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    Q212728 DMM: "Mailpiece Design Options" Shortcut Keys Don't Function Correctly
    Q204513 Error Msg: "Address Not Found" or "No matches found for <Fax Number>."
    Q198290 How to Format Hyperlinked Object in HTML Doc
    Q221852 WD2000: "Accept or Reject Changes" Skips Table Cells
    Q209584 WD2000: Accept or Reject Changes Skips Table Cells
    Q233555 WD2000: Activating Word from Within ACT! May Cause Error
    Q220355 WD2000: ActiveMovie Control Fails to Prompt Macro Security
    Q209826 WD2000: ActiveWindow.DisplayVerticalRuler Returns False When True Is Expected
    Q189892 WD2000: ActiveWindow.Panes.Count Returns 1 Instead of 2
    Q220419 WD2000: ActiveWindow.Visible Property Causes Word to Appear to Stop Responding
    Q201945 WD2000: Add Button Unavailable for Insert/Bookmark
    Q207925 WD2000: Adding AutoText to the AutoText Menu
    Q220181 WD2000: Adding Built-in List Box to Toolbar Displays Empty List
    Q220312 WD2000: Adding Item to Text Numbered List Causes Previous Item to Indent
    Q212265 WD2000: Additional Text Converters Available in Microsoft Office Converter Pack
    Q192074 WD2000: Add/Remove Buttons Does Not Change Add/Remove
    Q211721 WD2000: Address Position Not Retained on Mail Merge Envelopes
    Q197683 WD2000: After Installing or Upgrading ATI Driver, Text Appears Blocked or Corrupt
    Q211846 WD2000: Allow Fast Saves Option Not Selected by Default
    Q192076 WD2000: ALT+F4 Does Not Close All Document Windows
    Q220562 WD2000: Always Prompted for Default Profile Using Insert Address
    Q224665 WD2000: "An error occurred while importing this file" Importing .fpx File
    Q209256 WD2000: Application.Help wdHelp Generates Run-Time Error
    Q209561 WD2000: Application.WindowState Command Fails in UserForm
    Q220559 WD2000: ApplyListTemplate Method May Cause Invalid Page Fault
    Q220354 WD2000: "Arial Unicode MS" Unicode Characters Do Not Print
    Q220288 WD2000: Arranging All Windows Closes Full Screen View
    Q220247 WD2000: AutoComplete AutoText Tip Does Not Appear for Enabled Foreign Language
    Q203848 WD2000: AutoCorrect Exceptions Not Working As Expected
    Q229050 WD2000: AutoCorrect Fails to Correct Removed Exception
    Q212394 WD2000: AutoCorrect Text Deleted or Partially Visible in Form Field
    Q209978 WD2000: AutoExec and AutoExit Macros Fail to Run
    Q212153 WD2000: AutoFormat Does Not Replace Hyphens with En Dash
    Q231637 WD2000: Auto-Keyboard Switching Can Be Turned On or Off
    Q209977 WD2000: Auto Macros Fail to Run with WordMail and HTML Editor Enabled
    Q211659 WD2000: Auto Macros in Word
    Q211762 WD2000: Automatically Saving Current Work (Open Document)
    Q210570 WD2000: Automatic Numbered List Fails When Started with Decimal Number
    Q211590 WD2000: Auto Numbering Changes by One After You Press ENTER
    Q220533 WD2000: AutoOpen/Document_Open Macro Fails When Document Opened Outside of Word
    Q220532 WD2000: AutoOpen Macro Fails to Run Opening Document in Browser
    Q220407 WD2000: AutoShape Position Changes When Viewing or Saving as Web Page
    Q224684 WD2000: AutoText Doesn't Preview Picture or WordArt Object
    Q209725 WD2000: "A valid date or time is required" with Year 1900 for Form Field
    Q210003 WD2000: Background Color Doesn't Show Through Text After Paragraph Shading Removed
    Q189163 WD2000: Background Proofing Doesn't Function in Unprotected Section of Document Protected for Forms
    Q211760 WD2000: Blank Line Placed Between Header and First Line of Text
    Q198594 WD2000: Blank Pages Print w/ Different Even & Odd Headers
    Q198545 WD2000: Blue Underline for Hyperlink Missing Below Object
    Q220482 WD2000: Border Around Picture May Be Lost When Saved As Word 6.0/95 (*.doc)
    Q203904 WD2000: Border Between Paragraphs Fails to Appear in Browser
    Q214224 WD2000: Box Border Incorrect When Applied to Multiple Paragraphs
    Q212653 WD2000: BuiltInDocumentProperties Returns Incorrect Page Count
    Q224747 WD2000: Built-in VBA Argument RetAddrText Does Not Populate Dialog Box
    Q220478 WD2000: Bulleted or Numbered List Automatically Indented
    Q211238 WD2000: Calculation Error When Referencing Bookmark in Table
    Q211253 WD2000: Calculation in Form Field Shows Wrong Result
    Q224769 WD2000: Calendar May Print Without Month/Year Text on HP LaserJet 6P
    Q224657 WD2000: Cannot Adjust Column Width by Dragging Column Boundary Inside Table
    Q220503 WD2000: Cannot Apply Double-Line Border in Document Saved As Word 6.0/95
    Q214172 WD2000: Cannot Assign Shortcut Key to Insert Bookmark Command
    Q224634 WD2000: Cannot Center a Nested Table
    Q220370 WD2000: Cannot Change Custom Shadow Color for Inline Picture
    Q211697 WD2000: Cannot Convert WordPerfect Password-Protected Document
    Q191319 WD2000: Cannot Create List with Multiple Bullets on One Line
    Q210002 WD2000: Cannot Demote/Promote Custom Outline Style
    Q224679 WD2000: Cannot Edit a Microsoft Organization Chart Object
    Q220424 WD2000: Cannot Go to Bookmark in Unprotected Section of Document
    Q210110 WD2000: Cannot Hide Nested Table
    Q209944 WD2000: Cannot Insert Picture (Object) As "Float over text"
    Q211970 WD2000: Cannot Link Text Boxes in Different Subdocuments
    Q224730 WD2000: Cannot Move Table in Header or Footer
    Q220251 WD2000: Cannot Open Web Page Created in PowerPoint
    Q212226 WD2000: Cannot Open Word 2000 Documents in Word 6.x or 7.x
    Q209802 WD2000: Cannot Paste "In line with text" Using Paste Special As Picture or Document Object
    Q211487 WD2000: Cannot Paste or Drag Text to Text Box
    Q220576 WD2000: Cannot Paste Symbols in the Find, Replace, Envelopes, or Labels Dialog Box
    Q224687 WD2000: Cannot Paste Text from Eudora Pro 4.1
    Q220184 WD2000: Cannot Reset Deleted Default AutoText Entries
    Q224720 WD2000: Cannot Retain Underline Color Different from Text Color When Saving As Word 6.0/95
    Q210566 WD2000: Cannot Right-Align Graphic or Object in Web Layout View
    Q212662 WD2000: Cannot Switch to Navigation Pane in Document Map View
    Q198544 WD2000: Cannot Undo Automatic Field Updates
    Q224654 WD2000: Cannot Use a Web Page As a Data Source in a Word Mail Merge
    Q212384 WD2000: Cannot Use ScanProt with Word 2000
    Q211578 WD2000: Cannot Use "What's This?" in Text Boxes
    Q189197 WD2000: Can't Access Mail Merge Data Source on Banyan Network
    Q210563 WD2000: Can't Add or Remove Buttons from Function Key Toolbar
    Q209666 WD2000: Can't Demote/Promote Table Rows in Outline View
    Q198298 WD2000: Can't Insert Address with Netscape Communicator
