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    Q191712 1 Item Is Out of Date Error Message During Synchronization
    Q169372 Access Is Denied Error When Overwriting Read-Only File
    Q184138 ActiveSync Does Not Start Even Though H/PC is Connected
    Q185256 ActiveSync Does Not Synchronize H/PC with Desktop Computer
    Q185596 ActiveSync Does Not Work After You Cancel a Connection
    Q185770 ActiveSync Hangs When Synchronizing Mobile Devices
    Q194725 ActiveSync Service Manager Ignores .mdb and .cdb Files
    Q194151 ActiveSync Service Manager Truncates Inbox Text Messages
    Q185407 ActiveSync Shows Up-To-Date After Changing an E-Mail Attachment
    Q169090 Active Worksheet Information Is Not Retained
    Q185124 After You Print You Cannot Open Pocket Outlook on an H/PC
    Q170209 Alarm Set for 2/29 Appears on 2/28 in Non-Leap Years
    Q179127 Appointments Are Not Scheduled for the Time You Specify
    Q216456 Appointments in Australian Cities Are Synchronized Incorrectly
    Q195579 Appointments Off By One Hour After Synchronization
    Q193469 Appointment Times Differ By One Hour After Synchronization
    Q189704 Appointment Times Do Not Synchronize Correctly on Handheld PC
    Q184253 Appointment Times Not Properly Updated When Changing Home City
    Q168002 Attempt to Insert Column or Row Results in Error Message
    Q167825 Availability of Pocket Internet Explorer 1.1 for Windows CE
    Q162755 Backup Status Bar Reports Progress Incorrectly
    Q159279 Bitmaps Transferred from Handheld PC to PC Cannot Be Opened
    Q183441 Blank Desktop When You Install Windows CE Services in Windows NT 4.0
    Q176371 Blank Lines Are Added to Pasted Notes in Windows CE
    Q232510 BUG: IIMCallback::SetImInfo Does Not Resize Input Panel (SIP)
    Q198801 BUG: RasEnumEntries Returns Success Regardless of Buffer Size
    Q192550 BUG: VBCE: Control Manager Does Not Properly Uninstall Control
    Q213055 Calendar Print Options Location Change on H/PC 3.0 Professional Edition
    Q169099 Cannot Add to List of Prefixes and Suffixes in Contacts
    Q162519 Cannot Bypass or Cancel Calibration Tool in Welcome Program
    Q163504 Cannot Change Event Sound by Typing Sound Name in Box
    Q185434 Cannot Change the Display Resolution of Pocket PowerPoint Files
    Q170216 Cannot Check Off Last Recurring Task in Tasks Tool
    Q185744 Cannot Connect Computers When You Install Windows CE Services
    Q184861 Cannot Connect to a LAN Using a Network PC Card in a Handheld PC
    Q183793 Cannot Connect to Desktop Computer Using Remote Networking
    Q187544 Cannot Connect to Desktop Computer with Internet Explorer 4.0
    Q184227 Cannot Connect to H/PC and Virtual Private Network at Same Time
    Q176047 Cannot Connect to Windows Using Windows CE Services
    Q186866 Cannot Connect Using RAS After You Install Windows CE Services
    Q177133 Cannot Copy Pocket Excel Files to Your Desktop Computer
    Q161854 Cannot Copy, Save, or Delete File on Handheld PC
    Q190572 Cannot Create Ink Notes in Pocket Outlook
    Q167923 Cannot Download .wav Files in Pocket Internet Explorer 1.1
    Q183026 Cannot Edit H/PC Calendar with a Different Time Zone Configured
    Q169941 Cannot Edit Invalid Recurring Appointment
    Q177985 Cannot Find the Help Topic for the ACOS Function in Pocket Excel
    Q162314 Cannot Move Icons Within a Folder in H/PC Explorer
    Q162828 Cannot Open Contacts Due to Lack of Available Storage Space
    Q166919 Cannot Open Databases in Databases Folder
    Q176215 Cannot Open E-mail After Restoring a Handheld PC Backup
    Q190559 Cannot Play Wave Audio Files Created on Palm-size PC
    Q162905 Cannot Rename File with .lnk Extension
    Q159362 Cannot Rename My Handheld PC Icon with H/PC Explorer
    Q180735 Cannot Save a 7:00 A.M. Appointment in Calendar
    Q186029 Cannot Save Changes to Note Taker Files
