destructor Called Unexpectedly with Local Static Array
    Q236114 BUG: Destructor of Static Object Not Called on Exit
    Q193477 BUG: Developer Studio Exits When Creating a Derived Class
    Q123809 BUG: Development Environment Doesn't Unload DLL on Termination
    Q147736 BUG: Dialog Previewer May Incorrectly Draw Caption on Dialogs
    Q140528 BUG: Disassembly Window Does Not Display Symbols for Macintosh
    Q130731 BUG: Division of Long Doubles May Generate Incorrect Code
    Q168847 BUG: "DM0025: Error attaching to process" In Windows 95
    Q187378 BUG: DoBulkFieldExchange Not Called for MFC Recordset Class
    Q116438 BUG: _dos_lock() Uses SI and DI Without Restoring Values
    Q170171 BUG: DUMPBIN Displays Cumulative Data for Multiple Arguments
    Q141345 BUG: Duplicating Resource Causes Resource ID Collision
    Q115706 BUG: DX1020 or C1001 Generated Using /Gsw and /Bd Switches
    Q147944 BUG: Edit Control's Number Style Check Box Won't Stay Selected
    Q193217 BUG: Editing Compiled Resource Causes Them to Dissappear
    Q194841 BUG: Editing the IDL File May Cause ClassView Shortcuts to Fail
    Q150291 BUG: Empty File Name in PrivateProfile APIs Returns True
    Q125495 BUG: Enum in Function Template Causes C2065 Compiler Error
    Q167325 BUG: Env Vars Not Used in Exported Makefile Dependencies
    Q115528 BUG: Erroneous C2352 Generated When Using typedef'd Base Class
    Q102366 BUG: Error 16 Messages Building MAKEAPP Sample w/ MAKEAPP.BAT
    Q134878 BUG: Error: "An errror occurred reading the index file"
    Q150572 BUG: Error C1001: _asm Instruction Accessing Stack Using [ebp]
    Q188708 BUG: Error C1083 Building Large Projects with Browse Info
    Q201830 BUG: Error C2011 When Reusing Nested Structure Tag Names
    Q195073 BUG: Error C2065: 'DDX_FieldDateTimeCtrl': Undeclared Identifier
    Q231995 BUG: Error C2664 and C2582 While Using CArray Class
    Q165803 BUG: Error C2783 - Cannot Deduce Non-Type Template Parameter
    Q168926 BUG: "Error copying sample files" When Copying Samples to Drive
    Q166756 BUG: Error in Requery When Set Null Date Parameter to Not Null
    Q132853 BUG: Error: L2029: '__FPMATH':Unresolved external with /NOI
    Q138693 BUG: Error Opening .Bsc File from MRU List
    Q152482 BUG: Error: Undefined Symbol 'DOC' from Custom AppWizard
    Q168433 BUG: Error Using _ttoi64 with Non-Unicode Applications
    Q156503 BUG: Error When Deleting a Record Using the Apex Grid Control
    Q116180 BUG: Escape Key Deactivation of In-Place Item in OLE Server
    Q167960 BUG: ESC/ENTER Keys Do Not Work When Editing CTreeCtrl Labels
    Q167960 BUG: ESC/ENTER Keys Don't Work When Editing CTreeCtrl Labels
    Q182045 BUG: Excessive Delay Before Build, Export Makefile, or Debug
    Q166133 BUG: Execute <name>.EXE Menu Item Does Not State Name of SP
    Q156133 BUG: Execute SQL Toolbar Button Not Disabled with Focus Change
    Q199057 BUG: Expansion of __LINE__ Macro Is Incorrect When Using /ZI
    Q168387 BUG: Exported Makefile May Be Useless if Custom Build Uses "CD"
    Q168112 BUG: External Dependencies May Be in Exported Makefile
    Q167359 BUG: extern Declaration Generates Extra Constructor Call
    Q140573 BUG: F4 to Go to Error/Tag Doesn't Always Open Source File
    Q164957 BUG: Failure to Load Odbccr32.dll on Alpha Machine
    Q116168 BUG: Fast Compiler Generates Bad Code for Decrement Operator
    Q149786 BUG: Fatal Error C1001: (compiler file 'msc3.cpp', line 429)
    Q149786 BUG: Fatal Error C1001: (compiler file 'msc3.cpp', line 429)
    Q131323 BUG: Fatal Error C1001 Line 585 w/ Pointer to Member Function
    Q122042 BUG: Fatal Error C1001 Using /Zg with Large C++ Header Files
    Q184236 BUG: Filebuf overflow() and underflow() Call filebuf::sync()
    Q139476 BUG: File Time Incorrect After Saving During Build
    Q173244 BUG: FindIndex Works Incorrectly When nIndex Is Negative
    Q150349 BUG: Finish Button Fails Data Transfer from Page to Variables
    Q116309 BUG: _floodfill() May Hang Drawing Highly Complex Borders
    Q167338 BUG: Format("%D") Fails for COleDateTime and COleDateTimeSpan
    Q145821 BUG: Format Specifications Give Incorrect Output
    Q202197 BUG: Freeing Resource DLLs in ExitInstance Causes Error
    Q61308 BUG: /Fs Does Not Locate Error When #line Directive Specified
    Q115856 BUG: Function Defined in Local Class Causes C1001
    Q115705 BUG: Function Style Conversion Incorrectly Generates Errors
    Q116239 BUG: Function that Inherits Through Dominance Fails
    Q115847 BUG: /G3 /AL Options Generate Bad Code For Comparison to Long
    Q115701 BUG: /G3 Option Generates Bad Code for sscanf and Structures
    Q107427 BUG: getch() Returns Incorrect Extended Key Codes
    Q149982 BUG: GetDlgItem() Returns NULL Under Win32s
    Q116213 BUG: getenv() Fails when Called in Ctor for QuickWin App
    Q157071 BUG: GetFieldValue Returns Empty String for SQL_LONGVARCHAR
    Q191128 BUG: GetItem and SetItem Do Not Have an Indent Parameter
    Q153216 BUG: GetRowsEx() Incorrectly Handles Null Field Values
    Q167170 BUG: GetWindowContextHelpId() returns 0 for ActiveX Controls
    Q116241 BUG: Global-Register Allocation Generates Incorrect Results
    Q122541 BUG: Goto() Within Try-Except Block Causes C2705 Error
    Q99390 BUG: GP Fault from Clicking App Studio Edit Menu
    Q114079 BUG: GP Fault in SHW0.DLL When Starting to Debug
    Q125798 BUG: GP Fault in sscanf Function When Using /Gf Option
    Q149785 BUG: GP Fault When You Access Struct Member Using Huge Pointer
    Q149785 BUG: GP Fault When You Access Struct Member Using Huge Pointer
    Q138755 BUG: GPF When Drag-Drop Resources Between Two Resource Scripts
    Q104095 BUG: HANDLER Sample Builds but Does Not Work Correctly
    Q139639 BUG: Hcrtf.exe Causes Hcw.exe to Quit If Already Running
    Q166716 BUG: Header File Listed in SYSINCL.DAT in Dependency List
    Q142593 BUG: Header Files Not Excluded from Project Directory
    Q116166 BUG: "Help Topic Does Not Exist" for VBX Control in App Studio
    Q116211 BUG: HIERSVR Example from Visual C++ 1.0 Causes Internal Error
    Q102679 BUG: Huge Array in C++ App May Cause General Protection Fault
    Q111754 BUG: __Huge New Operator Fails with Variable Size
    Q116373 BUG: IDE Hangs Bringing Up Class Wizard While Debugging
    Q151898 BUG: Include Directories Cannot End with a Backslash
    Q139028 BUG: Incomplete pragma Directive May Cause C1001 Error
    Q110717 BUG: Incorrect C4050 Warning When Using Function Pointers
    Q113061 BUG: Incorrect C4762 Generated with Optimizing Compiler
    Q122265 BUG: Incorrect Calculations with Both /Og and /G5
    Q116243 BUG: Incorrect Cast from Near to Far Function Pointer
    Q122542 BUG: Incorrect Code for Loop with Known Value
    Q106400 BUG: Incorrect Code from Intrinsic memset() Routine
    Q219415 BUG: Incorrect Code Generated by the Cluster Resource Type Wizard
    Q111767 BUG: Incorrect Code Generated for Long Constant
    Q121290 BUG: Incorrect Code Generated When Use ? : with ++
    Q194608 BUG: Incorrect Code Generated with /Og Optimization
    Q122543 BUG: Incorrect Code When Increment Pointer Based on a Pointer
    Q168380 BUG: Incorrect Evaluation of Static Member Functions in Debugge
    Q168380 BUG: Incorrect Evaluation of Static Member Functions in Debugger
    Q115703 BUG: Incorrect Float/Double Value Returned in /AS or /AM Model
    Q138567 BUG: Incorrect Function Name Binding in Function Templates
    Q92730 BUG: Incorrect P-Code Generated for Large Integer Constant
    Q214442 BUG: Incorrect Prototype in ClassWizard CRecordset::Move() Override
    Q117792 BUG: Incorrect SS==DS in DLL Makefile for Sample MUSCROLL
    Q119873 BUG: Incorrect Use of #pragma Pack Causes C1001 Errors
    Q167306 BUG: Initializer for Empty Struct Causes C2059 or C1001
    Q175985 BUG: Installing DAO SDK Outside of \DEVSTUDIO May Cause Problems
    Q190968 BUG: IntelliSense Limitations with C++ Classes
    Q190966 BUG: IntelliSense Limitations with Templates
    Q114532 BUG: Internal Compiler Error, C1001, MSC2.CPP, line 1011
    Q226110 BUG: Internal Compiler Error Creating a Copy of a Temporary Object
    Q113112 BUG: Internal Compiler Error: MSC1.CPP, Line 585 or 581
    Q167326 BUG: Intrinsic Version of strcmp May Return Incorrect Result
    Q167326 BUG: Intrinsic Version of strcmp May Return Incorrect Result
    Q115325 BUG: Intrinsic Version of strlen() Fails
    Q177422 BUG: Invalid Directory Path Encountered During Install
    Q119393 BUG: Invalid Extraction from istrstream Does Not Set failbit
    Q189585 BUG: Invisible at Run Time ActiveX Control, Visible at Run Time
    Q148686 BUG: IOMANIPdeclare Macro Causes C2758 Error with References
    Q123161 BUG: ios::internal Adds No Fill Characters for int and long
    Q149966 BUG: istream::operator>>(long&) Does Not Clear errno
    Q116372 BUG: L1103 Error when Initializing __huge Data Array
    Q100540 BUG: L2025 Error Because Member Function Not Decorated
    Q120243 BUG: L2025 With Static Object in Inline Function
    Q104244 BUG: L2029 When Using struct with "volatile" Keyword
    Q141458 BUG: Large Selections Fail in Disassembly Window
    Q179690 BUG: Launching COM Server with Long File Name Returns 0x80080005
    Q163369 BUG: LDd Suppresses Implicit Definition of _DEBUG
    Q99574 BUG: Library Name Changes When Compile Option Changes
    Q120968 BUG: Limitation w/ Disabling Warnings Above 4699 w/ #pragma
    Q117386 BUG: Link Error L2022 : "__aab : export undefined"
    Q123780 BUG: Link Fails w/ Unresolved External When Call SWAP.H
    Q98410 BUG: "Link Returned Error Code 3" in Visual Workbench
    Q151167 BUG: LNK2001 Error for Static Member in Class Template
    Q128789 BUG: LNK2001 on Member Function When Use Nested Class Template
    Q152254 BUG: LNK2001 on Operator>> with Class from MFC Extension DLL
    Q222005 BUG: LNK2001 When Building Applications for MIPS Palm-size PC That Use Float Comparisons
    Q164778 BUG: Loading Visual Test Project May Crash Developer Studio
    Q168424 BUG: Localize Sample Cannot Be Built
    Q117148 BUG: Long Macros Used in Old .RC Files Cause GP Faults
    Q121016 BUG: Long Query Name in Browser Causes Application Error
    Q134679 BUG: Loss of Decimal Digits with MFC Database Classes
    Q140529 BUG: Macintosh App Quits & Computer Hangs After Menu Selection
    Q155046 BUG: Member Function Referenced Without () Compiles
    Q225099 BUG: Memory Access Violation Uses Repeated Realloc's For Small Blocks
    Q221911 BUG: Memory Leak in Visual C++ Integrated Debugger
    Q199540 BUG: Memory Leaks When Using Bitmaps in Visual C++ Macintosh 4.0b 68K Applications
    Q188579 BUG: Memory Leak with Jet 3.51 and Remote ODBC Data Sources
    Q94582 BUG: Memory Loss From MOVE Overlaid Application
    Q191129 BUG: Menu Merge Problem with Server in Active Doc Container
    Q139077 BUG: Menu Text May Appear on Second Monitor
    Q136391 BUG: MessageBox with NULL Owner and MB_TASKMODAL
    Q139075 BUG: MF4024/MF1005 Generated for Serial Communication Settings
    Q224788 BUG: MFC Active Document Container Can Hang After Invoking Server's About Box
    Q117795 BUG: MFC Library Build Fails with NOSTRICT Defined
    Q232337 BUG: MFC Wizards Fail with "Unrecognized Database Format"
    Q196830 BUG: MIDL2039 Warning with IFontDisp/IPictureDisp Parameter Type
    Q133758 BUG: Mismatched USER32.DBG File on Windows NT 3.51 CD-ROM Disc
    Q116210 BUG: mktime() May Cause R6003 "integer divide by 0" Error
    Q177101 BUG: Modal Dialogs in MFC Regular DLL Cause ASSERT in AfxWndProc
    Q149324 BUG: Modifying Const Temporary Object Doesn't Generate Error
    Q139076 BUG: Mpw2lib Fails on Long File Names
    Q195382 BUG: MsDev Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Devedit.pkg
    Q172892 BUG: MSDEV Crashes if Same PDB Name Used for Compiler and Linker
    Q149482 BUG: MSDEV Does Not Report Error When It Cannot Find Make File
    Q164414 BUG: MSDEV Error: "The Requested Topic Does Not Exist"
    Q153324 BUG: MSDEV May Leave Orphaned Threads in the Memory After Exit
    Q123495 BUG: MSVC20 Setup Fails to Install Books Online Only
    Q192536 BUG: Msvcrt.dll Does Not Initialize Global Objects
    Q201090 BUG: Multi-Byte Character Strings Cause ISAPI Wizard to Fail
    Q168932 BUG: Multiple Based Conversion Results May Be Incorrect
    Q153239 BUG: Multiple CRichEditView::PrintInsideRect's Are Distorted
    Q168934 BUG: Multiple Errors Compiling Std C++ Library Headers with /Za
    Q112985 BUG: new Allocates 0 Bytes for Typedef Class Function Pointer
    Q167339 BUG: New Class Added in ATLWizard Removes Edit Interface Setting
    Q168420 BUG: NMAKE Build Fails When Intermediate Dir Starts with ..\
    Q150616 BUG: Nmake Does Not Build Subproject of Type Makefile
    Q116487 BUG: No Compiler Error for Ambiguous C++ Conversion
    Q115523 BUG: No Error for Overloading Delete in a Class
    Q167348 BUG: Non-const Member Function Call Via const Object Allowed
    Q140357 BUG: No Warning Using Extern "C" in a Namespace
    Q162732 BUG: No WizardBar When Editing the Object: theApp
    Q115702 BUG: /Oc Optimization Can Corrupt Stack With Inline Assembly
    Q234602 BUG: /Og Generates Bad Code for a Compare/Branch
    Q67040 BUG: /Ol Causes Register Variables to Be Allocated on Stack
    Q153354 BUG: OLE Controls Limited to 20 Property Pages in Visual C++
    Q190942 BUG: OLE DB AppWizard Generates Wrong SQL Statement
    Q132105 BUG: OnEnable Not Exported From MFC250(D).DLL
    Q63053 BUG: Operands Reversed in Divide Operation
    Q236119 BUG: Optimization Causes Code Generation Error In a Conditional Statement
    Q163253 BUG: "Out of Memory" Error When Saving to an Existing File
    Q131314 BUG: /Ox or /Oei Generates Incorrect Floating Point Results
    Q125211 BUG: Path Names with '.' Cause ClassWizard Problems
    Q117382 BUG: Patterned Flood Fill Locks Machine or Draws Incorrectly
    Q168411 BUG: Per-File Switch at Project Level Silently Deleted
    Q66779 BUG: PG Chart Displays May Have Uneven Spacing Between Bars
    Q195374 BUG: PLIST Corruption or Crash with Call Attributive Profiling
    Q125969 BUG: Post Increment Operator Works Incorrectly for __huge Ptrs
    Q128553 BUG: #pragma data_seg May Cause L1101 Error
    Q140358 BUG: Pressing CTRL+ALT+SYSRQ in Debugger Reboots Windows 95
    Q141456 BUG: Pressing F1 for Help on Error Message Doesn't Work
    Q173249 BUG: Print Preview Doesn't Honor Font Width Setting
    Q189580 BUG: Print Preview Scroll Bar Disappears after Zoom In, Zoom Out
    Q224382 BUG: Profiler Enabled Only Under Administrator Account in Windows NT
    Q130438 BUG: Program Crashes When Memo Field Mapped to CLongBinary
    Q235601 BUG: Putenv() Function Causes Memory Leak
    Q123496 BUG: qsort() Sorts Huge String Arrays > 64K Incorrectly
    Q165433 BUG: Query Designer Not Inserting Record if Field Name Has Dash
    Q140352 BUG: RC1120: RC Out of Memory When Compiling for Macintosh
    Q116317 BUG: Read-Only .DEF File Can Cause General Protection Fault
    Q120153 BUG: _read() Returns -1 When Reading Last Byte of a Segment
    Q128600 BUG: Redefinition of Enum Data Type Does Not Cause an Error
    Q167358 BUG: Remote Windows 95 Machine Crashes on Stop Debugging
    Q190501 BUG: Resizing CToolbar with Dropdown Arrow Buttons Freezes Apps
    Q128834 BUG: Resource Dependency Scans May Be Incomplete
    Q192102 BUG: Resource/Memory Leaks When Using MFC in a Static Library
    Q122218 BUG: RFX_DATE() May Use Incorrect Precision Value
    Q165744 BUG: RichEditCtrl IDs Not Shown in Member Variables Tab
    Q166213 BUG: Right-Clicking CRichEditView Doesn't Activate Frame
    Q170515 BUG: RTTI and Incremental Link Options Incorrectly Disabled
    Q142890 BUG: RW1012 Error or Crash When Building on Windows NT 3.51
    Q175313 BUG: S1000 Error When Sharing Connection in Multiple Threads
    Q167356 BUG: Same Name for Function and Class Causes C2079
    Q114835 BUG: Scan All Dependencies May Fail to Include Files
    Q199538 BUG: Scroll Bars May Be Re-Enabled or Crash Application When Clicked
    Q171457 BUG: SENDTIME Sample Does Not Work
    Q111770 BUG: Serialize in MFC Container-Server Applications May Fail
    Q151031 BUG: SetMinHeight Does Not Work Correctly with CStatusBar
    Q114375 BUG: Setup Cannot Create Directory ":\:INDOWS"
    Q143433 BUG: Setup Does Not Validate First Three Digits of CD Key
    Q168403 BUG: Setup Doesn't Ask to Register Environment Variables
    Q114531 BUG: Setup Installs CodeView for Windows on Windows NT
    Q99949 BUG: Setup "Internal Error: File List Initialization"
    Q117201 BUG: sizeof Used in Comparison Does Not Generate C4018
    Q155791 BUG: Some Intermediate Files not Deleted by FileView
    Q198537 BUG: "Sorry! An error occurred when generating the object."