    Q189241 WD2000: Can't Merge Documents with Tracked Changes
    Q212678 WD2000: Can't Open Selected Doc Using Dialogs FileFind Constant
    Q212316 WD2000: Can't Print Multiple Copies
    Q198193 WD2000: Can't Rename or Delete File in Open Dialog Box
    Q220292 WD2000: Can't Scroll Selection Past Inline Graphic
    Q220477 WD2000: Can't Underline Tab in Numbered Lists
    Q222075 WD2000: Can't Use Undo Button After Deletion of Section Break
    Q216595 WD2000: Categories, Locations, and Registry Keys for Word Templates
    Q197839 WD2000: Certain Characters Are Not Displayed in Field Results
    Q218528 WD2000: ( CG5): Inline Objects Increase in Size When Inserted into Clip Gallery 5.0
    Q220343 WD2000: Change All in Spelling Check May Not Change All Occurrences of Misspelled Word
    Q209902 WD2000: Changes in AutoShape Z-Order Not Reflected in Dialog Box
    Q211415 WD2000: Changes to List Styles May Be Lost
    Q211898 WD2000: "Change Text Direction" Button Shows Incorrect Direction
    Q220246 WD2000: Changing Page Orientation or Paper Size Causes Error
    Q232277 WD2000: Chart or Graph Fill Pattern Prints Solid Gray
    Q224652 WD2000: Check Box (Field) Lost Viewing As Web Page
    Q189153 WD2000: Clicking Selects Multiple Cells in Embedded Excel Worksheet
    Q224750 WD2000: Clipboard Toolbar Does Not Remain Visible
    Q212706 WD2000: Close Method in Macro Fails in Protected Form Field Document
    Q210582 WD2000: Closing Document with AutoClose/Document_Close Appears to Hang Browser
    Q212021 WD2000: Collapsed Outline Is Expanded When Viewed or Printed from Print Preview
    Q211345 WD2000: Comment Pane Doesn't Close When Opened Via Hyperlink
    Q212722 WD2000: Compile Error If VBA Code Doesn't Find Comments
    Q213865 WD2000: Compile, Syntax Errors Running Converted Macro
    Q192091 WD2000: Compressed PICT Files Insert as QuickTime Logo
    Q238124 WD2000: Continuous Section Break Becomes Next-Page Break in Landscape
    Q202019 WD2000: Converted WordBasic On Error Statements May Fail
    Q220378 WD2000: Crash Accessing Missing Subdocument with VBA Commands
    Q210568 WD2000: Currency Symbol and Numbers May Be Missing or Show As Pound Signs (#) from Excel
    Q220382 WD2000: Customized Bullet Changes All Preceding Bullets
    Q224628 WD2000: Custom Menu Items May Move to Different Menu Positions
    Q211418 WD2000: Custom Numbering Scheme Not Available on Other Computer
    Q229392 WD2000: Custom Templates and Wizards Deleted When Word 2000 Installed
    Q224611 WD2000: Cutting Text in Word Document Causes Illegal Operation (IPF)
    Q192734 WD2000: Data Lost When Entering Information Through Data Form
    Q220547 WD2000: Date Incorrect Using ODBC Mail Merge with Field Date Picture Switch
    Q220332 WD2000: Decimal Tab Alignment Lost When Viewing As Web Page
    Q220434 WD2000: Default Date Format Is Not Selected Switching Languages
    Q224777 WD2000: Default E-mail Signatures Do Not Appear When Using Office E-Mail
    Q192973 WD2000: Definitions of Typography Terms in Word
    Q214158 WD2000: Deleted File Still Listed on MRU List
    Q220197 WD2000: Deleted Table Appears in Web Page with Track Changes
    Q231496 WD2000: Deleting Block-Selected Text May Cause Crash If a Right-to-Left Language Is Turned On
    Q220281 WD2000: Descenders of "Lowered Text" Characters Are Truncated When Saving As Web Page
    Q198389 WD2000: Dialog Box Text Truncated
    Q198517 WD2000: Differences Between RTF and RFT File Formats
    Q209879 WD2000: Different Font Colors Print As Same Color
    Q228793 WD2000: DMM: All Postal Codes Not Imported from Excel Worksheet
    Q219732 WD2000: DMM: Cannot Import Address List in "Select a List File"
    Q220587 WD2000: DMM: Enhanced Version of Direct Mail Manager Available
    Q230779 WD2000: DMM: Error Message When Click Cancel to Quit in Design Mailpiece
    Q228797 WD2000: DMM: General Information About Direct Mail Manager
    Q216050 WD2000: DMM: How to Find Version Information
    Q219252 WD2000: DMM: How to Print Labels Using Direct Mail Manager
    Q218991 WD2000: DMM: Not All Addresses Checked for Duplicates
    Q216095 WD2000: DMM: Removal of Small Business Tools Doesn't Uninstall Direct Mail Manager
    Q220160 WD2000: DMM: Supported Address List File Formats and Extensions
    Q220505 WD2000: DocClose/FileClose Macros Fail to Work As Expected
    Q230334 WD2000: Doc Err: Help Text About TOC Field \p Switch Is Incorrect
    Q217681 WD2000: DocErr: Help Text Incorrect for En Dash, Em Dash
    Q216692 WD2000: Doc Err: Save a Word 2000 Document as a Web Page
    Q220542 WD2000: Document_Close Event and AutoClose Macro Fail When Closing Document
    Q220438 WD2000: Document_Close Event Runs Twice When Quitting Word
    Q224663 WD2000: Document File Size Increases with EMF, PNG, GIF, or JPEG Graphics
    Q220573 WD2000: Document Language Changes Unpredictably
    Q190651 WD2000: Document Map Applies Level 1 to Incorrect Paragraphs
    Q209892 WD2000: Document Not Displayed with CreateObject ("Word.Document")
    Q210005 WD2000: Document Order Changes Using Application.Visible
    Q220458 WD2000: Document Properties Appear Lost Using Netscape Messenger
    Q192072 WD2000: Documents Will Not Print Until Macro Ends
    Q220504 WD2000: Documents/Windows Collection Fails to Include Hidden Documents
    Q210337 WD2000: Document to Mail Recipient Sent from Word Is Sent As HTML
    Q209848 WD2000: Double Border Appears As Single Border in Internet Explorer
    Q210585 WD2000: Draft Font Option Does Not Display an Underline for Bold and Italic Font Attributes
    Q224735 WD2000: Dragging Text from Web Page in Browser to Word Document May Corrupt System
    Q211509 WD2000: Drawing Object/AutoShape Fill Pattern Appears As Shading
    Q220496 WD2000: Drawing Object Distorted When Printing Multiple Sheets per Page
    Q209895 WD2000: Edit/Replace Fails to Replace Font Kerning Value
    Q220202 WD2000: E-Mail Signature Placed Before Stationery Text
    Q220444 WD2000: Embedded TrueType Fonts Are Not Displayed in Web Browsers
    Q192676 WD2000: End Task Closes All Documents Without Saving
    Q212130 WD2000: Envelope Address Positions Not Retained Between Word Documents
    Q189434 WD2000: Envelope Command Fails to Pick Up Merge Address Fields
    Q210330 WD2000: Envelope Prints Upside Down on HP DeskJet 694C Printer
    Q212239 WD2000: Equation Editor Objects Not Visible in Converted Document
    Q224038 WD2000: Err Msg: "A file error has occurred"
    Q223421 WD2000: ErrMsg: "Cannot print because there is no default printer selected. Please select a printer."
