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    Q108095 10-Character Limit for Program or Procedure in FoxPro/Mac
    Q138041 1ToMany.exe Form for One-to-Many Order Entry Application
    Q101012 32-Bit Color Picker Displays Only 4 Colors on CGA
    Q99551 32-Bit .EXE Requires 32-Bit Development Version Installed
    Q104463 32-Bit FoxPro Won't Load After MS-DOS 6 Upgrade Installed
    Q98442 A4 Paper Size in Printer Driver Setup Dialog Box
    Q101001 /A and /N Switches for FoxPro for Windows Network Setup
    Q106688 Accessing Parameters Example Incorrect in LCK Manual
    Q130344 Adding Additional Target Device Types to Imagedit
    Q96357 Adding MESSAGE Clause in Menu Builder in FP for MS-DOS
    Q99757 ADIR() Information in Manuals Is Incorrect
    Q101290 ADIR() on Novell Requires a File Mask on the D Option
    Q151752 ADIR() Works Differently in 3.0 than in 2.6
    Q197861 ADOCtl.Exe Demonstrates Active Documents, RDS and ADO
    Q136996 Advantages of Manual vs. Automatic DataEnvironment Behavior
    Q136016 AFIELDS() Has Been Enhanced in Visual FoxPro
    Q115416 A General Description of FPATH and Its Functions
    Q97633 Alias Problems with Table Name Starting with Number
    Q109582 Alternative to Changing Table Under POPUP...PROMPT FIELD
    Q94342 Alternative to List Prompt Files Option in .SCX
    Q129641 Alternative to SCATTER and GATHER in the New VFP Model
    Q129573 Alternative to Using the _CUROBJ Variable with Forms
    Q121419 ALT+<Hot Key> Will Not Choose Push Button on Macintosh
    Q100995 ALT Key Cannot Be Used with the SET FUNCTION Command
    Q117750 Answer #2 of DKREADME.TXT Should Say FOXW2600.ESL
    Q133247 Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
    Q125606 A Password .DLL File That Can Be Called Anywhere in FoxPro
    Q105835 API Functions Included in FoxPro for Macintosh
    Q115107 API Libraries with CALLONLOAD and CALLONUNLOAD Routines
    Q111807 "API Library Not Found" w/ MS-DOS .PLB in FoxPro for Mac
    Q99613 APPEND BLANK Can Cause Database Header Contention
    Q95296 APPEND FROM ARRAY Incorrectly Documented as Array Creator
    Q95676 APPEND FROM Command Appends Blank Records
    Q117593 APPEND FROM <File> FOR Clause Requires Common Field
    Q109456 APPEND FROM <Filename> TYPE SYLK Limited to 9,999 Records
    Q103777 APPEND GENERAL Won't Work w/ Paintbrush Objects & Win 3.0
    Q115418 Appending from a Delimited ASCII File Using Low-Level I/O
    Q90030 Appending Records Using the Default Popup Value in FoxPro
    Q119285 APPICON.PCT Does Not Exist
    Q89921 Applications, Executables, & Libraries Q&A for FoxPro 2.0
    Q88444 Applying Different Font Styles in the Report Writer
    Q188255 ArrayCom.exe Passing Array To COM DLL by Reference
    Q92968 Array Name Cannot Contain "M" and Period ("M.<Name>")
    Q95711 Array Not in Previous Example of @ ... GET-List
    Q103689 Arrow Keys Selecting Entire Field in Browse Window
    Q88133 ASCAN() Help File Documentation Error
    Q99083 ASC() Returns Incorrect Values for Extended Characters
    Q117589 ASLM Licensing Information
    Q113513 _ASSIST System Memory Variable
    Q107401 Asynchronous UDF on DDEExecute() Is Passed Six Parameters
    Q98701 Automatically Starting Microsoft Excel Macros Through OLE
    Q113276 Automatic Record Locks Placed by 2.6 Commands
    Q99086 Available Installation Documentation
    Q157040 BackStyle=0 Is Transparent when EditBox Not in Focus
    Q120789 Banyan Vines Utility PCCONFIG.EXE
    Q129790 Base Classes Available in Visual FoxPro
    Q100799 Behavior of ALT+Hot Keys in RQBE Window
    Q128994 Behavior of GETOBJECT() with Excel and Word for Windows
    Q120237 Behavior of the SET DISPLAY TO Command in FPW
    Q136620 Benefit of Storing Printer Info in a Report Table (.FRX File)
    Q155083 Benefits and Uses of Automation in Visual FoxPro 5.0 Servers
    Q136768 Benefits of Object-Oriented Coding
    Q299074 BETA FIX: Blank Reports with High Contrast Color Scheme
    Q98687 .BIN Routine for Releasing Network Print Spooler
    Q119689 BIOS in Midwest Micro Soundbook Causes Video Problems
    Q98700 Bit Manipulation in FoxPro for Data Encryption
    Q102587 Border for GETS Check Box Not Included in Documentation
    Q111315 BROWSE Clauses Saved by PREFERENCE
    Q104353 Browse Flicker in FoxPro for Windows Under Windows 3.0
    Q107839 BROWSE IN SCREEN Uses Active Window
    Q109149 BROWSE LOCK Explanation in Language Reference Unclear
    Q106701 BROWSE REST Description Incorrect in FoxPro 2.5
    Q131711 Browsing a Table While Using Row Buffering in a Form
    Q130656 Buffering in the TASTRADE Sample Application
    Q129642 Buffering Must Be Handled Manually in DBC Rules/Triggers
    Q151767 BUG: 2.x @ SAY Report May Print Differently in Visual FoxPro
    Q151767 BUG: 2.x @ SAY Report May Print Differently Under 3.x
    Q155085 BUG: 3.0 WAIT WINDOW Display Performance Much Slower than 2.6
    Q151751 BUG:About Tasmanian Traders Dialog Disabled System Info Button
    Q114162 BUG: Accented Characters in Memo Field Are Altered
    Q120289 BUG: Action Cannot Be Completed Because the Object Is Busy
    Q191640 BUG: ActiveForm Property Returns Error When Not FormSet
    Q259371 BUG: ActiveX Controls Are Disabled
    Q191642 BUG: Adding Many Forms to a Formset Causes Errors
    Q156266 BUG: Adding Menu Shifts Controls and Reduces SDI Form Height
    Q190238 BUG: AddProperty Fails With Initial Value of Type Currency
    Q111524 BUG: ADDUSER.APP Doesn't Create DOSMEM= for Default Amount
    Q113318 BUG: ADIR() Incorrectly Reports That a File Exists
    Q122937 BUG: ADIR() Returns Incorrect Volume Names
    Q190461 BUG: ADIR() with V Attribute May Return Empty String
    Q158256 BUG: AFIELDS() Array Causes Error in CREATE...FROM ARRAY
    Q92958 BUG: After Editing Memo Field Cursor Moves to 1st GET Object
    Q132480 BUG: Aliases in View Window Are Listed in Reverse Order
    Q114496 BUG: "Alias Name Already in Use" from SQL Query Wizard
    Q114144 BUG: "Alias Not Found" Occurs with Table Used in dBASE Query
    Q118489 BUG: Alias with Same Name as Keyword in SELECT Causes Error
    Q169502 BUG: All Characters Following CHR(0) are Ignored with MSComm
    Q124884 BUG: ALT+D and SPACE Both Map to Key Code Value of 32
    Q189915 BUG: ALTER TABLE Can Add Duplicate Relations to DBC
    Q186242 BUG: ALTER TABLE Cannot Create a Descending Primary Key
    Q191593 BUG: ALTER TABLE Causes Memo File is Missing or Invalid Err
    Q130410 BUG: ALTER TABLE Command Changes Field Type to Picture
    Q191697 BUG: ALTER TABLE Command With Multiple Drop Statements Fails
    Q115001 BUG: ALT+<Key> Clears GET Field with Uppercase Formatting
    Q192768 BUG: Ambiguous Date/Datetime Constant Error
    Q157727 BUG: Animated Mouse Cursor Does Not Work in .exe File
    Q167241 BUG: API Fails Passing Very Small Double Datatypes to VFP
    Q107523 BUG: "API Library Not Found" Error with RELEASE LIBRARY
    Q163957 BUG: APPEND FROM TYPE SDF Brings in Older Dates Incorrectly
    Q217174 BUG: APPEND FROM TYPE XL8 Makes VFP 6 Disappear
    Q153154 BUG: Appending to a Table on a Network Hangs the Power Mac
    Q253938 BUG: Application Error When Accessing Cursors/Tables in Loop
    Q114675 BUG: Application Generator Doesn't Default to USEd Table/DBF
    Q130612 BUG: App Run from CONFIG.FPW Returns "File Does Not Exist"
    Q119249 BUG: .APP Run from Run Menu Loses Menu If No Foundation READ
    Q155929 BUG: APRINTERS Function Behaves Differently in Windows 95
    Q194201 BUG: ASCII 159 Appears With ! Text Box Format and Function Keys
    Q191997 BUG: BackColor/ForeColor of Grid Not Carried Over to Subclass
    Q189776 BUG: Beautify "Data type mismatch" w/ SET UDFPARM TO REFERENCE
    Q108713 BUG: Beautify Option Causes a General Protection Fault
    Q125517 BUG: Beautify Removes Certain Characters
    Q190318 BUG: BINTOC() Fails with SET COLLATE TO "GENERAL"
    Q175612 BUG: Bitmap Appears Differently in General Field
    Q121052 BUG: Black-on-White Disabled Colors Don't Appear Correctly
    Q164251 BUG: Blank Field Type Causes Error in Table Wizard
    Q120510 BUG: Blank Window After Canceling Updatable Query in CatMan
    Q174523 BUG: BMP Turns Black on a Disable Button under NT 4.0
    Q156176 BUG: BorderWidth=0 Does Not Eliminate Border for Shape Control
    Q157766 BUG: Breakpoint Not Refreshed for Duplicate Watch Window Entry
    Q116285 BUG: BROWSE Changes ASCII 13 & ASCII 10 Characters in Field
    Q108638 BUG: BROWSE FORMAT Causes Hang or ICE in FoxPro
    Q162683 BUG: BROWSE FORMAT May Cause Blank Browse Window
    Q122864 BUG: BROWSE FORMAT with Character RANGE Causes Syntax Error
    Q102461 BUG: BROWSE KEY 0 Causes Errors When No Database Order Set
    Q124587 BUG: BROWSE LAST NOMODIFY May Be Modified After Second Command
    Q131264 BUG: Browse Loses Record Position When Switching Windows Apps
    Q117409 BUG: BROWSE with Child Relationship Gives Incorrect Info
    Q122746 BUG: BUILD APP Fails If Program Name Has No Extension
    Q245020 BUG: Bus Error When Copying and Pasting In Browse Window
    Q221745 BUG: C0000005 Fatal Error Using GETPEM() in Loop with Debugger
    Q88603 BUG: Calculated Currency Field Ignores Formatting
    Q113209 BUG: CALCULATE SUM() Results Differ Based on SET DECIMAL
    Q189708 BUG: Calculator Gives Numeric Overflow on Some Calculation
    Q157759 BUG: Calendar Control Help File Contains an Invalid Jump
    Q138734 BUG: Cancel Doesn't Work in RESTORE MACROS FROM GETFILE()
    Q114147 BUG: Cancel from Mail Merge Save As Dialog Cancels Wizard
    Q128542 BUG: Canceling Wizards w/ Screen Builder Open Causes GP Fault
    Q112486 BUG: "CancelOnEsc" Ignored by DBSetOpt() in FoxPro
    Q169192 BUG: Cannot Add Pictures into ComboBox in Init Event
    Q145607 BUG: Cannot Customize the Form Controls Toolbar
    Q129440 BUG: Cannot Escape Out of ON ERROR Routine
    Q123453 BUG: Cannot Import 4D Files Version 3.1 or Higher
    Q169473 BUG: Cannot Load FTSRCH.DLL When Using "Find" Tab of Help Dialog
    Q185241 BUG: Cannot Navigate Columns If a Row in a Grid is Disabled
    Q96365 BUG: Cannot Redefine Macro with ON KEY LABEL Command
    Q120188 BUG: Cannot Run Cross-Tab Query from Catalog Manager
    Q109986 BUG: Cannot Select the First Menu Pad in a System
    Q163803 BUG: Cannot Set ImageList Property of Treeview Visually
    Q161730 BUG: Cannot Set the Selected Item for a List box in Form Init
    Q169367 BUG: Cannot Update More Than 23 Columns of a View
    Q200294 BUG: Cannot Use LoadPicture() with Images Included in Project
    Q164374 BUG: Cannot Use Printer Fonts with ? Printing in VFP 5.0
    Q138607 BUG: Can't Enter Period in a Text Box with Scientific Notation
    Q113526 BUG: Can't Enter Valid Date with SET DATE and @ ... GET Date
    Q114297 BUG: Can't Install Optional Components While in MS-DOS Window
    Q110537 BUG: Can't Restore View w/Default Drive Set to Network Drive
    Q155520 BUG: Can't Use 3-D GET Fields in Visual FoxPro for Macintosh
    Q135286 BUG: Can't Use Keyboard to Change Vertical Size of Object
    Q114754 BUG: CatMan Quits If Not Enough Disk Space to Create Screen
    Q114197 BUG: CatMan Restarts When All Fields Removed from Index Keys
    Q246313 BUG: Certain Icons May Cause Error with FoxPro
    Q167675 BUG: Certain Non-US Characters Do Not Display Properly in VFP
    Q126232 BUG: CHANGE WHEN and VALID Clauses Don't Work with Arrow Keys
    Q138435 BUG: Changing Grid View Property Incorrectly Displays Grid
    Q135708 BUG: Changing PageOrder in PageFrame Gives Incorrect PageName
    Q155932 BUG: Changing ScaleMode in Form Class Moves Objects in VFP 5.0
    Q100445 BUG: Character Field Appears as Date in Microsoft Graph
    Q140792 BUG: CheckBox Control in Grid Cannot Be Set to Read Only
    Q128540 BUG: Check Box from Shared Table Appears as Disabled
    Q115597 BUG: Check Box & Radio Button Size Grows with 8-Point Font
    Q116178 BUG: Choosing Adjust Layout Button Displays Style Dialog Box
    Q190489 BUG: Choosing Page Setup Causes "Printer not ready" Error
    Q182249 BUG: CHRTRAN(), CHRTRANC(), and FULLPATH() May Cause GPF Errors
    Q112080 BUG: CKSAMPLE.APP Error: Invalid Function Argument Value ...
    Q163411 BUG: Class Based on Grid Does Not Maintain FontBold Property
    Q137521 BUG: Class Browser: Error When Typing a Subclass in Type Combo
    Q191311 BUG: Class Not Released After Being Deleted From Form
    Q166131 BUG: Class with Data Source Causes Type 11 Error
    Q114583 BUG: CLEAR Command Doesn't Clear Popup in FoxPro for Windows
    Q113992 BUG: Client-Server Wizard Crashes When Wrong .FLL Selected
    Q123452 BUG: _CLIPTEXT Variable Causes GP Fault in Debug Window
    Q113006 BUG: "Code Page Not Found" Caused by SET CPCOMPILE to 0
    Q120364 BUG: Code Pages Not Supported in All OS Languages
    Q138473 BUG: Code Window Closes Design Tools When Run from a Program
    Q129762 BUG: Colored Objects Have Black Background in MS-DOS FoxPro
    Q143306 BUG: COLOR on @...GET Push Button Does Not Work as Expected
    Q166509 BUG: Column Name Greater Than 128 Characters Cause Error
    Q162546 BUG: ComboBox and ListBox Data Moves when Using Slide Control
    Q200296 BUG: ComboBox Display Bleeds Through Pages in a PageFrame
    Q185866 BUG: Combo Box Valid Event Fires Before GotFocus in Page Frame
    Q193292 BUG: Commandbutton.SetFocus() in Form Init Sets Default = .T.
    Q149108 BUG: Command Group Class Button Movements Not Inherited
    Q100998 BUG: ? Command with FONT Clause Prints Double Spaced
    Q128588 BUG: "?" Command with Function "V1" May Not Display Correctly
    Q190544 BUG: Compile of Report with #INCLUDE Causes VFP to Terminate
    Q152298 BUG: Conflict with Fax Software when Receiving a Fax
    Q162254 BUG: Container in Grid Column Fires Wrong Event
    Q124025 BUG: Context Sensitve Help Fails in Table Structure Dialog
    Q117922 BUG: CONTROL+C, CONTROL+X, & CONTROL+V Don't Always Work
    Q114462 BUG: Control Panel Window Placed in Wrong Area of Screen
    Q110768 BUG: Control Window Misplaced When Using Multiple Monitors
    Q251024 BUG: Converting VFP3 Project with Form Activates the Debugger
    Q218976 BUG: COPY FILE TO Command Behaves Differently Based on OS
    Q113961 BUG: Copying Memo Field to Array Causes Unknown Error Code
    Q157253 BUG: Copying Tables Between Databases Changes Index Type
    Q130524 BUG: COPY TO ARRAY Behaves Differently from dBASE
    Q111756 BUG: COPY TO WITH CDX Causes to .CDX to Become Corrupt
    Q109841 BUG: COUNT(*) Returns Unexpected Results When Used w/ SELECT
    Q303832 BUG: cPath Parameter Not Passed to DBC_Before/AfterDropOffline
    Q253640 BUG: Crash When Closing Table with Dirty @...GET and READ Active
    Q130404 BUG: CREATE CURSOR Does Not Accept UNIQUE as a Field Name
    Q191588 BUG: Create Report w/ SYS(1037) Saves Old Printer Information
    Q138677 BUG: CREATE SQL VIEW Scrambles the Parentheses in SQL Command
    Q135519 BUG: Creating 500 Instances of a Form Class Causes IC Error
    Q131560 BUG: Creating a Header Class Definition in a VCX Causes Error
    Q107390 BUG: CTRL+END Key Combination Doesn't Solve Puzzle
    Q120080 BUG: CTRL+Q Doesn't Exit from a READ
    Q121054 BUG: Cursor Incorrectly Positioned When Using ON KEY LABEL
    Q207797 BUG: Cursor Jumps Around when Typing in Edit Box
    Q218457 BUG: Custom Expression Builder Crashes Query and View Designers
    Q122046 BUG: Custom Menu Option Disabled in the Edit Menu
    Q191586 BUG: Database Property in Connection Dialog Has no Effect
    Q286339 BUG: "Data Type Mismatch" Error After PACK When Used with an IDX
    Q189864 BUG: Data Written to Table Despite Textbox Returning False
    Q114295 BUG: Date Fields Won't Show 4-Digit Year with SET CENTURY ON
    Q174426 BUG: Date in Text Box Displays Year with Four Digits
    Q139953 BUG: DATETIME Datatype Rounds Fractions of a Second
    Q123707 BUG: dBASE .FMT with "colo" in Message Migrates Erroneously
    Q130666 BUG: dBASE Report Run by FoxPro Displays Bad Extended Chars
    Q114196 BUG: dBASE Report with Similar Name Overwrites FoxPro Report
    Q114271 BUG: .DBF-Style Help Causes Empty Window and Error Message
    Q132863 BUG: DBGETPROP() for Database Comments Not Working Correctly
    Q107405 BUG: _DBReplace() in LCK Leaks Memory
    Q163959 BUG: .dct File Grows Larger After Each Compile
    Q156864 BUG: Debugger Hangs Expanding TreeView in Debug Watch Window
    Q172155 BUG: Decimal Values Missing from Internet Search Wizard Results
    Q134891 BUG: DEFINE POPUP PROMPT Can Cause Visual FoxPro to Quit
    Q129393 BUG: DEFINE WINDOW Causes "Not a User-Defined Window" Error
    Q167674 BUG: DEFINE WINDOW Command Loses Single Border in VFP 5.0
    Q123958 BUG: Define Window in Desktop Hides FoxPro When Using ALT+TAB
    Q245781 BUG: DEFINE WINDOW in Load Event Does Not Appear
    Q121081 BUG: DEFINE WINDOW IN SCREEN Causes "Not a User-Defined..."
    Q191641 BUG: Deleted Event Does Not Fire When Deleting Programmatically
    Q105597 BUG: Delete Label Not Working in FoxPro 2.5/2.5a for MS-DOS
    Q118921 BUG: DEMO.APP Refers to Version 2.5 Instead of 2.6
    Q160773 BUG: Derived Group Class Loses Custom Properties
    Q178051 BUG: Dialog Box Appears Many Times When Changing Alias Property
    Q138145 BUG: Different TAB & SHIFT+TAB Behavior in Visual FoxPro Popup
    Q156737 BUG: Disabled Listbox Items Enabled Using Arrow Keys
    Q156922 BUG: Disabled Pages in Container Class Appear Enabled
    Q178664 BUG: ? Displays Incorrect Number of Characters to Screen
    Q115197 BUG: Double-Clicking .VUE File in Finder Won't Restore View
    Q158756 BUG: Double Data Type Does Not Display Small Values Correctly
    Q157634 BUG: Drag and Drop Fails in an As Top-Level Form
    Q141449 BUG: Drag & Drop From DE to Grid Causes Error or FoxPro Quits
    Q123007 BUG: Drag & Drop Works Only with CATMAN=OFF Setting
    Q134895 BUG: DragIcon Can Be Dragged Outside Visual FoxPro Window
    Q171744 BUG: DragIcon Property with Cursor Files Does Not Work in an EXE
    Q231675 BUG: DSHELL Error in FPW 2.6a with Long Folder Name
    Q193575 BUG: Duplicate Hot Key in "Join Source Control Project" Dialog
    Q193575 BUG: Duplicate Hot Key "Join Source Control Project" Dialog
    Q216412 BUG: Duplicate HotKey on Project Information Dialog Servers Tab
    Q110526 BUG: Edit Region with Three Lines Doesn't Have Scroll Bar
    Q109155 BUG: Empty List Box Locks Up FoxPro for MS-DOS
    Q114461 BUG: Encryption Causes "Warning: Too Many Help Topics"
    Q162252 BUG: Erroneous "Class Definition is Cyclical" Error
    Q154449 BUG: Error #202 In Makestf when Running VFP/Mac Setup Wizard
    Q131308 BUG: ERROR: Cannot Open OLE Server and OLE Link Failure
    Q187725 BUG: Error Converting 2.6 Screen With Both Mac And Win Objects
    Q125790 BUG: Error If SET TALK TO Is Set to a Small Window
    Q117353 BUG: Error in GENXTAB When a Question Mark Is Encountered
    Q123800 BUG: Error in SHOW OBJECT Syntax Causes Lockup
    Q163935 BUG: Error "Invalid Page Fault" When Connecting to Sybase
    Q287650 BUG: "Error loading printer driver" with Space in Printer Name
    Q187746 BUG: ERROR MESSAGE() Function with ODBC Connection Causes Error
    Q249336 BUG: Error Message When Using Date in Index File
    Q129922 BUG: Error Occurs When Stepping through BROWSE FOR UDF() Code
    Q326544 BUG: Error Selecting Empty VFP Memo w/ .NET OleDbDataAdapter
    Q123001 BUG: Error When Building Project: Unable to Find Library
    Q114160 BUG: Error When Install Distribution Kit Under Windows NT
    Q114140 BUG: Error When Printing MS-DOS Labels Under Windows
    Q123351 BUG: Error When Using FoxDoc: Error 22 Opening error log file
    Q136278 BUG: Error When Using @ SAY to Play Sounds from General Field
    Q122972 BUG: Error When Using Shared Table on CD-ROM Device
    Q192078 BUG: Exclusive Check Box Unselected After Importing/Exporting
    Q246307 BUG: EXE Crashes on Windows NT when Icon has More Than 256 color
    Q163933 BUG: Executable Error "<path> is not an object file"
    Q177260 BUG: Execution of REPORT FORM Command Sets Focus to Application
    Q103469 BUG: "Expression Evaluator Fault" Occurs with CHANGE Command
    Q88015 BUG: Expression Popup Using Related DBF Data Incorrectly
    Q111518 BUG: Extra Picture Characters Result in Garbage Characters
    Q196711 BUG: Extra Spaces Added to Fields When Updating MS Access Table
    Q115320 BUG: F1 Menu Shortcut Not Executed If ALT or F10 Opens Menu
    Q266363 BUG: Fatal Error When Closing Forms That Use DHTML Edit Control
    Q199848 BUG: Fatal Error When Releasing a Converted FoxPro 2.x Form
    Q240887 BUG: Fatal Error w/Memo Field in Watch Window Bound to Edit Box
    Q109603 BUG: FB+Migrate Application and SYS(1021), SYS(1022)
    Q109604 BUG: FB+Migrate Hangs Computer When Extracting PICT Resource
    Q135111 BUG: "Feature Not Available" Error If READ in Form of Formset
    Q155821 BUG: "Feature Not Available" Printing to File with GX Printer
    Q130606 BUG: FERROR() Returns 5 When File Handles Exhausted
    Q221714 BUG: FFCs - _Hyperlink Classes Builder Doesn't Allow Long URL
    Q221704 BUG: FFCs - _URLComboBox in _internet.vcx Has Trouble with URLs
    Q174404 BUG: Field Aliases Options in Expression Builder Dialog Disabled
    Q112317 BUG: "Field Count Mismatch" Error with Word 2.0 Mail Merge
    Q191996 BUG: Field Properties Button in View Designer Malfunctions
    Q191996 BUG: Field Properties Button In View Designer Malfunctions
    Q116237 BUG: File Associations Are Lost After FoxPro Is Installed
    Q113275 BUG: File "DELHAND.PRG" Does Not Exist
    Q130798 BUG: "File Does Not Exist" Occurs After FoxPro Is Maximized
    Q124720 BUG: "File Is In Use" Error When Opening an Encrypted Table
    Q260227 BUG: "File is in use" Error with Only One User
    Q109476 BUG: FILE() Returns Erroneous Results
    Q108671 BUG: Filtered POPUP Displays Improperly
    Q124880 BUG: FIND Command is not Reliable
    Q125199 BUG: Find (CTRL+F) in @...EDIT Misbehaves in Windows and MAC
    Q130958 BUG: Five Label Layouts Have Incorrect Format
    Q141957 BUG: Float Fields Show Asterisks in Wizard-Generated Screen
    Q191686 BUG: Focus Changes Even Though Grid Text Box Valid Returns .F.
