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    Q177941 16-bit Windows Mail Client Slow on Windows NT 4.0
    Q103804 3COM: Access Component Is Installed by Gateway Disk
    Q86933 3COM: Changes Made to the Mail Database During Installation
    Q96125 3COM: Conversion to Mail 3.0 Windows Client Fails
    Q100026 3COM: DocErr: 3ComGateDomain Incorrectly Listed as PO1:NET1
    Q99715 3COM: Err Msg: Error 2 -- Cannot Verify Logon User/Admin ID...
    Q86951 3COM: Errors During Installation
    Q114400 3COM: First Contact Form for 3Com Gateway
    Q86954 3COM: Floppy Disk Layouts for MS Mail Gateway to 3Com 3+Mail
    Q99172 3COM: Gateway Does Not Work After Successful Install
    Q94968 3COM: Gateway Won't Run -- Validate GATEWAY.INI Entries
    Q86953 3COM: Hardware Required by the 3Com Gateway
    Q86942 3COM: How to Check to See If Mail Is Queued for the Gateway
    Q86937 3COM: How to Configure the Gateway Using the GATEWAY.INI File
    Q86945 3COM: How to Control Polling for New Mail
    Q86939 3COM: How to Generate and Maintain Address Lists
    Q86949 3COM: Information Needed to Troubleshoot the Gateway
    Q104373 3COM: Installation Stops If There Is a Space in Server Name
    Q98055 3COM: Mail Is Not Sent Through Gateway
    Q97085 3COM: Mail Moves Only in One Direction
    Q86936 3COM: Main Software Components in a 3Com Gateway
    Q94466 3COM: Microsoft Mail Gateway to 3Com Shuts Down Randomly
    Q86950 3COM: Receiving Multiple Messages from the Gateway
    Q107097 3COM: Removing the 3COM Gateway with INSTALL -r
    Q86952 3COM: Restarting the Gateway
    Q96656 3COM: Starting Gateway with PO1/NET1 Documented Incorrectly
    Q86943 3COM: Terms and Definitions of 3Com Networks
    Q86928 3COM: The Role of the 3Com Gateway
    Q96657 3COM: UPLOAD.EXE -D Parameter Does Not Require Backslash (\)
    Q86946 3COM: Valid Options for the GATEWAY.INI File
    Q86935 3COM: What Directories Are Created During Installation
    Q86930 3COM: What Must Be Done Before Installing the 3Com Gateway
    Q86947 3COM: What Occurs in the Event of a Mail Failure
    Q86948 3COM: What Retry Mechanism the Gateway Responds To
    Q86955 3COM: What the Gateway Does
    Q86944 3COM: Which PC Mail Files Are Accessed by the Gateway
    Q192243 Administrator Program Incorrectly Displays Date After Year 2000
    Q192242 Admin Print Functions after Year 2000 Show Incorrect Date Format
    Q119253 ATT: ADPROC.EXE Allows AT&Tand SMTP Gateways to Coexist
    Q103853 ATT: DocErr: AT&T Support Number Incorrect in Admin Guide
    Q98811 ATT: Err=-101 Function=FFAPI_RunGet / Error=20
    Q256225 ATT: Extracting ATT Gateway User List by Using the Import Tool
    Q118967 ATT: Removal of Gateway Fails to Update NETWORK.GLB
    Q104425 ATT: Running SMTPGET and SMTPPUT Manually
    Q149651 Back Button Selected by Default in MS Phone Tutorial
    Q150311 Call Forwarding Feature May Not Work
    Q159158 Cannot Answer Incoming Call in Microsoft Phone
    Q156596 Cannot Change Mailbox Numbers in Microsoft Phone
    Q147627 Cannot Use Microsoft Voice After Clicking Advanced Settings
    Q122849 CONN: Adding PC Addresses to Mac Address List Via a Text File
    Q109256 CONN: Changing Mail Connection Proxy Network & Postoffice
    Q143393 CONN: Changing the Preferred Memory Size of the CNU
    Q135233 CONN: Connection Downstream Component Can Be Created Manually
    Q117582 CONN: Connection Installer Corrupts Gateway Templates
    Q122778 CONN: Connection Name Utility (CNU) 3.4 Update
    Q118459 CONN: Dir-Sync and Connection Can Cause Misdirected Mail
    Q134382 CONN: DocErr: EXTERNAL.EXE and Manual Dir-Sync
    Q139314 CONN: Err Msg: Ambiguous Address: More than One Recipient...
    Q109444 CONN: Err Msg: Error [68] Network Name Already in Use: MACNET
    Q147135 CONN: Err Msg: The User Is Not the Network Manager
    Q109258 CONN: Full Import Removes Manually Entered Recipients
    Q109253 CONN: Gateway Configuration Must Be Updated During Install
    Q109254 CONN: Guest Access to the MACGATE Volume Not Recommended
    Q122779 CONN: GW Version 3.2.11 Update
    Q134378 CONN: How to Reset the Mail Queue for Mail Connection 3.2
    Q126228 CONN: LGTWGET and LMACGET Version 3.4.6 Update
    Q109700 CONN: MACGATE.EXE Does Not Accept -BR Command-Line Option
    Q109701 CONN: MACGATE.EXE Supports -MD Command-Line Option
    Q109259 CONN: MACGATE.INI File Should Not Be Edited Manually
    Q119047 CONN: "Mail Failure" Responding to Unlabeled Return Receipt
    Q117581 CONN: Mail Messages Rejected for > 63 Character Subject: Line
    Q148666 CONN: Manually Removing PC Side of a Connection 3.2 Gateway
    Q142195 CONN: Menu Options Grayed Out in the CNU
    Q119022 CONN: Message Redelivered Repeatedly to Mac Clients
    Q117580 CONN: MMFF#.MSG Filename Range
    Q147006 CONN: MS Mail Connection Gateway Needs Purge on Novell
    Q141582 CONN: Not Select MACGATE Directory with Gateway, Configuration
    Q115319 CONN: Proxy list Contains Local Postoffice Addresses
    Q134757 CONN: README.TXT: Mail Connection 3.2
    Q135232 CONN: Running MACGATE.EXE as an Idle Process to Dispatch
    Q109445 CONN: Schedule+ for Windows Cannot Save File Attachments
    Q141583 CONN: Setup Error Indicates Duplicate Gateway
    Q121917 CONN: Stuck Handshake File When Postoffice on NTAS 3.1
    Q109257 CONN: Traffic Is Suspended During Address Import/Export
    Q117561 CONN: Two or More Attachments Not Transferred via PC Mail
    Q152829 Custom Voice Command Applies to Wrong Program
    Q151037 Disk Contents: Office Pro 7.0b for Windows 95(Disks 11-20)
    Q192199 DOS Remote Client Displays Year 100 on or after Year 2000
    Q192241 DOS Remote Mail Incorrectly Changes Date/Time after Year 2000
    Q148338 Error Message: Microsoft Voice Was Left in an Unstable State
    Q199036 Error When Deleting External Post Office - Notice 1
    Q180361 "Failure to Initialize Modem Session" When Restarting External
    Q85349 FAX: Changes Made to the Mail Database During Installation
    Q85611 FAX: Changes Summary
    Q94967 FAX: "Communication Error" Using Intel SatisFAXtion 200 Board
    Q138548 FAX: Configuring GammaLink GammaFax with i3CAS Drivers
    Q138548 FAX: Configuring GammaLink GammFax with i3CAS Drivers
    Q135696 FAX: Configuring PureData SatisFAXtion Fax Modems
    Q119310 FAX: Cover Sheet Size Requirements in Inches
    Q85335 FAX: Description of Fax Gateway Component
    Q107086 FAX: Doc Err: GammaFAX XP Board Is Not Supported
    Q104111 FaxDrv: Err Msg: MAPI of MS Mail for Windows Is Not Installed
    Q112234 FaxDrv: Improper Scaling with Excel 4.0
    Q112232 FaxDrv: Installing the Fax Driver for Windows
    Q107088 FaxDrv: Send Fax Command Fails to Install in Word for Windows
    Q112236 FaxDrv: WinWord Graphics Elongated by FAX Printer Driver
    Q112230 FAX: Err Msg: App for Attached File Could Not Be Found
    Q118994 FAX: ErrMsg: Cannot Find or Open M:\FAX\*.ICX file
    Q104112 FAX: Err Msg: Could Not Find Setup Fil
    Q141662 FAX: Err Msg: Failure to Submit Fax
    Q130447 FAX: Err Msg: "Failure to Submit Fax!" on Every Faxout Cycle
    Q115548 FAX: Err Msg: Profile Error: Incorrect or Missing Printer Path
    Q104112 FAX: Error Message: Could Not Find Setup File
    Q85606 FAX: Error Returning Notification to User
    Q85607 FAX: Errors Spooling to Printer
    Q85336 FAX: Fax Access Component
    Q112231 FAX: FAX Boards Supported in Version 3.0a
    Q112228 FAX: FAX Boards Supported with the FAX Gateway Version 3.0
    Q123613 FAX: Faxes Print on Every Other Page with Size A4 Paper
    Q132491 FAX: Fax Gateway Stops with Corrupt RRS.FAX
    Q119424 FAX: FAXLOGO3.PCX Opens in ZOOM IN Mode Within PaintBrush
    Q115550 FAX: FAXVIEW.EXE Error "File Cannot Be Saved"
    Q118865 FAX: FAXVIEW.EXE Postscript Printing Fails under Win 3.0, 3.0a
    Q119049 FAX: FAXVIEW Incorrectly Displays Driver on Multiple Ports
    Q115549 FAX: Ferrari Board Functions; Gateway Fails w/ Corrupt RRS.FAX
    Q114398 FAX: First Contact Form for FAX Gateway
    Q106259 FAX: Gateway to Fax Version 3.0.1 Update
    Q85337 FAX: Hardware Required of the Fax Gateway PC
    Q85615 FAX: How Attachments Are Handled
    Q85358 FAX: How Dir-Sync Affects the Fax Gateway Address List
    Q85350 FAX: How Mail Gets from Downstream PO to Fax Gateway PO
    Q85357 FAX: How to Check Whether Mail Is Queued for the Gateway
    Q85352 FAX: How to Configure the Fax Gateway
    Q85601 FAX: How to Control the Polling for Sending Mail Via Fax
    Q85347 FAX: How to Test the Fax Hardware and Software
    Q85605 FAX: How to Troubleshoot the Gateway
    Q85341 FAX: Installing Fax Components
    Q130845 FAX: Intel SatisFAXtion 200 No Longer Sold by Intel
    Q115461 FAX: Kortex Software Has No Control of Board-Level Queue
    Q119051 FAX: Macintosh ASCII Attachments Fax Incorrectly
    Q85616 FAX: Major Limitations of Microsoft Mail Gateway to Fax
    Q147590 Fax: Manually Installing Send Fax Option in MS Excel 5.0
    Q85610 FAX: Microsoft Mail Gateway to Fax Floppy Disk Layout
    Q85351 FAX: MS-DOS Version Requirement for the Fax Gateway
    Q94842 FAX: "Notice 153: Error Reading CDR File" Error in AUDIT
    Q85355 FAX: Parameters Required in the PROFILE.GLB File
    Q85614 FAX: Primary Causes of Mail Failures to Fax Machines
    Q191962 FAX: Problems Configuring Gateway to Stop in Year 2000 or Later
    Q85604 FAX: Program Name for the Fax Gateway
    Q85344 FAX: Questions That Need to Be Answered During Installation
    Q85603 FAX: Retry Mechanism the Gateway Responds To
    Q85340 FAX: Role of the Fax Board and Software
    Q85338 FAX: Role of the Fax Gateway PC
    Q140331 FAX: Send Fax Macro No Longer Works with 32-bit Office products
    Q85356 FAX: Special Formats for Profile Parameters
    Q122335 FAX: Subject Line Limited to 40 Characters
    Q85608 FAX: Typical Support Issues
    Q119624 FAX: Unable to Disable Cover Page and Distribution Box
    Q85602 FAX: What Occurs in the Event of a Mail Failure
    Q85346 FAX: What Software Drivers Are Running on the Gateway PC
    Q85359 FAX: What the Microsoft Mail Gateway to Fax Does
    Q116375 FAX: WIN.INI File Entries Added During Installation
    Q99268 FDirSync: Err Msg: Error [158] Requestor Not Registered
    Q244488 FDIRSYNC: GroupWise Gateway to MS Mail From Novell Won't Dirsync
    Q112879 FFAPI: Address List Contains Local Postoffice Addresses
    Q107446 FFAPI: Application-Put Executables 3.04.1 Update
    Q94410 FFAPI: Basic Address Formats for Gateways
    Q105525 FFAPI: Cannot Mail to Group Members on External Post Offices
    Q118787 FFAPI: Command Line Options for Application FFAPI
    Q104280 FFAPI: Command Line Options for Remote FFAPI Programs
    Q85046 FFAPI: Components of the Application FFAPI
    Q124794 FFAPI: Corrupted From: Field with Large Gateway Put
    Q147253 FFAPI: Corrupt Mailbag when Insert Messages into Full Mailbag
    Q134952 FFAPI: COURPUT 201: Failure Submitting Message...
    Q107754 FFAPI: Default Template Used with IMPORT.EXE and FFAPI
    Q136379 FFAPI: Err Msg: [021] Message Was Not Delivered Due to...
    Q103801 FFAPI: Err Msg: 190 Automatic File Transfer Not Supported
    Q96605 FFAPI: Err Msg: 80 - Bad Gateway Service Type on Create
    Q119685 FFAPI: ERRMSG: Mail Received for Unknown Addresses
    Q106623 FFAPI: ERR MSG: Unknown Service or Bad Address
    Q85043 FFAPI: Errors Caused by an Incorrect FFAPI File
    Q114401 FFAPI: First Contact Form for FFAPI Gateway
    Q85056 FFAPI: Floppy Disk Layouts
    Q103246 FFAPI: Gateway-Put Executables Version 3.04.7 Update
    Q118531 FFAPI: GTWGET Extracts All FFAPI Messages, Specifies PO
    Q85048 FFAPI: How FFAPI is Used in the Other Gateways
    Q87224 FFAPI: Memory and Disk Usage
    Q115518 FFAPI: Memory Usage for MS-DOS Get and Put Executable Files
    Q98209 FFAPI: Message Body Begins with a Blank Line (CRLF)
    Q216476 FFAPI: Messages Get Duplicated when Sending Across FFAPI Gateway
    Q113454 FFAPI: Multiple File Transfer with AppPut, RmtPut -W Option
    Q115490 FFAPI: PUT Programs Work Only on First 50 Messages of MMF File
    Q87651 FFAPI: Sending Mail Through the MCI Gateway Using FFAPI
    Q110612 FFAPI: Slow PUT of Large Messages or Attachments
    Q85057 FFAPI: Summary of Changes
    Q85051 FFAPI: The Components of Gateway FFAPI
    Q85053 FFAPI: The FFAPI Postoffice and How It is Used
    Q85041 FFAPI: The Format of a FFAPI File
    Q85059 FFAPI: The Limitations of FFAPI
    Q118786 FFAPI: The Role of Application FFAPI
    Q85039 FFAPI: The Role of FFAPI
    Q85045 FFAPI: The Role of Remote Application FFAPI
    Q118785 FFAPI: Tokens Required in a FFAPI File
    Q118533 FFAPI: Understanding FFAPI Error Message Format
    Q87223 FFAPI: Understanding Microsoft Mail File Formats
    Q85058 FFAPI: What Files FFAPI Accesses in the PC Mail Database
    Q85055 FFAPI: What to Watch for When Building an FFAPI File
    Q136894 First Contact Form for AppleTalk Mail Client & Server
    Q136893 First Contact Form for MS Mail PO2PO
    Q136892 First Contact Form for MS Mail Server and Mail Client
    Q119423 FPD: Previous File Name Not Cleared When Printing to File
    Q135352 Frequently Asked Questions for Mail for PC Networks
    Q111860 Gen: Message Gets Carriage Return Entered After 78 Characters
    Q150301 Global Voice Commands Take Precedence over Custom Commands
    Q177934 GP Fault When Clicking Properties on Any Local Group
    Q149553 Greeting and Disconnect Problems Using Microsoft Phone
    Q124849 GTWY: Application Notes and Replacement Files for Mail Gateways
    Q124849 Gtwy: Application Notes & Replacement Files for Mail Gateways
    Q249142 Gtwy: AT&T Gateway to MS Mail (PC) Version 5.0 Supported by AT&T
    Q105566 Gtwy: Exit Codes for Gateway MTA Versions 3.0 and Later
    Q118561 GTWY: EXTERNAL.EXE Doesn't Pick Up Mail from Outgoing Gateway
    Q134339 Gtwy: Frequently Asked Questions for Microsoft Mail Gateways
    Q118674 Gtwy: Gateway Connectivity Information
    Q119515 Gtwy: Microsoft Mail Gateways KB Help File, November 1995
    Q116466 Gtwy: One Off Free Form Addressing Formats for PC Mail
    Q182309 How to Use the Microsoft Mail for PC Networks Serializer
    Q199061 HOWTO: Use the WinMail Client to Post Messages to Shared Folders
    Q148291 Incomplete "What Can I Say?" List After Moving Mouse Pointer
    Q158276 INF: PC MMTA: NT MMTA Will Not Start As a Service
    Q102239 Internet Information for MS Customers via
    Q131076 Mac DOS: Err Msg: Low on memory. Unable to Complete Operation.
    Q136894 Mac Gen: First Contact Form for AppleTalk Mail Client & Server
    Q118854 Mac OOF: Unable to Register Server Names Containing Commas
    Q112275 Mac Wkst: Address Error at _CopyRgn
    Q128958 Mac Wkst: Using Mail Notifier and Novell NetWare 4.1
    Q147609 MCI Gateway Support Information
    Q87057 MCI: How Mail Gets from Downstream Postoffice to Gateway
    Q87064 MCI: How to Check to See If Mail Is Queued for the Gateway
    Q119053 MCI: Invalid Address Causes Delivery Failure to All Users
    Q87049 MCI: Main Software Components in an MCI Gateway
    Q105524 MCI: Problems with International Carriers XPC Access to MCI
    Q87055 MCI: Reference Material Available for Installation
    Q87051 MCI: Role of the Gateway PC
    Q87054 MCI: Software Drivers Present in a Mail Gateway PC
    Q87053 MCI: Steps That Must Be Completed to Install the Gateway
    Q173211 MDG: Admin Notice 102 Caused By Missing or Hidden C850sort.glb
    Q175694 MDG: Admin Notice 55
    Q174194 MDG: All Remote Users on Postoffice Get Error
    Q169869 MDG: Gimport on the TechNet CD Before Nov 96 Created MEM
    Q170575 MDG: Help, About Shows "Microsoft Mail for Windows 95"
    Q175696 MDG: Mac Mail Security Violation Error
    Q174184 MDG: Mail Is Missing
    Q173151 MDG: MS Mail to NGW Conversion Utility Written by Novell
    Q173211 MDG: Notice 21 Caused by Missing or Hidden C850sort.glb
    Q169861 MDG: Offline Symbol Caused by Corrupted Mailbag
    Q170574 MDG: One Mail Message Floods Windows Mail Client
    Q170577 MDG: Private Folders in MMF named Orphan Folder #n
    Q170233 MDG:Purpose of the POBOX in Remote Mail
    Q173787 MDG: Random Error "Sign on ID or Password Incorrect"
    Q170573 MDG: Remote Mail is BlackListed
    Q173098 MDG: System 8 for Macintosh breaks MacMail for PC Networks
    Q173203 MDG: Useful life exceeded sending to REMOTE
    Q170435 MDG: Using the ADMINSCH Account to Log in to the Admin Program
    Q177940 Message: Details Are Not Available on This Entry
    Q98814 MHS: 3.0 Gateway Access Disk [3.5, 720K]
    Q98815 MHS: 3.0 Gateway Access Disk [5.25, 1.22 MB]
    Q98817 MHS: 3.0 Gateway Disk [3.5, 720K]
    Q98816 MHS: 3.0 Gateway Disk [5.25, 1.22 MB]
    Q194145 MHS: Attachment Not Delivered, But No Error Message Displayed
    Q194145 MHS: Attachment Not Delivered, But No Error Message is Displayed
    Q115553 MHS: Backboning Microsoft Mail over MHS
    Q130436 MHS: Blank Subject Line
    Q128432 MHS: Circular Routing Through the MHS Gateway
    Q135927 MHS: Command Line Options
    Q99714 MHS: Connecting Microsoft Mail to cc:Mail
    Q118859 MHS: Correct Addressing format to DaVinci Email via MHS
    Q86550 MHS: Definition of an MHS Host
    Q86551 MHS: Definition of Gateway
    Q86546 MHS: Definition of MHS
    Q101680 MHS: Documentation Error for Da Vinci Addressing
    Q128439 MHS: Err Msg: Cannot Open NETDIR.TAB
    Q124954 MHS: Err Msg: Error Getting Memory. Not Enough RAM...