    Q212370 WD2000: Err Msg: "Cannot Save or Create File" to Network Drive
    Q224636 WD2000: ErrMsg: "Error! Not a Valid Link" Opening Document in Word 98 Macintosh Edition
    Q220250 WD2000: Err Msg: "Fields Are Nested Too Deeply" in Mail Merge
    Q198388 WD2000: ErrMsg in Letter and Envelope Mail Merge w/ Excel DDE
    Q224052 WD2000: Err Msg: "Logon failed. You must log on to Microsoft Exchange to access your address book."
    Q224020 WD2000: ErrMsg: "Microsoft Word Err=1041: This document template does not exist."
    Q224169 WD2000: ErrMsg: "No printers are installed."
    Q224057 WD2000: Err Msg: "No registered converter supports reading files in this format."
    Q224017 WD2000: Err Msg: "Run-time error '5122': This style name does not exist."
    Q224021 WD2000: Err Msg: "Settings you chose for the left and right margins, column spacing, or paragraph indents are too large for the page width in some sections."
    Q224067 WD2000: Err Msg: "The current drive is not valid. A network connection may have been lost, the floppy drive door may be open, or the floppy drive may contain the wrong disk. Choose the Yes button to retry."
    Q224045 WD2000: Err Msg: "The current selection does not contain a valid table or list"
    Q224035 WD2000: Err Msg: "The custom dictionary is full. The word was not added."
    Q224018 WD2000: Err Msg: "The dimensions after cropping are too small or too large."
    Q224059 WD2000: Err Msg: "The disk is full. Free some space on this drive, or save the document on another disk. Try one or more of the following: Close any unneeded documents, programs, and windows."
    Q224041 WD2000: Err Msg: "The disk is full or too many files are open"
    Q224031 WD2000: Err Msg: "The disk is full trying to write to <drive>..."
    Q224016 WD2000: Err Msg: "The document name or path is not valid."
    Q224051 WD2000: ErrMsg: "The file appears to be corrupted."
    Q224015 WD2000: Err Msg: "The file <filename> is not available"
    Q211865 WD2000: ErrMsg: "The macros in this template are in Word 2.0 format and will not be converted. Do you want to continue to open the template?"
    Q207482 WD2000: ErrMsg: "The Mapisvc.inf file is missing" Using Address Book
    Q224042 WD2000: Err Msg: "The margins, label size, and number across or down values produce a page that is larger than the label page size."
    Q224061 WD2000: ErrMsg: "The margins of section <n> are set outside the printable area of the page."
    Q224036 WD2000: ErrMsg: "The password is incorrect. Word cannot open the document."
    Q224019 WD2000: Err Msg: "The password is incorrect. Word cannot overwrite the document."
    Q224029 WD2000: Err Msg: "There are too many edits in the document. This operation will be incomplete. Save your work."
    Q212347 WD2000: ErrMsg: "There has been a network or file permission error. The network connection may be lost. <Filename.doc>"
    Q224030 WD2000: ErrMsg: "There is an unrecoverable disk error on file <filename>. The disk you're working on has a media problem that prevents Word from using it."
    Q224026 WD2000: ErrMsg: "'There is a printer error."
    Q224054 WD2000: Err Msg: "There is not enough memory or disk space to complete the operation."
    Q224034 WD2000: Err Msg: "The server application, source file, or item cannot be found. Make sure the application is properly installed, and that it has not been deleted, moved, or renamed."
    Q224055 WD2000: ErrMsg: "The Visual Basic Environment could not be initialized. Please run Setup to install it correctly."
    Q224037 WD2000: Err Msg: "This file is in use by another application or user."
    Q224027 WD2000: Err Msg: "This is not a valid selection"
    Q217770 WD2000: Err Msg: "This Page Uses Frames, But Your Browser Doesn't Support Them" in Earlier Version of Word
    Q224024 WD2000: ErrMsg: "This style name already exists or is reserved for a built-in style."
    Q223420 WD2000: ErrMsg: "Windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer setup."
    Q223422 WD2000: ErrMsg: "Word cannot bring up the Properties dialog box because the printer returned an error."
    Q224058 WD2000: Err Msg: "Word cannot display this picture format because the correct graphics filter was not found"
    Q224032 WD2000: ErrMsg: "Word cannot open the graphics file."
    Q224025 WD2000: ErrMsg: "Word cannot open this document template."
    Q223418 WD2000: ErrMsg: "Word cannot print. There is no printer installed."
    Q224046 WD2000: ErrMsg: "Word cannot read the header or footer in this document. Save the document in Rich Text Format, close it, and then reopen it."
    Q224066 WD2000: Err Msg: "Word cannot save files. The converter for this format can only open files."
    Q230155 WD2000: ErrMsg: "Word cannot save or create this file. The disk may be full or write-protected."
    Q224044 WD2000: Err Msg: "Word could not load this add-in program or document template"
    Q211729 WD2000: ErrMsg: "Word could not merge the main document with the data source because the data records were empty or no data records matched your query options."
    Q224050 WD2000: ErrMsg: "Word could not merge these documents or insert this database."
    Q224049 WD2000: ErrMsg: "Word could not open <Filename> because it didn't contain a valid database."
    Q224048 WD2000: ErrMsg: "Word could not re-establish a DDE connection to <Application> to complete the current task."
    Q198299 WD2000: ErrMsg: "Word Could Not Re-Establish a DDE Connection to Microsoft Excel"
    Q224053 WD2000: Err Msg: "Word couldn't send mail because of MAPI failure: 'Unspecified error.' "
    Q224068 WD2000: ErrMsg: "Word failed reading from this file <filename>. Please restore the network connection or replace the floppy disk and retry."
    Q211608 WD2000: Err Msg: "Word found no tracked changes."
    Q224056 WD2000: ErrMsg: "Word was unable to open the data source."
    Q224668 WD2000: Err Msg: "Word was unable to post your document."
    Q210555 WD2000: Err Msg: "You cannot use an Internet address here. Enter a path that points to a location on your computer or on the network."
    Q212618 WD2000: Error Creating Pre-Existing Custom Document Property
    Q220404 WD2000: Error Importing Adobe Illustrator 8.0 EPS Graphic with a Color Preview
    Q209265 WD2000: Error in Recorded Macro Using Previous/Next Row Commands
    Q220284 WD2000: Error Message Appears When Creating New Web Page from Web Template
    Q238236 WD2000: Error Message Installing Avery Wizard 2.0
    Q210041 WD2000: Error Message Opening Word 2000 Document in Earlier Version
    Q235238 WD2000: Error Message: "Out of stack space" Print Previewing or Printing Pages Per Sheet
    Q209160 WD2000: Error Message: "Run-time error '4248'; 'This command is not available because no document is open.'"
    Q224632 WD2000: Error Message: "There is not enough memory or disk space to display or print the picture."
    Q211605 WD2000: Error Message: 'The RTF file .\<filename> is corrupted at offset...'
    Q224022 WD2000: Error Message: "This is not a valid print range."
    Q237338 WD2000: Error Message Using WordMail: "This method or property is not available"
    Q224650 WD2000: Error Message When Copying/Pasting from Expedia Streets and Trips
    Q230856 WD2000: Error Message When Saving Document As Web Page
    Q224060 WD2000: Error Message: "Word could not fire the event."
    Q189093 WD2000: Error Message: "Word was unable to open the data source."