    Q167804 BUG: Source Profiler in Visual C++ 5.0 Does Not Execute
    Q167804 BUG: Source Profiler in Visual C++ Does Not Execute
    Q121346 BUG: Spaces Preceding Header File Name Generate Build Errors
    Q147894 BUG: Spy++ Causes Exception in Owner-Drawn Combo Box
    Q165420 BUG: SQL Breakpoint Not Hit After Executing SP in Another DB
    Q165419 BUG: SQL Debugger Displays Incorrect Value for Float Variables
    Q83084 BUG: sscanf() Fails If String Is Longer Than 32K
    Q168439 BUG: _stat Function Fails for Names Ending with "\"
    Q138953 BUG: Static Identifiers Do Not Show Up in ClassView
    Q119328 BUG: Static Object No Longer Static When Optimized
    Q189073 BUG: Step 2 of the MFC AppWizard Does Not Set Macro Values
    Q141040 BUG: Step Out in Debugger Ignores Try/Catch Scope
    Q168440 BUG: Stream Operator << Cannot Handle __int64 Type
    Q116444 BUG: _strtod Fails with Buffer >100 Bytes with /AL and /FPa
    Q67041 BUG: Structure Tags Visible Outside of Function Prototype Scope
    Q233972 BUG: "Syntax Error in PARAMETER clause" When Opening an MFC DAO Recordset
    Q111067 BUG: tan() Function Returns Values with Wrong Sign
    Q117145 BUG: "Target Is Out of Date..." Message Issued Incorrectly
    Q166109 BUG: Template Friend Function Causes Compiler Error C2248
    Q119521 BUG: Temporary Files Not Deleted When Using /Fs Switch
    Q187616 BUG: The Dynamic Link Library Mfcce20d.dll Could Not Be Found
    Q194840 BUG: The "*" Key Does Not Expand All ClassView Branches Properly
    Q167750 BUG: The pow() Function Doesn't Set Underflow Condition
    Q168385 BUG: The "this" Pointer is Incorrect in Destructor of Base Class
    Q168385 BUG: The "this" Pointer Is Incorrect in Destructor of Base Class
    Q104676 BUG: this Pointer Expands Incorrectly for Multiple Inheritance
    Q216461 BUG: Toolbar Covers Document in MFC ActiveX Document Container
    Q120668 BUG: Trigraph Statements May Produce End-of-File Error
    Q120967 BUG: Try Blocks Within a Switch Statement Behave Incorrectly
    Q114587 BUG: Trying to Export Static Function Causes L1101
    Q199942 BUG: Tstcon32.exe Can't Invoke Method with BSTR* Parameter Type
    Q214619 BUG: Type Definition Is Not Inherited in Derived Template Class
    Q166513 BUG: Typedef Type Causes C2275: Illegal Use of Type
    Q102215 BUG: TYPES.H time_t Definition Is Incorrect
    Q106402 BUG: U1157 When Building a Static Library in VWB
    Q117384 BUG: Unable to Hit Breakpoint on ELSE IF Statement
    Q165434 BUG: Undo Database Deletion Causes Data View to Lose Database
    Q198017 BUG: Unexpected Error Using ATL Interface Wizard to Add Methods
    Q157517 BUG: Uninstalling DAO 3.0 SDK Prevents Help Files from Working
    Q216278 BUG: "Unspecified error" When Running VB Program That Hosts an ATL Control
    Q116184 BUG: Using Class Wizard Without a Project Loaded May Hang
    Q167351 BUG: Using Declaration Causes C2327
    Q140604 BUG: 'using' Declaration Doesn't Overload Base Class Members
    Q68921 BUG: Using float/double Function as Subscript Causes Bad Code
    Q231872 BUG: Using #import May Cause Memory Leaks
    Q152056 BUG: Using Intrinsic Versions of log10 and fmod
    Q168430 BUG: Using Referenced Integer to Access Array Generates CXX0034
    Q85873 BUG: Using the Iostream Library with Alternate Math in C
    Q165944 BUG: &(*variable) Causes C1001, trees.c line 6256
    Q186906 BUG: VBScript Macro Names Cannot Contain MBCS Characters
    Q125795 BUG: VBX Events Aren't Routed Correctly
    Q117675 BUG: VC++ 1.5 Setup Does Not Create WINTEE.PIF
    Q191496 BUG: VC5: Project Conversion from Version 4.x May Crash VS97
    Q135727 BUG: VCMAC: Remote Debugger Hangs at Breakpoint
    Q190999 BUG: VC++ Project Settings Saved Only on Normal Exit
    Q191495 BUG: VC++ Tools with Long File Name (LFN) Parameters Fail on NT
    Q121216 BUG: Vector Delete Calls Exported Destructor Only Once
    Q168936 BUG: Virtual Base Class Destructor Called More than Once
    Q114104 BUG: "Visible" Property Ignored when Loading VBX Controls
    Q116139 BUG: Visual C++ 1.5 Setup Does Not Set Up SHARE
    Q154430 BUG: Visual C++ 4.2 DAO Breaks Certain Access95B Functions
    Q234511 BUG: Visual C++ 6.0 Compiler Does Not Remove Some Unneeded Instruction
    Q189497 BUG: Visual C++ Does Not Recognize Animated Cursor Types
    Q135287 BUG: Visual C++ Doesn't Generate Dependencies for .RSC Files
    Q125494 BUG: Visual C++ Gives GP Fault If System Date Past 18-Jan-2038
    Q114591 BUG: Visual Workbench Can't Set Breakpoint on Long Double
    Q108292 BUG: Visual Workbench Changes Library Names
    Q116304 BUG: Visual Workbench CTRL+] Fails on International Keyboards
    Q104636 BUG: Visual Workbench Debugger May Not Break in a Constructor
    Q116485 BUG: Visual Workbench Does Not Use .LIB Files as Dependents
    Q120960 BUG: Visual Workbench Interprets /* in a String as a Comment
    Q125745 BUG: Visual Workbench Loses Focus Printing to Invalid Printer
    Q119223 BUG: Visual Workbench Loses Highlight Anchor After Page-Up
    Q113424 BUG: Visual Workbench Makefile Does Not Produce Map File
    Q116314 BUG: Visual Workbench Misses Breakpoint at Start of WinMain
    Q100981 BUG: Visual Workbench Windows Not Visible at Startup
    Q127201 BUG: _vmalloc() May Fail on Block Allocations
    Q120218 BUG: Warning C4056 Generated When /Op Option is Used
    Q102689 BUG: Warning C4713: grammar.c:1.147, Line 180, ++ in Fcn Call
    Q111016 BUG: Warning DX4020 with Visual C++ 1.5 When Linking
    Q179270 BUG: Warnings with RTTI and Automatic Precompiled Headers
    Q117150 BUG: Watch on Struct Member Gives CXX0030 if Offset >= 32K
    Q122326 BUG: Win32s Setup May Fail if BUFFERS or FILES Set Too Small
    Q192853 BUG: Wincore.cpp Line 879 Assert When Using MFC Classes
    Q138873 BUG: Window Colors Cannot Be Customized from Developer Studio
    Q230756 BUG: Windows CE Emulation Serial Communications Bugs
    Q231770 BUG: Windows CE Wizards Not Available After Install
    Q139696 BUG: WinHelp Called Twice
    Q117149 BUG: Winhelp GPF in GDI.EXE when Using ATI Mach 32 Driver
    Q196782 BUG: WizardBar Can't Delete Functions That Return void
    Q170511 BUG: WizardBar Notification Slows Down Dialog Editor
    Q139996 BUG: Wizards Create Invalid Column Names for QueryDef Join
    Q153291 BUG: Wizards Fail on Secure Microsoft Access Database
    Q155370 BUG: Wizards May Display Invalid Table Names for CRecordset
    Q141357 BUG: WM_MOUSEMOVE Messages Returned Out of Sequence
    Q168081 BUG: Wrong Column Jumped to for Macro Syntax Error
    Q166719 BUG: Wrong Exception Re-thrown with Global Optimization
    Q167730 BUG: Wrong Member Name in C2039 Error Message
    Q167321 BUG: Wrong Namespace Member Selected for Qualified ID
    Q122675 BUG: Wrong Operator Delete Called for Exported Class
    Q143082 BUG: Wrong Pointer Value When Nested Classes Have Same Name
    Q136799 BUG: Wrong Structure Member Modified with /Ox or /Oeg
    Q156076 BUG: WWWQuote Sample Generates Error Message
    Q165273 BUG: XL97 Errors Using OLE Automation
    Q109680 BUG: XORing May Not Erase Lines in SVGA Modes
    Q122304 BUG: /YX and /Yc Incorrectly Allowed in Project Settings
    Q115710 BUG: /Za Compiler Option Causes Errors with "==" Operator
    Q97684 BUG: Zero Errors from Build but No Executable File Created
    Q105169 Building a Dynamic Menu for TrackPopupMenu
    Q50518 BX Register Is Popped Twice for a C Interrupt Function
    Q59439 C4071 Caused by Missing "void" in Function Prototype
    Q50297 Calculating Available Memory in Large Model
    Q152071 Calling Hidden Default Method of an OLE Automation Collection
    Q12110 Calling ROM BIOS Routines to Check the Printer Status
    Q40351 Call _setvideomode Before Calling _imagesize
    Q58933 Cannot Allocate More Than 64K with Calloc()
    Q87529 Cannot Combine P-code and Overlays
    Q98198 CDialogBar Button Enabled When Command Handler Present
    Q88557 CFrameWnd Objects Can Destroy Themselves
    Q70669 CGA Graphics Modes Support Only One Video Page
    Q58488 Change in Hex Literal Interpretation with C 6.0 and 7.0
    Q114154 Changes in Visual C++ 1.5 Resulting From Stac Verdict
    Q38730 Changing Default int to 32 Bits
    Q43331 Changing System Time or Date Will Temporarily Pause Clock
    Q88436 Checksum for Object Module Records Can Be Zero
    Q40349 chmod() on an Open File
    Q116491 ClassWizard Links Only Types with DDX Support
    Q92499 CL Command Line Options Must Precede Source File Name
    Q47741 Closing stdprn & stdaux May Not Increase Available Handles
    Q29113 Code Example Passes String From C to Assembly Language
    Q71262 Color Constants in GRAPH.H Used Only By Certain Functions
    Q117378 Command IDs and In-Place Frame Window Toolbar
    Q132340 Common File Extensions Used by Visual C++
    Q108706 Common Q&A for Visual C++ 32-bit edition, ver 1.0
    Q97564 Compressed Drives and Visual C++ Setup
    Q122158 Configuring Sound in Visual C++ Development Environment
    Q102327 Const Versus Non-Const CObList Objects
    Q125242 ControlWizard Generates Both 16-bit and 32-bit Projects
    Q99391 Converting an RC File to Use Microsoft Foundation Classes
    Q131101 Converting Between OLE_COLOR and COLORREF Types
    Q117779 Coordinated Universal Time on MS-DOS vs. Windows NT
    Q112530 Copying a Bitmap to the Clipboard with MFC
    Q85518 Correct Use of the SetFont() Function in MFC
    Q87976 Creating a Foundation Classes Dialog Box with Custom Icon
    Q103788 Creating a Modeless Dialog Box with MFC Libraries
    Q23977 Creating a Pointer to a Specific Memory Address
    Q83229 Creating a Project with Multiple Directories
    Q100638 Cross-Platform Application Development in Windows NT
    Q28173 C Run-time Library History and Naming Conventions
    Q50524 C Run-Time Routines Cannot Be Placed in an Overlay
    Q117325 C++ Tutorial Removed from Visual C++ Product
    Q91670 CVW Prompts for WINMAIN.CPP Location Debugging MFC App
    Q147578 CWnd Derived MFC Objects and Multi-threaded Applications
    Q118683 Debugging Spawned Applications in Visual C++
    Q131897 Debugging Timer Functions Requires Hard-Mode Debugging
    Q119063 Default Handling of VBX Events
    Q114335 Deleting Outdated Registry Trees for Fortran or Visual C++
    Q117324 Dependencies May Not Be Updated as Expected
    Q38285 Detecting Presence of 80x87 Math Coprocessor
    Q117777 Determine Whether VBX Support Is Enabled at Run Time
    Q59884 Determining If Your TSR Has Already Been Installed
    Q59087 Determining Size of Memory Block Referenced by a Pointer
    Q44386 Determining the Memory Model for Conditional Compilation
    Q38726 Determining What Video Adapters Are Installed and Active
    Q66841 Differences in Functionality Between /ND and /Aw Switches
    Q67078 Different Warnings Appear Using Different Optimizations
    Q12010 Directly Accessing Video Memory from a C Program
    Q154664 Dispatch Interface for Automation Object Must Be Registered
    Q65552 Display Mode Determines _setbkcolor() Parameters to Use
    Q71892 Distribution Rights for .FON Files Shipped with C
    Q92731 DLL Correctly Performs Initialization and Termination
    Q168407 DOC: $(InputDir) and $(ProjDir) Produce Relative Paths
    Q117866 DOC: Adding Icon and Cursor Devices Documented Incorrectly
    Q161589 DOC: AfxGetStaticModuleState() Causes Errors in an Extension DLL
    Q113425 DOC: AfxMessageBox Missing Information in MFC.HLP
    Q132291 DOC: AfxRegisterWndClass with WS_* Styles Causes Exception
    Q132291 DOC: AfxRegisterWndClass with WS_* Styles Causes Exception
    Q184511 DOC: Append Instructions for DAO TableDef Incorrect
    Q111753 DOC: assert() Macro Does Not Display Pop-Up Window in Win32
    Q102155 DOC: BN_DISABLE and BN_DOUBLECLICKED Documented Incorrectly
    Q113113 DOC: Books Online: Class Library User's Guide Appendix A
    Q85521 DOC: C2642 in Message Map Caused by Incorrect Prototypes
    Q164150 DOC: C4237 Online Help Contains Wrong Information on "bool"
    Q151893 DOC: CCriticalSection::Lock Doesn't Do a Timed Wait
    Q85503 DOC: C/C++ Windows Entry/Exit Code Switches (/GA /Gw /GW /Gq)
    Q131947 DOC: CDC::GetWindow() Is Documented but Not Available
    Q117686 DOC: CDC::SelectObject, CDC::SelectStockObject Return
    Q121321 DOC:CDocTemplate::CreateNewFrame() Won't Make New CDocument
    Q191668 DOC: CE Debug Shell Tool Does Not Support Serial Interface
    Q162160 DOC: CFileDialog::DoModal Does Not Return 0
    Q145687 DOC: CFileDialog Filter String Won't Work Under Windows 95
    Q128112 DOC: CFile::end (from CFile::Seek) Uses a Forward Offset
    Q143409 DOC: CFile::GetFileTitle May Return with File Extension
    Q111816 DOC: Changes to m_strFilter/m_strSort Don't Affect Requery()
    Q98479 DOC: CHKBOOK.CLW File Documents ExtraDDX Lines Incorrectly
    Q138785 DOC: CImageList::DeleteObject Generates a C2039 Error
    Q155436 DOC: CImageList Returned from CreateDragImage Needs Delete
    Q51724 DOC: Clarification of the /H Identifier Length Option
    Q148498 DOC: CListBox::ItemFromPoint() Works Only in Windows 95
    Q129428 DOC: CListBox::SelItemRange Selects Only Two or More Items
    Q165745 DOC: CMiniFrameWnd::Create Is Missing MFS_BLOCKSYSMENU
    Q155005 DOC: COleDateTime No Longer Accepts 2-Digit Years
    Q138695 DOC: ConstructElements & DestructElements
    Q130591 DOC: CPropertyPage::CancelToClose() Documented Incorrectly
    Q145822 DOC: Creating Import Libraries for PowerPC Shared Libraries
    Q192538 DOC: Cursor Functions Not Included in Winuser.h for Windows CE
    Q192621 DOC: CUSTOMWZ Sample Is Actually Custom AppWizard Code
    Q150571 DOC: CWnd::DragAcceptFiles() in Books Online
    Q142445 DOC: CWnd::LockWindowUpdate Does Not Unlock the Window
    Q122219 DOC: CWnd::OnCommand() Parameters Documented Incorrectly
    Q147427 DOC: Description of C2354 Error Is Unclear
    Q122257 DOC: Description of Compiler Error C2712 is Incorrect
    Q173740 DOC: Diagrams Blacked Out in OLE-DB Docs Shipped with VC++
    Q105287 DOC: Doc Error for _inp(), _outp(), _inpw(), and _outpw()
    Q99576 DOC: Documentation Errors in Technical Note #33
    Q120959 DOC: Documentation on fmod() Is Incorrect
    Q131100 DOC: DoDragDrop() Parameter Documented Incorrectly
    Q102945 DOC: DOSXNT: Fatal Error DX1390
    Q117866 DOCERR: Adding Icon and Cursor Devices Documented Incorrectly
    Q113425 DOCERR: AfxMessageBox Missing Information in MFC.HLP
    Q113113 DOCERR: Books Online: Class Library User's Guide Appendix A
    Q85521 DOCERR: C2642 in Message Map Caused by Incorrect Prototypes
    Q85503 DOCERR: C/C++ Windows Entry/Exit Code Switches (/GA /Gw /GW /Gq)
    Q98479 DOCERR: CHKBOOK.CLW File Documents ExtraDDX Lines Incorrectly
    Q51724 DOCERR: Clarification of the /H Identifier Length Option
    Q145822 DOCERR: Creating Import Libraries for PowerPC Shared Libraries
    Q141958 DOCERR: _CRTDBG_MAP_ALLOC Environment Var References Incorrect
    Q138928 DOCERR: Custom Key Assignments May Not Work as Expected
    Q147427 DOCERR: Description of C2354 Error Is Unclear
    Q105287 DOCERR: Doc Error for _inp(), _outp(), _inpw(), and _outpw()
    Q99576 DOCERR: Documentation Errors in Technical Note #33
    Q102945 DOCERR: DOSXNT: Fatal Error DX1390
    Q122290 DOCERR: Errors In "Implementing Localization Support"
    Q115307 DOCERR: Extending Device Descriptions Handled by App Studio
    Q98988 DOCERR: Floating Point Control Function Sample Code Incorrect
    Q67084 DOCERR: Function Returning Zero When Redefining _nullcheck()
    Q85504 DOCERR: /GD and /Au Are Incompatible
    Q66925 DOCERR: _getfontinfo() and Vector Mapped Fonts
    Q119906 DOCERR: GetPropIndex Returns -1 if Property Does Not Exist
    Q104642 DOCERR: How to Manage VBX Picture Properties with MFC
    Q127956 DOCERR: Implementing Custom Font Properties Documentation
    Q113059 DOCERR: Incorrect README.TXT File in \MSVC\MFC Directory
    Q97467 DOCERR: _int86() and _int86x() Examples Missing from Help File
    Q118680 DOCERR: /J Not Documented in Visual Workbench User's Guide
    Q102943 DOCERR: KeyboardProc() Not Required in DLL for Task Hook
    Q41104 DOCERR: Libraries Added by Comment pragma Appear After Default
    Q126725 DOCERR: Licensed Keyword Must Be Added to .ODL
    Q48251 DOCERR: Mixed-Language Examples for Calling Pascal Are Incorrect
    Q148790 DOCERR: mktime Fails for January 1, 1970 in Several Time Zones
    Q170119 DOCERR: New Record Not Inserted to the End of Recordset
    Q117676 DOCERR: Online Help for _dos_setvect Function Is Wrong
    Q118684 DOCERR: Online Help for /GEe Compiler Option is Incorrect
    Q64640 DOCERR: Online Help Solution for C4139 Warning Is Incorrect
    Q67882 DOC: Error C2213 Occurs When Base Is an Expression
    Q122290 DOC: Errors In "Implementing Localization Support"
    Q125473 DOCERR: Pass Counts for Breakpoints Undocumented
    Q112298 DOCERR: Port I/O with inp() and outp() Fails on Windows NT
    Q139026 DOCERR: Remote Debugging with TCP/IP Isn't Supported on Win32s
    Q50712 DOCERR: Run-Time Routines Assume Direction Flag Is Clear in C
    Q142420 DOCERR: Setdflag.c Sample for _CrtSetDbgFlag Missing Tilde (~)
    Q123603 DOCERR: Smart Pointers Example Is Incorrect
    Q124192 DOCERR: Some CRT BIOS Functions Are Not Windows Compatible
    Q126687 DOCERR: Source Profiler Tools Not Usable from VWB Debug Menu
    Q139029 DOCERR: Stlguide.rtf Different from Vector.h Header File
    Q71977 DOCERR: stricmp() Compares Using Lowercase Characters
    Q93591 DOCERR: strstream Constructor Documented Incorrectly
    Q139031 DOCERR: Title Tips for Project Workspace Window Not Documented
    Q51326 DOCERR: tmpfile() Creates a Temporary File in the Root Dir
    Q46131 DOCERR: tmpnam() Operation Does Not Change If P_tmpdir Modified
    Q117868 DOCERR: Undocumented Compiler Error C4041
    Q113116 DOCERR: Undocumented Fatal Error C1053
    Q66104 DOCERR: Use of _far Keyword in Tiny Programs
    Q85956 DOCERR: Visual Editors Do Not Use INCLUDE Environment Variable
    Q115307 DOC: Extending Device Descriptions Handled by App Studio
    Q166505 DOC: FindNextFile Returns 0 for Last File Found
    Q46024 DOCFIX: fopen() Will Set errno Values Incorrect in Documentation
    Q98988 DOC: Floating Point Control Function Sample Code Incorrect
    Q162958 DOC: Format of the Password Parameter for CompactDatabase
    Q67084 DOC: Function Returning Zero When Redefining _nullcheck()
    Q85504 DOC: /GD and /Au Are Incompatible
    Q138664 DOC: GetClientRect() May Assert in OLE Controls
    Q121665 DOC: GetDescendantWindow - bOnlyPerm Parameter Incorrect
    Q142203 DOC: GetFileTitle() & GetFileName() Docs Are Switched
    Q66925 DOC: _getfontinfo() and Vector Mapped Fonts
    Q149515 DOC: GetProcAddress Does Not Support Ordinal Symbols
    Q119906 DOC: GetPropIndex Returns -1 If Property Does Not Exist
    Q190998 DOC: Help for Dir and Files Macros Missing in Project Settings
    Q140595 DOC: How to Display Tool Tips After Calling EnableToolTips
    Q104642 DOC: How to Manage VBX Picture Properties with MFC
    Q141493 DOC: "How to Use Debug Heap from C++" Documented Incorrectly
    Q137333 DOC: How to Use the PX_Blob Function
    Q127956 DOC: Implementing Custom Font Properties Documentation
    Q165746 DOC: Incomplete Documentation on CListCtrl::SetColumnWidth
    Q141444 DOC: Incorrect Documentation for CToolBar::SetSizes()
    Q192101 DOC: Incorrect Documentation for PCMCIA Ethernet Debugging
    Q135630 DOC: Incorrect Prototype & Memory Allocation for PX_Blob
    Q113059 DOC: Incorrect README.TXT File in \MSVC\MFC Directory
    Q166717 DOC: Instructions for Statically Linking to Registrar Code
    Q97467 DOC: _int86() and _int86x() Examples Missing from Help File
    Q173423 DOC: IsFieldNull() Does Not Accept NULL
    Q118680 DOC: /J Not Documented in Visual Workbench User's Guide
    Q102943 DOC: KeyboardProc() Not Required in DLL for Task Hook
    Q41104 DOC: Libraries Added by Comment pragma Appear After Default
    Q126725 DOC: Licensed Keyword Must Be Added to .ODL
    Q93915 DOC: MFC Application Idle Processing and Power Consumption
    Q105117 DOC: MFC CHKBOOK Sample Uses Incorrect Base Class
    Q190486 DOC: Missing Styles for CToolbar::SetButtonStyles
    Q48251 DOC: Mixed-Language Examples for Calling Pascal Are Incorrect
    Q50351 DOC: mktemp() Creates a Maximum of 27 Unique Filenames
    Q148790 DOC: mktime Fails for January 1, 1970 in Several Time Zones
    Q152602 DOC: MSBV3032.DLL Incorrectly Referenced in On-Line Help
    Q112299 DOC: MSVCRT10.DLL and MSFRT10.DLL Are Redistributable
    Q164615 DOC: New Record Not Inserted to End of Recordset
    Q170119 DOC: New Record Not Inserted to the End of Recordset
    Q131945 DOC: OnFileNameOK Returns 0 if Valid or 1 if Not Valid
    Q117676 DOC: Online Help for _dos_setvect Function Is Wrong
    Q118684 DOC: Online Help for /GEe Compiler Option Is Incorrect
    Q67083 DOC: Online Help Lists Wrong Warning Level for C4127 & C4135
    Q64640 DOC: Online Help Solution for C4139 Warning Is Incorrect
    Q125473 DOC: Pass Counts for Breakpoints Undocumented
    Q140503 DOC: Port I/O Functions Not Included in DLL Version of CRT
    Q112298 DOC: Port I/O with inp() and outp() Fails on Windows NT
    Q122410 DOC: pow(0,0) Function Not Documented
    Q170513 DOC: PRF1301 Using Sample Command "FTIME test.exe"
    Q155880 DOC: README FIRST Card Has a Typo in Stored Procedure Name
    Q156132 DOC: Registration Card Reports Wrong Support Policy
    Q195378 DOC: Release Notes Incorrectly State that IStorage Is Broken
    Q139026 DOC: Remote Debugging with TCP/IP Isn't Supported on Win32s
    Q50712 DOC: Run-Time Routines Assume Direction Flag Is Clear in C
    Q98863 DOC: SB_ENDSCROLL Code Missing from OnHScroll() Documentation
    Q159575 DOC: SendTime Sample Needs DCOM to Work
    Q142420 DOC: Setdflag.c Sample for _CrtSetDbgFlag Missing Tilde (~)
    Q122562 DOC: _set_se_translator and set_terminate Help Info Incorrect
    Q189431 DOC: Setting ActiveProject and ActiveConfiguration Properties
    Q123603 DOC: Smart Pointers Example Is Incorrect
    Q124192 DOC: Some CRT BIOS Functions Are Not Windows Compatible
    Q126687 DOC: Source Profiler Tools Not Usable from VWB Debug Menu
    Q179235 DOC: SQL Debugging with VC++ 5.0 Requires a Non-System Account
    Q139029 DOC: Stlguide.rtf Different from Vector.h Header File
    Q71977 DOC: stricmp() Compares Using Lowercase Characters
    Q93591 DOC: strstream Constructor Documented Incorrectly
    Q165789 DOC: Tab Text is too Small to Read
    Q145746 DOC: Technical Note 38: MFC/OLE IUnknown Implementation
    Q150100 DOC:Technote 64 Incorrect About ThreadingModel Registration
    Q150199 DOC: ThreadingModel Is Not a Subkey
    Q139031 DOC: Title Tips for Project Workspace Window Not Documented
    Q51326 DOC: tmpfile() Creates a Temporary File in the Root Dir
    Q46131 DOC: tmpnam() Operation Does Not Change If P_tmpdir Modified
    Q117868 DOC: Undocumented Compiler Error C4041
    Q113116 DOC: Undocumented Fatal Error C1053
    Q66104 DOC: Use of _far Keyword in Tiny Programs
    Q160321 DOC: User Supplied RASAdmin.dll Callbacks Must Use _stdcall
    Q143410 DOC: Vertical Slider Control Sends WM_VSCROLL Message
    Q85956 DOC: Visual Editors Do Not Use INCLUDE Environment Variable
    Q139640 Do Not Mix Operating System and CRT File Handles
    Q72418 Don't Use /ND on Modules with C Run-time Calls
    Q108896 Dynamically Disabling/Enabling a Control in a Dialog Box
    Q67735 Effects of Structure Packing for 16-Bit Targets
    Q75242 _ellipse() Floodfills Until Border Color Is Reached
    Q89144 Embedding .FON Files in an MS-DOS .EXE File
    Q66506 Error: Cannot Open Response File : ""
    Q39309 Example of C Calling a MASM Procedure
    Q39783 Example of Using Formatting with _outtext()
    Q39916 Example Using _dos_findfirst() to Get the Time and Date
    Q48793 exec() and spawn() with P_OVERLAY Ignore Max Allocation
    Q51297 Exit Codes for the Microsoft C Optimizing Compiler
    Q120263 Exporting By Ordinal From an Extension DLL
    Q109039 FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About 16-bit Foundation Classes
    Q128210 FAQ: Most Commonly Asked Questions About Visual C++ Version 2.1