    Q128431 MHS: Err Msg: Gateway Doesn't Support Gateway "{}" Originators
    Q127731 MHS: Err Msg: General Outpost Failure
    Q128717 MHS: Err Msg: Inpost: General File I/O Error
    Q101681 MHS: Err Msg: Inpost: General File I/O Error with MHS Swap
    Q130381 MHS: Err Msg: Inpost General I/O
    Q124746 MHS: Err Msg: Invalid Address
    Q123649 MHS: Err Msg: Outpost: Could Not Create Mail Item
    Q126789 MHS: Err Msg: Outpost: General File I/O Error
    Q128444 MHS: Err Msg: User Not Found: Postmaster
    Q114403 MHS: First Contact Form for MHS Gateway
    Q124955 MHS: Gateway to MHS INSTALL.EXE Version 3.0.1 Update
    Q129745 MHS: Gateway Will Not Process
    Q97652 MHS: How Priority Levels are Mapped to Microsoft Mail
    Q86553 MHS: How the Gateway Communicates with the MHS World
    Q103802 MHS: How to Test Whether the Gateway Is Working
    Q124745 MHS: Incoming Messages Lose 79th Character
    Q192085 MHS: Incorrect Date Recorded in Sent.log and Recv.log Files
    Q103800 MHS: INPOST.EXE Strips Local User Aliases from To: Line
    Q128440 MHS: Long User Names Conflict with -SF Switch
    Q128443 MHS: Mail Stops Moving Between Microsoft Mail and MHS
    Q131988 MHS: Messages Appear Stuck in MHS Queue
    Q194144 MHS: Messages with Addresses on Multiple Lines Not Delivered
    Q191908 MHS: MHS Gateway Computer Problems Beginning With the Year 2000
    Q130626 MHS: MHSINP.EXE Version 3.0.9 Update
    Q125246 MHS: Microsoft Mail Gateway to MHS OUTPOST.EXE Version 3.0.10
    Q94468 MHS: Microsoft Mail & Netware Global Messaging (NGM)
    Q112911 MHS: README.TXT: Gateway to MHS, Version 3.0
    Q86554 MHS: Requirements for the MHS Host
    Q115552 MHS: Running the MHS Gateway from Within MS-DOS
    Q86548 MHS: Software & Hardware Required for Downstream Postoffice
    Q86547 MHS: Software Required to Install the Gateway Postoffice
    Q86556 MHS: Specific Hardware Needed by the Gateway
    Q86549 MHS: Steps That Must Be Completed Prior to Installation
    Q94467 MHS: Updating the MHS Gateway To Version 3.0
    Q86555 MHS: Versions of MHS Supported by the Gateway to MHS
    Q86552 MHS: What the Gateway to MHS Does
    Q120413 Microsoft Mail for PC Networks Version 3.2a Update
    Q180299 Microsoft Mail Is Year 2000 Compliant
    Q260557 Microsoft Mail Password Recovery
    Q111701 Microsoft Mail REBUILD.EXE 3.2.16 Update
    Q153428 Microsoft Phone Dials Local Number as Long Distance
    Q153438 Microsoft Phone Does Not Translate Letters to Numbers
    Q153374 Microsoft Phone May Not Hang Up Immediately After Dialing
    Q150338 Microsoft Voice Does Not Extract WordPad Commands
    Q180296 MS Mail gateway to NGW dirsync fails to provide complete GAL
    Q180296 MS Mail Gateway to NGW Dirsync Fails to Provide Complete GAL
    Q159159 MS Phone May Use Speaker Even Though Handset Is Off the Hook
    Q170541 MTG: Err Msg: Faxstub.dll Is Not a Valid Windows NT Image
    Q175693 MTG: Err Msg: Unknown Error Code 914:F8
    Q170542 MTG: MAPI Unable to Run as a Windows NT Service
    Q170628 MTG: MTA Error: Mailbag Truncated by Up_retries
    Q170395 MTG: MTA Fails with Error Code 914:ce on NetWare 4.11
    Q173200 MTG: Novell Discontinues Support for All MHS Products
    Q173200 MTG: Novell Discontinues Support for All MHS Products As of July 31, 1997
    Q173099 MTG: OS2 Causes a GP Fault in Async.ovl.exe
    Q174164 MTG: PC DIRSYNC
    Q170374 MTG: Service Pack 5 Breaks Microsoft Mail Shared Using FPNW
    Q170391 MTG: System Time Advances One Day When You Run Mail's EXTERNAL
    Q119356 Multi-Language Clients Append Extended Headers
    Q149607 Must Restart After Installing Microsoft Phone on Presario
    Q149646 No DTMF Tones on Presario While Using Speaker Phone
    Q168088 NTMMTA Leaves Os2.exe in Memory When Run as a Service on NT 4.0
    Q168088 NTMMTA Leaves Os2.exe in Memory When Run as Service on NT 4.0
    Q168087 NTMMTA Locks Serial Port When Run as Service on Windows NT 4.0
    Q168089 NTMMTA Locks Session.log When Run As a Service on Windows NT 4.0
    Q243637 Outlook Unable to View All Items in Microsoft Mail Shared Folder
    Q153100 Pager Notification Not Supported with Some Voice Modems
    Q117895 PC Adm: 007 Error Caused by Missing .MEM File
    Q129780 PC Adm: ADMIN.EXE Does Not Report a Failure to Update an .XTN
    Q132952 PC Adm: ADMIN.EXE Started from MS-DOS w/o Prompt for Password
    Q131512 PC Adm: Admin Gains Rights to Shared Folder After Deletion
    Q194737 PC Adm: Admin Hangs When Listing Over 200 Postoffices
    Q248298 PC Adm: Administrator Notice 59: Error Accessing Address File
    Q101404 PC Adm: Administrator's Guide Phone Number Error
    Q194736 PC Adm: Admin Not Displaying X.400 Names Correctly in French
    Q147930 PC Adm: Admin Program Hangs when Regenerate Is Run
    Q129500 PC Adm: Automating the Resetting of Group Files with GIMPORT
    Q103446 PC Adm: .CAL and .MMF Files Not Counted in Storage Status
    Q125512 PC Adm: Changing Administrator Name Changes Keep Updates Field
    Q66007 PC Adm: Changing Network and Postoffice Names
    Q101749 PC Adm: Compression of External Postoffice & Gateway Mailbags
    Q103850 PC Adm: Compress Storage Results in Negative Bytes Recovered
    Q77106 PC Adm: Connecting Two Postoffices by Using Null Modem
    Q101606 PC Adm: Data Disk Not Updated After Regenerate
    Q101140 PC Adm: Deleted External User Still Shows
    Q93076 PC Adm: Deleting Users Does Not Delete Users from Groups
    Q117197 PC Adm: Deleting Users w/IMPORT Leaves Orphaned Folders, .IDXs
    Q77545 PC Adm: Description of Regular and Interval Times
    Q197407 PC Adm: Dirsync Events Not Scheduled Properly in Year 2000
    Q112204 PC Adm: Doc Err: After Completing Task Import
    Q127918 PC Adm: Doc Err: Modifying Template Information
    Q99204 PC Adm: Doc Err: Setting Attributes for High Traffic Network
    Q135929 PC Adm: Do Not Use CONTROL.EXE from the July TechNet CD
    Q114246 PC Adm: Effects of Changing Network or Postoffice Names
    Q117259 PC Adm: Err: Modifying Mailbox Name Causes Notice 34 & 127
    Q131670 PC Adm: Err Msg: ADMIN Is Already Running on this Post Office
    Q117260 PC Adm: Err Msg: Alias Does Not Exist...
    Q123501 PC Adm: Err Msg: Can Not Create User or Can Not Delete User
    Q123437 PC Adm: Err Msg: Could Not Access Requestor's Configuration...
    Q141399 PC Adm: Err Msg: Could Not Access Server's Configuration
    Q118947 PC Adm: Err Msg: Error 29 Alias Does Not Exist
    Q93565 PC Adm: Err Msg: Error Creating Mailbox
    Q128359 PC Adm: Err Msg: Error File Not Accessible
    Q106098 PC Adm: Err Msg: Failure to Read Record
    Q135930 PC Adm: Err Msg: Failure to Update Part or All of RDI System
    Q104869 PC Adm: Err Msg: Import Error [72] Fullname Is Too Long
    Q113166 PC Adm: Err Msg: Moving User '<UserName>' Failed
    Q113166 PC Adm: Err Msg: Moving User 'UserName' Failed
    Q119554 PC Adm: Err Msg: Notice 101 Error File Not Accessible
    Q112906 PC Adm: Err Msg: Notice 10 No External Postoffices... Defined...
    Q103963 PC Adm: Err Msg: Notice 157: Public Folders Are in Use...
    Q113193 PC Adm: Err Msg: Notice 158 Folder in Use... Not Compressed
    Q131423 PC Adm: Err Msg: Notice 162 Failed to Complete Installation...
    Q130115 PC Adm: Err Msg: Notice 163 Failed to Complete Deinstallation
    Q108833 PC Adm: Err Msg: Notice 170 The Folder Index Below...
    Q123372 PC Adm: Err Msg: Notice 19 Error Accessing Post Office...
    Q136047 PC Adm: Err Msg: Notice 1 Device Not Available
    Q112894 PC Adm: Err Msg: Notice 22 Error Creating Mailbox
    Q104079 PC Adm: Err Msg: Notice 27: Disk Directory Full/Error Writing
    Q106509 PC Adm: Err Msg: Notice 28 Error File Not Accessible
    Q130756 PC Adm: Err Msg: Notice 28 Mailbox Recovered
    Q118932 PC Adm: Err Msg: Notice 2 Error Updating MASTER.GLB
    Q112898 PC Adm: Err Msg: Notice 31 Error Loading Template
    Q112905 PC Adm: Err Msg: Notice 36 Error Reading Groups
    Q108840 PC Adm: Err Msg: Notice 37 Disk Directory Full or Error
    Q134234 PC Adm: Err Msg: Notice 38 Cannot Add Local Postoffice Name...
    Q112904 PC Adm: Err Msg: Notice 53 Error Creating User Address
    Q85647 PC Adm: Err Msg: Notice 56: Error Deleting User Address
    Q112881 PC Adm: Err Msg: Notice 58 PO Address List Already Has...
    Q112886 PC Adm: Err Msg: Notice 63 Error Creating Group in PO Address
    Q112885 PC Adm: Err Msg: Notice 71 Failure to Compress Folder
    Q112923 PC Adm: Err Msg: Notice 99 Unable to Access Address Record
    Q130755 PC Adm: Err Msg: Notice 9 Error File Not Accessible
    Q119696 PC Adm: Err Msg: Please Update Your Version of Foldcomp
    Q106510 PC Adm: Err Msg: Postoffice Address List Already Has an Alias...
    Q105124 PC Adm: Err Msg: Template File Does Not Match Data File
    Q86625 PC Adm: Err Msg: This Post Office Is a Hub for Other...
    Q125511 PC Adm: Err Msg: Warning [154] Non-delivery Report...
    Q264283 PC Adm: Error Message: Recipients Mail Address Is Incorrect...
    Q105124 PC Adm: Error Message: Template File Does Not Match Data File
    Q91737 PC Adm: External PO Not Listed in RNETWORK.GLB Regeneration
    Q113452 PC Adm: Files Written to Remote User Data Disk
    Q112913 PC Adm: Five Tildes Required Per Line in ADMIN.TPL File
    Q105966 PC Adm: FIXFLD Utility Incorrectly Gives Syntax for DUMPFLD
    Q103820 PC Adm: Generating RNETWORK.GLB, Writing Records to .XTN Files
    Q103379 PC Adm: How to Create Groups Spanning Multiple Postoffices
    Q86537 PC Adm: How to Move Mail User from One Postoffice to Another
    Q132681 PC Adm: How to Reformat Full Name Field in PO Address List
    Q124487 PC Adm: How to Strand Attachment if It's too Large for System
    Q76522 PC Adm: How to Tell Who Owns a Group or Shared Folder
    Q112897 PC Adm: Import Does Not Support the -L and -N Options Together
    Q104687 PC Adm: IMPORT: Error [12] Displays Wrong Line Number
    Q111556 PC Adm: IMPORT.EXE 3.2.18 Update
    Q117738 PC Adm: IMPORT.EXE Does Not Recover from Reset CONTROL.GLB
    Q117198 PC Adm: IMPORT .INF File Size Increases When IMPORT -A Is Used
    Q112285 PC Adm: IMPORT -R Versus Replace Command in Text File
    Q119640 PC Adm: Incorrect Mailbags for SNADS and PROFS
    Q199676 PC Adm: Invalid Characters in Mailbox Name for Microsoft Mail
    Q106099 PC Adm: Invalid or Inaccurate Error Messages
    Q121956 PC Adm: Mail 3.2a Update Leaves Zero-Byte .GLB Files
    Q120220 PC Adm: Message Stuck in Queue--Sent Multiple Times
    Q104528 PC Adm: Microsoft Extraction Utilities Error Messages
    Q107443 PC Adm: Microsoft Mail ADMIN.EXE 3.2.17 Update
    Q157003 PC Adm: Microsoft Mail Administrator Program and VDM
    Q77104 PC Adm: Microsoft Mail and Network Autodisconnect Feature
    Q120448 PC Adm: Microsoft Mail MAILMGR.DLL Version Update
    Q117693 PC Adm: Microsoft Mail MMFCLEAN.EXE Utility
    Q118510 PC Adm: Microsoft Mail MOVEUSER.EXE Version 3.2.8 Update
    Q103901 PC Adm: Minimum NetWare Trustee Assignments for Mail Database
    Q112257 PC Adm: MOVEUSER: Mail Clients Erratic and Workstations Hang
    Q112901 PC Adm: Moving a Postoffice to Another Server
    Q128319 PC Adm: Non-Alphanumeric Password Does Not Allow Connection
    Q114276 PC Adm: Notice 102 Failure to Generate...RDI System
    Q124042 PC Adm: Notice 40 During Config, DirSync, Requestor, Import
    Q119555 PC Adm: Notice 56 Error Deleting User Address in POL
    Q132743 PC Adm: Only Local-Admin Menu Is Available in ADMIN.EXE
    Q112916 PC Adm: Postoffice Database Storage Status Totals
    Q125245 PC Adm: Postoffice Diagnostics Utility Version 3.2.1
    Q126611 PC Adm: PROFS Templates Lost Using IMPORT -T
    Q125252 PC Adm: Rebuilding the Postoffice Address List
    Q119362 PC Adm: Remote User Init-Disk Hangs
    Q105967 PC Adm: Removed User Still Has Access to Group Folder
    Q124044 PC Adm: Replicating Postoffice Address List Groups Between POs
    Q113071 PC Adm: Requestor Name of MSMAIL Appears Corrupt
    Q130285 PC Adm: Resetting or Rebuilding Mailbags with MAILQ16.EXE
    Q131999 PC Adm: Restoring a Deleted Mail Account
    Q117329 PC Adm: Running IMPORT.EXE under OS/2 with the -ST Parameter
    Q118927 PC Adm: Setting Passwords Using the Administrator Program
    Q126230 PC Adm: Sort Order Incorrect in Address List w/ Extended Chars
    Q80158 PC Adm: Storage Status in ADMIN.EXE Reports 0 Bytes Used
    Q78833 PC Adm: Summary of Administration Program Error Messages
    Q119796 PC Adm: TEMPLATE.EXE Err Msg: No Memory; Error Releasing Mem
    Q157003 PC Adm: The Microsoft Mail Administrator Program and MS-DOS Virtual Machines
    Q78705 PC Adm: Time Interval Based on One 24-Hour Day
    Q114395 PC Adm: Troubleshooting Notice 40 Error Messages
    Q118447 PC Adm: Using IMPORT -A Removes Users from Postoffice List
    Q105178 PC Adm: Using Import to Modify Home Postoffice Name
    Q117199 PC Adm: .XTN File for Downstream PO Not Updated Correctly
    Q123376 PC DB: 2.1 Admin Address List Limited to 32,768 Addresses
    Q98264 PC DB: 3.0a Mail Server Disk 1 [3.5, 720K; 5.25, 1.2 MB]
    Q98329 PC DB: 3.0a Mail Server Disk 2 [3.5, 720K; 5.25, 1.2 MB]
    Q98330 PC DB: 3.0a Mail Server Disk 3 [3.5, 720K; 5.25, 1.2 MB]
    Q98331 PC DB: 3.0a Mail Server Disk 4 [3.5, 720K; 5.25, 1.2 MB]
    Q98263 PC DB: 3.0a Server Update Disk [3.5, 720K; 5.25, 1.2 MB]
    Q98338 PC DB: 3.0b Mail Server Update Disk [3.5, 720K; 5.25, 1.2 MB]
    Q96649 PC DB: 3.0b Server Disk 1 [3.5, 720K; 5.25, 1.2 MB]
    Q96650 PC DB: 3.0b Server Disk 2 [3.5, 720K; 5.25, 1.2 MB]
    Q96651 PC DB: 3.0b Server Disk 3 [3.5, 720K; 5.25, 1.2 MB]
    Q96652 PC DB: 3.0b Server Disk 4 [3.5, 720K; 5.25 1.2 MB]
    Q96639 PC DB: 3.0 Server Disk 1 [3.5, 5.25]
    Q96640 PC DB: 3.0 Server Disk 2 [3.5, 5.25]
    Q96641 PC DB: 3.0 Server Disk 3 [3.5, 5.25]
    Q96642 PC DB: 3.0 Server Disk 4 [3.5, 5.25]
    Q96647 PC DB: 3.0 Server Update Disk 1 [3.5, 5.25]
    Q100511 PC DB: Assigning Owners to Files in NetWare 2.x and 3.x
    Q87378 PC DB: ATT Directory Structure
    Q69773 PC DB: Backing Up a Mail Database
    Q201788 PC DB: Can't Send Microsoft Mail in Inbox of Outlook or Exchange
    Q209486 PC DB: Changing the Serial Number on an MS Mail Postoffice
    Q99725 PC DB: Checking for Ownerless Files in NetWare
    Q104279 PC DB: Creating or Resetting a .KEY and .MBG Pair
    Q99419 PC DB: Database Maintenance Utilities [Complete]
    Q87379 PC DB: Description of an .ATT File
    Q77926 PC DB: Description of Mail Database Subdirectories
    Q87432 PC DB: Description of TPL File
    Q146113 PC DB: Effect of Compress on System Used .KEY and .MBG Files
    Q94259 PC DB: Err Msg: Could Not Find Mail System Database
    Q87411 PC DB: Err Msg: Error in Transmitting Mail or Server Disk Full
    Q128357 PC DB: Err Msg: Not Find Mail System Data Files on Drive M:
    Q118358 PC DB: Err Msg: Notice 107, File Is Inaccessible
    Q128358 PC DB: Err Msg: Program Is Incompatible with the Postoffice
    Q121717 PC DB: Err Msg: The Folder Conversion Process Was Halted...
    Q108027 PC DB: Finding MAI File Name from MBG File
    Q118321 PC DB: Gateway Addresses and Template Information
    Q117927 PC DB: General Information About Mail Templates
    Q86375 PC DB: Global Address List Definition and Details
    Q87402 PC DB: How ACCESS Files Are Linked Together
    Q104562 PC DB: How to Remove Groups After Running ACCTONME.EXE
    Q101833 PC DB: How to Remove Stranded .ATT and .MAI Files
    Q104423 PC DB: How to Reset the .MAI File Counter of MBG Owners
    Q118855 PC DB: How to Reset the MODEM.GLB File
    Q87388 PC DB: How to Tell If a CONTROL.GLB File Is Corrupted
    Q87465 PC DB: How to Tell if an ACCESS File Is Corrupt
    Q108841 PC DB: Import Does Not Send Welcome Message to New Users
    Q127954 PC DB: Keeping NTFS Security Intact When Moving a PO
    Q135932 PC DB: LISTUSER Version 2.1 Displays Unrecognizable Characters
    Q93239 PC DB: Mail Message (.MAI) File Format
    Q87416 PC DB: More MBG Files Than Local Postoffice Users
    Q129781 PC DB: Move User Err: A User Already Exists on the Postoffice
    Q77646 PC DB: NetWare 286/386 Rights for Mail Database
    Q87382 PC DB: No Limit to the Size of an Attachment File
    Q212756 PC DB: Non-Delivery Report "Recipient's Inbox Does Not Exist or
    Q117646 PC DB: Ownerless Files on Novell Networks
    Q92439 PC DB: Preventing .KEY Files from Locking Up on Networks
    Q104586 PC DB: Quick Check for Enhanced Security
    Q87417 PC DB: Rebuilding an MBG File
    Q95975 PC DB: Rebuilding Group Folders Changes Folder Type
    Q221963 PC DB: Recovering Messages in the Inqueue3 and P1 Folder
    Q104527 PC DB: Shared Folder Rights Not Available to Admin by Default
    Q87405 PC DB: Structure of the HLP Directory
    Q87409 PC DB: Structure of the MAI Directory
    Q87386 PC DB: Symptoms of a Missing CONTROL.GLB File
    Q87408 PC DB: Symptoms of Not Having a KEY File
    Q87415 PC DB: Symptoms of Not Having an MBG File
    Q87381 PC DB: Symptoms of Not Having the ATT Subdirectory
    Q148707 PC DB: Troubleshooting Mail When Messages Are Not Moving
    Q102669 PC DB: Updating a 2.1 PO to 3.0 Changes GRPMEM.GLB Variable
    Q130752 PC DB: Use of the ALIAS.TPL
    Q99121 PC DB: WA0641: Database Maintenance Utilities
    Q87395 PC DB: What the GROUP.GLB File Is Used For
    Q87467 PC DB: What the NETWORK.GLB File Is Used For
    Q87404 PC DB: What the TID.GLB File Is Used For
    Q87385 PC DB: Which Programs Access the CONTROL.GLB File
    Q87392 PC DB: Which Programs Access the GLOBAL.GLB File
    Q87396 PC DB: Which Programs Access the GROUP.GLB File
    Q119359 PC DB Win: Steps to Move User's Account Without Using MoveUser
    Q105125 PC DirSync: Address Deleted After Dir-Sync Import or Resync
    Q131681 PC DirSync: After Reset, Export/Import Times Still Exist
    Q194857 PC DirSync: Break Relative Parameter Not Equal to Original Minutes Set
    Q194857 PC DirSync: Break Relative Parameter Not Set Properly
    Q104743 PC DirSync: Cannot Remove Dir-Sync Requestor After Install
    Q118621 PC DirSync: Commonly Asked Questions
    Q119590 PC DirSync: Conflicting Run Window Times in Dir-Sync Schedule
    Q119241 PC DirSync: Cross-Postoffice Groups Showing in the GAL
    Q135028 PC DirSync: CTRL+C Displayed But Ignored in IMPORT and REQMAIN
    Q93569 PC DirSync: CTRL+C Displayed But Not Used in IMPORT.EXE
    Q93571 PC DirSync: CTRL+C Displayed But Not Used in REQMAIN.EXE
    Q93570 PC DirSync: CTRL+C Displayed But Not Used in SRVMAIN.EXE
    Q130230 PC DirSync: Deleted Postoffice Not Removed from GAL
    Q119449 PC DirSync: Description of RESYNC.GLB
    Q96060 PC DirSync: Directory Synchronization (Dir-Sync)
    Q99961 PC DirSync: Dir-Sync Import Required If Requestor Deleted
    Q119111 PC DirSync: Dir-Sync Processes Launched at Wrong Time
    Q123857 PC DirSync: DirSync Request Limitations of SRVMAIN.EXE
    Q260015 PC DirSync: Dispatch Does Not Work on Windows 2000
    Q148771 PC DirSync: Err Msg: Bad ID or Password
    Q138783 PC DirSync: ErrMsg: Error [115] Failure to Read Mail from NULL
    Q108844 PC DirSync: Err Msg: Error 133 Invalid Server Request
    Q125917 PC DirSync: Err Msg: Error 156 Invalid Dirsync Password
    Q119240 PC DirSync: Err Msg: Error 46 No Fullname
    Q128872 PC DirSync: Err Msg: Error [ 81] No Mailbox Name Net/PO/
    Q130449 PC DirSync: Err Msg: Fatal 113 Failure to Send Mail...
    Q119450 PC DirSync: Err Msg: Fatal 118 Transaction Limit Reached
    Q136333 PC DirSync: Err Msg: Fatal 159 Failure to Send Update Mail...
