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    Q63228 400 DPI Serial Mouse and the Hyundai 386 SX
    Q63227 400 DPI Serial Mouse and the Maxir 386
    Q67863 400 PPI Serial Mouse and Epson Equity LT 386/SX
    Q59861 400 PPI Serial Mouse and Northgate Computers
    Q72794 50 Mouse Functions Available, Not 53 (Documentation Error)
    Q84676 8.2 POINTER.EXE Requires MOUSE.DRV 8.2 or Later
    Q80076 Abnormal Colors in WordPerfect 5.1 Running Under MS-DOS 5.0
    Q138022 Adobe Photoshop May Hang System with Mouse Driver Version 9.01
    Q123031 After Installing IntelliPoint: "Unable to Locate C:\MSINPUT"
    Q189536 After Scrolling with Wheel, You Cannot Type in Publisher 97
    Q166006 ALT+TAB Does Not Switch Programs with Focus Feature Enabled
    Q121156 Application Focus Changes Tiling Arrangement in Task Manager
    Q24164 Applications That Do Not Use the Mouse
    Q184283 Apply Button Is Unavailable When You Click the Focus Check Box
    Q177128 Assigned Wheel Button Features Disabled When You Start PointCast
    Q32682 AT&T 6300 Plus and Bus Mouse
    Q176098 A Window Scrolls When You Press the ARROW Keys
    Q71666 BallPoint Extension Cables
    Q81822 BallPoint Mouse 8.2 Setup Disk (3.5 Inch, 720K, 3/10/92)
    Q109509 BallPoint Mouse Doesn't Work on Acros 200/386 Mouse Port
    Q117130 BallPoint Mouse Is Erratic on Canon Notejet After Sleep Mode
    Q85657 /B Not Valid for ORIENT.EXE in BallPoint Mouse Driver 8.2/8.2a
    Q28538 Bus Mouse Jumper Settings J2, J3, and J4
    Q64178 Bus Mouse Port on Leading Edge 386 SX
    Q35364 Bus Mouse with InPort Not Supported in IBM PC-DOS 4.00
    Q68930 CADKEY Requires Microsoft Mouse Driver Version 7.04 or Later
    Q177137 CalComp Digitizer Drivers May Disable IntelliMouse Wheel
    Q177041 Cannot Change EasyBall Pointer When Using IntelliPoint Software
    Q177553 Cannot Configure the Odometer Feature in IntelliPoint
    Q175435 Cannot Make Hidden Taskbar Appear with Mouse Pointer
    Q177792 Cannot Open Keyboard Tool in Control Panel
    Q161200 Cannot Scroll Through Address Book Using IntelliMouse Wheel
    Q176044 Cannot Undock Window in Visual Basic with ClickSaver Feature
    Q184136 Cannot Use IntelliMouse Wheel to Scroll Through Works Help Index
    Q184275 Cannot Use Wheel to Scroll Through Outlook Form Design Window
    Q81162 Can't Double or Single-Click Microsoft Mouse Buttons
    Q43335 cegal() Function in EGA.LIB May Not Work Properly
    Q98193 Changes in Mouse Setup Program
    Q158323 Changing the Primary Mouse Button May Not Affect Other Mice
    Q28515 Cipher Data Tape Drive Conflicts with Bus Mouse
    Q165556 ClickSaver Does Not Work in File Manager
    Q183971 Color Boxes Vanish When Scrolling with IntelliMouse in Excel 97
    Q121165 Combining Special Effects from Standard and Home Mouse
    Q73065 Command-Line Switches Are Allowed with MOUSE.SYS
    Q156586 Command-Line Switches for Lzari.exe
    Q180748 Compaq Keys Stop Working After Installing IntelliPoint Software
    Q187930 Complete Gardening: Wheel Scrambles Text in Glossary Window
    Q177377 Computer Hangs Starting 16-Bit Lotus Notes
    Q191248 Computer Hangs When Resuming with IntelliPoint 2.2 Software
    Q179612 Computer Hangs When You Start Lotus Notes
    Q191769 Computer Seems to Hang When You Install IntelliPoint Software
    Q131002 Configuring the IntelliPoint Software for an Embedded Mouse
    Q73826 Conflicts with Microsoft MOUSE.COM 8.0 and DOS=HIGH
    Q84915 Conflict with Microsoft InPort Mouse and ATI Video Card