    Q154419 FAQ: Standard C++ Library Frequently Asked Questions
    Q138735 FAQ: Visual C++ 4.0 Frequently Asked Questions
    Q123181 FAQ: Visual C++ for Macintosh Frequently Asked Questions
    Q34408 Far Pointer Comparisons Assume Same Segment
    Q34410 Far Pointer Comparisons Do Not Account for Aliases
    Q38327 _fheapwalk() Does Not Check the Near Heap
    Q177244 FILE: AsyncDown Demonstrates Asynchronous Data Download
    Q153393 FILE: Browser Toolkits for Microsoft Visual C++
    Q57889 File Buffering Can Hide Out-of-Disk-Space Condition
    Q167734 FILE: BUG: MFC Browser Library (MFC.BSC) Is Incomplete
    Q168298 FILE: DDP_Text Not implemented for COleDateTime and COleCurrency
    Q105497 FILE: Directory Picker Sample Using Modified CFileDialog
    Q157437 FILE: Fireev.exe Fires Events from a Second Thread
    Q90800 File Handles When Spawning from a MOVE Application
    Q167698 FILE: Help95.exe Implements Windows 95 Style Help
    Q179689 FILE: Hooking into the IUnknown of a COM Object in MFC
    Q174653 FILE: How to Call CoGetClassObjectFromURL() in an MFC App
    Q182061 FILE: How to Populate a List or Combo Box with Recordset Data
    Q102829 FILE: How to Replace a View in a CMDIChildWnd Window
    Q124519 FILE: Increased File Libraries for Visual C++ 1.0 Available
    Q124520 FILE: Increased File Libraries for Visual C++ 2.0-2.2 Available
    Q124520 FILE: Increased File Libraries for Visual C++ 2.0-2.2 Available
    Q177945 FILE: JETERR35.HLP Is Missing for DAO 3.5 in Visual C++ 5.0
    Q175668 FILE: MultiSoc : Illustrates Using Sockets in Multiple Threads
    Q123464 FILE: Obtaining Visual C++ 2.0 Run-Time Library Source Code
    Q195034 FILE: OfnKing Demonstrates CFileDialog Customization
    Q177911 FILE: OLE2BIN Sample - Storing COleClientItems in a Database
    Q156078 FILE: RegMaid.exe Helps Clean Up the Registry
    Q182192 FILE: Rtwizx86.exe and Rtwizaxp.exe Create New Resource Types
    Q108901 FILE: Sample Corrects Scrolling Problems in GRID.VBX
    Q200786 FILE: SAMPLE Notification Tray Icon Component
    Q183001 FILE: SAMPLE: Retrieving Output Parameters From Stored Procedure
    Q124790 Files Created By Visual C++ Tools
    Q223389 FILE: Scriptng.exe Provides Files to Add Active Debugging to Hosts and Engines
    Q66129 File Sharing Modes Available with the sopen() Function
    Q190725 FILE: SqlOleDb.h Not Installed by VC++ 6.0
    Q122764 FILE: Use MFC Migration Toolkit to Translate C Code to C++
    Q166472 FILE: Using Fonts in ATL Controls with NiceText.exe
    Q104239 FILE: Using VBX Controls in AN _AFXDLL DLL
    Q125444 FILE: Visual C++ 2.0 Source Code for Alpha Run-Time Lib
    Q111755 FILE: VM.exe C/C++ Virtual Memory Run-Time Source Available
    Q119516 Find Source: Please Enter the Path for MFC
    Q68384 First _pg_chartscatter Call May Not Use Specified plotchar
    Q116374 FIX: >251 Character Lines in Workbench Cause Random Behavior
    Q150351 FIX: Absolute Pathnames for Source Files Placed in Makefile
    Q151168 FIX: Abstract Class Instantiated as a Temporary Object
    Q154632 FIX: Accept Returns FALSE but GetLastError Returns 0
    Q147315 FIX: Access Violation After Unloading Extension DLL
    Q141661 FIX: Access Violation Firing an Error Event in OLE Control
    Q173645 FIX: Access Violation in MSDAER.DLL with _com_error Exceptions
    Q155721 FIX: Access Violation in RFX_Date If CTime Not Initialized
    Q122788 FIX: Access Violation on MSVC.EXE When Scanning Dependencies
    Q160017 FIX: Access Violation Using deque class
    Q177912 FIX: Access Violation When Calling COleVariant::Clear()
    Q167731 FIX: Access Violation When Connecting in MFC ODBC Application
    Q150292 FIX: Access Violation When Copying Src File Between Projects
    Q124291 FIX: Access Violation When Using Local Static Const Objects
    Q161872 FIX: ActiveX Control Fails to Fire Click Event
    Q167697 FIX: ActiveX Control in IE Asserts in CTLINPLC.CPP, Line 328
    Q139422 FIX: Advanced Options for SDI Application in Appwizard
    Q123274 FIX: _AfxDispatchPushArgs Incorrectly AddRef's Invoke Argument
    Q113258 FIX: _AfxFullPath() Uses lstrcpy Incorrectly If Errors Occur
    Q113532 FIX: AFX_IDC_MAGNIFY Cursor Fails to Load from AFXDLL
    Q113535 FIX: AfxIsValidString() Returns TRUE for NULL Near Pointers
    Q166817 FIX: Alpha MFC Regular DLL Fails After Porting from Intel
    Q177103 FIX: ALT+Key Combination in Property Page Causes Stack Overflow
    Q139458 FIX: Ambiguous C2966 Error with Nested Template Classes
    Q139069 FIX: Append-Only on Dynaset Recordsets Forces Read-Only
    Q140598 FIX: AppendOnly Snapshot Recordset Update() Causes Error
    Q141866 FIX: App Error While Changing Install Dir for Visual C++
    Q217168 FIX: Application Crashes When Run in Debugger
    Q131000 FIX: Application Error If /Og & Virtual Operator Call in Loop
    Q216853 FIX: Application Error When Calling the Documents.Open Automation Method
    Q133302 FIX: Application Fails But Gives No Error Message
    Q168927 FIX: Application_NewWorkspace Event Is Never Fired
    Q184820 FIX: Apply Button on an ATL Control's Property Page Is Disabled
    Q102675 FIX: App Studio Changes Control ID to Dialog Box ID
    Q113675 FIX: App Studio for Windows GP Faults Under Windows NT
    Q116488 FIX: App Studio Generates GPF with Long Strings Defined
    Q132344 FIX: App Terminates Unexpectedly after Windows NT 3.51 Upgrade
    Q116136 FIX: AppWizard Can't Create Projects with Extended Characters
    Q170530 FIX: AppWizard Project Cannot Open Include File .rc2
    Q180385 FIX: AppWizard Sometimes Fails to Display the Platforms Option
    Q138412 FIX: AppWiz Samples Fail to Build from Command Line
    Q193102 FIX: Assert in Appui1.cpp Line 215 in MFC SDI/MDI Application
    Q183211 FIX: Assert in AtlCtl.cpp, Line 121
    Q152072 FIX: ASSERT in OLECLI1.CPP When Copying Embedding to Clipboard
    Q128113 FIX: Assertion Failed Line 178 or Line 527 in ARCCORE.CPP
    Q143108 FIX: Assertion Failed Line 388 of Occmgr.cpp
    Q139692 FIX: Assertion Failed, Line 475 of Sockcore.cpp
    Q139693 FIX: Assertion Failed, Line 505 of Sockcore.cpp
    Q120888 FIX: Assertion Fails When Use RFX_Text() w/ SQL_VARCHAR Column
    Q143408 FIX: Assertion Failure After Using CDaoWorkspace::Create()
    Q135666 FIX: Assertion Failure in CFieldExchange::GetColumnType()
    Q142274 FIX: Assertion Failure When Handling xN_SETFOCUS in CFormView
    Q167692 FIX: Assertion Line 257 in File Dlgprop.cpp
    Q112756 FIX: Assertion Occurs When Calling BeginTrans()
    Q217216 FIX: Assertion Or Failure With CDaoDatabase::CreateRelation Method
    Q116212 FIX: Assertion Using Multiple %1 (or %2) in AfxFormatString1
    Q116212 FIX: Assertion Using Multiple %1 (or %2) in AfxFormatString1
    Q113588 FIX: Assertion, VIEWSCRL.CPP, Line 455 with SetScaleToFitSize
    Q177641 FIX: Assertion with an Insertable OLE Control
    Q194300 FIX: Asserts When Creating a Dialog Box in an MFC Regular DLL
    Q167340 FIX: ATL Control Causes Access Violation In Visual Basic 5.0
    Q198019 FIX: ATL Control Does Not Size Correctly
    Q167526 FIX: ATL Control May Cause an Access Violation
    Q186391 FIX: ATL Controls Don't Remove CLSID Key During Unregistration
    Q191355 FIX: ATL Doesn't Call InitCommonControls in ActiveX Control
    Q218475 FIX: ATL In-Proc Servers Load Twice If Using Short Filename
    Q198989 FIX: ATL Local Server Wizard-Generated Code Doesn't Call Term
    Q166720 FIX: ATL Object Wizard Dialog Box Comes Up Empty
    Q179688 FIX: ATL Servers Do Not Unregister Their Type Library
    Q172955 FIX: ATL Service Causes Random Asserts in Run Member Function
    Q167946 FIX: ATL Service EXE Doesn't Build in Release Build
    Q185677 FIX: ATL Service with Space in Name Is Not Registered Correctly
    Q223165 FIX: ATL's GetIDsOfNames( ) Returns DISP_E_UNKNOWNNAME for Named Arguments
    Q129772 FIX: "Attempt to load required component ODBC32.DLL failed"
    Q149696 FIX: Bad Code Generated for Inline Assembly Using Enumerators
    Q113677 FIX: Bad Code Generated for 'loop' When Using Optimizations
    Q216715 FIX: Bad Code Generated in ?: Operator Converting Class Types
    Q170514 FIX: Bad Codegen with /Og and Floating-Point Multiplication Class with Virtual Destructor
    Q217164 FIX: Bad Code Is Generated When the Result of an Intrinsic Passed to Function
    Q102162 FIX: Bad Jump Calculated in Function Containing an _asm Block
    Q102162 FIX: Bad Jump Calculated in Function Containing an _asm Block
    Q135913 FIX: Bad POINT Structure in MSG Returned by GetCurrentMessage
    Q160909 FIX: Binder95 Does Not Show an MFC DocObject Server Icon
    Q123494 FIX: Bitwise AND in a Conditional Expression Fails
    Q216720 FIX: Bitwise OR for Bool& Types Causes Error When Optimized
    Q114535 FIX: Books Online Viewer GP Faults When Using DBWIN
    Q147206 FIX: Border of Modeless CPropertySheet Is Not 3D in Windows NT
    Q140215 FIX: Brackets Cause Recordset Update to Fail in SQL Server
    Q169402 FIX: Breakpoints Not Allowed on Certain Valid SQL Statements
    Q146447 FIX: BreakPoints not hit for long file name DLL/EXE
    Q102664 FIX: BSCMAKE Fails When Project Contains Only Object Files
    Q117381 FIX: BSTR Copied into CString Only up to First NULL
    Q147130 FIX: Building an .OCX Always Runs Regsvr32
    Q114067 FIX: C1001: code.c:1.25, Line 534
    Q113429 FIX: C1001: coff.c, Line 280, new of __declspec(dllimport)
    Q164000 FIX: C1001 Compiler File MAIN.C Line 413
    Q141443 FIX: C1001: Compiler File P2symtab.c, Line 878
    Q202584 FIX: C1001 Compiling File Containing Local Enum with Debug Info
    Q120965 FIX: C1001: 'e:\b_bld\c2\P2\main.c', line 374 with /Zi Switch
    Q120965 FIX: C1001: 'e:\b_bld\c2\P2\main.c', line 374 with /Zi Switch
    Q122302 FIX: C1001 Error Compiling Naked Function with /Og and /G5
    Q122300 FIX: C1001 Error for typedef Within the Class Declaration
    Q133107 FIX: C1001 Error If More Than 127 Function Parameters
    Q152041 FIX: C1001 Error in 'msc1.cpp' on Template Function Parameter
    Q152131 FIX: C1001: Extern in Function Call or Bad Type in Prototype
    Q150884 FIX: C1001 Fatal Error in File Main.c, Line 413 for /O1 or /O2
    Q168011 FIX: C1001, file 'fppeeps.c', line 394, Caused By /Og
    Q168957 FIX: C1001, file 'msc1.cpp', line 1188, Caused by Name Hiding
    Q166718 FIX: C1001 from Conditional Operator in Initializer
    Q115530 FIX: C1001 Generated Without Line Number or Compiler File
    Q150378 FIX: C1001 if No Template Types in Template Func Arg List
    Q146000 FIX: C1001 Including Header File in Template Class Definition
    Q155386 FIX: C1001 in Compiler File MSC1.CPP at Line 1089
    Q216718 FIX: C1001 in 'E:\8168\vc98\p2\src\P2\main.c', line 494 With /Zi and Yc
    Q115855 FIX: C1001: Internal Compiler Error Generated on MS-DOS Only
    Q115531 FIX: C1001: Internal Compiler Error: grammar.c, line 156
    Q128213 FIX: C1001 Internal Compiler Error in MAIN.C File Line 374
    Q115323 FIX: C1001: Internal Compiler Error: msc2.cpp, Line 992
    Q221585 FIX: C1001 - Internal Compiler Error on String Default Argument
    Q115533 FIX: C1001: Internal Compiler Error: reg86.c, line 4600
    Q178512 FIX: C1001 in Third-Party STL Code Using Visual Studio 97 SP3
    Q100538 FIX: C1001: main.c, Line 826 or 831 From Optimization
    Q97674 FIX: C1001: msc1.cpp, Line 581, Prototype Missing Semicolon
    Q148255 FIX: C1001 on Cast to Base from Derived Friend Class
    Q149964 FIX: C1001 on Large Basic Block with Optimizations Enabled
    Q142787 FIX: C1001 on Template Class of Type Pointer to Function
    Q168383 FIX: C1001 p2symtab.c, line 2221 In Direct Init of Static
    Q115534 FIX: C1001: reg86.c:1.26, line 3154, Converting Short to Char
    Q114068 FIX: C1001: reg86.c, line 3154
    Q114076 FIX: C1001: reg86.c, line 4479, 4600
    Q141457 FIX: C1001 When Calling Base Class Conversion Operator
    Q149285 FIX: C1001 When Initialize Array of Type Class with #include
    Q199736 FIX: C1013: Too Many Open Parentheses
    Q97809 FIX: C1024 or C1083 Error When INCLUDE Set to Root Directory
    Q130276 FIX: C2065 Error on Functions Returns Template Class By Value
    Q177431 FIX: C2065: Undeclared Identifier Creating a STL Function Object
    Q168373 FIX: C2065 When Default Constructor of a Nested Class Called
    Q150573 FIX: C2084 When Template Class Constructor Has No Body
    Q116170 FIX: C2099 Generated Initializing Struct with Macro
    Q168008 FIX: C2166 Incorrect Type Deduction for Template Parameter
    Q130546 FIX: C2227 & C2653 on Explicit Destructor Call in Template
    Q148688 FIX: C2243 on Friend Overload o
    Q113534 FIX: C2248 Error When Calling CView::OnInitialUpdate()
    Q130547 FIX: C2300 on Explicit Destructor Call in Class Template
    Q150885 FIX: C2321 Expanding Template with a Pointer to a Nested Class
    Q148504 FIX: C2371: Cast to Struct Ptr in Default Arg of Class Member
    Q155211 FIX: C2373 on getwchar/putwchar When Using UNICODE & __stdcall
    Q166282 FIX: C2440 Caused by Template Function with Const Pointer
    Q149327 FIX: C2440 Expanding Template with a Pointer to a Nested Class
    Q216722 FIX: C2440 Using Function Pointer As Class Template Argument
    Q125799 FIX: C2443 Using Structure Member Operand in _asm Block
    Q123811 FIX: C2466: Using New to Allocate an Array of Size Zero
    Q171064 FIX: C2512 Instantiating Template in Member Initializer
    Q87640 FIX: C2593: "operato
    Q139349 FIX: C2607 Error Passing Ref to Pointer w/ Templated Functions
    Q117833 FIX: C2662: "'__vbaseDtor' cannot convert 'this' pointer"
    Q139301 FIX: C2664 Error w/Property Sheet Component Added to CDocument
    Q143083 FIX: C2664 When Array Is Passed as a Parameter to a Function
    Q122443 FIX: C2664 When Converting Type Defined Array to Const Array
    Q149965 FIX: C2668 in Overloaded Function When enum Is Promoted to int
    Q148808 FIX: C2670: Template Function Cannot Convert Parameter
    Q130370 FIX: C2676 on Overloaded Operators of Templated Classes
    Q155164 FIX: C2678 on Overloaded Functions When Using a Namespace
    Q150576 FIX: C2682 Using dynamic_cast to Cast to a Const Pointer Type
    Q167113 FIX: C2734, C2166: Caused by Template Function with const ref
    Q168078 FIX: C2784 Instantiating STL Objects with a UDT Parameter
    Q115707 FIX: C2857 Error Incorrectly Generated Using /Yc Option
    Q168028 FIX: C2955 Caused by the "using" Declaration
    Q131376 FIX: C2974 Error When Calling Templated Base Class Functions
    Q130551 FIX: C2974 When Explicitly Call Class Template('s) Destructor
    Q135536 FIX: C2985 Error When Template Class Has Static Data Member
    Q143352 FIX: C2988 on Conversion Operator Between Two Template Classes
    Q163995 FIX: C2989 Declaring Template Class in a Namespace
    Q138752 FIX: C4114 Warning When Using Templates and Const Keyword
    Q115850 FIX: C4713 Internal Compiler Error, file reg86.c, line 2934
    Q115529 FIX: C4713: Internal Compiler Error, File reg86.c, line 2934
    Q116440 FIX: C4713: Internal Compiler Error, grammar.c, line 168
    Q113259 FIX: C4713: Internal Compiler Error, reg86.c, Line 2934
    Q114069 FIX: C4713: reg86.c, line 3799
    Q115535 FIX: C4713: reg86.c, line 4479, 4600
    Q167995 FIX: Calling a Function Returning double May Not Pop FPU Stack
    Q190531 FIX: Calling delete or free() in ATL Causes Access Violation
    Q192942 FIX: Call to CWnd::MoveWindow Causes Stack Overflow
    Q115849 FIX: Call to Member Function with Virtual Base Fails
    Q115854 FIX: Cannot Access Private Member from Friend Class
    Q108291 FIX: Cannot Add New Member Variables with VIEWEX Sample
    Q167798 FIX: Can Not Attach Process to Debugger from NT Task Manager
    Q200495 FIX: Cannot Create bad_typeid Object with /MD
    Q143050 FIX: Cannot Evaluate Structures in Classes
    Q139012 FIX: Cannot Map Functions to Special Keys in Developer Studio
    Q159576 FIX: Cannot Open Stored Procedure from Call Stack Context
    Q98496 FIX: "Cannot Open SYSTEM.INI ... Test for MMD.386" Error
    Q145865 FIX: Cannot Receive WM_HELP for a Subclassed Control
    Q163252 FIX: Cannot Remove BS_PUSHLIKE in Resource Editor
    Q180593 FIX: Cannot Rename Directory of a Closed Workspace
    Q156137 FIX: Cannot Set Breakpoint at EXECUTE Statement
    Q122170 FIX: Cannot Set Breakpoint if Project Contains \C++\ in Path
    Q116312 FIX: Cannot Set Breakpoint with Boolean Type
    Q122847 FIX: Cannot Watch Local Variables of a __finally Block
    Q166110 FIX: Can Set SQL Breakpoints on Invalid Lines Inside a Trigger
    Q121017 FIX: Can't Create Directory >1 Deep for Intermediate Files
    Q141865 FIX: Can't Get to Hidden Workspace After Enabling Docking View
    Q139490 FIX: Can't Select First Table When Creating DAO Table Recordse
    Q127779 FIX: Can't Set BreakPoint w/ Country Set to Non-English Locale
    Q117161 FIX: Can't Watch Values of Nondimensioned Array Parameters
    Q173252 FIX: CArchive::GetObjectSchema Returns Incorrect Schema
    Q133433 FIX: CArchive May Corrupt Memory or Write Incorrect Data
    Q103715 FIX: Caret Moves from Memory Window When Modifications Made
    Q142960 FIX: CCheckListBox Fails with Style LBS_MULTICOLUMN
    Q217188 FIX: CCOLUMNSRow Column Names Are Incorrect
    Q218829 FIX: CComEnumImpl<>::Skip() Doesn't Handle Overflow Correctly
    Q115708 FIX: C++ Compiler Treats &array[][] as 2-D Array of References
    Q174891 FIX: CComQIPtr operator= Causes an Access Violation
    Q191626 FIX: CComVariant > and < Operators Cause LNK2001 Errors
    Q217201 FIX: CControlBar Crashes When TOOLTIPTEXT.lpszText Is the ID for a String Resource
    Q113293 FIX: CControlBar OnCreate Implementation Missing
    Q148805 FIX: CDaoTableDef CreateField Cannot Set "Allow Zero Length"
    Q139759 FIX: CDatabase::ExecuteSQL() Fails with UNICODE Build
    Q125730 FIX: CDatabase::Open Uses Wrong Handle for the Parent Window
    Q145696 FIX: CDC::CreatePointFont() May Create Wrong Size Font
    Q193099 FIX: CDialog::Create() Returns Incorrect Value Calling EndDialog
    Q110800 FIX: CEditView in Splitter Window Doesn't Update Document
    Q162160 FIX: CFileDialog::DoModal Does Not Return 0
    Q128831 FIX: CFile Exception: badSeek, OS error information = -1
    Q143086 FIX: CFile::GetFileName() Always Returns CString w/Zero Length
    Q109849 FIX: CFile::ReadHuge May Return Incorrect Value
    Q104638 FIX: CFile::SetStatus Throws Exception When Setting Time
    Q122184 FIX: CFormView Does Not Change Child Positions on WM_MDINEXT
    Q113294 FIX: CFrameWnd::UpdateFrameTitle() Removes Text after Hyphen
    Q157903 FIX: Changes Lost When Changing Variable During Debugging
    Q139271 FIX: Changing Keyboard Compatibility Fails to Update Some Keys
    Q122540 FIX: 'char *' Passed to 'const char * &' Violates Type Safety
    Q132116 FIX: CheckAutoCenter May Return TRUE with DS_ABSALIGN
    Q154895 FIX: CInternet::File ReadString() Loses Data
    Q138032 FIX: CIRC2 and CIRC3 Samples Don't Handle WM_SIZE Message
    Q163364 FIX: Class-local typedef Causes C1001 in msc1.cpp, Line 1089
    Q140270 FIX:ClassView Add Function/Variable Fails If Header File Moved
    Q195375 FIX: ClassView Can Be Very Slow When Using SourceSafe
    Q140502 FIX: ClassView Cannot Find Function That Has Been Moved
    Q154112 FIX: Classview Cannot Find Template Member Function Definition
    Q179012 FIX: ClassView Lacks "Go to Declaration" for Static Data Members
    Q118875 FIX: ClassWizard "Bind", "Update Columns" Buttons Disabled
    Q104238 FIX: ClassWizard Cannot Read .CLW File > 65530 Bytes
    Q167845 FIX: Class Wizard Deletes Source Files
    Q162731 FIX: Class Wizard Displays Incorrect Control IDs
    Q107465 FIX: ClassWizard Floating-Point Parsing Errors
    Q137154 FIX: ClassWizard Generates Bad Code for Tree View Messages
    Q133276 FIX: ClassWizard Generates Incorrect UDN_DELTAPOS Handler
    Q131044 FIX: ClassWizard Incorrectly Reads LPDISPATCH Params from .TLB
    Q155142 FIX: ClassWizard | Member Variables Loses Member Variables
    Q141346 FIX: ClassWizard Misspells CPropertyPage in OnFinalRelease()
    Q116181 FIX: ClassWizard Option Isn't Disabled for Non-MFC Projects
    Q153282 FIX: ClassWizard Overrides CDaoRecordset::Open Incorrectly
    Q108521 FIX: ClassWizard Parsing Error with Float Variables
    Q147735 FIX: ClassWizard Quits If Class Twice Derived from CRecord
    Q122259 FIX: ClassWizard Reports Invalid Filename When Importing Class
    Q185671 FIX: ClassWizard Uses DISPID_CAPTION as Custom Caption Property
    Q145863 FIX: Clear All Guides in Dialog Editor Causes Access Violation
    Q148687 FIX: Clipboard Assistant - Paste Fails or Causes Hard Break
    Q151897 FIX: CListCtrl::InsertColumn() Causes Column Data to Shift
    Q156134 FIX: CLongBinary Causes "Invalid String or Buffer Length"
    Q157893 FIX: Closing an ActiveX Control Project Crashes DevStudio
    Q130643 FIX: Closing Resource Browser System Menu Doesn't Save Changes
    Q127194 FIX: CMap Template Class Leaks Non-Primitive KEY Objects
    Q126301 FIX: CMDIFrameWnd Caption Not Updated When Child Closed
    Q104703 FIX: CMemFile Causes GP Faults in Debug with _AFXDLL
    Q217208 FIX: CMenu::GetMenuString Truncates Strings Longer Than 256 Characters
    Q114077 FIX: Code Movement with Huge Pointer Expression in Loop
    Q109678 FIX: CodeView/Visual Workbench Can't Watch static const Member
    Q127923 FIX: COleControl::GetNotSupported() Gives Bad Description
    Q167169 FIX: COleDateTime::Format Throws a COleException(scode=E_FAIL)
    Q225140 FIX: COleDateTime::operator=(time_t) Breaks If Year Past 1999
    Q148751 FIX: COleDateTimeSpan Returns Incorrect Value
    Q124066 FIX: COleDispatchDriver::InvokeHelperV Causes Memory Leaks
    Q156006 FIX: Columns Properties Shows Numeric Codes Under "Data Type"
    Q113587 FIX: Combo Box in Toolbar Leaves Drop-Down Portion Behind
    Q138947 FIX: Comma Acts Like CR/LF in Custom Build Options
    Q117607 FIX: Common Dialog Classes Don't Update DDX Member Variables
    Q151673 FIX: Compiler Allocates Struct with Nested Struct Incorrectly
    Q166721 FIX: Compiler Error C2784 o
    Q153292 FIX: Compiler Errors with COleDateTime::Format
    Q117203 FIX: Compiler Generates Bad Char Pointer Code with /Ot
    Q172980 FIX: Compiler Incorrectly Causes Default Constructor Reference
    Q104649 FIX: Compiler Issues C1001 or Hangs with Missing Closing Brace
    Q116486 FIX: Compiler May Generate Invalid Errors for Local Classes
    Q151499 FIX: Compiler Performs Illegal Sign Conversion Optimization
    Q182324 FIX: Component Gallery Errors with Read-Only Project Files
    Q168079 FIX: _com_ptr_t::operator=(const _variant_t&) AddRefs Twice
    Q123160 FIX: Conditional Breakpoint Doesn't Stop in Recursive Function
    Q116419 FIX: Conditional Directives Ignored by Dependency Scanning
    Q98989 FIX: Constructor C4705 Warning from Aggregate Class Member
    Q152075 FIX: Control Container Support Only Works in Primary Thread
    Q151491 FIX: copy() Member of _bstr_t in comutl.h Doesn't Copy
    Q122301 FIX: Correct Icons Are Not Displayed After CD-ROM Setup
    Q143071 FIX: CPropertySheet::DoModal() or Create() Causes an Exception
    Q168082 FIX: Crash During Project Conversion If Project Has MAC Targets
    Q216868 FIX: Crash When Class Variable Declared Before Class Declaration
    Q216869 FIX: Crash When Editing Code with Parameter Information Visible
    Q149341 FIX: CreatePointFont() May Create Wrong Size Font in Preview
    Q138767 FIX: CreateRelation Method Fails with Non-UNICODE Build
    Q170257 FIX: CRecordset::AddNew Inserts 32484 Into int Fields (RFX_INT)
    Q167423 FIX: CRecordset Members Not in "Add Member Variable" Dialog Box
    Q156135 FIX: CRecordset::m_lCurrentRecord Gives Inaccurate Values
    Q197448 FIX: CRecordset "String Cannot Be Converted to Number" Error
    Q124568 FIX: CRecordView:OnMove May Incorrectly Return FALSE
    Q173027 FIX: CRichEditView as Second Splitter Pane Causes Crash
    Q141958 FIX: _CRTDBG_MAP_ALLOC Environment Var References Incorrect
    Q181207 FIX: CRuntimeClass Not Available for CInternetException
    Q122275 FIX: C Run-time Include Files Missing #pragma Pack Directives
