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    Q226637 CG5: Cannot Copy and Paste from Clip Gallery
    Q226640 CG5: Cannot Drag Clip Onto PowerPoint Slide When Using ClipArt Placeholder
    Q218530 CG5: Cannot View All Categories in Clip Gallery 5.0
    Q212317 PPT2000: Action Item Slides Not Written From Embedded Presentation
    Q226742 PPT2000: ActiveX Controls on Web Pages Aren't Retained by PowerPoint
    Q237005 PPT2000: Advanced Option Settings Are Not Included in PowerPoint 2000
    Q237001 PPT2000: Aligning Bullets with Higher Level Text Margin
    Q226747 PPT2000: All HTML Slides Numbered "1"
    Q197939 PPT2000: All OLE Objects Activate in PowerPoint 4.0 Slide Show
    Q226633 PPT2000: Alternative Text Doesn't Display For Missing Image Files in Internet Explorer 4.0
    Q236516 PPT2000: Always Asked to Setup External Monitor on Laptop
    Q226778 PPT2000: Animated GIFs Lose Animation When Dragged from Word 2000
    Q197701 PPT2000: Animation Doesn't Play when Viewing Previous Slide
    Q195103 PPT2000: Animations Don't Dim With Automatic Timings
    Q218570 PPT2000: Animation Timings Appear To Be Shorter than in Previous Versions of PowerPoint
    Q226595 PPT2000: Asked to Save Presentation After Playing Media Clip Object
    Q226793 PPT2000: Audience Member Cannot Participate in Online Broadcast
    Q212497 PPT2000: AutoRecovered Presentation Always in Normal View
    Q218554 PPT2000: Background Fill in Objects Doesn't Align Correctly with the Background of the Slide
    Q226774 PPT2000: Bitmaps Display Upside Down or Mirrored in Web Browser
    Q197928 PPT2000: Branching Requires PowerPoint or the 32-Bit Viewer
    Q198329 PPT2000: Breaking Link to Embedded Object Converts Object to Picture
    Q236018 PPT2000: Broadcast: How to Increase the Size of a Video Image
    Q226770 PPT2000: Broadcast: Only 10 Connections Allowed Under Windows NT Workstation
    Q212308 PPT2000: Bullets Change with PowerPoint Viewer
    Q226583 PPT2000: Bullets Overlap Text Above and Below
    Q226719 PPT2000: Cannot Access the Outlook Calendar when Scheduling a Broadcast
    Q226597 PPT2000: Cannot Activate Embedded Web Presentation From Inside a Presentation
    Q197705 PPT2000: Cannot Apply Headers and Footers if Placeholders are Missing
    Q236921 PPT2000: Cannot Change Default My Pictures Directory
    Q237864 PPT2000: Cannot Connect to Third-Party NetShow Provider when Scheduling Broadcast
    Q226602 PPT2000: Cannot Create Link to HTML Document
    Q226676 PPT2000: Cannot Drag Clip Into Outline Window
    Q198345 PPT2000: Cannot Embed Fonts In All Supported File Formats
    Q237976 PPT2000: Cannot Embed MIDI Files Into a Presentation
    Q226607 PPT2000: Cannot Export in all Graphic Formats
    Q226655 PPT2000: Cannot Find Blank Presentation.POT
    Q226615 PPT2000: Cannot Insert Clip Into a PowerPoint Table Cell
    Q226660 PPT2000: Cannot Install the Publish to ASF Add-in From Office 97
    Q226661 PPT2000: Cannot Password Protect PowerPoint 2000 Presentations
    Q201308 PPT2000: Cannot Play Movies from PowerPoint 98 Files
    Q212448 PPT2000: Cannot Rotate Master Slide Title or Text Placeholders
    Q226620 PPT2000: Cannot Save Presentation Broadcast Files to URL Address
    Q198332 PPT2000: Cannot Unpack Presentation on a Macintosh Computer
    Q226721 PPT2000: Cannot Use 8.3 Filenames With Presentation Broadcasting