    Q167895 Context Menu Is Displayed When EasyBall Button Is Pressed
    Q73370 Correct Entries for "MouseType=" in MOUSE.INI
    Q67340 Correct Mouse Drivers for Express Publisher
    Q35230 CPANEL Defaults to Display Page 0
    Q35229 CPANEL May Crash if /S Switch Used Previously
    Q120712 Creating New & Editing Existing Animated Cursors
    Q70178 CTRL+BREAK and CTRL+Z May Corrupt BallPoint COMPASS.EXE
    Q44451 Cursor Image Saved After Executing DOS Command with Function 1
    Q101409 Cursor Moves Behind Mouse Manager with Genius Video Card
    Q19866 Cursor Positioning in Text Mode
    Q88703 Custom BallPoint Clips for Laptops
    Q145704 Default EasyBall and Pointerland Mouse Pointers Unavailable
    Q120562 Dell 320 SLI Keyboard Mouse Conflicts w/Mouse Driver 9.0/9.01
    Q185536 Description of the Exceptions For Universal Scrolling List
    Q185535 Description of Universal Scrolling Feature
    Q23837 Descriptions of Expert and Standard Mouse Menus
    Q70180 Difference Between Mouse Sensitivity and Acceleration Controls
    Q70778 Differences Among Mouse Functions 12, 20, and 24
    Q120804 Differences Between Home & Standard Mouse IntelliPoint Options
    Q101408 Display Problems in Mouse Demo with 640x480 256-Color Drivers
    Q121155 Double-Clicking the Mouse Does Not Work in Windows
    Q47138 Driver "Removed from Memory" Versus "Disabled"
    Q23374 Driver Support for the PS/2 320 x 200 256 Color Mode
    Q32129 Earlier Versions of Generic Cad May Not Work with InPort
    Q175157 EasyBall: CD-ROM Version of Pointerland is Not Available
    Q175157 EasyBall: CD-ROM Version of Pointerland Is Not Available
    Q178992 EasyBall Cursor Scheme Used by EasyBall and Mouse
    Q179704 EasyBall Is Not Detected or Does Not Respond Correctly
    Q182773 "End Task" Dialog Box Appears When You Shut Down Windows NT
    Q183863 Erratic Pointer Behavior After You Install Internet Explorer 4.0
    Q109494 Erratic PS/2 Mouse on Gateway Colorbook Computer
    Q184850 Err Msg: Cannot Find the File 'C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\STPCLNUP.EXE'
    Q81049 Err Msg: Driver Not Installed - MS Mouse Not Found
    Q143331 Err Msg: Duckman Caused a General Protection Fault...
    Q174274 Err Msg: Explorer Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module...
    Q104453 Err Msg: "FILE ERROR: Cannot Find/Copy CTL3D.DLL" with Mouse 9
    Q168938 Err Msg: IntelliPoint Has Detected That Another Microsoft...
    Q178952 Err Msg: Setup Caused a Datatype Misalignment Fault...
    Q166032 Err Msg: Setup Has Detected That Your Autoexec.bat and ...
    Q121126 Err Msg: Software Multiple for Dynamic Resolution Is Off
    Q160959 Err Msg: The Mousex32.exe File Is Linked to Missing Export...
    Q191709 Err Msg: This Upgrade of IntelliPoint Software Cannot Find...
    Q120807 ErrMsg When Setting Primary Button: Error Setting System Value
    Q44425 Error in Mouse Programmer's Reference Match Statement
    Q51489 Error in SIMPLE Mouse Menu in Programmer's Reference
    Q32399 Error in Turbo Pascal Example
    Q153729 Error Message: Cannot Find the Ipoint.hlp File
    Q143331 Error Message: Duckman Caused a General Protection Fault
    Q141719 Errors Running Quicken for Windows with IntelliPoint 1.1
    Q74703 Expanding Microsoft Mouse Driver 7.04 from Windows 3.0 Disks
    Q120563 Explanation of Animated Cursor Availability in IntelliPoint
    Q97846 Explanation of Mouse Manager and Associated Files
    Q174274 Explorer Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module...