    Q117387 FIX: CScrollView::FillOutsideRect() Fills Incorrectly
    Q150574 FIX:CScrollView::OnHScroll/OnVScroll Do Not Call OnChildNotify
    Q140669 FIX: CSingleLock: Bogus Assert in CSingleLock::CSingleLock
    Q154649 FIX: CSocket Operation Hangs if a Timer is Active
    Q133034 FIX: CSpinButtonCtrl Causes Assertion in viewscrl.cpp line 698
    Q108434 FIX: CSplitterWnd Class Does Not Handle All Focus Cases
    Q127038 FIX: CString::Format Gives Assertion Failed, Access Violation
    Q169484 FIX: CString::MakeUpper and MakeLower Don't Work with Some Char
    Q193100 FIX: CString Serialization Causes Access Violation
    Q129770 FIX: CString::TrimLeft Fails in a UNICODE Application
    Q141533 FIX: CSyncObject::Lock Always Returns TRUE for Finite Waits
    Q201387 FIX: CTABLESRow Missing TABLE_PROPID Column
    Q172276 FIX: CToolTipCtrl Not Displaying Text After VS SP1, SP2 Install
    Q116323 FIX: CTRL+C Doesn't Terminate QuickWin Application in Debugger
    Q114534 FIX: Ctrl+I Crashes App Studio When Loading .RC File
    Q122268 FIX: CTRL+Z Terminates File Load in Development Environment
    Q138756 FIX: Cursor Editor Fill Tool Doesn't Affect BackGround Pixels
    Q147892 FIX: Custom AppWizard Doesn't Support Multiple Languages
    Q186895 FIX: Custom AppWizard Errors with Applications That Have Help
    Q181511 FIX: Custom AppWizard May Ignore Changes to Predefined Macros
    Q150287 FIX: Custom Build Commands Fail When Built from Command Line
    Q149496 FIX: Custom Build Generates LNK1104 for Project Build from IDE
    Q164380 FIX: Custom Build Rules are Lost with Multiple Selections
    Q138928 FIX: Custom Key Assignments May Not Work as Expected
    Q192108 FIX: CUSTOMWZ Sample Partially Overwrites Custom AppWizard Code
    Q167994 FIX: Cvpack INTERNAL ERROR When Linking Large Projects
    Q168123 FIX: CWindow::GetTopLevelWindow() Returns NULL
    Q150571 FIX: CWnd::DragAcceptFiles() in Books Online
    Q114376 FIX: CWnd::ExecuteDlgInit() Uses AfxGetInstanceHandle
    Q148703 FIX: CWnd::SubclassDlgItem Returns FALSE for OLE Controls
    Q131147 FIX: CXX0033 Error in OMF Type from Forward Class Declaration
    Q142421 FIX: D2004 Caused by /Tp or /Tc Option in Visual C++ 4.0
    Q152318 FIX: DAO SDK's CdbRecordset::Requery() May Fail
    Q140534 FIX: "Data Truncated Column" Erroneously Reported
    Q126134 FIX: Date/Time Fields Fail to Update When Using a Dynaset
    Q214661 FIX: Daylight Savings Time Bug in C Run-Time Library
    Q132203 FIX: DB Control Sample Release Build Won't Register
    Q141447 FIX: dbDao's CdbException Uses Private Constructor
    Q152384 FIX: DDX for Short Causes Stack Corruption
    Q172398 FIX: Debug Assertion When Assigning to STL String
    Q172887 FIX: Debugger Cannot Safely Change Current Location
    Q120966 FIX: Debugger Can't Debug Project That Has Spaces in Path Name
    Q112984 FIX: Debugger Expands Arrays Passed to Functions Incorrectly
    Q171849 FIX: Debugger Hangs When Very Long STL Symbol in Watch Window
    Q147836 FIX: Debugger Hangs with Huge Executable with Embedded Symbols
    Q155160 FIX: Debugger Sees Only One Variable of Two with Same Name
    Q167696 FIX: Debug Static MFC Library Links to UrlMon.dll/Wininet.dll
    Q122303 FIX: __declspec(dllimport) Classes Are Not Caught Correctly
    Q167350 FIX: Default Constructor Argument Can Not Use Namespace Scope
    Q148139 FIX: Default OLE Container w/ Splitters Faults on View Closure
    Q217186 FIX: Default Schema Rowsets Do Not Return NULL Columns
    Q218613 FIX: /DELAYLOAD Linker Option Generates Bad Image On Alpha
    Q113815 FIX: Deleting CRecordset Object Before Closing It
    Q119161 FIX: Dependencies May Not Be Detected
    Q122334 FIX: Dependencies Not Generated for Files w/Lines Ending in LF
    Q217182 FIX: Descriptions Aren't Added to Registry When Using DECLARE_REGISTRY() Macro
    Q129617 FIX: Destructor Called on Non Constructed Temporary
    Q155292 FIX: Destructor Not Called When DEBUG_NEW Is Defined
    Q143429 FIX: Developer Studio Causes an Alignment Fault
    Q174809 FIX: Developer Studio Crashes Randomly When Navigating Workspace
    Q142888 FIX: Developer Studio Fails to Recognize Makefile and Quits
    Q139637 FIX: Developer Studio Ignores /nologo Linker Setting
    Q183813 FIX: Developer Studio Macro Constants Not Defined
    Q149616 FIX: Developer Studio May Hang When Debug Session Starts/Ends
    Q196244 FIX: Developer Studio Settings for User Platforms Not Saved
    Q123809 FIX: Development Environment Doesn't Unload DLL on Termination
    Q150789 FIX: DFX_Bool Calls Default() with AFX_RFX_LONGBINARY
    Q173261 FIX: Dialog in InitInstance Doesn't Process WM_DDE_INITIATE
    Q106262 FIX: Direction Flag Is Not Cleared When an Exception Occurs
    Q159956 FIX: Dirty Flag Not Cleared During Edit() or Update()
    Q114980 FIX: Disabled DDX Radio Button Causes Infinite Loop
    Q138830 FIX: Dismissing Splash Screen from Component Causes Assertion
    Q148616 FIX: DisplayAsDefault Ambient Property Not Updated for Control
    Q161874 FIX: Displaying CPropertySheet in COleControl Causes Assert
    Q136302 FIX: Drop-down Combobox Does Not Move with Property Sheet
    Q145937 FIX: DUMPBIN, LIB, and EDITBIN Fail on File Names with Spaces
    Q139995 FIX: Duplicate Column Names Improperly Qualified by Wizards
    Q123092 FIX: Duplicate Source Files Cause Breakpoint Failures
    Q151070 FIX: DYNAMIC_DOWNCAST & STATIC_DOWNCAST Causes Stack Overflow
    Q141303 FIX: Dynasets w/ CLongBinary Fields Throws Incorrect Exception
    Q116409 FIX: Edit() After Requery() May Produce Incorrect Results
    Q125645 FIX: Edit Control in Property Page Does Not Get Return Keys
    Q147944 FIX: Edit Control's Number Style Check Box Won't Stay Selected
    Q142764 FIX: Edit Fields Blank When Large Fonts Selected
    Q131102 FIX: Enumerating Connection Points Causes GP Fault
    Q167325 FIX: Env Vars Not Used in Exported Makefile Dependencies
    Q107496 FIX: Error C1001 Generated Due to Insufficient Disk Space
    Q132396 FIX: Error C2065: 'DDX_FieldCBIndex' : undeclared identifier
    Q222613 FIX: "error C2065: 'm_mov' : Undeclared Identifier" When Compiling Alpha Project Using ATL
    Q139871 FIX: Error C2371 on Struct Typedef that Does Not Have a Tag
    Q122789 FIX: Error C2579 When Using Function Templates
    Q128344 FIX: Error C2593: 'operator +' Is Ambiguous
    Q114833 FIX: Error C2664 Generated with Class Created by TEMPLDEF
    Q165803 FIX: Error C2783 - Cannot Deduce Non-Type Template Parameter
    Q194616 FIX: error CBE7002: Failed assertion "lab" ascoff.cpp, line 769
    Q140590 FIX: Error in COleDispatchException Constructor
    Q66778 FIX: Error Messages May Say "short" or "int" Instead of "enum"
    Q164958 FIX: Error Occurs When Running PTK Setup
    Q138693 FIX: Error Opening .Bsc File from MRU List
    Q152016 FIX: Errors C2065/C2064 When Function L is Called with Macro
    Q147948 FIX: Errors Occur Using DAO CLongBinary Data from Database
    Q133311 FIX: Errors Occur When SQL Server Binary Field Over 64K
    Q122216 FIX: Errors When Spaces Used in Resource File Specification
    Q186872 FIX: Error "The topic does not exist" Using VC5 Help & Word 97
    Q152482 FIX: Error: Undefined Symbol 'DOC' from Custom AppWizard
    Q136594 FIX: Error Using Inline Assembly in a Template Class
    Q168433 FIX: Error Using _ttoi64 with Non-Unicode Applications
    Q153963 FIX: Exception in DrawCli When Displaying Summary Information
    Q133071 FIX: Exception Specification in Template causes C2961 Error
    Q141477 FIX: Exception Specification Syntax Handled Incorrectly
    Q193509 FIX: Exception When Calling strftime() Function
    Q156143 FIX: Execute SQL Button Does Not Show Change to Stop Execute
    Q116026 FIX: ExitInstance() Not Called in _USRDLL DLL
    Q116463 FIX: Expansion of Object References Displays a Blank Line
    Q128805 FIX: Explicit Call to Virtual Destructor Corrupts Stack
    Q168387 FIX: Exported Makefile May Be Useless if Custom Build Uses "CD"
    Q107428 FIX: Extra New Line Added to Debug Output in Visual Debugger
    Q132288 FIX: ExtTextOut Causes Assertion in DCPREV.CPP or DCMETA.CPP
    Q156136 FIX: F1 Help Not Hooked to Some New Dialog Boxes
    Q167961 FIX: F1 Help Routed Wrongly for Additional Top-Level Windows
    Q140450 FIX: "Failed to (or don't know how to) build" Warning
    Q217187 FIX: Failure In InternalCreateSchemaRowset Causes Access Violation
    Q216731 FIX: Failure To Call Destructor of Explicitly Constructed Anonymous Temporary
    Q150075 FIX: False Memory Leaks in MFC DLL Statically Linked to MFC
    Q123803 FIX: Fatal Error C1001: Compiler File MSC1.CPP Line 1056
    Q131013 FIX: Fatal Error C1001 'd:\b_bld\c2.m2\P2\main.c', line 374
    Q140597 FIX: Fatal Error LNK1561: Entry Point Must Be Defined
    Q133249 FIX: Fatal Error U1052: File 'win32.mak' Not Found
    Q112336 FIX: "fatal error U1073: don't know how to make
    Q167734 FIX: FILE: MFC Browser Library (MFC.BSC) Is Incomplete
    Q182937 FIX: Files in External Dependencies Folder Don't Persist
    Q173244 FIX: FindIndex Works Incorrectly When nIndex Is Negative
    Q141273 FIX: Firing a KeyPress Event from an OLE Control Causes Beep
    Q151166 FIX: Fixes in VC++ 4.1 to Bugs in VC++ 4.0 32-Bit Edition
    Q125465 FIX: Floating Point Field Incorrectly Assigned -9.123E+19
    Q141478 FIX: Floating Toolbars Disappear in Developer Studio
    Q162958 FIX: Format of the Password Parameter for CompactDatabase
    Q107868 FIX: Foundation Class Library Makefile Builds Wrong Library
    Q194550 FIX: Freeing Memory Multiple Times May Cause an Access Violation
    Q168003 FIX: Function Prototypes in comutil.h Missing Calling Convention
    Q116137 FIX: /G3 Optimization Generates Bad Code for Struct Pointers
    Q157071 FIX: GetFieldValue Returns Empty String for SQL_LONGVARCHAR
    Q171543 FIX: _getmbp CRT Function Does Not Return Correct Value
    Q105372 FIX: GetNextAssoc() Crashes _AFXDLL Application
    Q217183 FIX: GetPropertyInfo Not Returning Correct Values for Default Case
    Q115527 FIX: Global Code Optimization Generates Incorrect Code
    Q168029 FIX: Global Optimizations (/Og) May Cause the Compiler to Hang
    Q140440 FIX: Global Overloaded Delete Operator Causes LNK2005
    Q140677 FIX: Go Back Button in InfoView Viewer Window Is Disabled
    Q99787 FIX: GP Fault from ON_REGISTERED_MESSAGE() in _USRDLL
    Q113676 FIX: GP Fault in MSCOPTS.DLL Adding Libraries to Project
    Q129094 FIX: GP Fault in Visual C++ When Separators in Top Level Menu
    Q114103 FIX: GP Fault Using App Studio to Open Dialog with VBX
    Q120577 FIX: GP Fault When Copying Between Two Resource Scripts
    Q128897 FIX: GP Fault When For Loop Used with Unsigned Char Index
    Q138755 FIX: GPF When Drag-Drop Resources Between Two Resource Scripts
    Q172609 FIX: /GX May Cause C1001 When Using Base Class' Operator Delete
    Q108584 FIX: Handling of Invalid Values in Class Wizard for DDX/DDV
    Q191738 FIX: Hanging Occurs When Using CArrayRowset
    Q132492 FIX:Hard-coded breakpoints and RtlGetUserInfoHeap error
    Q123162 FIX: Hatch Marks in MFC DRAWCLI Print Preview
    Q103712 FIX: Help, Online Books Inaccessible After Custom Install
    Q117870 FIX: HIERSVR Sample GetClipboardData() Parameters Incorrect
    Q196586 FIX: HttpSendRequest Does Not Work Correctly on WinCE 2.0
    Q147384 FIX: Icons, Bitmaps, & Menus Not Displayed in an AFXDLL Dialog
    Q108588 FIX: ID_APP_EXIT Used for a Button Will Exit App Studio
    Q145574 FIX: IDE Appears to Hang If Browse Key (F11 or F12) Is Pressed
    Q153425 FIX: IDE Crashes Undoing Sizing in Dialog Editor
    Q155622 FIX: IDE Debugger Truncates Floating Point Numbers
    Q114533 FIX: IDE Inconsistently Generates Dependencies for Resources
    Q102158 FIX: ifstream Object Loses Character in Text Mode
    Q168111 FIX: #import Does Not Compensate for Gaps in vtable
    Q185284 FIX: #import Does not Correctly Handle GUID Parameters
    Q217755 FIX: #import Ignores TKIND_MODULE Members of a Type Library
    Q119279 FIX: Include Files May Be Incorrectly Added as a Dependency
    Q139028 FIX: Incomplete pragma Directive May Cause C1001 Error
    Q114070 FIX: Incorrect Code Generated in Function That Uses _asm
    Q168012 FIX: Incorrect Code Generated When Using Floating-Point and /Og
    Q216747 FIX: Incorrect Code Generated With /Og and /G6
    Q195376 FIX: Incorrect Code Generated with /Og and /Oa or /Ow
    Q218611 FIX: Incorrect Code Generated With /Og and /Ob1
    Q216181 FIX: Incorrect Code Generated with /Og Optimization
    Q102166 FIX: Incorrect Debugging Information for Nested Classes
    Q113427 FIX: Incorrect Optimization of Left Shift Operator
    Q120206 FIX: Incorrect Return Value From CRecordset::IsOpen()
    Q152781 FIX: Incorrect Return Values from COleDateTime Members
    Q121015 FIX: Incorrect Template Declaration Causes Compiler Hang
    Q156005 FIX: Incorrect Warning About Procedure/ Trigger Name Length
    Q216727 FIX: Initializing const int With float literal Gets Erroneous Value
    Q114078 FIX: Inline Assembly Instruction Removed With /O1
    Q138446 FIX: Inlined Templated Member Functions Cannot Be Specialized
    Q116371 FIX: Inline Functions Instantiated when Not Referenced
    Q129330 FIX: Installing CDK Appears to Corrupt Visual C++ Help Index
    Q175985 FIX: Installing DAO SDK Outside of \DEVSTUDIO May Cause Problems
    Q139477 FIX: Insufficient Disk Space Causes Visual C++ to Fail
    Q200292 FIX: Interfaces Not Released by _com_ptr_t::CreateInstance()
    Q115142 FIX: Internal Compiler Error C1001: REG86.C, Line 3154
    Q118678 FIX: Internal Make Error U1073
    Q128555 FIX: Internal Make Facility Ignores Response (@) File
    Q151446 FIX: Internal State of ControlBars Corrupted
    Q156930 FIX: "Invalid Cursor State" Error After Changing Directory
    Q154683 FIX: Invalid Cursor State Using Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver
    Q190536 FIX: Invalid Page Fault in Msvcrt.dll
    Q133257 FIX: Invalid String Displayed by CToolTipCtrl
    Q217185 FIX: IRowsetImpl::GetData() Does Not Handle Nulls Correctly
    Q148848 FIX: "Item not found in this collection" Message Box
    Q139997 FIX: "Item not found in this collection" with MFC DAO Join
    Q134984 FIX: L2025 Error on CWnd::DoDataExchange or CObject::Serialize
    Q108522 FIX: L2029 Error Calling ODBC Functions from ODBC SDK
    Q141458 FIX: Large Selections Fail in Disassembly Window
    Q179690 FIX: Launching COM Server with Long File Name Returns 0x80080005
    Q158306 FIX: "LDR: Dll *.dll Base 10000000 Relocated..." Error
    Q99574 FIX: Library Name Changes When Compile Option Changes
    Q122276 FIX: Library Version of atan2(0,0) Does Not Return 0
    Q129210 FIX: Linker Errors on Array of Constant Pointers to Constants
    Q119500 FIX: Link /OUT Does Not Rename Target
    Q130867 FIX: Link Paste Update Causes ASSERT in AFXWIN1.INL
    Q154492 FIX: List of Fixes in VC++ 4.2 to Bugs in VC++ 4.0/VC++ 4.1
    Q195377 FIX: LNK1104 When Linking VXD with /MAP
    Q141485 FIX: LNK1152 & LNK1141 When Linking OLE Control to Mapi32.lib
    Q156190 FIX: LNK1170 Building Project's Makefile from Command Line
    Q139456 FIX: LNK1201 Error Writing to .PDB File After Line Profile
    Q149784 FIX: LNK2001 Incorrectly Generated for Static Data Member
    Q135336 FIX: LNK2001 on AfxSocketInit When Using __stdcall Default
    Q184088 FIX: LNK4056 Warning Generated with Comma in #pragma Comment
    Q138972 FIX: LNK4076: Invalid Incremental Status File
    Q138722 FIX: LoadBarState and SaveBarState Increase .Ini File Size
    Q151382 FIX: LoadBarState() Causes Assert In Bardock.cpp, Line 682
    Q139295 FIX: Local File Is Not Saved with Save All
    Q168424 FIX: Localize Sample Can Not Be Built
    Q148681 FIX: localtime() Does Not Always Switch to Standard Time
    Q117148 FIX: Long Macros Used in Old .RC Files Cause GP Faults
    Q121016 FIX: Long Query Name in Browser Causes Application Error
    Q115704 FIX: Loop Optimization Causes Infinite Do-While Loop
    Q134679 FIX: Loss of Decimal Digits with MFC Database Classes
    Q114075 FIX: M6110 Error When Using 'switch' Statement with /Oe
    Q115324 FIX: Macro Subscript Causes Internal Compiler Error
    Q131312 FIX: Manipulator Causes C1001 IC Error in MSC1.CPP Line 1056
    Q152603 FIX: Masked Edit Tab Order Incorrect If Visible Property FALSE
    Q179284 FIX: _mbslwr Does Not Handle International Characters
    Q102619 FIX: Member Conversion Function Calling Convention Incorrect
    Q110952 FIX: Memory Leak in CVBControl::AddItem()
    Q136080 FIX: Memory Leak Reported in PLEX.CPP When Using CSocket
    Q115035 FIX: Memory Leak when Requerying with a CTime Parameter
    Q143330 FIX: Messagebox Shows in DDX_FieldCBString & DDX_FieldLBString
    Q167693 FIX: MFC Application Hangs on Multiprocessor Machine
    Q190518 FIX: MFC AppWizard Generates Incorrect Toolbars and Bitmaps
    Q153897 FIX: MFC DAO or ODBC App Crashes on Exit
    Q108113 FIX: MFC DLLs Don't Unregister Window Classes
    Q193272 FIX: MFC Doesn't Call CPrintDialog::OnInitDialog
    Q129782 FIX: MFCN30.DLL and MFCN30D.DLL Not Copied with Win32S Setup
    Q151686 FIX: MFC ODBC Dynaset Cannot Update a SQL Server 6.0 View
    Q151683 FIX: MFC ODBC Exceptions Using the SQL Server 6.5 Driver
    Q130827 FIX: MFC Reports Memory Leaks When cout and cin Are Used
    Q130653 FIX: MFC Sockets Application Causes GP Fault on Exit
    Q142350 FIX: MFCVBX with MODEL_fChildrenOk Set Causes GP Fault
    Q150000 FIX: Minimal Rebuild Fails on Access Specifier Change for Enum
    Q131203 FIX: Missing '::' in Error C2579 for Ambiguous Overload
    Q127957 FIX: MKTYPLIB Produces M0004 Processing STDOLE.tlb
    Q173165 FIX: Modified Resource Files Don't Affect Resources
    Q149324 FIX: Modifying Const Temporary Object Doesn't Generate Error
    Q128599 FIX: More Than 65536 Export Entries May Cause LNK2001 Errors
    Q172892 FIX: MSDEV Crashes If Same PDB Name Used for Compiler and Linker
    Q166285 FIX: MSDEV Crashes When Converting VC++ 4.0 Projects
    Q141413 FIX: MSDEV Does Not Prompt for Executable for Debug Session
    Q164414 FIX: MSDEV Error: "The Requested Topic Does Not Exist"
    Q165792 FIX: MSDEV.EXE Application Error When Building an Application
    Q85475 FIX: MS-DOS APPEND Interacts with /Fo and /Fe
    Q152792 FIX: Multiple ActiveX Control Containers Under Win32s Problems
    Q153398 FIX: Namespace and Typedef Cause C1001:'msc1.cpp',line 1090
    Q140439 FIX: Namespace Scoped Classes Don't Show Up in ClassView
    Q130769 FIX: Negative Value Passed to mktime() Generates Wrong Date
    Q115537 FIX: Nested Loops Cause Internal Compiler Error in msc1.cpp
    Q164947 FIX: Nested Macros Cause Errors C2065 and C2064
    Q167339 FIX: New Class Added in ATLWizard Removes Edit Interface Setting
    Q164615 FIX: New Record Not Inserted to End of Recordset
    Q140356 FIX: NMAKE Fails If Paths & File Names Have Special Characters
    Q100539 FIX: No C4051 Warnings Compiling .CPP or .CXX Files
    Q114072 FIX: No Code Generated for Assignment Statement
    Q152055 FIX: No Error and Constructor Not Called if Prototype Missing
    Q76693 FIX: No Error Generated Watching Illegal Structure
    Q148789 FIX: No Error Given for Non-static Callback Member Function
    Q132165 FIX: Non-const Conversion Operators Allowed on const Object
    Q167348 FIX: Non-const Member Function Call Via const Object Allowed
    Q186882 FIX: Non-U.S. English DevStudio Typelibs Improperly Registered
    Q101130 FIX: No Print Dialog Box Using Foundation Class Library
    Q120512 FIX: "No rows were affected by the update or delete operation"
    Q121217 FIX: "No rows were affected by the update or delete operation"
    Q106060 FIX: No "Save Changes" Prompt After Editing a String Table
    Q201082 FIX: No Warning When Control Path Doesn't Return a Value
    Q162732 FIX: No WizardBar When Editing the Object: theApp
    Q149137 FIX: ODBC Long Binary Functions Use SQL_NO_TOTAL Incorrectly
    Q168010 FIX: /Od May Generate Destructor for Unconstructed Temp Object
    Q167347 FIX: /Og Causes C1001, main.c, line 379 for Recursive Call
    Q173092 FIX: /Og Causes C1001 Traversing Non-Trivial List of Pointers
    Q172992 FIX: /Og Causes C1001 While Looping
    Q173025 FIX: /Og Causes C1001 with Member Lookup in an Infinite Loop
    Q167996 FIX: /Og Causes Invalid Double Result Returned from Function
    Q151500 FIX: /Og Causes vfptr Initialization Problems
    Q167967 FIX: /Og Increments the Index of a Loop Too Soon
    Q217033 FIX: /Og May Cause Incorrect Floating Point Calculation Result
    Q116135 FIX: OnIdle() Processing Can Hang in Low-Memory Situations
    Q141532 FIX: OnInitMenuPopup Deletes Temporary Objects
    Q141352 FIX: Only 64K of Data Transferred via CLongBinary
    Q140535 FIX: Only the First 64K Is Read from Binary Field
    Q137632 FIX: OnMessagePending Not Called When a Timer is Active
    Q167949 FIX: OnWindowMessage Returns BOOL for HRESULT
    Q116310 FIX: Open Listing File in IDE Is Not Reloaded After Compile
    Q118759 FIX: "Operation failed, no current record" Message
    Q205681 FIX: Operator ++ In Return Statement May Cause Access Violation
    Q119871 FIX: Optimization Bug Using Shift Operators and outp()
    Q115536 FIX: Optimization Removes SS Override from Inline Assembly
    Q116447 FIX: ostrstrea
    Q172985 FIX: Out of Order Definitions in idl May Cause Compiler Errors
    Q102113 FIX: "Out of Virtual Memory" Message may be Caused by chdir()
    Q123493 FIX: OutputDebugString() Without \n May GP Fault in MSVC.EXE
    Q114071 FIX: /Ow Generates Bad Code When Using the
    Q208005 FIX: Page Table Initialization Missing in x86 OAL
    Q168411 FIX: Per-File Switch at Project Level Silently Deleted
    Q143430 FIX: Pointer to Member Function Is Not Shown as Reference
    Q141199 FIX: Pop-Up Menu Items Disabled for an OLE Control
    Q152030 FIX: Port I/O Functions Not in DLL Version of CRT for VC++ 4.0
    Q170979 FIX: Pragma Pack(pop) Missing from afxdocob.h Header File
    Q141456 FIX: Pressing F1 for Help on Error Message Doesn't Work
    Q117385 FIX: printf Does Not Recognize "\n\r" when Using Conversion
    Q185280 FIX: Printf Gives Unexpected Results for Doubles on WinCE
    Q106393 FIX: Print Footer Options Reset to &P in Visual Workbench
    Q173249 FIX: Print Preview Doesn't Honor Font Width Setting
    Q116299 FIX: Print Preview Problems for Chars with ASCII Values > 127
    Q115521 FIX: Private Copy Constructor Called Without Proper Access
    Q141417 FIX: Problem Occurs During File Open on Win32s
    Q160075 FIX: Problems Debugging in Case-sensitive Database
    Q125728 FIX: Problems Occur After Destroying Dockable CControlBar
    Q164819 FIX: Problems Using Database Classes with Jet 3.0 under NT 4.0
    Q115437 FIX: Problems Using Parentheses to Denote Array Subscripts
    Q112757 FIX: Problems When Using an Oracle Data Source
    Q198839 FIX: Problems with Asynchronous Break on Multiprocessor Machines
    Q167650 FIX: Problems with ToolTips on Windows 95
    Q143084 FIX: Problems with Using the MFC DAO Classes in a .DLL or .OCX
    Q123951 FIX: Problem with Remote Builds on Novell Netware Servers
    Q141670 FIX: Profiling May Fail If Install Dir Contains Long File Name
    Q118659 FIX: Program Crash when Connecting to Data Source from a DLL
    Q194615 FIX: Project Deletes Precompiled Header Created by Other Project
    Q125644 FIX: Property Sheet with Edit Doesn't Close On ESC Key
    Q121218 FIX: pvarResult Should Be NULL When vtRet==VT_EMPTY
    Q165433 FIX: Query Designer Not Inserting Record if Field Name Has Dash
    Q114987 FIX: RCDLL.DLL GPFs with Semicolon in #define in .RC File
    Q152319 FIX: ReadString Gives Wrong Result Reading Long Strings
    Q114986 FIX: Realloc with _AFXDLL Causes Assertion or GP Fault
    Q135049 FIX: Rebuilding .CLW File Does Not Restore Link to ODL File
    Q116303 FIX: Registered Message in a USRDLL May Cause a GPF
    Q201318 FIX: Registering ATL Server with Long Name Causes 0x80070002
    Q117888 FIX: Relative Include Files May Not be a Dependency
    Q216716 FIX: Relocations Not Generated For Array of Ptrs To Functions Using Typedefs
    Q217369 FIX: Remote Debugging Fails Due to Many OutputDebugString Calls