    Q197924 PPT2000: Cannot Use Playlist File in PowerPoint
    Q212315 PPT2000: Cannot Use Slide Master to Change Case of Slide Text
    Q218521 PPT2000: Cannot View PowerPoint 2000 Web Pages on Macintosh Web Browser
    Q236065 PPT2000: Cannot View Web Page Using Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer 3.x
    Q212511 PPT2000: Can't Cancel Changes to Speaker's Notes From Slide Show
    Q198340 PPT2000: Can't Drag and Drop Movies/Sounds to Excel or Word
    Q226629 PPT2000: Changes to Presentation are not Tracked When Collaborating in HTML Format
    Q198330 PPT2000: Colors Appear Wrong On Low Color Displays
    Q198213 PPT2000: Colors on Screen and Color Printout May Not Match
    Q218511 PPT2000: Crawl Animation Effect moves quickly
    Q212397 PPT2000: Creating 35 mm Slides for Slide Imaging
    Q197702 PPT2000: Custom Schemes Not Retained After Template Applied
    Q198201 PPT2000: Default Formatting Not Applied to Every New Presentation
    Q226657 PPT2000: Demoting Slide Moves Text to Prior Slide
    Q197930 PPT2000: Double-Clicking File Opens Wrong Version of PowerPoint
    Q226632 PPT2000: Double-Clicking on Clip Image in Clip Art Placeholder Does not Ungroup image
    Q197700 PPT2000: Dragging Sizing Handle Doesn't Increase Height of Callout
    Q238068 PPT2000: Drawing Objects in Earlier Version Files Change Size
    Q197925 PPT2000: Embedded AVI File Plays in Window Rather than Full Screen
    Q198346 PPT2000: Embedded Fonts Lost When Upgrading 4.0 and 7.0 Presentations
    Q197931 PPT2000: Embedded OLE Object Won't Update in Branched Presentation
    Q226570 PPT2000: Embossed Text Disappears When Saving as HTML
    Q218501 PPT2000: Ending Linked or Embedded Slide Show Closes all Shows
    Q212395 PPT2000: EPS Graphic with Clipping Path Not Supported
    Q222021 PPT2000: Equation Editor Objects Printed Incorrectly on Handouts
    Q226767 PPT2000: Error Message: "An attempt to acquire a network resource failed"
    Q224470 PPT2000: Error Message: "A NetShow communication error occurred"
    Q223017 PPT2000: Error Message:"An unknown error occurred while printing"
    Q224484 PPT2000: Error Message: "Audio capture source requested was not installed"
    Q226722 PPT2000: Error Message: "Cannot create slides directory"
    Q224477 PPT2000: Error Message: "Can't start NetShow ASF session due to missing server options"
    Q224478 PPT2000: Error Message: "Can't start NetShow FTS stream due to missing server options"
    Q224487 PPT2000: Error Message:"Can't start NetShow programs."
    Q224476 PPT2000: Error Message: "Can't start NetShow Server due to missing server options"
    Q224482 PPT2000: Error Message: "Can't talk to Rex. It may already be actively serving another client."
    Q224469 PPT2000: Error Message: "Failed to connect to NetShow Encoder" Starting Online Broadcast
    Q224471 PPT2000: Error Message: "Failed to connect to the NetShow client DLL" Starting Online Broadcast
    Q224472 PPT2000: Error Message: "Failed to Start NetShow ASF Session"
    Q224473 PPT2000: Error Message: "Failed to start NetShow FTS session"
    Q224479 PPT2000: Error Message: "Failed to stop NetShow ASF Session"
    Q224480 PPT2000: Error Message:"Failed to Stop NetShow FTS Session"
    Q224102 PPT2000: Error Message: "Microsoft PowerPoint could not open this file or could not parse a file of this type."