    Q176895 BUG: FOR EACH Fails to Remove All Objects
    Q279777 BUG: FOR EACH Reference Fails To Release Automation Server
    Q117213 BUG: Format Clause in Report Causes Erroneous Characters
    Q162253 BUG: Form Builder Form Causes Illegal Operation
    Q191998 BUG: Form Cannot Override Parent Class AutoCenter Setting
    Q131875 BUG: Form Designer Window Won't Scroll When Selecting Objects
    Q135612 BUG: Form Does Not Release After Being Changed to Modal
    Q189722 BUG: Form Ignores the Height Change of a Form Template
    Q178666 BUG: Form Not Released When Focus on Grid and Modal Form Started
    Q253879 BUG: Forms Cannot Find Class Library When Calling .Exe File
    Q262572 BUG: FormSet from Functional Conversion Closes Unexpectedly
    Q163787 BUG: Form Wizard Doesn't Limit Grid Contents to Related Record
    Q158758 BUG: Form Wizard EditBox ForeColor Property Not Recognized
    Q163784 BUG: Form Wizard Ignores Design Area Limitation
    Q118559 BUG: Fourth RGB() COLOR Pair in @ ... SAY Gives Syntax Error
    Q114143 BUG: FoxApp Allows Any Type of File to Be Entered
    Q113367 BUG: FOXAPP-Generated Application: Copy Record Causes Error
    Q114148 BUG: FoxApp Screens Created in Windows Are Too Big in MS-DOS
    Q123088 BUG: FoxDoc Always Prints Source Code Even When Unchecked
    Q131370 BUG: Foxdoc Causes GP Fault If Run on Project w/ Only APP File
    Q120838 BUG: FoxDoc Displays "Variable 'FD_PRTOPTS' Not Found" Error
    Q123656 BUG: FoxDoc GP Faults When Default Index Extension Set to IDX
    Q115053 BUG: FoxDoc XREF.DOC Contains Variables 1] and 2]
    Q118568 BUG: FOX.EXE Version Number Doesn't Match FoxPro Version
    Q122512 BUG: FoxPro Allows Illegal Field Definition Interactively
    Q114639 BUG: FoxPro Crashes When Overwriting an Existing File
    Q105834 BUG: FoxPro Does Not Import .DIF Format File
    Q126873 BUG: FoxPro .EXE Named DIALOG.EXE Doesn't Run Under Office 4.2
    Q109840 BUG: FoxPro for Mac Can't Locate Database When Loading .VUE
    Q111987 BUG: FoxPro for Mac Does Not Rotate w/ Radius Pivot Monitor
    Q124024 BUG: FoxPro for MS-DOS Does Not Print on Apple LaserWriter
    Q142316 BUG: FoxPro for Unix Reports an Error for the Wrong Line
    Q93333 BUG: FoxPro/FoxBASE+ Not Using Code Edited w/External Editor
    Q123154 BUG: FoxPro Hangs If GOMONTH() Used on Blank Date & Year >9999
    Q114136 BUG: FoxPro Math-Precision Problems with SET DECIMALS
    Q114267 BUG: FoxPro Quits Immediately When Help Is Called
    Q123429 BUG: FoxPro Window Does Not Move to Front
    Q189598 BUG: Full Outer Join Does Not Respect Deleted Records
    Q124780 BUG: FULLPATH() Does Not Work Correctly in FoxPro for UNIX
    Q163931 BUG: FxAlert() Function Does Not Appear Centered
    Q232660 BUG: GDI Leak Printing Report w/ 256 Color BMP & SET PALETTE OFF
    Q134888 BUG: GDI Memory Not Released in Windows 95 After Memory Error
    Q120119 BUG: GENSCRN Cannot Create Screen Smaller Than 50 x 50 Pixels
    Q156641 BUG: GETCOLOR Function Does Not Return Focus to Custom Color
    Q191683 BUG: @...GET Does Not Display the Complete Century Date
    Q115211 BUG: GETFILE() Returns Incorrect Results
    Q189725 BUG: GETFONT Causes Error on Empty Fontname
    Q113208 BUG: @ ... GET List Box Does Not Redraw Properly
    Q113669 BUG: Global Printer Driver Changed with REPORT FORM PDSETUP
    Q190567 BUG: GotFocus() Sets Commandbutton Default to Initial Setting
    Q139913 BUG: GotFocus & Valid Events Fire Unexpectedly in Box of Grid
    Q108719 BUG: GPF After Query Is Appended to Table Using GraphWizard
    Q125308 BUG: GP Fault If Report Variable Name Has More Than 10 Chars
    Q122047 BUG: GP Fault When Choose Close from "Save changes" Dialog
    Q101050 BUG: GP Fault When Running FoxDoc on Project with .DBF Only
    Q129013 BUG: GP Fault w/ Paste Link of Excel Chart into General Field
    Q108335 BUG: GPF or Crash When Entering Empty Date Field in RQBE
    Q263254 BUG: GraphByRecord FFC Missing Class
    Q110918 BUG: Graphical Help Redraws Multiple Times
    Q133000 BUG: Graphical Help Won t Run When EXE Installed on a Network
    Q136669 BUG: Grid Activation Causes Form to Move If Form Title Hidden
    Q179199 BUG: Grid Based on .QPR File Appears Blank in Visual FoxPro 5.0
    Q161797 BUG: Grid Builder Inserts Incorrect Column Headings in Grid
    Q168043 BUG: Grid is Empty with Incorrect Column ControlSource
    Q148332 BUG: GRID: SET RELATION TO Does Not Break Relation Properly
    Q194573 BUG: Grid Shows Only Two Added Records When Buffering/Order Set
    Q135625 BUG: Grid Valid Event Fires Before Grid Control Valid Fires
    Q135617 BUG: Group Header Information Prints Incorrectly
    Q161145 BUG: Group Header on Report with Columns Prints on Detail Band
    Q152347 BUG: Hairline and Dotted Pen Lines Print as Single Point Width
    Q193253 BUG: HalfHeightCaption Form Causes Small Empty Control Menu
    Q137411 BUG: HalfHeight Forms Closable Even If Closable = False
    Q108634 BUG: Hang or GPF in Browse with S<n> Function Code
    Q293638 BUG: Header Corruption Causes END TRANSACTION to Discard Appends
    Q114865 BUG: HEADING Clause on the REPORT FORM Does Not Align Properly
    Q152341 BUG: Help Is Not Activated on a Non-system Partition
    Q119688 BUG: Hide All Can Be Chosen During Welcome Splash Screen
    Q129905 BUG: "Hide All Windows" Does Not Hide the Command Window
    Q129958 BUG: Hiding a Screen Clears the Current READ Level
    Q194305 BUG: Highlighter in List Box Does Not Move with MoverBar
    Q247526 BUG: Hundreds of Icons Cause Icon Property Not to Refresh
    Q116480 BUG: "If\else\endif Mismatch" for Query Built w/ Query Wizard
    Q115953 BUG: #IF <System Memvar> Returns "Invalid Preprocessor..."
    Q124202 BUG: Illegal Field Type Error When Create a Table from a Table
    Q182573 BUG: Illegal Operation Err Using Richtext Control with Find
    Q125375 BUG: Import from Type RPD Causes GP Fault
    Q124586 BUG: IMPORT or APPEND FROM Empty Spreadsheet Gives Error
    Q157724 BUG: Import Wizard Incorrectly Treats Consecutive Delimiters
    Q120181 BUG: Incomplete APPEND GENERAL Command Doesn't Generate Error
    Q158240 BUG: Inconsistant Results with SET RELATION TO Command
    Q189913 BUG: Inconsistent Firing of ListBox Click Event Using Keyboard
    Q114294 BUG: Incorrect Error Message: "Wizards Require FPATH.PLB"
    Q164359 BUG: Incorrect Evaluation of Equation with Variables
    Q158251 BUG: Incorrect Group Header Information in Report
    Q189866 BUG: Incorrect Results When Comparing Large Numbers
    Q192862 BUG: Incorrect Return of SubSelect in SELECT-SQL Statement
    Q113174 BUG: Incorrect Return Value with CAPSLOCK() or NUMLOCK()
    Q165307 BUG: Incorrect WHERE Clause Shows in View Designer
    Q176829 BUG: "Index Internal Consistency Error" Occurs with IDX Index
    Q123718 BUG: Index Key w/ More Than 240 Characters Loses Information
    Q114257 BUG:Index Tag Not Found w/SET COMPATIBLE ON & DELETE TAG ALL
    Q134213 BUG: Init Method for Cursor Object has Incorrect Data Session
    Q191643 BUG: Insert Field Into Table In Designer Doesn't Highlight Name
    Q256925 BUG: INSERT INTO View w/Default Value Does Not Work as Expected
    Q168040 BUG: Insert Object from File Dialog Box Shows Hidden Files
    Q151636 BUG: Insert Object of an Imager File Causes Error or Hangs Mac
    Q303828 BUG: Installing MSDN Does Not Enable MDSN Help Bars in VFP 7.0
    Q214560 BUG: Installing Newer MSDN Causes Help to Malfunction
    Q111523 BUG: INSTALL /N Adds a Semicolon (;) to Beginning of PATH
    Q108715 BUG: "Insufficient Memory" Errors When Calling FoxPro Menus
    Q123345 BUG: Internal Consistency Error Caused by BROWSE..FREEZE
    Q232092 BUG: In-Top-Level Form Appears to Hang
    Q194515 BUG: Invalid ALTER TABLE Command Works and Corrupts DBC
    Q164739 BUG: "Invalid Coordinates" Error Message Received when Sending @
    Q164739 BUG: "Invalid Coordinates" Error Sending @ SAYs to Text File
    Q110411 BUG: "Invalid Excel File Format" with IMPORT Command
    Q108633 BUG: "Invalid File Descriptor" When Saving Read-Only Query
    Q114284 BUG: Invalid Filename or Path Passed When ASCII >127 in Name
    Q114163 BUG: "Invalid Key Label - ALT+1" When Defining Macro
    Q160251 BUG: "Invalid Page Fault" After OLE Automation with WordPerfect
    Q141737 BUG: Invalid Page Fault When Form Released in Error Event
    Q122911 BUG: Invalid Subscript Ref When Append Spreadsheet to Database
    Q115292 BUG: Invisible Buttons Sized Too Small Won't Transport
    Q199006 BUG: Issuing PACK <table name> Causes Fatal Error
    Q189719 BUG: JustPath() May Return an Empty String for Some Paths
    Q105082 BUG: KEYBOARD Command Limited to Three Moves on a Menu
    Q193024 BUG: KEYBOARD Multiple Tabs Do Not Work in Browse Window
    Q118788 BUG: Keyboard Shortcuts for Menu Items Don't Appear or Work
    Q117568 BUG: KEYMATCH() Returns Inconsistent Results or Error Msg
    Q163037 BUG: Label Properties Cause Illegal Operation
    Q193775 BUG: Labels Disabled in a Class Not Disabled at Run-Time
    Q139215 BUG: Labels Truncated When Printable Page Option Is Selected
    Q161738 BUG: Large Memo Field Forces Undesired New Report Page
    Q164385 BUG: Large Result Sets May Become Corrupted in VFP
    Q189926 BUG: Large Toolbar Icons Cause Problems in Customize Dialog Box
    Q124922 BUG: LASER.APP Does Not Compile from Existing LASER.PJX
    Q124353 BUG: LASER.APP Print Preview Causes GP Fault
    Q119327 BUG: Last Item in a Popup List Is Not Displayed
    Q121923 BUG: Last Line Not Printed and No Eject with Serial Printer
    Q123206 BUG: LCK _FindVar() Function Doesn't Work w/ Other Work Areas
    Q133059 BUG: Leftmost Column of Report Prints in the Rightmost Column
    Q192693 BUG: License Error with ActiveX Control Added at Run-Time
    Q122747 BUG: Line Placed Behind Opaque Field in Report Is Not Hidden
    Q125006 BUG: Linked Word Document Doesn't Update Properly
    Q155088 BUG: ListBox Control Scrolls Slowly
    Q138474 BUG: List Box Does Not Display in FoxPro for MS-DOS
    Q135754 BUG: ListBox Does Not Refresh Properly with SET FILTER Command
    Q191592 BUG: List Box Shrinks on No Height When Displaying Large Fonts
    Q248226 BUG: ListIndex Value Not Updated Correctly In Loop with AddItem
    Q121724 BUG: LIST Popup Hangs on Duplicate Field Value
    Q157360 BUG: LIST STRUCTURE Ignores Index if Index Name != Field Name
    Q156090 BUG: LOCATE NEXT n or LOCATE REST Fail If Started from BOF
    Q108635 BUG: LOOKUP() Function with SET RELATION Causes Crash
    Q122511 BUG: LOOKUP() Locates Deleted Records
    Q176481 BUG: LUPDATE() Does Not Report Correct Century for Year 2000
    Q154171 BUG: Macintosh Help Key Does Not Invoke FoxPro Help
    Q130136 BUG: Macro Performs Differently in FoxPro for MS-DOS
    Q112245 BUG: Mail Merge Wizard Not Working with dBASE .QBE Files
    Q164868 BUG: Maximizing and Restoring Print Preview Disables Menu Bars
    Q139569 BUG: MDI Window Reverses Parent/Child Window Name in Title Bar
    Q191591 BUG: Meaningless or Undocumented Errors in Visual FoxPro 6.0
    Q161357 BUG: MediaView 1.41 Control Causes Unusual Behavior with Form
    Q191323 BUG: "Member OPTION3 Is a Class Member" Error
    Q130125 BUG: Memo Field Displayed Incorrectly in Group Header
    Q157862 BUG: Memo Field Display Problems in the Debugger Watch Window
    Q112835 BUG: Memory Not Released Correctly
    Q119938 BUG: Menu Appears Behind Fox Icon on Menu Bar
    Q105114 BUG: Menu Bars with Skip For Option Cannot Be Reenabled
    Q316914 BUG: Menu Generated With SKIP FOR that Contains .F. Is Missing S
    Q123207 BUG: Menu Manager Internal Consistency Error When Build Screen
    Q130084 BUG: "Menu Manager Internal Consistency" When Modifying Table
    Q118744 BUG: Menu Pad Duplicates When Editing Window Zoomed
    Q119760 BUG: Menu Still Accessible with SKIP Set to .T.
    Q153792 BUG: MESSAGEBOX() Function Displays Incorrect Icon
    Q163474 BUG: MessageBox with Keycomp=Windows Returns Incorrect Value
    Q114199 BUG: Messages Are Not Cleared When Screen Is Exited
    Q196024 BUG: Microsoft Date Time Picker Control Causes Exception Error
    Q125376 BUG: MIGRATE.APP Does Not Convert dBASE Labels in FoxPro Mac
    Q129753 BUG: Minimized FoxPro Screen Cannot Be Restored in Windows 95
    Q168056 BUG: Mismatched pushjmp/popjmp Call Error and VFP Closes
    Q131218 BUG: "Missing )" Error Message Produced by Valid Expression
    Q117356 BUG: "Missing Operand" Error Message When Using a Function
    Q201131 BUG: Mixed Case Option Does Not Function Properly in Beautify
    Q157189 BUG: MLINE() with Select-SQL Group By Clause Causes Error
    Q162684 BUG: Modal Form Fails to Close with Focus on Check Box
    Q162554 BUG: MODIFY COMMAND GETFILE() Creates a New File
    Q108481 BUG: MODIFY FILE...NOMODIFY WINDOW Disables Command Window
    Q156235 BUG: MODIFY WINDOW SCREEN Does Not Reset BackColor Property
    Q100812 BUG: Mouse Click Causes Problems with MENU TO Command
    Q317499 BUG: Mouse Clicks Do Not Work on a Scrollable SDI Form
    Q236078 BUG: Mouse Clicks on Scrollbar of Open ComboBox are Trapped
    Q236078 BUG: Mouse Clicks on the Scrollbar of an Open ComboBox are Trapped by Underlying Object.
    Q135817 BUG: Mouse Down Triggered on a Minimized Window
    Q177554 BUG: MousePointer Cannot Be Set to 99-Custom for Form Objects
    Q250080 BUG:Mouse Pointer Changes to Default Pointer on Text Box Border
    Q110610 BUG: MS-DOS Report Printed on LocalTalk Causes Type 1 Error
    Q109234 BUG: Multicolumn Reports with Groups Break Incorrectly
    Q114157 BUG: Multiple Group Headers with REPORT FORM NEXT 1
    Q108718 BUG: Multiple Iterations of ACTIVATE POPUP Cause GP Fault
    Q176777 BUG: Multi-Use OLE .Exe File Not Releasing Memory
    Q103596 BUG: Name Edit Region Not Displaying Correctly in RQBE
    Q100549 BUG: Negative Numbers Incorrect After APPEND FROM TYPE WK3
    Q99922 BUG: Negative Numbers in Report Writer Don't Display Properly
    Q123455 BUG: Nested Constant Not Evaluated Correctly
    Q114998 BUG: Next Button Does Not Prompt for Permission to Discard
    Q138376 BUG: NODEFAULT Is Ignored in Text Box KeyPress Event Code
    Q152372 BUG: No Help with Class Info Dialog from ? Menu Pad
    Q112316 BUG: No Printer Installed Crashes Report or Label Wizard
    Q187788 BUG: "No Result" Error Saving Oracle Parameterized View
    Q102046 BUG: "Not a Character Expression" Message When Running .EXE
    Q123946 BUG: No Title on MODIFY FILE WINDOW in FoxPro for Windows
    Q114718 BUG: No Warning About Modifying Table Structure in CatMan
    Q130464 BUG: Number Entry Starts at Center or Left in a Browse
    Q151758 BUG: Num Lock Indicator Light Doesn't Light up in VFP Mac
    Q232093 BUG: Objects Disappear After Being Assigned to Custom Properties
    Q123005 BUG: OBJVAR() Returns Incorrect Values When Used in Screen
    Q176572 BUG: ODBC Date Filter Greater Than 12/31/1999 Return No Records
    Q219025 BUG: ODBC Query of VFP View Returns SQL_NO_DATA_FOUND
    Q148330 BUG: ODBC: SQLGetProp Causes IC Error in Debug Window
    Q177540 BUG: ODBC Trace Fails with Traditional Chinese version of VFP5
    Q142552 BUG: OLE Error Playing .WAV Object
    Q110766 BUG: OLE Object in General Field Moves with @ ... SAY
    Q134215 BUG: OLE SUBCLASS: Subclassing of OleControl/OLE Unspecified
    Q191315 BUG: ON ERROR Does Not Trap "Alias Not Found" Error
    Q148999 BUG: ON ERROR Not Called When Update Conflict Occurs in Grid
    Q139768 BUG: ON ERROR Statement Not Executed in Browse of Table
    Q133245 BUG: One-to-Many Report Wizard Doesn't Sort in Correct Order
    Q121227 BUG: ON KEY LABEL <Keyname> EXIT Fails with DO WHILE .T. Loop
    Q120190 BUG: ON KEY LABEL RIGHTMOUSE WAIT WINDOW "Text" Malfunctions
    Q138961 BUG: Only One File Extension Honored in Parameter of GETFILE()
    Q114292 BUG: ON SELE BAR and SET SYSMENU SAVE Uses 2 Memory Handles
    Q115860 BUG: Open .DBF-Style Help Interferes w/ CatMan Run & Print
    Q131970 BUG: Opening control3 Gives 'Memo file is missing/invalid'
    Q232130 BUG: Opening Then Closing 2nd Modal Form Disables VFP Close Box
    Q195261 BUG: Operating System Regional Settings Affect VFP COM Objects
    Q195261 BUG: Operating System Regional Settings Effect VFP COM Objects
    Q119687 BUG: Optional Component Installation Fails Under Windows NT
    Q166510 BUG: Option Button in Export Dialog Box Causes Error Messages
    Q174561 BUG: OS() Function Returns Incorrect Value Under Windows NT 4.0
    Q191589 BUG: Output Lines from TYPE Command Not Numbered
    Q173880 BUG: Page Down/Page Up Keys Do Not Clear READ MODAL in VFP5
    Q173880 BUG: Page Down/Page Up Keys Do Not Clear READ MODAL in Visual FoxPro 5.0
    Q115331 BUG: Page Eject Before/After Doesn't Work w/ Command Window
    Q190731 BUG: Pageframe Border Disappears When Sparse Set to False
    Q158827 BUG: PageFrame on Toolbar Causes System Error 11
    Q172447 BUG: PageFrame SubClass Invisible at Runtime
    Q185187 BUG: Pageframe Subclass Invisible Until Clicked
    Q110120 BUG: _PAGENO Wrong When Data Grouping & New Page Selected
    Q180495 BUG: Pages of PageFrame Created with AddObject Method Invisible
    Q275577 BUG: Parameter Placeholders with Visual FoxPro (VFP) ODBC Driver
    Q124776 BUG: Parameters Passed with Hyphen to Executable are Ignored
    Q113530 BUG: Parent Folder Icon Not at Top of List in Filer
    Q163472 BUG: Path Greater than 95 Characters Causes VFP Mac to Hang
    Q120606 BUG: Path Name Greater Than 256 Characters May Cause Errors
    Q176765 BUG: Placing Icons in Picture Object Causes Memory Leak
    Q107080 BUG: Playing .AVI File in General Field Hangs Windows
    Q197510 BUG: Poor Performance With Forms Containing Many Objects
    Q108636 BUG: POP POPUP Causes a General Protection Fault
    Q113277 BUG: Popup Not Cleared in FoxPro for Windows
    Q110379 BUG: Popup with FoxFont Font Scrolls Down When Displayed
    Q114714 BUG: "Position Is off the Screen" When Running Table Wizard
    Q121624 BUG: Preserve Original Date/Time in FoxDoc Can't Be Cleared
    Q115977 BUG: Pressing D Key Activates dBASE Help Instead of Diary
    Q190258 BUG: Pressing ESC Twice in Combo Box Resets ListIndex Property
    Q110119 BUG: Pressing INS, DEL, HOME, or END Key Causes Cursor to Jump
    Q135329 BUG: Pressing PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN Moves to New Code Window
    Q125416 BUG: Press Key Msg When Display Structure to File Noconsole
    Q216587 BUG: Previewing Report Writer Causes Memory Leak
    Q189117 BUG: Printing from Outlook w/ @...SAY Results in Light Printing
    Q117214 BUG: Printing General Fields Produces Black Output
    Q115996 BUG: Printing Label w/o Output Destination Causes GP Fault
    Q185865 BUG: Printing Reports in Loop Hangs Visual FoxPro
    Q253884 BUG: Printing to a Non-Default Printer May Cause an Error
    Q160063 BUG: Printing Unconverted 2.x Report from Preview Causes Fault
    Q102203 BUG: Print Job Is Not Released to Printer
    Q135801 BUG: Print Preview Toolbar May Be Off Screen
    Q114187 BUG: Print to File Check Box Is Ignored
    Q121280 BUG: Print to file w/ SET DEVICE TO FILE w/@ SAY Causes ICE
    Q110113 BUG: Problems Running FoxPro for Mac on Read-Only Share
    Q176884 BUG: Problems with SET COLLATE and Queries with Integer Fields
    Q123600 BUG: Problem with Display Of A Macro
    Q141524 BUG: Project Manager Adds the Same VCX Twice During Build
    Q152363 BUG: Project Manager Context Menu Visible After Program Switch
    Q109198 BUG: Project Manager Limitation in Standard Mode FoxPro
    Q124324 BUG: Project Manager "Save As Default" Won't Save All Settings
    Q153738 BUG:Properties Sheet/Project Manager Ignore SET MACDESKTOP OFF
    Q114275 BUG: PRTINFO() Function Returns 256 Instead of -1
    Q125615 BUG: Push Button Require Two Mouse Clicks Instead of One
    Q104866 BUG: Puzzle Keystrokes Don't Work in FoxPro 2.5a for MS-DOS
    Q128771 BUG: Queries Return Incorrect Number of Records
    Q150979 BUG: Queries to SQL Server Fail in Stand-alone Extended .EXE
    Q112315 BUG: Query Crashes ("File Does Not Exist") When Saving File
    Q157425 BUG: Quick Report Mixes Detail and Header Bands
    Q123987 BUG: Quick Screen in FoxApp under MS-DOS is too Big
    Q151769 BUG: Random Character in Wait Window After Set Default Options
    Q129229 BUG: READ DEACTIVATE Runs When BROWSE Called From VALID of GET
    Q151638 BUG: RECO Is Unrecognized Phrase on VALIDATE DATABASE Command
    Q257608 BUG: Record Inserted Even Though the Field Does Not Accept NULL
    Q187274 BUG: Referencing This.Value in Editbox Refresh Causes Error
    Q217059 BUG: Referencing Value Property In InteractiveChange of Editbox
    Q189912 BUG: RELEASE CLASSLIB in App or EXE Requires Use of ALIAS
    Q191869 BUG: RELEASE MENUS _MSYSMENU Releases System Menu
    Q123348 BUG: RELEASE WINDOW Does Not Clear Read in FoxPro for MS-DOS
    Q157525 BUG: Remote View Has Only Two Join Types
    Q116273 BUG: Remove Line When Blank Does Not Work with General Field
    Q192082 BUG: Removing DataEnvironment in Form Load Causes Fatal Error
    Q194886 BUG: Repeatedly Calling Genxtab Can Cause Memory Leak
    Q189774 BUG: Repeated Outputs to _SCREEN Distorts _SCREEN.Picture
    Q142397 BUG: REPLACE with UDF May Cause "Record Is Not Locked" Error
    Q157633 BUG: Report Form Fields Appear to Be Selected After Printing
    Q172851 BUG: REPORT FORM TO FILE ASCII Adds Extra CR/LF in Detail Band
    Q123353 BUG: Report Loses Data When Stretching Memo Breaks on a Page
    Q162410 BUG: Report Page Headers Print on Summary Page
    Q271638 BUG: Report Preview Unreadable When Zoom Is Set at 75 Percent
    Q155463 BUG: Report Preview with Form's Name Clears Object Reference
    Q137969 BUG: Report's Graphic Boxes Intersection Displays Incorrectly
    Q186088 BUG: Report Variable Not Released After Report Runs
    Q124588 BUG:Report w/Opaque Gray Text Previews But Won't Print Shading
    Q137413 BUG: Report Writer Creates Child Records in One-to-Many Report
    Q164367 BUG: Report Writer Selects Objects After Printing in Designer
    Q169102 BUG: REQUERY() Problem with Private Datasessions Sharing a Table
    Q149669 BUG: "Required File Missing: MSJINT32.DL_" Setup Wizard Error
    Q231938 BUG: ResetToDefault Doesn't Work on Events and Methods in VFP 6
    Q231938 BUG: ResetToDefault Doesn't Work on Events and Methods in VFP 6.0
    Q108717 BUG: Resource Manager Error When Printing Lots of Fonts
    Q180070 BUG: RESTORE SCREEN Does Not Refresh Form in VFP 5.0
    Q124602 BUG: RESTORE WINDOW FROM Command Leaks Memory
    Q190261 BUG: Returning 1 in Check Box Valid Event Skips Next Object
    Q121685 BUG: RETURN TO <Filename>.SPR Does Not Work in .APPs or .EXEs
    Q157405 BUG: Reverting to OLDVAL() Causes Error with Table Buffering
    Q289810 BUG: Right-Clicking Close Button May Cause VFP to Shut Down
    Q157954 BUG: ROUND() Function Not Rounding Properly After Calculations
    Q106703 BUG: RQBE Hangs FoxPro When the In Descriptor Is Used
    Q262067 BUG: RStoCursor in Vfpcom.dll Fails with Certain Data Types
    Q122968 BUG: RUN /0 Command Strips Quotes from String
    Q190545 BUG: RUN Command Hangs Form with WindowType=1 and Desktop=.T.