    Q102804 Extension Cable for Microsoft InPort or Bus Mouse
    Q28496 FCC Class B Approval
    Q71663 Features and Benefits of Version 8.0-Series Mouse Drivers
    Q78934 Files Mouse Driver Setup Checks for in Windows Subdirectory
    Q78604 Finding a Serial Port I/O Address Using Debug
    Q44126 Finding the COM1 Serial Port on PC/XT/AT and PS/2 Machines
    Q31549 First Publisher Requires Mouse Driver Version 6.24
    Q78461 Flashing Mouse Cursor in Windows 3.0 on AST Premium Exec
    Q165973 Focus Feature Does Not Highlight Menu Items
    Q23533 Frieze 7.0 with SLIDES.BAS
    Q70004 Frozen or Slow Mouse Pointer With IBM PC DOSSHELL
    Q19859 Function 20 - Swap Interrupt Subroutines
    Q35365 Function 24: Set Alternate Subroutine Call Mask and Address
    Q35366 Function 25: Get User Alternate Interrupt Address
    Q75952 Function 38: Get Maximum Virtual Coordinates
    Q19868 Functions 20, 22, and 23 Fail Under Basic Interpreter
    Q191894 Ghost Pointer Remains on Screen When Visibility Setting Changed
    Q46463 Graphics Problems When Moving Mouse Cursor in 7.03 and Earlier
    Q75702 Handling a Hung or Locking OS/2 Machine
    Q69733 Hardware Change to 400ppi Mouse Port Cable
    Q75726 HD0416: Microsoft Mouse Drivers for OS/2
    Q86525 HD0534: Mouse Driver 8.20a, Driver Only Update
    Q114562 HD1008: Programming the Microsoft Mouse Under MS-DOS
    Q119775 HD1061: POINTER.DLL Corrects GP Fault with Win32 Apps
    Q97746 History of Mouse and BallPoint Mouse Software Features
    Q67338 Horizontal Mouse Position in CGA and MCGA Modes
    Q98234 How the Mouse Driver 9.0 for Windows Uses MOUSE.INI
    Q31429 How to Bypass MOUSE.LIB in QuickBASIC Version 4.00
    Q106541 How to Choose Correct Keyboard Clip for BallPoint Mouse 2.0
    Q28741 How to Deallocate or Disable the Mouse Driver
    Q51225 HOWTO: Define, Display Graphics Mouse Cursor in FORTRAN 5.00
    Q75695 How to Determine OS/2 Version Before Installing Mouse
    Q185537 How to Enable and Use Wheel Scrolling and Panning Features
    Q237614 HOWTO: IntelliMouse: How To Add an Application to the Exceptions List During Installation
    Q189071 How to Locate the Product ID of a New Microsoft Hardware Product
    Q126748 How to Manually Install the Version 10.0 Mouse Driver
    Q136775 How to Obtain IntelliPoint 1.1 and IntelliType 1.1 Upgrades
    Q136775 How to Obtain IntelliPoint and IntelliType 1.1 Driver Updates
    Q190306 How to Show and Hide the IntelliPoint Icon on the Taskbar
    Q190660 How to Start or Quit the IntelliPoint Software Point32 Component
    Q75216 How to Uninstall BallPoint Mouse from Windows 3.0
    Q178350 How to Use the MousInfo Tool Included with IntelliPoint Software
    Q70632 HP Vectra 486 PC, Keyboard Lock, Mouse Problem
    Q37780 IBM Token Ring Network and the Serial Mouse
    Q81549 Identifying the Version Number of a Logitech Mouse Driver
    Q70154 Illegal Function in Module Makemv12
    Q75699 Installing a Microsoft Mouse During OS/2 1.3 Setup
    Q75700 Installing a Microsoft Mouse in OS/2 1.2x
    Q75701 Installing a Microsoft Mouse in OS/2 1.3
    Q166033 Installing IntelliPoint May Disable EasyBall Custom Pointers
    Q183799 Installing IntelliType Software Disables IntelliPoint Features
    Q81479 Installing the BallPoint Mouse with Norton Desktop
    Q45198 Instructions for Creating Quick Libraries Incorrect in Manual
    Q169511 IntelliMouse Buttons and Wheel Do Not Function on Packard Bell Computer
    Q184871 IntelliMouse: Cannot Pan Inside Annotation Box in Bookshelf 98
    Q189078 IntelliMouse: Cannot Scroll Full Screen in Internet Explorer
    Q184877 IntelliMouse: Cannot Use Wheel if Middle Button Assigned to F1
    Q169980 IntelliMouse Clicks Not Recognized on Packard Bell Computer
    Q189597 IntelliMouse Not Detected on a Gateway Solo 2100 Laptop
    Q188138 IntelliMouse: Office Binder Hangs When Selecting Font with Wheel
    Q174661 IntelliMouse or Wheel May Not Work Correctly on PS/2 Port
    Q183889 IntelliMouse: Page Fault When Scrolling Through Excel Workbook