    Q136487 PC DirSync: Err Msg: Fatal [161] Server Configuration Busy
    Q104870 PC DirSync: Err Msg: Fatal [202] No Valid Postoffice Found
    Q99117 PC DirSync: Err Msg: Fatal [203] GAL Rebuild Problem
    Q108831 PC DirSync: Err Msg: Fatal [203] GAL Rebuild Problem
    Q135486 PC DirSync: Err Msg: Fatal 39 Error Generating TID
    Q134228 PC DirSync: Err Msg: Fatal [ 7] Error Renaming File
    Q112280 PC DirSync: Err Msg: Fatal Error 2 Opening File: MSTTRANS
    Q136514 PC DirSync: Err Msg: Fatal Error 54 Server Name Not Accessed
    Q112301 PC Dirsync: Err Msg: File Error Sorting Queue Usrtrans.glb
    Q112301 PC DirSync: Err Msg: File Error Sorting Queue USRTRANS.GLB
    Q105965 PC DirSync: Err Msg: GAL Not Active on this PO
    Q122751 PC DirSync: Err Msg: Gateway Not Installed: <Gateway Name>
    Q131509 PC DirSync: Err Msg: No Tasks from Requestor:...
    Q148718 PC DirSync: Err Msg: NSDA-<process> Missed its Run Window
    Q132731 PC DirSync: Err Msg: NSDA Terminated with Exit Code 2
    Q148705 PC DirSync ErrMsg: NSDA -x Terminated Abnormally w/ Exit Code
    Q119017 PC DirSync: Err Msg: Possible Database Corruption Detected...
    Q112303 PC DirSync: Err Msg: Warning 128 Could Not Process Requestor
    Q127752 PC DirSync: Err Msg: Warning 8 Error Deleting File...
    Q130064 PC DirSync: Err Msg: [XX] Error Obtaining Message #: YY
    Q96004 PC DirSync: Error and Status Msgs #120 - 249
    Q96002 PC DirSync: Error and Status Msgs #30 - 59
    Q96003 PC DirSync: Error and Status Msgs #60 - 118
    Q96001 PC DirSync: Error and Status Msgs #9 - 29
    Q149271 PC DirSync: Explanation of DSSERVER.LOG Codes 167, 171 and 105
    Q113453 PC DirSync: Export Required If Server Restored from Backup
    Q122750 PC DirSync: Files to Check If IMPORT.EXE Does Not Complete
    Q257740 PC DirSync: Global Reset for Microsoft Mail
    Q123398 PC DirSync: Groups with 10 Characters Group Address Remain
    Q123856 PC DirSync: How to Distribute Gateway Addresses with Dir-Sync
    Q119014 PC DirSync: How to Recover from Missing REQTRANS.GLB File
    Q147161 PC DirSync: How to Stop a Second NSDA -S Process
    Q130978 PC DirSync: IdleTime Will Not Work if External Is Idle Process
    Q101933 PC DirSync: Import Accepts All External Address Lists
    Q119016 PC DirSync: IMPORT.EXE Command-Line Options Used and Ignored
    Q122689 PC DirSync: IMPORT.EXE Hangs When Processing Corrupt RESYNC.GLB
    Q194819 PC DirSync: Import Hangs when Processing Srvtrans.glb
    Q148770 PC DirSync: IMPORT -S Hangs Computer During Dir-Sync
    Q147158 PC DirSync: Imports with Template Information Take Long Time
    Q126610 PC DirSync: Import -X Fails for SNADS Gateway
    Q137865 PC DirSync: Incorrect SMTP Addresses in POL After Dir-Sync
    Q133428 PC DirSync: Information on the REQTRANS.GLB Transaction File
    Q102926 PC DirSync: Invalid Import Filename Does Not Create Log
    Q140462 PC DirSync: LISTDS.EXE Does Not Reset REQCONF.GLB
    Q269129 PC DirSync: Making Exchange Server Computer the Dirsync Server
    Q133719 PC DirSync: MaxLanMailSize Does Not Apply to Dir-Sync Messages
    Q111701 PC DirSync: Microsoft Mail REBUILD.EXE 3.2.16 Update
    Q111703 PC DirSync: Microsoft Mail Srvmain.exe Version 3.2.14 Update
    Q111703 PC DirSync: Microsoft Mail SRVMAIN.EXE Version 3.2.14 Update
    Q119452 PC DirSync: No Requestor Updates to Send
    Q132856 PC DirSync: Notice 37 When Exporting Postoffice Address List
    Q142841 PC DirSync: No Updated Address List With Multiple T2 Cycles
    Q116435 PC DirSync: Null Dir-Sync Password Settings Accepted on Server
    Q101137 PC DirSync: Possible Failure of Directory Synchronization
    Q193676 PC DirSync: Problem using Outlook client with Journaling on an MSMail PO
    Q193676 PC DirSync: Problem using Outlook Journaling on MSMail PO
    Q134226 PC DirSync: Purpose and Results of Choosing Global-List Option
    Q148364 PC DirSync: Rebuild Terminating Without Status Message
    Q131151 PC DirSync: Removing Users from Directory Synchronization
    Q108067 PC DirSync: Requestor Inactive for Longer Than Update Window
    Q102017 PC DirSync: Running REBUILD.EXE Enables the GAL
    Q125918 PC DirSync: SRVMAIN.EXE Causes Trap 000D Error
    Q118298 PC DirSync: Template Information Sent with TEMPLATE=NO
    Q134225 PC DirSync: Use of the -TU and -TL Options for DISPATCH.EXE
    Q96060 PC DirSync: WA0725: Directory Synchronization (Dir-Sync)
    Q101753 PC DirSync: When to Use the Time Zone Option with Dir-Sync
    Q216193 PC DirSync: WinNT Version of Import Cannot Add for Batch
    Q216193 PC DirSync: WinNT Version of Import Cannot Add for Batch Imported Users to Groups
    Q119018 PC DirSync: Zero-Byte ADMIN.NME Halts REBUILD
    Q96644 PC DOS: 3.0 MS-DOS Workstation Disk [5.25, 1.2 MB]
    Q96645 PC DOS: 3.0 MS-DOS Workstation Update Disk 1 [3.5, 720K]
    Q96646 PC DOS: 3.0 MS-DOS Workstation Update Disk 2 [3.5, 720K]
    Q126592 PC DOS: 3.x DOS Client Displays Garbage in Address List
    Q119088 PC DOS: 4096 Is Maximum Number of Inbox Entries
    Q93133 PC DOS: Advanced Security on NetWare MS-DOS Client
    Q119087 PC DOS: Attachments Save to Root with Monitor 3.0b
    Q112207 PC DOS: Command-Line Parameters for MSCAPT.EXE
    Q71697 PC DOS: Creating Action Field Items for the Operator Program
    Q127738 PC DOS: Default Text Color Changed in Message Body
    Q91702 PC DOS: Deleting Messages from Shared Folders
    Q123373 PC DOS: DrivesNovell Not Support Novell 4.0 Special Characters
    Q112889 PC DOS: Err Msg: Error Mailing to Mailbox...
    Q106100 PC DOS: Err Msg: Keyboard Is Disabled. Saving Image.
    Q128324 PC DOS: Err Msg: Notice 109 Accessing Folders
    Q108195 PC DOS: Err Msg: Notice 109 Private Folders on Local Storage..
    Q104365 PC DOS: Err Msg: Notice 127 Private Folder Index Missing
    Q104372 PC DOS: Err Msg: Notice 132 Folder Busy, Try Again Later
    Q112888 PC DOS: Err Msg: Notice 13 Disk Full or Error Writing to Disk
    Q104367 PC DOS: Err Msg: Notice 33 More Mail at Postoffice...
    Q142094 PC DOS: Err Msg: Notice 38: Empty Personal Address List (PAL)
    Q142094 PC DOS: Err Msg: Notice 38: Empty Personal Address List (PAL)
    Q112908 PC DOS: Err Msg: Notice 50 Folder Damaged...
    Q119563 PC DOS: Err Msg: Notice 62 Address No Longer Valid
    Q105960 PC DOS: Err Msg: Notice 64 Failure to Modify Folder Rights
    Q103906 PC DOS: Err Msg: Notice 80: Failure to Create Folder
    Q103964 PC DOS: Err Msg: Notice 91 Duplicate Folder Name
    Q104371 PC DOS: Err Msg: Notice 98 No Log Folder Has Been Defined
    Q90479 PC DOS: Err Msg: No Users Defined in Personal Address List
    Q102751 PC DOS: Err Msg: The Folder Is Busy...
    Q75205 PC DOS: Graphics Screen Corruption When Using Micro & Monitor
    Q78704 PC DOS: Group Folder Owner Can Always Use Group Folder
    Q112203 PC DOS: How to Create Subfolders in the MS-DOS Client
    Q126923 PC DOS: How to Use CONVERT.EXE
    Q119560 PC DOS: How to Use One-Off Addressing
    Q77956 PC DOS: Logging Options Inoperative in Operator and Monitor
    Q86374 PC DOS Mac: Running 3.0 Clients Against Older Postoffices
    Q114126 PC DOS: Mail Does Not Release Memory After Notice 0
    Q117653 PC DOS: MAIL.EXE Command-Line Options
    Q111042 PC DOS: Missing Message File Aborts Saving Mail to Folder
    Q112272 PC DOS: Monitor and Operator TSRs Only Use POL and PAL
    Q125251 PC DOS: Monitor Erases Message When Trying to Forward Message
    Q108196 PC DOS: MS-DOS Client Does Not Show Changed WELCOME.GLB Header
    Q105165 PC DOS: MS-DOS Client Doesn't Log Msg. If Print Selected First
    Q116115 PC DOS: MS-DOS Client MAIL.EXE 3.0.2 Update
    Q116436 PC DOS: MS-DOS Mail Client Can Misdirect Mail
    Q86373 PC DOS: New Features in 3.0 Client Utilities
    Q86371 PC DOS: New Features in 3.0 MS-DOS Client
    Q112289 PC DOS: Notice 20 Error When Printing May Be Due to SHARE.EXE
    Q98783 PC DOS: Password Option with Micro Not Consistent
    Q119411 PC DOS: SCRCOMP.EXE -P Option Not Work
    Q95898 PC DOS: Slash Character Truncates X.400 Organization Name
    Q98537 PC DOS: Starting Monitor in Monochrome Mode
    Q117803 PC DOS: Undeliverable Mail Does Not Retain Highlighted Text
    Q75203 PC DOS: Unloading TSRs from Batch Files on NetWare LANs
    Q112266 PC DOS: Updating Monitor Hotkey Status
    Q80274 PC DOS: Using the Micro or Monitor TSRs on NetBIOS Networks
    Q69743 PC DOS: Using the NEWMAIL Utility with Mail
    Q130319 PC DOS Win: Convert.exe Doesn't Work on Windows NT 3.5 Computers
    Q121951 PC DOS Win: PAB Retains Old Address of a Moved User
    Q117805 PC DynAd: DynaAdmin Does Not Recognize 50 Line Screen Mode
    Q127890 PC DynAd: Dynadmin Does Not Allow Blank Admin Password
    Q101934 PC Ext: Attachments Not Returned When Useful Life Is Exceeded
    Q81315 PC Ext: Auto Answer Must Be Off for Modem Communications
    Q136598 PC Ext: Cannot Initiate Connection to External Asynchronous PO
    Q112281 PC Ext: /ClockRollOver May Be Needed When BIOS Not Detected
    Q102492 PC Ext: Debug Message Displayed Twice When Using -Q1 Option
    Q80272 PC Ext: Diagnostics Produced by the -Q2z Parameter on External
    Q129236 PC Ext: Dip Switch Settings Incorrect in USRHST Modem Script
    Q101752 PC Ext: Dispatch Cannot Spawn Batch File Without COMMAND.COM
    Q95972 PC Ext: Dispatch Cannot Spawn External with Break Options
    Q105958 PC Ext: Display Command Does Not Work with External 3.2
    Q117802 PC Ext: Display Options in Verbose Mode
    Q128828 PC Ext: DrivesDynamic Problems with Station Restrictions
    Q123397 PC Ext: Duplicate Entries in SENT.LOG When Transfer Via Modem
    Q121733 PC Ext: Err: [012] This Corrupt Message Cannot Be Delivered...
    Q127919 PC Ext: Err Msg: [002] Mail Was Received...Unknown Addresses
    Q128627 PC Ext: Err Msg: [004] Message Circular Route Detected
    Q127002 PC Ext: Err Msg: A Critical Error Has Occurred...
    Q89850 PC Ext: Err Msg: Already Attached to Server
    Q93568 PC Ext: Err Msg: Cannot Connect to Server
    Q118619 PC Ext: Err Msg: Drive in Error: <Drive Letter>
    Q103960 PC Ext: Err Msg: Error 021: Message Was Not Delivered...
    Q104485 PC Ext: Err Msg: Error 21 Missing Routing File
    Q132413 PC Ext: Err Msg: Error Code=1005, Device Error=000c
    Q93564 PC Ext: Err Msg: Error on Log File Open
    Q108843 PC Ext: Err Msg: Invalid Option Specified in .INI
    Q147157 PC Ext: Err Msg: Logging to: Error Writing to Log File
    Q131116 PC Ext: Err Msg: Mail Was Received...Addressed to Unknown...
    Q113165 PC Ext: Err Msg: Retry Count Exceeded
    Q135902 PC Ext: Err Msg: Sending File xxxxxxxx.P1 Failed
    Q147160 PC Ext: Err Msg: The Desired File Server Was Not Found
    Q130067 PC Ext: Err Msg: Unable to Access :XTN\xxxxxxxx.XTN...
    Q78803 PC Ext: Estimating Memory Requirements for EXTERNAL.EXE
    Q150991 PC Ext: Explanation of Opportunistic Locking on Windows NT
    Q128913 PC Ext: Explanation of .PBB and .0LK Files
    Q114031 PC Ext: External 3.2.5 Doesn't Accept SendHomeOnly Parameter
    Q113119 PC Ext: External 3.2 Decrements Retry Count
    Q136489 PC Ext: External Access Up to 50 NetWare Network Connections
    Q117677 PC Ext: EXTERNAL.EXE Creates No Remote Client SENT.LOG Entry
    Q191942 PC Ext: External.exe Displays Dates Incorrectly after 1999
    Q116434 PC Ext: EXTERNAL.INI Equivalents to -Qx Command-Line Options
    Q124857 PC Ext: EXTERNAL.INI Requires [External] Section
    Q92438 PC Ext: External Mail Program's -Qx Option
    Q128585 PC Ext: External May Fail to Answer Incoming Calls
    Q133720 PC Ext: External Processes Mail During F1, F2, and F3 Screens
    Q128628 PC Ext: External Reports Incorrect Version
    Q104027 PC Ext: External Runs on 2.1 Postoffices
    Q112284 PC Ext: External -SMono Monochrome Display Switch
    Q130068 PC Ext: External Stops Mail with DrivesWan Option
    Q93080 PC Ext: External Tries Repeatedly to Deliver Mail
    Q118676 PC Ext: External Won't Dial Out Unless There Is Outbound Mail
    Q104026 PC Ext: F1 Displays Help Screen in External Mail Program
    Q121732 PC Ext: Failure Delivering User Mail Due to Mailbag Contention
    Q118448 PC Ext: Features and Uses of EXTERNAL.EXE F2 Key Option
    Q118888 PC Ext: First Contact Form for Microsoft Mail EXTERNAL.EXE
    Q143354 PC Ext Gen: Questions Asked About X.25 and External [Part 1]
    Q148246 PC Ext Gen: Questions Asked About X.25 and External [Part II]
    Q103447 PC Ext: Home Postoffice Must Be on Direct Drive
    Q199800 PC Ext: How External Picks Up Mail
    Q77628 PC Ext: How External Sends Mail Between Postoffices
    Q100826 PC Ext: How External Sends Mail Between Postoffices
    Q117562 PC Ext: IMPORT.EXE Autocreate Fails if EXTERNAL.EXE Running
    Q136004 PC Ext: Inaccurate Nondelivery Reports or Duplicate Mail
    Q136004 PC Ext: Inaccurate Non-Delivery Reports or Duplicate Mail
    Q137676 PC Ext: Inbox Header Displays Incorrect Date
    Q119884 PC Ext: Increasing Retry Count for LAN-Based Mail
    Q118675 PC Ext: Large Mail Message Fails with Windows NT and MMTA
    Q147783 PC Ext: Log File Locations for NT MMTA and MS-DOS EXTERNAL.EXE
    Q127003 PC Ext: Mailbox Name Truncated in CALLIN.LOG
    Q117804 PC Ext: Mailing to External Addresses Via Groups from Other PO
    Q78803 PC Ext: Memory Requirements for the External Mail Program
    Q111558 PC Ext: Microsoft Mail EXTERNAL.EXE Version 3.2.18 Update
    Q105166 PC Ext: MinKDiskFull & MinKDiskNotFull Not Written to Log File
    Q103383 PC Ext: Missing .XTN File Causes Errors in External 3.2
    Q103849 PC Ext: Modem Scripts That Only Support 9600 Baud
    Q117427 PC Ext: MS-DOS External and RebootOnCE
    Q117152 PC Ext: MTA Not Report LAN Man User-Level Security Problems
    Q100828 PC Ext: Normal Purge on P1 Subdirectory for NetWare
    Q148792 PC Ext: Not Dial the Modem at the Regular Interval Variable
    Q143000 PC Ext NTMMTA: Err Msg: "No Answer" Using NULLMODM Script
    Q132746 PC Ext NTMMTA: External Will Not Answer w/ USR Sportster Modem
    Q101750 PC Ext: Overlay Files and How They Work
    Q264331 PC Ext: PC Mail Error Message: [001] Unable to Deliver
    Q131680 PC Ext: Possible Status Values in F2 and F3 Screens
    Q131422 PC Ext: Purpose and Function of -V20 Switch
    Q125328 PC Ext: Purpose of CommInOnly Option for External
    Q102556 PC Ext: -Q4 Parameter Output Meanings
    Q147471 PC Ext: Remote Client Sets Hop Count to Ten
    Q78830 PC Ext: Reverse Carrier for Voice/Modem Switches
    Q135487 PC Ext: Running External and WAN Drives
    Q103460 PC Ext: Running EXTERNAL.EXE Clears the Keyboard Buffer
    Q126750 PC Ext: Running External on PC-NFS File Services
    Q140245 PC Ext: Running Externals with the -bt Option in a Batch File
    Q118813 PC Ext: Script File Order of Precedence
    Q112255 PC Ext: Session Log File Maintenance
    Q99139 PC Ext: SESSION.LOG File Shows Only First 10 Characters
    Q89849 PC Ext: Slow Modem Communications with 9600 Baud Modems
    Q194600 PC Ext: Some *SPECIAL Messages Cause WinNT & OS/2 MMTAs to Fail
    Q194600 PC Ext: Some *SPECIAL Mssgs. Cause WinNT & OS/2 MMTAs to Fail
    Q132878 PC Ext: START Status Message on External
    Q159507 PC Ext: Supported WAN Environments with MS Mail for PC Networks
    Q118620 PC Ext: Support of EXTERNAL.EXE Under Windows NT
    Q121734 PC Ext: SYS3175 MMTA Error in ASYNC.OVL
    Q136008 PC Ext: The F2 Key Does Not Display All Postoffices
    Q121735 PC Ext: UNINIT Status Message on External
    Q91036 PC Ext: Uninstall Enhanced Security Message Not Required
    Q131915 PC Ext: Using External and Dynamic Drives on Novell NetWare
    Q126718 PC Ext: Using External with Novell and Windows NT Postoffices
    Q100827 PC Ext: Version Differences in External Program -W Option
    Q119642 PC Ext: Version Differences Locking External P1 File for Async
    Q147586 PC Ext: Viewing a Queue with More Than 50 Messages
    Q118946 PC Ext: What Is the RNETSEM.GLB?
    Q136055 PC Ext: Windows 95 Inbox to Use an External Delivery Agent
    Q118504 PC Ext: X.25 Err Msg: Mail Retry Count Exceeded...
    Q103334 PC Forms: 1.0 Forms Designer Disk 1 [3.5, 1.44 MB]
    Q104361 PC Forms: Attach Defaults to WINDOWS\SYSTEM Directory
    Q126289 PC Forms: Cannot Delete Attachment from Routing Form
    Q148365 PC Forms: Characters Following a Tab Are Not Retrieved
    Q101142 PC Forms: Compatibility with Windows NT Mail32
    Q119561 PC Forms: Cross-Platform E-Forms Not Supported
    Q104366 PC Forms: Custom Form Not Displayed
    Q104420 PC Forms: Data Segment Error When Routing File
    Q103197 PC Forms: Debugging Forms Opened in Mail
    Q102756 PC Forms: Deleted Form Does Not Appear in Wastebasket
    Q111375 PC Forms: Doc Err: Making a Check Box Read-Only
    Q99118 PC Forms: E-Form Causes GP Fault
    Q111532 PC Forms: E-Forms SETUP.EXE Version 1.01 Update
    Q99056 PC Forms: Electronic Forms Designer Cache
    Q104109 PC Forms: Err: Login Failure When Opening from Browser
    Q102448 PC Forms: Err: MAPI_FAILURE When Sending Message
    Q101751 PC Forms: Err Msg: Another Application Denied Your Request
    Q99306 PC Forms: Err Msg: Another Application Refused the Request
    Q128519 PC Forms: Err Msg: Bad Command Line (on Delivery)
    Q123320 PC Forms: Err Msg: Could Not Copy File..
    Q139112 PC Forms: ErrMsg: Displaying this Message Correctly Requires..
    Q141068 PC Forms: Err Msg: Error Could Not Execute...
    Q99580 PC Forms: Err Msg: File Not Found
    Q107771 PC Forms: Err Msg: Illegal Function Call
    Q110095 PC Forms: Err Msg: "Invalid Column Value" Using Grid Control
    Q99260 PC Forms: Err Msg: Invalid Message
    Q121316 PC Forms: Err Msg: "Invalid Message" When Reading an E-Form
    Q117651 PC Forms: Err Msg: Invalid Package When Sending an E-Form
    Q99664 PC Forms: Err Msg: MAPI Failure
    Q138003 PC Forms: Err Msg: ...No E-forms Available in Shared Mail...
    Q103793 PC Forms: Err Msg: The Application Could Not Be Executed...
    Q103515 PC Forms: Err Msg: The Document Name or Path Is Not Valid...
    Q103962 PC Forms: Err Msg: The Type of Data Did Not Match...
    Q99569 PC Forms: Err Msg: This Message Is Missing Some Information...