    Q229671 PPT2000: Error Message: "Netshow encoder has stopped"
    Q223018 PPT2000: Error Message:"PowerPoint cannot print to [Printer Name]"
    Q226735 PPT2000: Error Message: "PowerPoint Couldn't Find Pngsetup.ex_"
    Q226769 PPT2000: Error Message: "PowerPoint Viewer Cannot Read <presentation>"
    Q224486 PPT2000: Error Message: "Problem starting NetShow programs"
    Q226751 PPT2000: Error Message: "Sorry the Slide has too many objects to perform the operation"
    Q224488 PPT2000: Error Message: "The audio compression codec requested was not installed"
    Q223015 PPT2000: Error Message:"The printer does not exist or is unavailable"
    Q223020 PPT2000: Error Message:"The printer is currently busy or the printer queue is full"
    Q223014 PPT2000: Error Message:"The printer isn't responding"
    Q223019 PPT2000: Error Message:"The printer name, device driver, or port for this print job were not specified or are invalid"
    Q223016 PPT2000: Error Message:"There is a problem with this printer's setup"
    Q223021 PPT2000: Error Message:"There is no printer installed"
    Q224481 PPT2000: Error Message:"There's an error in .asd file used by Rex"
    Q224490 PPT2000: Error Message: "There's a problem starting the NetShow Encoder"
    Q224483 PPT2000: Error Message: "The specified Rex ASD file 'filename.asd' can't be found"
    Q226773 PPT2000: Error Message: "...waiting for another application to complete an OLE action"
    Q224467 PPT2000: Error Message: "You don't have ASDFileName registered on your computer"
    Q224466 PPT2000: Error Message: "You don't have BaseURL registered on your computer"
    Q224464 PPT2000: Error Message:"You don't have RexServerName registered on your computer"
    Q224491 PPT2000: Error Message: "You must enter the name of a computer on which NetShow has been installed"
    Q234944 PPT2000: Error Message: You Receive an Error Message That Only Contains a URL
    Q234945 PPT2000: Error Message: You Receive an Error That Only Contains a URL
    Q235580 PPT2000: Error Opening Web Page: Pres.XML is Corrupt
    Q212499 PPT2000: Error Opening Word Outline
    Q226781 PPT2000: Error: "PowerPoint can't save files of this type to the specified location" When Exporting Slides
    Q234166 PPT2000: Error: "...slides no longer exist" Printing Current Slide
    Q197933 PPT2000: Export to CD-ROM Wizard no Longer Available
    Q197693 PPT2000: File Being Modified Message Attempting to Open File
    Q197711 PPT2000: File Formats for Graph's Import Data Command
    Q226761 PPT2000: File Size Increases When File is Opened and Saved Even if no Changes are Made
    Q226599 PPT2000: Formatting Changes When Opening HTML Generated Outside of PowerPoint
    Q226645 PPT2000: FrontPage 2000 Form Controls and Tags are Removed When You Edit HTML File
    Q212508 PPT2000: Full Screen Show Doesn't Return to Browsed Show Correctly
    Q237384 PPT2000: GIF Animations Stop During Custom Animation
    Q196815 PPT2000: Graph Format Changes if Slide Copied into Presentation
    Q212281 PPT2000: Graphic Formats Supported by PowerPoint
    Q212521 PPT2000: Graph Settings Tab Disabled When Multiple Graphs Selected
    Q197695 PPT2000: Handout Page Numbers Always Start at One
    Q226601 PPT2000: Help Example for Replace Method, is Incorrect
    Q235622 PPT2000: Hide on Next Mouse Click Happens on Next Animation Not on Next Mouse Click
    Q237470 PPT2000: Hlink.dll Can't Be Loaded
    Q198336 PPT2000: How To Add Your Own Menu to PowerPoint
    Q197694 PPT2000: How to Bring Harvard Graphics Slides into PowerPoint