    Q181354 IntelliMouse: Programs Designed to Use the IntelliMouse Wheel
    Q192421 IntelliMouse USB Minimum System Requirements
    Q222035 IntelliMouse USB: System Hangs When Closing Dialog Box
    Q191863 IntelliMouse Wheel Button Opens Menu in Altera MaxPlus
    Q169906 IntelliMouse Wheel Does Not Scroll in Windows Explorer
    Q163596 IntelliMouse Wheel Does Not Scroll Through List on HTML Page
    Q162999 IntelliMouse Wheel Does Not Work After Installing F-Prot
    Q170482 IntelliMouse Wheel Does Not Work After Installing ReachOut
    Q172150 IntelliMouse Wheel Does Not Work Properly
    Q183937 IntelliMouse Wheel Doesn't Work When Universal Scrolling Enabled
    Q173871 IntelliMouse Wheel Is Supported by Netscape Communicator 4.02
    Q169511 IntelliMouse Wheel May Not Function on Packard Bell Computer
    Q183856 IntelliMouse Wheel May Not Function Properly in Quake II
    Q191831 IntelliMouse Wheel Opens Shortcut Menu in Lotus Notes
    Q165799 IntelliMouse Wheel Roll Does Not Close Context Menu
    Q183967 IntelliMouse Wheel Scrolls Through Inactive Pane in Excel 97
    Q125914 IntelliPoint 1.0a Home Edition File List
    Q125915 IntelliPoint 1.0a Standard Edition File List
    Q175774 IntelliPoint 1.x Settings Not Saved After Upgrade to Version 2.1
    Q164871 IntelliPoint 2.0 Cursor Schemes Not Available in Windows NT
    Q175053 IntelliPoint 2.0: How to Access Productivity Tips
    Q191617 IntelliPoint 2.0: "Invalid Page Fault" Using QuickVerse 4.0
    Q174440 IntelliPoint 2.0: Where to Find Product Information
    Q186445 IntelliPoint 2.2: Cannot Type in Programmer's File Editor
    Q186290 IntelliPoint 2.2: Expedia Street Map Zooms When You Roll Wheel
    Q186355 IntelliPoint 2.2: Ipsetup.inf File Contains Warning Message
    Q186284 IntelliPoint 2.2: Wheel Does Not Scroll Acrobat 2.1 Help File
    Q233277 IntelliPoint: AutoScroll and Pan Features Are Unavailable in Lotus Word Pro
    Q186451 IntelliPoint: Cannot Access IntelliPoint Features in Mouse Tool
    Q184804 IntelliPoint: Cannot Select Window by Pointing at Title Bar
    Q129950 IntelliPoint Cut, Copy, and Paste Features Not Functioning
    Q177532 IntelliPoint Err Msg: Command or File Name Not Found
    Q120710 IntelliPoint Err Msg: STOP: File Not Found, Support Files...
    Q194778 IntelliPoint Error Message: Boot: Couldn't Find NTLDR...
    Q184857 IntelliPoint Error Message: Cannot Find the File 'A:\ISETUP.WIE'
    Q185899 IntelliPoint: Error When Scrolling in Compton's Encyclopedia
    Q177441 IntelliPoint Features Do Not Work Using Multiple Input Devices
    Q175884 IntelliPoint Features Stop Working After Adding New Mouse
    Q184285 IntelliPoint: Focus and SmartSpeed Features Are Unavailable
    Q168938 IntelliPoint Has Detected That Another Microsoft...
    Q121129 IntelliPoint Home Mouse 1.0 Dir. List (3.5-Inch 1.44-MB Set)
    Q131405 IntelliPoint/IntelliType Features Disabled Exiting Windows
    Q190658 IntelliPoint Is Not Available to All Users on a Compaq Presario
    Q125042 IntelliPoint Mouse Driver Not Recognized at DOS on PS/2 Port
    Q223037 IntelliPoint: Mouse Pointer Freezes Briefly and Leaves Image on Desktop
    Q191760 IntelliPoint: Mouse Pointer Freezes or Behaves Erratically
    Q218919 IntelliPoint: Mouse Trails Do Not Appear on the Screen
    Q148136 IntelliPoint Mouse Trails Feature Does Not Seem to Work
    Q121315 IntelliPoint MS-DOS Mouse Driver Is Incompatible with LVMD.386
    Q222825 IntelliPoint: Number of Lines to Scroll Using Wheel Not Saved in Mouse Tool
    Q137999 IntelliPoint Setup Does Not Modify Autoexec.bat on Floppy Disk
    Q130599 IntelliPoint Setup Does Not Update SYSTEM.INI File
    Q175159 IntelliPoint Setup Error Message When Files are Read-Only
    Q183273 IntelliPoint Setup Message: Insert the Disk Labeled "Disk 1"
    Q120709 IntelliPoint Setup Tries to Read Setup Disk at Reboot
    Q177274 IntelliPoint Software 2.1: Point32 Update Available
    Q189605 IntelliPoint Software Disables DeltaTalker and Liberator Clicks
    Q177584 IntelliPoint Software Displays Incorrect Product ID Number