    Q103290 PC Forms: Error Copying Files in Setup
    Q110094 PC Forms: Errors When Opening E-Forms Under Windows NT
    Q104147 PC Forms: Extended Characters Lost When Saving Forms
    Q104278 PC Forms: Fax Gateway Does Not Support E-Forms
    Q103380 PC Forms: File Scan Rights Required for Novell NetWare
    Q99568 PC Forms: Gauge Custom Control Causes GP Fault
    Q103961 PC Forms: Icon Not Displayed in Routing Form
    Q105312 PC Forms: Incorrect Data Displayed in Subform
    Q107357 PC Forms: Incorrect Data Printed from Subform
    Q99663 PC Forms: Installing E-Forms Designer on Remote Clients
    Q99201 PC Forms: Installing Forms Designer on Shared Windows or Mail
    Q103381 PC Forms: Installing Forms Designer with Non-English Mail
    Q99055 PC Forms: Mail Message Displays Name in Single Quotation Marks
    Q98011 PC Forms: Mail Options Reset After Using Custom Form
    Q104363 PC Forms: MAPI_FAILURE Forwarding from Shared Folder
    Q110098 PC Forms: Masked Edit Control Not Automatically Packaged
    Q135351 PC Forms: MEFPKG.DAT File Size Limited to 64K
    Q137351 PC Forms: MEFROUTE.XLA Will Not Route Excel 5 Workbooks
    Q104818 PC Forms: Message Class Not Preserved When Forwarding
    Q104364 PC Forms: Message Displayed in Compose Form
    Q99697 PC Forms: MS Mail Spooler (Auto) Is Visible
    Q112893 PC Forms: Multiple Forms in a Single Executable File
    Q105177 PC Forms: No Error Returned by MEFWriteItem() Function
    Q103794 PC Forms: No Save As Command in Routing Form
    Q103959 PC Forms: Reply from PROFS Loses Form Data
    Q99057 PC Forms: Resolved Names Are Not Underlined
    Q111895 PC Forms: Routing Stopped by Client Without E-Form Software
    Q114028 PC Forms: Run Minimized Property Doesn't Function in E-form
    Q117652 PC Forms: Sender Does Not Appear in Read Reply Form
    Q99696 PC Forms: Sending E-Forms Via SMTP Gateway
    Q115166 PC Forms: Spell Checking Text in an E-Form
    Q110320 PC Forms: Summary List of E-Forms Designer 1.0 Bugs
    Q99058 PC Forms: Telephone Note Accelerator Keys
    Q102682 PC Forms: Text Not Aligned in Mail 2.1 Client
    Q105963 PC Forms: Unable to Set Message Priority in E-Forms
    Q100040 PC Forms: Updates to MAPI Visual Basic API
    Q113083 PC Forms: User Setup for Running on Windows NT
    Q104135 PC Forms: Using Grid and OLE Client Controls in Routing Forms
    Q101539 PC Forms: Using Visual Basic OLE 2.0 Control
    Q103385 PC Forms: Word for Windows Left Running After Installation
    Q102754 PC Forms: Working with Data in Combo Boxes
    Q119562 PC Forms: Working with Multiple-Selection List Boxes
    Q89368 PC Gen: 3.0 Working Model Runs Only on Windows 3.1
    Q134677 PC Gen: 3.5 Mail for PC Networks AT&T Gateway Disks [3.5]
    Q134669 PC Gen: 3.5 Mail for PC Networks Disks 1-4 [3.5]
    Q134670 PC Gen: 3.5 Mail for PC Networks Disks 5-7 [3.5]
    Q134675 PC Gen: 3.5 Mail for PC Networks Forms Designer Disk [3.5]
    Q134678 PC Gen: 3.5 Mail for PC Networks Macintosh Client Disk [3.5]
    Q134678 PC Gen: 3.5 Mail for PC Networks Macintosh Client Disk [3.5]
    Q134672 PC Gen: 3.5 Mail for PC Networks Mail Diagnostics Disk [3.5]
    Q134673 PC Gen: 3.5 Mail for PC Networks Mail Utilities Disk [3.5]
    Q134676 PC Gen: 3.5 Mail for PC Networks Microsoft Fax Disk [3.5]
    Q134674 PC Gen: 3.5 Mail for PC Networks MMTA for Windows NT [3.5]
    Q134752 PC Gen: 3.5 Mail for PC Networks Resource Kit Disks [3.5]
    Q134751 PC Gen: 3.5 Mail for PC Networks Supp. Modem Script Disk [3.5]
    Q134671 PC Gen: 3.5 Mail for PC Networks Technical Reference Disk [3.5]
    Q103848 PC Gen: 3Com XNS and Mail May Cause Computer to Hang
    Q119355 PC Gen: Answer Procedure Played Approximately Once Per Second
    Q114119 PC Gen: Application Notes and Replacement Files for PC Mail
    Q115163 PC Gen: Automating Multiple Mail Logins on NetWare 3.11
    Q142196 PC Gen: BackOffice Mail Server Has Serial Number 0799-99992
    Q131513 PC Gen: Basic Asynchronous Troubleshooting Procedures
    Q118677 PC Gen: Bound Applications That Work with MMTA
    Q103421 PC Gen: Contents of Mail 3.2 Enhancements and Corrections
    Q80251 PC Gen: Contents of Modem Script File BUSY.MDM
    Q80252 PC Gen: Contents of Modem Script File CREDCARD.MDM
    Q80255 PC Gen: Contents of Modem Script File DEFAULT.MDM
    Q80256 PC Gen: Contents of Modem Script File HAYES12.MDM
    Q80257 PC Gen: Contents of Modem Script File HAYES24.MDM
    Q80258 PC Gen: Contents of Modem Script File IBM5853.MDM
    Q80259 PC Gen: Contents of Modem Script File MICROCOM.MDM
    Q80260 PC Gen: Contents of Modem Script File MULTITEC.MDM
    Q80261 PC Gen: Contents of Modem Script File NULLMODM.MDM
    Q80263 PC Gen: Contents of Modem Script File TELEBIT.MDM
    Q80267 PC Gen: Contents of Modem Script File ULTRA96.MDM
    Q80268 PC Gen: Contents of Modem Script File USRHST.MDM
    Q80269 PC Gen: Contents of Modem Script File VSERIES.MDM
    Q127768 PC Gen:Creating\Copying Users for Test Postoffice w/ Real Data
    Q132744 PC Gen: Description of Mail Integrity Check MAILINT.EXE
    Q90679 PC Gen: Differences Among Mail Versions 3.0, 3.0a, and 3.0b
    Q134381 PC Gen: DIRSYNC.DOC from Mail 3.5 Does Not Print
    Q148363 PC Gen: Dir-Sync Files by Version
    Q132693 PC Gen: Disk Contents: Postoffice Upgrade for WFW
    Q107797 PC Gen: Disk Space Not Checked When Saving Attachments
    Q135457 PC Gen: DocErr: New Mail Utility Errorlevel Incorrectly Stated
    Q145718 PC Gen: Err Msg: Error Copying... when Running MMFCLEAN.EXE
    Q136050 PC Gen: Err Msg: Error Sorting Members of Group...
    Q112902 PC Gen: Err Msg: Notice 34 Could Not Access Log...File
    Q112903 PC Gen: Err Msg: Notice 51: No Folders to Select
    Q112887 PC Gen: Err Msg: Notice 6 Error in Mail Header Retrieval
    Q112909 PC Gen: Err Msg: Password Invalid
    Q117648 PC Gen: ErrMsg: Unexplained Mail Message From *SPECIAL
    Q131149 PC Gen: Err Msg: Unknown User with MOVEFOLD.EXE
    Q140076 PC Gen: Err Msg: User <Mailbox Name> Not in the POL...
    Q123222 PC Gen: External Group Details Do Not Display Friendly Names
    Q130286 PC Gen: External Postoffice Message Volume Using TRAFFIC.EXE
    Q139352 PC Gen: FAQ - Implementing Electronic Mail under Windows 95
    Q135868 PC Gen: Files Installed on PO for LAN Manager Network Option
    Q136895 PC Gen: First Contact Form for MS Mail Connection Gateway
    Q136893 PC Gen: First Contact Form for MS Mail PO2PO
    Q136892 PC Gen: First Contact Form for MS Mail Server and Mail Client
    Q135352 PC Gen: Frequently Asked Questions for Mail for PC Networks
    Q122852 PC Gen: Getting Statistics on Intra-postoffice Mail
    Q107767 PC Gen: How Global Groups Work When Sending Mail
    Q143060 PC Gen: How to Install Mail Server 3.5 from the BackOffice CD
    Q98105 PC Gen: How to Search for Mail & Related KB Articles by Topic
    Q130322 PC Gen: Information on Data Encryption Used in Mail
    Q139316 PC Gen: Mail 3.5 Server Upgrade Kit includes WGPO Upgrade
    Q118528 PC Gen: Mail Client Polling Defaults and How to Reset Them
    Q117511 PC Gen: Mail for PC Networks KB Help File, November 1995
    Q137616 PC Gen: Mail Version 3.5 Disk 1 Label Clarification
    Q132412 PC Gen: Microsoft Mail 3.5 Upgrade Information
    Q111536 PC Gen: Microsoft Mail and Virus Security
    Q120413 PC Gen: Microsoft Mail for PC Networks Version 3.2a Update
    Q132742 PC Gen: Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 and Compressed Mail Files
    Q134756 PC Gen: MMTA.TXT: Mail 3.5 MMTA for Windows NT
    Q130637 PC Gen: Modem Vendor Voice Support and BBS Phone Numbers
    Q92369 PC Gen: Novell NetWare and NCP Calls -- General Information
    Q134755 PC Gen: PABUTILS.TXT: Mail 3.5 Utilities Disk
    Q110224 PC Gen: PODIAG.EXE Command-Line Options
    Q109466 PC Gen: PODIAG.EXE Creates INI Directory on 2.1 & 3.0 POs
    Q110100 PC Gen: PODIAG.EXE NETPO.GLB Error 117
    Q110223 PC Gen: PODIAG.EXE NETPO.GLB Error 140
    Q108879 PC Gen: PODIAG.EXE Reports GAL Missing on Version 2.1 PO
    Q108878 PC Gen: PODIAG.EXE Reports Missing GALINDEX.GLB on 2.1 PO
    Q110225 PC Gen: PODIAG.EXE Shows Gateways Installed on WFW PO
    Q108877 PC Gen: PODIAG.EXE Toolbar Icon Descriptions
    Q108839 PC Gen: PODIAG.INI Entries in [Address & Group Check]
    Q108838 PC Gen: PODIAG.INI Entries in [Directory Synchronization]
    Q108836 PC Gen: PODIAG.INI Entries in [Microsoft Mail PO Diagnostics]
    Q108835 PC Gen: PODIAG.INI Entries in [Server Folder Check]
    Q108837 PC Gen: PODIAG.INI Entries in [User Mail Check]
    Q124615 PC Gen: Post Microsoft Mail 3.2a File Updates
    Q110762 PC Gen: README.TXT: Mail 3.2 Serializer Utility
    Q134753 PC Gen: README.TXT: Mail 3.5 Diagnostics Utility
    Q134754 PC Gen: README.TXT: Mail 3.5 Supplementary Modem Scripts
    Q117763 PC Gen: README.TXT: Supplementary Modem Scripts Disk
    Q136048 PC Gen: Running GIMPORT.EXE on Windows NT
    Q132212 PC Gen: Sample Code for CMC.DLL "Who Am I"
    Q112263 PC Gen: Slow Performance with Version 3.22 of Novell NETX
    Q120449 PC Gen: Summary List of Mail for PC Networks 3.2a Bug Fixes
    Q132059 PC Gen: Summary List of Mail for PC Networks 3.5 Bug Fixes
    Q98332 PC Gen: Supplementary Modem Scripts [3.5, 720K; 5.25, 1.2 MB]
    Q136045 PC Gen: Template Utility Ignores Record with a Space
    Q78827 PC Gen: Two Versions of Hayes 9600 V-Series Modem
    Q137393 PC Gen: Useful Novell Utilities For Administrators
    Q132953 PC Gen: Using the Clipboard Option in the MAILINT.EXE Utility
    Q131914 PC Gen: Using the DEC Redirector Slows Mail
    Q270585 PC Gen: Usrdmp Utility Lists Deleted Users
    Q114540 PC Gen: WA0940: Recommendations for Better Performance
    Q136518 PC Gen: What's New in Mail for PC Networks Version 3.5
    Q130317 PC Mac: Cannot Access New Messages on Windows NT 3.5 Server
    Q103199 PC Mac: Cannot See Postoffice on Pathworks Server
    Q127082 PC Mac: Case Sensitivity on Some Networks, such as UNIX
    Q131963 PC Mac: Client Hangs When Accessing PO on NT 3.5 Server
    Q136052 PC Mac: Compressing Private Folder File(s)
    Q136625 PC Mac: Creating a Personal User List and Personal Group
    Q127079 PC Mac DB: Purpose and Location of LOWRCASE.GLB
    Q119413 PC Mac: Err Msg: Application 'Unknown' Has Unexpectedly Quit
    Q126591 PC Mac: Err Msg: Application Unknown Has Unexpectedly Quit
    Q138726 PC Mac: Err Msg: Before You Can Use Private Folders,...
    Q128356 PC Mac: Err Msg: Cannot Perform Any Logging to Designated...
    Q143391 PC Mac: Err Msg: Could Not Create Preferences File...
    Q130385 PC Mac: Err Msg: Error 43: Unable to Create Working Directory
    Q129779 PC Mac: Err Msg: File Pathname Exceeds Max. Length of 67 Char.
    Q129778 PC Mac: Err Msg: Invalid Password
    Q145601 PC Mac: Err Msg: Sorry, System Error of Type 10 or 11 Occurred
    Q101554 PC Mac: Err Msg: The Control Panel...Cannot Be Used with...
    Q130700 PC Mac: Err Msg: The Preference File Could Not Be Found...
    Q119045 PC Mac: Err Msg: This Message is Corrupt and Cannot Be...
    Q118853 PC Mac: Incorrect Extended Characters Displayed in Templates
    Q147577 PC Mac: Inserts Carriage Return Before Last Word of Paragraph
    Q103945 PC Mac: Macintosh Client Version 3.0.6 Update
    Q150563 PC Mac: Microsoft Word Attachment Loses Its File Association
    Q86372 PC Mac: New Features in 3.0 Macintosh Client
    Q135460 PC Mac: Not Able to Print Contents of Inbox
    Q131507 PC Mac: Routing Slip and Send Option Unavailable in Word 6.0
    Q178786 PCMAIL: GFEXTEND 1 2 Required for Extended Characters Using GCAS
    Q96638 PC MAPI: 3.0 MAPI Disks [3.5, 5.25]
    Q98333 PC MAPI: 3.0 MAPI Tools Disk [3.5, 1.44 MB; 5.25, 1.2 MB]
    Q126887 PC MAPI: Accessing Attachments Using the Function MAPIReadMail
    Q108834 PC MAPI: Adding an Automatic Message (Message of the Day)
    Q85652 PC MAPI: Alert Displayed with Invalid User Name or Password
    Q130321 PC MAPI: Attachment Name Must Retain 3 Letter File Extension
    Q114247 PC MAPI: Background on Common Messaging Calls (CMC)
    Q86404 PC MAPI: Bad lpszDatereceived Value Doesn't Return Error
    Q86404 PC MAPI: Bad lpszDateRecieved Value Doesn't Return Error
    Q105962 PC MAPI: C Equivalent to MAPI APPEXEC.TXT in MS Visual Basic
    Q106068 PC MAPI: Compose Requires Compose and Read Values Set to 1
    Q86403 PC MAPI: Custom Message Prints When Disabled
    Q128742 PC MAPI: Custom Messages Do Not Work with IPC Messages
    Q104816 PC MAPI: DocErr: MAPISaveMail FLAGS Parameter Description
    Q103847 PC MAPI: DocErr: Send Attachment Sample Code Correction
    Q104588 PC MAPI: DocErr: You Cannot Add a New Menu to Microsoft Mail
    Q112270 PC MAPI: Err Msg: Cannot Open Help File
    Q93176 PC MAPI: Err Msg: MAPI ERROR: Unknown Recipient
    Q115164 PC MAPI: Errors When Compiling Sample in Visual Basic
    Q104517 PC MAPI: Err: Out of Memory Error with MAPIAddress() Function
    Q86406 PC MAPI: Excel Call Function Has Incorrect Arguments
    Q136066 PC MAPI: Files Required to Access a Mail for PC Networks PO
    Q127081 PC MAPI: General Information on MAPIVIM.DLL
    Q126291 PC MAPI: How MAPIResolveName Works
    Q128963 PC MAPI: How To Determine if a Mail Session Already Exists
    Q141061 PC MAPI: How to Determine if Simple MAPI Is Available
    Q136957 PC MAPI: How to Find a Currently Logged on User
    Q141063 PC MAPI: How to Find the Name of the CMC DLL to Call
    Q90405 PC MAPI: How to Mail Enable/Disable Excel 4.0
    Q134203 PC MAPI: How to Resolve MAPI Name Mangling in Visual C++
    Q135066 PC MAPI: How to Schedule Mail Messaging on Windows NT
    Q126886 PC MAPI: IPC Messages Not Supported w/ Common Mail Calls (CMC)
    Q119647 PC MAPI: List of MAPI Error Codes
    Q148369 PC MAPI: Loss of Memory with MapiSendMail and Visual Basic
    Q128575 PC MAPI: MAPI32.DLL Does Not Support Multi-Threaded Call
    Q105959 PC MAPI: MAPI Common Questions and Answers
    Q126426 PC MAPI: MAPIDeleteMail Not Place Deleted Mail in Wastebasket
    Q107755 PC MAPI: MAPIFindNext Not Recognizing MAPISaveMail Message IDs
    Q85650 PC MAPI: MAPI_GUARANTEE_FIFO Incorrectly Defined
    Q130703 PC MAPI: MAPILogon Can Only Be Called Once from an Application
    Q126661 PC MAPI: MAPILogon Does not Return an Error Code 1
    Q128171 PC MAPI: MAPI Messages w/ Space in Message Type Fail to Print
    Q121131 PC MAPI: MAPI_NEW_SESSION Fails to Log in a New Session
    Q112254 PC MAPI: MAPIReadMail Doesn't Send Return-Receipt Message
    Q132688 PC MAPI: MAPIReadMail Retrieve Message Body as Blank
    Q108810 PC MAPI: MAPISaveMail Allows Creation of Invalid Date Message
    Q104298 PC MAPI: MAPISaveMail Function Resets Originator to Caller
    Q107757 PC MAPI: MapiSaveMail Is Inconsistent When Passed NULL
    Q128370 PC MAPI: MAPISendDocuments Removes Spaces in Filenames
    Q86405 PC MAPI: MAPISendDocuments: Wrong Error If Full Path Not Spec.
    Q112262 PC MAPI: MAPI_SENT Set Improperly on Shared Folder Messages
    Q85651 PC MAPI: MAPI_SUPPRESS_ATTACH Incorrectly Defined
    Q107356 PC MAPI: No Subject or Message Text with Return Receipt
    Q117762 PC MAPI: README: Messaging Applications Development Tools Disk
    Q126658 PC MAPI: Sample C Code for MAPIAddress Function Call
    Q140337 PC MAPI: Sample C++ Code to Read Mail Messages
    Q130323 PC MAPI: Sample VB Code to Determine Mail Session User
    Q140106 PC MAPI: Sample VB Code to Read a Microsoft Mail Message
    Q140447 PC MAPI: Sample VB Code to Send a Message
    Q105964 PC MAPI: Simple MAPI Common Technical Questions and Answers
    Q95522 PC MAPI: Simple MAPI Version Update
    Q135704 PC MAPI: Suppressing the Default Logon Dialog Box
    Q108842 PC MAPI: Using Simple MAPI on Windows NT and NTAS
    Q122998 PC MAPI: Visual Basic Example for C Code in Tech Reference
    Q141062 PC MAPI WRmt: ErrMsg: MS Mail32 Notification: MAPISRV.EXE...
    Q98043 PC MAPI WRmt: Problems w/ Simple MAPI and Extended Characters
    Q130397 PC MMTA: Digiboard Error Messages
    Q249246 PC MMTA: Drive Is Either Local, Used, or Greater Than Lastdrive
    Q112098 PC MMTA: Err Msg: 999:55 Drive in Use. Attempting to Use...
    Q121256 PC MMTA: Err Msg: Drive Connection Failure. Unable...
    Q134224 PC MMTA: Err Msg: Drive X: Is Invalid
    Q139369 PC MMTA: Err Msg: Failure to Initialize the Modem Session
    Q129456 PC MMTA: Err Msg: Mail Bag Is Locked by: F:P1\<hex>.0LK
    Q117426 PC MMTA: Err Msg: Ring3 TRAP NET0140: A Timeout Occurred...
    Q125919 PC MMTA: Err Msg: Unable To Find File: DYNSCOS2
    Q260962 PC MMTA: Error Message: A Critical Error Has Occurred
    Q114124 PC MMTA: External Configured for CommType=X25Eicon May Hang
    Q196537 PC MMTA: External Does Not Automatically Restart with Greater than 4 GB Volume Sizes
    Q196537 PC MMTA: External Doesn't Automatically Restart with > 4 GB Vol
    Q194849 PC MMTA: External Fails when Run as an Idle Process of Dispatch
    Q108809 PC MMTA: External Instances Using Dynamic Drives Can't Overlap
    Q148769 PC MMTA: General Protection Fault in X25EICON.OVL
    Q194602 PC MMTA: Incorrect Error from Windows NT MMTA Dispatch
    Q123855 PC MMTA: MMTA and Digiboard Configurations
    Q194603 PC MMTA: No Recipient Found while Building the Mailing List
    Q129201 PC MMTA: OS/2 Version 1.3 Installation Issues
    Q122152 PC MTA: Read Error During Data Exchange
    Q122578 PC NT: 4,292,967,295 File Locks on .MMF and .CAL Files
    Q121715 PC NT: Err Msg: Mail Could Not Read the Entire Message...
    Q131424 PC NTMMTA: Advantages of Running EXTERNAL.EXE as a Service
    Q130512 PC NTMMTA: Cannot Browse Service Accounts on NT Server
    Q135032 PC NTMMTA: Cannot Run as an Automatic Service w/ Banyan Vines
    Q132099 PC NTMMTA: Cannot Use NT System Account with NT MMTA
    Q148354 PC NTMMTA: Contents of the Readme File, MMTA.TXT
    Q131679 PC NTMMTA: Detecting Memory Bottlenecks
    Q139034 PC NTMMTA: DISPATCH.EXE Using Single Postoffice Instance
    Q139032 PC NTMMTA: Dispatch Instance Name Is Not Displayed
    Q135108 PC NTMMTA: DocErr: Incorrect Version of Windows NT for Setup
    Q135732 PC NTMMTA: Doc Err: No WINNT Directory Created at Setup
    Q135488 PC NTMMTA: DrivesWAN Fails to Work
    Q148852 PC NTMMTA: Dynamic Connections Fail with Dynadmin and Novell
    Q147159 PC NTMMTA: Err Msg: 0002: System Could Not Find Specified File
    Q131826 PC NTMMTA: Err Msg 1069: Service Did Not Start Due to Logon...
    Q137864 PC NTMMTA: Err Msg: A Failure Occurred Attempting to Read...
    Q135734 PC NTMMTA: Err Msg: Can't Open Service Control Manager...
    Q134376 PC NTMMTA: Err Msg: Can't Open Service Control Manager...
    Q140278 PC NTMMTA: Err Msg: Can't Update Service...
    Q131677 PC NTMMTA: Err Msg: Could Not Create Directory...