    Q169978 Cannot Save Full-Day Event with Invalid Time
    Q180732 Cannot See Error Messages on Your Handheld PC
    Q186097 Cannot Send a Note Taker Attachment in an E-Mail Message
    Q185505 Cannot Synchronize Handheld PC with an IBM ThinkPad
    Q184066 Cannot Synchronize Handheld PC with Desktop Computer
    Q183055 Cannot Synchronize H/PC After You Cancel a Print Job
    Q183474 Cannot Synchronize H/PC After You Install Internet Explorer 4.0
    Q177872 Cannot Transfer Files Larger Than 4 MB in Size
    Q169214 Cannot Use Keyboard to Accept Changes to Connectoid
    Q162574 Cannot Use Keyboard to Open Help Topics in Windows CE
    Q183970 Cannot Use Schedule+ to Respond to a Meeting Request on an H/PC
    Q169110 Cannot Use the Keyboard to Navigate Date Picker Tool
    Q197560 Cannot View Message Attachments on Your Windows CE Device
    Q177984 Cannot View Tables in Web Sites Using Pocket Internet Explorer
    Q176956 Cell Border Formatting Is Missing in Pocket Excel Files
    Q217362 Cell References Below Row 256 Are Not Properly Converted
    Q162946 Cell References Not Updated in Pocket Excel
    Q185251 Cells in Pocket Excel Do Not Show Formula Results
    Q170221 Changes Ignored When Editing a Recurring Appointment
    Q177298 Changes in E-mail Messages Are Not Synchronized
    Q193807 Changing Port Settings Results in No Connectivity
    Q162604 Changing Sound Event Causes H/PC to Stop Responding
    Q196087 Channel Items Remain Out of Date After Synchronization
    Q162636 Characters Not Displayed at Specified Font Size
    Q169027 Columns Do Not Appear in Tasks Program in Windows CE
    Q162632 Completed Backup Yields No Backup File
    Q198167 Configuring a Windows CE-Based Device to Dial a Computer
    Q177863 Configuring H/PC Explorer Appears to Synchronize Your Computers
    Q192985 Connecting Windows NT-Based Computer to Windows CE-Based Device
    Q192544 "Connection Has Been Dropped" Error Message After Authentication
    Q195614 Convertible File Types Are Not Listed Alphabetically
    Q162713 Databases Properties Dialog Box Displayed Without Connection
    Q183487 Data in Pocket Outlook May Be Lost When You Restore Your H/PC
    Q176103 Data May Be Lost Saving a Word 7.0/97 File in Pocket Word
    Q175366 Data May Be Lost Saving Pocket Excel File
    Q158510 Default Fonts Included with Windows CE
    Q162369 Default Row Height Does Not Accommodate Large Font Sizes
    Q169344 Delete Completed Tasks Command Available When No Tasks Exist
    Q158178 Description of Windows CE
    Q159737 Desktop Computer Does Not Play Disconnect Wave File
    Q169950 Dialog Sheet Converted to Blank Sheet Without Warning
    Q202990 Differences in Windows CE Services Auto Connect Feature
    Q186035 Different Language Characters in Microsoft Pocket PowerPoint
    Q198326 Disconnected from Internet After Quitting Internet-Aware Program
    Q161693 Document Formatting Not Preserved During Conversion
    Q163309 Double-Clicking Shortcut in H/PC Explorer Causes Error Message
    Q177296 Double-Tapping an Appointment Creates a New Appointment
    Q183043 Due Dates in Recurring Tasks Do Not Synchronize
    Q178210 Duplicate Entries in Schedule+ or Outlook 97 Using Windows CE
    Q184847 Each Day of the Week Is Named "D" in Pocket Calendar
    Q162381 Editing Calendar Appointments Requires Double-Tap
    Q168689 Effects of Pressing the Reset Button on Handheld PC
    Q184210 E-mail Addresses on the Cc and Bcc Lines Are Put on the To Line
    Q183041 E-mail Messages Are Not Saved in the Sent Items Folder
    Q235565 Entertainment Pack: Unable to Play Minesweeper on Palm-size PC
    Q199266 Entries in Power Properties Are Listed as "Not Supported"
    Q185523 Err Msg: An Error Occurred While Processing a Mobile Channel
    Q185213 Err Msg: Application Manager Cannot Install this Application...