    Q124718 BUG: RUN Command Locks Windows NT Version 3.5 with GSNW
    Q117854 BUG: Run Menu Option Not Echoing Commands in Command Window
    Q124186 BUG: Running Application Invokes Foxapp When It Shouldn't
    Q109484 BUG: Running Macintosh Project in Windows Causes Error
    Q131219 BUG: Running PACK Command on Table Changes File Rights
    Q176887 BUG: Running VFP Exe as Post-Setup Executable Hangs the Process
    Q134251 BUG: Runtime Changes to the Grid Not Saved Correctly
    Q134251 BUG: Run-Time Changes to the Grid Not Saved Correctly
    Q128204 BUG: Safety Check Box Not Working in Catalog Manager
    Q163395 BUG: SaveAs Method Fails to Create SCX File from Runtime Form
    Q195263 BUG: SavePicture Function Hangs VFP When Zero Disk Space
    Q122971 BUG: @ .. SAY Gives Error: Invalid or Corrupt OLE Object
    Q154170 BUG: @...SAY Prints Gray Background
    Q190061 BUG: SCC Error Occurs When Opening a VSS5 Project Under VSS
    Q135342 BUG: Scope on Report Command Doesn't Work as in version 2.x
    Q189720 BUG: _SCREEN.Height/Width May Increase When BorderStyle Is Set
    Q114195 BUG: Screen Program (.SPR) Error: ALIAS Name Already in Use
    Q114853 BUG: Screen Text and Some Wizard Components Not Visible
    Q114503 BUG: Screen Wizard Does Not Release Memory Handles
    Q193078 BUG: Scrollable Form Displays Improperly on Resize or Scroll
    Q110764 BUG: Scrollable List Box Displays Blank Line at Bottom
    Q113522 BUG: Scrollable Lists in WIZARD.APP Jump
    Q216985 BUG: Scrollbars Disappear if Objects Placed Past Certain Length
    Q216985 BUG: Scrollbars Not Seen if Objects Placed Past Some Coordinates
    Q125966 BUG: Scroll Bars Not Visible for Edit Region
    Q174584 BUG: Scrolling in Grid May Be Slow with Filtered Cursor
    Q114155 BUG: .SCX File Overwritten When dBASE File Converted
    Q187907 BUG: SDI Form Fails to Get Focus With _Screen.Visible=.F.
    Q135361 BUG: SEEK Command Fails If Collate Is Set to "Machine"
    Q157254 BUG: SELECT-SQL Error When Joining Parent to Two Child Tables
    Q172088 BUG: SelText in Edit Box Limited to 255 Characters
    Q116380 BUG: Semicolon in a Table Name Displays as Underscore
    Q141739 BUG: Sendmail.scx Hangs FoxPro If Mail Client Not Installed
    Q193414 BUG: SetAll Not Refreshing Text Boxes in Grid When Sparse =.F.
    Q169155 BUG: SET ANSI ON Default Setting in VFPODBC Driver
    Q112836 BUG: SET BORDER TO DOUBLE Changes Borders in Catalog Manager
    Q169471 BUG: SET CENTURY OFF is Ignored if Date is Over Year 2000
    Q181085 BUG: SET COLLATE & Queries - Additional Problem Scenarios
    Q124939 BUG: SET COLOR SET TO MYCOLORSET Doesn't Reset Colors Properly
    Q114480 BUG: SET COMPATIBLE or Catalog Manager Changes MEMOWIDTH to 80
    Q193506 BUG: SET("DATE","TO") Returns "0" Rather Than Valid Setting
    Q189916 BUG: SET("DEBUGOUT") Returns Filename After SET DEBUGOUT TO
    Q274011 BUG: SET("FILTER") Converts Dates to Current Date Format
    Q114198 BUG: SET('KEYCOMP') Produces "Invalid Set Expression" Error
    Q121638 BUG: SET KEY TO Command Ignores Characters in the Expression
    Q115051 BUG: SET MARGIN Does Not Work in FoxPro for Mac or Windows
    Q121240 BUG: SET MARK OF BAR Character Disappears When Scrolling
    Q121440 BUG: SET MARK TO Doesn't Properly Restore Delimiter
    Q108609 BUG: SET MESSAGE WINDOW Command Not Working Correctly
    Q108170 BUG: SET PDSETUP TO Does Not Release _PDPARMS
    Q153002 BUG:SET PRINTER TO Portname COMx Connection Parameters Ignored
    Q115477 BUG: SET PRINT TO FILE, Then ON, OFF Creates 0-Byte File
    Q102733 BUG: SET STATUS TIMEOUT TO Displaying Message Indefinitely
    Q151750 BUG: SET SYSMENU OFF Malfunctioning
    Q120443 BUG: SET SYSMENU TO _MWINDOW Doesn't Disable Window Menu
    Q155933 BUG: Setting Grid's MousePointer Property to 14 Causes Error
    Q136042 BUG: SET TOPIC Overwritten by SET MESSAGE
    Q114495 BUG: SETUP.APP Removes GENGRAPH.APP from Distribution
    Q141634 BUG: Setup Parse Error "Object ID 335" from Distributed Setup
    Q135039 BUG: Setup Program of Distributed Application Fails
    Q159786 BUG: Setup Wizard Cannot Locate Files on Non-English Mac OS
    Q155090 BUG: Setup Wizard Doesn't Have Netsetup Distribution Option
    Q154709 BUG: Setup Wizard Grid Hangs VFP When KEYCOMP Not Macintosh
    Q122909 BUG: Setup Wizard Makes Disk Image Too Large for Floppy Disk
    Q134392 BUG: Shape Control's Mouseup Incorrectly Fired by Form Click
    Q127920 BUG: SHARED Keyword Not Capitalized by BEAUTIFY
    Q156739 BUG: Show Event Calls Refresh Despite NODEFAULT in Subclass
    Q134638 BUG: SHOW GET Does Not Refresh Number of Elements
    Q111676 BUG: SHOW POPUP Does Not Work with Menu Popups
    Q121924 BUG: SHOW ... PROMPT is Displayed on Top of Existing Prompt
    Q136557 BUG: SHOW WINDOW <name> REFRESH in BROWSE VALID Does Not Work
    Q115728 BUG: SIMBA.DLL ODBC Driver Resets FoxPro Default Directory
    Q181223 BUG: Single Color Labels Print Correctly on First Page Only
    Q124906 BUG: Single Menu in an .EXE Causes Error Message upon Exit
    Q114274 BUG: SKIP FOR Does Not Disable Menu Pad
    Q123032 BUG: SKIP Produces Unexpected Results
    Q152371 BUG: Small Left Grid Partition Leaves Scroll Bar Remnants
    Q123720 BUG: Snippet Code for Popup Lost After Pressing Edit Button
    Q115195 BUG: Some Wizard Components Not Visible When Gray Text Used
    Q136559 BUG: Space is Used Instead of PasswordChar Character
    Q129170 BUG: Spanish FoxPro for Windows DK Has Wrong OLECLI.DL_ File
    Q170597 BUG: Special Effect Does Not Work for Container Control
    Q163798 BUG: Spell Checking on Memo Field Causes Error
    Q136282 BUG: Spinner Does Not Increment Value as It Should
    Q136054 BUG: .SPR File Gets Timestamp from Server's Clock
    Q124424 BUG: Spurious Characters Print on Report If PICTURE too Wide
    Q112086 BUG: "SQL Internal Error" If BETWEEN() in WHERE Clause
    Q124585 BUG: SQL Internal Error Returned When UDF Value Is Null
    Q133003 BUG: SQL SELECT Brings Up Dialog Twice Erroneously
    Q108166 BUG: SQL SELECT Creates Invalid Numeric Field Length
    Q117712 BUG: SQL-SELECT Performance Slower in 2.5x & 2.6 Than in 2.0
    Q281898 BUG: SQL Statement Missing Integers When Collate Set to Russian
    Q123451 BUG: Stack Fault When Building Project
    Q192761 BUG: Startup Program Fails with NOLOGO Switch
    Q120247 BUG: Startup Screen Displays Incorrect Version Number for FPM
    Q163245 BUG: StatusBar Ctrl Does Not Show Size Grip in Top-Level Form
    Q121438 BUG: Status Bar Does Not Change on Wizard-Generated Screens
    Q121438 BUG: Status Bar Doesn't Change on Wizard-Generated Screens
    Q141723 BUG: Status Bar Message Does Not Refresh Properly
    Q172173 BUG: Stopping IIS WWW Service Causes Application Error
    Q123945 BUG: Strange Characters in Landscape MS-DOS Report
    Q188888 BUG: "String is too long to fit" Error Passing Variables to COM
    Q124781 BUG: STRIPPATH() in GENSCRN Does Not Strip UNIX Paths
    Q141639 BUG: Subclass Member Object Properties Cannot Be Changed
    Q116029 BUG: SUBSTR() on Empty Memo Field Gives Error: Beyond String
    Q153116 BUG: Support Library Creates Files with Creator of FOXX
    Q114657 BUG: Syntax Error in WZSHOW When Divider Is Clicked
    Q114158 BUG: Syntax Error When Moving off Index Expression GET Field
    Q258241 BUG: SYS(1271) Used in Property of a Class Crashes Visual FoxPro
    Q133060 BUG: SYS(2000,"customer.*") Makes FoxPro Exit to System Prompt
    Q190820 BUG: SYS(2014) Allows Wrong Data Type for Second Parameter
    Q114501 BUG: System Hang with BROWSE and SET REPROCESS TO 0
    Q116284 BUG: "System Integrity" Error Occurs When Installing FoxPro
    Q116337 BUG: "System Integrity" Error When Executing ALLUNPAK.BAT
    Q141448 BUG: System Menu Toggles Off and On When Task Switching
    Q155188 BUG:Tabbing into Option Group Does Not Select Correct Option
    Q123834 BUG: TAB Key Doesn't Behave Correctly in @..GET Popup
    Q193398 BUG: Table Designer Record Length Wrong if Field(s) Allow Nulls
    Q193398 BUG: Table Designer-Record Length Wrong if Field(s) Allow Nulls
    Q114278 BUG: Table Loses Order When Used Again
    Q113670 BUG: Table Order Cleared When Table Name Double-Clicked
    Q161901 BUG: Table Wizard Cannot Overwrite Text File
    Q122338 BUG: Tab Order Incorrect in 'Program, generate' Screen
    Q179480 BUG: Temp Environment Variable Causes Unusual Behavior in VFP
    Q179914 BUG: Terminal Font at 6 Point Size in List Box Grows in Size
    Q180615 BUG: Text Box Value Does Not Change If ControlSource Is .NULL.
    Q117366 BUG: TEXT ... ENDTEXT Output Stops Appearing with FoxPro 2.6
    Q143308 BUG: Textwidth Method Does Not Return Foxel Units
    Q123017 BUG: @T Format in dBASE Label Not Converted
    Q186123 BUG: The Coolbar ActiveX Control Does Not Work in VFP
    Q255683 BUG: The GETOBJECT() Function Fails When Calling a Visual FoxPro
    Q162551 BUG: TOBROWSER Error when Closing Class Browser Window
    Q133742 BUG: Toolbar Options Positioned Off the Screen
    Q161147 BUG: ToolTips Disappear when Timer Event Fires
    Q271877 BUG: ToolTips Do Not Follow Controls on Scrollable Form
    Q151768 BUG: Tooltips on Primary Monitor when Toolbar on 2nd Monitor
    Q181144 BUG: "Too Many Names Used" Error With Requeries or USE AGAIN
    Q190792 BUG: Transform on String Greater Than 255 Crashes VFP 6.0
    Q247494 BUG: Transform() Results Formatted Incorrectly
    Q123454 BUG: Transporting Russian or Hungarian Report Fails
    Q165768 BUG: Treeview Control ItemTips Fail on Windows NT 4.0
    Q190309 BUG: Treeview Display Corrupted with DragMode=Automatic
    Q112475 BUG: TRIM() Function in dBASE Label Is Not Migrated
    Q102200 BUG: "Unable to Create Item in Program Manager Group" Error
    Q134707 BUG: Unbinding Grid with SetAll Method Still Displays Data
    Q119762 BUG: #UNDEFINE Not Releasing Constant in a Screen
    Q124118 BUG: Unexpected Behavior When FoxPro Application Is Encrypted
    Q123352 BUG: Uninstalling FoxPro Leaves Some Files Behind
    Q130727 BUG: Unique Number Set Does Not Round Correctly with ROUND()
    Q141794 BUG: UNLOCK Command Commits Changes to Row-Buffered Records
    Q123034 BUG: Unneeded Vertical Scroll Bar Displayed in BROWSE Window
    Q119403 BUG: "Unrecognized Command Verb" When Starting FoxPro
    Q139048 BUG: Update SQL Works Incorrectly with RAND() in WHERE Clause
    Q175615 BUG: Upsize Wizard Keeps Structure of Removed Table for Mapping
    Q157853 BUG: Upsizing Wizard Generated SQL Code Causes Errors
    Q103608 BUG: Using ALT+ENTER to Switch Between Window & Full Screen
    Q195406 BUG: Using Class With Reserved Custom Property Name Gives Error
    Q124354 BUG: Using CNTPAD() and SET COMP ON Returns Incorrect Value
    Q139549 BUG: Using RUN to Shell to MS-DOS Results in ICE Error
    Q177340 BUG: Using Selected Method in Init Event Does Not Work
    Q141910 BUG: Validate Database Dialog Allows Choice of Invalid Table
    Q137950 BUG: Valid Event Doesn't Fire in Control Array of Text Boxes
    Q139959 BUG: Valid Event Runs Twice When SetFocus Issued in LostFocus
    Q149608 BUG: Valid Method Does Not Fire in Combo Box
    Q178408 BUG: Value Property of Calendar Control Not on Properties Sheet
    Q106163 BUG: "Variable 'G_PDDRIVER' Not Found" Upon Startup
    Q123283 BUG: Variable Name Length Affects Results of RESTORE FROM
    Q125789 BUG: Variable Passed/Declared as PRIVATE in UDF Not Returned
    Q148838 BUG: "Variable _WIN not found" Error When Running Genxtab.prg
    Q112353 BUG: Vars Used in UDF Called by Report Display on Desktop
    Q158239 BUG: VCX Corrupted by Saving Two Classes with the Same Name
    Q189130 BUG: VERSION(1) Function Returns Different Format in VFP 6
    Q303830 BUG: VFP7: Upsize Wizard Fails on Bulk Insert
    Q152515 BUG: VFP Does Not Redraw Correctly After Resolution Change
    Q169862 BUG: VFP Functions Cause Infinite Loop in Debugger Watch Window
    Q135618 BUG: View Designer Doesn't Properly Display Crosstab
    Q139183 BUG: View Not Accurate with One-to-Many Grandchild Relation
    Q191698 BUG: View Parameter Cannot Be Removed From Parameters List
    Q190260 BUG: View Window Responds Incorrectly to Double-Click
    Q161835 BUG: Visible Property Malfunctions with ComboBox in Container
    Q163246 BUG: Visual FoxPro Loses Graphing When Office 97 Removed
    Q162000 BUG: Visual FoxPro/Mac Setup Wizard Cannot Copy Source Files
    Q278512 BUG: Visual FoxPro May Ignore DDE Messages
    Q191708 BUG: Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver May Crash Client Application
    Q174522 BUG: Visual Studio SP2 Setup Updates Two Instances of VFP
    Q174522 BUG: Visual Studio SP2 Setup Updates Two Instances of Visual FoxPro
    Q134881 BUG: WAIT WINDOW AT Clause Puts WAIT WINDOW on Windows Desktop
    Q175766 BUG: WAIT WINDOW NOWAIT Problem with Top-Level Forms
    Q189775 BUG: Watch/Locals Windows Truncate Char. Variables at CHR(0)
    Q117234 BUG: WCOLS() and WROWS() Do Not Match SIZE Clause
    Q163412 BUG: Web Browser Position is Wrong on Pageframe Page
    Q188065 BUG: Welcome Screen Continues to Redisplay
    Q118745 BUG: _WGetCursor() Gives Error: Invalid Function Argument...