    Q218612 FIX: Remote Debugging on Alpha Does Not Work
    Q168007 FIX: Remote Debugging Very Slow in Visual C++ Version 5.0
    Q177421 FIX: Remote Debug in Windows NT Requires Psapi.dll
    Q147630 FIX: Remote Monitor Quits When TCP/IP Isn't Loaded
    Q167358 FIX: Remote Windows 95 Machine Crashes on Stop Debugging
    Q149181 FIX: Removing Subproject Causes Page Fault
    Q139294 FIX: Replace "Beginning of Line" Skips Blank Lines
    Q115217 FIX: Requery Not Affected by Changing a CTime Parameter
    Q113585 FIX: ResizeParentToFit Doesn't Work in SDI CFormViews
    Q135118 FIX: ResizeParentToFit Won't Work w/ CScrollView on Windows 95
    Q133715 FIX: Resource Editor Cannot Set LVS_OWNERDRAWFIXED Style
    Q151675 FIX: Re-throwing Exception Causes Abnormal Program Termination
    Q122220 FIX: Return Value Not Ignored with NMAKE's Dash (-) Command
    Q160073 FIX: RFX_Binary Updates Unchanged CByteArray Data
    Q165744 FIX: RichEditCtrl IDs Not Shown in Member Variables Tab
    Q170515 FIX: RTTI and Incremental Link Options Incorrectly Disabled
    Q148787 FIX: Run Out of Memory or Assertion in GetBufferSetLength()
    Q99389 FIX: RW2002 Error From Long Resource Identifier
    Q167356 FIX: Same Name for Function and Class Causes C2079
    Q140088 FIX: Sample Application Dialog Box Is Disabled in InfoViewer
    Q126751 FIX: Scribble File Extension Conflicts with Screen Savers
    Q147684 FIX: Sending WM_xSCROLL Message Causes Invalid ASSERT
    Q117202 FIX: "Set Bookmarks on All" May Cause Application Error
    Q121522 FIX: SetData Always Returns E_OUTOFMEMORY
    Q157876 FIX: SetFieldNull() Asserts in DBCORE.CPP Line 4055 or 4062
    Q160074 FIX: SetFieldNull Asserts or Crashes When Called for Parameter
    Q145996 FIX: _setmaxstdio Causes Access Violation
    Q151031 FIX: SetMinHeight Does Not Work Correctly with CStatusBar
    Q113533 FIX: SetNumProperty GP Faults with Some Property Array Types
    Q114074 FIX: Setting Bitfields with /Oe Overwrites Stored BP
    Q171316 FIX: Setting Default Value Using CreateField Gives Wrong Value
    Q156067 FIX: Setting Tooltip Text in OnToolHitTest Causes Assertion
    Q148916 FIX: Setup Could Not Open \Msdev\Redist\Oracle.hlp File
    Q152317 FIX: Setup Could Not Open \MSDEV\REDIST\ QFEUPD.EXE
    Q157125 FIX: Setup Does Not Copy Visigenic's VSDRVM32.DLL File
    Q115327 FIX: SETUP.EXE Cannot Start via a UNC Connection
    Q146617 FIX: SetWindowText(NULL) Doesn't Clear .OCX Edit Control
    Q116446 FIX: sizeof Gives Incorrect Size for Based Structure Pointers
    Q164668 FIX: Small Portion of Win32 Documentation Missing From VCEE 4.2
    Q168009 FIX: Smartptr Property in Interface Causes C2512 Error
    Q155177 FIX: Sockets Application Hangs or Exhibits Poor Performance
    Q116313 FIX: Some Common Dialog DLLs Don't Work with Windows 3.0
    Q155791 FIX: Some Intermediate Files not Deleted by FileView
    Q171848 FIX: Source Control Info Not Preserved During Project Conversion
    Q151071 FIX: Spawn Hangs When Inheriting Pipe Handle
    Q122932 FIX: Special Characters in Path May Prevent File Access
    Q165420 FIX: SQL Breakpoint Not Hit After Executing SP in Another DB
    Q165419 FIX: SQL Debugger Displays Incorrect Value for Float Variables
    Q158978 FIX: SQL Debugger Stops Working
    Q132399 FIX: SQLGetData() Returns SQL_NO_TOTAL in RFX_LongBinary()
    Q140533 FIX: "SQLPutData Length exceeded" for Data Exceeding 64K
    Q156257 FIX: SQL Server May Crash When sp_who2 Is Debugged
    Q104681 FIX: StreBlt Sample Causes Windows NT to Hang
    Q106394 FIX: Struct Data Member Incorrectly Displayed in Watch Window
    Q121948 FIX: SuperPad Resizes Indefinitely When Activated In-Place
    Q153378 FIX: Syntax Error in MFC ODBC Recordset with SQL Server 6.5
    Q138985 FIX: 'Syntax error in query' with Parameterized LIKE Queries
    Q114073 FIX: System Hang with /Oe Option and Switch Statements
    Q119330 FIX: TAB-Indented Lines Are Not Cut or Copied with New Line
    Q166109 FIX: Template Friend Function Causes Compiler Error C2248
    Q148704 FIX: Template Keyword Can't Be Used Inside Class Declarations
    Q104675 FIX: TEMPLDEF Fails to Add #endif to NEWCOLL.H and NEWCOLL.INL
    Q98867 FIX: Temporary Object Memory Leak in Foundation Classes
    Q139511 FIX: Text Data Truncated When Using optimizeBulkAdd
    Q125727 FIX: Text Truncated When Using Dynaset and RFX_Text()
    Q132725 FIX: The Breakpoint "
    Q132725 FIX: The Breakpoint "{,<filename>,} .<line>" cannot be set
    Q128604 FIX: Three Pens Leaked by MFC in Visual C++ 1.52
    Q182042 FIX: time() Function Overcompensates for Daylight Savings Time
    Q154652 FIX: Timer Callbacks Not Called in MFC 4.2 Applications
    Q123163 FIX: __TIMESTAMP__ Reports Pacific Standard Time
    Q154648 FIX: Toolbars Broken in ENROLL Tutorial Samples
    Q140024 FIX: Tools Won't Run If There's a Space in the Path
    Q138872 FIX: TRACE() Message Appears When Closing DAO Objects
    Q116445 FIX: Truncated String from #pragma comment(exestr
    Q116445 FIX: Truncated String from #pragma comment(exestr,
    Q104647 FIX: Two #ident or #pragma Comment Statements May Cause L5000
    Q129783 FIX: typedef Class Template Causes Compiler Errors C2440/C2561
    Q166513 FIX: Typedef Type Causes C2275: Illegal Use of Type
    Q193476 FIX: Type Info for __asm Crashes Developer Studio
    Q148230 FIX: TypeLibs with Large Argument Lists May Crash ClassWizard
    Q130719 FIX: "Unable to Create File Buffer" 32-Bit ODBC Error
    Q168004 FIX: "Unable to initialize DAO/Jet db engine" Error
    Q154466 FIX: Unable to Locate URLMON.DLL on Windows NT 3.51
    Q121347 FIX: Unable to Set Breakpoint on Label in Constructor
    Q128211 FIX: Unable to View Contents of Local Arrays on Windows NT 3.5
    Q140444 FIX: UNC File Names Cause Remote Debugging to Fail
    Q134283 FIX: Undocking Toolbar May Disappear When Removed from Dockbar
    Q154482 FIX: Undocumented Functions in Type Safe Collection Classes
    Q172405 FIX: "Unhandled exception" in MFC DAO App After VC++ 5.0 SP1
    Q193101 FIX: Unhandled Exception Using MFC Sockets in Visual C++ 6.0
    Q106398 FIX: Unreferenced Static Functions Cause C1001 Error
    Q194180 FIX: Unregistering ATL Server Causes Access Violation
    Q174403 FIX: Unresolved Externals When Building MFC42 and MFCD42xD
    Q123652 FIX: Update() Fails to Write Changed Text Field
    Q115851 FIX: Use of /Oe with Ternary Operator May Generate Bad Code
    Q113423 FIX: Using CEditView and _AFXDLL Fails on Windows NT
    Q151033 FIX: Using CMultiLock Class Can Cause a Memory Leak
    Q138694 FIX: Using CSocket w/ CArchive Causes Block from Extra FD_READ
    Q142385 FIX: Using CString::operator+= May Cause an Access Violation
    Q107436 FIX: Using CString or Collection Class Links in CWinApp Code
    Q148318 FIX: Using #define NOGDI Results in Compilation Syntax Errors
    Q192539 FIX: 'using namespace std' Before Friend Operator Fails Compile
    Q140670 FIX: Using Run-Time Type Info May Cause Memory Leak Report
    Q124524 FIX: Using String Constant as Default Argument Doesn't Work
    Q218929 FIX: UUID.LIB In VC6 Contains Bad Definition For IViewFilter When Wsed with OLE DB
    Q165944 FIX: &(*variable) Causes C1001, trees.c line 6256
    Q174635 FIX: _variant_t::operator IUnknown*() Fails to AddRef Interface
    Q174635 FIX: _variant_t::operator IUnknown*() Fails To AddRef Interface
    Q123037 FIX: VC++ 1.5 Setup Erroneously Replaces Newer GRID.VBX
    Q150936 FIX: VC4 Debugger Fails to Stop on Breakpoints w/ Long Names
    Q190800 FIX: VC Debugger Fails for WINCE App if Total DLLs Exceed Four
    Q121216 FIX: Vector Delete Calls Exported Destructor Only Once
    Q150003 FIX: __vfptr Elements Are Not Properly Displayed in Debugger
    Q168936 FIX: Virtual Base Class Destructor Called More than Once
    Q190726 FIX: Visual C++ 5.0 #import Causes Errors with ADO Version 2.0
    Q198921 FIX: Visual C++ ATL Provider Fails when Used with SQL DTS
    Q149139 FIX: Visual C++ Breaks ODBC CLongBinary w/ GlobalReAll Misuse
    Q136069 FIX: Visual C++ Build Process Won't Return If Missing ')'
    Q102433 FIX: Visual C/C++ Editor Shows Garbled Text When Scrolling
    Q217437 FIX: Visual C++ Debugger Crashes on Breakpoint
    Q164949 FIX: Visual C++ Debugger Crashes on Very Long Symbols
    Q102165 FIX: Visual C++ Debugger May Not Break on WM_KILLFOCUS Message
    Q102212 FIX: Visual C++ Debugger Unable to Watch Base Class Members
    Q125494 FIX: Visual C++ Gives GP Fault If System Date Past 18-Jan- 2038
    Q113063 FIX: Visual C++ Setup Messages for File Copying Errors
    Q119457 FIX: Visual C++ Setup Program Prompts "Insert dis
    Q113925 FIX: Visual Workbench Cannot Create Project
    Q116167 FIX: Visual Workbench Cannot Find WndProc in Windows 3.1 Apps
    Q103783 FIX: Visual Workbench Crashes with Custom Options
    Q128603 FIX: Visual Workbench Generates Dependencies for ODL Files
    Q116134 FIX: Visual Workbench Ignores Request Not to Rebuild Project
    Q116138 FIX: Visual Workbench Toolbar Buttons Don't Use Double-Click
    Q120218 FIX: Warning C4056 Generated When /Op Option is Used
    Q164813 FIX: Web Browser Control Hangs in CFormView
    Q125725 FIX: What's New: Bug Fixes Made in Visual C++ Version 1.52
    Q135388 FIX: What's New: Bug Fixes Made in Visual C++ Version 1.52b
    Q126110 FIX: What's New: Bug Fixes Made in Visual C++ Version 2.1
    Q135389 FIX: What's New: Bug Fixes Made in Visual C++ Version 2.2
    Q134373 FIX: Win32(80x86) Release Target Not Displayed in Windows 95
    Q155370 FIX: Wizards May Display Invalid Table Names for CRecordset
    Q146444 FIX: Working Directory Setting with Trailing Backslash Fails
    Q166719 FIX: Wrong Exception Rethrown with Global Optimization
    Q191679 FIX: Wrong Line Number Information Debugging STL
    Q117834 FIX: Wrong Output Library Name Used with VCNT Makefile
    Q143082 FIX: Wrong Pointer Value When Nested Classes Have Same Name
    Q154591 FIX: Wrong Version of MSVCRT40.DLL(Forwarder DLL) in Windows 95
    Q166958 FIX: WWWQuote Sample Fails with Error Message
    Q122304 FIX: /YX and /Yc Incorrectly Allowed in Project Settings
    Q217171 FIX: /Zl Generates Invalid VXD Or Driver Image
    Q40587 Floating-Point Routines Are Not Reentrant
    Q81358 Formats of Binary Files Used in Program Development
    Q85515 Foundation Class Collections Limited to 32K Total Objects
    Q99022 Foundation Class Debug Library Detects Memory Leaks
    Q47497 FP_SEG(), FP_OFF() Need Pointer Rather Than Address
    Q49872 fread() Can Read More Than 64K at a Time
    Q79069 fwrite() Returns 0 When the Item Size Is 0
    Q123875 _getimage() and _putimage() Functionality in Text Mode
    Q34388 _getimage() Buffer Format Is Proprietary
    Q117869 GetProcAddress() Sample Generates C2106 Using C++
    Q39089 _gettextposition() Should Not Be Used with printf()
    Q50411 Getting More Than One Background Color in Graphics Mode
    Q35295 Getting the Address of a Function with FP_SEG and FP_OFF
    Q43914 _getvideoconfig() Doesn't Return Pixel Info for Text Modes
    Q34068 Graphics Adapters Supported by MS C Graphics Routines
    Q120669 /Gt Switch Has the Default Value /Gt5
    Q32442 _heapchk() Performs Consistency Check on Heap
    Q71263 High Resolution Video Modes & Calculating Text Resolution
    Q74614 How _clearscreen(), ANSI.SYS Affect Text and Cursor Color
    Q33366 How heapwalk() Checks the Heap
    Q86841 How malloc() and free() Operate in Windows
    Q24935 How Min/Max Memory Allocations Effect Program Loading
    Q135048 How to Access a Subclassed Windows Control in an OLE Control
    Q194873 HOWTO: Access a Visual Basic ActiveX DLL from Visual C++
    Q131775 HOWTO: Access Child Process Exit Code from 32-Bit Parent Proc.
    Q131775 HOWTO: Access Child Process Exit Code from 32-Bit Parent Process
    Q132079 How to Access CMemFile Directly When Using It with CArchive
    Q152294 HOWTO: Accessing Binary Data Using dbDao
    Q23868 How to Access & Modify Memory in MS-DOS from a C Program
    Q106455 How to Acquire a List of All CDocument Objects
    Q194906 HOWTO: Add and Run a VBA Macro Using Automation from MFC
    Q175190 HOWTO: Add ATL Support to an MFC EXE
    Q155141 How To Add a Toolbar in an MDI Child Window
    Q140586 How to Add Buttons to a Modeless CPropertySheet
    Q138505 HOWTO: Add Context-Sensitive Help Button to Win 95 Dialog Boxes
    Q179385 HOWTO: Add Custom ATL Objects to the ATL Object Wizard
    Q124290 How To Add File Filters to Visual C++ Version 2.0
    Q124290 HOWTO: Add File Filters to Visual C++ Version 2.0
    Q192560 HOWTO: Adding ATL Control Containment Support to Any Window
    Q195031 HOWTO: Adding Splitter Bars Support to Active Document Server
    Q173974 HOWTO: Add MFC Support to an ATL Project
    Q201045 HOWTO: Add Multiple Window Types to a Non-Document/View MDI App
    Q223139 HOWTO: Add Support for Hosting VBScript to an ATL Application
    Q221992 HOWTO: Add Support for Hosting VBScript to Your MFC Application
    Q143210 How to Add the Finish Button to a Wizard Property Sheet
    Q194294 HOWTO: Add Toolbars and Tooltips to ActiveX Controls
    Q135873 HOWTO: Add Tooltips for Controls on an MFC Modal Dialog Box
    Q141758 How to Add Tooltips for Controls to an MFC Modal Dialog Box
    Q141871 HOWTO: Add Tooltips to ActiveX Controls
    Q125686 HOWTO: Add Windows 95 Controls to Visual C++ 2.0 Dialog Editor
    Q173823 HOWTO: Aggregate a COM Object with ATL
    Q102325 How to Allocate Memory From the MS-DOS Upper Memory Area
    Q201321 HOWTO: Alternative Implementation of ATL Singleton
    Q153881 How To Assign the ActiveX Control LPDispatch Property in VB 4
    Q138136 HOWTO: Assign the F8 Key to DebugStepInto in Visual C++
    Q138136 How to Assign the F8 Key to DebugStepInto in Visual C++ 4.0
    Q178781 HOWTO: Automate Excel 97 Using MFC and Worksheet Functions
    Q193039 HOWTO: Automate Linked and Embedded ActiveX Documents
    Q222960 HOWTO: Automate PowerPoint Using Visual C++ w/MFC
    Q130868 How to Avoid Error L2029 Unresolved External Using DEFINE_GUID
    Q130869 HOWTO: Avoid Error LNK2001 Unresolved External Using DEFINE_GUID
    Q194614 HOWTO: Avoid Problems Associated with Installing New SDKs
    Q150552 How To Avoid the ODBC Login Dialog when Using MFC
    Q138666 HOWTO: Browse on Demand with Visual C++ Version 4.0
    Q128224 How to Build 16- or 32-bit DRVSETUP.EXE by Using Visual C++
    Q129787 HOWTO: Build a Code Resource
    Q178474 HOWTO: Build an Add-in (XLL) for Excel Using Visual C++
    Q164149 HOWTO: Build Custom COM Interface Marshalers with Visual C++
    Q154605 HOWTO: Build "FAT" Macintosh Applications
    Q51434 HOWTO: Calculate Available File Handles at Run Time
    Q145994 HOWTO: Calculate Dialog Units When Not Using the System Font
    Q222966 HOWTO: Call a Script Method from an ActiveX Script Host
    Q158451 How To Call Automation Methods with Variable Argument Lists
    Q149594 HOWTO: Calling DAO Directly from MFC to Change a User's Password
    Q152695 HOWTO: Catch and Decipher DAO SDK-Based Exceptions
    Q232394 HOWTO: Catch Run-time Errors in an ActiveX Script Host
    Q102328 HOWTO: Center a Dialog Using the Microsoft Foundation Classes
    Q102328 HOWTO: Center a Dialog Using the Microsoft Foundation Classes
    Q99182 HOWTO: Change an MFC-Based MDI Child Window's Frame Text
    Q140587 How to Change Default Button on CPropertySheet
    Q148388 How to Change Default Control Focus on CPropertyPage
    Q126897 How to Change Default Printer Settings in an MFC Application
    Q98201 HOWTO: Change Dialog Box Background Color in MFC 2.0 or Later
    Q141834 HOWTO: Change Icon or Bitmap of CListCtrl Item When Selected
    Q115087 HOWTO: Change the Background Color of a Common Dialog
    Q117778 HOWTO: Change the Background Color of an MFC Edit Control
    Q132080 HOWTO: Change the Color of an MFC Child Control Class
    Q122226 How to Change the Method of Selecting Multiple Controls
    Q122226 HOWTO: Change the Method of Selecting Multiple Controls
    Q131991 HOWTO: Change the Mouse Pointer for a Window in MFC
    Q58919 How to Change the MS-DOS Memory Allocation Strategy
    Q152688 HOWTO: Change the Name of a Microsoft Access Field w/MFC DAO
    Q206626 HOWTO: Change the Text Color of the Selected Property Sheet Tab
    Q141487 How to Change the Text in the Tabs of a CPropertySheet
    Q99847 HOWTO: Change Window Attributes in an MFC Application
    Q103786 HOWTO: Change Window Background Color with Foundation Classes
    Q105286 HOWTO: Clean Up Temporary MFC Object in _USRDLL DLLs
    Q132422 HOWTO: Clear an istream Object During Extraction
    Q125779 HOWTO: Color Text ClassWizard Updates to Make Mods Easy to See
    Q39312 HOWTO: Comment Out Blocks of Code and Comments for Debugging
    Q180841 HOWTO: Common DDL SQL for the Microsoft Access Database Engine
    Q111923 HOWTO: Compare a CString to the Empty String
    Q164151 HOWTO: Comparing Binary Images of Same Project Builds
    Q138692 How to Configure a Time-Out on a CSocket Operation
    Q138692 HOWTO: Configure a Time-Out on a CSocket Operation
    Q133236 HOWTO: Configure Books Online to Search Multiple Books
    Q110507 HOWTO: Configure ODBC Data Sources on the Fly
    Q125367 HOWTO: Connecting a CRecordset to a CDialog
    Q129209 HOWTO: Convert 10-Byte Long Doubles to 8-Byte Doubles
    Q11558 HOWTO: Convert a String to a Floating-Point Number
    Q88266 How to Convert Floating Point Number to String in DLL
    Q198112 HOWTO: Convert Indices (row,col) into Excel-Style A1:C1 Strings
    Q140850 HOWTO: Converting DLLTRACE to Use MFC in Shared Library
    Q177424 HOWTO: Convert Multiple Projects in Visual C++ 5.0
    Q177424 HOWTO: Convert Multiple Projects in Visual C++ 5.0 and 6.0
    Q131313 HOWTO: Create 32-bit Import Libraries Without .OBJs or Source
    Q138326 HOWTO: Create a Browser Library for the Common Control Classes
    Q138326 HOWTO: Create a Browser Library for the Common Control Classes
    Q142384 How to Create Accelerators for CPropertyPages
    Q124789 How to Create a "Clean Boot" Disk to Troubleshoot Problems
    Q151426 HOWTO: Create a DAO Setup that Installs Jet IISAM Files
    Q100993 HOWTO: Create Additional Views with CreateNewFrame() Function
    Q142317 How to Create a Minimized/Maximized MDI Child Window
    Q121947 How to Create a Modal Dialog from Within a USRDLL
    Q146916 HOWTO: Create a Modeless CPropertySheet With Standard Buttons
    Q178749 HOWTO: Create an Automation Project Using MFC and a Type Library
    Q118609 HOWTO: Create an .MDB File for Microsoft Access Databases
    Q149558 HOWTO: Create an .MDB File for Microsoft Access Databases
    Q162609 How To Create a Printer Device Context (DC) in MFC
    Q142202 HOWTO: Create a Progress Bar on the Status Bar
    Q131992 How to Create a Property Sheet That Has Scrolling Tabs in MFC
    Q132110 How to Create a Recessed Status Bar Area
    Q178199 HOWTO: Create a Resource DLL File Containing an AVI
    Q181845 HOWTO: Create a Sink Interface in MFC-Based COM Client
    Q102677 HOWTO: Create a Static Library with Visual Workbench
    Q121946 How to Create a Status Bar in Every MDI Child Window
    Q181265 HOWTO: Create ATL COM Objects
    Q74031 How to Create Blinking Output in EGA or VGA Graphics Mode
    Q191118 HOWTO: Create Context-Sensitive HTML Help in an MFC Application
    Q132243 How to Create Controls w/ a 3D Border at Run Time Using MFC
    Q173483 HOWTO: Create Custom AppWizards that Generate Non-MFC Projects
    Q131368 HOWTO: Create MFC Applications that Do Not Have a Menu Bar
    Q113257 HOWTO: Create New Documents Without CWinApp::OnFileNew
    Q117674 How to Create SYSTEM.INI Without Third-Party Drivers
    Q110508 HOWTO: Create Tables with Foundation Database Classes
    Q102391 HOWTO: Create Two-Dimensional Arrays with Operator new
    Q133067 HOWTO: Create Two-dimensional Huge Arrays w/ C++ new Operator
    Q133067 HOWTO: Create Two-dimensional Huge Arrays w/ C++ new Operator
    Q134797 HOWTO: Create Visual C++ Internal Makefile for MFC AFXDLL
    Q169505 HOWTO: Creating an MFC Automation Controller for PowerPoint 97
    Q99097 HOWTO: Customize Common Dialog Box Parameter Blocks
    Q132909 HOWTO: Customize the Common Print Dialog Box
    Q169947 HOWTO: DDX - DDV for 64-bit numbers
    Q169947 HOWTO: DDX - DDV for 64-Bit Numbers
    Q85221 HOWTO: Debug a Dynamic-Link Library (DLL) in Windows
    Q120707 HOWTO: Debug an Active Process in 32-bit Visual C++
    Q138942 HOWTO: Debug a Windows Shell Extension
    Q189485 HOWTO: Debug MFC Module and Thread State Problems
    Q154116 HOWTO: Debug OLE Applications
    Q222123 HOWTO: Debug OLE DB Providers That Are Called From SQL Server 7.0
    Q148734 How to Debug WEP(), _WEP(), and ExitInstance() in 16-bit DLLs
    Q30580 HOWTO: Declare an Array of Pointers to Functions
    Q136005 HOWTO: Declare Classes That Refer to Each Other
    Q168326 HOWTO: Define the Display Size of an MFC ActiveX Control
    Q99161 HOWTO: Derive From Classes not Listed in ClassWizard
    Q147842 HOWTO: Detect a Mouse Click on Any Column of List View Control
    Q121950 HOWTO: Detect an Empty CRecordset Object
    Q167956 HOWTO: Detect IE's STOP Button Click in ActiveX Control
    Q133307 How to Detect If a CFormView Has Changed
    Q133716 How to Detect Mouse Clicks on Client Area of MDI Frame Windows
    Q143072 How to Determine Default Libraries for an .OBJ Object File
    Q143072 HOWTO: Determine Default Libraries for an .OBJ Object File
    Q201879 HOWTO: Determine If an ActiveX Ambient Property Is Implemented
    Q117889 HOWTO: Determine the Amount of Physical Memory Installed
    Q196755 HOWTO: Determine the Location of a Crash
    Q178605 HOWTO: Determine the Version of a Microsoft Excel Workbook
    Q174140 HOWTO: Determine the Version of a Microsoft Word Document
    Q113418 HOWTO: Determine Whether a Drive Is a RAM Drive
    Q129459 HOWTO: Determine Which ODBC Files to Ship
    Q122489 How to Disable Default Pushbutton Handling for MFC Dialog
    Q152376 How To Disable Push Buttons on a DialogBar in MFC
    Q151662 How To Disable Tabs in CPropertySheet
    Q137538 HOWTO: Disable the Resizing of an OLE Control
    Q201553 HOWTO: Disable the Window Close Button in an MDI Application
    Q149407 How to Display a Bitmap in a CStatusBar Pane
    Q140591 HOWTO: Display an MFC Automation Document Automatically
    Q99198 HOWTO: Display the Current Time in a CStatusBar Pane
    Q194656 HOWTO: Do 16-Bit Automation in C++ Using VC 1.52
    Q59380 How to Do a Print Screen Within a Program
    Q164983 HOWTO: Do Asynchronous WinInet with MFC Classes
    Q140538 How to Do Away with the Print Dialog Box in MFC Printing
    Q198732 HOWTO: Draw ActiveX Controls with Child Controls in Design Time
    Q127192 HOWTO: Draw Controls in an OLE Metafile
    Q218442 HOWTO: Dynamically Add ActiveX Controls to ATL Composite Control
    Q139030 HOWTO: Edit Resources in Executables with Visual C++
    Q139030 HOWTO: Edit Resources in Executables with Visual C++ 4.0
    Q145616 How to Enable Edit Menu Commands for Edit Controls
    Q150288 How to Enable Selection Button in Print Dialog Box
    Q132715 How to Enable the Help Button on a Modal Property Sheet
    Q200421 HOWTO: Enhance File Open Dialog with Multiple Extension Filters
    Q127734 HOWTO: Ensure ODBC.DLL and ODBCCURS.DLL Cursor Levels Match
    Q141414 HOWTO: Enumerate OLE and VB Controls from an OLE Control
    Q120682 How to Exclude CLSIDs from OLE's Insert Object Dialog
    Q167905 HOWTO: Exclude Include File Class Definitions from ClassView
    Q198519 HOWTO: Execute Stored Procedure Using CDynamicParmeterAccesor
    Q198953 HOWTO: Expand An Array Pointer in the Visual C++ Debugger
    Q148832 HOWTO: Export Functions from a 16-bit DLL
    Q168958 HOWTO: Exporting STL Components Inside & Outside of a Class
    Q189486 HOWTO: Expose an MFC OLE Container to VBA Automation
    Q92394 HOWTO: Filter Keystrokes in Controls Derived from CEdit Class
    Q155895 How To Find an Item in a Tree Control Via its Label
    Q59768 How to Find the Load Size Required for a Program
    Q166938 HOWTO: Find Users Connected to an Access 7.0 Database
    Q43993 How to Flush the Keyboard Typeahead Buffer