    Q163478 Err Msg: Application Pxl.exe Has Performed an Illegal...
    Q162178 Err Msg: Cannot Convert File
    Q162181 Err Msg: Cannot Convert File
    Q163092 Err Msg: Cannot Convert File. Cannot Locate Microsoft...
    Q185636 Err Msg: Cannot Convert File <Filename>. Server Execution Failed
    Q162178 Err Msg: Cannot Convert File '<Filename>'. The Pocket Word...
    Q162181 Err Msg: Cannot Convert File '<Filename>'. This Microsoft...
    Q177224 Err Msg: Cannot Convert File [Filename]. Unknown Error 80050154
    Q185331 Err Msg: Cannot Convert File Presentation. Class Not Registered
    Q163502 Err Msg: Cannot Copy <Filename>: Cannot Find the Specified...
    Q163502 Err Msg: Cannot Copy <Filename>: Cannot Find the Specified File
    Q185521 Err Msg: Cannot Find \\<Computername>\<Sharename>\Windows CE...
    Q161446 Err Msg: Cannot Start Communications with the Desktop...
    Q177865 Err Msg: Cannot Start Communications with the Desktop Computer
    Q181218 Err Msg: Cannot Start Communications with the Desktop Computer
    Q169021 Err Msg: Could Not Transfer One or More of the Selected...
    Q176437 Err Msg: Error Getting Message: Invalid Message ID Specified...
    Q183466 Err Msg: Error Sending Message. Could Not Format...
    Q194541 Err Msg: Initialization of Microsoft Outlook Synchronization...
    Q187540 Err Msg: _ins0432._mp.exe - Access Violation (0xC000005)...
    Q195615 Err Msg: Insert the CD-ROM Disk Labeled: Windows Messaging...
    Q192849 Err Msg: Internal Error, Unable to Load or Call External DLL
    Q186000 Err Msg: One Appointment Cannot Be Read from Microsoft Outlook
    Q195644 Err Msg: One Message Cannot Be Read from Microsoft Outlook...
    Q158331 Err Msg: Remote Networking Could Not Start Due to a...
    Q185600 Err Msg: Restore: File(s) Could Not Be Copied. Restore Could...
    Q197040 Err Msg: RNAAPP.DLL Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module...
    Q168073 Err Msg: RPC Initialization Failure
    Q192511 Err Msg: Sound Recorder Was Unable to Complete the Conversion
    Q216681 Err Msg: Synchronization Manager Cannot Find Critical Microsoft Outlook Files
    Q178083 Err Msg: Synchronization Manager Requires Version 7.0a of...
    Q216314 Err Msg: The Command Is Not Available. See the Program Documentation...
    Q166683 Err Msg: The Following Appointment Cannot Be Written to Schedule
    Q183404 Err Msg: The Following Appointment Is in Conflict. Please Run...
    Q166496 Err Msg: The Item 'Hpcexpl.exe' That This Shortcut Refers...
    Q183007 Err Msg: The Message You Are Viewing Has Changed. If You Make...
    Q183475 Err Msg: There Was a Problem Synchronizing...
    Q222931 Err Msg: The Security Certificate for This Site Has Either Expired or Does Not Match the Server Name
    Q190963 Err Msg: To Synchronize Channels You Must Be Running MSIE 4.0...
    Q183331 Err Msg: Unable to Connect to Your Mobile Device. It Is Not...
    Q196639 Err Msg: Unable to Print. The Printer Cannot Be Found or Is...