    Q131117 PC NTMMTA: Err Msg: Could Not Start the Mail External...
    Q137866 PC NTMMTA: Err Msg: Drive Is Either Local, Used or Greater...
    Q131827 PC NTMMTA: Err Msg: Drive Is Either Local, Used, or Greater...
    Q139033 PC NTMMTA: Err Msg: Error OS/2 Error Code 38
    Q140073 PC NTMMTA: Err Msg: Failure to Initialize Modem Session
    Q148811 PC NTMMTA: Err Msg: Fatal [ 7] Error Renaming File...
    Q136009 PC NTMMTA: Err Msg: ...Invalid Service Account [1057]
    Q137677 PC NTMMTA: Err Msg:No Drive Is Available for Dynamic Attaching
    Q140461 PC NTMMTA: Err Msg: Service Instance Not Found
    Q156521 PC NTMMTA: Err Msg: Setup Has Encountered a Problem.
    Q139498 PC NTMMTA: Err Msg: Setup Has Encountered a Problem...
    Q130396 PC NTMMTA: Err Msg: Unable to Find Specified Instance INI...
    Q130398 PC NTMMTA: Err Msg: Unable to Load Unicode Font
    Q131678 PC NTMMTA: Err Msg: Unable to Open Specified INI File
    Q146122 PC NTMMTA: Error 2140 When You Try to Start Instance
    Q156521 PC NTMMTA: Error Message: Setup Has Encountered a Problem
    Q259269 PC NTMMTA: Error Message: Setup Has Encountered a Problem
    Q135733 PC NTMMTA: Errors Installing on Unsupported Platforms
    Q130231 PC NTMMTA: External Command Line Options Not Used with NT MMTA
    Q134227 PC NTMMTA: External Service Starts Inconsistently
    Q148769 PC NTMMTA: General Protection Fault in X25EICON.OVL
    Q147786 PC NTMMTA: How Dynamic Connections are Validated on Novell
    Q140279 PC NTMMTA: How to Start Services from the Command Line
    Q147582 PC NTMMTA: Limit of Seven Instances
    Q148809 PC NTMMTA: Mail Service Manager Monitor Flashes & Disappears
    Q131676 PC NTMMTA: Maximum Number of Instances Running as a Service
    Q134668 PC NTMMTA: Monitor Option Can Be Called from a Command Line
    Q129952 PC NTMMTA: No Limitations on Memory Management
    Q134383 PC NTMMTA: NT MMTA Not Supported Under OS/2 (Any Version)
    Q260253 PC NTMMTA: NTMMTA Setup on Windows 2000 May Not Work
    Q260258 PC NTMMTA: Path Restrictions for NTMMTA Setup Folder
    Q131824 PC NTMMTA: Press ESC and Y to Exit Monitor Window
    Q132877 PC NTMMTA: RebootOnCE Does Not Work with NT MMTA
    Q137108 PC NTMMTA: Running NT MMTA on PC-NFS Client
    Q135033 PC NTMMTA: Service Account Cannot Be a Group
    Q133431 PC NTMMTA: Service Drive Letters Not User Selectable
    Q139368 PC NTMMTA: SESSION.LOG Displays Pulse as Baud Rate
    Q260121 PC NTMMTA: Setup Does Not Work on Windows 2000
    Q132547 PC NTMMTA: Using DrivesWAN When Running as a Service
    Q130288 PC NTMMTA: Using Performance Monitor with MMTA
    Q145663 PC NTMMTA: Using the NT MMTA and RAS on the Same Server
    Q86318 PC OS2: About Box Fields Are Incorrect Under PM
    Q102422 PC OS2: Doc Err: Associating Applications and File Extensions
    Q86398 PC OS2: Double-Click on Control Box Doesn't Close Window
    Q80191 PC OS2: Err Msg: Mail Database Cannot Be Reached
    Q124197 PC OS/2:Err Msg:SYS1804: Setup Is Unable to Find File KEYBOARD
    Q104519 PC OS2: Err Msg: The Server Path in the MSMAIL.INI Is Missing
    Q86395 PC OS2: Err Msg: Your Message File Was Moved...
    Q103463 PC OS2: F1 Does Not Display Help When Menu Name Is Selected
    Q82898 PC OS2: Fragmented Split Bar When Resizing Window
    Q82911 PC OS2: Group Boxes in Options Dialog Are Unavailable
    Q82914 PC OS2: Icons Stack Over Each Other in Mail for OS/2
    Q82304 PC OS2: Incorrect Minimize/Maximize Buttons
    Q77669 PC OS2: Install Fails If Windows Ported Application Is Active
    Q77668 PC OS2: Libraries Installed During PM Client Setup
    Q82303 PC OS2: Loading Both OS/2 Clients Causes Trap 00D Error
    Q86396 PC OS2: Many Attachments May Cause Display Problems
    Q86394 PC OS2: MCV Date Format Incorrectly Set in US-Style
    Q103458 PC OS2: No Check for Disk Space Before Install
    Q86313 PC OS2: PM Client About Box Reads "Mail for Windows"
    Q86314 PC OS2: PM Client Does Not Support UNC Names
    Q86399 PC OS2: PM Setup Does Not Check for Disk Space
    Q86401 PC OS2: Print Setup Dialog Selects Wrong Default Printer
    Q84883 PC OS2: Restarting OS/2 Client Causes Trap 00D Error
    Q86400 PC OS2: Right Mouse Button Acts as Stuck Left Button
    Q89585 PC OS2: Running CONVERT.EXE Under OS/2 1.3
    Q86397 PC OS2: Trap 000D When Restarting After Lost Connection
    Q86393 PC OS2: Window Titles Incorrectly Map Extended Characters
    Q96643 PC Rmt: 3.0 Modem Scripts Disk [3.5, 5.25]
    Q194733 PC Rmt: Attachments from MAC Clients Show Garbage File Names
    Q77102 PC Rmt: COM3 and COM4 Not Available on MCA Machines
    Q80270 PC Rmt: Err Msg: Directory Specified Not Remote...
    Q149368 PC Rmt: Err Msg: ProcessRecvMail, fp_read Fails. Out of Memory
    Q140069 PC Rmt: Err Msg: This Does Not Appear to be Disk 2...
    Q94748 PC Rmt: Mail Remote for MS-DOS MAIL.EXE 3.0.2 Update
    Q77356 PC Rmt: Mail Sent to Group via External or Remote Returned
    Q117647 PC Rmt: Mail to External Postoffice Group Members Disappears
    Q194853 PC Rmt: Remote Mail Client Cannot Address Local FFAPI Gateway PO
    Q194853 PC Rmt: Remote Mail Client Can't Address Local FFAPI Gateway PO
    Q112896 PC Rmt: Remote Postoffice List Only Contains Local Addresses
    Q194851 PC Rmt: Textborder Is Off in Remote Client
    Q142289 PC Rmt: Troubleshooting Options for the Command Line
    Q126650 PC Rmt: Using Null Modem Script at Higher Baud Rates Than 9600
    Q119795 PC Rmt WRmt: Address List Doesn't Update with Custom Views
    Q104686 PC Rmt WRmt: Connecting Asynchronously at Different Speeds
    Q69695 PC Setup: CONFIG.SYS Not Modified by Install Programs
    Q99119 PC Setup: Err Msg: API (SetRegKeyValue) Failed
    Q98975 PC Setup: Err Msg: Can't Find MSSFS.DLL
    Q112157 PC Setup: Err Msg: Network Name Entered Is a Reserved Name
    Q121867 PC Setup: Incorrect Disk Space Requirement for 3.2 Update
    Q95939 PC Setup: Installing PC Mail 3.0 on a Novell 3.11 Server
    Q112268 PC Setup: Mail 3.0 Directory Entries in NetWare
    Q107770 PC Setup: Run OS/2 2.x NetWare Redirector in 3.11 Environment
    Q68401 PC Setup: Server Update Copies Over DEFAULT.SCR
    Q124953 PC Setup: SETUP.INF for Windows for Workgroups 3.11
    Q98256 PC WFW: 1.0a Microsoft Schedule+ Disk 1 [3.5, 720K]
    Q98257 PC WFW: 1.0a Microsoft Schedule+ Disk 2 [3.5, 720K]
    Q98258 PC WFW: 1.0a Microsoft Schedule+ Disk 3 [3.5, 720K]
    Q98259 PC WFW: 1.0a Microsoft Schedule+ Disk 4 [3.5, 720K]
    Q98047 PC WFW: 1.0a Schedule+ for Windows Disk 2 [5.25, 1.2 MB]
    Q98387 PC WFW: 3.0b Server Disk 4 [3.5, 720K]
    Q98260 PC WFW: 3.0b Server Version Disk 1 [3.5, 720K]
    Q98206 PC WFW: 3.0b Server Version Disk 1 [5.25, 1.2 MB]
    Q98261 PC WFW: 3.0b Server Version Disk 2 [3.5, 720K]
    Q98207 PC WFW: 3.0b Server Version Disk 2 [5.25, 1.2 MB]
    Q98262 PC WFW: 3.0b Server Version Disk 3 [3.5, 720K]
    Q98251 PC WFW: 3.0b Server Version Disk 3 [5.25, 1.2 MB]
    Q98203 PC WFW: 3.0b Server Version Disk 4 [5.25, 1.2 MB]
    Q98388 PC WFW: 3.0b Windows Client Disk 1 [3.5, 720K]
    Q98046 PC WFW: 3.0b Windows Client Disk 1 [5.25, 1.2 MB]
    Q98389 PC WFW: 3.0b Windows Client Disk 2 [3.5, 720K]
    Q98390 PC WFW: 3.0b Windows Client Disk 3 [3.5, 720K]
    Q97982 PC WFW: 3.0 Mail for Windows Disk 3 [5.25, 1.2 MB)
    Q98254 PC WFW: 3.0 MAPI Tools Disk [3.5, 720K]
    Q98255 PC WFW: 3.0 Modem Scripts Disk [3.5, 720K]
    Q98252 PC WFW: 3.0 MS-DOS-Based Workstation Disk 1 [3.5]
    Q98253 PC WFW: 3.0 MS-DOS-Based Workstation Disk 2 [3.5, 720K]
    Q98048 PC WFW: 3.0 MS-DOS Client Disk 1 [5.25, 1.2 MB]
    Q97934 PC WFW: 3.0 Schedule+ for Windows Disk 4 [5.25, 1.2 MB)
    Q98205 PC WFW: 3.0 Supplementary Modem Scripts [5.25, 1.2 MB]
    Q97935 PC WFW: 3.0 Windows Client Disk 2 [5.25, 1.2 MB]
    Q98090 PC WFW: 3.0 Windows Client Disk 3 [5.25, 1.2 MB]
    Q90757 PC WFW: Admin Not Included in Directory Synchronization
    Q131638 PC WFW: Client Files for Windows for Workgroups Mail
    Q94179 PC WFW: Description of Extensions for Windows for Workgroups
    Q94178 PC WFW: Differences Between Win for Workgroups Mail & PC Mail
    Q112287 PC WFW: Err Msg: This PostOffice Cannot Be Updated...
    Q128322 PC WFW: EXTEND.EXE Not in Mail & Schedule+ Extensions 3.2
    Q91038 PC WFW: Features of Extensions for Windows for Workgroups
    Q131328 PC WFW: Files Are Not Interchangeable with Mail for Windows
    Q96454 PC WFW: Installing Extensions for Workgroups
    Q91044 PC WFW: Invalid Postoffice & Network Names for Workgroups
    Q105106 PC WFW: Mail DoubleSpace and Highest Security Options
    Q98204 PC WFW: MAPI Tools Disk [5.25, 1.2 MB]
    Q115162 PC WFW: Microsoft At Work PC Fax with Mail 3.2 Windows Client
    Q91041 PC WFW: Moving a Windows for Workgroups Postoffice
    Q91039 PC WFW: Network Name Doesn't Display After Upgrade
    Q91043 PC WFW: Notes Field Text Gets Cut Off
    Q91042 PC WFW: Postoffice Administration Not Available from Windows
    Q100416 PC WFW: Problems with Pre-Extension Meeting Responses
    Q98014 PC WFW: Schedule+ for Windows Disk 3 [5.25, 1.2 MB)
    Q103815 PC WFW: Template Truncation in Extensions Upgrade
    Q91037 PC WFW: Unable to Address External Mail Users
    Q118964 PC WFW: Upgrade from WGPO to Microsoft Mail 3.2 PO Hangs
    Q91071 PC WFW: Users Don't Appear in the GAL After Upgrade
    Q98912 PC WFW: Version 3.2 Postoffice Upgrade Instructions
    Q137703 PC WFW: WFWs MSMAIL.EXE Disables Retail Mail's Spell Checking
    Q98334 PC Win: 3.0b Windows Client Disk 1 [3.5, 720K; 5.25, 1.2 MB]
    Q98336 PC Win: 3.0b Windows Client Disk 2 [3.5, 720K; 5.25, 1.2 MB]
    Q98337 PC Win: 3.0b Windows Client Disk 3 [3.5, 720K; 5.25, 1.2 MB]
    Q96648 PC Win: 3.0 Mail Disks 1-4 [3.5, 5.25]
    Q93240 PC Win: Accented Characters Lost in Insert from File
    Q103449 PC Win: Address Book Does Not Limit Extended Characters
    Q127078 PC Win: All Custom Data Is Displayed at Same Start Position
    Q131917 PC Win: Alternatives to CHKMMF
    Q93566 PC Win: Appears to Hang When Printing from Shared Folder
    Q86093 PC Win: Attach Dialog Box May Update Improperly
    Q115165 PC Win: Attached Mac Filenames Convert to Windows Incorrectly
    Q113451 PC Win: Attachment File Type Menu Has a Fixed Width
    Q93572 PC Win: Attachment Icon Redraws When Using BACKSPACE Key
    Q141070 PC Win:Attachment Saved as 0 Byte File if First 126 Bytes Null
    Q95734 PC Win: Attachments Cannot Be Added to Message
    Q93242 PC Win: Backup MMF Allows Composing But Not Sending
    Q82917 PC Win: Button Face Color Can Leave Hole in Status Bar
    Q114127 PC Win: Can Create Subfolder in a Read-Only Shared Folder
    Q123000 PC Win: Cannot Control Typeface Printed from Mail
    Q86330 PC Win: Cannot Forward or Reply on Return Receipts
    Q218979 PC Win: Cannot Import or Export Messages Received or Modified After 2019
    Q86321 PC Win: Cannot Minimize Message Finder Using Keyboard
    Q127737 PC Win: Cannot Sort Shared Folders with the Windows Client
    Q218979 PC Win: Cannot Specify Import or Export Date Later Than 2019
    Q129900 PC Win: Can Not Store Folders Separate from MMF
    Q104031 PC Win: Can't Jump to End of Address List by Typing "zz"
    Q96884 PC Win: Can't Repair MMF on Novell Without File Scan Privilege
    Q132208 PC Win: Certain Tab and Hyphen Characters Are Modified
    Q88371 PC Win: Change Default Printer in Windows Not Changed in Mail
    Q118929 PC Win: Change Password Is Case Sensitive
    Q135703 PC Win: Changing the Default Directory for Saving Attachments
    Q112210 PC Win: Check MMF Utility Repeatedly Asks to Check MMF
    Q119559 PC Win: Check Names Cannot Resolve Mailbox Names
    Q113072 PC Win: Check Names Fails to Find Direct Match
    Q104421 PC Win: Check Names Utility Stops After Match Is Found
    Q104362 PC Win: CHKMMF Creates a Backup File on Each Run
    Q82294 PC Win: Client Version Control Not Available
    Q127077 PC Win: Code Page Translation Incorrect for Custom Templates
    Q81531 PC Win: Color OLE Object from Excel Displays as Black & White
    Q112877 PC Win: Comma Causes Problems with Name Resolution
    Q112211 PC Win: Convert Changes Folder Sort Order To Be By Date
    Q140190 PC Win: CONVERT.EXE Not Converting Folders with Mac Attachment
    Q124040 PC Win: Converting Dates Changes Message Update
    Q119254 PC Win: Converting Local Private Folders Doesn't Delete .FLD
    Q95961 PC Win: Corrupted Address List Caused by Corrupted NETWORK.GLB
    Q108490 PC Win: Creating Groups That Contain Other Groups
    Q86324 PC Win: Creating Subfolders Illegally Under Shared Folders
    Q91730 PC Win: Custom Dictionary Not Loaded When It Should Be
    Q107355 PC Win: Custom Message Class Not Maintained Through Gateway
    Q81533 PC Win: Deep Nested Folders Not Displayed in Dialog Box
    Q88377 PC Win: Deleting Messages from Shared Folders
    Q96718 PC Win: Description and Use of Inbox Shadowing
    Q93173 PC Win: Description of 3.0b Setup Process
    Q93075 PC Win: Description of 3.0 Setup Process
    Q110467 PC Win: Description of 3.2 Setup Process
    Q125018 PC Win: Details of User or Group Not Available in Read Note
    Q129499 PC Win DOS: Copying Messages from MMF to MS-DOS Client Folder
    Q126648 PC Win DOS: How the WINMAIL.DAT File Effects Attachments
    Q127080 PC Win DOS: How to Remove Personal Address List (PAL)
    Q104107 PC Win DOS: Return Receipt Automatically Assigns High Priority
    Q101368 PC Win DOS: Windows and MS-DOS Client Folders
    Q125257 PC Win: Draft Messages Not Sent from Outbox Folder
    Q86315 PC Win: Drag/Drop Makes Folder Hierarchy Display Incorrect
    Q112912 PC Win: Duplicate Header of WELCOME.GLB Message
    Q112288 PC Win: Duplicate Menu Options
    Q100498 PC Win: Duplicate PAB Entries--Part 2
    Q104170 PC Win: Dynamic Data Exchange Is Not Supported
    Q86083 PC Win: Embedded Objects from Excel 3.0 Sized Larger
    Q85967 PC Win: Embedded Paintbrush Object Does Not Print Color
    Q105167 PC Win: Err Msg: Additional Data... Could Not Be Retrieved
    Q142414 PC Win: Err Msg: Address Is No Longer Valid. User or PO...
    Q112457 PC Win: Err Msg: A Disk Error Occurred While Performing...
    Q113149 PC Win: Err Msg: A Folder Could Not Be Accessed
    Q104297 PC Win: Err Msg: A Message Could Not Be Copied
    Q82068 PC Win: Err Msg: A Message Could Not Be Opened
    Q113194 PC Win: Err Msg: An Error...Loading the Spelling Library
    Q107063 PC Win: Err Msg: An Error Occurred While Moving...
    Q86000 PC Win: Err Msg: Are You Sure You Want to Remove...
    Q96500 PC Win: Err Msg: A TPL File Has Been Incorrectly Modified...
    Q129771 PC Win: Err Msg: A TPL File Is Missing from Your Server...
    Q119557 PC Win: Err Msg: Bad Windows Class, Ignored
    Q126453 PC Win: Err Msg: Cannot Find XXXXXXXX.DRV
    Q119827 PC Win: Err Msg: Error Occurred While Loading the Spelling...
    Q101614 PC Win: Err Msg: File Error
    Q127735 PC Win: Err Msg: File Manager Cannot Find Specified File...
    Q112213 PC Win: Err Msg: Folder Conversion Utility Runs Only with...
    Q135303 PC Win: Err Msg: General Mail Failure. Close Excel, Restart...
    Q126924 PC Win: Err Msg: ...Has Occurred While Loading the Spelling...
    Q123319 PC Win: Err Msg: Mailbag File Required for Accessing Message..
    Q126922 PC Win: Err Msg: Mailbox Name or Password Is Incorrect
    Q104276 PC Win: Err Msg: Mail Failed to Relocate Message File
    Q105175 PC Win: Err Msg: Mail Failed to Relocate Your Message File
    Q129785 PC Win: Err Msg: ...MAILSPL Caused a GPF in Module MAILSPL.EXE
    Q101139 PC Win: Err Msg: MAIL SYSTEM ERROR
    Q107756 PC Win: Err Msg: Mail System Error. Mail Could Not Read...
    Q132962 PC Win: Err Msg: ...Make Sure <Friendly Names> Are Enabled...
    Q103455 PC Win: Err Msg: Message Too Large to Fit Into Mem. All At Once
    Q127736 PC Win : Err Msg: Microsoft Tutorial - File Error
    Q125489 PC Win: Err Msg: MMFCLEAN.EXE Has Stopped Responding...
    Q117845 PC Win: Err Msg: MSSPELL.DLL Is Not Compatible
    Q126790 PC Win: Err Msg: Not Enough Memory or System Resources...
    Q131682 PC Win: Err Msg:...Not Have Proper Access to the Postoffice...
    Q103382 PC Win: Err Msg: Notice 73: You Don't Have Sufficient Rights..
    Q102560 PC Win: Err Msg: Notice 8 Error in Transmitting Mail...
    Q148207 PC Win: Err Msg: ...No Valid Message Recipients Supplied
    Q130037 PC Win: Err Msg: Personal Address List Groups Cannot Be Added
    Q128047 PC Win: Err Msg: Some Entries Could Not be Added to the Group
    Q104131 PC Win: Err Msg: Some Entries Could Not Be Added to the Group
    Q131725 PC Win: Err Msg: Some Entries Could Not Be Added to the Group
    Q104133 PC Win: Err Msg: Some Information Could Not Be Written...
    Q131851 PC Win: Err Msg: Some Information on the Screen Could Not...
    Q114177 PC Win: Err Msg: Some Names Could Not Be Matched...
    Q82915 PC Win: Err Msg: Stack Fault in MSSPELL.DLL
    Q95963 PC Win: Err Msg: Stop: A New Message Could Not Be Created
    Q140189 PC Win: Err Msg: STOP: Some Names Could Not Be Matched...
    Q104819 PC Win: Err Msg: Switching Between Private and Shared Folders
    Q85193 PC Win: Err Msg: System Error, Application Terminated
    Q92374 PC Win: Err Msg: That User's Mailbox Is Corrupt...
    Q87867 PC Win: Err Msg: The Application Could Not Be Executed
    Q114164 PC Win: Err Msg: The Application Could Not Be Executed
    Q82264 PC Win: Err Msg: The Attached File Is Currently Open...
    Q132400 PC Win: Err Msg: The Database May Have Been Corrupted...
    Q86389 PC Win: Err Msg: The Folder Conversion Program...
    Q124882 PC Win: Err Msg: The Following Name Did Not Resolve...
    Q131508 PC Win: Err Msg: The Message Could Not Be Fully Recovered
    Q86328 PC Win: Err Msg: The New Folder Could Not Be Created
    Q101136 PC Win: Err Msg: The Old Message File Could Not Be Deleted
    Q113168 PC Win: Err Msg: The Partial Name Is Not Specific Enough...
    Q124065 PC Win: Err Msg: There is not a valid workgroup postoffice....
    Q104201 PC Win: Err Msg: There Is Not Enough Disk Space Available...
    Q110137 PC Win: Err Msg: There Is Not Enough Memory or System...