    Q212401 PPT2000: How to Change the Default Font in Microsoft PowerPoint
    Q232981 PPT2000: How to Change Units of Measurement in Microsoft PowerPoint
    Q212450 PPT2000: How to Convert a Graphic to a Watermark
    Q198200 PPT2000: How to Copy Multiple Slides into a Word Document
    Q212417 PPT2000: How to Create a Mailto Hyperlink in a Presentation
    Q198158 PPT2000: How to Create (Format) a Default Presentation
    Q197704 PPT2000: How to Decrease File Size of Sound Files
    Q198337 PPT2000: How to Embed Fonts For a Consistent Text Appearance Across Systems
    Q212385 PPT2000: How to Find Credits Screen in PowerPoint
    Q197708 PPT2000: How To Insert Slides from Existing Presentations
    Q198338 PPT2000: How to Open PowerPoint Files in Earlier Versions
    Q236463 PPT2000: How to Print Three Slides Per Page Handouts Without Lines
    Q237766 PPT2000: How to Record a Presentation Broadcast
    Q237700 PPT2000: How To Re-register PowerPoint 2000
    Q198335 PPT2000: How to Reset the Default Toolbars and Menu Commands
    Q212284 PPT2000: How to Rotate Clip Images in PowerPoint
    Q212504 PPT2000: How to Set Object Defaults in PowerPoint
    Q197699 PPT2000: How to Videotape a PowerPoint Presentation
    Q226560 PPT2000: HTML: Hyperlinks to VBA Macros Don't Function
    Q226775 PPT2000: HTML Import Errors When Inserting Slide From File
    Q226627 PPT2000: HTML: Sounds Do Not Loop Continuously
    Q220719 PPT2000: Hyperlink Includes Text after Punctuation
    Q230649 PPT2000: Hyperlinks and Action Settings Lost in Recovered File
    Q226564 PPT2000: Hyperlinks That Run Programs Don't Function in HTML Presentation
    Q198212 PPT2000: Importing Word for Windows Document into PowerPoint
    Q212469 PPT2000: Inserted Movies Always Rewind in Slide View
    Q198333 PPT2000: Inserted Movies Appear Grainy When Played
    Q235643 PPT2000: Inserted Movies Or Sounds Do Not Play During Online Broadcast
    Q226699 PPT2000: Inserted Script Runs Twice When Previewed
    Q226581 PPT2000: International Date Formatting Lost When Saving As PowerPoint 4.0
    Q226709 PPT2000: "Invalid syntax error" Trying to Connect to Chat Server
    Q197927 PPT2000: Invisible Shapes Print With Borders in Black and White
    Q236872 PPT2000: I/O Error 6 Opening PowerPoint Files
    Q226671 PPT2000: Join NetMeeting Button Doesn't Join Online Broadcast
    Q212506 PPT2000: Keyboard Shortcuts in PowerPoint
    Q198342 PPT2000: Larger File Size When Saved in Previous Format
    Q212290 PPT2000: Macro Virus Warning Appears When Hyperlinking to Programs
    Q225347 PPT2000: "Microsoft Visual Basic File Not Found" Error Copying a Slide
    Q212406 PPT2000: "Mmsystem 296" Error When Inserting AVI or MPEG Files
    Q216312 PPT2000: Must Use Action Settings When Slide Navigation Controls Are Off
    Q226574 PPT2000: Narrations Don't Record Branching to Another Presentation
    Q226579 PPT2000: Navigation to Multiple Copies of the Same Slide in a Custom Show Doesn't Work Correctly
    Q212393 PPT2000: "Not Enough Printer Memory..." Error Trying to Print File
    Q226666 PPT2000: Notes Pages Slide Image Frame Incorrect When Background Printing
    Q198341 PPT2000: Object Does Not Act as Hyperlink in Slide View
    Q226782 PPT2000: Object Hyperlinks Are Lost When Saving To An HTTP Or FTP Server
    Q236292 PPT2000: Online Broadcast Over Internet Requires Third-Party Provider
    Q226703 PPT2000: Only the First Sound Plays on Slide With Multiple Sound Objects
    Q236297 PPT2000: Opening Presentation HTML File With Other Applications Does Not Open Entire Presentation