    Q161356 Err Msg: Windows Cannot Display the Image Currently Selected
    Q176957 Error Message: ActiveSync Not Responding on the Desktop Computer
    Q169936 Error Message: Cannot Access '<Filename>' Because It Is Being...
    Q163368 Error Message: Cannot Print File
    Q163368 Error Message: Cannot Print File '<Filename>.lnk'
    Q216348 Error Message: Cannot Start Serial Communication Services
    Q166783 Error Message: Error in Formula
    Q181128 Error Message: Hpcexpl Caused a Stack Fault in Module...
    Q217039 Error Message Installing AT&T Worldnet for Windows CE
    Q166752 Error Message Moving or Deleting Inbox Messages
    Q177297 Error Message: One or More Items Could Not Be Deleted
    Q166745 Error Message Opening Microsoft Excel File on Handheld PC
    Q162475 Error Message: Program Memory Is Very Low
    Q177132 Error Message: Program Memory Is Very Low
    Q196597 Error Message: Syncmgr.exe - Unable to Locate DLL
    Q192325 Error Message Using "Synchronize Now" Command
    Q196323 Euro Symbol Displayed Incorrectly After Synchronization
    Q177721 "Fatal Application" Error Message Starting Pocket Outlook
    Q183477 File Copied From the Desktop Computer Is Blank on the H/PC
    Q158601 File Extensions Are Present in Programs' MRU Lists
    Q167925 File Is Deleted After Choosing to Overwrite with Another File
    Q162375 Find Command Performance in Pocket Excel Is Slow
    Q162860 Find Opens Unmatched Contact Entries with Some Search Strings
    Q167924 Folder Lists in H/PC Inbox Transfer Not Updated Dynamically
    Q199498 Folders Named "New Folder" Appear in Voice Recorder
    Q175189 Formatting Hidden Rows Causes Them to Become Visible
    Q185920 Graphics Are Lost When You Convert Pocket Word Files to HTML
    Q185408 Graphics in Pocket PowerPoint Slides Are Not Displayed Correctly
    Q186757 Graphics Issues in Pocket PowerPoint Presentations
    Q190479 Graphics Lost When You Convert a Pocket Word Document to HTML
    Q190570 Graphics Shrink When You Convert Them from Word to Pocket Word
    Q180650 Handheld PC Does Not Start After You Install Batteries
    Q167937 Handheld PC Explorer Program Group Not Created During Setup
    Q167901 Hidden Defined Name Converted to Unhidden in .pxl File
    Q169948 Hidden Sheet Visible After Conversion to Pocket Excel
    Q176370 How to Add or Delete an All-Day Event Using Windows CE Calendar
    Q185858 How to Backup and Restore Data Using an H/PC or P/PC
    Q162573 How to Change the H/PC Device Name
    Q231404 How to Check MSN E-mail on Windows CE HPC Device
    Q184878 How to Configure Active Desktop on a Palm-size PC
    Q169394 How to Configure the Auto Suspend Feature in Windows CE
    Q185840 How to Connect a Handheld PC Using an Infrared Port
    Q168688 How to Connect to the Internet Using a Proxy Server
    Q159360 How to Connect to the Internet with Windows CE
    Q190626 How to Connect Two Windows CE Devices to a Desktop Computer
    Q184080 How to Create a Dial-Up Networking Connection on an H/PC
    Q177967 How to Create a Sequential Numbered List in Pocket Excel
    Q166960 How to Display a Context Menu in Windows CE
    Q158505 How to Display File Extensions in Windows CE
    Q184888 How to Establish Multiple Partnerships with a Windows CE Device
    Q183027 How to Improve Synchronization of an H/PC and a Desktop Computer
    Q195447 How to Initialize Synchronization Using a Command-Line Switch
    Q158509 How to Install Additional Fonts in Windows CE
    Q199370 HOWTO: Load Host Entries into Windows CE Device
    Q166918 How to Move or Copy Information from One Window to Another