    Q181044 IntelliPoint Software Unavailable to Some Users
    Q185247 IntelliPoint Software Version 2.2: Contents of Readme.txt File
    Q121009 IntelliPoint Standard Mouse 1.0 Dir List 3.5-Inch 1.44-MB Set
    Q186022 IntelliPoint: Toshiba Satellite Hangs When Installing Software
    Q223345 IntelliPoint: Unable to Pan in Quick View or Quick View Plus
    Q223340 IntelliPoint: Wheel Does Not Function in Multiple Home Base Desktops
    Q186438 IntelliPoint: Wheel Scrolls Multiple Windows in Source Insight
    Q189770 IntelliPoint: Windows NT Hangs Running Multiple 16-Bit Programs
    Q146442 IntelliType 1.1 Uninstall Does Not Remove All Registry Entries
    Q176534 IntelliType Driver Is Not Loaded After You Remove IntelliPoint
    Q61591 Intermittent Installation on the Packard-Bell PS/2 Port
    Q96016 Internal Pointing Device Conflicts with Mouse or IntelliMouse
    Q63226 Internal Processing Error and OS2MOUSE.V12 with Mouse
    Q19869 Interpreted Basic SCREEN 9 May Fail with Mouse Driver Loaded
    Q38754 "Interrupt Jumper Missing" Error Message
    Q28497 Interrupt Setting for the IBM PS/2 Model 30
    Q177552 Invalid Page Fault Using SmartSpeed or Focus Feature
    Q68110 I/O Addresses for the Microsoft Mouse
    Q12230 IRQ Settings and Mouse Installation
    Q100609 Keyboard Beeps When Using Magnify with Mouse Driver 9.0
    Q46918 Keyboard Styles for IBM and IBM Compatibles
    Q72840 Laplink from PC Tools Causes Mouse to Not Work
    Q29466 Leading Edge Model D Error "Unexpected SW Interrupt 33"
    Q10619 Light Pen Won't Work with Mouse Installed
    Q98235 Loading the Microsoft Mouse Driver 9.0 in Upper Memory
    Q98196 Load Sequence for MOUSE.EXE
    Q101060 Machine Hangs During Mouse 9.0 Setup with Low Memory
    Q81158 Machine Search - Microsoft Mouse Driver (MS-DOS and Windows)
    Q81885 Magnavox 80286, Serial Mouse Doesn't Work in Windows or MS-DOS
    Q153366 Magnify Window May Not Follow Text as You Type
    Q103915 MCA and Microsoft Bus Mouse Compatibility
    Q127888 MEM/C Reports Zero Bytes with MOUSE.EXE Loaded High
    Q77787 Menumaker: TEST.MNU Not Created Because of Errors in Menu File
    Q28428 Menu Problems with Leading Edge D2 in 43-Line Mode
    Q81662 Microsoft BallPoint 8.1 Update Kit README.TXT
    Q35755 Microsoft Bus Mouse on a Wang 386 Computer
    Q43720 Microsoft Bus Mouse with NEC PowerMate
    Q124190 Microsoft Home IntelliPoint 1.0a README.TXT
    Q120937 Microsoft Home IntelliPoint Software Ver 1.0 README.TXT
    Q158324 Microsoft IntelliPoint 2.0 Readme.txt File
    Q182988 Microsoft IntelliPoint 2.1 Readme.txt File
    Q186389 Microsoft IntelliPoint Software Available for Download
    Q83179 Microsoft Mouse 8.2a Setup from Windows File Manager
    Q43525 Microsoft Mouse and the Compaq SLT Laptop Computer
    Q81153 Microsoft Mouse Behaves Erratically on the PS/2 Port
    Q98146 Microsoft Mouse Button Does Not Respond
    Q81159 Microsoft Mouse Causes Application Execution Error in Windows
    Q75698 Microsoft Mouse Choices During OS/2 1.2x Installation
    Q81203 Microsoft Mouse Doesn't Work on Commodore Mouse Port
    Q80991 Microsoft Mouse Driver 8.1 Update Kit Contents
    Q81663 Microsoft Mouse Driver 8.1 Update Kit README.TXT File
    Q98237 Microsoft Mouse Driver 9.0 Changes to the SYSTEM.INI File
    Q111409 Microsoft Mouse Driver 9.0: Pointer Options Not Saved
    Q32263 "Microsoft Mouse Driver Not Found" Error Message
    Q81579 Microsoft Mouse Driver Setup On Floppy Disks
    Q83344 Microsoft Mouse Hardware Specifications
    Q89252 Microsoft Mouse May Not Work with Club AT Computer
    Q117220 Microsoft Mouse Not Detected on Elite Laptop or Micro Pentium
    Q81160 Microsoft Mouse Not Working in Quattro Pro
    Q78229 Microsoft Mouse Package May Not Have MenuMaker Document File
    Q23914 Microsoft Mouse Programming Information
    Q79204 Microsoft Mouse Setup and Read-Only AUTOEXEC.BAT File
    Q116052 Microsoft Mouse Supports Left-Handed Users
    Q130724 Microsoft Mouse Version 8.2a Does Not Modify MOUSETYPE=