    Q148505 HOWTO: Force Files to Be Flushed to Disk
    Q143432 HOWTO: Gain Access to an ActiveX Control from its Property Page
    Q152252 How To Get 32-bit Scroll Position During Scroll Messages
    Q234785 HOWTO: Get a C++ Class from an Interface Pointer in ATL
    Q108587 HOWTO: Get Current CDocument or CView from Anywhere
    Q185572 HOWTO: Get Dropped File Names Using OLE Drag and Drop
    Q190985 HOWTO: Get IDispatch of an Excel or Word Document from an OCX
    Q134650 HOWTO: Get Info for Troubleshooting Compiler & Linker Problems
    Q111814 HOWTO: Get the Current Document in an MDI Application
    Q115306 How to Get the Current State of a Button in a CToolbar
    Q117565 HOWTO: Getting the Current Printer Settings in MFC
    Q214478 HOWTO: Handle Check Notifications in CCheckListBox
    Q98601 HOWTO: Handle Exceptions That Occur in Exception Processing
    Q148242 HOWTO: Handle OCM_CTLCOLORxxx Reflected Messages
    Q147740 HOWTO: Handling Events for ActiveX Controls in a CWnd
    Q141039 How to Hide the Apply Button in CPropertySheet
    Q198589 (HOWTO) HOWTO: Determine Justification in a ListView Control
    Q185672 HOWTO: How to Initialize Child Controls in a Derived CDialogBar
    Q200983 HOWTO: How to Install Visual C++ on Terminal Server
    Q194207 HOWTO: How to Use Access Autonumber Column with OLE DB Templates
    Q130947 HOWTO: How to Use the ClassWizard with 16-Bit Property Pages
    Q182046 HOWTO: How to Work Around Bugs in Template Libraries
    Q154289 HOWTO: Identify the Symptoms of File Corruption Problems
    Q149343 How to Implement Context-Sensitive Help for Dialog Controls
    Q149343 HOWTO: Implement Context-Sensitive Help for Dialog Controls
    Q166768 HOWTO: Implementing a Custom Property Showing a FileOpen Dialog
    Q130275 How to Implement OLE Custom Control Context Sensitive Help
    Q140592 HOWTO: Implement Per-Property Browsing for a Custom Property
    Q138266 HOWTO: Implement Scaled Printing in an MFC/OLE Container
    Q198536 HOWTO: #include the Localized MFC Resources in an EXE or DLL
    Q135885 How to Initialize a Dynamically-Created .VBX Control
    Q200072 HOWTO: Initializing lpstrFilter for All Files on the Macintosh
    Q38728 HOWTO: Initilize Large Character Arrays
    Q220844 HOWTO: Insert a Bitmap Into an RTF Document Using the RichEdit Control
    Q190684 HOWTO: Insert a Splash Screen into a Dialog-Based Application
    Q145936 HOWTO: Insert Existing Projects as Sub-Projects
    Q177432 HOWTO: Insert Multiple Projects into a Workspace in VC 5.0
    Q137357 HOWTO: Insert Objects Without Using Insert Object Dialog Box
    Q101482 HOWTO: Install Visual C++ for Multiple Users on One Machine
    Q131014 How to Instantiate a Templated Function
    Q132948 HOWTO: Integrate Custom DDX /DDV in 32-bit ClassWizard Interface
    Q168371 HOWTO: IObjectSafety Marks ATL Controls Safe for Initializing
    Q138081 HOWTO: Load an Executable File into the Visual C++ Debugger
    Q147149 How to Localize Application Resources with Foundation Classes
    Q147149 HOWTO: Localize Application Resources with Foundation Classes
    Q133174 How to Locate Where a General Protection (GP) Fault Occurs
    Q12131 How to Maintain Time, Independent of CPU Speed
    Q143255 HOWTO: Make a Resizable Dialog Bar
    Q135884 How to Make the CMiniFrameWnd Window Paint Its Background Area
    Q181506 HOWTO: Make VC++ Recognize File Extensions as C/C++ Files
    Q112296 How to Make Visual C++ Version 1.5x Books Online Start Faster
    Q112296 HOWTO: Make Visual C++ Version 1.5x Books Online Start Faster
    Q114968 HOWTO: Making Visual C++ 32-bit Edition Books Online Run Faster
    Q161873 HOWTO: Mark MFC Controls Safe for Scripting/Initialization
    Q11997 HOWTO: Modify the Environment for a Spawned Process
    Q71832 How to Modify the Keyboard-Flags Byte from a C Program
    Q192883 HOWTO: Modify the VC++ COMPLEXDB Sample to Work on a Web Page
    Q87525 HOWTO: Obtain a Copy of the VESA SVGA Standard
    Q153377 HOWTO: Obtaining 16-bit Visual C++ Run-Time Library Source Code
    Q166129 HOWTO: Obtaining the DEVMODE and DEVNAMES Structures
    Q126571 HOWTO: Obtain the Program Name in a Windows-Based Application
    Q123464 How to Obtain Visual C++ 2.0 Run-Time Library Source Code
    Q88555 HOWTO: Obtain Width and Height of a CBitmap Object
    Q39216 HOWTO: Open Files Using Command Line Arguments
    Q137139 HOWTO: Optimize the Reactivation of In-Place Active Servers
    Q139638 HOWTO: Overload New to Reduce Memory Fragmentation
    Q141277 HOWTO: Override an Interface in an MFC Application
    Q196835 HOWTO: Override the MFC Default Control Containment
    Q166130 HOWTO: Overriding Initial Setting on Print Setup Dialog
    Q167158 HOWTO: Packaging MFC Controls for Use Over the Internet
    Q104618 HOWTO: Pass a char from C to MASM by Value & Returning a char
    Q40774 How to Pass a Far Pointer from Parent to Spawned Child
    Q181444 HOWTO: Pass an Automation Object from VB to a C/C++ DLL
    Q167668 HOWTO: Pass a SafeArray of Strings in a VARIANT*
    Q104617 HOWTO: Pass a short from C to MASM by Value & Returning short
    Q154172 How To Pass Binary Data Between an ActiveX Control and VB
    Q103725 HOWTO: Pass Common C Types to MASM by Reference
    Q133042 HOWTO: Pass IDispatch Pointer and Avoid an Application Error
    Q170461 HOWTO: Passing a License Key to Classes Generated by #import
    Q191747 HOWTO: Pass Multiple DBPROPSETs to CDataSource::Open
    Q154039 HOWTO: Pass Optional Arguments to MFC ActiveX Controls
    Q178942 HOWTO: Performance Tuning the Jet Engine Per Instance in MFC
    Q168708 HOWTO: Performing Transactions with SQL Server 6.x
    Q128208 HOWTO: Perform Transactions with the MFC Database Classes
    Q132081 How to Place Scroll Bars on an Object Derived from CControlBar
    Q140158 How to Place Static Text Labels Over Columns in a List Box
    Q199522 HOWTO: Porting Static PowerPC Libraries
    Q81887 How to Prevent a Warm Boot in Real Mode
    Q152029 HOWTO: Prevent Creation of Initial Macintosh Document
    Q133256 How to Prevent Mainframe Window from Being ReSized
    Q105150 HOWTO: Prevent Static Splitter Bars from Tracking
    Q166129 HOWTO: Print Directly to a Non-Default Printer in MFC
    Q133275 HOWTO: Print from a Class Other Than CView
    Q180152 HOWTO: Print from an Active Document Server
    Q180152 HOWTO: Print From an Active Document Server
    Q83939 HOWTO: Print the Image of a Dialog Box
    Q147393 HOWTO: Profile an OLE Server or an OLE Control
    Q117320 How to Programatically Terminate an MFC Application
    Q140850 HOWTO: Properly Export Functions Using the MFC Shared Library
    Q196832 HOWTO: Provide an Alternative View to Data Using Splitter Window
    Q185720 HOWTO: Provide Type Information From an MFC Automation Server
    Q148791 How to Provide Your Own DllMain in an MFC Regular DLL
    Q216858 HOWTO: Quick Sorting Using MFC CArray-Derived Classes
    Q186898 HOWTO: Read Compound Document Properties Directly with VC++
    Q92860 HOWTO: Read From or Write To CFile From Buffer Larger Than 64K
    Q66431 How to Read Internal Floating-Point Function Names
    Q58667 HOWTO: Redirect stdout to and from a File Using C
    Q167523 HOWTO: Redistributing DAO with Your Visual C++ 5.0 Application
    Q137516 How to Register an MFC OLE Automation Server to Avoid Failure
    Q102666 How to Register Another File Type for an Application
    Q142318 HOWTO: Remove OLE Controls & Gallery Components from a Project
    Q177341 HOWTO: Remove the Sizing Grip from a Status Bar
    Q177341 HOWTO: Remove the Sizing Grip From a Status Bar
    Q129224 HOWTO: Remove the System Menu from an Iconized Application
    Q185695 HOWTO: Renaming an ActiveX Control After its Project Is Created
    Q143291 HOWTO: Resize CPropertyPages at Run Time
    Q97048 HOWTO: Restore Corrupt or Deleted Visual C++ Group File
    Q132397 HOWTO: Retrieve a Counter Field Value Without Requerying
    Q152070 HOWTO: Retrieve Dialog Info from Word Using an MFC App
    Q150204 HOWTO: Retrieve the Actual Parent Window of an ActiveX Control
    Q100636 HOWTO: Retrieve Win32-based Executable File (PE) Header Info
    Q119064 HOWTO: Retrieving a List of All ODBC Data Sources
    Q183297 HOWTO: Retrieving Multiple Resultsets with Varying Columns
    Q108900 How to Return After F8 into a C Run-Time Library Function
    Q177218 HOWTO: Return Array to VB from VC++ DLL or OLE Server
    Q136997 How to Run a Code Resource from a Visual C++ Application
    Q141675 How to Save and Restore State of Dockable Toolbars
    Q167827 HOWTO: Saving a Blob Property in ActiveX Control Pad
    Q155918 How To Scroll a CFormView to See the Controls
    Q164914 HOWTO: Search for ATL Articles Using KBKeywords
    Q117552 HOWTO: Search for Languages Articles Using KBKeywords
    Q199516 HOWTO: Set Default Values for ActiveX Control Stock Properties
    Q138866 How to Set Default Values for Stock Properties in OLE Controls
    Q176552 HOWTO: Set Initial Default Size of ActiveX (ATL) Control
    Q176552 HOWTO: Set Initial Default Size Of ActiveX (ATL) Control
    Q146010 HOWTO: Setting the Picture Property of an ActiveX Control
    Q137450 HOWTO: Set Up and Troubleshoot Macintosh Communications
    Q150575 HOWTO: Set Up a TCP/IP Peer-to-Peer Network Connection
    Q186907 HOWTO: Set Up Visual C++ to Use the HTML Help API
    Q69989 How to Shell Out to System Prompt from Within a C Program
    Q102332 How to Show a Custom Common Dialog using CFileDialog
    Q148860 HOWTO: Show Container's Toolbar During Inplace Activation
    Q165298 HOWTO: Simulate a Form POST Request Using WinInet
    Q120961 How to Sort a CStringArray in MFC
    Q100634 HOWTO: Specify Shared and Nonshared Data in a DLL
    Q50950 HOWTO: Specify Stack Size (Clarification)
    Q126131 HOWTO: Speed Up Apps that Use the Microsoft Access ODBC Driver
    Q148617 HOWTO: Speed Up Load Time of OLE Controls
    Q198485 HOWTO: SQL Server 7 Distributed Query Using ATL OLEDB Consumer
    Q198486 HOWTO: SQL Server Full-Text Query Using ATL OLEDB Consumer
    Q194678 HOWTO: SQL Server Identity, OLE DB Templates and OLE DB for ODBC
    Q38335 HOWTO: sscanf() Example Using a Comma (,) as Delimiter
    Q168185 HOWTO: STL Sample for gslice::(length, start, stride) Functions
    Q170198 HOWTO: STL Sample for gslice::(length, start, stride) Functions
    Q168045 HOWTO: STL Sample For [list::merge] Function(s)
    Q168046 HOWTO: STL Sample for [list::rbegin, rend, reverse, rev_iterator
    Q168046 HOWTO: STL Sample for [list::rbegin, rend, reverse, rev_iterator]
    Q168047 HOWTO: STL Sample for [list::remove, remove_if] Function(s)
    Q163359 HOWTO: STL Sample for list::size,list::resize Functions
    Q170199 HOWTO: STL Sample for slice::(length, start, stride) Functions
    Q168186 HOWTO: STL Sample for slice::(length, start, stride) Functions
    Q133025 How to Store MFC Printer Information in a Document
    Q183218 HOWTO: Subclass a Dialog Item in ATL
    Q174667 HOWTO: Subclass CListBox and CEdit Inside of CComboBox
    Q129471 HOWTO: SubClass the MDIClient by Using MFC
    Q141921 How to Support Two File Extensions per MFC Document Type
    Q180223 HOWTO: Synchronizing Reads and Writes Between Two DAO Processes
    Q88769 HOWTO: Test for End of File with CFile and CStdioFile
    Q122307 HOWTO: Tracking Down Memory Leaks with _afxBreakAlloc
    Q104637 How to Trap Arrow Keys in an Edit Control of a Dialog Box
    Q86558 How to Trap CTRL+C and CTRL+BREAK Keystrokes
    Q106261 How to Trap Floating-Point Exceptions Using C++
    Q73153 How to Trap Integer Divide-By-Zero Exceptions in C
    Q200854 HOWTO: Trapping Server's Menu Commands in Composite Menu Bar
    Q117563 How to Trap WM_KEYDOWN Messages in a CDialog
    Q136258 HOWTO: Troubleshoot Visual C++ Setup Problems in Windows NT
    Q181007 HOWTO: Troubleshoot WinCE Application Installations
    Q186212 HOWTO: Unregister MFC Automation Servers
    Q148222 HOWTO: Update Property Values in a Property Page
    Q231591 HOWTO: Use a Dialog Template to Create a MFC Dialog with an ActiveX Control
    Q127074 How to Use AFX_MANAGE_STATE in an OLE Control
    Q146120 HOWTO: Use an OLE Control as an Automation Server
    Q191746 HOWTO: Use ATL Consumer Classes to Connect to SQL Server
    Q180616 HOWTO: Use Automation to Create & Show a PowerPoint Presentation
    Q180625 HOWTO: Use Automation to Modify the Office 97 Menu
    Q178784 HOWTO: Use Automation to Open and Print a Word 97 Document
    Q179494 HOWTO: Use Automation to Retrieve Built-In Document Properties
    Q180312 HOWTO: Use Automation to Set the Printer from an MFC Project
    Q132078 How to Use _beginthreadex() and _endthreadex()
    Q132398 HOWTO: Use Bookmarks with the MFC ODBC Database Classes
    Q134421 How to Use CBitmapButton to Resize a Bitmap to Fit a Button
    Q191878 HOWTO: Use CBulkRowset
    Q98598 HOWTO: Use CFormView in SDI and MDI Applications
    Q151585 HOWTO: Use _crtBreakAlloc to Debug a Memory Allocation
    Q128199 How to Use _declspec(dllexport) in an MFC Extension DLL
    Q128199 HOWTO: Use _declspec(dllexport) in an MFC Extension DLL
    Q117429 HOWTO: Use #define Constants in printf() Format Strings
    Q136994 HOWTO: Use Dynasets with Microsoft SQL Server Version 6.x
    Q29852 HOWTO: Use fopen() to Append Data to File Terminated w/ CTRL+Z
    Q170117 HOWTO: Use GUID Fields in Access from Visual C++
    Q200893 HOWTO: Use LoadResource to Load Strings from a String Table
    Q12159 HOWTO: Use malloc() and _fmalloc() in an Application
    Q173242 HOWTO: Use Masks to Set/Get Item States in CListCtrl
    Q160906 HOWTO: Use MFC 4.2 ODBC Classes in an ISAPI DLL
    Q178782 HOWTO: Use MFC to Automate Excel 97 and Navigate Worksheets
    Q179706 HOWTO: Use MFC to Automate Excel & Create/Format a New Workbook
    Q178783 HOWTO: Use MFC to Create a Microsoft Excel 97 Chart
    Q131994 How to Use MFC to Step Through Child Windows of the MDIClient
    Q145857 How to Use Multiple Menus in MFC App That Uses GetDefaultMenu
    Q135862 How to Use OLE2UI Functionality in 32-bit Applications
    Q181473 HOWTO: Use OLE Automation from a C Application Rather Than C++
    Q183080 HOWTO: Use ON_EVENT_RANGE Macro
    Q127200 HOWTO: Use Other Registry Keys with Visual C++ 2.0 and Above
    Q104248 HOWTO: Use #pragma init_seg to Control Static Construction
    Q155196 HOWTO: Use #pragma to Generate User-Defined Warning Messages
    Q132989 HOWTO: Use Relative Paths in 32-bit Visual C++ .MAK Files
    Q43330 How to Use _remappalette() in EGA Modes
    Q135047 HOWTO: Use Resource Editor for 16-Color 32x32 Mouse Pointers
    Q166168 HOWTO: Use RUNDLL32 to Debug Control Panel Applets
    Q141904 HOWTO: Use SQL Aggregate Functions with the MFC DAO Classes
    Q141904 HOWTO: Use SQL Aggregrate Functions with the MFC DAO Classes
    Q130947 How to Use the ClassWizard with 16-Bit Property Pages
    Q148917 How to Use the DAO Dynaset with Microsoft SQL Server 6.0
    Q179753 HOWTO: Use the Microsoft RemoteData Control
    Q156139 HOWTO: Use the SQL Server DateTime Parameter
    Q51712 HOWTO: Use the Token Pasting Operator in Microsoft C
    Q139469 How to Use TrackPopupMenu() and Update UI Handlers
    Q135109 HOWTO: Use Updatable Joins in an MFC ODBC Application
    Q118685 HOWTO: Use Visual C++ 32-bit Edition with Working Set Tuner
    Q222829 HOWTO: Using Accelerator Keys Within a Modal Dialog Box
    Q100770 HOWTO: Using Accelerator Keys with Modal Dialog Box Main Window
    Q149087 HOWTO: Using CDaoRecordset::Seek
    Q223439 HOWTO: Using Class Wrappers to Access Windows Common Controls in ATL
    Q137515 HOWTo: Using .pch Files Across Projects in the Visual Workbench
    Q137515 HOWTO: Using .pch Files Across Projects in the Visual Workbench
    Q149392 HOWTO: Using the DAO SDK dbDao Classes with Visual C++ 4.x
    Q152696 HOWTO: Using the MFC Database Classes in Console Applications
    Q188817 HOWTO: VC++ MFC Client for the ComCallingJava Sample
    Q121287 How to View Multiple Records of CRecordset with GRID.VBX
    Q108112 HOWTO: View the Call Stack After an MFC ASSERT
    Q167654 HOWTO: Visual C++ 5.0 (Professional & Enterprise) Support FAQ
    Q182046 HOWTO: Work Around Bugs in Template Libraries
    Q177352 HOWTO: Work with Invalid Rectangle When Window Is Resized
    Q177352 HOWTO: Work With Invalid Rectangle When Window Is Resized
    Q175503 HOWTO: Write a Dialog-based ActiveX Control Using ATL
    Q41198 How ungetch() Works with getch() and getche()
    Q36068 IEEE Floating-Point Representation and MS Languages
    Q124176 Implementing Persistent Properties for OLE Controls
    Q105444 Implementing Print Margins in a Windows MFC Application
    Q106395 Improving the Printing Speed from Visual Workbench
    Q153388 INF: 16-Bit Increased File Handle Libraries Available
    Q38024 INFO: A Case Where BUFF[] and *BUFF Are Different
    Q145669 INFO: A Comparison of Visual C++ Products
    Q165259 INFO: Active Template Library (ATL) 2.0 Readme File
    Q166480 INFO: Active Template Library (ATL) Frequently Asked Questions
    Q190317 INFO: Administrative Privileges Required for Visual C++
    Q119329 INFO: AppWizard and Precompiled Header Files
    Q85520 INFO: Archiving Several Objects That Point to a Third Object
    Q200256 INFO: Assembly Output from Visual C++ Compiler May Not Assemble
    Q142581 INFO: Availability of ODBC Drivers for VCMac 4.0
    Q99999 INFO: Background Processing in an MFC Application
    Q31510 INFO: Bitwise Complement Operator Appears to Fail on Comparison
    Q59070 INFO: Buffer Size for fcvt() and ecvt() Is 349 Bytes
    Q65304 INFO: C2059, C2065, C2143 May Be Caused by Not Including Header
    Q71767 INFO: C2059, C2143: Syntax Errors Involving 'int constant'
    Q36870 INFO: C2106 Error Assigning a String Literal to a char Array
    Q87015 INFO: C2466 Error When Allocating an Array of Length 0
    Q113417 INFO: C4097: Typedef-Name X Used as Synonym for Class-Name Z
    Q100832 INFO: Calling Conventions the 32-Bit Compiler Supports
    Q93916 INFO: Calling MFC MDI Base Class Message Handlers
    Q85477 INFO: C and C++ Differences Regarding the Return Statement
    Q38291 INFO: Cannot Define Other Preprocessor Directives with #define
    Q121367 INFO: Can't Watch Variables in Debugger - Nine Possible Causes
    Q43703 INFO: Casting a Pointer to Type Equivalent to Multidimensional
    Q88434 INFO: Casting Difference Between C and C++ May Cause C2105
    Q142594 INFO: Caveats for Using Empty Top-Level Projects in Dev. Studio
    Q190472 INFO: Changes in Consumer Templates Since VC++ Tech Preview
    Q194298 INFO: Changes in MFC Between Visual C++ 5.0 and 6.0
    Q51474 INFO: Character Parameters May Be Prototyped as Integers
    Q72793 INFO: C Ignores Preprocessor Directives Inside of Comments
    Q42453 INFO: Clarification of fcvt() Function
    Q43392 INFO: Clarification of the "g" Format Specifier for printf()
    Q102147 INFO: Class Library Functions to Handle Visual Basic Strings
    Q116491 INFO: ClassWizard Links Only Types with DDX Support
    Q126845 INFO: C++ Name Decoration--Why Used, Getting Decorated Names
    Q117378 INFO: Command IDs and In-Place Frame Window Toolbar
    Q179692 INFO: COM Method Call in WM_PAINT Handler Returns 0x80010005
    Q179692 INFO: COM Method Call In WM_PAINT Handler Returns 0x80010005
    Q132340 INFO: Common File Extensions Used by Visual C++
    Q22321 INFO: Common Programming Errors in the C Language
    Q99162 INFO: COMMON.RES Provides Common Bitmaps, Cursors, and Icons
    Q88113 INFO: Compile and Link Requirements for MFC Applications
    Q104672 INFO: Compiler Errors When Compiling a C++ File as a C File
    Q119331 INFO: Compiler Errors with Win32 APIs Ending in "A" or "W"
    Q103787 INFO: Compiler Looks for LINK.EXE in CL.EXE Directory First
    Q98841 INFO: Conforming to ANSI C Standards
    Q33795 INFO: Consecutive Calls to ctime() Overwrite Previous Values
    Q104094 INFO: Console Applications Can Call the Windows 32-Bit API
    Q99391 INFO: Converting an RC File to Use Microsoft Foundation Classes
    Q98656 INFO: Creating a Browser Library for the Foundation Classes
    Q94579 INFO: Creating a Function Pointer to a C++ Member Function
    Q70784 INFO: Data May Be Lost During fflush() If Write Is Unsuccessful
    Q174668 INFO: Dbgrid32.ocx Requires Grdkrn32.dll
    Q201305 INFO: Debugging VC++ 6.0 Application in VC++ 5.0 Debugger
    Q85514 INFO: _DEBUG Must Be Defined When Linking to Debug Libraries
    Q103716 INFO: Debug Session Still Active Even After Last "}" of Main
    Q49064 INFO: Declaring a Pointer to a Function: C4071, C4001, or C4220
    Q107501 INFO: __declspec(dllexport) Replaces __export in 32-bit VC++
    Q107501 INFO: __declspec(dllexport) Replaces __export in 32-Bit VC++
    Q104650 INFO: Default Assignment Used, Not User-Defined operator=()
    Q69934 INFO: #define Must Evaluate to Integer Const for #if Expression
    Q37223 INFO: Definition of a Domain Error
    Q44463 INFO: Difference Between Arrays and Pointers in C
    Q49729 INFO: Documentation Supplement for clock()
    Q100635 INFO: Dynamically Loading Dynamic-Link Libraries in Windows NT
    Q104639 INFO: Dynamic Memory Allocation for Two-Dimensional Arrays
    Q97693 INFO: Dynamic Processing of WM_COMMAND Messages
    Q83081 INFO: Endl Flushes the cout Buffer Immediately Upon Execution
    Q85478 INFO: Error C2593 When Archiving an Enumerated Type
    Q57948 INFO: Escape Character Erases First Characters in gets() String
    Q50694 INFO: Evaluation Order of Expression and Function Args Undefined
    Q119765 INFO: Example DDX Routine for Access Memo Fields
    Q177429 INFO: Examples of DUMPBIN Output
    Q88105 INFO: Explanation of Two-Phase Construction in MFC
    Q100659 INFO: Exporting Callback Functions Not Required in Win32 Apps
    Q140485 INFO: Exporting PASCAL-Like Symbols in 32-bit DLLs
    Q140485 INFO: Exporting PASCAL-Like Symbols in 32-Bit DLLs
    Q47961 INFO: Extracting Function ptr from a Variable arg List Function
    Q194953 INFO: Facts About WinInet API Support on Windows CE OS
    Q66052 INFO: fflush() & flushall() Do Not Write Data Directly to Disk
    Q47737 INFO: filelength() Includes EOF Character in Return Value
    Q124790 INFO: Files Created By Visual C++ Tools
    Q160491 INFO: Files Modified by VC42b Patch - Part 1 of 4
    Q160496 INFO: Files Modified by VC42b Patch - Part 2 of 4
    Q160505 INFO: Files Modified by VC42b Patch - Part 3 of 4
    Q160506 INFO: Files Modified by VC42b Patch - Part 4 of 4
    Q164952 INFO: Fixes and Features of Visual C++ 4.0a RISC Edition
    Q57479 INFO: fmod() Results Unexpected Due to Binary Representation
    Q43073 INFO: fopen() Accepts Filenames with Embedded Spaces
    Q51198 INFO: Formal Parameters Default to Type int
    Q129095 INFO: Format of the Document Template String
    Q117326 INFO: Foundation Classes Common Asserts, Causes, and Solutions
    Q148304 INFO: Frequently Encountered MFC 3.x to 4.0 Porting Issues
    Q104634 INFO: fstream's File Pointers Are Not Independent
    Q68337 INFO: ftell() May Return an Invalid Value with a Text File
    Q34305 INFO: Full Paths Need Double Backslashes in C
    Q70142 INFO: Function Pointers to Functions with Different Parameters
    Q117428 INFO: GetProcAddress(), Function Pointers, and C++
    Q165563 INFO: GetRecordCount May Not Return Correct Number of Records
    Q43391 INFO: Handling Floating-Point Errors in C
    Q139478 INFO: _heapwalk() Does Not Work On Win32s
    Q32841 INFO: How Bitfields Are Stored in Memory
    Q35037 INFO: How C Interprets Integer Constants with Leading Zeroes
    Q36068 INFO: IEEE Floating-Point Representation and MS Languages
    Q38383 INFO: Include Directories Not Searched as Expected
    Q184382 INFO: Information and Resources for Using RDS in Visual C++
    Q60252 INFO: Initializing Bitfields as Integers in C
    Q92614 INFO: Initializing const Member Data
    Q86479 INFO: Initializing in a Loop Within a Case Statement
    Q47693 INFO: Initializing Unions Initializes First Member of the Union
    Q34445 INFO: Installing Language Products on a Network
    Q34921 INFO: jmp_buf Pointer Type is "void *"
    Q19972 INFO: Jumping into the Middle of a For Loop Is Not Recommended