    Q224014 WD2000: Error Msg: "Serious disk error on file <filename>"
    Q210087 WD2000: Error Msg: "Too many DDE channels are open..." Opening Several Documents
    Q220539 WD2000: "Error! Not a valid filename" Viewing Word 95 Document
    Q220520 WD2000: "Error! Not a valid heading level range" Updating a Word 2000 Table of Contents in Word 97
    Q212732 WD2000: Error Recording Macro That Opens a Template Containing WordBasic Macro
    Q221581 WD2000: Error Saving Document with Subdocuments in Word 6.0/95 Format
    Q212669 WD2000: Errors Starting the Visual Basic Editor
    Q207785 WD2000: Errors Trying to Edit or Create a Macro from Code
    Q198555 WD2000: Errors Trying to Fax After Installing Outlook 2000
    Q209928 WD2000: Error Trying to Send Word Document as E-mail Attachment
    Q199043 WD2000: Error When Faxing from WinFax
    Q220500 WD2000: Euro Symbol Not Printing with Hewlett-Packard 5Si PostScript Printer Driver
    Q197838 WD2000: Excel Object Range Name Changes Format After Paste
    Q212676 WD2000: Extraneous Characters Returned with ViewFieldCodes On
    Q220329 WD2000: Fax Wizard and Outlook with Symantec Fax Starter Edition Request Fax Number Repeatedly
    Q190650 WD2000: Fax Wizard Leaves .tmp Files Behind
    Q189436 WD2000: Fax Wizard Sends Cover Sheets Before Form Letters
    Q211506 WD2000: Fields Inserted in an AutoText Entry Are Updated Automatically
    Q211597 WD2000: Fillin Field Prompts Twice
    Q220513 WD2000: First Document Saved with Default Name When Creating a Frame Set
    Q224731 WD2000: Footer Text Cut Off in Print Preview When Using A4 Paper Size
    Q189435 WD2000: Footer Truncated or Missing from Legal Pleading
    Q201130 WD2000: Footnote Appears on Wrong Page
    Q220179 WD2000: Footnotes Are Not Displayed in Web Layout View
    Q212656 WD2000: Format Object Wrapping Styles Unavailable When Recording Macro
    Q212223 WD2000: Format of List Style Unexpectedly Removed
    Q212058 WD2000: Formatting/Drawing Layer Change Unmarked in Compare Docs
    Q224733 WD2000: Formula Field Won't Update Correctly with Nested Table
    Q192738 WD2000: Formula in Table Is Incorrect When Using Track Changes
    Q210049 WD2000: Frame Page Opens in Normal View
    Q220518 WD2000: Frames Page Project Doesn't Appear in Visual Basic Editor
    Q197978 WD2000: Frequently Asked Questions About "Allow Fast Saves"
    Q211607 WD2000: Frequently Asked Questions About Word Macro Viruses
    Q212264 WD2000: General Information About Page Borders
    Q211723 WD2000: General Information About Section Breaks
    Q220459 WD2000: General Protection Fault Pasting into a Table with Merged Cells Selected
    Q210884 WD2000: General Questions and Answers on the Location of Word 2000 Templates
    Q212649 WD2000: GetAllSettings Returns Type Mismatch
    Q236410 WD2000: GetSpellingSuggestions Method Misses Repeated Words
    Q212698 WD2000: GoBack Method Switches to Another Document
    Q224629 WD2000: Gradient Fill Color Prints Outside Grouped Drawing Objects Pasted into Word
    Q220484 WD2000: Grammar Errors Remain with "Do not check spelling or grammar"
    Q220527 WD2000: Graph Chart Linked to Table Is Not Updated Automatically
    Q228672 WD2000: Graphic Colors Display Incorrectly in Word, Internet Explorer 5
    Q197370 WD2000: Graphic Inserted in Table Not Anchored in or Bounded by Cell
    Q212271 WD2000: Graphics Filters Installed in an "Install Now" Setup
    Q197832 WD2000: Graphics Not Displayed in Binder
    Q220535 WD2000: Gray Shading Does Not Appear Correctly in Earlier Versions of Word
    Q209633 WD2000: Hanging Indent Lost When Text Wraps to Right Side of Square Wrapped Object
    Q220421 WD2000: Hang or IPF While Scrolling Using HP DeskJet 820 Printer Driver
    Q206303 WD2000: Header and Footer Text Incorrectly Removed Deleting Section Break
    Q210036 WD2000: Header/Footer Causes Labels to Print Lower or Break to Next Page
    Q209614 WD2000: Heading Style Text May Not Print on HP DeskJet 870Cxi
    Q220480 WD2000: Horizontal Alignment of Picture Changes When Viewed in Word 97
    Q220350 WD2000: Horizontal Line Dimensions Reset After Editing in Earlier Word Version
    Q237356 WD2000: How to Access Sample Macros for Word 2000
    Q224751 WD2000: How to Add a Custom Page Design to the Letter Wizard
    Q212016 WD2000: How to Adjust Table Width After Changing Margins
    Q197676 WD2000: How to Automatically Scroll While Reading Document
    Q212025 WD2000: How to Build a Table of Contents Using Custom Styles
    Q211724 WD2000: How to Change Default Tab Stops Globally
    Q212318 WD2000: How to Convert Adobe Acrobat Reader (*.pdf) Files
    Q208863 WD2000: How to Convert Between Ami Pro 2.x/3.x for Windows and Microsoft Word
    Q200464 WD2000: How to Convert Between Lotus Word Pro 96 and Word
    Q212311 WD2000: How to Convert Multiple White Spaces or Tabs
    Q198561 WD2000: How to Create a Combo Box Containing More Than 25 Items
    Q212029 WD2000: How to Create a Custom Label or Modify an Existing Label
    Q238278 WD2000: How to Create an Automated Form with Fillin Fields
    Q211732 WD2000: How to Create an F4/F7 Hanging Indent
    Q212328 WD2000: How to Create an Online Form Using Form Fields
    Q212346 WD2000: How to Create a Table of Contents and Index with Field Codes
    Q191178 WD2000: How to Create Custom Toolbars and Toolbar Buttons
    Q191265 WD2000: How to Customize and Share Toolbars
    Q230053 WD2000: How to Customize, Create, and Restore Word Menus
    Q212322 WD2000: How to Design and Set Up Mail Merge Data
    Q212363 WD2000: How to Embed TrueType Fonts in a Document
    Q224776 WD2000: How to Find and Replace Font Color Formatting
    Q210860 WD2000: How to Find the Word Startup-Path Using an External Solution
    Q198546 WD2000: How to Generate a List of Keyboard Commands
    Q232605 WD2000: How to Ignore User Settings When You Start Word
    Q212127 WD2000: How to Include Chapter Numbers in Header/Footer
    Q216596 WD2000: How to Install the Global IME from the Multilanguage Pack
    Q212375 WD2000: How to Merge Conditional Number of Records to Same Page
    Q237361 WD2000: How to Minimize Metadata in Microsoft Word Documents
    Q211256 WD2000: How to Modify a Calculation Field to Appear Blank
    Q235511 WD2000: How to Modify a Theme
    Q212345 WD2000: How to Modify the Layout of an Address Book Entry
    Q207748 WD2000: How to Move Word AutoCorrect Entries Between Computers
    Q212267 WD2000: How to Open Documents into an Earlier Version of Word
    Q214181 WD2000: How to Read Postal Bar Codes
    Q198553 WD2000: How to Rebuild User Preferences and Options Settings
    Q232805 WD2000: How to Recover a Saved Field Value
    Q212274 WD2000: How to Recover Text from Any File
    Q233396 WD2000: How to Reduce the Chances of Macro Virus Infection