    Q175769 Microsoft Mouse Works in Windows But Does Not Respond in MS-DOS
    Q49870 Microsoft Paintbrush 4.00 Requires Mouse Driver 7.00
    Q130746 Microsoft PS/2-Style Mouse Connector Missing Pins
    Q121128 Microsoft Standard Mouse IntelliPoint 1.00 README.TXT
    Q104233 Mouse 9.0 Doesn't Function in MS-DOS Apps with PCAnywhere
    Q100480 Mouse 9.0 Err Msg: "Error Reading File" with README.EXE
    Q109498 Mouse 9.0 Locate Feature Disables File Manager File Selection
    Q101195 Mouse 9.0 Reset Does Not Affect Orientation or Sensitivity
    Q100481 Mouse 9.0 Setup Doesn't Update Windows 3.0 Control Panel
    Q33476 Mouse and AutoCAD
    Q33117 Mouse and IBM Page Printer Hang System
    Q83180 MOUSE.COM Earlier than 8.2a Cannot Swap Buttons for Mouse
    Q73429 MOUSE.COM Reference in PC-DOS 5.0 Manual
    Q43781 MOUSE.COM Solves PS/2 Serial Problems with Ventura Publishing
    Q78460 Mouse Cursor Change Does Not Take Effect in Windows 3.0
    Q78717 Mouse Cursor Disappears in Word for Windows 2.0
    Q35231 Mouse Cursor Doesn't Move (Sensitivity Switch)
    Q84801 Mouse Cursor Grow Feature Does Not Work in Microsoft Excel
    Q87105 Mouse Cursor May Freeze with ATI Video Card
    Q97679 Mouse Cursor Moves Slowly in MS-DOS Sessions
    Q175514 Mouse Does Not Respond After Resuming from Suspended Mode
    Q122163 Mouse Does Not Work with Diamond Video Snooper Utility Running
    Q76979 Mouse Driver 7.0 and MS-DOS Applications in Windows 3.0
    Q73756 Mouse Driver 8.0, MouseType=PS2 Reports MSX Driver Installed
    Q83343 Mouse Driver 8.2 /U, /E, /X No Longer Supported
    Q106440 Mouse Driver 9.0 and Patton & Patton Flow Charting 3.0
    Q100479 Mouse Driver 9.0 Does Not Work in Windows 3.0 Real Mode
    Q100952 Mouse Driver 9.0 for MS-DOS Updates Different MOUSE.INI File
    Q100482 Mouse Driver 9.0 Group Is Not Created During Setup
    Q101158 Mouse Driver 9.0 & Toolworks Animals for MS-DOS Hangs Machine
    Q59314 Mouse Driver Conflicts with Novell NetWare Network Software
    Q29202 Mouse Driver Installs but Mouse Does Not Work
    Q101346 Mouse Driver May Cause Flickering Dots on Display
    Q46466 Mouse Driver Menu Error Messages in Appendix C, Not B
    Q71290 Mouse Driver Messages
    Q31171 "Mouse Driver Not Installed" Incorrectly Displayed
    Q98240 Mouse Driver Version 9.0 Command-Line Switches
    Q83199 Mouse Err Msg: Setup Has Trouble Writing File: Cpanel.exe
    Q60115 Mouse Function 9 Documentation Error
    Q72166 Mouse Inactive in MS-DOS Apps After Exiting Windows 3.0
    Q86239 Mouse Installation for AST Premium Exec 386/25 Color Notebook
    Q114098 Mouse Locate Causes Control Key Problem in File Manager
    Q100311 Mouse Manager Functions Not Available With HP NewWave 4.1
    Q34086 Mouse Menu for Quattro
    Q67854 Mouse Menu Key Sequences: Corrections and Additions
    Q29882 Mouse Menu May Have Up to 32 Menu Statements
    Q71046 Mouse Menu Messages
    Q61105 Mouse Menus Need /K on ANSI.SYS Under MS-DOS
    Q33570 Mouse Must be Removed to Run PS/2 Diagnostics
    Q37252 "Mouse Off" Hangs System: Samsung AT Compatible with J4 on 2
    Q165878 Mouse Pointer Appears Transparent with Mouse Trails Enabled
    Q145624 Mouse Pointer Disappears Performing Search in File Manager
    Q132985 Mouse Pointer for C3KMMP3 Mouse Moves to Left Side of Screen
    Q103916 Mouse Pointer Freezes After Suspend Mode on IBM Thinkpad
    Q109517 Mouse Pointer Jumps When Trying to "Grab" Border
    Q99078 Mouse Setup Adds to a Full PATH Statement
    Q99076 Mouse Snap-To Feature Snaps to Wrong Location
    Q106441 Mouse Stops Responding with PC Tools Screen Saver
    Q97847 Mouse Support for Nonstandard IRQs and IO Addresses
    Q85132 MOUSE.SYS Needs MOUSE.INI to Be Located in Same Directory
    Q105667 Mouse Version 9.0 and Seiko Smart Label Printer Driver
    Q35082 Mouse Versions Prior to New Mouse 1.00 Used MOUSE.SYS
    Q99077 Moving Cursor with the Mouse Leaves Lines on the Screen
    Q29705 MREADME.DOC: Using the Default Expert Mouse Menu