    Q191644 BUG: WhatsThisHelp Displays Wrong Mouse Icon On Form Title Bar
    Q197027 BUG: WhatsThisHelpID on Toolbar Does Not Function as Expected
    Q103686 BUG: WHEN Clause Not Called from @ ... GET POPUP
    Q110781 BUG: Window Controls Are Blank When Using Multiple Monitors
    Q123599 BUG: Windowshade Does Not Work Well w/ FoxPro for Macintosh
    Q110538 BUG: Windows Program on FoxPro/Mac Does Not Display Bitmaps
    Q141558 BUG: WindowType Changed at Run Time Can't Be Changed Back
    Q151437 BUG: Wizard Button Display Problem with KEYCOMP Set to Windows
    Q115119 BUG: Wizard Treats Three Mouse Clicks as Two Double-Clicks
    Q187724 BUG: WLList and WLText Controls Cause Display Problem
    Q120544 BUG: WONTOP() Does Not Return Topmost Window
    Q191313 BUG: Word Doc in Component Gallery Gives Fatal Exception Err
    Q115288 BUG: "Word Has Detected a Field Name..." in Word 2.0
    Q102455 BUG: "Working Directory Specified Is Invalid" Error Message
    Q108334 BUG: _WSetPort Function in LCK Does Not Work
    Q141956 BUG: 'Z' Function on @ GET Doesn't Suppress Display of Zero
    Q189721 BUG: ZOOM WINDOW MIN Does Not Minimize User-Defined Window
    Q119794 Building Executables with FoxPro for MS-DOS Under OS/2
    Q95746 Bypassing Automatic Record Locking with READ NOLOCK
    Q103586 Call _DeActivateHandler() Before Unloading API
    Q129648 Calling a Form as If It Were a Function to Return a Value
    Q124402 Calling a User-Defined Function (UDF) from SQL SELECT
    Q118779 Calling Microsoft Excel Macro from FoxPro for Macintosh
    Q102922 Cancel Option Available on Program Pad While in READ
    Q113517 Cannot Add Label Layouts to Label Wizard
    Q161358 Cannot Add Rows to Updateable Outer Join
    Q115109 @ Cannot Be Used As a Delimiter with the APPEND Command
    Q112188 Cannot Cancel Conversion of dBASE Files
    Q103692 "Cannot Write to Read-only File" Selecting Linked Objects
    Q103590 Can't Access General & Picture Fields in FoxPro for MS-DOS
    Q103009 Can't Activate System Menu Bar in a User-Defined Window
    Q99087 Can't Add Function to List in RQBE Expression Builder
    Q103581 Can't Find FoxFont File; Can't Output Report to a File
    Q101151 Can't Modify Screen or Form without a Mouse
    Q107825 CAPSLOCK() Will Not Toggle Setting of CAPS LOCK Key
    Q136851 Cases Where Failed ALTER TABLE Doesn't Revert
    Q114656 CATALOG.APP Doesn't Reduce Available READ Levels
    Q113567 Catalog Manager Cannot Pack Database Files
    Q109580 Causes of Common SELECT - SQL Error Messages
    Q142765 Cdplayfx.exe - Form Shows How to Play Audio CDs
    Q115978 CHANGE ... NOINIT Identical to CHANGE ... LAST
    Q112469 Changes in SET LIBRARY TO Functionality
    Q141949 Changes in the SYS(0) Function in Visual FoxPro
    Q108199 Changes Required After Migrating Screen from FoxBASE+/Mac
    Q97157 Changes to Windows During FoxPro for Windows Installation
    Q100800 Changing a Dialog Title in a FoxPro for Windows .EXE File
    Q99621 Changing Font Used in Print Commands in FP for Windows
    Q88283 Changing _PPITCH Does Not Change Pitch of Characters
    Q101024 Changing the Color of Disabled GETs in FoxPro for Windows
    Q99543 Changing the Desktop Color in FoxPro for Windows
    Q115417 Changing the Way Landscape Prints with PostScript Driver
    Q111872 Character Field Transferred to Microsoft Excel as Numeric
    Q95316 Characters Do Not Fill Input Field in Screen
    Q100570 Check Box Dimmed in FoxPro for Windows Screen
    Q131407 Check for Long File Names in Windows 3.x w/ Visual FoxPro
    Q89090 CHR(26) Not Valid as a Prompt for a Push Button in FoxPro
    Q130835 Class Browser: How to Save Data to a File
    Q132440 Class Browser: How to Use the ShowMenu and AddIn Methods
    Q136856 Classes You Can Create in Code but Not a Designer & Vice Versa
    Q138648 CLEAR ALL Command Releases Objects Added to _SCREEN
    Q257624 Clear Report TAG, TAG2, and EXPR Fields Using .pjx Hooks
    Q106625 CLOSE ALL Also Closes Procedure Files
    Q130439 Code Comparison: Visual FoxPro Grid & Clipper/DOS Tbrowse
    Q123967 Code Example Shows How to Manage Navigation Buttons
    Q111322 Code Page Information Stored in Byte 29 of Table Header
    Q136578 Code Samples Demonstrate How to Use the Outline Control
    Q121441 Code Sample to Find Application Path Using File Extension
    Q154742 Codewiz.exe the Xbase Code Import Wizard for VFP
    Q86905 Colors Available in Microsoft FoxPro for MS-DOS
    Q114793 Color Sets Not Supported on FoxPro for Macintosh
    Q154021 ColorSource Property Has Different Values for Each Object
    Q99910 Color Table by Color Pair Information Is Missing
    Q97640 Combining GET Fields and a Browse in a Single Window
    Q131121 Combo Box with RowSourceType of SQL Must Result in Cursor
    Q115175 Command and Function Differences Between dBASE and FoxPro
    Q142395 CommandButton FontSize Can Affect Button Size
    Q141916 Command Button Properties Differ Between Versions
    Q95236 & Command Example in Lang. Ref. Causes "Syntax Error"
    Q110251 COMMAND Key in FoxPro for Mac Is Treated Same as CTRL Key
    Q89094 Command-Line Options for Starting FoxPro for MS-DOS
    Q111808 COMMAND+<Number> Combinations in FoxPro for Macintosh
    Q117204 COMMAND+PERIOD Key Combination Works Similarly to ESC Key
    Q133450 Commands Affected by NULL Values
    Q114752 Commands and Functions Affected by SET COMPATIBLE
    Q94811 Common Causes of "Feature Not Available" Error
    Q129825 Common Dialog Boxes Used by Visual FoxPro
    Q130456 Comparing Visual FoxPro to Other Programming Languages
    Q136581 Comparison of Visual FoxPro 3.0 and FoxPro 2.6 Features
    Q98921 Compatibility Between FoxBASE+ and FoxPro for MS-DOS
    Q108097 Compilers Supported by FoxPro LCK for Macintosh
    Q114255 Compilers Supported by MS-DOS and Windows LCK
    Q131119 Compilers Supported by Visual FoxPro LCK
    Q115944 Comprehensive List of Default Main FoxPro Directories
    Q109843 Comprehensive List of FoxPro & FoxBASE/FoxBASE+ Versions
    Q102053 Computing the Date of the First and Last Day in a Month
    Q115889 CONFIG.FPM Settings for Behavior Similar to Fox/Windows
    Q89918 Configuration and Network Use Q&A for FoxPro 2.0
    Q150724 Configuration Settings for Visual FoxPro for Macintosh
    Q132231 Connection Properties You Can Access with SQLGETPROP()
    Q125045 Connectivity Kit Enhancement from 2.5x to 2.6
    Q104326 Considerations for Creating Cross-Platform Applications
    Q134314 Container Classes Versus Control Classes
    Q151099 Content of Readme.hlp File Shipped w/FoxPro for Macintosh
    Q143304 Content of the README.HLP That Ships with Visual FoxPro 3.0b
    Q151088 Content of VFP for Mac Frequently Asked Questions Help File
    Q108178 Contents of 2.5b DKREADME.TXT in Main FoxPro Directory
    Q108176 Contents of 2.5b DKREADME.TXT in the FOXPROW Directory
    Q117592 Contents of 2.6 DKREADME.TXT in the FOXPROW Directory
    Q119154 Contents of DKREADME.TXT in the FPD26 Directory
    Q120542 Contents of FoxPro 2.6a for Macintosh "CK Readme"
    Q120592 Contents of FoxPro 2.6a for Macintosh "LCK ReadMe" File
    Q119880 Contents of FoxPro 2.6a for Windows DKREADME.TXT File
    Q108174 Contents of GETANS.TXT in GOODIES\FNDATION
    Q108383 Contents of INSTALL.TXT in the Main FoxPro Directory
    Q108302 Contents of PSSKB.TXT in the FOXPROW Directory
    Q114884 Contents of PSSKB.TXT in the Main FoxPro Directory
    Q121425 Contents of PSSQA.TXT in the FPD26 Directory
    Q108303 Contents of README.TXT in 2.5b FOXPROW Directory
    Q119750 Contents of README.TXT in FPD26 (2.6a) Directory
    Q113764 Contents of README.TXT in Main FoxPro 2.6 Directory
    Q108172 Contents of README.TXT in the FOXPROW\GOODIES Directory
    Q119751 Contents of README.TXT in the FPW26 (2.6a) Subdirectory
    Q114434 Contents of README.TXT in the FPW26 Directory
    Q119440 Contents of README.TXT in the GOODIES\DEMO Subdirectory
    Q108177 Contents of README.TXT in the Main FoxPro Directory
    Q133201 Contents of README.TXT Shipped with Visual FoxPro
    Q115772 Contents of the 2.6 Connectivity Kit CKREADME.TXT File
    Q119441 Contents of the 2.6 Connectivity Kit CKREADME.TXT File
    Q108711 Contents of the Connectivity Kit CKREADME.TXT File
    Q108821 Contents of the Connectivity Kit ORACLE.TXT File
    Q108090 Contents of the FoxPro 2.5a for Windows README.TXT
    Q120551 Contents of the FoxPro 2.6a for Macintosh "DK Readme" File
    Q120550 Contents of the FoxPro 2.6a for Macintosh "FoxPro Readme" File
    Q114751 Contents of the FoxPro for Macintosh ASLM Release Notes
    Q112516 Contents of the FoxPro for Macintosh DK Readme File
    Q112786 Contents of the FoxPro for Macintosh FoxPro Readme File
    Q112787 Contents of the FoxPro for Macintosh FoxTools Readme File
    Q113048 Contents of the FoxPro for Macintosh LCK Readme File
    Q108323 Contents of the FoxPro for MS-DOS GETLESS.TXT File
    Q108326 Contents of the FoxPro for MS-DOS LCKUPDAT.TXT File
    Q120887 Contents of the FoxPro Runtime 2.6 for UNIX rtreadme File
    Q111746 Contents of the "FoxPro Settings" file
    Q120928 Contents of the FoxPro Ver 2.6 for UNIX readme File
    Q116002 Contents of the Fox/Win and Fox/DOS 2.6 LCK Readme File
    Q120371 Contents of the FPM 2.6a "FoxPro Readme - Network" File
    Q120372 Contents of the FPM 2.6a "FoxTools Readme" File
    Q120552 Contents of the FPM 2.6a "Readme Before Install-Pro" File
    Q108822 Contents of the Library Construction Kit README.TXT File
    Q108179 Contents of the README.TXT file in FOXPRO25\GOODIES\DEMO
    Q136576 Contents of Visual FoxPro Pro Edition CD-ROM Disc Part 1 of 2
    Q136577 Contents of Visual FoxPro Pro Edition CD-ROM Disc Part 2 of 2
    Q141976 Contents of Visual FoxPro Pro Edition on 3.5" Disk (1 of 2)
    Q141977 Contents of Visual FoxPro Pro Edition on 3.5" Disk (2 of 2)
    Q137854 Contents of Visual FoxPro Standard Edition on CD-ROM
    Q119937 Contents of WGREADME.TXT, the Workgroup Extensions Readme
    Q151438 Control Panels/Extensions Installed by Visual FoxPro for Mac
    Q95710 Conversions Between Data Types That Preserve the Data
    Q130831 Converter: How the Position of Screens Is Converted
    Q113942 Converting dBASE Files to FoxPro
    Q95680 Convert To Static Is Not Like Paste Special
    Q97061 COPY TO ARRAY Creates a Logical Element for Memo Field
    Q120736 COPY TO Optional Clauses Missing in "Language Reference"
    Q122977 Core FoxPro for Macintosh Takes 26 Megabytes
    Q115588 Correct Use of @ ... GET PICTURE for Numeric Data
    Q97168 Creating a Bookmark in the FoxPro Editor
    Q92553 Creating a Combined Ascending and Descending Index
    Q114855 Creating and Using Files with the .FPC Extension
    Q89886 Creating an Index on Two Numeric Fields in FoxPro
    Q256538 Creating an XML Page and Style Sheet to Display FoxPro Data
    Q114130 Creating a Printer Driver Setup User Procedure
    Q113178 Creating a Report for a One-to-Many Relationship
    Q102934 Creating a Report with Highlights on Every Other Line
    Q88667 Creating a Running Calculation Using the Report Writer
    Q111913 Creating Comma-Delimited File That Retains Trailing Space
    Q105589 Creating FoxPro for Windows Apps Using FoxPro for MS-DOS
    Q114185 Creating Hot Keys for Objects Other Than Push Buttons
    Q95294 Creating Modifiable Cursor in FoxPro with SQL SELECT
    Q124600 Creating MS-DOS Style Full-Screens in FoxPro for Windows
    Q130384 Critical System Files Installed with Visual FoxPro 3.0 Setup
    Q130384 Critical System Files Installed with Visual FoxPro Setup
    Q101882 CRSSPLAT Directory in Getting Started Doesn't Exist
    Q143002 Csexamp.exe - Client-Server Data Entry Screen for SQL
    Q103592 C Strings in API Routines Are Null Terminated
    Q92965 CTRL+P Not Allowed as FoxPro Menu Builder Shortcut Key
    Q125732 Cursor Created by User or ODBC Has EXCLUSIVE Status
    Q115108 Cursor Name Must Be Alias, Not .DBF Name
    Q130298 Cursors and the Data Environment on Forms and Reports
    Q97632 Cycle Command Does Not Work for Desktop Screens
    Q130166 Data Type Mapping in the Upsizing Wizard
    Q112729 Date of .EXE Is Date of Decompression Not Date of Build
    Q119852 dBASE and FoxPro Keyboard Differences Not Listed
    Q119690 dBASE Checks Syntax Before Compile
    Q124265 dBASE IV Database Displays Y/N Logicals as Y/N in BROWSE
    Q115282 dBASE NOORGANIZE Clause Ignored in FoxPro
    Q118523 dBASE's APPEND FROM ... NOVERIFY Clause Is Ignored
    Q115987 dBASE's LIST/DISPLAY HISTORY Commands Ignored in FoxPro
    Q192762 Dbf2rs.exe Converts a VFP Cursor to ADO 2.x Recordset
    Q98359 DBF() Function Parameters Reversed in Language Reference
    Q117594 _DBReplace() Function Requires Record to Be Locked
    Q112427 DDE Commands Must Be Bracketed for Non-Windows Platform
    Q103587 DDEExecute() Parameters List in Manual Is Incorrect
    Q100562 DDEInitiate() from a Client May Require a Pause
    Q102732 DDE Link Between FoxPro and WordPerfect for Windows
    Q121957 DDE Macro with Microsoft Excel as Client & FoxPro as Server
    Q98689 DDE with Word Example in Developer's Guide Not Complete
    Q103604 DEACTIVATE MENU BAR ALL Doesn't Work w/ "Bar Type" Menus
    Q101583 Debug Values Do Not Display in RIGHT Partition
    Q122907 Declaring Variables in FoxPro
    Q87499 Decreasing Startup Time of FoxPro for MS-DOS
    Q126440 Default Location of FoxPro for Macintosh Temporary Files
    Q111317 Default MVCOUNT Value Increased in FoxPro for Macintosh
    Q102924 Default Setting for SYSMENU Is AUTOMATIC in FoxPro/Win
    Q112243 Default Value for SET EXCLUSIVE Is OFF in dBASE 1.5
    Q115106 DEFINE BAR ... SKIP Behavior Differs Between Platforms
    Q95243 DEFINE WINDOW IN DESKTOP Documentation Error
    Q95375 DEFINE WINDOW STYLE 'O' Clause Does Not Work
    Q104056 DEFINE WINDOW Syntax and "Position Off Screen" Error
    Q95305 DEFINE WINDOW TITLE Clause Can Be Used w/ Windows Version
    Q94340 Defining Menu at a Specific Row with FoxPro Menu Builder
    Q121414 Defining Proportionate Windows Differs b/w Mac & Windows
    Q109851 Delay When Navigating Menus Using Keyboard
    Q95238 DELETE Command Example Incorrect in Language Reference
    Q95246 DELETED() Program Example Incorrect in Language Reference
    Q88239 Deleting Diary Data Stored in the Current Resource File
    Q139694 Description and Availability of Wizards in Visual FoxPro
    Q110132 Description of ADDUSER.APP
    Q114464 Description of Catalog Manager's AutoReport Tool
    Q113960 Description of Catalog Manager's AutoScreen Tool
    Q114122 Description of Catalog Manager Tools
    Q115091 Description of CATMAN = ON/OFF in CONFIG.FP(W)
    Q128209 Description of Design Mode in Screens, Reports, & Labels
    Q107830 Description of FOXPRO.INI Settings
    Q138614 Description of Table
    Q109980 Description of GOODIES\HELPTREE\HELPTREE.MPR Program
    Q109651 Description of INSTALL /N (Workstation Installation)
    Q121243 Description of Maintenance Mode Setup of FoxPro for Mac
    Q130545 Description of New Integer Data Type
    Q114949 Description of the FOXTOUCH() Function
    Q114539 Description of the Group/Total Report Wizard
    Q114478 Description of the Label Wizard
    Q115036 Description of the Mail Merge Wizard
    Q114193 Description of the Multi-Column Report Wizard
    Q114423 Description of the Report Wizard
    Q114192 Description of the Screen Wizard
    Q118449 Description of the SQL Query Wizard
    Q114290 Description of the Table Wizard
    Q114720 Description of the Updatable Query Wizard
    Q128155 Description of VFPSTART.PRG
    Q114356 Descriptions and Availability of Wizards on Each Platform
    Q103774 Descriptions of Commands on FoxPro for Windows Text Menu
    Q130085 Details of the .VCX File Architecture
    Q99920 Determining If an Index Tag Is Ascending or Descending
    Q104593 Determining If Browse Window Activated/Deactivated
    Q100443 Determining the Exclusive Status of an Opened Database
    Q88741 Developer's Guide Refers to Nonexistent FOXPLUS.FP File
    Q101007 DIALER.PRG Syntax Is Incorrect
    Q104053 Difference Between COPY TO ARRAY and SELECT INTO ARRAY
    Q96294 Difference Between EVALUATE() and Macro Substitution
    Q88746 Difference Between Macro Substitution and Named Expression
    Q130462 Difference Between REQUERY and REFRESH in Visual FoxPro
    Q109837 Differences Between a Hairline and a 1-Point Line
    Q129976 Differences Between FoxPro and Visual FoxPro
    Q137446 Differences Between FoxPro and Visual FoxPro Setup Wizard
    Q103690 Differences Between FoxPro for Windows Reports & Labels
    Q99091 Differences Between FoxPro Platforms Described in Help
    Q98362 Differences Between MIN(), MAX(), & SQL SELECT MIN/MAX
    Q92963 Differences Between ON ESCAPE and ON KEY LABEL ESCAPE
    Q133357 Differences Between Temporary and Permanent Relationships
    Q90031 Differences Between the DISPLAY and LIST Commands
    Q115114 Different ON BAR Behavior in FoxPro for MS-DOS & Windows
    Q98438 Different Results When Running Same .PRG File
    Q147846 Different Ways to Gain Access to Items in the ListBox Object
    Q171570 Disable.exe Example Enables/Disables Menu Pads and Bars
    Q107828 Disk Cache Recommendations for FoxPro for Macintosh
    Q101052 Disk Directory and Installation of the Connectivity Kit
    Q138397 Disk Space Requirements for Visual FoxPro Workstation Installs
    Q116021 Disk Space Requirements of FoxPro 2.5c for Macintosh
    Q115886 Disk Space Requirements of FoxPro for MS-DOS
    Q116020 Disk Space Requirements of FoxPro Ver 2.6 for Windows
    Q121439 DISPLAY Doesn't Support FIELDS LIKE or FIELDS EXCEPT
    Q129097 Displaying Bitmaps Using CENTERED & ISOMETRIC keywords
    Q104347 Displaying Unique Messages for Prompts in a Button Set
    Q96540 Display Window Title with GetFocus() and GetWindowText()
    Q130853 Distributable Files in Visual FoxPro Distribution Kit
    Q130300 Distributed .ICO or File Needs Multiple Images
    Q117354 Distributing Help Files for FoxPro for the Macintosh
    Q120096 Distribution Kit .EXEs Do Not Use the FOXPRO.INI File
    Q121267 DKREADME.TXT Questions & Answers FoxPro 2.6a for MS-DOS
    Q253939 DOC: APPEND PROCEDURES Is Not Available at Run Time
    Q132296 DOC: Bad Reference to Style Property with Command Button
    Q174969 DOC: Btrieve Driver Does Not Ship with VFP 5.0
    Q191673 DOC: Calling Genhtml.prg Gives "Alias Not Found" Error
    Q137408 DOC: Can't Use ConnectName Property w/SQLGETPROP() Function
    Q136839 DOC: Changing Default Icon Gives Wrong Step in Setup Wizard
    Q139110 DOC: Code on Pages 75-76 of Developer's Guide Causes Error
    Q135623 DOC: Column Title of Property Should Be Method
    Q190543 DOC: Commands Missing From the Index List in Help
    Q135596 DOC: Controls Subdirectory Misspelled
    Q142242 DOC: Create SQL View Incorrectly Documented
    Q155803 DOC: Cross-Tab Query Help Example is Incorrect
    Q134705 DOC: DBGETPROP() Returns Unexpected Value
    Q134705 DOC: DBGETPROP() Returns Unexpected Value
    Q135516 DOC: DBSETPROP Example Contains Extra Zero
    Q162445 DOC: DECLARE DLL Example Has Incorrect Information
    Q141393 DOC: Developer's Guide Has Incorrect OLE Automation Syntax
    Q252787 DOC: DOCERR: Parameters Passed to Form Set's Load not Setup1
    Q122936 DOCERR: 54 Megabytes Required for a Complete Installation
    Q157255 DOCERR: About _Coverage Wrong in Documentation and Help
    Q157193 DOCERR: ActiveX Controls Help Topic Lists Incorrect File
    Q132353 DOCERR: AfterRowColChange Event Documented Incorrectly
    Q193680 DOCERR : AGETFILEVERSION() Function Incorrectly Documented
    Q193680 DOCERR: AGETFILEVERSION() Function Incorrectly Documented
    Q155084 DOCERR: AppleScript Do Script "Quit" Causes Error
    Q190795 DOCERR: cAlias Property Missing in _login Class
    Q134641 DOCERR: Calling Parent Class Method Code Example Is Incorrect
    Q137408 DOCERR: Can't Use ConnectName Property w/SQLGETPROP() Function
    Q150505 DOCERR: Commands Not Supported by Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver
    Q136639 DOCERR: Control1.scx Uses m.saverecno Instead of m.toprec
    Q143064 DOCERR: ControlBox Property Not Available at Run Time Per Help
    Q159785 DOCERR: Copying Classes with the Class Browser
    Q157256 DOCERR: DEBUG and SET DEBUG Incorrect in Help
    Q133165 DOCERR: Developer's Guide Gives Incorrect DataSession Default
    Q138679 DOCERR: Developer's Guide P_CODES Database Listing Incomplete
    Q125027 DOCERR: DK Guide References Non-Existent Disk Image Screen
    Q130993 DOCERR: DK Installer Does Not Prompt User to Install ASLM
    Q124883 DOCERR: DK Manual Unclear About Image Copying
    Q139513 DOCERR: DocumentFile Property Returns " " For Embedded Objects
    Q137061 DOCERR: DO FORM LINKED Clause Does Not Require a Variable
    Q142735 DOCERR: Error #1966 Has Incorrect Help Explanation
    Q126274 DOCERR: Error In Documentation Of SET DEVELOPMENT Command
    Q142510 DOCERR: Errors in Visual FoxPro "Step By Step" Book on Page 26
    Q156453 DOCERR: Excel Code in Chapter 16 of Online Docs Incorrect
    Q124671 DOCERR: Field Sub-Record Table Header Record Bytes Incorrect
    Q151759 DOCERR: Find/Load FoxTools API Library Wrong in FoxTools.hlp
    Q125026 DOCERR: FOXTERM Environment Variable Instructions Incorrect
    Q157318 DOCERR: Function Key Information Incorrect in VFP 5.0 Help
    Q157191 DOCERR: GotFocus Event Documented Incorrectly in VFP Help
    Q131972 DOCERR: Help File Shows Incorrect Column Heading for INKEY
    Q127921 DOCERR: Help Gives Misleading Info on Menu General Procedure
    Q140490 DOCERR: Help Lists Updatable Property for DBGETPROP in Error
    Q156171 DOCERR: Help Topic "Switching Views" Is Incorrect in VFP 3.0
    Q141084 DOCERR: How to Create a Blank DateTime Documented Incorrectly
    Q135456 DOCERR: How to Set Column Index Correctly for AddColumn Method
    Q126438 DOCERR: How to Use the ADEL() Command to Delete a Column
    Q136977 DOCERR: Incomplete Instructions for Populating a Grid Control
    Q115405 DOCERR: Incomplete Message in CatMan About Removing a Table
    Q134882 DOCERR: Incorrect Code Sample Coordinating Toolbars and Forms
    Q159313 DOCERR: Incorrect Help Information on Number of Tables Open
    Q141389 DOCERR: Incorrect SET PRINTER Command Syntax for Net Printers
    Q139185 DOCERR: Incorrect Syntax in SET KEY Command Example in Help
    Q124545 DOCERR: Installation and Configuration Manual Doc Error
    Q148998 DOCERR: ListIndex (OutLine) Returns -1 If No Item Is Selected
    Q153117 DOCERR: ListItemId Doesn't Return -1 as Stated in Online Help
    Q137059 DOCERR: Missing Visual C/C++ "Multithreaded Using DLL" Setting
    Q133295 DOCERR: MODIFY PROJECT Is Missing NOWAIT in Syntax Section
    Q157190 DOCERR: MousePointer Topic Missing Setting 99 (Custom)
    Q149182 DOCERR: NewIndex Property of Lists Doesn't Work as Documented
    Q139062 DOCERR: Note in REPLACE Command Documentation Is Misleading
    Q135023 DOC: Error Code 1744 Documentation Is Incorrect
    Q136797 DOC: ERROR - Events List for List Box Incomplete
    Q139184 DOCERR: Picture Property Cannot Be Set to a General Field
    Q139095 DOCERR: RAT() Command Doesn't Count from Rightmost Character
    Q136671 DOCERR: "Refreshing One-to-Many Display" Help Topic Incomplete
    Q122587 DOCERR: SET CONFIRM ON Does Not Work as Documented
    Q134252 DOCERR: Setting FOXTERM Environment Variable Info Is Incorrect
    Q138650 DOCERR: Setup Shows Incorrect Required Disk Space
    Q130406 DOCERR: SHOW(2) Does Not Set Modal Form or Formset to Modeless
    Q135520 DOCERR: Syntax Error When Using INSERT INTO Example Code
    Q157192 DOCERR:SYS(1037) Function Displays Page Dialog Not Print Setup
    Q129919 DOCERR: System Requirements for FoxPro Unclear
    Q156087 DOCERR: TABLEUPDATE() Improperly Documented in VFP 5.0 Help
    Q155808 DOCERR:TeachText Replaced by SimpleText in FoxPro for Mac Docs
    Q158406 DOCERR: The AutoIncrement Property Does Not Exist
    Q152277 DOCERR: VFP ODBC Driver Help File Version() Example Incorrect
    Q156871 DOCERR: Visual FoxPro 5.0 AFIELDS() Remark Help Topic Outdated
    Q137953 DOCERR: Visual FoxPro Help File Gives Wrong Index Key Limit
    Q135622 DOC: Extra Characters After Printing String Comparision
    Q189865 DOC: Form's Circle Method Accepts Negative Aspect Ratio
    Q148641 DOC: Generic Categories of ODBC Errors
    Q138704 DOC: GETFILE() Help Topic States DialogCaption Is at Top
    Q124721 DOC: HELP Does Not Locate New Supported dBASE Commands
    Q148249 DOC: Help File Example for SELECT SQL UNION Does Not Work
    Q135041 DOC: Help File Gives Incorrect Info on ColumnCount Property
    Q199778 DOC: Help File Has Incomplete List of Collate Sequences
    Q128150 DOC: Help File Incorrectly States SYS(1037) Ignored by Windows
    Q139128 DOC: Help for WindowType Shows Incorrect Property Settings
    Q136186 DOC: Incorrect Description of Array Created by ADBOBJECTS()
    Q136070 DOC: Incorrect Examples on Pages 69-75 of Developer's Guide
    Q139066 DOC: Incorrect Reference to TabWidth Property in Help
    Q196025 DOC: Incorrect Syntax for TAG() and DESCENDING() Commands
    Q126871 DOC: MENU() & PAD() Examples Cause Error Message
    Q136187 DOC: Missing ALL Clause on Page 46 of Developer's Guide
    Q100813 DO Command Searches More Than Just the Main Program
    Q136071 DOC: ON ERROR Not Invoked when Error Occurs in Error Event
    Q167673 DOC: Online Help References Removed Features of Form Designer
    Q135319 DOC: Optimizable Expression Missing Left Parenthesis
    Q139127 DOC: Passing GETFILE() a Semicolon Won't Work in Windows 95
    Q135515 DOC: Picture's Caption Different from Example's Caption
    Q163179 DOC: Problem with "Applies To" on DblClick Event Help Topic
    Q138457 DOC: PUTFILE() Help Topic Says DialogCaption Is at the Top
    Q138875 DOC: READ EVENTS Command Not Documented in the Language Ref
    Q137126 DOC: README.HLP Contains Incorrect Language Reference Info
    Q129627 DOC: Report Command Incorrectly Documented
    Q134642 DOC: RowSourceType Property Incomplete in Language Ref
    Q140297 DOC: SendUpdates also Applies to Cursors from Local Views
    Q142314 DOC: SET PRINT TO Command Help File Information Incorrect
    Q138108 DOC: Size Help Shows Option "To Fit"
    Q135842 DOC: SQL Statement Disagrees with Text Description
    Q180170 DOC: TopIndex Property Incorrectly Documented
    Q103277 Documentation Error in LCK for _StrCpy() Function
    Q102048 Documentation for DIMENSION ARRAY Doesn't List ALEN()
    Q96353 Documentation Gives Incorrect Syntax for SET FOXPROWCFG
    Q115182 Documentation Recommends Removing/Reducing Virtual Memory
    Q136673 DOC: Unbalanced Quotation Mark in APPEND GENERAL Help Topic
    Q161896 DOC: Unresolved External with "Ignore all Default Libraries"
    Q165171 DOC: USE Command Incorrectly Documented in Help File & Manual
    Q161360 DOC: VFP Help Incorrect for ListBox UpClick & DownClick Events
    Q119895 Double-Clicking Right Mouse Button Activates the Menu Bar
    Q95237 DO WHILE ... ENDDO Example Incorrect in Lang. Reference
    Q119227 DOWN ARROW Missing from dBASE Keyboard BROWSE Differences
    Q147688 Drag and Drop in Visual FoxPro
    Q148775 DragMode=Automatic Isn't Supported for the OLE Outline Control
    Q95377 Drive Popup of Prompt Files Popup Not in Same Font
    Q99618 DTOC() Returns Unexpected Results When Used with Dates
    Q99907 Duplicated Lines Printing Report to Text File
    Q150551 Duplicate Fields Naming Differs in Local and Remote View
    Q130237 Duplicating READ NOLOCK Functionality in Visual FoxPro
    Q90552 @ ... EDIT Command Accesses Only First Array Element
    Q95303 Editing General Fields in FoxPro Screen Builder
    Q115215 Effects of Selecting "Don't Display This Intro Screen..."