    Q212026 WD2000: How to Remove Footnote or Endnote Separators
    Q193536 WD2000: How to Remove Unused Standard Styles from a Document
    Q211793 WD2000: How to Reset User Options and Registry
    Q211623 WD2000: How to Send Printer Escape Codes from a Document
    Q211255 WD2000: How to Set up a Table as a Worksheet in Word
    Q198547 WD2000: How to Show/Hide Hidden Text
    Q212106 WD2000: How to Simulate WordPerfect's Flush Right
    Q211745 WD2000: How to Sort Words Separated by a Space
    Q211655 WD2000: How to Turn Off the Allow Fast Saves Option
    Q199785 WD2000: How to Turn off the Font Most Recently Used (MRU) List
    Q212339 WD2000: How to Turn Off Word AutoFormat Features
    Q212356 WD2000: How to Update Fields in a Protected Form
    Q211755 WD2000: How to Use a Field to Print Text in a Footer Except on Last Page
    Q212244 WD2000: How to Use Calculate on Exit in a Form
    Q212028 WD2000: How to Use Conditional Field to Specify Number of Digits
    Q230740 WD2000: How to Use Form Data as a Mail Merge Data Source
    Q211966 WD2000: How to Use Microsoft Word to Edit E-mail Messages
    Q236967 WD2000: How to Use the HTML Filter in Word 2000
    Q211632 WD2000: How Word for Windows Uses Temporary Files
    Q220446 WD2000: HTML: Arbitrary Attributes (WIDTH and HEIGHT) Ignored/Lost in Word
    Q209965 WD2000: HTML Cascading Style Sheet Indentation Not Compatible with Earlier Versions of Word
    Q220462 WD2000: HTML Table Appears Wider When Edited in Word
    Q224616 WD2000: HTML Table Caption Aligned Left/Right Changes to Center Alignment
    Q224672 WD2000: Hyperlink to Anchor or Bookmark Goes to Top of Document
    Q200523 WD2000: IF Fields Not Visible in Mail Merge Documents
    Q224647 WD2000: Illegal Operation Quitting Word After Changing Document with Custom Property Linked to Form Field
    Q220268 WD2000: IncludePicture Field Switches Lost After Saving as HTML
    Q191025 WD2000: Incorrect Pages Print with Odd/Even Print Order
    Q220449 WD2000: Incorrect Paragraph Number Cross-Reference with Track Changes
    Q197837 WD2000: Incorrect Results Using Backslash in Conditional Merge
    Q189175 WD2000: Incorrect SectionPages or NumPages Field When Printed
    Q193881 WD2000: Incorrect Total When Table Has More Than 85 Rows
    Q211251 WD2000: Incorrect Value/Table Cell Inserted Referencing Bookmark
    Q210173 WD2000: Increase Indent Changes Numbered or Bulleted List
    Q210081 WD2000: Indented Bulleted/Numbered List Lost When Converted to Table
    Q220425 WD2000: Index Is Updated Incorrectly with Modified Page Numbering
    Q212277 WD2000: InsertBreak Statement Inserts Unexpected Carriage Return
    Q197836 WD2000: Inserted Excel Worksheet Object Is Limited in Size
    Q227262 WD2000: Inserted Motion Clip May Not Play in Web Page Preview
    Q212061 WD2000: Inserting a Break Splits "Keep with Next" Paragraphs
    Q201967 WD2000: InsertSymbol Result Not Translated Between Macintosh and ANSI
    Q220483 WD2000: Inside Table Borders Lost When Saved As Word 6.0/95 (*.doc)
    Q211892 WD2000: Instant Access OCR, Word Proofreader Commands Unavailable
    Q204615 WD2000: Invalid Anchor Argument Causes IPF with AddPicture Method
    Q228931 WD2000: Invalid Characters (Garbage) Merging Data File After Numbering Records
    Q228600 WD2000: Invalid Page Fault Opening HTML File
    Q220422 WD2000: Invalid Page Fault Pasting 2 or More OLE Objects Using Clipboard
    Q220178 WD2000: Invalid Page Fault When DocProperty "Characters" Field Is Inserted in Header or Footer
    Q211541 WD2000: Invalid Page Fault When Is a Document
    Q211518 WD2000: IPF Error Opening File with Recover Text Converter
    Q220460 WD2000: IPF in Gdi.exe When Opening, Printing, or Repaginating Large Document
    Q220714 WD2000: IPF in Word 97 Opening Word 2000 Document or Template That Contains Toolbar Controls
    Q220346 WD2000: IPF Printing Multiple Copies of Non-Collated Document with Asymmetrical Table
    Q211982 WD2000: Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Word
    Q224623 WD2000: Known Printing Problems with Envelopes
    Q220381 WD2000: Known Size and Positioning Problems with Labels
    Q220391 WD2000: Language Box on Custom Toolbar Causes Illegal Operation in Word 97
    Q189521 WD2000: Large Envelopes Print in Portrait to HP 5si MX, 5n on NT 4.0
    Q220194 WD2000: Left Table Border Missing or Table Flush Left When Inserted in a Text Box
    Q231449 WD2000: Left-to-Right Order Applied to Right-to-Left Word 97 HTML Document
    Q235678 WD2000: Legal Pleading Wizard Error Message: "The project item cannot be copied."
    Q189239 WD2000: Letter Wizard Replaces Merge Field with AutoTextList
    Q212270 WD2000: Limitations of Converting from Word Document Format to Web Page Format
    Q211281 WD2000: List Styles Start at Zero After Saving As 6.0/95
    Q209952 WD2000: Macro Called by Application.OnTime Command Fails to Run
    Q211844 WD2000: Macro Problem Using SendKeys with Dialog Box
    Q220190 WD2000: Macros Appear to be Missing with Frames Page Document
    Q192073 WD2000: Macros Disabled When Security Level Is Set to High
    Q238851 WD2000: Macro Virus Warning Appears When No Macros Exist in File
    Q214198 WD2000: Macro Virus Warning Message When Using Word
    Q220583 WD2000: Mail Merge Data Source Form Field Calculations Result in 0
    Q228936 WD2000: Mail Merge Includes Only Contacts Containing E-mail Addresses
    Q209812 WD2000: Mail Merge Macro Fails to Record Label Number
    Q189196 WD2000: Mail Merge Main Document Cannot Find Data Source
    Q224734 WD2000: Mail Merge May Affect Existing Toolbars
    Q220572 WD2000: Mail Merge Query Options Fail with Mixed Text and Numbers
    Q191031 WD2000: "Margins Set Outside Printable Area of Page"
    Q212230 WD2000: Master Document Toolbar Buttons Unavailable in Master Document
    Q216609 WD2000: McAffee VirusScan Incorrectly Reports Virus in Calendar Wizard
    Q224506 WD2000: "Melissa" Word Macro Virus Alert
    Q212258 WD2000: Memo Wizard Quits If Memo Title Is More Than 255 Characters Long
    Q211625 WD2000: Menus, Toolbars Disappear When in Full Screen View
    Q212293 WD2000: Merge Based on Templates Contains Header and Footer
    Q212349 WD2000: Merged Text Prints in Different Font During Mail Merge
    Q191030 WD2000: Merging Documents vs. Comparing Documents
    Q224691 WD2000: Microsoft Equation 3.0 or MS Organization Chart 2.0 May Be Missing When Inserting an Object
    Q220493 WD2000: Missing Text and Graphics on Output from LaserJet 4000/5000 with PCL 5e Driver
    Q204872 WD2000: Misspelled Text Formatted as Small Caps Replaced in Uppercase
    Q209570 WD2000: Moving Mouse Pointer Across Blank Area Shows Different Alignment Shapes
    Q212383 WD2000: Multi-Column Revision Bars Do Not Print As Displayed