    Q44057 MS123 Mouse Menu Not Correctly Positioning Cursor
    Q28499 MS-DOS 2.x Does Not Recognize \Mouse1\Mouse
    Q192947 MS-DOS Driver Available for the Microsoft Basic Mouse
    Q165751 MS-DOS Mouse Driver Does Not Use Primary Mouse Button Setting
    Q59929 Msetup and Setup Delete References to MOUSE.SYS in CONFIG.SYS
    Q35250 Msetup Installs on Drive Specified
    Q153475 Msinput Folder Remains After Uninstall
    Q177487 Mswheel.exe Is Not Run When You Roll the IntelliMouse Wheel
    Q177562 Multiple IntelliPoint Program Groups Appear on Start Menu
    Q68959 NEC Mouse Port, Lotus 3.1, and Microsoft Serial Mouse
    Q28494 NEC Multispeed Laptop Continues to Access Drive
    Q81008 NEC PowerMate PS/2 Port and the Microsoft Mouse
    Q28421 Network and Mouse Conflicts
    Q98236 New MOUSE.INI Entries for Mouse Driver Version 9.0
    Q98238 No MOUSE.SYS File in Microsoft Mouse Driver 9.0
    Q81156 Norton Desktop for Windows and Microsoft Mouse Control Panel
    Q100477 No Screen Wrap over a Minimized Icon at the Screen's Edge
    Q165750 No Scrolling and Panning Ability After Installing IntelliType
    Q166004 No Uninstall Option in IntelliPoint Setup Program
    Q28740 Obtaining Hosiden Connectors Used with the Bus Mouse
    Q184258 Office Visual Basic Editor Window Closes When You Roll Wheel
    Q49003 Operation of InPort Chip Versions 1.00 and 1.10 Versus 1.20
    Q70421 Optimum Microsoft Mouse and DOS 4.x Installation
    Q157459 Options Unavailable in Mouse Properties
    Q80993 Packing List for Microsoft BallPoint 8.1 Update Kit
    Q49340 Paintbrush Requires OS2MOUSE.SYS
    Q68881 Pascal Example in Programmer's Guide Won't Compile
    Q129818 PCMCIA Modem Causes IRQ Conflict with Mouse on NEC 3150 LT
    Q189684 Photo Deluxe Window Is Not Refreshed When Scrolling with Wheel
    Q61593 Pinouts of the 9-Pin Inport and Bus Mouse Hosiden Socket
    Q84809 Plus Hard Card Conflicts with Mouse Port if Set to IRQ 12
    Q165752 Point32 and Mouse Icon Stay Loaded with All Features Disabled
    Q148137 Point32 Causes GP Fault in Visual Basic 4.0 16-Bit Menu Editor
    Q177274 Point32 Update Available
    Q180682 Pointer Movement Is Slow or Jerky
    Q185663 Pointer Moves Erratically or Does Not Respond
    Q176099 Pointer Remains in Microsoft Excel with Vanish Feature Enabled
    Q166007 Pointer Speed Decreases with IntelliPoint and Slow Mouse
    Q191292 Pointer Trails Appear Shorter When Using IntelliMouse USB
    Q165753 PointerWrap Does Not Work with File Open Dialog Box Opened
    Q180666 Pointing Device Not Detected When Connected to Sharp Laptop
    Q196012 Pointing Devices Troubleshooter Available
    Q66536 Practical Peripherals and Serial Mouse Configuration
    Q155935 Problems Changing Mouse in Windows NT with IntelliPoint 2.0
    Q77352 Problems with Microsoft Mouse, Windows, and PC Tools
    Q121548 Problems with Snap To and Focus Enabled with IntelliPoint 1.0
    Q78292 Problems with the Microsoft Mouse Driver 8.1 Setup
    Q165767 Productivity Tips Window Always on Top
    Q166271 Productivity Tips Window Is Resized When ENTER Is Pressed
    Q176273 Programs That Support Horizontal Scrolling w/ IntelliMouse Wheel
    Q80648 PS/2 30 with MCGA Hangs at Bootup with Microsoft Serial Mouse
    Q98072 PS/2 BallPoint Mouse Doesn't Work on Grid 1660 Notebook
    Q33106 PS/2 Mouse on Mouse Port Initializes Slowly
    Q70175 PS/2 Mouse Port Does Not Function on Austin Computer
    Q43735 QuickBASIC Call to MOUSE Changed to MOUSES
    Q98195 README.TXT for MS Mouse Driver Version 9.0
    Q120414 Removing IntelliPoint 1.0 from Windows
    Q35756 Reversing the Functions of a Mouse
    Q115137 Right Mouse Button Doesn't Work in Links Golf
    Q166232 Rings Surround Mouse Pointer After Releasing CTRL Key
    Q179724 Rolling the IntelliMouse Wheel Scrolls the Entire Web Page
    Q177531 Rolling Wheel in Help Window Scrolls Text in Both Directions
    Q184939 Rolling Wheel with SHIFT Pressed Doesn't Expand or Contract Help
    Q69957 Running IBM DOSSHELL on PS/2 55sx Disables Mouse: Norton Util.