    Q44895 INFO: kbhit() Does Not Take Character out of Buffer
    Q44895 INFO: kbhit() Does Not Take Character Out of Buffer
    Q102390 INFO: Keeping #include Files Out of VWB Dependency List
    Q164950 INFO: LIBMOTO for PowerPC May Improve Application Performance
    Q153284 INFO: Limitations of IntelliSense in Visual C++ 6.0
    Q181932 INFO: Limits on Text in CEditView and CEdit
    Q62097 INFO: Line Continuation Evaluated Before Inline Comment
    Q122296 INFO: List of Books About C++ Programming
    Q124791 INFO: List of .DLL and .VBX Files in 16-bit Development Products
    Q134391 INFO: List of References that Discuss ODBC
    Q134391 INFO: List of References That Discuss ODBC
    Q165076 INFO: LNK2001 Error ATL Release Build
    Q184238 INFO: LNK4108: /ALIGN Specified Without /DRIVER or /VXD;
    Q100660 INFO: Macros to Facilitate Porting Applications to Windows NT
    Q165073 INFO: Making Transparent Controls with MFC
    Q90531 INFO: Memory Management Via Malloc()
    Q140596 INFO: MFC 4.0 No Longer Pre-Registers Window Classes
    Q192097 INFO: MFC and ATL Are Not Supported on Windows CE Palm-size PC
    Q121949 INFO: MFC OLE Classes Do Not Support "Embed in self"
    Q179293 INFO: MFC Versions That Ship with Microsoft Visual C++
    Q35142 INFO: Microsoft Does Not Support Weitek WTL 4167 Coprocessor
    Q102621 INFO: Microsoft Foundation Classes Do Not Support QuickWin Apps
    Q136549 INFO: Microsoft Foundation Class Library Development Guidelines
    Q114563 INFO: Microsoft Setup Toolkit for Visual C++
    Q165790 INFO: Microsoft Visual Database Tools Readme
    Q103719 INFO: Migrating Visual C++ for Windows to Windows NT
    Q117687 INFO: Misplaced __declspec Causes Error C2062, C2059, or C4
    Q40593 INFO: Misspelling "Default" Gives No Error
    Q85736 INFO: Multiple Instance Large Model Windows MFC Applications
    Q149412 INFO: Must Build Win32s Apps Using C Run-Time (CRT) Libraries
    Q41212 INFO: Must Use Prototype Before Intrinsic or Function Pragmas
    Q128641 INFO: /Mx Compiler Options and the LIBC, LIBCMT, MSVCRT Libs
    Q22320 INFO: NAN & INF Internal Representation Specific to Coprocessor
    Q38027 INFO: Negative Values Use Two's Complement
    Q87020 INFO: New C++ Type Conversions May Generate C2446 or C2664
    Q48885 INFO: Newline Character \n Equivalent to ASCII Linefeed (0x0A)
    Q86464 INFO: New Win 3.1 API Functions Not Wrapped by MFC
    Q42075 INFO: Next scanf/fscanf Apparently Is Skipped During Run Time
    Q32069 INFO: No Error Message Text If .ERR Files Not in PATH
    Q47724 INFO: No Network License Agreements on MS Language Products
    Q66776 INFO: No Warning If Parameter Redeclared Using the Old Style
    Q171404 INFO: ODBC Files Shipped with Visual C++ 5.0
    Q79845 INFO: Old Style (K&R) Declarations Are Not Supported in C++
    Q103982 INFO: OnInitialUpdate() May Be Called More Than Once
    Q76714 INFO: Only One .rc File Is Permitted Per Project
    Q76714 INFO: Only One .RC File Is Permitted Per Project
    Q94227 INFO: Output Stream cout Is Buffered
    Q38733 INFO: Overflow in Integer Math Expressions Not Checked
    Q104645 INFO: Passing a long from C to MASM by Value & Returning a long
    Q104644 INFO: Passing C Arrays to MASM by Reference
    Q184805 INFO: Passing Values by Reference to a VBA Automation Server
    Q121366 INFO: PDB and DBG Files - What They Are and How They Work
    Q182043 INFO: PDB File Format Information Not Documented
    Q29197 INFO: Pointer Subtraction Yields Signed Value
    Q50732 INFO: Pointer to Undeclared Structure Does Not Generate Error
    Q123870 INFO: Portable DLL Example Using _declspec() and _export
    Q40027 INFO: #pragma pack() Affects Declarations, Not Definitions
    Q37624 INFO: Precedence Affects Grouping of Operands, Not Evaluation
    Q65472 INFO: Predefined Identifiers in Microsoft C and C++
    Q44725 INFO: printf() and 512-Byte I/O Buffer
    Q119518 INFO: Problems Loading a Debuggee That Uses a DLL
    Q166212 INFO: ProcessMessageFilter gets called only for messages posted
    Q172392 INFO: Programmer's Guide to Using ADO in Visual C++
    Q184493 INFO: Programmer's Guide to Using Index Server Provider in VC++
    Q69344 INFO: Promotion of char to int May Add Two Hex Digits in printf
    Q66650 INFO: Purpose of "Internal Linkage" & "No Linkage" Information
    Q28244 INFO: qsort() Can Sort Data Structures Based on Multiple Fields
    Q43971 INFO: qsort(): Parameters to the Compare Function
    Q167799 INFO: README for Win32 Software Development Kit, Part 1 of 2
    Q167799 INFO: README for Win32 Software Development Kit, Part 1 of 2
    Q167800 INFO: README for Win32 Software Development Kit, Part 2 of 2
    Q38023 INFO: Read the ESC Key from the Keyboard with _gets()
    Q102435 INFO: Reasons for "Unauthorized Copy of Visual C++" Message
    Q143292 INFO: Redistributing DAO Components with DAO Apps
    Q175784 INFO: Replacing #import's Exception Raising Mechanism
    Q177425 INFO: Replacing #import's Exception Raising Mechanism for ADO
    Q165020 INFO: Responding to Mouse Events with MFC ActiveX Controls
    Q57888 INFO: Return Value for getch() on Extended Characters
    Q41159 INFO: rewind(stdin) Clears Keyboard Buffer
    Q200069 INFO: Russian and Portuguese MFC Resource Files Not Available
    Q107765 INFO: Sample Draws a Bitmap in a Foundation Class Dialog Box
    Q37617 INFO: Scan Codes for IBM and Compatible Keyboards
    Q67879 INFO: scanf() Format Specifications and Syntax
    Q49573 INFO: scanf() with %i and a Leading 0 Gives Octal Conversion
    Q39310 INFO: Selective Initialization of Array Elements Not Allowed
    Q154045 INFO: Setup Cannot Access the Source File ..\include\ALGORITHM
    Q104616 INFO: Sharing Common C Types with MASM
    Q38025 INFO: Signed char Type Converted to int Type at Function Call
    Q68265 INFO: Signed Converted to Unsigned in Comparison with Unsigned
    Q68389 INFO: sizeof(char Expression) Same as sizeof(int)
    Q60332 INFO: sizeof() Function Returns unsigned Instead of int
    Q47692 INFO: Some errno Values Do Not Apply to MS-DOS, Windows NT
    Q73853 INFO: Sorting Structures with the C qsort() Function
    Q23739 INFO: Specify Compiler Options Before Source Filename
    Q32448 INFO: Specifying .DEF Files on the CL Command Line
    Q100775 INFO: Stack Checking for Windows NT-based Applications
    Q142889 INFO: Standards Supported by Visual C++ & Microsoft Products
    Q142889 INFO: Standards Supported by Visual C++ & Other Microsoft Products
    Q43428 INFO: Storage of Environment Variables
    Q67082 INFO: String Constants May Be Interpreted as Trigraphs in C
    Q51327 INFO: strtok(): C Function -- Documentation Supplement
    Q71285 INFO: strtok() Needs No Additional Space to Insert Nulls
    Q178234 INFO: Summary List: Bugs Fixed by Visual C++ Version 4.1
    Q178235 INFO: Summary List: Bugs Fixed by Visual C++ Version 4.2
    Q178335 INFO: Summary List: Bugs Fixed by Visual C++ Version 5.0
    Q168912 INFO: Summary List: Visual C++ 5.0 Known Problems
    Q142447 INFO: Summary List: Visual C++ Version 4.0 Known Problems
    Q178224 INFO: Summary List: Visual C++ Version 4.1 Known Problems
    Q178230 INFO: Summary List: Visual C++ Version 4.2 Known Problems
    Q43072 INFO: Switching from Reading to Writing Files Can Garble Data
    Q99562 INFO: Switching Views in a Single Document Interface Program
    Q83949 INFO: Syntax for a Function Returning a Pointer to a Function
    Q61314 INFO: The Limit of Macro Expansion
    Q68423 INFO: The Use of a CTRL+Z Is Limited in Text Files
    Q167907 INFO: Thread Safety and the Access ODBC Driver
    Q132874 INFO: Tips for Improving Performance of VCMac Applications
    Q131058 INFO: Tips for Remote Debugging with Visual C++ 2.x, 4.0, 5.0
    Q131058 INFO: Tips for Remote Debugging with Visual C++ 2.x, 4.0/5.0/6.0
    Q65306 INFO: toupper() Generates C4135 or C4244 Warning
    Q134347 INFO: Troubleshooting Visual C++ Setup Problems Under Windows 9
    Q134347 INFO: Troubleshooting Visual C++ Setup Problems Under Windows 95
    Q32109 INFO: Two Syntaxes for Calling Functions with Pointers
    Q71424 INFO: Type float Variable Arguments Are Promoted to Type double
    Q67038 INFO: TYPE Operator Expressions Not Allowed for Inline Assembly
    Q70145 INFO: Understanding Paths on a Novell Network
    Q103242 INFO: Undocumented Warning C4509
    Q45237 INFO: Unsigned Characters and Arithmetic Operators
    Q98473 INFO: Updating the Application Status Bar on Demand
    Q57949 INFO: Use of the Stringizing Operator (#) in Macros
    Q112297 INFO: User-Defined CRT Function Generates Warning or Errors
    Q100770 INFO: Using Accelerator Keys with Modal Dialog Box Main Window
    Q98409 INFO: Using a Structure with an Empty Array Member
    Q98586 INFO: Using a VBX Control in an AFXDLL Dialog Box
    Q101185 INFO: Using cout in an Application and DLL
    Q104641 INFO: Using C Run-Time Functions and CreateThread()
    Q132044 INFO: Using _declspec(dllimport) & _declspec(dllexport) in Code
    Q132044 INFO: Using _declspec(dllimport) & _declspec(dllexport) In Code
    Q70059 INFO: Using Goto Label Before Closing Brace Causes C2143 Error
    Q47037 INFO: Using _pgmptr to Get the Full Path of Executing Program
    Q106399 INFO: Using the Development Studio or Visual Workbench with MASM
    Q196831 INFO: Version History of Microsoft Foundation Classes DLLs
    Q153880 INFO: Visigenic Oracle Driver and Visual C++ Enterprise Edition
    Q103724 INFO: Visual C++ 32-bit Edition Installs for Single User
    Q165683 INFO: Visual C++ 5.0 Readme, ActiveX Control Issues
    Q165681 INFO: Visual C++ 5.0 Readme, Build Issues
    Q165687 INFO: Visual C++ 5.0 Readme, Compiler, Linker and Utilities
    Q165682 INFO: Visual C++ 5.0 Readme, Documentation Issues
    Q165689 INFO: Visual C++ 5.0 Readme, Enterprise Edition Issues
    Q165684 INFO: Visual C++ 5.0 Readme, Language Issues
    Q165685 INFO: Visual C++ 5.0 Readme, MFC and Other Libraries
    Q165690 INFO: Visual C++ 5.0 Readme, Microsoft Transaction Server
    Q165692 INFO: Visual C++ 5.0 Readme, OLE DB SDK Issues
    Q165691 INFO: Visual C++ 5.0 Readme, Sample Program Issues
    Q165680 INFO: Visual C++ 5.0 Readme, Setup Issues
    Q165693 INFO: Visual C++ 5.0 Readme, SQL and SQL Debugging
    Q165688 INFO: Visual C++ 5.0 Readme, Visual SourceSafe Issues
    Q165686 INFO: Visual C++ 5.0 Readme, Wizard and User-Interface Issues
    Q188707 INFO: Visual C++ and the Year 2000, Years that Cause an Overflow
    Q111239 INFO: Visual C++ CONFIG.WRI Part 3: Notes on Books on Line
    Q216356 INFO: Visual C++ Project Settings and .DBG File Creation
    Q164951 INFO: Visual C++ RISC Edition Version Information
    Q120918 INFO: Visual C++ Vers 2.0 README, Part 2 Development Environment
    Q120920 INFO: Visual C++ Vers 2.0 README.WRI, Part 4 Integrated Debugger
    Q201177 INFO: Visual Studio Macros for MFC and ATL Source Code
    Q78856 INFO: Watch Window Displays Arrays as Pointers
    Q154753 INFO: What Are the C/C++ Libraries My Program Would Link With?
    Q43646 INFO: What Causes the Startup Code to Be Included
    Q142924 INFO: What's New in Visual C++ 1.52C
    Q145889 INFO: Why Floating Point Numbers May Lose Precision
    Q74747 INFO: Why Microsoft Development Tools Use TMP Instead of TEMP
    Q38218 INFO: Why pointer1++ = pointer2 Is Not Proper
    Q37233 INFO: Why System Include Files Prototype Functions as _cdecl
    Q86462 INFO: Win 3.0 and 3.1 API Functions Wrapped by MFC (A-G)
    Q86466 INFO: Win 3.x API Functions Not Wrapped by MFC (Part I)
    Q110305 INFO: Windows NT Reads Environment Variables from AUTOEXEC.BAT
    Q190969 INFO: Wizards Use CDataSource::OpenWithServiceComponents()
    Q57244 INFO: Workaround for Converting a Float/Double to a String
    Q39602 INFO: Wrong Syntax for fopen Mode Argument Returns NULL Value
    Q189139 INFO: x86 DEMO7 Sample and Configuration Information
    Q98592 INFO: /Zg Not Designed for Use with .CPP or .CXX Files
    Q70787 Initializing the Graphics Library from an Application
    Q65818 Inline Assembly Seems to Incorrectly Access Far Labels
    Q104105 Installing Single MSVC Files from VC++ 1.0 Disks
    Q48744 int86x() and int86() Trap for Interrupts 25h, 26h
    Q132948 Integrating Custom DDX or DDV in 32-bit Class Wizard Interface
    Q154853 Intel MMX Technology Support in Visual C++
    Q57480 Intel Phone Number for Information About EMS Specification
    Q117566 Kruglinski's "Inside Visual C++" Errata
    Q45710 L2002 or L4004 Mixing Memory Models Between Modules
    Q46820 Library Support for Near, Far, and Huge Keywords
    Q156138 Limitations of DAO, DAO SDK in NT Service or with Threads
    Q10826 Limitations on Writing Device Drivers in C
    Q102828 Listbox Sample Using Microsoft Foundation Classes
    Q43144 Locating Subdirectory with _dos_findfirst & _dos_findnext
    Q106467 Macros and Switches Not Defined in Visual C++ 32-bit Edition
    Q114968 Making Visual C++ 32-bit Edition Books Online Run Faster
    Q32998 malloc() May Truncate Request Greater Than 64K
    Q10758 Managing Memory with calloc() and malloc()
    Q206076 MARSHAL.EXE: How To Marshal Interfaces Across Apartments
    Q22317 matherr() Traps Floating-Point Errors Only in Library
    Q35290 MDA Normal, Blinking, Underlined Text Example
    Q114938 MFC 2.5 Database Class Frequently Asked Questions
    Q140596 MFC 4.0 No Longer Pre-Registers Window Classes
    Q192570 MFCAsync: Message-Oriented TCP and Multithreaded Client/Server
    Q152099 MFC Dialog Font Substitution Under DBCS System
    Q137696 Mfcext.hlp Documents the Property Sheet and Socket Classes
    Q199796 Mfcfont.exe Persists MFC ActiveX Control Stock Font Property
    Q115141 MFC Objects Cannot be Passed to Another Process
    Q137814 MFC ODBC Classes and Parameterized Pre-Defined Queries
    Q185728 MFCSocs.exe Avoids Two Common MFC Socket Mistakes
    Q111755 Microsoft C/C++ Virtual Memory Run-Time Source Available
    Q136549 Microsoft Foundation Class Library Development Guidelines
    Q114563 Microsoft Setup Toolkit for Visual C++
    Q38026 Minimum Range Values in the Include File LIMITS.H
    Q117499 Mixing Debug and Release Files in an MFC Project
    Q82286 MPC Must Be Used Before P-Code .EXEs Can Run
    Q123667 MS-DOS Extenders Used in Microsoft Development Tools
    Q141003 m_templateList Is No Longer Accessible in Visual C++ 4.0
    Q137307 Multiple 16-bit USRDLL Clients Cannot Share MFC ODBC Objects
    Q122676 Multiple Threads and MFC _USRDLLs
    Q98412 near Pointer to far Pointer Conversions Use DS
    Q102618 New Error C2832 with Visual C++
    Q99871 NEW.H Does Not Contain new() that Takes a void*
    Q86461 New Win 3.1 API Functions Wrapped by MFC
    Q190972 NotesDem.exe Reads and Writes the Contacts NOTES Field
    Q112755 ODBC DLLs Included in Visual C++ 1.5
    Q150029 OLE Control Containers Must Call AfxEnableControlContainer
    Q135085 OLE Control Container Support in Visual C++ and MFC
    Q40183 open() Will Not Ignore Append Path
    Q101188 Order of Object Initialization Across Translation Units
    Q68944 Output to stdprn Is in Binary (Untranslated) Mode
    Q102164 _outtext() Function May Fail in Super VGA Graphics Modes
    Q102229 Overloading the __huge new Operator
    Q39915 Passing Linker Options from the Compiler Command Line
    Q134817 PATCH: Calling cosl(PI/2) in a DLL May Cause GP Fault
    Q176427 PATCH: Daorisc.exe Installs DAO for Alpha (RISC)
    Q105439 Patches Available for Visual C++ for Windows
    Q42762 Patches of Floating-Point Instructions at Run Time Normal
    Q183445 PATCH: Etk50pid.exe Incorrect Product ID Displayed in About Box
    Q127151 PATCH: LINK.EXE Version 5.60.339
    Q127049 PATCH: MFC ver 2.52a Upgrade to Fix Database & Other Problems
    Q162730 PATCH: Microsoft Visual C++ Alpha Edition 4.2B Linker 4.20.619
    Q123493 PATCH: OutputDebugString() Without \n May GP Fault in MSVC.EXE
    Q128123 PATCH: Pentium FDIV Patch for Visual C++ 2.0
    Q148319 PATCH: REGSVR.EXE GPFs in Windows 95
    Q148321 PATCH: Standard Edition Missing Help Entries for Win32SDK
    Q160554 PATCH: Updated DAO Redistributable Components
    Q158500 PATCH: Updated DAO SDK Required for Visual C++ 4.2
    Q138984 PATCH: Updated Dmn0.dll for Visual C++ 2.0 for Windows 95
    Q185494 PATCH: VADEVDBG.PKG Single Stepping Crashes With Register Window
    Q140041 PATCH: Visual C++ 4.0 Crash Fixes
    Q156934 PATCH: Visual C++ 4.2b Patch
    Q164953 PATCH: Visual C++ Alpha Edition 4.2B C2.EXE 10.20.7032
    Q126882 PATCH: Visual C++ sin(), cos(), and tan() Incorrect w/ 287
    Q154428 PATCH: Visual C++ Version 4.1b
    Q150937 PATCH: Visual C++ Version 4.1 Patch
    Q39215 Pattern Format for _setfillmask()
    Q85225 P-Code Applications Must Have MPC Used on Them
    Q68745 PGCHART: How to Draw a Line Chart with Lines Only
    Q70362 _pg_setpalette Causes Incorrect Display for Extended ASCII
    Q58987 Pointer Arithmetic Wraps Around Segment Ends
    Q46741 Possible Cause for Slow Stream I/O
    Q140346 Possible Reasons for OLE Control Registration Failure
    Q84477 #pragma optimize( "", off|on ) Does Not Affect P-Code
    Q141155 PRB: 16-bit AppWizard Doesn't Create .ODL Files
    Q120598 PRB: Accelerator Key Not Disabled with ON_UPDATE_COMMAND_UI
    Q167906 PRB: Access 7.0 Database Corrupt After Calling RepairDatabase
    Q181880 PRB: "Access to an Unnamed File Was Denied" Error
    Q190149 PRB: Access Violation in GetAmbientDisplayName
    Q185864 PRB: Access Violation in ODBC Cursor Library in MFC Application
    Q172396 PRB: Access Violation When Accessing STL Object in DLL
    Q192705 PRB: Activation of VB MDI Child Window and ActiveX Control
    Q154166 PRB: ActiveX Control Painting Problems in Visual C++ 4.2
    Q182434 PRB: ActiveX Control's Stock Error Event Uses SCODE Value
    Q152391 PRB: Adding OnClose Handler to COleControl Class Causes C2660
    Q179691 PRB: Adding Property in ClassWizard Changes DISPIDs for Methods
    Q122236 PRB: Add() Member Function Consuming Large Amount of Memory
    Q168528 PRB: Add Method/Add Property Adds To All Interfaces
    Q148305 PRB: AfxFindResourceHandle Fails w/ Icons, Cursors, & Strings
    Q125309 PRB: AllocMemoryDebug Gives Assertion or Trace Error on New[0]
    Q172177 PRB: Alpha Platform Not Available When Adding Configurations
    Q143081 PRB: Ambiguous Msg If Function Template Return Type Omitted
    Q169497 PRB: "Another Application is Currently Using JET File..."
    Q117683 PRB: API Names Don't Appear in Mixed-Source/Asm Mode
    Q60488 PRB: Apparent _memval() Failure Caused by printf() Allocation
    Q152000 PRB: Appearance Property Uses Windows 4.0 WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE
    Q128147 PRB: Applications Using OLE 2.02 Features Don't Compile
    Q134420 PRB: App Studio Displays Incorrect Colors for Bitmaps
    Q101527 PRB: App Studio Does Not Evaluate RC File Constant Expression
    Q214731 PRB: AppWizard Bug when Altering ActiveDoc Child Window Styles
    Q148436 PRB: AppWizard Cannot Generate Resources in Sublanguages
    Q222143 PRB: AppWizard Generated and CHtmlView Derived Views with Splitter Show Extra Scrollbars
    Q138973 PRB: AppWizard Projects Always Added to Component Gallery
    Q131815 PRB: Assert Error in BARTOOL.CPP line 398
    Q189383 PRB: ASSERT(hbrBtnFace != NULL) In AuxData.cpp
    Q164166 PRB: Assert in Wincore.cpp with MFC in an NT Service
    Q140527 PRB: Assertion Failed on Line 837 - Sockcore.cpp
    Q130944 PRB: Assertion Failed - SOCKCORE.CPP, Line 51
    Q85496 PRB: Assertion Failed: WINAPP.CPP, APPCORE.CPP, or WINMAIN.CPP
    Q85496 PRB: Assertion Failed: WINAPP.CPP, APPCORE.CPP, or WINMAIN.CPP
    Q113421 PRB: Assertion Failed, WINCORE.CPP--Line 129, 133, 182, or 307
    Q114372 PRB: "ASSERTION FAILED" with Excel 5.0 Automation Classes
    Q140351 PRB: Assertion in Dlgprop.cpp Line 499
    Q172336 PRB: Assertion Launching App With Tip Of Day And Splash Screen
    Q172336 PRB: Assertion Launching Program with Tip of Day & Splash Screen
    Q149889 PRB: Assertion or Problems Using DAO in a DLL
    Q140105 PRB: Assertion While Switching Property Pages in OLE Control
    Q189352 PRB: Assert When Creating MFC Windows in Printer Drivers
    Q183216 PRB: AtlAdvise() Returns 80004002, 80040200, or 80040202 Errors
    Q192984 PRB: ATL Classes Are Not Compatible With ClassWizard
    Q181505 PRB: ATL COM AppWizard Doesn't Offer MFC Support for .EXE
    Q234146 PRB: ATL Consumer Wizard Code Truncates SQL Server text field to a 1024 TCHAR Array
    Q187644 PRB: ATL Controls Fail to Recognize Default Button on VB Form
    Q166217 PRB: ATL EXE Server Built On Windows 95 Errors While Registering
    Q199682 PRB: ATL Object Wizard Cannot Add ATL Object to Existing File
    Q179688 PRB: ATL Servers Do Not Unregister Their Type Library
    Q198834 PRB: ATL Server with Singleton Object Never Unloads from Memory
    Q199060 PRB: ATL Service Run from the IDE Doesn't Log Events to Console
    Q98200 PRB: "Attempt to Delete Object Owned by System" Error
    Q115088 PRB: A _USRDLL with No CWinApp Object Fails to Load
    Q50714 PRB: Avoiding R6009 "Not Enough Space for Environment" Error
    Q68559 PRB: Bad Code Generated for "a+b == a" FP Comparison Expression
    Q129415 PRB: "Bad command or file name" Error When RC.EXE Not Found
    Q131946 PRB: Bad Pointer from RUNTIME_CLASS with Class from _AFXDLL
    Q128791 PRB: Bad Results When %lf Is Format Specifier for Long Double
    Q160909 PRB: Binder95 Does Not Show an MFC DocObject Server Icon
    Q60333 PRB: _bios_serialcom() May Not Work at 9600 and 4800
    Q77653 PRB: Bitfield Breakpoint Halts Execution on Neighboring Fields
    Q157543 PRB: Bitmap Editor Distorts Icons and Bitmaps
    Q208155 PRB: BK1503 when Building Large .bsc File
    Q121556 PRB: Breakpoints Won't Work - 12 Reasons Why
    Q158033 PRB: Browse Information Not Generated
    Q151865 PRB: Brush Permanent Handle Map Doesn't Work on Windows 95
    Q102620 PRB: Build Errors Caused by Incorrect TMP Variable Setting
    Q102697 PRB: Build Errors Using Precompiled Header in Debugging Lib
    Q131043 PRB: Building 16-Bit OLE Control on a Dual-Boot Computer
    Q167927 PRB: Building ATL Service Project Does Not Register the Service
    Q177433 PRB: Building on Windows 95 Reports "Error spawning empfile.exe"
    Q236935 PRB: C1001 Internal Compiler Error After Installing VC++ SP3
    Q149615 PRB: C1004 or C1060 Error Generated by Inline _asm Call
    Q39088 PRB: C1004: Unexpected EOF
    Q126717 PRB: C1853 Error Generated by Mixing C and C++ Files
    Q40160 PRB: C2001: Newline in Constant for a String on Multiple Lines
    Q140229 PRB: C2027 When Using MFC Templated Collection Classes
    Q133070 PRB: C2059 Error Using extern "C" in .C Source Files
    Q140605 PRB: C2059 When Declaring Friend Template Functions in a Class
    Q93447 PRB: C2060 or C1004 Error Occurs Using TRY/CATCH Macros
    Q95198 PRB: C2061 Error Generated When DEBUG_NEW Used in Application
    Q139603 PRB: C2061 Errors When Compiling for Macintosh Target
    Q151666 PRB: C2065/C2064 Errors when Using Win32 APIs in MFC Program
    Q176487 PRB: C2065 Error Occurs on GetWrapperWindow or Other Symbols
    Q77141 PRB: C2080 Error When Callback Function Declared as _fastcall
    Q32776 PRB: C2085 Error May Be Caused by Missing Semicolon
    Q26588 PRB: C2106 Using FP_SEG() and FP_OFF(), Header File Missing
    Q68475 PRB: C2118: Negative Subscript May Be Caused by int Expression
    Q114536 PRB: C2129 Generated With Forward Reference Used in Prototype
    Q155420 PRB: C2146, C2065, C2143 Instantiating Template Class Objects
    Q128894 PRB: C2189 and C2857 Errors When AFXDB.H Used for UNICODE
    Q168384 PRB: C2248: No Access for Friend Class in a Template Class
    Q104186 PRB: C2250 Error Generated with Ambiguous Multiple Inheritance
    Q93401 PRB: C2279: Braces Not Valid in Function Default Argument List
    Q87013 PRB: C2361: Initialization of "i" Is Skipped by "Default"
    Q158541 PRB: C2440 Error When Using CMap and User Defined Key Type
    Q121888 PRB: C2440 When Initializing an Object Within an Object
    Q129596 PRB: C2517, C2653, or C2600 If Local Struct Contains Class.