    Q91647 PC Win: Err Msg: There Is Not Enough Memory or System Resources
    Q112258 PC Win: Err Msg: There Was An Error Opening the Specified File
    Q102665 PC Win: Err Msg: There Was an Unknown Disk Error
    Q130096 PC Win: Err Msg: This Account Is Not a Valid User of this...
    Q126162 PC Win: Err Msg: This Name Has Already Been Assigned...
    Q82921 PC Win: Err Msg: This Name or Comment Is Too Long
    Q131726 PC Win: Err Msg: ...Too Many Entries Selected to Complete...
    Q112212 PC Win: Err Msg: Unable to Access Server Files
    Q137072 PC Win: Err Msg: Unable to Load Specified Library
    Q114942 PC Win: Err Msg: Undeliverable Mail
    Q119527 PC Win: Err Msg: Undeliverable Mail
    Q122850 PC Win: Err Msg: ...While Loading the Spelling Dictionary
    Q121798 PC Win: Err Msg: You Do Not Have the Proper Access...
    Q99277 PC Win: Err Msg: Your Message File Could Not Be Opened...
    Q131852 PC Win: Error [009] Mail Maximum Size Exceeded Sending to...
    Q257715 PC Win: Error Message: An Error Occurred Preventing Complete...
    Q122761 PC Win: Error Messages Associated with STORE.DLL & MSMAIL.EXE
    Q155853 PC WIN: Error Using Details in the Spanish Windows 3.5 Client
    Q85968 PC Win: Excel 4.0 Chart May Appear Smaller Than Normal
    Q122580 PC Win: Excel 5.0 Attachments Fail to Open
    Q101932 PC Win: Expansion of Groups, Revealing Group Members
    Q112302 PC Win: Exporting Folders Err Msg: Not Enough Memory...
    Q115167 PC Win: Exporting Folders from Windows Doesn't Check for Space
    Q104029 PC Win: Extended Characters Not Supported in .MMF Filename
    Q105961 PC Win: Failure to Connect to SHARED.INI Skips MSMAIL.INI
    Q93238 PC Win: Fault in 8514.DRV After Typing in a Text Box
    Q111896 PC Win: FAX Viewer Prints to Wrong Port
    Q104688 PC Win: File Associations for WordPerfect Attachments
    Q103457 PC Win: File Manager Send Mail Option Hangs Computer
    Q132045 PC Win: Files Installed with Version 3.2a
    Q117713 PC Win: Files Used with Regenerate Command
    Q123822 PC Win: First Tab Prints As a Space
    Q103448 PC Win: Folder Names Limited to 127 Characters
    Q112271 PC Win: Folder Not Deleted on Export When All Messages Moved
    Q107354 PC Win: Folder Rebuild Does Not Display Status Information
    Q111537 PC Win: Frequently Asked Questions for Mail for Windows 3.2
    Q86316 PC Win: From Field Changes Friendly Name to Login Name
    Q132558 PC Win: GAL and External Address Lists Are Missing
    Q108026 PC Win: Global Address List Name Search Returns All Names
    Q112264 PC Win: Global Address List Not Stored in RAM
    Q132211 PC Win: GOODIES.DLL Fails Without a Tools Menu
    Q102752 PC Win: GP Fault Converting Folders When Server Is Full
    Q103944 PC Win: GP Fault Copying Many Messages to Shared Folder
    Q104106 PC Win: GP Fault During Setup When Installing Only Spelling
    Q132058 PC Win: GP-Fault in DEMILAYR.DLL Caused by Corrupt XTN File
    Q95962 PC Win: GP Fault in Module AB.EXE Using Mail w/ Above & Beyond
    Q103792 PC Win: GP Fault Occurs When Copying or Pasting Text
    Q128243 PC Win: GP Fault with Corrupt .XTN Files
    Q86329 PC Win: Header Displayed in Message Body
    Q103958 PC Win: Header Fields May Be Misaligned When Redrawn
    Q86092 PC Win: Highlighting OLE Objects Within Message
    Q158303 PC Win: HMail Client Freezes When Sending to Large Group Alias
    Q147368 PC Win: Hop Count Setting Is Not Observed by Windows Client
    Q86001 PC Win: Horizontal Scroll Bar Blocks Bottom Line
    Q113167 PC Win: How Open Attachments Are Handled
    Q86387 PC Win: How the Converter Determines Percent Complete
    Q119089 PC Win: How the Inbox Received Time Stamp Is Set
    Q126925 PC Win: How to Create a New MMF (Stored Locally)
    Q139463 PC Win: How to Customize Mail 3.x MailBeep under Windows 95
    Q130097 PC Win: How to Disable the Server Button
    Q134204 PC Win: How to Export a Personal Address Book to a New MMF
    Q132682 PC Win: How to Hide the Microsoft Mail Spooler Icon
    Q90478 PC Win: How to Mail Enable/Disable Excel 3.0
    Q90404 PC Win: How to Mail Enable/Disable Windows File Manager
    Q86323 PC Win: How to Move Folder to Top Level
    Q101935 PC Win: How to Recover Missing Columns in Message Center Viewer
    Q123060 PC Win: How to Send Read-Only Attachments
    Q199062 PC Win: How to Use the WinMail Client to Post Messages to Shared Folders
    Q199062 PC Win: How to Use WinMail Client to Post to Shared Folders
    Q125255 PC Win: How Users Are Validated Against MMF Files
    Q112915 PC Win: How Windows Client Handles Return Receipts
    Q119558 PC Win: Hyphens in Columns 1 and 78 Replaced by Space
    Q126660 PC Win: Images Pasted into a Mail Message Are Blank
    Q104130 PC Win: Import/Export Does Not Work with Extended Characters
    Q154715 PC Win: Import, Export Folder Command Missing In File Menu
    Q128219 PC Win: Importing PROFS Nicknames Displays Incorrect Templates
    Q121376 PC Win: Inbox Missing on Login
    Q104518 PC Win: Inbox Shadowing Does Not Synchronize Changes
    Q96501 PC Win: Incorrect Unread Message Count
    Q131724 PC Win: INSERT Key Does Not Allow Overstrike
    Q147040 PC Win: Large Recipient List Stops Download of New Mail
    Q136474 PC Win: Long File Name Attachment Support
    Q104368 PC Win: Lotus 1-2-3 Does Not Launch Mail Attachment
    Q105176 PC Win: Lotus 1-2-3 WYSIWYG Attachments
    Q103813 PC Win: Mail Displays Mailbox Name in To: Field
    Q104422 PC Win: Mail Doesn't Recognize Word for Macintosh Attachment
    Q111374 PC Win: Mail Fails on Wollongong TCP/IP and LAN Manager 2.2
    Q111557 PC Win: Mail for Windows MSMAIL.EXE 3.20.4085 Update
    Q96694 PC Win: Mail for Windows MSSFS.DLL Update
    Q103821 PC Win: Mail for Windows PABNSP.DLL Update
    Q96747 PC Win: Mail for Windows VFORMS.DLL Update
    Q89410 PC Win: Mailing to an Address Not Found in the Address List
    Q93134 PC Win: Mail Message File (MMF) Compression
    Q135984 PC Win: Mail Only Displays the Global Address List
    Q129997 PC Win: Mail SCHEDMSG.DLL Version 3.2.4086 Update
    Q91703 PC Win: Mail/Schedule+ Auto-Demo Won't Work on Norton Desktop
    Q104277 PC Win: Mail Stops Downloading Messages When .MBG Is Detected
    Q96455 PC Win: Mail Useful Life Cannot Be Configured by User
    Q103456 PC Win: Mail Will Not Start Minimized from Word Macro
    Q103814 PC Win: MAPIHELP=path Not Updated When Mail Is Installed
    Q103450 PC Win: Maximum Size of Inserted File is 32,655 Bytes
    Q82268 PC Win: Meeting Request Subject Incorrect in Shared Folder
    Q126885 PC Win: Message Finder Does Not Search Shared or Group Folders
    Q86317 PC Win: Message Finder Icon Does Not Update
    Q112261 PC Win: Message Finder Icon Shows Deleted Messages
    Q86320 PC Win: Message Finders Closing Automatically
    Q103697 PC Win: Messages Not Imported from Backup MMF If Already Exist
    Q134202 PC Win: Message Subject Over 40 Characters Not Displayed
    Q104108 PC Win: Messages with Same Time Stamp Are Sorted Incorrectly
    Q140107 PC Win: Message Templates Not Supported in Shared Folder
    Q103163 PC Win: Microsoft Word Send Option Sends Icon or Text
    Q105162 PC Win: MIME Currently Not Supported
    Q103451 PC Win: Missing Cc: Line in Sent Mail Folder
    Q85970 PC Win: Missing Information in Paste Special Dialog Box
    Q117844 PC Win: Missing Message Text When Sending to a Large Group
    Q105107 PC Win: Missing _MSSETUP.EXE Causes Setup to Abort
    Q121130 PC Win: MMFClean GP Fault in Large POL w/ Gateway Addresses
    Q141065 PC Win: MMF Displays No Messages After Integrity Check
    Q105109 PC Win: .MMF File Size Increases by Twice the Size of Message
    Q113164 PC Win: MMF Recovery Can Cause Missing Message Body
    Q82918 PC Win: Modified Shadowed Message Is Not Updated in Mail
    Q85167 PC Win: Modified Status Lost in Move to Shared Folder
    Q105108 PC Win: Modifying the MSMAIL.INI File in Windows NT
    Q124486 PC Win: Month Displays as "MM" in Received Date
    Q127769 PC Win: MoveUser Does Not Change Access Privileges
    Q117650 PC Win: MOVEUSER.EXE Causes Invalid MMF After Password Reset
    Q112304 PC Win: MOVEUSER.EXE Err Msg: Export User Failed
    Q130320 PC Win: MOVEUSER.EXE Fails if User's HEXID.CAL Is Missing
    Q101754 PC Win: MOVEUSER.EXE May Lose Password If Imported from .MMU
    Q86094 PC Win: MSMAIL.INI Entries in [Address Book]
    Q86095 PC Win: MSMAIL.INI Entries in [Custom Commands]
    Q86099 PC Win: MSMAIL.INI Entries in [Custom Menus]
    Q86096 PC Win: MSMAIL.INI Entries in [Custom Messages]
    Q86097 PC Win: MSMAIL.INI Entries in [Mac File Types]
    Q86100 PC Win: MSMAIL.INI Entries in [Microsoft Mail]
    Q86101 PC Win: MSMAIL.INI Entries in [MMF]
    Q86098 PC Win: MSMAIL.INI Entries in [MS Proofing Tools]
    Q86102 PC Win: MSMAIL.INI Entries in [Providers]
    Q119410 PC Win: MSSFS.DLL and TRNSCHED.DLL Copied Locally
    Q121799 PC Win: MS Word Attachments Open Multiple Copies of Program
    Q119356 PC Win: Multi-Language Clients Append Extended Headers
    Q85969 PC Win: Multiple Update Prompts with OLE Objects
    Q96693 PC Win: Name Finder Doesn't Find Correct Names
    Q95731 PC Win: Name Finder Fails If Space Before Name
    Q85971 PC Win: Network Connections and Linked Objects
    Q97734 PC Win: Network Error Using Mail Conversion Program
    Q101814 PC Win: Network File Locking Problems
    Q99120 PC Win: Network List Doesn't Sort Alphabetically
    Q102654 PC Win: New Mail Dialog Appears But No Mail Is Retrieved
    Q126242 PC Win: New Mail Interval Does Not Accept White Space
    Q93562 PC Win: New Mail Notification -- Sound Chime & Flash Envelope
    Q104360 PC Win: New Mail Notification Using a Custom Command
    Q93573 PC Win: No Beep When Requested for New Mail
    Q98250 PC Win: No Default Method of Creating Folders
    Q128744 PC Win: No Message If Password Change Fails
    Q102753 PC Win: No Notification for IPC-Type Messages
    Q84884 PC Win: No Paperclip Icon on Message with OLE Object
    Q103986 PC Win: No Sound with View New Messages Notification
    Q81419 PC Win: No Split Menu Item When Message Finder Is Open
    Q82916 PC Win: Not Sorting Correctly Based on Subject Field
    Q95943 PC Win: Offline Symbol Appears in Status Bar
    Q123321 PC Win: Old MMF File Not Deleted from Server
    Q86091 PC Win: OLE Apps Have Unexpected Window Stacking Order
    Q81550 PC Win: OLE Object from Excel 3.0 Creates Strange Title
    Q86090 PC Win: OLE Object Redraws Slowly in Message
    Q81554 PC Win: Only First File of Multiple Files Copies
    Q157181 PC Win: Only Top 80% of Sender's Name Displayed in the Inbox
    Q129870 PC Win: Opening Attachments Without an Extension
    Q104913 PC Win OS2: Check for New Mail Time Is Twice the User Setting
    Q91699 PC Win OS2: Virus Message on Dual-Boot Systems
    Q244485 PC WIN: Outlook 98 Uses MS Mail Postoffice Setting for HOP COUNT
    Q85672 PC Win: Packaged Object Icon Changes After Reading
    Q260531 PC Win: PC WRmt: Error Message: "MSMAIL Caused a General...
    Q259276 PC Win: Personal Name Field in nNw PAB Entry Cannot Be Modified
    Q102086 PC Win: Print Quality Always Set to High
    Q81420 PC Win: Problem Restarting Mail After UAE
    Q86184 PC Win: Problems Attaching MSMAIL.EXE in Foreign Windows
    Q124041 PC Win: Problems with CONVERT.EXE when Upgrading Folders
    Q126971 PC Win: Recipients Removed from Mail Message
    Q101755 PC Win: Recovering PAB from Exported Folder
    Q119144 PC Win: Re-Creating MMF & Still Maintaining Personal Groups
    Q130704 PC Win: "Remember Password" Option of WFW Mail Client
    Q112202 PC Win: Renaming Personal Groups
    Q126290 PC Win: Reply All Does Not Function Correctly w/ Routing Form
    Q85907 PC Win: Reply Does Not Copy Attachments
    Q131523 PC Win: Return Receipt Interpretability with Foreign Language
    Q103912 PC Win: Return Receipt Won't Print Color on IBM Color Printer
    Q132561 PC Win: Routed Messages Do Not Print
    Q81532 PC Win: Row/Column Numbers Missing in Excel OLE Object
    Q104563 PC Win: Running Mail on PC-NFS 5.0
    Q87621 PC Win: Running Microsoft Mail Windows Client from the Network
    Q107444 PC Win: Running Windows Client from the Network
    Q99636 PC Win: Running Windows Client on Windows for Workgroups
    Q125256 PC Win: Saving Changes in Large Mail Message Truncates Message
    Q103238 PC Win: Saving Composed Message When Net Connection Goes Down
    Q128739 PC Win: Saving Multiple Messages into One File
    Q112917 PC Win: Screen Display Does Not Auto Adjust to Monitor Change
    Q80653 PC Win: Scroll Bar on Compose Note Jumps Up and Down
    Q80652 PC Win: Scroll Bars Are Not Available on Desktop
    Q125365 PC Win: Search All Folders Does Not Search Deleted Mail Folder
    Q82295 PC Win: Search Results for GAL has a Maximum of 500 Names
    Q99962 PC Win: Security=1 Plus Shortcut Key May Hang System
    Q93567 PC Win: Select All Does Not Highlight Any Messages
    Q81552 PC Win: Selected Order of Messages Open Out of Order
    Q130701 PC Win: Sending Mail Without Delay with ForceScanInterval=1
    Q85881 PC Win: Sending Objects That Point to a Document
    Q147041 PC Win: Sending to a Large Distribution List Fails
    Q104134 PC Win: Send Mail Command Doesn't Support Extended Characters
    Q90403 PC Win: Send Mail Feature and Microsoft Word for Windows
    Q118930 PC Win: Send Note Becomes Read Note After Move to Shared Fld
    Q104985 PC Win: ServerPath= Statement in MSMAIL.INI Ignored
    Q85199 PC Win: Setup Does Not Add SHARE.EXE to AUTOEXEC.BAT
    Q93074 PC Win: Setup Does Not Change Language for Speller
    Q86004 PC Win: Setup Does Not Remove 2.1 Windows Client
    Q124039 PC Win: Setup Err Msg: Could Not Create Directory F:\TMP.INI
    Q256014 PC WIN: SFS: Error Message: The Message Could Not Be Sent Due...
    Q82922 PC Win: Shared Folder Status Bar Has No Message Count
    Q122760 PC Win: Shared Folders View Cannot Be Expanded
    Q112209 PC Win: SHARE.EXE Not Added to Floppy Boot Disk
    Q104359 PC Win: Sharing PAB with Other Users
    Q105126 PC Win: Shortcut for Entering New Friendly Name in PAB
    Q112922 PC Win: Shortcut Key F1 in Export Dialog Invokes Import Help
    Q119645 PC Win: SMTP Address Generates a Non-Delivery Report
    Q126889 PC Win SNADS: 10 Character SNADS Gateway-Template Info Only
    Q86003 PC Win: Space Requirements Incorrect on Custom Setup
    Q99695 PC Win: Spell Checker Changes Words Without Prompt
    Q95733 PC Win: Spell Does Not Check Words Containing Numbers
    Q92805 PC Win: Spelling and Custom Dict Entries in WIN.INI
    Q139354 PC Win: Spelling Options Are Stored in the MMF
    Q128367 PC Win SPlus: Err Msg: File Error: Cannot Find XXXX.DRV
    Q88369 PC Win: Starting Mail for Windows 3.0 Minimized
    Q108830 PC Win: StripGatewayHeaders Limited to 75 Recipients
    Q112277 PC Win: StripGatewayHeaders Requires FIPS TEXTBORDER
    Q122763 PC Win: Structure of the Address Book
    Q110726 PC Win: Summary List of Mail for Windows 3.2 Bug Fixes
    Q110733 PC Win: Summary List of Mail for Windows 3.2 Bugs
    Q85195 PC Win: System Requirements for Mail for Windows
    Q123821 PC Win: Template Information Lines Disappear When Scrolling
    Q86325 PC Win: Text in Comment Field Not Selected
    Q86002 PC Win: Tile Command with Windows 3.0 Tiles Vertically
    Q112267 PC Win: TO: List Not Sorting Alphabetically
    Q130035 PC Win: Troubleshooting Segment Load Failures in Mail
    Q104084 PC Win: TrueType Fonts Do Not Work Properly with Mail
    Q131980 PC Win: Truncated Addresses in To: Line When Printing Message
    Q85695 PC Win: Two OLE Objects on One Line Print on Two Lines
    Q130038 PC Win: Unable to Sign Out After File Send in Office App.
    Q119646 PC Win: Undocumented Extension to Custom Command Syntax
    Q122759 PC Win: Unexpected Cursor Movement When Using Arrow Keys
    Q86082 PC Win: Unexpected Exit Permanently Locks Shared Folder
    Q86319 PC Win: Update Message when Closing Unfinished OLE Object
    Q132210 PC Win: Use of the Mail Utility PABSYNC.DLL
    Q112208 PC Win: User Delete Privilege Does Not Apply to Windows Client
    Q76063 PC Win: User Deletion Problem in TO: Header Line
    Q128824 PC Win: User Information Moved with MOVEUSER
    Q112265 PC Win: Using F5 or SHIFT Key to Start Mail Utilities
    Q119581 PC Win: Using Mail Over RAS
    Q101138 PC Win: Using the ServerPath Entry in the MSMAIL.INI File
    Q137701 PC Win: Using the U.K. Version of the Spelling Dictionary
    Q129902 PC Win:Valid Character for Attachment Sent from AppleTalk Mail
    Q95964 PC Win: Version 3.0b Installs as 3.1 with Shared Windows
    Q88368 PC Win: Viewing Attachment Requires Association
    Q131637 PC Win: Viewing Windows Characters in Mail Messages
    Q132560 PC Win: WGPOMGR.DLL Will Not Work with a Standard Postoffice
    Q82050 PC Win: Wide Objects Cannot Be Entirely Viewed
    Q72847 PC Win: Win Client Creates Shared Folders Without Privileges
    Q126856 PC Win: Windows Client Loses Access to MMF on LMX Server
    Q94180 PC Win: WINMAIL.DAT File Appears in 2.1 Clients
    Q106508 PC Win: Word for Windows Attachment Name Truncates When Sending
    Q93241 PC Win: Word Wrap Does Not Work Correctly When Using Tabs
    Q128743 PC Win WRmt: Asterisk Appears in From Field When View Message
    Q126792 PC Win WRmt: Err Msg: Following Recipient(s) Could Not Be...
    Q130318 PC Win WRmt: Err Msg: Mail Driver Could Not Be Deactivated...
    Q124100 PC Win WRmt: Upgrading Windows for Workgroups Mail
    Q93574 PC Win: Wrong Button Discussed in "Find a Name" Help Topic
    Q112921 PC Win: Wrong Error Creating Shared Folder with Network Down
    Q97896 PC WRmt: 3.2 Mail Remote for Windows Disk 1 [3.5] - U.S.
    Q97891 PC WRmt: 3.2 Mail Remote for Windows Disk 1 [5.25] - U.S.
    Q97895 PC WRmt: 3.2 Mail Remote for Windows Disk 2 [3.5] - U.S.
    Q98088 PC WRmt: 3.2 Mail Remote for Windows Disk 2 [5.25] - U.S.
    Q97892 PC WRmt: 3.2 Mail Remote for Windows Disk 3 [3.5] - U.S.
    Q98391 PC WRmt: 3.2 Mail Remote for Windows Disk 3 [5.25] - U.S.
    Q97072 PC WRmt: Alphanumeric Characters Only in AT&T Driver Addresses
    Q106349 PC WRmt: AT&T Access Plus Folder Conversion Utility
    Q114030 PC WRmt: AT&T Credit Card Calling Modem Script
    Q109585 PC WRmt: ATTMAIL.DLL Version Update
    Q99946 PC WRmt: Available Modem Scripts
    Q103902 PC WRmt: Baud Rate Displayed Not Always Accurate
    Q103905 PC WRmt: Cannot Create New .MMF If Old Location Unavailable
    Q97890 PC WRmt: Cannot Download More Than 50 Messages at One Time
    Q99107 PC WRmt: Cannot Download Only Unread Messages
    Q97144 PC WRmt: Cannot Successfully Book Meeting in Schedule+
    Q97075 PC WRmt: Cannot Switch Tasks While Mail Waits for Retry Count
    Q119639 PC WRmt: Can't Start Mail Remote Automatically w/ AT&T Driver
    Q132955 PC WRmt: Changing a Remote User from Default to Custom Views
    Q97074 PC WRmt: Changing the AT&T Driver User Sign In ID or Password
    Q96887 PC WRmt: Changing the User-Information Data Files
    Q99929 PC WRmt: Connection Time-Outs
    Q96689 PC WRmt: ConnectTimeOut Value Purpose and Use
    Q100455 PC WRmt CONN: Using Gateway Address Lists
    Q96530 PC WRmt: Default Messages Store Files
    Q96719 PC WRmt: Demos Not Included Nor Can They Run in Mail Remote
    Q96721 PC WRmt: Direct Export to Primary Message File Clears PAB
    Q103291 PC WRmt: Disk Space Calculations for Address Files
    Q121716 PC WRmt: Duplicate Entries in the Personal Address Book
    Q97981 PC WRmt: Duplicate Help File Name
    Q97889 PC WRmt: Duplicate Mail Messages Download
    Q97046 PC WRmt: Each Session Overwrites SESSION.LOG File
    Q194734 PC WRmt: Echo and Display Commands do not Work in Remote Client
    Q105957 PC WRmt: Entering Addresses Directly on the TO: Line
    Q126659 PC WRmt: Err Msg: Account Not Valid User of Message File
    Q129899 PC WRmt: Err Msg: Address Is No Longer Valid...