    Q115989 Elapsed Time Example Involving Different Days
    Q99552 Ensuring Query-Progress Thermometer Is Visible
    Q99841 Entering Microsoft Graph Without the RQBE Dialog Box
    Q120534 ERR: An Unexpected Error Occurred While Trying to Create Tmp
    Q98929 ERR: Color Set Resource Not Found
    Q98753 ERR: "Feature Not Available"; MODIFY/CREATE QUERY in .EXE File
    Q95235 ERR: "Feature Not Available" When LIST FILES Used in .EXE File
    Q120518 ERR: <Filename>.pjx Is Not an Object File
    Q120236 ERR: "Invalid Path or Filename" When Generating a Screen
    Q98743 ERR: "Not a Database File"; How to Modify Database Header
    Q120536 ERR: Not a Numeric Expression
    Q109058 Error 1225 & 1226 Descriptions Reversed in Manual & Help
    Q142568 Error 128 Upsizing Default Value to SQL Server
    Q110126 Error in Description of USE ... NOUPDATE Clause
    Q105145 Error in Documentation for UPDATE Command
    Q98365 Error in Lang Ref: BROWSE NOCLEAR Is Not Ignored
    Q112791 Error in Quick Report Saving Procedure in Getting Started
    Q109611 Error in Windows-Style Help for SET PRINTER Command
    Q95367 Error Message Appendix Should Specify 225 Work Areas
    Q95716 Error Message "Cannot Create Program Workspace"
    Q130210 Error Message Parameters Displayed with SYS(2018)
    Q99548 Error Messages from FoxPro 2.0/2.5 with "Unknown Errors"
    Q96349 Errors in HELP Command Documentation
    Q99634 Error When Printing Report to a File: "Printer Not Ready"
    Q100563 ERR: Picture Too Big, Corrupt, or Wrong Format
    Q95677 ERR: "String Too Long to Fit" with Menu Generator
    Q98440 ERR: "Too Many Programs/Procedures" in FoxDoc
    Q120293 ERR: Unable to Find Proc./Func. UPDATEGR
    Q119638 ERR: Unexpected Error; File Too Large to Compress...
    Q105596 ERR: "Unresolved Reference" Using C 7.0 Makefile with 2.5 LCK
    Q112774 ERR: VSERVER File Server Encountered Critical Error
    Q99762 Events That Call the Transporter Program (TRANSPRT.PRG)
    Q93622 Events That Trigger a Foundation READ in FoxPro
    Q100430 Example 3 Code in Dev. Guide Doesn't Print Word Document
    Q140860 Example Code Shows How to Refresh a Graph
    Q99913 Example of @ ... GET FUNCTION M
    Q132359 Example of Polymorphism in Visual FoxPro
    Q152778 Example Shows How to Pass Objects to FLL
    Q98692 Excel Macro OLE Objects That Execute When Editing Object
    Q172455 ExitFox.exe Overcomes "Cannot Quit Visual FoxPro" Error
    Q130236 Explanation of Referential Integrity Rules for INSERT
    Q129413 Explanation & Usage of the LOCKSCREEN Property
    Q103355 EXPORT/ COPY TO Commands Don't Work with Entire Tables
    Q110359 Extended Memory Settings in PIF Are Ignored
    Q95315 Extraneous Characters in Printed Reports
    Q173757 FAQ: Do I Have Visual FoxPro 5.0 or 5.0a
    Q173757 FAQ: Do I Have Visual FoxPro 5.0 or 5.0a
    Q173759 FAQ: How Do I Get Visual FoxPro 5.0a with 5.0a No VFP Problems
    Q173758 FAQ: How Do I Obtain a Copy of Visual FoxPro 5.0a?
    Q173769 FAQ: What Has Been Fixed in Visual FoxPro 5.0a?
    Q173759 FAQ: What If I'm Not Experiencing a Problem with Visual FoxPro 5.0 But I Just Want a Copy of VFP 5.0
    Q173756 FAQ: What is Visual FoxPro 5.0a
    Q173768 FAQ: What's New in Visual FoxPro 5.0a
    Q109068 FastTips for FoxPro for Mac: Cross-Platform Q&A
    Q109070 FastTips for FoxPro for Mac: General Interface Q&A
    Q109067 FastTips for FoxPro for Mac: Installation & Configuration Q&A
    Q109069 FastTips for FoxPro for Mac: Interface Differences Q&A
    Q109072 FastTips for FoxPro for Mac: Report Writer Q&A
    Q109071 FastTips for FoxPro for Mac: Screen Builder Q&A
    Q96159 FastTips for FoxPro for MS-DOS: BROWSE Command Q&A
    Q96156 FastTips for FoxPro for MS-DOS: Converting to 2.5 Q&A
    Q96160 FastTips for FoxPro for MS-DOS: Creating Apps & EXEs Q&A
    Q96154 FastTips for FoxPro for MS-DOS: Installation Q&A
    Q96155 FastTips for FoxPro for MS-DOS: Network Issues Q&A
    Q96177 FastTips for FoxPro for MS-DOS: New Features Q&A
    Q96157 FastTips for FoxPro for MS-DOS: Printing Q&A
    Q96158 FastTips for FoxPro for MS-DOS: Screens & Importing Data Q&A
    Q96171 FastTips for FoxPro for Windows: Cross-Platform Q&A
    Q96170 FastTips for FoxPro for Windows: Installation Q&A
    Q96170 FastTips for FoxPro for Windows: Installation Q and A
    Q96172 FastTips for FoxPro for Windows: Interface Features Q&A
    Q96173 FastTips for FoxPro for Windows: Report Writer Q&A
    Q96174 FastTips for FoxPro for Windows: Screen Builder Q&A
    Q96175 FastTips for FoxPro for Windows: Using FoxPro for Windows
    Q139386 Features not Available in a Distributed Application
    Q104055 _FError() Return Values
    Q109844 Field Names in First Record Exported to Spreadsheet
    Q117407 Field Names with Illegal Characters Cause Errors
    Q95366 Field Types in .FRX & .SCX Tables Incorrectly Documented
    Q115954 Field Validation Behaves Differently in dBASE IV & FoxPro
    Q118910 File and Directory Naming Conventions in FoxPro for UNIX
    Q202520 FILE: CDX(), TAG(), and SYS(14) Function to Create Index Utility
    Q154742 FILE: Codewiz.exe the Xbase Code Import Wizard for VFP
    Q154742 FILE: Codewiz.exe the Xbase Code Import Wizard for VFP 3.0
    Q115473 File-Extension Differences Between dBASE and FoxPro
    Q86907 File Extensions Used by Fox Database Products
    Q121870 FILE: Fc1024.hqx Illustrates Using FoxPro for Macintosh Wizards
    Q174186 FILE: Files the Setup Wizard Installs
    Q113004 File Formats Created by Mail Merge Wizard
    Q93321 FILE: Foxswap.exe Utility Provides More Memory to RUN Command
    Q96691 FILE: Fp0660.exe Updated Microsoft FoxDoc File
    Q120597 FILE: Fp1023.exe Describes Using FoxPro for MS-DOS Wizards
    Q116415 FILE: Fpsqlcs.exe Describes FoxPro Client-Server Architecture
    Q96853 FILE: Fw0793.exe is Chapter 15 of the "Getting Started" Manual
    Q102083 FILE: Fw0844.exe FoxDoc Default Template Files
    Q109430 FILE:Fw0969.exe Coordinate Menus & Screens w/ Foundation READs
    Q109430 FILE:Fw0969.exe Coordinates Menus & Screens w/ Foundation READs
    Q112311 FILE: Fw1003.exe FoxPro for Windows 2.5x Resource Kit
    Q118802 FILE: Fw1022.exe Demonstrates Using FoxPro for Windows Wizards
    Q119382 FILE: Fw1040.exe Basic Concepts of Relational Database Design
    Q138317 FILE: Fw1180.exe Describes Screen Issues in FoxPro for Windows
    Q141797 FILE: Fw1223.exe Describes Components of a Customized Builder
    Q137366 FILE: Fw-win95.exe Running FoxPro 2.6 Apps in Windows 95
    Q176804 FILE: Getdrive.exe: How To List the Drives on a Win32 System
    Q165172 FILE: Gphsamp.exe Shows Automation to DataSheet in MS Graph 8
    Q176093 FILE: Gridtest.exe: Grid Does Not Refresh Properly
    Q173709 FILE: Header.exe Lists Microsoft Outlook 97 Constants
    Q179173 FILE: Listarr.exe: Using Arrays For List Box Row Sources
    Q155317 File Manipulation Commands Now Support MS-DOS Wildcards
    Q123346 FILE: Migrat.exe Contains the FoxPro Migration Tool
    Q116378 Filename Significance Not Limited to 10 Characters
    Q181609 FILE: NoClick.exe Illustrates Click Method of StatusBar OCX
    Q181609 FILE: NoClick.exe Illustrates Click Method Of StatusBar OCX
    Q137555 FILE: OLE Controls and Control Containers Guidelines
    Q141304 FILE: Oopintro.exe - Intro to Object Oriented Programming
    Q141304 FILE: Oopintro.exe Intro to Object Oriented Programming in VFP
    Q163804 Filer.exe Contains Filer.dll for Visual FoxPro 5.0
    Q150506 Files and Data Sources Installed by Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver
    Q117216 File Search User-Defined Function (UDF) Example
    Q138705 Files Installed by Visual FoxPro Professional in Windows 3.x
    Q138706 Files installed by Visual FoxPro Professional in Windows NT
    Q98358 Files Installed During FoxPro Ver 2.5 for MS-DOS Setup
    Q122978 Files Installed from Different Custom Setup Choices
    Q141815 Files Needed to Call 16-bit Functions with Foxtools
    Q124266 Files Needed When Building or Distributing Executables
    Q119633 Files That Can Be Distributed with a CK Application
    Q174186 Files the Setup Wizard Installs
    Q248788 Files to Patch FoxPro 2.6 to FoxPro 2.6a
    Q145742 File Structure and Contents of .VCX and .SCX Files
    Q175625 FILE: TopClose.exe Closes Child Forms of Top-Level Forms
    Q176270 FILE: Treewrap.exe: Sample TreeView Control in Visual FoxPro
    Q175625 FILE: Use Topclose.exe to Close Child Forms Of Top-Level Forms
    Q191685 FILE: Vfp6int.exe VFP 6.0 ODBC Driver Resource File
    Q190771 FILE: Vfp6rt.exe Distributing Run-Time Files w/ Active Document
    Q190771 FILE: Vfp6rt.exe Distributing Run-Time Files w/ an Active Document
    Q177395 FILE: Vfpmsuwz.hqx: New Setup Wizard for Visual FoxPro Using OS 8
    Q177395 FILE: Vfpmsuwz.hqx: New Setup Wizard/Visual FoxPro Using OS 8
    Q88327 @ ... FILL Command COLOR Clause Can Be a Number
    Q87501 Finding Number of Bytes Available on an Alternate Drive
    Q115420 Finding the Maximum or Minimum Value by Alphabetic Order
    Q132467 Firing Order for Rules and Triggers in Visual FoxPro
    Q136690 Firing Sequence of Visual FoxPro Events
    Q107515 FIX: Accented Characters in Field Names Garbled
    Q250059 FIX: Accessing Print Drivers When Issuing SYS(1037) Causes Error
    Q135677 FIX: Accessing the Internet via MSN causes a crash in VFP
    Q145721 FIX: Access Violation Error on 16 MB Windows NT System
    Q191636 FIX: Access Violation or Page Fault with Multiple Toolbars
    Q168277 FIX: Access Violation Running Visual FoxPro on Windows NT 4.0
    Q165905 FIX: Activate Event of Page Not Triggered with Keyboard in VFP
    Q100435 FIX: ACTIVATE POPUP...REST Does Not Work Correctly
    Q88738 FIX: ACTIVATE WINDOW Command Causes Application Error
    Q118490 FIX: ACTIVATE WINDOW NOSHOW & READ MODAL Won't Work w/ Popup
    Q189710 FIX: ActiveX Control Shows Through Page After Modal Form Runs
    Q168827 FIX: ActiveX Control with "Message" Property Causes Page Fault
    Q175768 FIX: ActiveX MAPI Control 5.0 Causes Memory Errors
    Q141354 FIX: Adding Description to Table's Index in DBC Corrupts Table
    Q104476 FIX: ADIR() and DISPLAY MEMORY Cause "Feature Not Available"
    Q98357 FIX: ADIR() Doesn't Return Volume Label in FoxPro 2.5
    Q87596 FIX: ADIR Function Incorrect in DB4 Compatibility Mode
    Q113318 FIX: ADIR() Incorrectly Reports That a File Exists
    Q314752 FIX: adLockBatchOptimistic Slows Down VFP OLE DB Provider
    Q221691 FIX: ADO Reference Keeps Visual FoxPro in Memory after Quitting
    Q115290 FIX: After FLUSH, Loss of Power May Still Corrupt Table
    Q134436 FIX: After Removing Text in Grid Other Data Appears Truncated
    Q162553 FIX: ALEN() Function Causes Illegal Operation in Debug Window
    Q119902 FIX: ALIAS() & SELECT() Browse Results Not Consistent w/2.5x
    Q279140 FIX: ALINES() Leaks Memory Handle with Empty String
    Q258532 FIX:All Characters in Report Don't Print Under Localized Windows
    Q142797 FIX: Allow Nulls on Field Change Results of SELECT-SQL
    Q124884 FIX: ALT+D and SPACE Both Map to Key Code Value of 32
    Q176042 FIX: Altering a Button's Tab Order Causes Illegal Operation
    Q134643 FIX: Alter Table Add Primary Key Error Not Trappable
    Q194612 FIX: AlwaysOnTop Property Always Returns .F. For TopLevel Forms
    Q192768 FIX: Ambiguous Date/Datetime Constant Error
    Q88704 FIX: APPEND FRO
    Q104474 FIX: APPEND FROM Increases Database Size in FoxPro
    Q105045 FIX: APPEND FROM Returns the Year 768
    Q221653 FIX: APPEND FROM TYPE CSV Does Not Include Extension by Default
    Q163957 FIX: APPEND FROM TYPE SDF Brings in Older Dates Incorrectly
    Q217174 FIX: APPEND FROM TYPE XL8 Makes VFP 6 Disappear
    Q193628 FIX: APPEND FROM with Certain File Types Crashes VFP
    Q87743 FIX: Appending Memo Field to Unselected Work Area Error
    Q87716 FIX: APPEND MEMO at EOF Creates New Record in Database
    Q124595 FIX: APPEND NOMENU Not Recognized in FoxPro
    Q195511 FIX: Append Type SDF into Local View Does Not Update Base Table
    Q197193 FIX: Application Error in Locals Window with Specific Variables
    Q136759 FIX: Application Error When Releasing Popup Menu
    Q194197 FIX: Application Setup Fails on Some Computers
    Q104341 FIX: Arrange Button Increments Negative Window Coordinates
    Q87613 FIX: Arrow Keys Do Not Work in RQBE Output Fields List
    Q162673 FIX: ASCAN() Fails to Find Integer Value when Called in a Loop
    Q103464 FIX: ASCII Character 141 Not Read by FGETS()
    Q317364 FIX: A Second TABLEUPDATE After Failure May Corrupt Index
    Q87597 FIX: AT Function Returns Improper Value on Large Memo
    Q88050 FIX: Attempt to Access Line 0 in Zoomed Window Fails
    Q121088 FIX: AutoScreen of Extremely Wide Table Causes Error
    Q132104 FIX: Background Color in Text Box Does Not Use Dithered Colors
    Q140576 FIX: Backslash Alone in Menu Causes "Illegal Operation" Error
    Q173237 FIX: Barcode Font Does Not Display or Print Correctly
    Q88957 FIX: BAR() Returns Value 1 Less Than Version 1.02
    Q176578 FIX: "Base table fields" Error When Running a View
    Q192197 FIX: Beautify May Not Uppercase Extended ASCII Characters
    Q137947 FIX: Bitmaps Black or Poor Quality Printed in LaserJet Reports
    Q221673 FIX: Black Cursor in ControlSource Not Supported in Korean VFP
    Q149456 FIX: Blank Child Record Added in One-to-Many Wizard Form
    Q164251 FIX: Blank Field Type Causes Error in Table Wizard
    Q98448 FIX: Blank Lines Do Not Print After Line 32768
    Q110767 FIX: Blank Window on 1 Monitor When Using Multiple Monitors
    Q88701 FIX: BOF() Not Reset Correctly in FoxPro 2.0 for MS-DOS
    Q318970 FIX:Bound optionbutton Not Checked in MS Active Accessibility
    Q119153 FIX: Box or Line Drawn from Page Header to Footer Won't Print
    Q157766 FIX: Breakpoint Not Refreshed for Duplicate Watch Window Entry
    Q102460 FIX: BROWSE Command Causes "Abnormal Termination" Error
    Q87755 FIX: BROWSE Data Incorrect with Nonzero REFRESH Value
    Q124205 FIX: Browse Does Not Repaint Correctly
    Q124516 FIX: Browse Fields Command Selects Unselected Work Area
    Q87749 FIX: BROWSE FORMAT Does Not Trigger VALID Routine
    Q124300 FIX: Browse Format Ignores GET/SAYs with Color Clause
    Q102461 FIX: BROWSE KEY 0 Causes Errors When No Database Order Set
    Q129913 FIX: Browse Key Record Pointer Moves Incorrectly
    Q88604 FIX: "BROWSE Nesting Too Deep" Error and BROWSE Command
    Q88606 FIX: BROWSE NOCLEAR Does Not Properly Save Image
    Q87752 FIX: BROWSE...REDIT Window Record Pointer Does Not Move
    Q88211 FIX: BROWSE SEEK Causes "Feature Not Available" Error In 2.0
    Q88211 FIX: BROWSE SEEK Causes "Feature Not Available" Error In 2.0
    Q88058 FIX: BROWSE Update to Non-Key Field Not Propagated
    Q87754 FIX: BROWSE Uses SET SKIP Relations in New Database
    Q87753 FIX: Browse Window Concatenates New Numeric Data to Old
    Q167193 FIX: Buffering Lost when txtbtns Exit Clicked
    Q88636 FIX: BUILD EXE Command Consumes Memory With Every Iteration
    Q279142 FIX: BUILD EXE Command May Cause "File Is Not Open" Error
    Q100437 FIX: BUILD EXE Command Not Working in Command Window
    Q87774 FIX: Building Encrypted App with Encrypted FXP Error
    Q192206 FIX: Built .Exe Does Not Include .Dcx from Included .Dbc
    Q221634 FIX: C0000005 Error With CLOSE ALL in Project Hook BeforeBuild
    Q221690 FIX: C0000005 Error With Repeated SQL SELECTs Using BETWEEN(á)
    Q221690 FIX: C0000005 Error With Repeated SQL SELECTs Using BETWEEN(ß)
    Q221657 FIX: C0000005 Error with Specific Access Methods and Debugger
    Q221617 FIX: C0000005 Fatal Error After Frequent Use of CHRTRAN()
    Q221726 FIX: C0000005 Fatal Error Creating Index Tag
    Q221744 FIX: C0000005 Fatal Error During Build w/ Invalid Preprocessors
    Q221640 FIX: C0000005 Fatal Error Importing Chinese Excel 97 Worksheet
    Q221621 FIX: C0000005 Fatal Error In Editor Selecting Text Then Up Arrow
    Q221747 FIX: C0000005 Fatal Error Passing FGETS() a String > 256 chars
    Q221747 FIX:C0000005 Fatal Error Passing FGETS() a String > 256 chars
    Q221718 FIX: C0000005 Fatal Error Saving FormSet After Add Cancel in DE
    Q221718 FIX:C0000005 Fatal Error Saving FormSet After Add Cancel in DE
    Q222136 FIX: C0000005 Fatal Error Typing Characters In Find Dialog Box
    Q221722 FIX: C0000005 Fatal Error Using DIRECTORY("\\\dirname")
    Q221745 FIX: C0000005 Fatal Error Using GETPEM() in Loop with Debugger
    Q221665 FIX:C0000005 Fatal Error w/Invalid Form Included in File Syntax
    Q221702 FIX: C0000005 Fatal Error w/ ISBLANK( ) and Array Prop in Init
    Q221742 FIX: C0000005 Fatal Error With Big Array Property
    Q221742 FIX:C0000005 Fatal Error With Big Array Property
    Q221687 FIX: C0000005 Fatal Error with CLEAR DEBUGGER and SUSPEND
    Q221687 FIX:C0000005 Fatal Error with CLEAR DEBUGGER and SUSPEND
    Q221733 FIX: C0000005 Fatal Error With French Wizstyle Baseform Class
    Q221734 FIX: C0000005 Fatal Error With Invalid Property Name
    Q221728 FIX: C0000005 Fatal Error With MODIFY WINDOW SCREEN in EXE
    Q221737 FIX: C0000005 Fatal Error With SET('RELATION') Function
    Q221693 FIX: C0000005 Fatal Error With This.Caption=This.Text In GotFocus
    Q221693 FIX:C0000005 Fatal Error With This.Caption=This.Text In GotFocus
    Q221680 FIX: C0000005 Fatal Error With TRANSFORM() on Long Strings
    Q221680 FIX:C0000005 Fatal Error With TRANSFORM() on Long Strings
    Q221741 FIX: C0000005 Fatal Error with Unknown Var in Include File
    Q221696 FIX: C00000FD Fatal Error Docking Toolbar in Rare Circumstance
    Q100567 FIX: Calculate Lowest on Date Field in Group Returns Number
    Q104324 FIX: Calculate on Database Menu Not Working Correctly with Max
    Q161053 FIX: CALCULATE SUM() on Currency Field Gives Illegal Operation
    Q157759 FIX: Calendar Control Help File Contains an Invalid Jump
    Q191671 FIX: Calling AINSTANCE in Loop Causes Memory Leak
    Q138952 FIX: Calling AMEMBERS() w/ Invalid Parameter Creates an Array
    Q87660 FIX: Calling RLOCK When MULTILOCKS Are On Causes Error
    Q135385 FIX: CANCEL After "Object in Use" Error Closes Visual FoxPro
    Q87614 FIX: Cancel Button in RQBE Exits Program to MS-DOS
    Q163930 FIX: Canceling Out of Builder Can Cause VFP to Shut Down
    Q221644 FIX: Can Drag Folder in Installed Controls in Component Gallery
    Q117586 FIX: "Cannot Activate OLE Server"; Graphic Doesn't Print
    Q195629 FIX: Cannot Add Items to Catalogs Not in VFP 98 Directory
    Q124117 FIX: Cannot Build Compact EXE
    Q169029 FIX: Cannot Change Logical Field in Browse in DBCS VFP
    Q139188 FIX: Cannot Click a List Box on a Pageframe by Using the Mouse
    Q88956 FIX: Cannot Edit Memo Field in APPEND Mode
    Q318706 FIX: Cannot Implement Office Add-in IDTExtensibility2 Interface
    Q88625 FIX: Cannot Interrupt Printing Labels with ESC Key
    Q134315 FIX: Cannot Open Database and No Message Is Displayed
    Q88607 FIX: Cannot Open View File in FoxPro 2.0 for MS-DOS
    Q88216 FIX: Cannot Query on MWINDOW() Value
    Q120246 FIX: "Cannot Read from Drive" Error with FoxPro Distribution Kit
    Q112702 FIX: Cannot Reference SQL-SELECT Cursor Name in FoxPro 2.0
    Q112485 FIX: Cannot Set A3 or 8.5x12 Page Size with PostScript Driver
    Q89277 FIX: Cannot Specify COUNT(*) in RQBE If 2 DBs Are Selected
    Q170148 FIX: Cannot Trap Error Number 1884 on Form
    Q169367 FIX: Cannot Update More Than 23 Columns of a View
    Q314655 FIX: "Cannot update the cursor" Error Indexing a View
    Q314654 FIX: "Cannot update the Cursor" Error When Indexing a Table
    Q164374 FIX: Cannot Use Printer Fonts with ? Printing in VFP 5.0
    Q88961 FIX: Cannot ZOOM Window When BROWSE LAST Issued
    Q134393 FIX: Can't Bring a Grid Forward When It's Beneath Another Grid
    Q137951 FIX: Can't Change the Title of the Validation Error Box
    Q141503 FIX: Can't Connect to Excel Data Source in Remote View Wizard
    Q116033 FIX: Can't Create Windows Help File from Word 6.0 RTF File
    Q107365 FIX: Can't Delete Memo Field in Browse Window
    Q130602 FIX: Can't Enter Picture Property for List Box or Combo Box
    Q102704 FIX: Can't Give Numeric the Currency Format in Report Writer
    Q132910 FIX: Can't Move Focus from a Toolbar to an Object on a Form
    Q113801 FIX: Can't Rearrange Selected Field Order in Screen/Report Wiz
    Q258533 FIX: Can't Resize Column Widths under Localized Windows
    Q135906 FIX: Can't Restore Default Foxhead Icon After Set Icon Prop
    Q130089 FIX: Can't Select Beginning and End Pages in Print Dialog
    Q104468 FIX: Can't Type Asterisk in Copy Tagged Files As Box (Filer)
    Q122142 FIX: Catalog Manager Cannot Overwrite an Existing File
    Q87759 FIX: CHANGE Command Does Not Run Row-Level WHEN Clause
    Q87760 FIX: CHANGE Executes WHEN and VALID Clauses Incorrectly
    Q141678 FIX: Changes Made to a Sub-Classed CommandGroup are not Saved
    Q139596 FIX: Changes to Windows Menu Font not Reflected in FoxPro
    Q141315 FIX: Changing Subclassed Form's Desktop Property Has No Effect
    Q87580 FIX: Changing Views Leaves "Orphan" Status Bar on Screen
    Q140792 FIX: CheckBox Control in Grid Cannot Be Set to Read Only
    Q297826 FIX: CHRSAW() Function Can Hang When AutoYield = .F.