    Q220498 WD2000: Multilevel List Renumbers When Viewed or Saved as Web Page
    Q204505 WD2000: Negative Indent (Tab) Resets to Zero When Saving as Web Page
    Q224728 WD2000: NewDocument Event Triggered When Envelope Is Printed
    Q189437 WD2000: Newsletter Wizard Address Printed in Wrong Location
    Q190466 WD2000: Newsletter Wizard Creates Extra Blank Page
    Q230684 WD2000: New Word Instance Appears to Run for Each Document
    Q214179 WD2000: New Word Is Not Added to Custom Dictionary
    Q204714 WD2000: "NextObject" Command Fails to Browse Objects
    Q212302 WD2000: Next Page Button Closes Header or Footer View
    Q209972 WD2000: No Error Message Trying to Create FrameSet in WordMail Message
    Q209638 WD2000: No Password Prompt for "Modify" in Mail Client
    Q225232 WD2000: No Response or Hang When Sending Fax to WinFax PRO
    Q229749 WD2000: No Right-Click Access to the Thesaurus in Lists
    Q220447 WD2000: Nothing Happens Converting Microsoft Graph 2000 Icon to Chart
    Q224707 WD2000: Nothing Happens When Dragging or Copying/Pasting Text
    Q211592 WD2000: Numbering Gallery Retains Custom Scheme After Quitting Word
    Q234287 WD2000: NUMPAGES Field Prints Incorrect Results
    Q189174 WD2000: Object Deleted When You Run Letter Wizard
    Q220317 WD2000: Odd Normal Paragraph Style Descriptions in Documents from Earlier Versions of Word
    Q211209 WD2000: Opening Word Document in Text Editor Displays Deleted Text
    Q220362 WD2000: Open Quotation Mark Adjacent to Character Becomes Closed Quotation Mark
    Q212237 WD2000: "Outline Effect" Text Garbled or in All Caps When Printed
    Q212205 WD2000: Outline Numbering Changes Heading Style Indents
    Q225000 WD2000: Outlook Categories Field Unavailable in Mail Merge
    Q220316 WD2000: Outlook Express Error Replying to Message Originally Created with Word As E-mail Editor
    Q190653 WD2000: Outlook Fax Fails If Word Not Started Once Before
    Q189438 WD2000: Outlook Message Title Shows Invalid Character
    Q210561 WD2000: Outlook Stationery Not Listed in Word Themes
    Q218959 WD2000: Overtype Mode Is Turned Off When You Quit Word
    Q189889 WD2000: Page Borders May Be Displayed or Printed Incorrectly
    Q216572 WD2000: "PAGE \#..." Displays in ScreenTip for Comments
    Q191029 WD2000: Page Numbering in "Page of Total Pages in Section" Format
    Q220485 WD2000: Page Numbers May Not Print in Document Created in Earlier Version of Word
    Q224662 WD2000: Page Per Sheet Order Reversed with Reverse Print Order
    Q224681 WD2000: PaperPort Not Available After Installing Word 2000
    Q212268 WD2000: Part 1: Limitations Converting from Word Document Format to Word 6.0/95 Format
    Q236319 WD2000: Part 1: Troubleshooting Invalid Page Faults (IPFs) and Exception Errors
    Q216920 WD2000: Part 2: Limitations Converting from Word Document Format to Word 6.0/95 Format
    Q236383 WD2000: Part 2: Troubleshooting Invalid Page Faults (IPFs) and Exception Errors
    Q236423 WD2000: Part 3: Troubleshooting Invalid Page Faults (IPFs) and Exception Errors
    Q220296 WD2000: Passive Sentence Readability Percentage Is Wrong or Low
    Q220395 WD2000: Password Options Are Not Available When Saving Web Page As a Word Document
    Q224648 WD2000: Pasted Text in a Nested Table May Cause Table Corruption
    Q224723 WD2000: PDFWriter Toolbar Appears with New or Existing Document
    Q220552 WD2000: Personal Distribution List Missing When Merging with Personal Address Book
    Q190652 WD2000: Personal Info Style Applied as Style of Next Paragraph
    Q220578 WD2000: PhotoDraw 2000 Hangs After Scanning with Primax Colorado 600p
    Q220334 WD2000: PhotoDraw 2000 Not Available As Word Picture Editor
    Q220457 WD2000: Picture Bullets Missing When Word Document Opened In Netscape Messenger
    Q224770 WD2000: Picture Editor Change Appears to Be Ignored
    Q220475 WD2000: Pictures Disappear After Viewing Document in Print Preview
    Q220555 WD2000: Poor Compression of Word Files That Contain Graphics
    Q191027 WD2000: Preserving Text When Re-protecting a Form Without Macros
    Q220557 WD2000: Pressing ENTER in Table Row at Top of Screen Causes Invalid Page Fault
    Q220319 WD2000: Pressing F1 in Word Wizard Fails to Run Help
    Q220537 WD2000: Previous Record, Next Record Buttons Fail to Change Data Displayed
    Q220295 WD2000: Print Field "\p" Switch Overlays Table with Printer Code
    Q211636 WD2000: Printing a Range of Pages in a Multiple-Section Document
    Q209810 WD2000: Printing Multiple Documents Opens Separate Instances of Word
    Q238237 WD2000: Print Merge Data Document Can Contain 32,000 Fields
    Q191380 WD2000: Print: Odd Pages and Even Pages Have Opposite Effect
    Q214494 WD2000: "Print to File" Option Set After Printing from Binder
    Q200318 WD2000: PRIVATE Fields Appear in Converted WordPerfect Document
    Q220531 WD2000: Problem Scaling Legal Landscape to Letter Landscape on HP LaserJet 5si
    Q201939 WD2000: Problems with AutoExec Macro That Calls Macro in Add-in
    Q224761 WD2000: Problems with Hyperlink Beginning with Number Sign (#)
    Q224754 WD2000: Question Marks Replace Foreign Text Saved As Word 6.0/95
    Q220211 WD2000: Range.Delete Causes Invalid Page Fault with GetObject
    Q209961 WD2000: Recorded Macro Uses Caption Label String Instead of Constant
    Q209959 WD2000: Recorded Macro Uses Heading Style String Instead of Constant
    Q210107 WD2000: Rectangles Lost Editing Access Data Access Page in Word
    Q232400 WD2000: Reviewing Toolbar Not Displayed with New Document
    Q211733 WD2000: Revision Colors May Change Unexpectedly
    Q231486 WD2000: Right-to-Left Alignment Lost Opening a Right-to-Left Word 95/6.0 Document
    Q232052 WD2000: Right-to-Left Formatting Lost When Document Is Saved As Word 6.0/95 (*.doc)
    Q220360 WD2000: Rotated Text in Objects Become Horizontal in Word
    Q212091 WD2000: Rulers Disappear with Table Selected in Print Layout View
    Q220231 WD2000: Running ToolsFixSynonym Command Causes IPF in Word
    Q209899 WD2000: Run-time Error 1042 with WordBasic PageWidth/PageHeight Arguments
    Q209954 WD2000: Run-Time Error 1044 Printing with No Default Printer Installed
    Q220571 WD2000: Run-Time Error 1220 Running WordBasic.Shell Statement
    Q212627 WD2000: Run-Time Error '1280' Setting Custom Dictionary
    Q224762 WD2000: "Run-time Error 424: Object required" Accessing Shapes Collection in WordMail
    Q198840 WD2000: Run Time Error 4366 Using Application.Run Command
    Q209695 WD2000: Run-time Error 445 Using PrintFractionalWidths Property
    Q209856 WD2000: Run-time Error 5152 Using URL with InlineShapes.AddPicture
    Q212664 WD2000: Run Time Error 5174 : "This file could not be found" with Open Method
    Q201991 WD2000: Run-Time Error 5584 "Too Many DDE Channels Are Open..."