    Q140249 PC WRmt: Err Msg: Address Is No Longer Valid...
    Q140247 PC WRmt: Err Msg: A TPL File Is Missing from your Server...
    Q141134 PC WRmt: ErrMsg: Connection End Disconnect After Win95 Upgrade
    Q136784 PC WRmt: Err Msg: Error in Converting RNETWORK.GLB
    Q127960 PC WRmt: Err Msg: Mail Driver Could Not Be Activated...
    Q101367 PC WRmt: Err Msg: Mail Remote Driver Not Compatible...
    Q119427 PC WRmt: Err Msg: MAILSPL Caused a GP-Fault in MSRMT.DLL
    Q127961 PC WRmt: Err Msg: Occurred Preventing Complete Installation...
    Q123248 PC WRmt: Err Msg: Postoffice Has Not Accepted Mail Item
    Q133429 PC WRmt: Err Msg: Postoffice Has Not Accepted Mail Item
    Q96536 PC WRmt: Exclusive During Active Modem Session
    Q127001 PC WRmt Ext: Err Msg: Postoffice Has Not Accepted Mail Item
    Q97933 PC WRmt: Extra Dialog and Error Messages
    Q103851 PC WRmt Ext: Telebit Err Msg: Failure to Reinitialize Modem
    Q103900 PC WRmt Ext: Telebit Modem Poor Throughput w/ 9600 Connection
    Q118949 PC WRmt: Files Placed on the Hard Drive During Installation
    Q137614 PC WRmt: Files That Contain User Detail Information
    Q97987 PC WRmt: Font Changes Make Some Text Unreadable
    Q112892 PC WRmt: Friendly Name Doesn't Change
    Q141136 PC WRmt: GP Fault with Mail Remote and Hebrew WFW
    Q96529 PC WRmt: Help in Separate Files
    Q119415 PC WRmt: How the System Selector Works
    Q140068 PC WRmt: How to Install Supplemental Modem Scripts
    Q96535 PC WRmt: How to Recover from Mistyping Password on First Login
    Q108832 PC WRmt: Immediately on Send Option Retrieves No Unread Mail
    Q101671 PC WRmt: Inbox Shadowing Not Recommended
    Q99116 PC WRmt: Incorrect Sorting by Subject
    Q96533 PC WRmt: Installing Mail Remote from a Network
    Q96532 PC WRmt: Installing Over Another Copy of Windows Mail Client
    Q97958 PC WRmt: Installing Remote and LAN Drivers on One Computer
    Q97076 PC WRmt: Interrupt Conflicts with LAN Card Installation
    Q97071 PC WRmt: Keyboard Problems in Select Headers Dialog Box
    Q130750 PC WRmt: Locked KEY File May Result in Lost Mail
    Q99106 PC WRmt: Mail Controls Windows During Active Modem Session
    Q97468 PC WRmt: Mail Does Not Display Friendly Names from Headers
    Q97137 PC WRmt: Mail Hangs in Connection Dialog If No Timer Available
    Q97080 PC WRmt: Mail Installation Prompts for User Data Disk
    Q134236 PC WRmt: Mail in the Outbox May Not Be Sent
    Q102089 PC WRmt: Mail Message Formatting Changes
    Q105930 PC WRmt: Mail Remote Displays "SENDING" When It Isn't Sending
    Q119414 PC WRmt: Mail Remote for Windows Address List Creation
    Q97081 PC WRmt: Mail Remote for Windows Cannot Receive Incoming Calls
    Q103384 PC WRmt: Mail Remote for Windows Doesn't Accept Incoming Calls
    Q111702 PC WRmt: Mail Remote MAILDRV.EXE Update
    Q132546 PC WRmt: Mail Remote MSRMTCN.DLL Version 3.2.4013 Update
    Q132546 PC WRmt: Mail Remote MSRMTCN.DLL Version 3.2.4013 Update
    Q111704 PC WRmt: Mail Remote MSRMT.DLL Version 3.2.4013 Update
    Q113341 PC WRmt: Mail Remote MSRMTSU.DLL Version Update
    Q113145 PC WRmt: Mail Remote MSRMTTR.DLL Version 3.2.2000.4013 Update
    Q103946 PC WRmt: Mail Remote MSRMTUI.DLL Version Update
    Q100458 PC WRmt: MAPI Ignores Scheduled Connections
    Q128323 PC WRmt: MCI Credit Card Calling /Modem Script
    Q96717 PC WRmt: Message Header Listing Incorrect
    Q99202 PC WRmt: Messages Waiting in Outbox Not Sent
    Q107062 PC WRmt: Microsoft Mail and SHARE.EXE
    Q165315 PC WRmt: Microsoft Mail for PC Networks Remote Users are not able to View Attachments
    Q117649 PC WRmt: Missing Dialog Box When Change to Remote Mail Driver
    Q112205 PC WRmt: Modem Script (.SCR) Update Process
    Q97852 PC WRmt: Modifying Modem Scripts
    Q165315 PC WRmt: MS Mail Remote Users Not Able to View Attachments
    Q229066 PC WRmt: Msrmttr.dll Causes Usgeneric.scr to Return NO ANSWER
    Q101902 PC WRmt: Multiple Address List Downloads Cause Corruption
    Q99257 PC WRmt: Multiple MSMAIL.INI files
    Q127767 PC WRmt: MWave Modem Is Incompatible w/ Mail Remote Client
    Q97047 PC WRmt: Network List Shows Blank Line for Current Postoffice
    Q97078 PC WRmt: New MMF Created in Apparently Incorrect Location
    Q97750 PC WRmt: No Demos Available
    Q97470 PC WRmt: No Migration for Messages from MS-DOS Remote
    Q117843 PC WRmt: Not Designed to Support Extended Information
    Q97897 PC WRmt: Null Modem Script Displays Phone Number
    Q112206 PC WRmt: Only Use Notepad to Edit Modem Script Files
    Q112907 PC WRmt: Operation When No Timer Available
    Q96534 PC WRmt: Password Problems and Switching Mail Drivers
    Q130219 PC WRmt: PORT COM<n> in Script Does Not Override MSMAIL.INI
    Q136046 PC WRmt: Possible Misdirected Mail When Upgrading Address List
    Q101604 PC WRmt: Possible Results of Missing or Invalid ACCESS4.GLB
    Q100457 PC WRmt: Priority Message Designation
    Q112899 PC WRmt: Problems Mixing Language Versions of Mail
    Q96916 PC WRmt: Problems Regaining Control with Some Screen Savers
    Q105931 PC WRmt: Problems with Extended Characters
    Q97079 PC WRmt: Providing Access to Gateway User Address Lists
    Q113854 PC WRmt: README.TXT: Microsoft Mail Remote for Windows 3.2
    Q101603 PC WRmt: Reason for Multiple Passwords
    Q131069 PC WRmt: Receiving mail fails, other processes are successful
    Q131069 PC WRmt: Receiving mail fails, while downloading headers and sending mail is successful
    Q140072 PC WRmt: Recovering Client Functionality After Install Win95
    Q101903 PC WRmt: Reducing Long Time-Outs with AT&T Driver
    Q192238 PC WRmt: Remote Client May Display Date Incorrectly After 2000
    Q194735 PC WRmt: Remote Mail Errors Using Custom Script
    Q97894 PC WRmt: Remote Mail Password Dialogs
    Q127953 PC WRmt: Remote Mail to Group with New User Not Delivered
    Q121377 PC WRmt: Remote POL Not Updated After New Addr. List Download
    Q103904 PC WRmt: Resolving Mail to External Groups
    Q131152 PC WRmt: Running Mail Remote Under Windows NT
    Q132956 PC WRmt: Run w/ Megahertz EM114t Modem/Ethernet PCMCIA Card
    Q137908 PC WRmt: Script for Xircom CEM2 and Mail Remote for Windows
    Q97751 PC WRmt: Seeing Which Driver Is Installed
    Q114280 PC WRmt: Selector Doesn't Allow Copy/Move Without ServerPath
    Q112910 PC WRmt: Selector Hangs if Fax Printer Driver Missing
    Q97024 PC WRmt: Send All Messages Before Changing Drivers
    Q132562 PC WRmt: Server with Net Name MSG Won't Download Address List
    Q98044 PC WRmt: Setup May Fail If Program Manager Not Running
    Q112260 PC WRmt: Several Minutes to Time Out Without Modem Attached
    Q97469 PC WRmt: Sharing the AT&T Message File with Microsoft Mail
    Q112269 PC WRmt: Short Cut Method to Select All Headers
    Q114125 PC WRmt: Simple MAPI Programs Only Send Mail with Remote
    Q96692 PC WRmt: Some View Menu Items Do Not Have Short-Cut Keys
    Q97025 PC WRmt: Subject-Line Length Limited to 40 Characters
    Q111000 PC WRmt: Summary List of Mail Remote for Windows 3.2 Bugs
    Q97145 PC WRmt: System Selector Does Not Validate Its Results
    Q136512 PC WRmt: System Selector Not Display Installed Mail Options
    Q98013 PC WRmt: Unsendable Messages Counted Incorrectly
    Q97779 PC WRmt: Using Extended Characters in Scripts
    Q106067 PC WRmt: Using Mail Remote with Postoffice in Another Language
    Q96531 PC WRmt: Using Mail Remote with Schedule+
    Q136631 PC WRmt: Using Remote Mail Client and WinRules Version 1.0
    Q96720 PC WRmt: Using Telebit Trailblazer Modems
    Q96917 PC WRmt: Version 3.2 Does Not Support Shared Folders
    Q97023 PC WRmt: Version 3.2 Unable to Open Packaged Item
    Q99930 PC WRmt: Viewing and Usage of the ACCESS4.GLB File
    Q192545 PC WRmt: Windows Remote Client Displays Wrong Date after 2000
    Q192545 PC WRmt: Windows Remote Client May Display Date Incorrectly after 2000
    Q97651 PC WRmt Win: Problems Installing with DoubleSpace
    Q229066 PC WRmt: Y2K: Msrmttr.dll Causes Usgeneric.scr to Return NO ANSWER
    Q135458 PC WSPlus: Future Tasks Disappear and Reappear
    Q245414 PC WSPlus: Recovering Calendar Info to a Schedule+ 1.0 Client
    Q245417 PC WSPlus: Recovering Lost Installation of Schedule+ Information
    Q192239 Postmaster Messages Display Incorrect Date After 2000
    Q182308 Postoffice Improperly Serialized When Disk 1 Not Serialized
    Q98914 PROFS: 3.0 Gateway Access Disk [3.5, 720K]
    Q98812 PROFS: 3.0 Gateway Access Disk [5.25, 360K]
    Q98820 PROFS: 3.0 Gateway Disk 1 [3.5, 1.22 MB]
    Q98813 PROFS: 3.0 Gateway Disk 1 [5.25, 1.2 MB]
    Q96537 PROFS: 3.0 Gateway Disk 2 [5.25]
    Q99171 PROFS: 3.0 Gateway Utility Disk [3.5, 1.44 MB]
    Q98915 PROFS: 3.3 Distribution Manager Disk [3.5, 720K]
    Q98819 PROFS: 3.3 Distribution Manager Disk [5.25, 360K]
    Q98913 PROFS: 3.3 Host Access Disk [3.5, 1.44 MB]
    Q98821 PROFS: 3.3 Host Access Disk [5.25, 1.22 MB]
    Q110977 PROFS: 3.4 Distribution Manager Disk [3.5, 1.4 MB]
    Q115460 PROFS: 3.4 Gateway Access Disk 2 [3.5, 1.44 MB]
    Q108683 PROFS: 3.4 Gateway Disk 2 [3.5, 1.44 MB]
    Q115458 PROFS: 3.4 Host Access Disk 1 [3.5, 1.44 MB]
    Q110978 PROFS: 3.4 Host Access Disk 2 [3.5, 1.44 MB]
    Q115459 PROFS: 3.4 Utilities Disk 3 [3.5, 1.44 MB]
    Q87218 PROFS: Additional Command-Line Options for the Gateway
    Q98825 PROFS: Address List from PROFS Fails to Import
    Q87188 PROFS: Attachment File Handling
    Q110615 PROFS: Bottleneck in MS-CSM Causes Multiple Requests
    Q128468 PROFS: Cannot Receive Attachments Not Sent As Documents
    Q87201 PROFS: Changes Made to Database During Installation
    Q87426 PROFS: Class of Machine Required for Gateway PC
    Q87179 PROFS: Command-Line Options to Solve Gateway Problems
    Q86151 PROFS: Consequences of XEDITing a Config File
    Q86158 PROFS: DCA Comm Server and the PROFS Gateway
    Q86150 PROFS: Definition of XEDIT, How to Find Help Using It
    Q86149 PROFS: Description of an Incident Report, How It Can Be Used
    Q87222 PROFS: DOS Errorlevel Messages
    Q107091 PROFS: Duplicate Messages Delivered to PROFS Users
    Q87210 PROFS: Effects of DirSync on Gateway Address Lists
    Q104374 PROFS: Err: Host Time-Out, Host Access Left in XEDIT on VM/ESA
    Q109988 PROFS: Err Msg: Data Exception - LISTFILE: re-ipl
    Q99717 PROFS: Err Msg: DOS ERROR 5090, 119: Host Timeout Error
    Q99170 PROFS: Err Msg: ERROR: Directory ID Name Does Not Exist...
    Q95015 PROFS: Err Msg: Error Downloading the File...
    Q109987 PROFS: Err Msg: IN_FORM ID Gets Out of Sequence Error
    Q109987 PROFS: Err Msg: IN_FORM ID Gets OUT of Sequence Error
    Q128467 PROFS: Err Msg: Intermittent 'ABEND 0C4' Would Be Reported...
    Q128470 PROFS: Err Msg: PWABFUP Unable to Spool PUNCH to MSCAL...
    Q110613 PROFS: Err Msg: PWACSI Copy of PO USR Failed - Space
    Q128469 PROFS: Err Msg: PWAMROUT Novalue Error in Line 222
    Q87180 PROFS: Errors on Gateway PC
    Q107096 PROFS: File Format for Semi-Auto Address List Request Token
    Q107105 PROFS: File Format of Message Sent from PROFS to MS Mail
    Q114404 PROFS: First Contact Form for PROFS Gateway
    Q115554 PROFS: Function of VMGATE and the 3270 Emulation Software
    Q119308 PROFS: Gateway Export Generates Two Notes to PROFS/OV UserID
    Q87219 PROFS: Gateway Processes While Running
    Q97084 PROFS: Gateway Unable to Mail to HP Desk System
    Q87192 PROFS: Hardware and Software Requirements on the LAN
    Q119306 PROFS: Host Access INSTALL Failure with CLRSCRN Module
    Q87196 PROFS: Host Access Software Compatible with Gateway
    Q87209 PROFS: How Are VM User Addresses Created Within MS Mail?
    Q87428 PROFS: How Import/Export Feature Works for PROFS Addresses
    Q87193 PROFS: How Is the LAN Connected to the VM Systems?
    Q87208 PROFS: How Much Address Conversion Is Done by the Gateway?
    Q87204 PROFS: How the Different Software Layers Communicate on the PC
    Q87202 PROFS: How Third-Party Hardware and Software Can Be Tested
    Q87212 PROFS: How to Check If Mail Is Queued for the Gateway
    Q98339 PROFS: How to Check VM Host for Enabled EXITs
    Q98340 PROFS: How to Check VM Host for REROUTE Statements
    Q98341 PROFS: How to Check VM Host ROUTE Statements
    Q86148 PROFS: How to Check Whether Mail Is Queued
    Q118458 PROFS: How to Configure Free/Busy Exchange on VMHOST
    Q104281 PROFS: How to Create and Import Customized Templates
    Q86159 PROFS: How to De-Install the Gateway
    Q87429 PROFS: How to Delete a Gateway
    Q86160 PROFS: How to Increase Virtual Storage and Disk Space
    Q86114 PROFS: How to Prevent the Gateway VM ID from "Going to Sleep"
    Q125171 PROFS: How to Print a PROFS Address List
    Q86157 PROFS: How to Stop the Gateway If It Is "Looping"
    Q87181 PROFS: How to Trace Where Mail Failed
    Q86156 PROFS: How to Update the Gateway
    Q87427 PROFS: How VM Addresses Are Added to Postoffice Address List
    Q87207 PROFS: How VM Addresses Are Converted to MS Mail Addresses
    Q107095 PROFS: Incorrect Time and Date Stamp on Gateway Mail
    Q87198 PROFS: Information Required by PROFS Gateway Install Program
    Q86147 PROFS: Information Required to Troubleshoot Gateway Problems
    Q87178 PROFS: Information Required to Troubleshoot LAN-Side Problems
    Q109989 PROFS: Location Field in Meeting Request Dropped
    Q107092 PROFS: Manually Regenerating the PRX Files for Host Access
    Q87191 PROFS: Maximum Allowable Size of Mail Sent Through Gateway
    Q103854 PROFS: Maximum Mailbag Size Reads 00000000 on Host Access
    Q86154 PROFS: Maximum Message Size That Can Be Processed
    Q87195 PROFS: Memory Required on the Gateway PC
    Q115457 PROFS: Message Format for Version 3.4
    Q128466 PROFS: Multiple Attachments Generated by Host Access
    Q87217 PROFS: Necessary Command-Line Options for HostDisp (or VMGATE)
    Q95018 PROFS: "Nickname File Filename Filetype Does Not Exist" Error
    Q87190 PROFS: Notice 16, Error Reading Mail
    Q87215 PROFS: Order for Starting Up the Two Sides of the Gateway
    Q128461 PROFS: Out-of-Memory Conditions in MS-GATE, MS-CSM, MS-GRF
    Q136380 PROFS: Propagating Existing PROFS Nodes to a New Postoffice
    Q130012 PROFS: PWASETUP Version 3.4a.041 Update
    Q96017 PROFS: Receive Command Drops the "$" on Download
    Q134372 PROFS: Reply All Feature Not Supported
    Q124045 PROFS: Requirement for Free and Busy Times
    Q105362 PROFS: Setup For Cross Calendaring in XA Systems and RSCS
    Q127730 PROFS: SoftSwitch Gateway Hangs on Large Attachments
    Q87197 PROFS: Steps That Must Be Completed to Install PROFS Gateway
    Q96038 PROFS: System Abend 0C2-0000 Attempting to IPL MS-RSCS
    Q95016 PROFS: "System Abend 155" Installing Gateway on Host
    Q125920 PROFS: Template Information Lost Using IMPORT -T
    Q87211 PROFS: The Difference Between Direct and Indirect Gateways
    Q119054 PROFS: The Meaning of the {future date} in VMGATE.LOG
    Q87206 PROFS: Tools Available to Configure Gateway
    Q107094 PROFS: Transferring Reader Files with CMS Transfer
    Q87205 PROFS: Typical AUTOEXEC.BAT & CONFIG.SYS Files for Gateway PC
    Q107204 PROFS: Use of PROFSIN.DAT, Format of PROFSIN.CSI Files
    Q87183 PROFS: Using ASCII/EBCDIC Programs to Solve Problems
    Q107085 PROFS: Using CMS Peek Command to Troubleshoot
    Q87186 PROFS: Using Microsoft Comm Server and the PROFS Gateway
    Q87189 PROFS: Using -P0xx and -V20 Options on Command Line
    Q111950 PROFS: Using the CMS TAG FILE Command
    Q102106 PROFS: Using the IBM SENDFILE Command with PROFS Gateway
    Q107090 PROFS: Verifying the CSIEXITs for Host Access Component
    Q87194 PROFS: Versions of MS Mail Compatible with PROFS Gateway
    Q131957 PROFS: VMGATE.EXE Version 3.40.0042 Update
    Q128462 PROFS: VMGATE Log .MAI File Errors
    Q96658 PROFS: VM Host Screen Keyboard Locks Up
    Q87216 PROFS: What Can't the Gateway Find the File Transfer Programs?
    Q87220 PROFS: What Happens in the Event of a Mail Failure?
    Q87213 PROFS: What Is HUB Mail, and What Are Its Advantages?
    Q87199 PROFS: What Is the Gateway Name, and Why Is It Required?
    Q86155 PROFS: What to Do When Communication with LAN Ceases
    Q87182 PROFS: What to Do with Files in the ERR Directory
    Q87200 PROFS: When Is Gateway Component Successfully Installed?
    Q87221 PROFS: Where Incoming/Outgoing Mail Files Are Stored
    Q86106 PROFS: Which Systems the Gateway Provides Connectivity To
    Q86153 PROFS: Why 3270 File Transfer Should Be Tested First
    Q87216 PROFS: Why Can't the Gateway Find the File Transfer Programs?
    Q87214 PROFS: Why Is the Gateway Program Called HostDisp?
    Q87203 PROFS: Why the Gateway PC Needs the Correct Date/Time
    Q153885 Push-to-Talk Key Does Not Perform Original Function
    Q176011 Recommended MMF size
    Q180297 Reconfiguring Exchange As The Dirsync Server
    Q192240 Remote MS- DOS Client May Sort Incorrectly After Year 2000
    Q192240 Remote MS-DOS Client May Sort Incorrectly After Year 2000
    Q150313 Renaming or Deleting Microsoft Phone Voice Commands
    Q180298 Setup of Windows NT MMTA on Windows NT 4.0 Does Not Complete
    Q100352 SMTP: 550 Huh? Extended HELO (EHLO) Not Supported
    Q264265 SMTP: Access Component Determines SMTP Gateway Already Installed
    Q87036 SMTP: Address Lists That Display SMTP Address
    Q87032 SMTP: Admin Options to Be Configured
    Q111894 SMTP: Attachment Names Change Case on Outgoing Mail
    Q99716 SMTP: Attachments Named ATT1, ATT2, ATT#
    Q118487 SMTP: Attachments Seem Corrupted or Garbled
    Q137043 SMTP: Benchmarking the SMTP Gateway
    Q96203 SMTP: Break Absolute Option (-BT) Stops Gateway Immediately
    Q118562 SMTP: Cannot Export Address List Using ODI Drivers
    Q131150 SMTP: Causes of Hangs on Mail Gateway to SMTP
    Q87040 SMTP: Configuration for Encapsulation
    Q127732 SMTP: Configuring LAN Manager 2.2c MS-DOS Client w/ TCP/IP
    Q111840 SMTP: Configuring the Gateway to Use Company Domain Names
    Q115496 SMTP: Configuring the Mail Routing Host Without DNS
    Q115452 SMTP: Date and Time Stamps Different in Inbox and Message
    Q87044 SMTP: Definition of Gateway
    Q87022 SMTP: Definition of SMTP
    Q118594 SMTP: Definition of SMTP Gateway Terms
    Q88780 SMTP: Definition of the IMPORT Utility
    Q99718 SMTP: Determining Total Time-Out Period with -Q and -W
    Q87038 SMTP: Dir-Sync Effect on SMTP Addresses
    Q87039 SMTP: Encapsulation and the SMTP Gateway
    Q107089 SMTP: Err Msg
    Q127733 SMTP: Err Msg: 134 Error Accessing SMTP Configuration File
    Q137044 SMTP: Err Msg: 354 Start Mail Input; End wit
    Q99854 SMTP: Err Msg: 500 Huh?