    Q102701 PRB: C2609 or C4270 Error from IOMANIP.H Contents
    Q113062 PRB: C2632 Caused by Including WINDOWS.H First
    Q103806 PRB: C2642 Error When Adding Message Handler
    Q87636 PRB: C2660
    Q154105 PRB: C2664 Compiler Error in Afxtempl.h Using VC++ 4.2
    Q190981 PRB: C2664 Error When Using CNoAccessor
    Q168404 PRB: C2664 Instantiating STL List with Sequence [first, last)
    Q106392 PRB: C2666 Error Generated with Overloaded Operator
    Q131322 PRB: C2710: Cannot Delete a Pointer to a Const Object
    Q131066 PRB: C2922 Error for Class Template Containing Friend Function
    Q34170 PRB: C4040 May Occur on Declaration of Huge Array
    Q23978 PRB: C4040: "Near/far/huge Ignored" Warning
    Q34859 PRB: C4047 May Occur When a Function Prototype Is Omitted
    Q42562 PRB: C4057 or C4133 Occur Unexpectedly
    Q37632 PRB: C4058 Generated with /ASu, /ASw, /AMu, and /AMw
    Q60734 PRB: C4127 Generated When Subexpression Evaluates to Constant
    Q134980 PRB: C4251 & C4275 Compiler Warnings While Compiling an AFXDLL
    Q87638 PRB: C4512 "Class": Assignment Operator Could Not Be Generated
    Q195386 PRB: C4786 After Porting from Version 5.0 to Version 6.0
    Q188304 PRB: Calling 32-bit Help Files from 16-bit Applications on NT
    Q125794 PRB: Calling CDatabase::Open in a USRDLL Causes CDBException
    Q198009 PRB: Calling String Conversion Macros in Catch Block Causes AV
    Q222837 PRB: Cannot Call ActiveX Scripting Engine Methods from Non-base Threads
    Q142243 PRB: Cannot Create an MFC Thread During DLL Startup
    Q193511 PRB: Can Not Debug Using IDE Over Windows CE Services
    Q125780 PRB: Cannot Execute DOSXNT.EXE -- Permission Denied
    Q120063 PRB: Cannot Execute RC.EXE from Visual C++
    Q115089 PRB: Cannot Have Independent Groups of 3D Radio Buttons
    Q193512 PRB: Can Not Initialize the Debugging Subsystem
    Q171280 PRB: "Cannot insert object" in Excel97
    Q167322 PRB: Cannot Load Een0swt.dll When Installing Visual C++ 4.x
    Q190352 PRB: Cannot Load EM.dll on Win98 with WinCE Toolkit for VC5.0
    Q225065 PRB: Cannot Manipulate Columns of MS DataGrid in Visual C++ at Design Time
    Q114334 PRB: Cannot Open Compiler Intermediate File
    Q97990 PRB: "Cannot Open the Browser Database File" on Novell Server
    Q180611 PRB: Cannot Set Default Value for Access (Jet) Text Fields
    Q123465 PRB: Cannot View Unicode Strings in the Watch Window
    Q142788 PRB: Can't Add Libs to Projects Created with Custom AppWizards
    Q187920 PRB: Can't Edit Linked Word 95 Documents on Machines w/ Word 97
    Q168041 PRB: Can't Export All Subprojects Into a Single Makefile
    Q141459 PRB: Can't Export from Static Libraries w/_declspec(dllexport)
    Q172393 PRB: Can't Export Symbols Differing Only by Leading Underscores
    Q91668 PRB: Can't Initialize Non-const Reference with Temp. Object
    Q117793 PRB: Can't Load Debugee with Multiple Data Segments
    Q160018 PRB: Can't Register Controls from "MSDEV\REDIST\OCX" Directory
    Q230587 PRB: Can't Set Focus to an Edit Control When its Parent Is an Inactive Captioned Child Window
    Q192704 PRB: CArchive::Read Might Hang When Using CSocketFile
    Q48928 PRB: Cast of Float to Long Truncates Value Unexpectedly
    Q125749 PRB: Cause of the R6025 Run-Time Error
    Q111263 PRB: Causes of DX1020 or R6915 Unhandled Exception Error
    Q32816 PRB: Causes of R6000 "Stack Overflow" Error
    Q142226 PRB: CButton SetIcon and SetBitmap Work Only Under Windows 95
    Q145686 PRB: CDaoRecordView Bookmark Members Invalid After Requery()
    Q150122 PRB: CDaoRecordView Toolbar Buttons Malfunction
    Q231875 PRB: C Datatype's Pseudo Null Values Are Not Inserted into SQL Database Correctly
    Q170823 PRB: CDBException Thrown Opening Recordset on Stored Procedure
    Q230491 PRB: CDBVariant Contains Wrong BOOL Value When Calling CRecordset::GetFieldValue()
    Q201390 PRB: CDynamicAccesor Does Not Handle String Columns Correctly
    Q229579 PRB: CE ActiveX Control Is Not in List of Insertable Controls
    Q117832 PRB: CFile::SetStatus Sets Archive Bit when Not Desired
    Q157142 PRB:CFormView/Dialogs Sized Larger Under Win32s/WinNT 3.50
    Q107429 PRB: _chain_intr() Crashes When Compiling for 80386 Processor
    Q58427 PRB: Changing STDIN Translation Mode from Text to Binary
    Q185288 PRB: Cheyenne InocuLAN May Cause ATL Wizard to Crash DevStudio
    Q149501 PRB: Child CPropertySheet Hangs if Focus is Switched
    Q149501 PRB: Child CPropertySheet Hangs If Focus Is Switched
    Q172551 PRB: CInternetSession::OpenURL() Fails with File Protocol
    Q111498 PRB: Classes Button in AppWizard Disabled with NDW 3.0
    Q140502 PRB: ClassView Cannot Find Function That Has Been Moved
    Q201097 PRB: ClassView Does Not Display COM Interface Nodes
    Q186198 PRB: ClassWizard Binds Fields in Incorrect Order Causing Errors
    Q162731 PRB: Class Wizard Displays Incorrect Control IDs
    Q155133 PRB: ClassWizard Doesn't Bring in Proper Header File
    Q192622 PRB: ClassWizard Doesn't Display Ungrouped Radio Button
    Q116017 PRB: ClassWizard Doesn't Support Custom Foreign DDX
    Q146446 PRB: ClassWizard Doesn't Support Property Change Notifications
    Q172400 PRB: Class Wizard Overridables Are Not Added to Converted Proj
    Q196796 PRB: ClassWizard Unable to Create Files for New Class
    Q140676 PRB: ClassWizard Uses WM_HELPINFO Instead of WM_HELP
    Q128334 PRB: Clipping Doesn't Work Correctly in Print Preview
    Q149342 PRB: CListCtrl Inserting Items Slow If in Icon Modes
    Q234797 PRB: CLongBinary Data Doesn't Update with CRecordset::Open appendOnly Option
    Q156296 PRB: CLongBinary Edits Fail with SQL Server Snapshot
    Q126264 PRB: CLongBinary Field Truncated with SQL Server ODBC Driver
    Q141274 PRB: COleControl::Serialize Not Called with VB as Container
    Q167169 PRB: COleDateTime::Format Throws a COleException(scode=E_FAIL)
    Q152074 PRB: COleMessageFilter Doesn't Process WM_PAINT
    Q154059 PRB: Commands Fail in Makefile if Directory Over 66 Characters
    Q143207 PRB: Common Problems When Using STL with STD Namespace
    Q117794 PRB: Compiler Errors when Implementing CObject-Derived Class
    Q117794 PRB: Compiler Errors when Implementing CObject-Derived Class
    Q192093 PRB: Compiler Errors When Porting IObjectSafetyImpl To ATL 3.0
    Q97839 PRB: Compiler Generates C4056, C4756 Warnings Incorrectly
    Q97673 PRB: Compiler Hangs On Some Systems With >16MB RAM
    Q68385 PRB: Compiler Lacks Warnings for Options Incompatible with /u
    Q68835 PRB: Compiler Prints Filename But Does Not Compile the Program
    Q182324 PRB: Component Gallery Errors with Read-Only Project Files
    Q152392 PRB: Component Gallery Unable to Import OLE Control
    Q116449 PRB: Concatenation Symbol (##) Yields Errors
    Q78853 PRB: Conditional Breakpoints Cannot Always Be Set
    Q149471 PRB: Conflicting Definitions of time_t Between Windows and Mac
    Q167542 PRB: Conflict with EOF and GetUserName Using #import on RDO
    Q87634 PRB: Constant String Is Eliminated by the C++ Compiler
    Q123461 PRB: const char* not same as const CPTR where #typedef char* C
    Q123461 PRB: const char* not same as const CPTR where #typedef char* C
    Q167848 PRB: Context Sensitive Help Problems in OLE Common Dialogs
    Q111768 PRB: Control Bar Not Visible After Calling Create
    Q134763 PRB: Controls in Toolbars Refuse to Give the Focus to Views
    Q153427 PRB: Controls Not Initialized in CPropertyPage::OnInitDialog()
    Q135765 PRB: Convert Dialog Doesn't Appear for OLE Object in MS Excel
    Q113969 PRB: "Could not Load Debugee, Windows is Out of memory (1)"
    Q170118 PRB: "Couldn't Find Installable ISAM" with Excel 97 Data
    Q131401 PRB: Couldn't Find Object on Recordset for Predefined Query
    Q158552 PRB: CPropertySheet::DoModal() or Create() Causes an Exception
    Q156977 PRB: CRecordset Does Not Skip Deleted Records
    Q165606 PRB: CRecordset::Move(0) Asserts with skipDeletedRecords Option
    Q185282 PRB: CRichEditView, AppWizard View-Based Apps and Compound Files
    Q140858 PRB: _CRTDBG_MAP_ALLOC Does Not Work as Documented
    Q166473 PRB: CScrollView Scroll Range Limited to 32K
    Q151378 PRB: CStatic::SetBitmap Doesn't Display Bitmap on Win NT 3.51
    Q150764 PRB: CString::LoadString Fails in Console Application
    Q114201 PRB: CString::ReleaseBuffer() Does Not Release Extra Memory
    Q110719 PRB: CTime DDX Routine for CRecordView Date Fields
    Q109790 PRB: CTimeSpan::GetDays() Reports 29 Days in April
    Q126719 PRB: CTL3D Cannot Be Used with Shared MFC DLL
    Q151894 PRB: CToolBarCtrl::GetToolTips() May Return NULL for a ToolBar
    Q151162 PRB: CToolBarCtrl Styles Fail with CToolBar
    Q194835 PRB: Custom AppWizard Creates Defective 2nd-Generation Project
    Q152255 PRB: Custom AppWizard Doesn't Initialize Custom Step Dialogs
    Q181503 PRB: Custom AppWizards Can't Make Per-File Settings/Build Steps
    Q77586 PRB: Custom Command-Line Options Disappear
    Q119333 PRB: CWinApp-Based DLL Gets Assertion Failure on Win32s
    Q99199 PRB: CWnd::GetWindowText(CString &) Asserts w/ Drop-Down Combo
    Q189382 PRB: CWnd::m_nMsgDragList Not Exported by the MFC DLL
    Q112563 PRB: Cyrix Processor May Cause Build Failure
    Q151407 PRB: DAO 3.0 Must Be Used in Primary Thread
    Q148745 PRB: DAO Can't Be Used in an ISAPI DLL
    Q192779 PRB: DAO Doesn't Support ISAM Formats on Alpha
    Q146876 PRB: DAO Error 3028 When Creating a DAO Workspace
    Q191737 PRB: DAO MDB on Read-Only Media Must Be Opened Exclusively
    Q151907 PRB: DAO SDK Setup Error 104/105: Cannot Run Intermediate File
    Q168447 PRB: DAO SetParamValue Limited to 255 Characters
    Q151030 PRB: Data Corruption with LBS_SORT and CCheckListBox on Win32s
    Q210460 PRB: Data Truncated Error With CRecordset
    Q194654 PRB: DBGrid Control Not Fully Functional in VC++
    Q165432 PRB: DBGrid Does Not Insert Record If Field Name Contains Dash
    Q131993 PRB: DDX Displays Float/Double in Exponential Format
    Q181893 PRB: Debug Exception Connecting to Oracle Server
    Q116492 PRB: Debugger Cannot Debug DISPLAY.EXE
    Q115347 PRB: Debugger Cannot Watch Global Constants in C++ Programs
    Q121887 PRB: Debugger Can't Evaluate Cast of Enum to (long*)
    Q111501 PRB: Debugger/CodeView Appear Not to Break on Correct Line
    Q168080 PRB: Debugger Displays Incorrect Information for Variable
    Q128602 PRB: Debugger Does Not Load DLL Using DATA MULTIPLE
    Q123808 PRB: Debugger Hangs If Remote Connection Is Lost
    Q127802 PRB: Debugger Loses Source/Disassembly File Mapping
    Q122140 PRB: Debugger Single Step Steps Over Multiple Instructions
    Q185674 PRB: Default Property Causes DISP_XXXX_ID Methods/Props to Fail
    Q156141 PRB: Default Values Not Shown in Input Parameters Dialog Box
    Q198232 PRB: Delete All Columns in the List Control
    Q202110 PRB: Deleting ATL Dialog Causes Assert in Atlwin.h, Line 2281
    Q177436 PRB: Developer Studio Hangs When Debug Breakpoint Is Set
    Q181504 PRB: Developer Studio Macro's ExecuteCommand Requires Quotes
    Q130817 PRB: Device MMD.386 Not Loaded w/ Visual C++ 1.0 on Windows NT
    Q173261 PRB: Dialog in InitInstance Doesn't Process WM_DDE_INITIATE
    Q166132 PRB: Dialog With RichEdit May Fail During Creation
    Q179285 PRB: Disabled Developer Studio Add-Ins Not Unloaded From Memory
    Q168847 PRB: "DM0025: Error attaching to process" in Windows 95
    Q177135 PRB: Do not Call ODBC Within DLL_PROCESS_DETACH Case
    Q125496 PRB: _dos_findfirst() with _A_VOLID on MS-DOS vs. Windows NT
    Q68797 PRB: _dos_setftime() Fails to Set Date & Time for Network File
    Q147426 PRB: DoSuperclassPaint Calls WM_PRINT for Windows 95
    Q102949 PRB: DOSXNT: Fatal Error DX1070
    Q135682 PRB: Drag and Drop with TYMED_FILE Runs Out of File Handles
    Q131006 PRB: Dr Watson Won't Log Stack Symbols in Visual C++ App
    Q170171 PRB: DUMPBIN Displays Cumulative Data for Multiple Arguments
    Q98561 PRB: DX1350 or DX1270 Errors Caused by Environment Variable
    Q111499 PRB: DX5060 and DX1020 Errors When Compiling using NDW 3.0
    Q98858 PRB: DX5420 and DX1230 Errors from Incorrect SYSTEM.INI File
    Q151804 PRB: Dynamic Creation of Redistributable Control Fails
    Q122118 PRB: Editing While Debugging Causes Breakpoint Misalignment
    Q183214 PRB: E_INVALIDARG Error from CoCreateInstance()
    Q192913 PRB: EnableModeless Causes Events to Fire Late
    Q216885 PRB: English Query Using SQL 7.0 Domain May Fail with SQL 6.5
    Q190904 PRB: E_NOINTERFACE Returned from CRowset Move Methods
    Q138293 PRB: Errno Set to -1 After Call to Run-Time Library Function
    Q138293 PRB: Errno Set to -1 After Call to Run-Time Library Function
    Q86810 PRB: Error 2065: 'jmp_buf' : Undeclared Identifier
    Q132675 PRB: Error C2039: OnInitDialog is Not a Member of CFormView
    Q153004 PRB: Error C2065: '__emul/__emulu' : Undeclared Identifier
    Q201094 PRB: Error C2259 on "char" Type Redefinition in Visual C++ ATL Project
    Q192561 PRB: Error C2787 When Building a Project Using ATL 3.0
    Q121889 PRB: Error C2858: Command-line Options Inconsistent
    Q122306 PRB: Error C4226 and Defining WIN32
    Q139457 PRB: Error Converting Visual C++ OLE Controls from 2.x to 4.0
    Q125616 PRB: Error "Could not load debuggee. File not found (2)"
    Q119501 PRB: Error CXX0017 or CXX0034 for typedef
    Q188720 PRB: Error Executing ~vcecho!Compiling
    Q97988 PRB: "Error Generating New App" from AppWizard on Novell
    Q147312 PRB: Error Importing Control into Component Gallery
    Q120511 PRB: Error: "Invalid cursor name" & "No cursor name available"
    Q120511 PRB: Error: "Invalid cursor name" & "No cursor name available"
    Q93006 PRB: Error L2029 for __aseglo, __aseghi Linking Application
    Q128212 PRB: Error LNK2001 Generated When Porting 16-bit Code to Win32
    Q125750 PRB: Error LNK2001: '_WinMain@16': Unresolved External Symbol
    Q126646 PRB: Error Msg: LNK2001 on __beginthreadex and __endthreadex
    Q125476 PRB: Error "...MSVCRT20.DLL is not compatible with Win32s"
    Q155850 PRB: "Error Retrieving Record" with SQL Statement in Open()
    Q122305 PRB: Errors Generated Overloading Operator New []
    Q116024 PRB: Errors Occur when Using Database Classes with Access 2.0
    Q116024 PRB: Errors Occur when Using Database Classes with Access 2.0
    Q189138 PRB: "error spawning empfile.exe" Building WINCE Application
    Q109195 PRB: Errors Produced When Starting Viewer for Books Online
    Q132705 PRB: Errors When Edit Bitmaps with More than 16 or 256 Colors
    Q157970 PRB: Event Firing Changes in MFC May Break Some Containers
    Q217391 PRB: Excel Does Not Repaint Highlighted Cells Correctly in a MFC MDI Active Document Container
    Q128896 PRB: Exception in Service Causes JIT Debugger to Hang Computer
    Q157073 PRB: Exception Not Caught Using CArchive or CFile
    Q132893 PRB: Exceptions Thrown During Construction Can Orphan Memory
    Q195549 PRB: Exception When Calling RegisterDevice
    Q154764 PRB: Excluding Libraries with the Visual C++ Profiler
    Q58559 PRB: Executable Code Between Declarations Causes C2143 or C214
    Q194926 PRB: Existing XLL Not Recognized by Excel After Recompilation
    Q92500 PRB: exit() Function Does Not Clean Up Nonstatic Objects
    Q130667 PRB: F12 Causes Hard-Coded Breakpoint Exception When Debugging
    Q130667 PRB: F12 Causes Hard-Coded Breakpoint Exception When Debugging
    Q102163 PRB: F5 Key Does Not Build and Run Application in One Step
    Q190801 PRB: Failed to Verify Platform or OS Version
    Q128086 PRB: Failing to Initialize OLE Generates Out of Memory Error
    Q127075 PRB: Fatal Error U1073 Building 16-bit OLE Custom Controls
    Q41024 PRB: FATAL: Internal Stack Failure, System Halted
    Q32539 PRB: fclose() on Unopened Files Causes Protection Violation
    Q163370 PRB: #File Error# During Dump of Heap Objects
    Q183210 PRB: Flicker in ATL Controls When Resized
    Q198130 PRB: FLL Causes Error After Recompilation
    Q37507 PRB: "Floating-point Support Not Loaded" Error with scanf()
    Q38729 PRB: Floats Promoted to Doubles w/ Old Style Function Declare
    Q179696 PRB: Focus and Tab Issues with ATL Subclassed Edit Control
    Q191126 PRB: Font Changes as ActiveX Control Resizes
    Q133432 PRB: Fonts Inconsistent Using Dialog Editor on Windows NT 3.51
    Q199517 PRB: FreeResource Required for Locked Resources on Macintosh
    Q76664 PRB: freopen() Function Fails in QuickWin Libraries
    Q138414 PRB: FromIDispatch Returns NULL for OLE Control
    Q60336 PRB: fscanf() Fails to Read Consecutive Lines
    Q32286 PRB: /Fs, /Zs with #Pragma Title Misses the First Page
    Q190974 PRB: Function Prototypes Do Not Generate Parameter Info
    Q37794 PRB: gcvt() Generates Exponential Notation for 0.0x
    Q84478 PRB: Generating P-Code Disables Native Code Optimization
    Q129649 PRB: GetActiveView Returns NULL for an MDI Frame Window
    Q41203 PRB: getch() Does Not Behave as Expected with ALT+Q and ALT+R
    Q138663 PRB: GetCheckedRadioButton() Returns ID Outside Button Group
    Q166767 PRB: GetControlUnknown() Returns NULL in COleControl
    Q67759 PRB: _getpixel() Return Value Unchanged After _setbkcolor()
    Q153807 PRB: GetRowsEx Re-fetches Last Read Record in Subsequent Calls
    Q153807 PRB: GetRowsEx Re-fetches Last Read Record in Subsequent Calls
    Q145992 PRB: Global MFC DAO Objects Cause Assertions
    Q99846 PRB: GP Fault From DestroyWindow() Call in VBX Event
    Q125796 PRB: GP Fault when Use CString Objects Inside TRACE<x> Macros
    Q129494 PRB: GPF When MultiColumn & LBS_OWNERDRAWVARIABLE in List Box
    Q23867 PRB: Graphics File Printing Terminates Prematurely
    Q138784 PRB: Graph.vbx Does Not Refresh or Update
    Q96760 PRB: Gray Box Appears Using SDK Custom Control in App Studio
    Q167910 PRB: HENV Not Accessible When Using MFC ODBC Classes
    Q125435 PRB: Hidden MDI Child Window Causes Corrupted MDI Window Menu
    Q181486 PRB: How To Distribute the Remote Automation Connection Manager
    Q122488 PRB: How to Use Automation Error Code & Help from Visual Basic
    Q218007 PRB: IDE May Skip Some TRACE Statements Sent in Quick Succession
    Q118682 PRB: Image Functions Fail with Image Outside of Viewport
    Q59407 PRB: Inaccurate Representation of Large Double Values
    Q154539 PRB: Including STL.H Causes Compiler Errors
    Q49823 PRB: Inconsistent Use of fscanf %x.xf Formatting
    Q149709 PRB: Incorrect CListCtrl Painting During Label Editing
    Q195032 PRB: Incorrect Function Signatures May Cause Problems in Release
    Q164678 PRB: Incorrect Syntax Near 'FOR' When Calling Stored Procedure
    Q151869 PRB: Incorrect Usage of CSingleLock May Lock Up Mutex Object
    Q151869 PRB: Incorrect Usage of CSingleLock May Lock Up Mutex Object
    Q116133 PRB: /INFO or /VERBOSE Option May Delay Stopping a Build
    Q39910 PRB: Initializing Non-Primary Union Element Produces Errors
    Q107432 PRB: Inline Assembly C++ Function May Need Return Statement
    Q140611 PRB: InstallSHIELD Error: Setup requires a different version
    Q190973 PRB: IntelliSense Does Not Display Enumerated Elements
    Q190976 PRB: IntelliSense Ignores Unicode/ANSI Versions of Win32 API
    Q190965 PRB: IntelliSense Limitations with #define Macros
    Q141351 PRB: "Invalid argument" with dbAttachedTable or dbAttachedODBC
    Q180330 PRB: InvalidateRect() Yields Empty Update Region on Win95
    Q156930 PRB: "Invalid Cursor State" Error After Changing Directory
    Q197322 PRB: "Invalid File Format" from ImgEdit Reading Sony Mavica JPG
    Q111752 PRB: Invalid Handle Message Using Static Version of CTL3D
    Q125241 PRB: Invalid Name for New Project Error When Using AppWizard
    Q22331 PRB: "Invalid Object Module" Error Usually From Old LINK
    Q132960 PRB: Invalid Precision Value Err w/ Character Field Parameters
    Q152150 PRB: IsDigit Returns Wrong Value when Called from DLL
    Q146445 PRB: istream::seekg() Does Not Reset EOF State
    Q153491 PRB: Jet 3.0 UserCommitSync & ImplicitCommitSync Values Wrong
    Q153491 PRB: Jet 3.0 UserCommitSync & ImplicitCommitSync Values Wrong
    Q138786 PRB: Just-In-Time Debugging Launches Wrong Debugger
    Q181890 PRB: Known OLE DB Provider Problems with Visual C++ 6.0 Wizards
    Q117564 PRB: L2025 with a CWinApp-Derived Class in an Extension DLL
    Q31448 PRB: L2029 Caused by Array Index Multiplication with Integers
    Q118421 PRB: L2029 Error for CRecordset::Check()
    Q132341 PRB: L2029 Error on AFX_EXCEPTION_LINK When Building MFC DLL
    Q103791 PRB: L2029 Errors When Building QuickWin Application
    Q133072 PRB: L2061 Error on _TEXT Segment in Large Memory Model App
    Q102678 PRB: L2061, L1106 Errors, Foundation Classes, Small Model App
    Q221792 PRB: "Library Not Registered" Error When Calling Method in ATL Server
    Q125622 PRB: Link Error LNK1104: Cannot Open File OLECLI32.LIB
    Q23905 PRB: Linking Small Object File Produces Memory-Hungry TSR
    Q167853 PRB: LNK1104 Cannot Find mfc42pd.lib
    Q199501 PRB: LNK1555 Errors, and Near Versus Far Data
    Q128895 PRB: LNK2001 Link Error on Floating Division Functions
    Q130486 PRB: LNK2001 on Pure Virtual Operator=
    Q191669 PRB: LNK2001: Unresolved External Symbol __chkesp
    Q184235 PRB: LNK2005 Errors on New and Delete When Defining _ATL_MIN_CRT
    Q148652 PRB: LNK2005 Errors When Link C Run-Time Libs Before MFC Libs
    Q103714 PRB: LNK4016: Unresolved External Symbol "__doserrno"
    Q173164 PRB: Loading a Workspace is Slow in Visual C++
    Q150392 PRB: LoadLibrary & FreeLibrary on MFC Regular DLL Leak Memory
    Q67485 PRB: locking() Locks Only Twenty File Regions Simultaneously
    Q153005 PRB: Longjmp Inside a _try Block Fails on PowerPC
    Q103713 PRB: Low Disk Space May Cause Miscellaneous Build Problems
    Q123873 PRB: Lower Half of Menu Bar Covered by Client Area
    Q150034 PRB: LPPICTUREDISP Cannot Be Passed Across Process Boundaries
    Q135326 PRB: _lseek() Fails on Different Offset Values
    Q62627 PRB: M6101 on PG Scatter Charts with Autoscaling Off
    Q93914 PRB: /MAP Option on Compiler Command Line Ignored
    Q112337 PRB: /MD Causes C4273 Warning When Replacing _matherr
    Q143209 PRB: MeasureItem Not Called for Popup Item on Owner-Draw Menu
    Q37201 PRB: Memory Allocation Error When Using halloc() or malloc()
    Q151663 PRB: Memory Leak in MFC Using ODBC Oracle Driver on Win 95
    Q167929 PRB: Memory Leaks Reported When Using Multiple MFC DLLs
    Q118679 PRB: Memory Leak Using Delete Operator
    Q141153 PRB: Memory Not Freed to OS When Debugging on Windows NT 3.51
    Q173026 PRB: Message-Handlers for ActiveX Control Aren't Called
    Q173026 PRB: Message-Handlers For ActiveX Control Aren't Called
    Q156051 PRB: Messages Not Received by Dynamically Created Control
    Q105443 PRB: MetaFile Displays Incorrectly in Print Preview
    Q199539 PRB: MF1012 Error, Copying PowerPC Application with AppleTalk Under Windows NT 4.0
    Q140477 PRB: MFC 4.0 Applications Can't Be Run Under Windows NT 3.5
    Q196834 PRB: MFC Active Document Container May Not Hide Toolbars
    Q168777 PRB: MFC ActiveX Control in IE Doesn't Detect Keystrokes
    Q223152 PRB: MFC ActiveX Control Subclassing Comctl32 Windows Throws 0x80004005 from a VB .exe
    Q166769 PRB: MFC ActiveX Document Servers Require Compound File Support
    Q166504 PRB: MFC and CRT Must Match in debug/release and static/dynamic
    Q131099 PRB: MFC App's CWinApp::ProcessMessageFilter() Never Invoked
    Q131099 PRB: MFC App's CWinApp::ProcessMessageFilter() Never Invoked
    Q170978 PRB: MFC Browser Library (MFC.BSC) Can't Find MFC Source Files
    Q122291 PRB: MFC Classes Removed from OLE CDK Runtime DLLs
    Q151034 PRB: MFC Control Panel Applet Shows ODBC Icon in Control Panel
    Q140599 PRB: MFC DAO Functions Accepting COleVariant Strings May Fail
    Q130956 PRB: MFC DB Classes Don't Update NULL Field Values to Non- NULL
    Q130956 PRB: MFC DB Classes Don't Update NULL Field Values to Non-NULL
    Q190487 PRB: MFC Debug DLLs Are Not Compatible Between Versions
    Q139828 PRB: MFC Does Not Reopen an Open Document
    Q113060 PRB: MFC Has Tabstop Property On by Default for VBX Controls
    Q150121 PRB: MFC Loads Wrong Resource in Extension DLL
    Q142415 PRB: MFC Message Handler Not Called with PostThreadMessage()
    Q142415 PRB: MFC Message Handler Not Called with PostThreadMessage()
    Q181480 PRB: MFC ODBC Cannot Update Access Date/Time with No Date
    Q200440 PRB: MFC SAVER Sample Does Not Run Correctly Under Windows 98
    Q196836 PRB: MFC Socket Functions Fail from ExitInstance
    Q161871 PRB: MFC Sockets Application Crashes after Exit on NT 3.51
    Q228455 PRB: Missing /c Compiler Option Causes LNK1561 Linker Error
    Q42019 PRB: Missing Closing ")" in Macro Causes Unexpected EOF
    Q104241 PRB: Missing Menu IDs from ClassWizard "Object IDs" Window
    Q115086 PRB: Misuse of ASSERT Causes Problems for MFC Apps
    Q49871 PRB: Mixing Case of LINK Option Causes Error L1093 or D4002
    Q114374 PRB: _mktemp() May Return the Same Name Between Threads
    Q145698 PRB: Mnemonic Differences Between MFC 4.0 and Visual Basic 4.0
    Q126874 PRB: Modal Dialog Box Prevents Calls to PreTranslateMessage
    Q132951 PRB: Modal Property Sheet Not Modal in Propdlg Sample
    Q173165 PRB: Modified Resource Files Don't Affect Resources