    Q220468 WD2000: Run-time Error '5825' Using Selection.Bookmarks(x).Name
    Q212723 WD2000: Run-Time Error 5841 If Style Doesn't Exist
    Q212713 WD2000: Run-Time Error 5868 Using VBA Macro to Resize Document Window
    Q204348 WD2000: Run-time Error 5889 Creating New Publication
    Q220524 WD2000: Run-time Error '5892' BreakLink with Shapes Object
    Q201979 WD2000: Run-Time Error 5 Using Mid(), Left(), or Right() Function
    Q224722 WD2000: Run-time Error 9132 Using GetSpellingSuggestions Method
    Q220302 WD2000: Run-Time Error Running the Word 97 Web Page Wizard
    Q212691 WD2000: Run-Time Error Using True Parameter on NewTemplate Method
    Q211242 WD2000: SaveAs Method Overwrites Existing Documents
    Q220389 WD2000: Saving As Web Page Adds Page Title
    Q209577 WD2000: Saving Document As Text Replaces Characters with Question Marks
    Q220474 WD2000: Scaling/Clipping Problems Using Pages Per Sheet
    Q235963 WD2000: Scroll Bars May Reappear After Switching Views
    Q204241 WD2000: Selection Problems in Table If Application or Window Is Hidden
    Q212658 WD2000: Selection Returns Left Parenthesis Instead of Text
    Q220487 WD2000: Sending E-mail from Word Exposes Document Revisions
    Q220563 WD2000: Send Picture "Behind Text" Moves Picture "In Front of Text"
    Q209722 WD2000: Setting ActivePrinter Changes System Default Printer
    Q220212 WD2000: Setting FramesetBorderWidth Fails to Change Value
    Q209602 WD2000: Shaded Text Is Not Displayed in Internet Browser
    Q209565 WD2000: Shape Position Differs Using AddShape with Tables
    Q209910 WD2000: Shell Command Does Not Start Second Instance of Word
    Q220637 WD2000: Shortcut Key Assignment Lost Moving Macro
    Q220353 WD2000: Slow Keyboard Performance While Typing in a Table
    Q220348 WD2000: Small Caps Formatting Lost After Saving As Web Page
    Q195007 WD2000: Some Document Properties Populated Automatically
    Q220297 WD2000: Some Features Not Available Even When Supported by Web Browser
    Q211333 WD2000: Some Menu Commands Unavailable (Document Protection)
    Q211890 WD2000: Some Open/SaveAs Shortcut Keys Changed
    Q189891 WD2000: Some Wizards Don't Show "Finish" on Progress Indicator
    Q194226 WD2000: Sorting Nested Tables
    Q212116 WD2000: Sort Order Appears Incorrect in a List or Menu
    Q230144 WD2000: Spelling and Grammar Tool Repeatedly Checks Same Word
    Q193710 WD2000: Spelling Checker Ignores Wild Card Characters
    Q211220 WD2000: Spelling Checker Ignores Words in Uppercase Letters
    Q209616 WD2000: Spelling/Grammar Not Checked for Custom Footnote Text
    Q220431 WD2000: Spelling of AutoSignature Checked After Upgrading Office 97
    Q211620 WD2000: Starting Word with a Template Other Than Normal
    Q224667 WD2000: StartupPath Property Not Updated After Registry Change
    Q224743 WD2000: Style Numbering Changes When Resetting Numbering Gallery
    Q236357 WD2000: Styles and AutoText Not Copied to New Template Based on
    Q228463 WD2000: Styles with Custom Outline Numbering Change Unexpectedly
    Q194606 WD2000: Summary Information Under Properties Is Not Encrypted
    Q234554 WD2000: Supplemental Macros ( Available for Download
    Q235928 WD2000: Supported File and Graphics Formats
    Q220476 WD2000: Table Border Lost or Changed After Save As WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS
    Q224618 WD2000: Table Borders Lost Saving As Word 6.0/95
    Q220564 WD2000: Table Causes Document File Size to Increase
    Q220499 WD2000: Table Column Width Increases Instead of Text Wrapping to Next Line
    Q210091 WD2000: Table Extends Outside Text Box When Saved As Word 6.0/95
    Q198390 WD2000: Table Headings Not Repeated After Page Break
    Q224661 WD2000: Table Jumps to Different Position Than Placed
    Q224688 WD2000: Table of Contents Appears Incorrectly in Browser
    Q197369 WD2000: Table of Contents Does Not Print As It Appears
    Q209748 WD2000: Tables with Dates Beyond the Year 2036 Sort Incorrectly
    Q189893 WD2000: Table with Borders and Shading Prints Slowly
    Q231493 WD2000: Tabs Follow Paragraph/Line Direction Rather Than Text Direction When Saved As HTML
    Q201996 WD2000: Tab Stop Count Returns Incorrect Count
    Q224766 WD2000: Template Added to Templates and Add-ins Doesn't Load on Restart of Word
    Q225003 WD2000: Text Box & Drawing Object Borders May Not Appear in Word Picture Object
    Q224741 WD2000: Text Box May Disappear After Saving As Word 6.0/95
    Q211726 WD2000: Text Converted to One-Row Table (Paragraph Marks Ignored)
    Q236051 WD2000: Text Converters Installed During an "Install Now" Setup
    Q193107 WD2000: Text Doesn't Wrap Around Object
    Q211232 WD2000: Text Formatted with "Drop Cap" Placed in Wrong Location
    Q212775 WD2000: Text in Metafile Graphic Loses Rotation Editing in Word
    Q212123 WD2000: Text Larger Than Expected or Distorted in Normal View
    Q211270 WD2000: Text Marked As Deleted Marked As Inserted After Insert File
    Q211461 WD2000: Text Not Visible, Even When Selected
    Q208868 WD2000: Theme Not Displayed When Document Sent from Word
    Q224746 WD2000: "The page cannot be displayed" Activating Help
    Q220402 WD2000: "The page cannot be displayed" Sending Frames Document
    Q220279 WD2000: Thesaurus Doesn't Suggest a Replacement When a Synonym Isn't Found
    Q232466 WD2000: Third-Party Document Comparison Solution "CompareRite"
    Q227227 WD2000: TOC Shows Backslash Instead of Quotation Marks
    Q212359 WD2000: "Too Many Data Fields" Managing Mail Merge in Source View
    Q211634 WD2000: Troubleshooting Damaged Documents
    Q233493 WD2000: Troubleshooting Guide for Unwanted Page Breaks
    Q209727 WD2000: Two-Digit Year in Form Field Is Interpreted with 1930-2029 Date Range
    Q201997 WD2000: Type Mismatch Error Running Converted WordBasic Macro
    Q224670 WD2000: Typing Text in Nested Table Causes Invalid Page Fault
    Q220501 WD2000: Unable to Delete Contacts from Address Book
    Q198192 WD2000: Unable to Edit Earlier Versions of WordArt Objects
    Q212654 WD2000: Unable to Get Count of Table Rows or Columns
    Q235588 WD2000: "Unable to initialize the dictation module" Starting NaturallySpeaking
    Q211191 WD2000: Unable to Open Data Source Using MS Query
    Q201932 WD2000: Unable to Run Macro with Multiple Command-Line Switches
    Q211267 WD2000: Unable to Show User Form in Other Projects
    Q236295 WD2000: Unable to Use Mail Merge with Outlook Address Book
    Q210572 WD2000: Underline Is Displayed When Viewing Page in Web Browser
    Q203889 WD2000: Underline Lost When Text Formatted with Strikethrough Is Saved As Web Page
    Q220470 WD2000: Underline Text Prints As Strikethrough Text on Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 5Si