    Q175434 Screen Flashes in Works TaskWizard When Mouse Pointer Moves
    Q176063 Screen Saver Not Interrupted By Rolling IntelliMouse Wheel
    Q100475 Screen Wrap Does Not Work When the Hourglass Is Displayed
    Q100476 Screen Wrap Does Not Wrap to the Right with Control Menu Open
    Q165766 Scrolling Setting Does Not Affect Internet Explorer 3.01
    Q68877 Selecting an ASCII Character for Software Text Cursor
    Q48414 Selecting Communications Ports, Interrupts in COMPAQ SLT/286
    Q98194 Sequence of Steps Mouse Setup 9.0 Performs
    Q29201 Serial Mouse: "Driver Not Installed--Mouse Not Found" Message
    Q28681 Serial Mouse May Fail with an Older AT&T 6300
    Q182772 Serial Mouse Stops Responding When You Add a New Printer
    Q67339 Serial Mouse with Timeline
    Q146868 Serial Plug and Play Devices Using Adapter Are Not Recognized
    Q185935 Serial Pointing Device Disabled After Uninstalling IntelliPoint
    Q175489 Serial Pointing Device Not Detected by Windows NT
    Q71665 Serial Ports Can Be Disabled on Zenith Laptops
    Q100478 Setup Bitmaps Do Not Display on Hercules Monochrome Monitor
    Q165917 SHIFT+Wheel Roll Closes Online User's Guide Topics
    Q23823 Size Limit of a Standard Mouse Menu
    Q35975 Sluggish or Jerky Mouse Motion in PC DOS Version 4.00 Shell
    Q166301 SmartSpeed Feature Does Not Slow Mouse Pointer Over Some Objects
    Q166199 SnapTo Feature May Not Work in Mouse Orientation Tool
    Q46923 Some ASCII Control Characters Incorrect in Programmer's Manual
    Q190664 Some Sections in MSInfo Appear Empty When Point32 Is Running
    Q120708 Special Effects Sounds Don't Play with PC Speaker Driver
    Q23827 Standard Mouse Menus Do Not Deallocate
    Q77392 Startup Problems After Microsoft Mouse Driver 8.0 Is Installed
    Q28504 STB VGA Extra Using Microsoft Mouse
    Q108162 Support for the BallPoint Mouse with QuickPort Connection
    Q165523 Switch To Shell Starts Multiple Instances of Windows Explorer
    Q28425 Symphony Mouse Menu Works in Text Mode Only
    Q28495 Tests with the Compaq 386/20
    Q176431 Text Selected or Window Scrolls When You Press the Wheel Button
    Q175883 The EasyBall Flip Cursor Feature Does Not Work
    Q177380 The IntelliMouse Wheel Does Not Respond with Pointix Engine
    Q160959 The Mousex32.exe File Is Linked to Missing Export...
    Q175492 The Pointing Device Stops Responding When You Click SmartSpeed
    Q81154 The Puzzle Pad and the Microsoft Mouse
    Q67341 Trail of Multiple Cursors in DESQview 386
    Q177788 Trails Remain on the Screen when You Move the Pointing Device
    Q96008 TUTORIAL.EXE Error Message: "Undefined Variable at Line 21"
    Q184792 Two Instances of Program Start When ClickSaver Is Enabled
    Q166005 Two Mouse Icons in Windows NT 3.51 Control Panel
    Q111049 Types of Microsoft Mice Available
    Q121124 Uninstalling IntelliType 1.0 from Windows 3.x or WFWG 3.x
    Q86253 Uninstalling the Mouse 8.2a Option in Windows Control Panel
    Q97883 Updated MOUSEVKD.386 and Resynchronizing the Mouse
    Q146216 Updated Pointer Files Available for Download
    Q223256 USB IntelliMouse Not Detected or Does Not Function Properly
    Q28500 Use MOUSE.SYS with Flight Simulator
    Q68955 Using a Bus Mouse on a Tandy 1000
    Q86298 Using a Microsoft Mouse on an IBM CL 57
    Q76702 Using a Microsoft Mouse with Instant Recall Version 1.1
    Q124249 Using IntelliPoint ClickLock Feature with BallPoint 1.0
    Q111738 Using Microsoft Mouse on Compaq Laptops/Docking Stations
    Q31293 Using Mouse Menus with WordPerfect Version 5.00
    Q28492 Using PS/2 Serial Mice with Laptop Computers
    Q111741 Using the Microsoft Mouse on Toshiba Laptops
    Q68931 Using the Microsoft Mouse with Open Access III
    Q81163 Using the Other Option for Microsoft Mouse in Windows Setup
    Q63224 Ventura Publisher 2.0 and Mouse Driver 6.24b
    Q71051 Ventura Publisher on a Full-Page Genius Display
    Q120806 Vertical & Horizontal Tile Don't Move Arrangement as Expected
    Q38715 VGA Register Programming
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    Q183272 Wheel Scrolling Direction May Be Reversed in FrontPage 98
    Q165765 Wheel Tab Is Unavailable When You Use an IBM Thinkpad
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    Q68956 WordPerfect 5.1 and WordStar 6.0 Mouse Support
    Q46462 Writing Interrupts (ISRs) That Call Mouse Functions

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