    Q194302 How to Open a Command Prompt Window on a Palm-size PC
    Q161542 How to Recalibrate H/PC Touchscreen Using the Keyboard
    Q185846 How to Send E-mail from an H/PC or P/PC Using a Desktop Computer
    Q184120 How to Synchronize Files When the H/PC and Desktop Computer Use Different Languages
    Q187682 How to Synchronize Mobile Channel Information with a P/PC
    Q189947 How to Use Windows CE Services File Converter
    Q184162 H/PC Appears to Hang When You Use the Find Command
    Q159743 H/PC Explorer Backup or Restore May Cause Computer to Hang
    Q162603 H/PC Explorer Backup Tool Does Not Display Entire File Name
    Q160454 H/PC Explorer Does Not Synchronize with Microsoft Outlook 97
    Q166511 H/PC Explorer Files Remain After Uninstall
    Q162720 H/PC Explorer Incremental Backup Takes As Long As Full Backup
    Q162996 H/PC Explorer May Not Preserve File Attributes
    Q162722 H/PC Explorer Status Bar Reports Databases Folder Incorrectly
    Q170483 H/PC Explorer Version 1.1 Availability and Features
    Q187810 H/PC Features Disabled Restoring Backup from Different H/PC
    Q166835 H/PC Hangs after Receiving "Error Deleting File" Message
    Q183940 H/PC Leaves Image Files in Windows\Temp Folder
    Q158479 HTML Tags, MIME Types, Security Types, and URL Types Supported in Pocket Internet Explorer
    Q158479 HTML Tags Supported in Pocket Internet Explorer
    Q160033 Images Inverted After Transferring from H/PC to Desktop
    Q201796 Images Lost After Saving Word 97 File in Pocket Word Format
    Q159714 Images May Not Be Visible in Pocket Word Outline View
    Q167890 Inbox Messages Created Offline Take a Long Time to Send
    Q180550 Inbox Missing When You Restore E-mail from Windows CE 1.0
    Q162859 Indented Text May Not Be Displayed Correctly When Edited
    Q223284 INFO: HTML Borders Always Show in Pocket CE Internet Explorer
    Q185862 Ink Notes in Pocket Outlook Do Not Synchronize Properly
    Q199398 InkWriter Does Not Print Fonts Larger Than 11 Point
    Q198319 InkWriter Does Not Save Files to the "My Documents" Folder
    Q166689 Inserting PC Card Causes Handheld PC to Shut Down
    Q188485 InstallShield Hangs When You Install Windows CE Services
    Q187859 International Versions of Windows CE 2.0
    Q183925 Internet Explorer Uses LAN to Connect When H/PC Is Enabled
    Q169091 Invalid Column Width Value Does Not Generate Error Message
    Q161606 Italic and Non-Italic Characters Overlap in Pocket Word
    Q169348 Keyboard Focus Lost After Changing Task Due Date to None
    Q181331 Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Windows CE
    Q159732 Key Combinations Perform Extra Keyboard Functions
    Q188505 Known Issues in Note Taker on a Palm-size PC
    Q189502 Known Issues in Pocket Excel on a Handheld PC
    Q190307 Known Issues in Pocket Internet Explorer on a Handheld PC
    Q186100 Known Issues in Pocket Outlook on a Handheld PC or Palm-size PC
    Q189980 Known Issues in Pocket PowerPoint on a Handheld PC
    Q188782 Known Issues in Pocket Word on a Handheld PC
    Q190154 Known Issues Using Mobile Channels on a Palm-size PC
    Q186044 Known Issues Using Tentative Appointments in Pocket Calendar
    Q190641 Known Issues When You Print Using a Handheld PC
    Q186173 Known Issues When You Use the Combine Feature to Restore an H/PC
    Q169098 Location Is Not Preserved After Opening File from PC Card
    Q195645 Message Synchronization Seems to Be Slow
    Q186695 Microsoft Expedia Pocket Streets Version History
    Q191374 "Microsoft Outlook Synchronization Service Failed. Please contact the device manufacturer."