    Q182249 FIX: CHRTRAN(), CHRTRANC(), and FULLPATH() May Cause GPF Errors
    Q167528 FIX: Class Browser Causes System Error on Exit
    Q189709 FIX: Class Browser Code Does Not Show Correct Visibility
    Q221715 FIX: Class Browser HTML Export Code Gives Invalid HTML 3.2 Code
    Q136688 FIX: Class Browser: Multiple Control Boxes with Maximized .VCX
    Q221708 FIX: Class Browser Open File History List Truncates File Names
    Q148357 FIX: Class Designer Changes the Width of a Form Class
    Q149259 FIX: Class Not Registered Error When Starting Class Browser
    Q222112 FIX: Class Not Selected Opening Class Browser From Form Designer
    Q193254 FIX: Class ResetToDefault Method Causes Fatal Exception Error
    Q158755 FIX: CLEAR ALL with Object References Causes Page Fault
    Q169364 FIX: CLEAR CLASS of Objects in Containers Causes GPF
    Q110363 FIX: @ ... CLEAR Does Not Repaint Screen with New Color
    Q156549 FIX: Click Event of a List Box Fires Twice
    Q140566 FIX: Click Event Of Straight Line Not Firing
    Q156868 FIX: Click Event Triggered If "S" Is Used as Hot Key
    Q161900 FIX: Clicking from ListBox on Form to Command Window Gives GPF
    Q191324 FIX: Clicking Page Does Not Call Valid of Text or Edit Box
    Q221613 FIX: Clicking Page Tab Executes Container Click Event
    Q139196 FIX: Clicking Scroll Bar in Grid Writes Data to Wrong Record
    Q114497 FIX: CLOSE PRINTER Command Is Not Supported
    Q119238 FIX: Closing BROWSE in Catalog Manager May Cause Error
    Q297779 FIX:Closing Connection While View Designer Open Crashes VFP
    Q315654 FIX: Code Changes Lost Switching Between Bookmarks in Methods
    Q175900 FIX: Code Pages Not Supported in All OS Languages at Run Time
    Q100449 FIX: Color Boxes or Text Labels Appear as Black Boxes
    Q138144 FIX: Column Setting for Report Is Ignored
    Q162546 FIX: ComboBox and ListBox Data Moves when Using Slide Control
    Q161184 FIX: Combo Box Behaves Erratically with Timer Control
    Q138561 FIX: Combo Box Does Not Appear to Drop Down When Clicked
    Q175613 FIX: Combo Box ItemTips Prevents Selection and DisplayValue
    Q148683 FIX: Command Button's Default Property Cannot Be Changed
    Q131036 FIX: Command+O Appears Twice in Macintosh Menu
    Q106278 FIX: COMMAND Statement Ignored in Configuration File
    Q221700 FIX: CommandTargetExec Ignores Return Value
    Q88024 FIX: Command Window Has No Title When FoxPro Starts
    Q87712 FIX: Comparing Pointers to Functions Fails
    Q189773 FIX: Compile Fails in WITH/ENDWITH and IF Using Dot Operator
    Q88605 FIX: COMPILE Redirected to Log File May Cause Errors
    Q110134 FIX: Compile Thermometer Not Updating in FoxPro for Mac
    Q221667 FIX: Component Gallery Classes Not Automatically Added to Proj
    Q185627 FIX: Component Gallery Delete Gives "Unknown Member oFolder Error"
    Q185627 FIX:Component Gallery Delete Gives 'Unknown Member oFolder Error
    Q221703 FIX: Component Gallery Does Not Refresh After Changing Property
    Q221710 FIX: Component Gallery Dynamic Folder for Web View Won't Refresh
    Q190821 FIX: Component Gallery Dynamic Folder Gives Fatal Exception
    Q221631 FIX: Component Gallery Find/Cancel Leaves "Unknown" Data Session
    Q221716 FIX: Component Gallery Not Refreshing Dynamic Web View
    Q221668 FIX: Component Gallery Places Focus in Linked Item Folder
    Q221668 FIX: Component Gallery Places Focus in Linked Item Folder after Delete
    Q221709 FIX: Component Gallery Refresh Button for Web View Doesn't Work
    Q221720 FIX: COM Servers Cannot Redimension Arrays Passed By Reference
    Q279139 FIX: COM Servers Fail With Heavy Load in MTS and Windows 2000
    Q88609 FIX: CONFIG.FP Entry Does Not Disable FoxGraph Option
    Q258537 FIX: CONFIG.FPW Setting for Terminal Server Environment
    Q191325 FIX: Connection Designer Closes if Verify Connection Fails
    Q221723 FIX: Container Click Not Fired When Clicking Disabled Control
    Q142194 FIX: Control Class in Control Not Shown in Control Array
    Q146640 FIX: Controls Saved as Class from PageFrame Becomes Invisible
    Q114146 FIX: "Conversion Cancelled. Adjust Memo BLOCKSIZE"
    Q228867 FIX: Converting 2.6 Label Causes "Report File is Invalid" Error
    Q107364 FIX: COPY FILE Fails with Error "File Does Not Exist"
    Q157253 FIX: Copying Tables Between Databases Changes Index Type
    Q221731 FIX: Copy/Paste Allowed With Password Character
    Q141355 FIX: Copy/Paste Causes GP Fault w/Worksheet Created by COPY TO
    Q131215 FIX: COPY STRUCTURE EXTENDED Ignores Long Field Names
    Q87777 FIX: COPY TO Command Returns Incorrect Error Message
    Q110539 FIX: COPY TO DELIMITED Creates File with No Carriage Returns
    Q115264 FIX: COPY TO Incorrectly Copies All Fields to New Database
    Q172923 FIX: Copy To ... Type SDF Causes Error Message in Visual FoxPro
    Q161054 FIX: COPY TO ... TYPE SDF Incorrectly Copies Null Fields
    Q87600 FIX: COPY TO WITH CDX Command Loses TAG Attributes
    Q107511 FIX: Corrupt Memo and General Fields in 16-Bit FoxPro
    Q195405 FIX: Corrupt Record Added in Grid Using View with Default Value
    Q139117 FIX: Counter in Report Displays Incorrect Value
    Q221672 FIX: Coverage Profiler Does Not Accept Long Coverage File Names
    Q299898 FIX: Coverage Profiler Fails when Procedure Contains &&
    Q224988 FIX: CREATE FROM Command Incorrectly Assumes .dbf Extension
    Q88049 FIX: CREATE FROM Does Not Update Filename on Status Bar
    Q118292 FIX: CREATE REPORT on SELECT-SQL Cursor Uses Original Fields
    Q126970 FIX: Crosstab Query Returns Empty String When STR() Used
    Q104473 FIX: CRTL+T Doesn't Work After an ON KEY LABEL Is Issued
    Q142082 FIX: CTL3D32.DLL Errors with Windows 95
    Q114270 FIX: CTOD() and VAL() Functions Are Not Saved in Query
    Q318971 FIX: CTOT() Function Returns Blank Value on an XML DateTime Expr
    Q113321 FIX: CTRL+LEFT/RIGHT ARROW Doesn't Work in Screen Prompts
    Q88881 FIX: CTRL+TAB Key Combination Disabled in Edit Field
    Q104344 FIX: CURDIR() in Debug Window Causes GP Fault
    Q104467 FIX: CURDIR() Returns a Backslash or Random Characters
    Q88047 FIX: _CUROBJ Does Not Accept Value Greater than 256
    Q99549 FIX: _CUROBJ Works Improperly in WHEN Clause with LEFT ARROW
    Q138056 FIX: CurrentControl Property of Grid Column Reverts to Default
    Q88970 FIX: Cursor Disappears Moving from Menu to Memo Field
    Q87708 FIX: Cursor Position Incorrect in @...EDIT Variable Text
    Q141557 FIX: Cursor's ReadOnly Property Carried to Other Data Sessions
    Q218453 FIX: Custom Expr. Builder Value Not Accepted in Report Designer
    Q220966 FIX: Custom Expression Builder with Query Designer Crashes VFP
    Q129981 FIX: Custom Form Property Set to () Causes Infinite Loop
    Q88715 FIX: Cut and Paste Not Disabled in Read-Only GET Field
    Q103606 FIX: Database Menu Pad Not Disabled in READ MODAL
    Q299934 FIX: Database Opened with NOUPDATE Allows Index Creation
    Q172086 FIX: Data Corruption with Row Buffering in Visual FoxPro 3.0
    Q141528 FIX: Data Designer Validation Text Causes Invalid Page Fault
    Q258737 FIX: DataSession Property Cannot Be Set in Session Subclass
    Q139387 FIX: Data Type Is Invalid for This Property Error Message
    Q88646 FIX: "Data Type Mismatch" Error in Screen Program
    Q88137 FIX: "Data Type Mismatch" Error Message Using ASORT()
    Q115196 FIX: Date Field Created by Screen Wizard Is Character Format
    Q221725 FIX: DATE() Function Does Not Propagate NULLs Properly
    Q229020 FIX: Date in @ GET Displays Incorrect Year With SET CENTURY OFF
    Q122590 FIX: dBASE Message Clause Incorrectly Converted by MIGRATE.APP
    Q107596 FIX: DBCols() with Large Number of Columns Causes GPF
    Q117265 FIX: DBF() & RECCOUNT() Return Wrong Info About SQL Cursor
    Q193574 FIX: DBGETPROP() of Offline Property May Incorrectly Return .T.
    Q140303 FIX: DBSETPROP() for DataType Gives Incorrect Results
    Q163959 FIX: .dct File Grows Larger After Each Compile
    Q136558 FIX: Debug and Trace Options Disabled After Running RI Builder
    Q221626 FIX: Debug/Fix in Form Shows Form Controls Toolbar in Debugger
    Q221626 FIX: Debug/Fix In Form Shows Form Controls Toolbar in Debugger
    Q156864 FIX: Debugger Hangs Expanding TreeView in Debug Watch Window
    Q163029 FIX: Default Value Does Not Update Table in Local/Remote View
    Q140861 FIX: Default Value Not Evaluated Properly Using Stored Procs
    Q88608 FIX: DEFINE BAR SKIP FOR Clause Does Not Disable Option
    Q192826 FIX: DeleteColumn Causes Invalid Page Fault Error in Grid
    Q120176 FIX: DELETED=ON in CONFIG.FPW Causes Subscript Error
    Q135562 FIX: Delete Trigger Fires Out of Order
    Q87784 FIX: Deleting All Records in Browse Window Causes Error
    Q157989 FIX: Deleting Object in Watch Window Causes Application Error
    Q88614 FIX: Desk Accessory Moves Cursor in READ Window
    Q299836 FIX: Destroy() Does Not Fire for LOCAL And PRIVATE Objects
    Q139000 FIX: Detail Band Height Not Adjusted for Memo Using Print When
    Q178051 FIX: Dialog Box Appears Many Times When Changing Alias Property
    Q221656 FIX: Difficult to Add Records to Form in Application Wizard App
    Q132550 FIX: DIR Command Lists Incorrect Num of Bytes under Windows NT
    Q299507 FIX: Disabled Label On a Form Only Wraps One of Two Colors
    Q163418 FIX: Disabled Page in a Pageframe Shows Objects with Arrow Key
    Q87780 FIX: DISPLAY of 50-Line Memo Field Omits Line 25
    Q87781 FIX: DISPLAY STATUS Causes "Line Too Long" Error In 2.00
    Q114128 FIX: DISPLAY STATUS Doesn't Display Processor Type in FPM
    Q141142 FIX: Distributed Application Allows Setup /a
    Q148762 FIX: Distribution Disk Setup Fails with Setup Error 279
    Q87786 FIX: Distribution .EXE Does Not Open APPEND Window
    Q183522 FIX: Divide by Zero Creates Err with Third-Party Print Drivers
    Q242467 FIX: Dividing 0 by 0 Returns Garbage Chars or Incorrect Number
    Q315647 FIX: Dockable Windows May Cause VFP to Crash
    Q315645 FIX: Docked Watch Window or Toolbar Causes Error
    Q268771 FIX: DOEVENTS Command Runs Slowly
    Q318264 FIX: DO FORM Command in an .exe Holds Form Until Process Ends
    Q193751 FIX: Do Not Use Commas in Step 4 of Setup Wizard Dialog Box
    Q191327 FIX: Double Value Returned from DLL Gets Decimal Portion of 0
    Q142392 FIX: Drag Icon Property Ignored on Outline Control OCX
    Q171744 FIX: DragIcon Property with Cursor Files Does Not Work in an EXE
    Q147287 FIX: Drop-Down Part of Combo Box Left Behind when Form Moved
    Q191521 FIX: DROP TABLE Case Sensitive if Table in Persistent Relation
    Q136285 FIX: Duplicate Entry with Copy and Paste
    Q192226 FIX: Edit/Clear From Menu Fails to Clear General Field in Editor
    Q104466 FIX: Edit Find Not Working in BROWSE After One-to-Many Row
    Q141629 FIX: Edit Menu Find Option Is Enabled But No Find Next Button
    Q97639 FIX: EJECT Command with a Printer Driver Loaded
    Q137808 FIX: Empty Error Log File Created with the Converter
    Q221639 FIX: Empty Memo Shows Trash Data With Trace Window Mouse Over
    Q221730 FIX: Enabled_Assign Fires Incorrectly for Container in Container
    Q136980 FIX: Entering Validation Rule in Table Designer Causes Error
    Q221646 FIX: ERR Files Contain Carriage Return and No Linefeed
    Q299695 FIX: Err Msg: "Ambiguous date/datetime constant" with View
    Q107522 FIX: Erroneous Messages Generated When Opening a .TXT File
    Q314814 FIX: Error -1073741819 in MTDLL When You Use LIKE in SQL SELECT
    Q221650 FIX: Error 11 (Function argument invalid) w/ SQL SELECT 'LIKE'
    Q221676 FIX: "Error #1234 in remotizeviews" Using SQL Upsizing Wizard
    Q123019 FIX: ERROR 1: File Does not exist at line 56 in CLEANUP
    Q153794 FIX: Error #36 in dofoxdoc(0) While Running Documenting Wizard
    Q297830 FIX: Error Assigning Memo Field To _CLIPTEXT Variable
    Q314818 FIX: Error Assigning MSSOAP Connector.OutPutStream to Variable
    Q121781 FIX: Error Browsing Table Created from Modified Structure
    Q221662 FIX: Error Calling FPOLE With Single Quote (') in Caption
    Q154023 FIX: Error: "Cannot Nest Aggregate Functions"
    Q105505 FIX: Error Caused by Object-Level Reference to #WNAME Window
    Q132534 FIX: Error Changing Grid s DynamicBackColor & DynamicForeColor
    Q315075 FIX: Error Clicking in Properties Window After Editing Grid
    Q117620 FIX: Error Creating OLE Object
    Q119248 FIX: "Error During Compression" Splitting a File a Second Time
    Q196236 FIX Error Generating Cab Files Error Code 3
    Q196236 FIX: Error Generating Cab Files Error Code 3
    Q88612 FIX: Error IMPORTing All Negative Number Paradox Database
    Q134620 FIX: Error in Converter: Variable Gendircount Not Found
    Q123347 FIX: Error Inserting OLE Object When Pasting Text from Word
    Q163785 FIX: "Error Instantiating Application Object" on Windows NT
    Q163935 FIX: Error "Invalid Page Fault" When Connecting to Sybase
    Q195514 FIX: Error Loading File When Converting a 2.6 Form in VFP 6.0
    Q87750 FIX: Error Message Clicking Delete in Read-Only BROWSE
    Q265880 FIX: Error Message: Summary Band is Too Large to Fit on Page
    Q150596 FIX: Error Message "Variable is Not Found" When Running Form
    Q150596 FIX: Error Message "Variable is Not Found" When Running Form
    Q114465 FIX: Error Message When Comparing Large Strings
    Q120184 FIX: Error Message with SAVE SCREEN Command
    Q88709 FIX: Error Occurs If ON Routine Returns to Empty Browse
    Q320118 FIX: Error Occurs Using the Open Parenthesis Calling VSS Method
    Q114502 FIX: Error Occurs When Previewing an Untransported DOS Report
    Q134977 FIX: Error Occurs When Remove Object That Has Pending Code
    Q114176 FIX: Error Occurs When Wrong File Added to Catalog Manager
    Q164360 FIX: Error "OLE Error Code 0x80080005 Server Execution Failed"
    Q88765 FIX: Error: "Preview Clause Not Allowed with OFF or..."