    Q99855 SMTP: Err Msg: 503 Bad Command Sequence
    Q100705 SMTP: Err Msg: 550 Addressee Unknown
    Q128570 SMTP: Err Msg: 552 Error in Local Delivery
    Q115495 SMTP: Err Msg: 552 Error in Local Delivery
    Q99856 SMTP: Err Msg: 552 Error in Local Delivery
    Q134949 SMTP: Err Msg: 552 Error in Local Delivery
    Q123825 SMTP: Err Msg: Can Not Use Indirect Postoffice to Forward Mail
    Q123826 SMTP: Err Msg: Error (116) Network Read Error
    Q123827 SMTP: Err Msg: Error (119) Network Write Error
    Q108054 SMTP: Err Msg: Error <Address> Is an Invalid Courier Mailbox
    Q115491 SMTP: Err Msg: Error Bind (110) Smtp_listen System Error
    Q99852 SMTP: Err Msg: ERROR Connect: (121) Network Error
    Q100703 SMTP: Err Msg: ERROR MMFF Protocol Error
    Q102107 SMTP: Err Msg: ERROR Network_Read: Lost Network Connection
    Q101682 SMTP: Err Msg: ERROR: network_read: timed out
    Q128434 SMTP: Err Msg: Error SMTPGet 52 a File Open Error Has Occurred
    Q129713 SMTP: Err Msg: Error Translating Message to SMTP...
    Q98159 SMTP: Err Msg: ERROR Translating Message to SMTP...
    Q100708 SMTP: Err Msg: ERROR write: (119) Network Error
    Q99857 SMTP: Err Msg: ERROR Write: (1) (null)
    Q105290 SMTP: Err Msg: Insufficient Memory
    Q100709 SMTP: Err Msg: Network_read: Lost Network Connection
    Q100706 SMTP: Err Msg: Read: (52) Network Dropped Connection or Reset
    Q108052 SMTP: Err Msg: Recipient Unknown
    Q100704 SMTP: Err Msg: SMTP_recv:protocol error
    Q100512 SMTP: Err Msg: SMTP_recv:system error
    Q96244 SMTP: Err Msg: Socket Error (123) When Starting Gateway
    Q124801 SMTP: Err Msg: Socket Error (123) When Starting Gateway
    Q141663 SMTP: Err Msg: Sockets 0116: TCP Access Failure by Sockets
    Q128438 SMTP: Err Msg: Sockets Error: the Value for Key Host Name...
    Q100925 SMTP: Err Msg: Spawn (SMTPget): (2) No Such File or Directory
    Q127727 SMTP: Err Msg: The Following Recipients Could Not Be Reached
    Q136041 SMTP: Err Msg: This Device Does Not Exist on the Network
    Q99853 SMTP: Err Msg: WARNING Getline: NL with No CR
    Q105130 SMTP: Err Msg: WARNING Incoming SMTP Mail From Unknown Host
    Q107087 SMTP: Err Msg: Warning No Return Path
    Q129239 SMTP: Err Msg: Warning SMTP Output Retry Count Exceeded...
    Q100707 SMTP: Err Msg: Write: (57) Socket is Not Connected
    Q118970 SMTP: Error (9) Closing MS-DOS Socket for LAN Workplace
    Q96126 SMTP: Error in Documentation for -BR Parameter
    Q112237 SMTP: ERROR Write and ERROR Read Messages
    Q112286 SMTP: Example of SMTP Gateway Log File
    Q88779 SMTP: Examples of Typical SMTP Addresses
    Q98067 SMTP: Explanation of FROM Field wit
    Q87029 SMTP: Explanation of TCP/IP
    Q98050 SMTP: FFAPI Models Used in SMTP Gateway
    Q114407 SMTP: First Contact Form for SMTP Gateway
    Q105288 SMTP: Gateway Cannot Run Under Windows NT TCP/IP
    Q111839 SMTP: Gateway Does Not Get Outgoing Messages from Postoffice
    Q105289 SMTP: Gateway Hangs Using Novell LAN Workplace for DOS
    Q129140 SMTP: Gateway Hangs While Processing Message
    Q115555 SMTP: Gateway Screen Border Displays Random Characters
    Q118595 SMTP: Gateway Tries to UUDECODE Text That is not UUENCODED
    Q101459 SMTP: GW0645: Configuring the SMTP Gateway & DNS
    Q99713 SMTP: How Reply Chooses a From Address
    Q115493 SMTP: How SMTPGATE Processes Incoming SMTP Messages
    Q87046 SMTP: How the Gateway Communicates with the SMTP World
    Q137042 SMTP: How the Gateway Uses Memory
    Q87047 SMTP: How the SMTP World Communicates with the Gateway
    Q87033 SMTP: How to Backbone Over SMTP
    Q108374 SMTP: How to Find Available Memory
    Q141981 SMTP: How to Identify if ADPROC.EXE Has Replaced SMTPGET.EXE
    Q87028 SMTP: How to Recognize Successful SMTP Gateway Installation
    Q108375 SMTP: How to Start SMTPGET
    Q87041 SMTP: How to Start Up the SMTP Gateway
    Q88781 SMTP: How to Use the Import Utility
    Q105215 SMTP: Inbox Date Does Not Match Message Body Date
    Q87030 SMTP: Installing and Configuring a Downstream Postoffice
    Q105361 SMTP: Locations of Domain Name Service (DNS) Files
    Q134371 SMTP: Loss of Available Free Memory During Operation
    Q192054 SMTP: Mail from SMTP Gateway Has Incorrect Sent Date and Time
    Q101458 SMTP: Mail SMTPPUT.EXE Version 3.04.1 Update
    Q118564 SMTP: Maintaining Config and Addresses On Re-Install, Upgrade
    Q112761 SMTP: Maximum Number of Recipients Allowed
    Q101461 SMTP: Microsoft Mail SMTPGATE.EXE Version 3.0.9 Update
    Q111857 SMTP: Missing Attachment Name in Client when Using PMDF Mailer
    Q128512 SMTP: -MR Option Ignored When You Use It with -MD
    Q135034 SMTP: Postmaster Account Important to Track Mail Errors
    Q87043 SMTP: Recommended Command-Line Parameters
    Q137041 SMTP: Recommended Environments for the SMTP Gateway
    Q113824 SMTP: Return Receipts Sent If "Return-Receipt-To" Is Blank
    Q109615 SMTP: Return-Receipt-To Field Is Nonstandard
    Q118968 SMTP: RFC822 Header Fields Used by the Gateway
    Q88777 SMTP: RFCs Supported by the Gateway
    Q87042 SMTP: SMTP Command-Line Parameters
    Q132060 SMTP: SMTP Gateway in Small, Medium, and Large Organizations
    Q135926 SMTP: SMTPPUT 201: Failure Submitting Message to Mail Database
    Q88778 SMTP: Software & Hardware Required for Downstream Postoffice
    Q87024 SMTP: Specific Hardware Needed by the Gateway
    Q87023 SMTP: TCP/IP Stacks Supported by the Mail Gateway to SMTP
    Q118784 SMTP: Time on Gateway Screen and Log File
    Q156166 SMTP: Troubleshooting Error SMTPGET: 20 - Insufficient Memory
    Q115494 SMTP: Troubleshooting the SMTP Gateway
    Q115492 SMTP: Troubleshooting the TCP/IP Layer of the Mail Gateway
    Q135031 SMTP: Unable to Send SMTP Mail Messages from Downstream PO
    Q87045 SMTP: What the Gateway to SMTP Does
    Q118530 SMTP: When Gateway UUENCODEs Attachments
    Q107205 SMTP: WHEN Info Missing in Schedule+ Meeting Requests
    Q98208 SMTP: When the SMTP Gateway Uses Quotation Marks
    Q137046 SMTP: Where to find Microsoft TCP/IP for the SMTP Gateway
    Q136116 SMTP: XXENC User Unknown
    Q118532 SNADS: Attachments Result in Separate Messages
    Q114406 SNADS: First Contact Form for SNADS Gateway
    Q132408 SNADS: How to Remove the SNADS Gateway from a Postoffice
    Q128586 SNADS: Lotus-Softswitch SNADGET.EXE Version 3.04.6
    Q130190 SNADS: Postoffice to DGN Mapping
    Q108298 SNADS: Running Linkage OS/2 SNADS Gateway and MMTA
    Q95017 SNADS: Two Message Headers Viewing Loop Around Message
    Q119052 SNADS: Win Client Sees Duplicate Headers for Loopback Message
    Q153410 Some Mouse Actions Not Recorded with Capture Next Actions
    Q150170 Telecommander Audio Driver Fails When You Open MS-DOS Prompt
    Q179305 Troubleshooting Async Mail Flow Connection Problems
    Q112914 VB 3: PC WFW: Prompt for Network and Postoffice Name
    Q143055 Voice Command Does Not Deactivate Screen Saver
    Q149647 Voice Features Limited By a Program's Abilities
    Q192238 Windows Remote Client May Display Date Incorrectly After 2000
    Q98818 X400: 3.0 Gateway Access Disk [3.5, 720K]
    Q98823 X400: 3.0 Gateway Access Disk [5.25, 1.22 MB]
    Q98822 X400: 3.0 Gateway Disk [3.5, 720K]
    Q98824 X400: 3.0 Gateway Disk [5.25, 1.22 MB]
    Q107099 X400: 3.2 Gateway Memory Requirements
    Q113827 X400: 3.2 Setup and Maintenance Utilities
    Q139636 X400: Abbreviations for CCITT Recommendation X.224
    Q139700 X400: Abbreviations for Recommendation X.410
    Q86979 X400: Address Conversion and Address Mapping Differences
    Q108732 X400: Address Syntax
    Q115444 X400: Admin Program Generates Error with TP4/CLNP Connection
    Q114582 X400: Attachments Show Up as BDYx.P00
    Q105527 X400: Bodypart Types Supported by Mail for PC Networks
    Q115354 X400: -BR option and Non-zero Restart Interval Cause ERROR 0
    Q115351 X400: CANCEL Does Not Save Remote MTA Screen Update Changes
    Q194386 X400: Cannot Send Messages to Message Transfer Agent with Checkpoint Size Set to 10
    Q194384 X400: Cannot Send Message with 246-Byte P1 File Through Gateway
    Q194712 X400: Cannot Start Gateway if PO Has Large Serial Number
    Q194712 X400: Cannot Start Gateway if Postoffice Has Large Serial Number
    Q194386 X400: Can't Send Messages to MTA with Checkpoint Size Set to 10
    Q194711 X400: Characters with Diacritical Marks Are Not Encoded Properly
    Q194711 X400: Characters with Diacritical Marks Aren't Encoded Properly
    Q86976 X400: Choosing Postoffice Mapping
    Q115364 X400: Comma Before Final Term Omitted by Display Format
    Q87650 X400: Command-Line Options Available to the X.400 Gateway
    Q115350 X400: Config Doubles Backslashes in MTA Names During Upgrade
    Q115447 X400: Corrupt .XTN File for Network Postoffice Stops Install
    Q115441 X400: Cursor Disappears When Tabbing From Facilities to Help
    Q115360 X400: Cursor Stays in First Column of Route Table
    Q115449 X400: Default Bodypart Parameter Applies to Message Body Only
    Q89409 X400: Definition of ADMD
    Q86977 X400: Definition of X.121 Address
    Q115438 X400: Delivery Fails when Message Has Too Many TO: Recipients
    Q105017 X400: Description of X400ADM.EXE Program
    Q118535 X400: Details on Disclose Recipient Option
    Q86983 X400: Differences Between, Advantages of Field & Type
    Q87488 X400: Dist_umpdu Routing Failed Error Message
    Q135026 X400: Doc Err: Customized Address Maps File
    Q135029 X400: Doc Err: Incorrect Step in Extracting MAPTBL.OUT
    Q86961 X400: Documentation Index for X.400 and X.25 Protocols
    Q118858 X400: Domain Defined Attribute Value to Reach SMTP
    Q100768 X400: Downstream Users Receive Multiple Copies of Same Message
    Q86981 X400: Effect of Dir-Sync on Gateway Address Lists
    Q103424 X400: Err Msg: Address Mapping Contains the Character X...
    Q105018 X400: Err Msg: Could Not Activate Local TSAP from TTXT.EXE
    Q101679 X400: Err Msg: EiconCard X.25 Error Messages
    Q132464 X400: Err Msg: Error 12 (Restarting MTA):...
    Q132529 X400: Err Msg: Error 12 (Restarting MTA): execv...
    Q123650 X400: Err Msg: ERROR 1 (RTS): Failed to Decode PAccept
    Q123824 X400: Err Msg: ERROR 1 (TRAN): Invalid TPDU 70 in State 4
    Q102748 X400: Err Msg: ERROR 3 (Layer): Open Failed
    Q101683 X400: Err Msg: ERROR 3 (Network): X.25 Receive Failed...
    Q101684 X400: Err Msg: ERROR 3 (Network): X.25 Send Failed...
    Q102750 X400: Err Msg: ERROR 3 (RTS): RTS Open Refused...
    Q119303 X400: Err Msg: ERROR 3 (RTS): RTS Open Refused...
    Q129693 X400: Err Msg: ERROR 4 (Converting X.400 Delivery Report)...
    Q111948 X400: Err Msg: ERROR 8 (layer): Initialization Failed...MEMORY
    Q118969 X400: Err Msg: Error Malformed Address:Typ
    Q111945 X400: Err Msg: Incoming Invalid SPDU on Connection X:
    Q107101 X400: Err Msg: Mailbox Can Be Mapped Once in an Address
    Q102749 X400: Err Msg: MTA_Name Has Queued Messages...
    Q102747 X400: Err Msg: Only Four Organization Units Allowed in Address
    Q130382 X400: Err Msg: Outgoing Mail Remains in Queue
    Q134950 X400: Err Msg: Translate to Local Form Failed on Message:
    Q134953 X400: Err Msg: WARNING 0 or 3...: Could Not Load Sort Table
    Q194686 X400: Error 58 Message Displayed and Connection Ends
    Q139203 X400: Errors with Invalid X.400 Address Attributes
    Q102301 X400: Err: TMP Variable Not Set Gives WARNING 7 Error
    Q102299 X400: File Handles, RAM, and Disk Space Requirements
    Q114405 X400: First Contact Form for X.400 Gateway
    Q194556 X400: Foreign MTA Cannot Restore Connection Using PConnect
    Q194685 X400: Foreign System Ends Connection before Message Is Sent
    Q115357 X400: Gateway Crashes on Receipt of a DEC VAX Delivery Report
    Q134954 X400: Gateway Does Not Support the PROBE Message Type
    Q194555 X400: Gateway Hangs Sending Two Messages to Very Large DLs
    Q107103 X400: Gateway Requires P2 Originator Info for Display
    Q118566 X400: General Information on Checkpoint Size
    Q86980 X400: How Address Conversion Is Performed by the Gateway
    Q86985 X400: How Changing a Network Name Affects X.400 Gateway
    Q118862 X400: How MS-DOS and Windows Priorities Convert to X.400
    Q86988 X400: How MTAs Initiate and Communicate
    Q112039 X400: How the Gateway Handles Non X.400 To/Cc Addresses
    Q107104 X400: How to Add Route Table Expression
    Q135030 X400: How to Create a LoopBack Message
    Q87649 X400: How to Move the Gateway to Another Postoffice
    Q86962 X400: How to Obtain CCITT X.400 & X.25 Red Books
    Q112040 X400: How to Perform an X.25 Eicon Trace
    Q86978 X400: How to Specify an MTA Name
    Q142458 X.400: How to Test TP4 Connection Before X.400 Installation
    Q86969 X400: How to Test X.25 Connection Before X.400 Installation
    Q129706 X400: Incoming X.400 Receipt Notifications
    Q192084 X400: Incorrect Date on Message Sent Through X.400 Gateway
    Q194546 X400: Incorrect Time on Message Sent through Gateway to X.400
    Q115450 X400: Invalid MAPTBL.OUT Characters Cause Warning on Access
    Q115352 X400: Invalid Routing Entry Syntax Causes PANIC Error, Exit
    Q194547 X400: ISO 6937 Message with Attachment Is Not Delivered
    Q118567 X400: Leave TPDU At Optimal (Default) Size of 2048 Bytes
    Q86984 X400: Location of Log Files and When You Can Move Them
    Q115439 X400: Longer-than-Maximum Address Map Values Displayed
    Q86982 X400: Maintaining Addresses with Import Program
    Q115551 X400: Manually Adding TP4/CLNP Peer Address to Node
    Q194854 X400: Message Containing ISO 6937 Body Part Is Not Delivered
    Q194385 X400: Message Not Delivered and Screen Becomes Corrupted
    Q194549 X400: Message Sent to Invalid Recipient Generates Second NDR
    Q194548 X400: Message with Long Free-Form Name Cannot Be Delivered
    Q115348 X400: MTA Not Found Error Message
    Q87492 X400: Multiple Icons Sending Files Across X.400 Backbone
    Q115445 X400: Network Name Field Refuses to Accept Character Input
    Q115454 X400: No Indentations in Routing Table Written by Config
    Q113383 X400: Non-Delivery and Confirmed-Delivery Notification
    Q126304 X400: Non-delivery Reports to Incorrect User by Softswitch EMX
    Q126304 X400: Nondelivery Reports to Incorrect User by Softswitch EMX
    Q129707 X400: No Outgoing X.400 Receipt Notifications
    Q118563 X400: Originator/Recipient (O/R) Name Qualifiers
    Q115443 X400: OSIWare Bodypart Contain
    Q87305 X400: Outgoing Messages Will No Longer Sit in Outgoing Queue
    Q115359 X400: Precedence of the Parameters -U, -BD, -BT, - BR
    Q115440 X400: Priority 1 Mail Returned in 24 Hours Instead of 36 Hours
    Q111947 X400: Profile in X400ADM.EXE
    Q134951 X400: Public X.25 Mail Services Can Route on PRMD
    Q107098 X400: README.TXT: Gateway to X.400, Version 3.0
    Q118860 X400: README.TXT: Gateway to X.400, Version 3.2
    Q194855 X400: Recv.log File Is Not Updated when -MR Option Is Used
    Q102300 X400: Retaining Addresses When Reinstalling Gateway
    Q102746 X400: Retry Times on Failures to Connect to MTA
    Q127729 X400: Sample TP4 Configuration Files
    Q115363 X400: Selecting Customized Mapping Scrolls Admin Window Up
    Q115353 X400: Setting Include Special Attachment Removes WINMAIL.DAT
    Q87487 X400: Setting the X.400 Log File Debug Option -LD
    Q86967 X400: Setting Up a Redirector MTA
    Q108733 X400: Setting Up the Gateway as a EiconCard Server
    Q104067 X400: Setting Up the Gateway as an EiconCard Redirector
    Q111946 X400: Slow Message Transfer
    Q115349 X400: SMTP Address Dropped from To and CC Lists
    Q129746 X.400 SMTP: Mixed Gateway Addresses on the To: Line
    Q118861 X400: Supported Format for O/R Name Country Code
    Q86970 X400: Testing X.25 Line/Null Modem Connection Between 2 MTAs
    Q86958 X400: The Structural Components of the X.400 Gateway
    Q127728 X400: TP4 Stack Not Compatible with WFWG MS-DOS Client
    Q86964 X400: Transport Classes Supported for X.400 Gateway
    Q104282 X400: Transports Supported by the X.400 Gateway
    Q115358 X400: TSAP and SSAP Fields Cannot Accept Hex Values V2.1, V3.0
    Q86972 X400: Typical Batch Files to Set Up and Start X.400 Gateway
    Q124737 X400: Unable to Send or Receive Mail
    Q115355 X400: Update Utility Crashes with "Out of memory" Message
    Q118565 X400: Use BODYPART.CFG File for Body-Part Typing/Tagging
    Q115442 X400: Use Editor to Search Config Utility's Customized Mapping
    Q87490 X400: Use of "_" Character in the X.400 Version 2.1b3 Setup
    Q137045 X400: Using a 3Com Etherlink II Network Card for TP4/CLNS
    Q104981 X400: Using the Mailer -MD Option to Improve Performance
    Q145944 X.400: Using X400adm.exe to Configure Settings
    Q115356 X400: V3.2 Handles 25 Percent More in Recipient Lists than V3.0
    Q86966 X400: What to Order with the X.25 Card
    Q86974 X400: What X.400 Gateway Settings Affect X.25 Card Operation
    Q118783 X400: Windows Client Return Receipt Info Stripped
    Q86965 X400: X.25 Line Requirements for X.400 Gateway Operation
    Q115362 X400: X400ADM.EXE Crashes to MS-DOS, Database Is Corrupted
    Q115361 X400: X400ADM.EXE Log Print Job Errors Overwrite Admin Menu
    Q103803 X400: X400ADM Utility Memory Requirements
    Q115446 X400: X400GATE.EXE Hangs on 74+ Characters in Subject Line
    Q107445 X400: X400GATE.EXE Version 3.2.17 Update
    Q86959 X400: X.400 Gateway Compliant Profile
    Q86960 X400: X.400, X.200, and X.25 Acronyms
    Q191888 Y2K: Dispatch Incorrectly Displays Year
    Q191907 Y2K: Import.exe Displays Incorrect Date after 1999
    Q191905 Y2K: Key Dirsync Logs Display Incorrect Date after 1999
    Q192158 Y2K: NTMMTA Dirsync Process Incorrectly Logs Dates Beyond 1999
    Q192156 Y2K: NTMMTA Incorrectly Logs Dates after 1999
    Q191889 Y2K: Rebuild.exe Displays Incorrect Date after 1999
    Q191886 Y2K: Reqmain.exe Displays the Incorrect Date after 1999
    Q191943 Y2K: Seconds in Time Field Incorrect after 1999
    Q191887 Y2K: Srvmain.exe Displays Incorrect Date after 1999

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