    Q175888 Min or Sum Does Not Calculate Correctly in Pocket Excel
    Q200408 Mobile Channel Is Not Synchronized
    Q190649 Mobile Devices Folder Contains Generic H/PC or P/PC Icon
    Q170208 Modal Dialog Box Does Not Remain Selected in Pocket Excel
    Q169410 Modified Date for Folder Is Not Displayed in My Handheld PC
    Q162317 Moving Active Cell Loses Selection in Pocket Excel
    Q219617 Name of Storage Card Changes When You Add Another Storage Card
    Q183696 New Features Available in Windows CE Services Version 2.1
    Q181492 New Features in Windows CE 2.0
    Q222158 No Error Message When Windows CE Synchronization Does Not Work
    Q185834 Non-Microsoft Software Components Installed on Mobile Devices
    Q213032 Non-Unicode Characters Are Displayed as Empty Blank Squares
    Q169077 No Selection After Hiding Column or Row
    Q176434 Notes in Calendar Appointments Do Not Function Correctly
    Q176434 Notes in Pocket Outlook Do Not Function Correctly
    Q187531 Note Taker Interprets Large Ink Characters as Drawings
    Q186767 Note Taker Scrolls Unexpectedly Composing Handwritten Document
    Q170217 OK Button Must Be Tapped Twice for Calendar Error Message
    Q183516 Outlook Information Is Missing When You Synchronize Your H/PC
    Q190640 Palm-size PC Downloads Wrong Mobile Channel Content
    Q162379 Paste Command Unavailable When Copying Appointments or Tasks
    Q178145 PC Card Does Not Work with Windows CE
    Q169946 PC Cards Shorten Handheld PC Battery Life
    Q196310 Phone Fields That Transfer From Outlook to Windows CE Device
    Q162496 Pocket Excel Flickers When Moving from One Cell to Another
    Q169078 Pocket Excel Keeps Cell Formatting After Undo Operation
    Q186856 Pocket Excel: "#VALUE" Error Value When Querying Database
    Q187608 Pocket Internet Explorer: "Bad MIME Format" Viewing JPEG Images
    Q161541 Pocket Internet Explorer Does Not Retain Input Entries
    Q185522 Pocket Outlook Does Not Send Messages in Outbox
    Q233304 Pocket Outlook Err Msg: <Unsupported Message Type Removed>
    Q182861 Pocket Outlook Hangs When You Download an E-mail Message
    Q180890 Pocket Outlook May Hang When You Reply to an E-mail Message
    Q176214 Pocket Outlook May Not Copy E-mail Messages Correctly
    Q195758 Pocket Powerpoint Slide Show Has Incorrect Page Numbers
    Q183098 Pocket PowerPoint Truncates Notes Created in PowerPoint
    Q237855 Pocket PPT: PowerPoint 2000 Presentations Appear Black in Pocket PowerPoint
    Q182862 Pocket Word Documents Appear Damaged in Pocket Internet Explorer
    Q176893 Pocket Word Does Not Prompt You for a Password
    Q158604 Pocket Word Does Not Underline Images
    Q158480 Pocket Word MRU List Displays File Name Incorrectly
    Q158496 Pocket Word Search Always Starts at Beginning of Document
    Q197012 Pocket Word Spell Checker Tool Skips Some Words
    Q199254 PRB: No Eastern European Code Page Support on Windows CE 2.0
    Q224498 PRB: Static IP Addresses with Built-in (non-PCMCIA) Adapters Can Cause a System Crash on Windows CE 2.10
    Q169409 Pressing ALT+= Inserts AutoSum Accompanied by Default Sound
    Q195986 Problems Converting Some Bitmap Files from Windows 98
    Q163168 Problems Transferring Files Using H/PC Explorer
    Q183630 Problems Using a PC Card with Your Handheld PC
    Q158592 Problems When Too Many Fonts Are Installed
    Q185921 Problems When You Convert Files Between Excel and Pocket Excel
    Q183130 Problems When You Print Using a Handheld PC
    Q185034 Programs Are Not Removed from the Start Menu on Palm-size PCs
    Q189728 Programs Quit Unexpectedly When You Browse Mobile Devices Folder
    Q158603 Read-Only Error Message After Changing Open File's Attributes