    Q129646 FIX: Error Routine Not Called for USE Command
    Q305247 FIX: Error Setting Property Named "Value" to Null in Class
    Q141806 FIX: Errors Previewing Customer Listing Report in Tastraders
    Q127191 FIX: Error Type 11 or Type 2 When Start FoxPro for Macintosh
    Q125519 FIX: Error Type 11 When Using PowerMac and Reopening a Query
    Q314650 FIX: Error Updating Table with Empty Date Using VFP OLEDB Provid
    Q221739 FIX: Error Using Object Property > 255 Characters As Parameter
    Q221739 FIX: Error Using Object Property > 255 Characters As Parameter
    Q186912 FIX: Error Using Trimcrlf Method of _stringlib Class
    Q143248 FIX: Error: "Variable 'TITLE' is not found" as Start Tastrade
    Q143075 FIX: Error When Attempting to Rename Class in Class Browser
    Q140693 FIX: Error When Changing Data Type in Remote View
    Q115994 FIX: Error When Copying File with Umlaut in Name
    Q114467 FIX: Error When Not Enough Free Space for New Table & Index
    Q106443 FIX: Error When Transporting FoxBASE+ Report File
    Q106442 FIX: Error When Transporting Project Under Windows 3.0a VGA
    Q281698 FIX: Error When You Run EXE Remotely Using UNC Name with Spaces
    Q318985 FIX: Error With Left Parenthesis in CREATE SQL VIEW Command
    Q299322 FIX: Error with Repeated AddObject/RemoveObject Calls
    Q107399 FIX: EVALUATE() Causes Error Message in Group Expression
    Q168192 FIX: Excel Automation Samples Cause Errors with Excel 97
    Q170153 FIX: Excel Automation Samples Cause Errors with Excel 97
    Q315134 FIX: Exception Error After Saving and Closing Report
    Q193472 FIX: Exception Error Exiting Top-Level Form App in Windows 95
    Q316443 FIX: Exception Error when Using Period in EDITSOURCE Syntax
    Q316822 FIX: Exception Error When You Use Wildcards in Find Dialog Box
    Q314821 FIX: Exception Error With For...Each Reference to Outlook Folder
    Q317425 FIX: Exception Error With Two Successive INDEX ON Commands
    Q153628 FIX: Exclamation Mark in Folder Name Causes Genmenu Error
    Q317489 FIX: Exclude Property Not Refreshed When File Excluded/Included
    Q163933 FIX: Executable Error "<path> is not an object file"
    Q96561 FIX: Exiting Extended FoxPro Reboots or Hangs on Novell
    Q124348 FIX: Exiting ON SHUTDOWN Window Disables GET Objects
    Q135613 FIX: Exiting Wizard-Generated Form Causes Several Errors
    Q221682 FIX: Expanding/Collapsing Big Array in Watch/Locals Windows Slow
    Q88251 FIX: "Expected Page Frame" Error from FoxPro 2.0 Extended
    Q123349 FIX: Extension Conflict with TearOFF Menus
    Q221624 FIX: Extra EOF Char Inserted with SELECT Within Transaction
    Q221624 FIX:Extra EOF Char Inserted with SELECT Within Transaction
    Q88710 FIX: Extra Linefeeds Sent to PostScript Printers
    Q299849 FIX: Failed TABLEUPDATE Misplaces Record Pointer
    Q316818 FIX: Fatal Error Using the Equal Sign on Excel Classed Property
    Q305041 FIX: Fatal Error When Closing Second Instance of Class Designer
    Q316807 FIX: Fatal Error When You Select Properties from the Table Menu
    Q318982 FIX:Fatal Exception Activating Properties Window w/ MSAA Watcher
    Q195273 FIX: Fatal Exception C0000005 When Removing Form from a Formset
    Q318704 FIX: Fatal Exception Error When You Use CreateObjectEx() with Ex
    Q299336 FIX: Fatal Exception Error with Macros Dialog Box
    Q315064 FIX: Fatal Exception Error with ResetToDefault on Empty Method
    Q319276 FIX: Fatal Exception Error with VAL() and Alpha Character
    Q318992 FIX: Fatal Exception in Edit Box with MS Active Accessibility
    Q318999 FIX: Fatal Exception Starting Object Browser with MSAA
    Q262878 FIX: Fatal Exception with Large Number of Variables or Objects
    Q120288 FIX: "Feature Not Available" from FPD 2.6 Stand-Alone .EXE
    Q130457 FIX: "Feature not available" in ON ERROR Handling
    Q88732 FIX: "Feature Not Available" Passing Parameters to Macro
    Q193403 FIX: Few Tables Listed when Using the Remote View Wizard
    Q221651 FIX: FFCs - Error Log Dialog Cuts Off Vertical Scroll Bar
    Q221748 FIX: FFCs - Genhtml.prg Fails With SET COVERAGE To
    Q221748 FIX:FFC's - Genhtml.prg Fails With SET COVERAGE To
    Q221620 FIX: FFCs - _GraphByRecord in _utility.vcx Should Show Name
    Q221620 FIX: FFCs - _GraphByRecord in _utility.vcx_Should Show Name
    Q221711 FIX: FFCs - Problem with Element Tag With _XMLTag in _html.vcx
    Q221663 FIX: FFCs - registry.vcx foxreg.EnumOptions Contains Recursion
    Q221655 FIX: FFCs - Set Filter Dialog Does Not Show Current Filters
    Q221636 FIX: FFCs -_therm.vxc Classes Have Color Problems with Bars
    Q221705 FIX: FFCs - _URLComboBox in _internet.vcx Large Drop Down Issue
    Q221705 FIX: FFCs - _URLComboBox in _internet.vcx Large Drop-Down Issue
    Q222111 FIX: FFCs - _WebBrowser3 and 4 in _webview.vcx Give Ref. Error M
    Q221712 FIX: FFCs- _XMLTag/_StyleTag in _html.vcx Use Wrong Extension
    Q88953 FIX: Field Does Not Revert to Initial Value After ESC
    Q88711 FIX: File Does Not Print When Driver Loaded
    Q314651 FIX: "File Is Not Open" Err Msg May Cause Infinite Loop
    Q135702 FIX: File List for Recently Used Projects Lost
    Q135399 FIX: Filer:Application Error If Long Filename in VFP Directory
    Q191959 FIX: Filer Cannot Find File in Read-Only or Hidden Folder
    Q221652 FIX: Filter Ignored With REPORT FORM...NOWAIT and DE Table
    Q134889 FIX: Filter Is Not Added for Integer Fields in View Wizards
    Q110350 FIX: First Record Duplicated Throughout Maximized Browse
    Q192576 FIX: Fix From Debugger Does Not Show VFP Desktop if Visible=.F.
    Q124839 FIX: FLDLIST() with Calculated Fields Returns Lower Case
    Q299528 FIX: Focus Moves From Textbox In Grid Despite RETURN 0
    Q137060 FIX: FontSize=1 Causes Visual FoxPro to Terminate w/Windows 95
    Q137122 FIX: FOPEN() Does Not Search Path Specified by SET PATH
    Q88618 FIX: FOPEN Incorrectly Opens a File in a Project
    Q88700 FIX: F: Option Not Saved in BROWSE Preferences
    Q88639 FIX: FOR Clause Is Ignored in REPORT FORM Command
    Q161199 FIX: FOR EACH...ENDFOR Does Not Work with Object Variable
    Q305238 FIX: FOR...EACH Fails with Character Array Element > 255
    Q257702 FIX: Form And Class Library Corrupted By Documenting Wizard
    Q138919 FIX: Form Appears But None of the Form's Objects Show Up
    Q162253 FIX: Form Builder Form Causes Illegal Operation
    Q136277 FIX: FormCount Property Does Not Count Toolbars in a Form Set
    Q221740 FIX: Form Does Not Close After Using PEMSTATUS()
    Q138563 FIX: Form Not Cleared from Memory When Grid Has the Focus
    Q161187 FIX: Forms Collection Exposes Memo and General Windows
    Q308251 FIX: Forms, Menus, Reports Corrupted on Windows 2000 After Cycle
    Q163787 FIX: Form Wizard Doesn't Limit Grid Contents to Related Record
    Q158758 FIX: Form Wizard EditBox ForeColor Property Not Recognized
    Q221615 FIX: Form Wizard Error # 11 in AddDetail with Long Table Name
    Q221618 FIX: Form Wizard Error Sorting by 2 Fields with DBCS Names
    Q221637 FIX: Form Wizard Error with Maximum Design Area Set to (None)
    Q163784 FIX: Form Wizard Ignores Design Area Limitation
    Q87590 FIX: Foundation READ Problem Caused by Clauses Chosen
    Q99615 FIX: FoxApp Error Message: Invalid Subscript Reference
    Q104469 FIX: FoxDoc Capitalizes Keywords Enclosed in Brackets
    Q104351 FIX: FoxDoc Does Not Cross-reference Keywords
    Q103128 FIX: FoxDoc "Range Check Error" with Screen Summary Report
    Q107396 FIX: FoxPro Branded with "Engineering Prototype"
    Q104477 FIX: FoxPro Calculator Returning Incorrect Percentages
    Q117590 FIX: FoxPro Crashes in FOXHELP.DBF "Error Messages" Topic
    Q88019 FIX: FoxPro Does Not Load w/ SHARE and DOSEDIT or DOSKEY
    Q88017 FIX: FoxPro Filer Overwrites Open Files
    Q117710 FIX: FoxPro for Windows Can't Load .BIN Files Over 32K
    Q89004 FIX: FoxPro Hangs on IBM PS/2 Model 56 SLC & 57 SLC Machines
    Q107516 FIX: FoxPro Not Releasing System Resources or Memory
    Q141075 FIX: FoxPro Quits When It Runs Out of File Handles
    Q104052 FIX: FoxPro Sends Only Two Decimals to MS Graph
    Q139309 FIX: FoxPro UNIX Terminates Abnormally Returning a Signal 11
    Q221727 FIX: FOXUSER Restores Window to Incorrect MDI State
    Q119152 FIX: FPM Exits to OS w/Report Writer Varname > 10 Chars
    Q139186 FIX: Frame Around Memo Field Doesn't Stretch Correctly
    Q112520 FIX: Freeze or Crash When Printing to LaserWriter Select 300
    Q243399 FIX: .FRM files Not Converted with MODIFY REPORT Command
    Q88966 FIX: FSEEK() Loses EOF Position
    Q161498 FIX: Full Outer Join Returns No Records If One Table is Empty
    Q114459 FIX: FULLPATH() Returns Incorrect Path for Running .APP
    Q88707 FIX: Function Codes on Read-Only GET Fields Ignored
    Q314735 FIX: Garbled Field Name Returned with VFPOLEDB Provider on Win95
    Q135566 FIX: GATHER FROM Command Checks Lock Status of Table
    Q87588 FIX: GATHER Statement Does Not Convert Numeric Strings
    Q140322 FIX: GDI Resource Leak in Visual FoxPro DE in Windows 95
    Q134366 FIX:GENDBC Error: Command contains unrecognized phrase/keyword
    Q174886 FIX: Gendbc Produces Error Message when View is Open in Workarea
    Q120182 FIX: General Protection Fault When .FLL Is Loaded Twice
    Q117588 FIX: General Protection Fault with SET MESSAGE TO Command
    Q104795 FIX: GENSCRN: "Variable Not Found" Message with Array Popup
    Q108712 FIX: @ ... GET Check Box with a "" Prompt Causes GP Fault
    Q159473 FIX: GETDIR() on Empty Floppy Drive Causes Crash
    Q134244 FIX: Get Displays 0 When ENTER Key Used to Move to Next Get
    Q135614 FIX: GET Field Default Sizes on the Desktop Are Too Small
    Q88722 FIX: GETFILE() Deactivates Popup
    Q126704 FIX: GETFILE() Does Not Display All Files
    Q109485 FIX: GETFILE() Does Not Display Any Files
    Q317720 FIX: GetFldState Indicates Record Is Appended After TRANSACTION
    Q123719 FIX: GETFONT() & FONTMETRIC() Cause GP Fault and/or ICE
    Q189772 FIX: GETPEM() Function Does Not Return the Correct ParentClass
    Q142286 FIX: GETPEM Returns Cryptic Characters On Sub-Classed Object
    Q141391 FIX: GP Fault If Exit Windows 95 w/ Insert Object Dialog Open
    Q120792 FIX: GP Fault or No Records Returned If Invalid Dates in RQBE
    Q141950 FIX: GP Fault When Change RecordSource of a Column in a Grid
    Q124328 FIX: GP Fault When Clear Debug Window That Has Open Memo Field
    Q122271 FIX: GP Fault When Font Changed in Transporter Font Dialog
    Q123654 FIX: GP Fault When Use @...say to Print Over the Network
    Q186368 FIX: GPF Issuing QUIT from a Form Run in the Form Designer
    Q107397 FIX: GPF or Crash When Indexing a Long Numeric Calculation
    Q124672 FIX: GPF When Inserting an Object in a General Field
    Q107395 FIX: GPF with Zoom In/Out and SPACEBAR in Page Preview
    Q127008 FIX: Graphical Help Not Available After Workstation Install
    Q136281 FIX: GridBuilder Gives Data Type Error After Fields Rearranged
    Q258534 FIX: Grid Display and Re-draw Are Slow Under Hebrew Windows
    Q318461 FIX: Grid Events Are Not Called if Grid Contains No Records
    Q168043 FIX: Grid is Empty with Incorrect Column ControlSource
    Q318261 FIX: Grid Lines Assume the Windows Font Color
    Q155930 FIX: Grid on Page2 Does Not Refresh After ColumnCount Change
    Q147572 FIX: GRID: Scrollbars Disabled When ColumnCount Specified
    Q120192 FIX: Group Header Not Printing When Previous Group Has a Widow
    Q137409 FIX: Group Name w/ More Than 30 Characters Causes Setup Error
    Q118789 FIX: Group Totals Are Incorrect in Report Writer
    Q192767 FIX: HalfHeight Form Close Even when Closable Property is False
    Q221686 FIX: Hang When Arrowing Through Disabled Item in ComboBox
    Q221622 FIX: Hang When Resizing a ToolBar With ASELOBJ at Design-Time
    Q88610 FIX: Help Look Up Button Problem with Blank Line Highlighted
    Q88998 FIX: Highlighted Option Is Not Determined by Default Value
    Q135908 FIX: Hot Keys Do Not Work If TabStop Is Set to False
    Q100811 FIX: HP III Driver Overwrites Lines in CG Times and Univers
    Q318980 FIX: ICE Deleting Records in a Buffered Table
    Q112834 FIX: #IF and #ENDIF Behavior in FoxPro Differs from dBASE
    Q105152 FIX: IF Command with No Logical Expression Causes GP Fault
    Q157988 FIX: Illegal Operation Caused by Clicking on Blank Index
    Q88044 FIX: "ILLEGAL VALUE" Error When Printer Driver Loaded
    Q98433 FIX: Imported MS Excel Spreadsheet Missing Beyond Z Column
    Q319277 FIX: IMPORT from Excel File causes Error
    Q126109 FIX: IMPORT or APPEND FROM XLS Causes "File Does Not Exist"
    Q105421 FIX: IMPORT Truncates Character Fields from .WK3 File
    Q104049 FIX: IMPORT ... TYPE WK1|WR1 Truncates Column Widths to 9
    Q162073 FIX: Import Wizard Does Not Import Spreadsheet Cells as Null
    Q221674 FIX: Import Wizard Fails With Excel 97 With Chinese Char
    Q104350 FIX: Including Current Resource in Project Hangs System
    Q136668 FIX: Inconsistent Behavior of KeyPreview Property
    Q176653 FIX: Incorrect Decimal Data Sent to SQL Server with Remote View
    Q102463 FIX: Incorrect Group Footer Sum Using Previous in Preview
    Q87707 FIX: Incorrect Output from ?? AT with FUNCTION V Clause
    Q140579 FIX: Incorrect Results from SELECT with Nested SELECTs and OR
    Q299020 FIX: Index Corruption Updating Same Record from FoxPro
    Q195623 FIX: Index Corruption When Table is Used in Read-Only Mode
    Q314653 FIX: Index Created via ADOX/VFP OLEDB Provider Contain TRANSFORM
    Q114145 FIX: Index Doesn't Match Table When Opening dBASE Table
    Q88041 FIX: Index Expr: Not Updated Immediately in Setup Dialog
    Q176829 FIX: "Index Internal Consistency Error" Occurs with IDX Index
    Q139091 FIX: "INDEX Internal Consistency Error" Occurs with SET KEY
    Q87602 FIX: INDEX Load Error Causes CDX File to Remain Open
    Q117560 FIX: Index Tag on DELETED() Causes "Bnormal Program..."
    Q190111 FIX: In Grid, 2nd Character Overwrites 1st If Old Value Is NULL
    Q158250 FIX: Inherited Code Fires Twice with DODEFAULT()
    Q189505 FIX: Init Event Code to Multilselect List Box Items Fails
    Q300055 FIX: Init Event Shows Twice In Event Tracking on Objects
    Q129844 FIX: INKEY() Waits Indefinately If User & Edit Windows Active
    Q121055 FIX: INSERT (BEFORE) Doesn't Cause Error on Read-Only Query
    Q124163 FIX: INSERT BEFORE Overwrites Data
    Q317980 FIX: Inserting Records with Buffering can Cause VFP to Hang
    Q88955 FIX: INS Key in @ ... GET FUNCTION Field Produces Error
    Q214560 FIX: Installing Newer MSDN Causes Help to Malfunction
    Q104262 FIX: Installing Optional Components "Overwrite FoxUser" Msg
    Q115145 FIX: Insufficient Memory After Displaying List Boxes
    Q141677 FIX: Insufficient Memory Errors Using OLE Controls
    Q106351 FIX: "Insufficient Memory" Error When Running Report
    Q179287 FIX: Insufficient Memory in Visual FoxPro on Fast Computers
    Q137809 FIX: Insufficient Memory on a Computer That Has 512 MB of RAM
    Q137809 FIX: Insufficient Memory on a Computer That Has 512M of RAM
    Q122360 FIX: "Insufficient Memory" When Selecting Fields in RQBE
    Q124325 FIX: Insufficient Stack Space Error When Press ENTER then ESC
    Q120179 FIX: Insufficient Stack Space Hangs or Terminates FoxPro
    Q124274 FIX:Internal Consistency Error If MODIFY REPORT to Add Comment
    Q118741 FIX: "Internal Consistency Error" in RQBE with ISBLANK()
    Q114156 FIX: "Internal Consistency Error" with BROWSE FORMAT Command
    Q319041 FIX: Internal Consistency Error with View and GOTO Command
    Q108673 FIX: "Internal Consist Err" Running App w/ Debug Window Open
    Q88138 FIX: "Invalid BROWSE Setup" Error Browsing Database
    Q88733 FIX: "Invalid Date" Errors with Dates in FoxPro RQBE
    Q107514 FIX: "Invalid Date" Error When Using a Between Operator
    Q98437 FIX: "Invalid File Descriptor" Error Occurs During Browse
    Q129628 FIX: "Invalid function argument value, type, or count" Error
    Q113798 FIX: "Invalid Library" When Rebuilding an Application
    Q157762 FIX: Invalid Page Fault After Summing Currency Field of Cursor
    Q167147 FIX: Invalid Page Fault Occurs After Replicate of Enter Key
    Q136904 FIX: Invalid Page Fault When Modify Tastrade Orders Structure
    Q104352 FIX: "Invalid Paradox File Format" Error Message
    Q117835 FIX: "Invalid Path or Filename" When Opening a Project
    Q139092 FIX: "Invalid Subscript Reference" Error If UDF in SET FILTER
    Q88739 FIX: Invisible Buttons Not Reordered Correctly
    Q108823 FIX: Issuing FONTMETRIC() Repeatedly Causes ICE/GPF
    Q87612 FIX: Items Remain Selected in Project Manager Window
    Q319279 FIX: JustPath() Returns a String when Passed no Path
    Q190774 FIX: Keyboard Can Cause Component Gallery to Close
    Q185263 FIX: Keyboard "{PAUSE KEY}" Command Hangs Visual FoxPro
    Q159269 FIX: Label Caption Longer Than 255 Characters Causes GPF
    Q163037 FIX: Label Properties Cause Illegal Operation
    Q134242 FIX: Label Text Box Accepts Too Many Characters Without Error
    Q141314 FIX: Label Wizard Allows Fields to Sort with View
    Q87747 FIX: Large BROWSE Window Shadow Causes Bad Behavior
    Q258734 FIX: Large Cursor Causes Data Corruption with SQLEXEC
    Q119228 FIX: LASTKEY() Doesn't Recognize Click in WAIT WINDOW
    Q114191 FIX: LASTKEY() Returns 13 When Left Mouse Button Is Pressed
    Q100551 FIX: Last Page in Report with New Page Option Says "Page 1"
    Q88627 FIX: Last Record Not Printed When LABEL Form Command Is Used
    Q165308 FIX: Left Outer Join with "WHERE NOT IN" Clause Incorrect
    Q99905 FIX: "Line Too Long" Error When Appending Records
    Q107404 FIX: List of Problems Solved by FoxPro 2.5a for MS-DOS
    Q107403 FIX: List of Problems Solved by FoxPro 2.5a for Windows
    Q107886 FIX: List of Problems Solved by FoxPro 2.5b for MS-DOS
    Q107887 FIX: List of Problems Solved by FoxPro 2.5b for Windows
    Q115937 FIX: List of Problems Solved by FoxPro 2.6 for MS-DOS
    Q115938 FIX: List of Problems Solved by FoxPro 2.6 for Windows
    Q157360 FIX: LIST STRUCTURE Ignores Index if Index Name != Field Name
    Q120695 FIX: LOAD Command with FUNCTION Clause Gives Error in FoxPro
    Q221681 FIX: Locals Window Not Refreshed with SUSPEND or SET STEP ON
    Q135627 FIX: Logical Fields Unavailable in Step 4 of Query Wizard
    Q119425 FIX: Long Numeric Values Lost When Returning Data from SQL
    Q87710 FIX: Long Pop-up Window Title Causes Problem
    Q105119 FIX: Long SQL SELECT WHERE Clause: "SQL Internal Error"
    Q161834 FIX: Long String Placed in RowSource Property Causes Error
    Q147780 FIX: LOOKUP() Function Returns "Data Type Mismatch"
    Q162082 FIX: LostFocus of Form in Formset Does Not Fire with Mouse
    Q176481 FIX: LUPDATE() Does Not Report Correct Century for Year 2000
    Q147571 FIX: MAPI: Calling ResolveName Method Results in GP Fault
    Q185653 FIX: MAPIMessage.Object in Watch Window Causes Program Error
    Q131578 FIX: Math Problem with INT() Function
    Q164868 FIX: Maximizing and Restoring Print Preview Disables Menu Bars
    Q135710 FIX: MaxLength Property Reverts to "0" in the Properties Sheet
    Q161357 FIX: MediaView 1.41 Control Causes Unusual Behavior with Form
    Q107520 FIX: Memo Field Corruption Occurs with Code Page Differences
    Q157862 FIX: Memo Field Display Problems in the Debugger Watch Window
    Q88633 FIX: Memo Fields Print as One Line w/ PostScript Driver
    Q194832 FIX: Memo Has Characters Added to Value in Locals/Watch Window
    Q299918 FIX: Memory Leak Calling Connection Designer from Database
    Q165067 FIX: Memory Leak Using CLEAR ALL on Subclass with Array
    Q123356 FIX: Memory Leak When Editing General Field
    Q138233 FIX: Memory Leak When Scroll Database Designer in Windows 95
    Q318991 FIX: Memory Leak with Function in SELECT with ORDER BY
    Q221738 FIX: Memory Leak With SET SYSMENU OFF
    Q221738 FIX: Memory Leak With SET SYSMENU OFF
    Q221642 FIX: Memory Leak With SET SYSMENU TO DEFAULT
    Q88629 FIX: Memory Not Released by RELEASE MODULE Command
    Q113671 FIX: Memory Not Released in BROWSE with ON ERROR
    Q114584 FIX: Menu Bar Clears and Then Redraws First Time It Is Chosen
    Q105120 FIX: Menu Builder Removes Windows Message Information
    Q87655 FIX: Menu Builder "Try It" Button Returns Program Error
    Q87658 FIX: Menu Items Unavailable in READ MODAL Window
    Q87748 FIX: Menu Not Removed Switching Between BROWSE Windows
    Q313623 FIX: Menus Display in English on Spanish-Language OS
    Q88025 FIX: MESSAGE(1) Returns Only Last Line of Command
    Q101017 FIX: Message Does Not Display If Status Bar Is Off
    Q137949 FIX: Microsoft Excel Worksheets w/ Formulas Import Incorrectly
    Q300140 FIX: Minimized Modal Form Cannot Be Restored
    Q316814 FIX: Mismatched Pushjmp Err Msg Using Beautify in IntelliSense
    Q168056 FIX: Mismatched pushjmp/popjmp Call Error and VFP Closes
    Q221721 FIX: Mismatched Pushjmp/Popjmp With DataToClip( ) On Big Table
    Q140293 FIX: Missing Closing Parenthesis Acts Like a Comment
    Q104348 FIX: Missing #IF or #ENDIF Causes a Hang or "Unknown Error"