    Q226741 PPT2000: ORK2000: Alternate Browser Alert Does Not Display
    Q226558 PPT2000: Outline View Preset Animations Only Apply to Body Text
    Q229826 PPT2000: Overview of Online Broadcasting with NetShow
    Q226788 PPT2000: Pack and Go Fails Without Errors When Packing From FTP or HTTP Server
    Q226679 PPT2000: Page Up and Page Down Keys Seem to Behave Inconsistently
    Q212292 PPT2000: Pantone(R) Color Conversion
    Q197932 PPT2000: "Part of File is Missing" Error Attempting to Open File
    Q220648 PPT2000: "Paste All" From Office Clipboard Pastes Incorrectly
    Q212436 PPT2000: Pattern Filled Lines or Objects Are Printed Incorrectly
    Q212297 PPT2000: Pattern Shows Through Double Line Style Border
    Q236064 PPT2000: Periods Command no Longer Available
    Q235327 PPT2000: PhotoAlbum: Cannot Change the Layout of Existing PhotoAlbum
    Q235358 PPT2000: PhotoAlbum: Captions Do Not Include File Name Extensions
    Q235365 PPT2000: PhotoAlbum: How to Edit the Borders Around Photos
    Q235360 PPT2000: PhotoAlbum: Unable to Create Custom Layouts
    Q235314 PPT2000: PhotoAlbum: Unable to Preview Photos in the PhotoAlbum Dialog
    Q235315 PPT2000: PhotoAlbum: Unable to Rotate Photos in the PhotoAlbum Dialog
    Q226614 PPT2000: Pictures Displayed as Black Boxes
    Q197936 PPT2000: Play Settings Disabled When Multiple OLE Objects Selected
    Q226750 PPT2000: PowerPoint 2000 Add-In with Interactive Modal Dialogs Cause Word and Excel 2000 to Stop Responding
    Q226717 PPT2000: PowerPoint 2000 Doesn't Support Presentation Conferencing
    Q212415 PPT2000: PowerPoint Appears to Hang Resizing Image, Changing Zoom
    Q226705 PPT2000: "PowerPoint can't save this file as an add-in..."
    Q226652 PPT2000: PowerPoint Does Not Appear on Participant Computer During Online Collaboration
    Q226777 PPT2000: PowerPoint Doesn't Open Web Presentation From Shortcut
    Q226779 PPT2000: PowerPoint Hyperlinks Cannot Contain a Pound Sign (#)
    Q212303 PPT2000: PowerPoint OLE Objects Ignore Default Template
    Q198209 PPT2000: PowerPoint Overrides Default Graph Color Scheme
    Q226694 PPT2000: PowerPoint Remains in Background When PowerPoint File is Opened
    Q236589 PPT2000: PowerPoint Stops Responding When It Is Started
    Q226716 PPT2000: Presentation Broadcast: Fonts Are Replaced on Audience Machines
    Q212305 PPT2000: Presentation Using Template Ignores Default Setting
    Q235122 PPT2000: Pressing ESC Halts Slide Narration Recording
    Q226789 PPT2000: Pressing F4 (Repeat) Applies Incorrect Black and White Formatting
    Q198334 PPT2000: Previews Count as Changes When Undoing/Redoing
    Q197929 PPT2000: Printing Slides, Handouts or Notes in Reverse Order
    Q218514 PPT2000: Publish to Real Audio is Not Supported by PowerPoint 2000
    Q226586 PPT2000: Quitting PowerPoint Invalidates References from Client Applications
    Q197710 PPT2000: Recolor Information Lost After Ungrouping Clip Art
    Q197706 PPT2000: Recorded Narration Overrides Embedded Sounds
    Q198327 PPT2000: Resetting Customized Toolbars in PowerPoint
    Q212519 PPT2000: Resizing Object Can Turn Text Upside-Down
    Q236112 PPT2000: Restoring Normal View to it's Defaults
    Q222729 PPT2000: Sample Code to Apply Small Caps Formatting to Selection
    Q234206 PPT2000: Sample Code to Delete Speakers Notes From Presentation
    Q197937 PPT2000: Sample Color Wheel Available For PowerPoint
    Q222709 PPT2000: Sample Visual Basic Code to Control Window Redraw
    Q226603 PPT2000: Saving as HTML Generates File and Folder