    Q169208 Reminder Setting for Instance of Recurring Appointment Changes
    Q185607 Remote Networking Displays Area Code with Local Telephone Number
    Q184252 Remove Programs Feature on P/PC Does Not Remove All Files
    Q192327 Reoccurring Appointment Times Are One Hour Off
    Q179126 Reply Button Is Missing from the Microsoft Exchange Toolbar
    Q169952 Rounding Error with Large Number Calculations
    Q169075 Row Height or Column Width Value Changes
    Q192509 Running Windows CE ActiveSync Using a Modem
    Q189705 ScanDisk Hangs if H/PC or P/PC Is Connected to Desktop Computer
    Q177219 Security Features on the Handheld PC
    Q169032 Selecting Row or Column in Pocket Excel Selects Hidden Cells
    Q158105 Separator Bar Is Displayed on Empty Favorites Menu
    Q194534 Serial Device Attached to Switch Box with H/PC Does Not Work
    Q169152 Service Menu Commands Available When No Message Is Selected
    Q159717 Session Icons in Terminal May Be Partially Covered
    Q159377 Size of Files in ROM Reported Incorrectly
    Q180964 Some Cell Borders Are Not Printed When You Use Pocket Excel
    Q196762 Spell Checker Tool Skips Text with Non-Alphabetic Characters
    Q180785 Spelling Checker in Pocket Word Does Not Check All Words
    Q167899 Strange Characters Result from Double-Tapping .wav File Link
    Q158624 Subfolders of Favorites Folder Not Displayed on Favorites Menu
    Q181217 Subtraction Does Not Work Correctly with the HOUR Function
    Q186226 Summary of Issues Resolved in Windows CE 2.0 Service Pack 1
    Q185086 Summary of Issues with International Versions of Windows CE
    Q185750 Synchronization Error When Connecting to a Mobile Device
    Q190566 Synchronizing Changes Time or Day of Scheduled Appointments
    Q187371 Synchronizing E-mail with Shortcut Deletes Original Desktop File
    Q162378 Table Format Lost When Pasted into Pocket Word Document
    Q158494 Temporary Files Exist After Restarting H/PC
    Q161763 Terminal Displays Unreadable Characters in BBS Connection
    Q166915 The Meaning of "CE" in Windows CE
    Q183141 Top Windows CE Articles Available by E-mail
    Q169201 Transferring Multiple Files to H/PC Hangs Desktop Computer
    Q162116 Troubleshooting H/PC-to-Desktop Computer Connectivity
    Q190909 Unable to Connect to ISP After You Install Windows CE Services
    Q195448 Unable to Open or View E-Mail Attachments on Windows CE Device
    Q193303 Unable to Run Microsoft Entertainment Pack for Windows CE Games
    Q197579 Unable to Synchronize Windows CE Device with Windows NT Computer
    Q161732 Underline Format Applies to Space Following Selected Word
    Q176104 Undo Copy Command Deletes File Without a Warning Message
    Q193311 Unexpectedly Prompted to Connect to Internet Service Provider
    Q161319 Unsupported Internet Technology with Pocket Internet Explorer
    Q161447 Using MSN as Your Internet Service Provider with Windows CE
    Q180891 Using the Find Tool in Contacts May Hang Pocket Outlook
    Q183321 When You Synchronize Your H/PC the Wrong E-Mail Program Starts
    Q189097 WinCE 2.0: Terminal Connection Settings Spontaneously Change
    Q183513 WinCE: Appointments Are One Hour Earlier or Later in Outlook 97
    Q184161 WinCE: Automatic Back Up Feature Does Not Function
    Q189122 WinCE: Cannot Connect Handheld PC Using Dial-Up Networking
    Q190456 WinCE: Cannot Copy File into Folder Icon
    Q189726 WinCE: Cannot Open Folder or Folder Appears Empty When Moved
    Q183689 WinCE: Custom Formatting Command Contains Extended Characters
    Q183800 WinCE: Custom Printer Settings Are Not Saved
    Q183950 WinCE: Duplicate Events After Synchronization
    Q169936 WinCE Err Msg: Cannot Access <Filename> Because It Is Being...