    Q220568 WD2000: Undocumented Index Field Switches
    Q220291 WD2000: Undo/Redo May Cause Invalid Page Fault in Document Containing Text Box
    Q212660 WD2000: Unexpected Name in "File Name" Box After Macro Changes Title
    Q211426 WD2000: Unexpected Results When Printing in Master Document
    Q212680 WD2000: Unexpected Result Using Find Command w/o Forward Argument
    Q210112 WD2000: Unlinked Table of Contents Text Formatted as Underlined and Blue
    Q212103 WD2000: Unusual or Unexpected Line Spacing Between Paragraphs
    Q193709 WD2000: Unwanted Backslash Included in IF Field Result
    Q211406 WD2000: Unwanted Tab Stop Inserted in Outline Numbered Scheme
    Q217471 WD2000: Update Installation Does Not Update Exclude Dictionary
    Q224645 WD2000: Upgrade from Word 6.0 Sets Compatibility Options to Custom
    Q235675 WD2000: Upgrade to Word 2000 Retains Compatibility Options for Earlier Version
    Q238395 WD2000: UserForm Tabbing Order Problems Using Frame Controls
    Q191940 WD2000: "User Options" File Location Path Has No Function
    Q224639 WD2000: Using Pages Per Sheet Prints Incorrect Paper Size
    Q220548 WD2000: USPS Changes Postal Bar Code Requirements for Multi-Unit Buildings
    Q209929 WD2000: Value out of Range Using WordBasic.InsertFormField.CheckWidth Argument
    Q209680 WD2000: VBA: ActiveDocument.Background.Rotation Causes IPF
    Q212387 WD2000: VBA Code Lost When Converting to Another File Format
    Q220420 WD2000: VBA: Text Placed in Wrong Document Using Hidden Documents
    Q220560 WD2000: VBA UserForm Appears to Stop Word
    Q210034 WD2000: VBE Run-Time Error "5889" Using Publications Templates
    Q212512 WD2000: VerticalPercentScrolled Fails to Set the Correct Value
    Q220514 WD2000: Vertical Text in Table Cell Becomes Horizontal in Internet Explorer
    Q214161 WD2000: View Merged Data Doesn't Suppress Blank Lines
    Q220392 WD2000: Visible Property to Hide a Document Is Not Hidden from Window List
    Q220363 WD2000: wdDialogConvertObject Caption Property Returns Incorrect Value
    Q209945 WD2000: wdDialogInsertPicture LinkToFile Property Fails to Set Dialog Choice
    Q220193 WD2000: wdDocumentsPath Constant Returns Current Folder
    Q209947 WD2000: Web Layout View Doesn't Show Space Added Between Surrounding Text and Table
    Q220463 WD2000: Web Page Document Causes Invalid Page Fault When Quitting Word
    Q224678 WD2000: Web Page Doesn't Open in Word Using Web Toolbar
    Q232548 WD2000: Web Page Doesn't Show Style Based on Cascading Style Sheet
    Q220367 WD2000: Web Page Error: "The dimensions after resizing are too small or too large."
    Q220364 WD2000: Web Page Frames Missing When Editing Web Page with Word
    Q230408 WD2000: Web Page Missing Text or Blank; Properties Incorrect
    Q224689 WD2000: Web Page Opens in Different Microsoft Office Program
    Q220401 WD2000: Web Page Templates Default to Organizing Support Files in a Folder When Saving HTML
    Q209941 WD2000: Web Page Window or FrameSet Wraps Text Instead of Clipping It
    Q220253 WD2000: Web Page Wizard May Show Error After Changing Visual Theme
    Q235479 WD2000: What Are Cascading Style Sheets?
    Q230121 WD2000: What's Contained in the Template and How to Install It
    Q217198 WD2000: What's New in Word 2000
    Q211800 WD2000: What to Do If You Have a Macro Virus
    Q212242 WD2000: Where Settings Are Stored in the Registry
    Q212273 WD2000: Why You Are Unable to Recover a Lost Document
    Q220580 WD2000: Wildcard Calculates Search and Replace Text Improperly
    Q209709 WD2000: Windows.Count Not Working As Expected with Print Preview
    Q224694 WD2000: Windows Installer Runs When Word Is Started
    Q199666 WD2000: Windows NT Task Manager Shows All SDI Documents
    Q212538 WD2000: WithEvents Fails Quit Event with No Documents Open
    Q220411 WD2000: Word 5.1 for the Macintosh Document May Cause Illegal Operation
    Q220536 WD2000: WordArt Fill Separates Editing As Enhanced Metafile
    Q220371 WD2000: WordArt Formatted As Vertical Text Is Distorted in Earlier Versions of Word
    Q224773 WD2000: Word As E-mail Editor Appears to Fail to Retain Zoom Level Setting
    Q209733 WD2000: WordBasic.Date$, Day$, Month$ Return Incorrect Leap Year Value
    Q209937 WD2000: WordBasic.FormatPicture Resizes Picture Incorrectly Using Cropping
    Q204454 WD2000: WordBasic.Selection$ Returns Empty Value for Selected Table Cell
    Q209957 WD2000: WordBasic.ToolsSpelling Spelling Check Alert Doesn't Appear When Automating Word
    Q212151 WD2000: Word Beeps Opening Shortcut Menu While Recording Macro
    Q224727 WD2000: "Word cannot find or run the application" with EZ-Photo
    Q193266 WD2000: Word Compatibility Options Described
    Q220492 WD2000: "Word could not insert the address..." Using Schedule+ Contact List
    Q189259 WD2000: "Word Could Not Re-Establish a DDE Connection..." Error
    Q212705 WD2000: Word Count Appears Inaccurate Using VBA Words Property
    Q212648 WD2000: Word Count for Comments Incorrect Using Words Property
    Q220216 WD2000: Word-Created HTML Table Is Wider in Internet Explorer 5
    Q211781 WD2000: Word Creates Hyperlink When @ Is Inside Quotation Marks
    Q220454 WD2000: Word Document Sent in E-mail Unreadable in Netscape Communicator 4.5
    Q224669 WD2000: Word Flashes on Windows Taskbar When You Cancel "Choose Data Source" in MS Query
    Q189258 WD2000: Word Hangs Creating New Template from Custom Template
    Q217647 WD2000: Word Hangs Inserting Discussion Next to Table
    Q210070 WD2000: Word Is Slow (May Appear to Hang) Inserting a Hyperlink
    Q220260 WD2000: WordMail: Illegal Operation Error Message When Inserting Word Document Object
    Q220494 WD2000: Word May Stop Responding After Opening Document from Windows CE
    Q211748 WD2000: WordPerfect Table Formulas Are Not Retained
    Q212362 WD2000: Word Prompts to Select Header Delimiter Using Header File
    Q214211 WD2000: Word Sorts Numeric Index Entries As Alphabetic Entries
    Q210565 WD2000: Word Startup (Command-Line) Switches and Their Purpose
    Q212675 WD2000: Word Still Runs After Automation Session
    Q220551 WD2000: "Word was unable to open the data source" Using Address Book
    Q217488 WD2000: Workgroup Templates Setting Lost After Upgrading
    Q212066 WD2000: Workstations Unable to Change Options or Settings
    Q220214 WD2000: WP$Y and WP$X Variables Produce Arguments Too Large (Out of Bounds) in PostScript File
    Q231392 WD2000: Wrong Cell Selected Using SHIFT+ARROW Key in Right-to-Left Table
    Q197684 WD2000: Wrong Description for AutoScroll
    Q211278 WD2000: Wrong Font Displayed When Opening Text Files
    Q210109 WD2000: Zoom.PageFit Property Returns Unexpected Value for wdPageFitFullPage

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