    Q212487 PPT2000: Semi-Transparent Objects Look Grainy While Animating
    Q212420 PPT2000: Semi-Transparent PNG Images Appear Dithered in PowerPoint
    Q218586 PPT2000: Server Busy Error when Importing Clips into Clip Gallery 5.0
    Q212510 PPT2000: Set Up Show Command Unavailable
    Q226715 PPT2000: Shapes and Pictures Do Not Appear on Slide Web Page When Viewed With IE4
    Q226571 PPT2000: Shapes with Background Fill Print Black When Slide Background is a Gradient Fill
    Q197698 PPT2000: Simulating Use of More Than One Template in PowerPoint
    Q212476 PPT2000: Slide Branching Lost When Saving as Previous Version
    Q212466 PPT2000: Slide Numbers Don't Change for Custom Shows
    Q237907 PPT2000: Slides in Web Presentation Look Small
    Q197697 PPT2000: Slides Look Bad When Pasted into Other Programs
    Q226656 PPT2000: Slides View in Wrong Order when Viewing Custom Show as HTML
    Q212404 PPT2000: Slow or Medium Flash Animations Only Appear to Flash Fast
    Q198328 PPT2000: Slow Performance or Memory Errors Running PowerPoint
    Q218513 PPT2000: SNDTRK: Cannot install Custom Soundtrack add-in
    Q218525 PPT2000: SNDTRK: PowerPoint Couldn't Open VBA Project
    Q212479 PPT2000: Some Fills Lost When Saving to PowerPoint 4.0
    Q226658 PPT2000: Some Online Broadcasting Features only Supported When Using Microsoft Outlook
    Q226689 PPT2000: Sound Card Required to View a Live PowerPoint Broadcast
    Q226743 PPT2000: Sound Files Don't Play When Clicked in Web Page
    Q212286 PPT2000: Sound or Movie Objects Play Incorrectly or Not at All
    Q212523 PPT2000: Sounds Clipped in Animation Preview
    Q198198 PPT2000: Spelling Check Fails in Text Box
    Q212413 PPT2000: Symbols Appear as Squares After Opening Presentation
    Q197696 PPT2000: Tab Limitation in Each Text Block
    Q218576 PPT2000: Text Already Animated When Returning from Link to Custom Show
    Q198331 PPT2000: Text Behind Object Prints with Some HP Printer Drivers
    Q226762 PPT2000: Text Cut Off and Converted to Picture When Saved in HTML v3.0
    Q197709 PPT2000: Text Doesn't Automatically Wrap in AutoShape Objects
    Q226659 PPT2000: Text on ActiveX Controls May be Cropped in Web Page
    Q237903 PPT2000: Text Shadow Color Not Affected by Color Scheme
    Q226682 PPT2000: "This page uses frames," When Opening an HTML Presentation in PowerPoint
    Q197935 PPT2000: Title Text Doesn't Stand Out w/ Some Preset Backgrounds
    Q207377 PPT2000: Troubleshooting Damaged Presentations on Windows
    Q229951 PPT2000: Troubleshooting Online Broadcasting
    Q198339 PPT2000: Types of Presentations PowerPoint Can Open and Save
    Q212409 PPT2000: Unable to Insert a Movie from the Selected File
    Q235950 PPT2000: Unable to Insert QuickTime Movies
    Q198199 PPT2000: Unable to Link Only a Portion of a Presentation
    Q212515 PPT2000: Undo Command Deletes Drag And Drop Object
    Q226584 PPT2000: View on Two Screens Replaced by Multiple Display Support
    Q218580 PPT2000: WEB: Bullets Do Not Align Correctly With Text in Title Frame
    Q237402 PPT2000: Web Pages Always Have Frames
    Q226562 PPT2000: Web Presentation Animations Don't Undo With Previous Command
    Q198215 PPT2000: What Happens When You Disable Macros
    Q197707 PPT2000: Windows Metafiles Used as Textures Appear Large On Screen
    Q226686 PPT2000: Wrong slide pastes onto Notes Page
    Q235229 PPT97: International Date Formatting Lost When Saving as PPT 4.0
    Q237808 PPT97: "Microsoft Visual Basic File Not Found" Error Copying a Slide

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