    Q184064 WinCE Err Msg: Cannot Convert File <Filename>
    Q186185 WinCE Err Msg: Connecting to Host, Retry <X>...
    Q187530 WinCE Err Msg: Note Too Large. Maximum Note Size Exceeded
    Q185094 WinCE Err Msg: Outlook.exe Caused a Stack Fault in Kernel32.dll
    Q185421 WinCE Err Msg: Sync Initialization Error 8007000e
    Q190484 WinCE Err Msg: There Currently Is a Connection Established...
    Q183593 WinCE: Error Converting Document with Graphics to H/PC Format
    Q187594 WinCE: Error Deleting File When You Cancel File Conversion
    Q185409 WinCE: Error Message When You Upgrade to Version 2.1
    Q183941 WinCE: File Attachments Are Not Updated During Synchronization
    Q183811 WinCE: Graphic Is Not Printed in Pocket Word Document
    Q190365 WinCE: Graphics Are Not Displayed in Pocket PowerPoint Slides
    Q184152 WinCE: Handwritten Notes Are Empty When Opened in Note Taker
    Q183507 WinCE: How to Change the Default File Conversion Format
    Q183938 WinCE: How to Increase Synchronization Speed
    Q186031 WinCE: How to Install the Dial-Up Networking 1.2 Upgrade
    Q183802 WinCE: How to Print Documents from Your Handheld PC
    Q186752 WinCE: How to Quit a Program on a Palm-size PC
    Q189058 WinCE: Infrared Connection Disconnects During Synchronization
    Q187635 WinCE: Large Ink Notes Are Not Displayed Correctly in Outlook 97
    Q189371 WinCE: Maximum E-Mail Message Size Is 32 KB in Pocket Outlook
    Q184133 WinCE: New Mail Icon Remains on Taskbar After Message Is Deleted
    Q189727 WinCE: Problems Synchronizing with Multiple Network Adapters
    Q185410 WinCE: Problems Using Active Desktop on a Palm-size PC
    Q188894 WinCE: Remote Networking Connection Preferences Are Not Saved
    Q188980 WinCE: System Tool in Control Panel Lists Only One PC Card
    Q221217 Windows CE Cannot Make IMAP4 Connection
    Q165633 Windows CE Does Not Automatically Dial Long Character Strings
    Q155731 Windows CE Does Not Display SRAM PC Card Storage Information
    Q168695 Windows CE Does Not Include Find Tool
    Q168725 Windows CE Does Not Provide Access to LAN or WAN Resources
    Q169444 Windows CE Does Not Synchronize Files Using Guest Relationship
    Q195299 Windows CE Help Has Incorrect Information About Printing
    Q159364 Windows CE H/PC Explorer CD-ROM Readme.txt File
    Q185609 Windows CE Password Is Not Restored from Backup
    Q169406 Windows CE Power Toys Readme.txt File
    Q158182 Windows CE Questions and Answers
    Q185868 Windows CE Services Causes Remote Access Error in Windows NT
    Q180549 Windows CE Services Is Not Refreshed When You Connect Your H/PC
    Q194518 Windows CE Services Setup Enables All COM Ports for RAS
    Q184222 Windows CE Services Version 2.0 Readme.txt File (Part 1 of 2)
    Q184223 Windows CE Services Version 2.0 Readme.txt File (Part 2 of 2)
    Q195517 Windows CE Services Version 2.2 Readme.txt File (1 of 2)
    Q195513 Windows CE Services Version 2.2 Readme.txt File (2 of 2)
    Q190458 Windows CE Support for the Euro Currency Symbol
    Q192312 Windows Messaging Update Prompts for Disk Number 2
    Q190933 Word 97 Hangs When Scrolling in Converted Pocket Word Document
    Q190569 Word Completion Feature Suggests Unwanted Character Combinations
    Q193302 You Are Prompted for Password When Connecting Windows CE Device
    Q176892 You Can Log On to Windows CE with Another User Name
    Q207307 You Can Print Only One Pocket Excel Document at a Time Over the Network
    Q180965 You May Lose Changes When You Synchronize Your H/PC

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