    Q89038 FIX: Misspelled Variable in GENSCRN.PRG
    Q157189 FIX: MLINE() with Select-SQL Group By Clause Causes Error
    Q192787 FIX: Modal Characteristics Gone After Selecting OS's Taskbar
    Q185085 FIX: Modal Form and Form with Treeview Causes Memory Error
    Q165168 FIX: Modal Form and SET SYSMENU OFF Cause Menu to Disappear
    Q162684 FIX: Modal Form Fails to Close with Focus on Check Box
    Q122358 FIX: Modifying Query In SQL Query Wizard 2.6 Brings Up RQBE
    Q122269 FIX: Modifying Updatable Query Produces Error Message
    Q114149 FIX: Modifying Wizard-Created Item Not Invoking Wizard
    Q87605 FIX: MODIFY MEMO Command Ignored
    Q107513 FIX: MODIFY MEMO Command Ignores Code Page
    Q161186 FIX: MODIFY MEMO Command Ignores IN WINDOW Clause
    Q88027 FIX: MODIFY MEMO Places Memo Field in Wrong Work Area
    Q108637 FIX: MODIFY REPORT from .EXE Causes Internal Consistency Err
    Q87592 FIX: MODIFY STRUCTURE Problem with One Record Database
    Q117318 FIX: Modify Window Nozoom Doesn't Disable All Zooming
    Q131832 FIX: MODIFY WINDOW SCREEN FILL FILE Command Doesn't Show File
    Q299793 FIX: More than 255 Chars in Coverage Dialog Causes Crash
    Q164372 FIX: More Than One Keyboard Letter Will Activate Some Hot Keys
    Q128099 FIX: Mouse Click Browse Scroll Bars Ignored for TIMEOUT
    Q160911 FIX: "Mouse Click Middle" Command Produces Error Message
    Q141631 FIX: Mouse Clicks Continually Stack Up in the Event Queue
    Q87779 FIX: Mouse Does Not Correctly Track Small Menu Pad
    Q221701 FIX: MouseUp Event Does Not Fire on Contained Objects
    Q88631 FIX: MOVE WINDOW Command Causes Incorrect Behavior
    Q191875 FIX: Multiple Open Class Browsers Cause Error Message
    Q221732 FIX: Multiple Opens of Memo File May Cause Corruption
    Q258530 FIX: Multiple References to File Object Causes OLE Error
    Q221670 FIX: Multiselect Fails in Class Designer for Objects on PageFrame
    Q221670 FIX:Multiselect Fails in Class Designer for Objects on PageFrame
    Q134245 FIX: Multi-Select List Box Does Not Retain Selected Items
    Q258736 FIX: Multi-Threaded DLL Is Slow to Release Connection Under MTS
    Q176777 FIX: Multi-Use OLE .Exe File Not Releasing Memory
    Q127841 FIX: Multiuser Updates Do Not Flush Correctly
    Q128734 FIX: Nested SQL Select Fails on Macintosh
    Q142551 FIX: No Carriage Return Between RI Code and Appended Code
    Q141390 FIX: NOCONSOLE in Report Form Command Causes Erratic Behavior
    Q221685 FIX: NODEFAULT in Activate of Page Can Cause Fatal Error
    Q143296 FIX: NODEFAULT in Page's Deactivate Event Activates Wrong Tab
    Q128203 FIX: No Generic/Text Only Printer Driver in Windows NT
    Q194196 FIX: No Help File With Distributed App
    Q136946 FIX: No RightClick Event For ToolBars, Containers, or Controls
    Q87776 FIX: No Syntax Error from COPY STRUCTURE TO ARRAY
    Q194199 FIX: Not All Setup Wizard Options Are Saved in Wzsetup.ini
    Q88018 FIX: "Not a Numeric Expression" Error w/ Loop Variable
    Q224989 FIX: "Not Enough Memory" Error with SQLCOLUMNS() and SQL Server
    Q224989 FIX:"Not Enough Memory" Error with SQLCOLUMNS() and SQL Server
    Q87584 FIX: Number of Printed Sample Labels Incorrect in 2.00
    Q139118 FIX: Numeric Field Erroneously Prints Asterisks in a Report
    Q88698 FIX: Numeric Fields Not Justified in Browse Window
    Q110914 FIX: Numeric Hot Keys Not Working with Push Buttons
    Q192107 FIX: Numeric Overflow if no Decimal is in InputMask of Text Box
    Q87595 FIX: Numeric Value Always Read as Zero
    Q221743 FIX: NVL() Releases Object Ref and Causes Fatal Error C0000005
    Q314629 FIX: Object Referenced by Property with ASSIGN Cannot Be Closed
    Q136852 FIX: Objects Are Missing the Destroy Event
    Q176572 FIX: ODBC Date Filter Greater Than 12/31/1999 Return No Records
    Q164389 FIX: ODBC Files Get Copied to Distribution Disks in VFP 3.0
    Q132973 FIX: OLE Automation After Loading Word Manually Gives GP Fault
    Q168393 FIX: OLE Automation Server Creation Fails with Form and OCX
    Q163026 FIX: OLE Automation with MS Project Depletes User Resources
    Q314656 FIX: OLE DB Provider Can Fail After Updating 512 Records
    Q314888 FIX: OLE DB Provider Improperly Enumerates DBSCHEMA_TABLES
    Q221671 FIX: OLE Error "Member Not Found" Using MSMQ
    Q142552 FIX: OLE Error Playing .WAV Object
    Q119695 FIX: ON ERROR Routine Causes "Feature Not Available" Message
    Q135563 FIX: One-to-Many Report Based on Two Views Causes Errors
    Q87607 FIX: ON() Function Returns Extra Line Feed
    Q88028 FIX: ON KEY LABEL Disabled When Menu Item Selected
    Q87744 FIX: ON KEY LABEL Does Not Refresh Empty BROWSE Window
    Q88877 FIX: ON KEY LABEL Resets Parameter in FoxPro 2.0
    Q98364 FIX: ON KEY LABEL with CTRL+N in Browse Window Causes Beep
    Q88016 FIX: ON...RETURN Problems in Extended FoxPro
    Q114234 FIX: ON SHUTDOWN Command Produces "Syntax Error"
    Q107518 FIX: ON SHUTDOWN Does Not Work When a READ Is Active
    Q97463 FIX: ON SHUTDOWN QUIT Causes Memory Degradation in 2.5
    Q136280 FIX: Opaque Style Does Not Display White Background on Bitmap
    Q139187 FIX: Open Dialog Box Appears After Clicking Next in Wizard Form
    Q139187 FIX:Open Dialog Box Appears After Clicking Next in Wizard Form
    Q88642 FIX: Open File Dialog Box Displays in an Application
    Q191525 FIX: OpenTables of Cursor Object May Fail with Locate Dialog
    Q158823 FIX: Operator/Operand Type Mismatch Executing SQL with IIF
    Q158830 FIX: OptionGroup with M, P, H, K Hot Keys Fire Valid
    Q168193 FIX: "Option under construction" Message Appears in ATS
    Q88213 FIX: ORDER BY Clause Ignored in SQL SELECT Statement
    Q96291 FIX: Output from Screen Program Goes to Current Output Window
    Q135040 FIX: Pack Closes Index File But Does Not Update It
    Q88020 FIX: PACK Command May Cause "Feature Not Available" Error
    Q88029 FIX: PACK Database Places Record Pointer on Last Record
    Q121352 FIX: Packing a Table Causes a "File Does Not Exist" Error
    Q141628 FIX: Pageframe.Addobject() to a New Page Disables Mouse
    Q141356 FIX: PageFrame Refresh Fails with Stacked Pages
    Q123721 FIX: _PAGENO Incorrect When Group Footer Prints on Page Alone
    Q160917 FIX: PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN in FormSet with Toolbar Crashes VFP
    Q120189 FIX: "Paging Error" with DDEPOKE and String Greater Than 64K
    Q111675 FIX: Paper Source Not Saved in Report
    Q88611 FIX: Paradox Database Import Causes Errors
    Q98435 FIX: PARAMETER in #SECTION Directive Not in Generated Code
    Q314849 FIX: Parameters Passed as Empty Placeholders Default to NULL
    Q88706 FIX: Parents of READ Windows Cannot Be Sized or Zoomed
    Q193077 FIX: Passing Array to Init with Addobject Passes First Element
    Q191172 FIX: Performance Degradation with Repeated SQL SELECTs
    Q168706 FIX: PivotTable Wizard - Cannot Find Excel 97
    Q176765 FIX: Placing Icons in Picture Object Causes Memory Leak
    Q88038 FIX: POINT Character Misplaced When Not Set to Default
    Q134792 FIX: Pointer in Drop-Down Combo Box Not at the Beginning
    Q221719 FIX: Polish Collate Sequence Not Available in Options Data Tab
    Q197510 FIX: Poor Performance with Forms Containing Many Objects
    Q101587 FIX: Popup Has Limit of 399 Bars
    Q146223 FIX: Position Error: Outline Control on Classed Pageframe
    Q221713 FIX: Possible Run-time Error with _EvalText in _html.vcx
    Q140299 FIX: Pressing ESC Key in Properties Window Causes Error
    Q99556 FIX: Preventing Extra Page When Printing Using @ ... SAY
    Q157953 FIX: Print Button in Preview Does Not Respect the FOR Clause
    Q163035 FIX: Printer Fonts Won't Stay Selected in VFP Report Designer
    Q258428 FIX: Printer Name Longer than 64 Characters Causes Error
    Q114272 FIX: "Printer Not Ready" When Label or Report Wizard Invoked
    Q158319 FIX: Printing from Report Designer Gets Error Message in VFP 5
    Q88288 FIX: Printing Last Line of Memo Field Lost When _WRAP Is .T.
    Q131349 FIX: Printing Problems with 300 DPI or More Resolution
    Q185865 FIX: Printing Reports in Loop Hangs Visual FoxPro
    Q124777 FIX: Printing Report Writer Lines with HP Laserjet 4 Drivers
    Q124777 FIX: Printing Report Writer Lines with HP Laserjet 4 Drivers
    Q299063 FIX: Print Preview Appears Inside Debug Frame
    Q111526 FIX: Print Range Incorrect with Stretched Group Footer field
    Q255572 FIX: Private Data Session and Rich Text Control Cause Error
    Q87594 FIX: PROAPI16 Upper Memory Block (UMB) Use Problems
    Q221675 FIX: Problem Converting FP2.6 Screens With Large Labels & @SAYs
    Q88061 FIX: Problem Copying Directory Using Filer
    Q141395 FIX: Problem Setting Focus to a Combobox from a PageFrame
    Q192095 FIX: Problems Running Wizard From Report or Label Query
    Q183895 FIX: Problems with @GETS and CLEAR GETS If No READ
    Q183895 FIX: Problems With @GETS and CLEAR GETS If No READ
    Q88740 FIX: Problems with SQL SELECT and IN Operator in FoxPro 2.0
    Q88702 FIX: Problem with APPEND FRO
    Q131034 FIX: Problem with SHOW WINDOW Command and Cycling Windows
    Q88037 FIX: Procedure File Routine Run Instead of .PRG Routine
    Q87761 FIX: Program Cache Size Increases for App Repeated Runs
    Q161198 FIX: Program Code Cannot Set Database Property to Null String
    Q88064 FIX: "Program File Not Found" Error in FoxDoc
    Q142796 FIX: Program Generated by GENDBC Cannot be Run in Executable
    Q139865 FIX: Programmatic Change in Grid Does Not Update ControlSource
    Q299491 FIX: Program Stops With Outstanding Class Reference
    Q118848 FIX: Project Asks to Locate BMP/PCT When Rebuilding
    Q317491 FIX: Project.Files.Count Property Not Incremented Properly
    Q221698 FIX: Project Manager Not Refreshed Correctly After Build
    Q87609 FIX: Project Manager Omits Program Done by ON Condition
    Q221692 FIX: Project Object Modify Method Fails if Path Contains Spaces
    Q221692 FIX:Project Object Modify Method Fails if Path Contains Spaces
    Q88626 FIX: PROMPT FIELDS Popups Ignore SET DELETED Setting
    Q161055 FIX: Property Sheet Changes Causes Illegal Operation Error
    Q88045 FIX: _PSCODE Value Not Used Properly
    Q170609 FIX: PUTFILE Command to Drive "A" Without a Floppy Causes Fault
    Q151769 FIX: Random Character in Wait Window After Set Default Options
    Q87778 FIX: Random Data Created Canceling Input to Edit Region
    Q125047 FIX: @R Displays Incorrect Format in Report Writer
    Q88052 FIX: READ Command Does Not Exit When WINDOW Selected
    Q88638 FIX: READ DEACTIVATE Reacts Differently Based on How Execute
    Q88053 FIX: READKEY() Returns Value 1 After CLEAR READ
    Q147306 FIX: Read Only Icon Keeps Visual FoxPro .EXE from Compiling
    Q164252 FIX: Receiving Error When Selecting 254th Item in List Box
    Q179294 FIX: Record In Use Message Editing in Browse and Using Find
    Q179294 FIX: Record In Use Message Editing in Browse and Using Find Dialog Box
    Q142886 FIX: "Record is in use by another" Error Inside of Grid
    Q88640 FIX: "Record Is Not Locked" Exiting Numeric GET Field
    Q105506 FIX: "Record out of Range" Error Caused by DEFINE POPUP
    Q88960 FIX: "Record out of Range" Error Displayed Repeatedly
    Q126348 FIX: Record Pointer Moves in Unrelated Table When Click Browse
    Q88958 FIX: Records Not Displayed When Paging Backward
    Q160065 FIX: Recurring BROWSE and SEEK Cause FoxPro to Slow Down
    Q221735 FIX: Reference to ActiveForm does not Allow Access to all Prop.
    Q221735 FIX: Reference to ActiveForm does not Allow Access to all Properties
    Q87599 FIX: REFRESH Cycle Changes Current Record in Multiuser
    Q117352 FIX: #REGION Directive Not Behaving Properly in FoxPro 2.6x
    Q119251 FIX: Relationship Between Tables May Cause ICE or GPF
    Q161188 FIX: RELEASE POPUP _medit Command Causes Invalid Page Fault
    Q142214 FIX: RELEASE Releases All Local Variables with Identical Names
    Q221614 FIX: Remote View Wizard Gives Error with Spaces in Table Name
    Q165239 FIX: Removing Views from DBC in Project Causes Error
    Q279141 FIX: Repeatedly Calling Create Class in Application Causes Error
    Q238945 FIX: Repeatedly Manipulating Data in Edit Box Causes Error Msg
    Q240436 FIX: Repeated SQL SELECT Statements Cause "File is in use" Error
    Q88641 FIX: Replacing a Numeric Field with 65534+1.6
    Q161185 FIX: Report Calling Custom Method Returns Incorrect Info
    Q166377 FIX: Report Designer Changes Font from Wingdings to Default Font
    Q168523 FIX: Report Fails When Printing Under Windows NT 4.0
    Q97065 FIX: Report Fields Stacked w/ IIF Commands Not Previewed
    Q99619 FIX: Report File Invalid Error Occurs When Converting Report
    Q318997 FIX: Report Form ASCII Clause Allows No White Space
    Q156866 FIX: REPORT FORM Command Returns Wrong Font Size in Windows 95
    Q141738 FIX: Report Form to ASCII Truncates Data After Page 11" Mark
    Q159755 FIX: REPORT FORM TO PRINT PROMPT with Landscape FRX Broken
    Q141316 FIX: Report Is Wrong When You Relate Tables on Currency Field
    Q162410 FIX: Report Page Headers Print on Summary Page
    Q315069 FIX: Report Preview Error with Properties Window and DE Open
    Q156788 FIX: Report Print Preview Illegible Under Windows NT
    Q110969 FIX: Reports Executed from Loop Cause "Insufficient Memory"
    Q88716 FIX: Report Summary Option Incorrectly Remains Selected
    Q107555 FIX: Report Variables Return Incorrect Values
    Q221616 FIX: Report Wizard Error # 11 in Getpicture With Long Table Name
    Q134437 FIX: Report Wizard Preview Error If View Given as Child Table
    Q143309 FIX: Report Writer Ignores Constant Band Height Setting
    Q149849 FIX: Report Writer Incorrectly Numbers Pages of Report
    Q137948 FIX: Report Writer Left-Aligns Numeric Fields Added w/ Toolbar
    Q149068 FIX: Reprint Group Header on Each Page Malfunctions
    Q147574 FIX: Reprint Group Header Problem with Two Data Groupings
    Q149109 FIX: Required File Missing ODBCCP32CP_ When Run Setup Wizard
    Q318990 FIX: Reserved Word "IsDataSet" in CURSORTOXML Schema Is Misspell
    Q112308 FIX: Reserved Words Invalid Table Names in FoxPro 2.0 SELECT
    Q314646 FIX: ResetToDefault May Remove a Custom Method Completely
    Q157359 FIX: Resize Event Automatically Called in SubClassed PageFrame
    Q114142 FIX: Resizing Band in Report Causes General Protection Fault
    Q140578 FIX: Resizing Field in Grid Builder Causes Error
    Q88014 FIX: Resolving CREATE REPORT "Feature Not Available" Error
    Q93316 FIX: Resolving "FOXDOC.MSG File Cannot Be Found" Error
    Q88645 FIX: Resolving "Screen File Invalid" Error Message
    Q123354 FIX: Resource Leak with READ TIMEOUT VALID Command
    Q174244 FIX: RESTORE SCREEN Causes Memory Leak in Visual FoxPro 5.0
    Q180070 FIX: RESTORE SCREEN Does Not Refresh Form in VFP 5.0
    Q136826 FIX: Resuming from a Suspended Form Causes a GP Fault
    Q128198 FIX: Return Key Terminates Read with Disabled push button
    Q221669 FIX: Return of COM Server Objref Causes Server to Not Release
    Q156322 FIX: RETURN TO Procedurename Command Doesn't Work in Forms
    Q156322 FIX: RETURN TO Procedurename Command Doesn’t Work in Forms
    Q169065 FIX: RichText Control Displays Line Draw Characters Incorrectly
    Q221648 FIX: RI Code Not Selecting Right Work Area After Cascaded Delete
    Q136560 FIX: RI Fails with 'Trigger Failed' if dBASE Compatibility ON
    Q195627 FIX: Right-Clicking Item in Find Results View Fails in Gallery
    Q88632 FIX: RLLBACK Not Updating Local Record Value w/ Original
    Q299341 FIX: Rounding Error Saving Calculated Value into Integer
    Q87659 FIX: ROW and COL Functions Always Report 1 in READ MENU
    Q88643 FIX: RQBE Behaves Erratically When Opening a Query
    Q122270 FIX: RQBE Quick Report Shows All Fields Not Just Selected Ones
    Q88224 FIX: RQBE SQL SELECT Does Not Reflect Database Extension
    Q88731 FIX: RUN Command Causes Errors in Stand-Alone .EXE
    Q142201 FIX: Running a Query from View Designer Causes Error Message
    Q103857 FIX: Running FoxPro Extended 2.5 with MS-DOS 6.0 and EMM386
    Q163420 FIX: Running JOIN on Three or More Tables is Slow
    Q176887 FIX: Running VFP Exe as Post-Setup Executable Hangs the Process
    Q107419 FIX: Russian Code Page Not Properly Mapped
    Q195626 FIX: Save As HTML Not Working Correctly with Double Data Types
    Q195633 FIX: Save Dynamic View Causes Subscript is Outside Defined Range Error
    Q195633 FIX: Save Dynamic View Causes Subscript Outside Defined Range
    Q160918 FIX: SAVE SCREEN and TYPE() Cause Visual FoxPro to Terminate
    Q88056 FIX: SAVE TO MEMORY.TXT Causes a Syntax Error
    Q136916 FIX: Saving Report May Not Allow User to Reselect Object
    Q101004 FIX: @ ... SAY BITMAP Is Not Placed Correctly When Printed
    Q162301 FIX: @ SAY Causes Error After SET DEVICE to PRINTER Command
    Q105112 FIX: @ ... SAY with FONT Clause Returns "Syntax Error"
    Q194698 FIX: ScaleMode of Foxels Interferes with ColumnWidth Property
    Q194698 FIX: ScaleMode of Foxels Interferes with ColumnWidths Property
    Q125374 FIX: SCAN..ENDSCAN Causes a Memory Leak
    Q104592 FIX: SCATTER with FoxBASE+ File on Server Causes Hang
    Q119939 FIX: Screen Builder Doesn't Recognize #ELIF & #UNDEF
    Q121634 FIX: Screen Choice Not Staying Selected in Catalog Manager
    Q221645 FIX:_SCREEN.Forms[ ] Collection Not Available at Design-Time
    Q115836 FIX: Screen Generated, "Error In SCX: Objtype=1 Not Found"
    Q88065 FIX: Screen Generator Changes SET UDFPARMS Values
    Q114964 FIX: Screen Prompts for Location of Push Button Picture
    Q88637 FIX: Screen Redraws When Mouse Button Is Released
    Q98995 FIX: Scrollable List/Prompt Field Causes Data Loss in 2.0
    Q130364 FIX: Scroll Bars Disappear When No Data Bound to a Grid
    Q303831 FIX: ScrollBars on EditBox Control Do Not Show in Compiled .exe
    Q143247 FIX: Scrolling Edit Window Causes Incorrect Highlighting
    Q88965 FIX: Scrolling in a Popup with a Mouse Differs from Keyboard
    Q318969 FIX: Second Instance of STDLL Object Causes Exception Error
    Q88212 FIX: SEEK() in Child Database Does Not Update Pointer
    Q319001 FIX: SEEK(), INDEXSEEK(), and LOOKUP() Find Nonexistent Records
    Q190562 FIX: SelectedFore/BackColor Ignored in Top-Level Forms
    Q87711 FIX: Selecting Desk Accessory with Mouse Terminates Read
    Q88030 FIX: SELECT Returns Extra Records
    Q162072 FIX: SELECT - SQL from Table with 252 Fields Causes Page Fault
    Q190540 FIX: SELECT-SQL with Subselects in WHERE Clause Stops VFP
    Q109581 FIX: SELECT ... UNION Produces Unexpected Output
    Q172088 FIX: SelText in Edit Box Limited to 255 Characters
    Q221679 FIX: Servers Do Not Release if Init Returns .F.
    Q183296 FIX: SETALL() Corrupts Properties of Custom Objects
    Q169155 FIX: SET ANSI ON Default Setting in VFPODBC Driver
    Q132864 FIX: SET CENTURY OFF Turns 02/29/2000 into Invalid Date
    Q186023 FIX: Set Collate Causes Display Problems for Related Tables
    Q181085 FIX: SET COLLATE & Queries - Additional Problem Scenarios
    Q281776 FIX: SET COLLATE TO "General" Causes Problem with SQL SELECT
    Q164869 FIX: SET COLLATE TO "GENERAL" May Affect Search Results
    Q112400 FIX: SET('COLOR') Returns Null in FoxPro 2.5 for Windows
    Q155937 FIX: SET COMPATIBLE ON Causes Problems with Crosstab Query
    Q195625 FIX: Set Component Gallery Dynamic Folder to HTMLHelp Fails
    Q119761 FIX: SET CPCOMPILE w/ Invalid Code Page Sets CPCOMPILE to 0
    Q104796 FIX: SET DEFAULT TO .. Causes "Invalid Path or Filename"
    Q122970 FIX: SET DELETED ON Causes FPM SetupWizard to Fail
    Q88214 FIX: SET DELIMITERS Variables Not Positioned Correctly
    Q319282 FIX: SETFLDSTATE() Does Not Work for Field with Default Value
    Q107398 FIX: SET HELP TO Causes Browse Window to Close
    Q88215 FIX: SET INDEX TO Command Changes Record Pointer
    Q127016 FIX: Set Library Command Fails in FoxPro for Macintosh
    Q193696 FIX: Set Mark To '.' Causes Invalid Distribution Disks
    Q190114 FIX: SET PATH of > 255 Characters Causes Settings to Be Ignored
    Q128520 FIX: SET PRINT ON Before Printing a Report Produces Error
    Q88036 FIX: SET PRINT TO (X) Causes System to Hang
    Q107519 FIX: SET REFRESH Incorrectly Moves Pointer in Child Browse
    Q88218 FIX: SET('REPROCESS') Return Value Is One Too Small
    Q88726 FIX: SET REPROCESS TO Clause Ignored
    Q124362 FIX: SET SYSMENU TO DEFAULT Command in Program Clears Menu
    Q158760 FIX: Setting Grid RowHeight to Large Number Affects Page Down
    Q299788 FIX: Setting SelStart = 0 in EditBox Causes Fatal Exception
    Q148883 FIX: Setting the Value of a Text Box Adds New Record to Table
    Q98369 FIX: SET TOPIC TO Doesn't Work with Two Words in FoxPro 2.5
    Q88219 FIX: SET TRBETWEEN Statement Not Recognized in CONFIG.FP
    Q88043 FIX: SET("UDFPARMS") Returns "VALUES", Not "VALUE"
    Q221638 FIX: Setup Does Not Install Label Wizard Requests Definitions
    Q162115 FIX: "Setup Error 280 Object <n>" with Long File Names
    Q193470 FIX: Setup Error 827 Installing Multiple OCX Files
    Q159468 FIX: Setup Error 915 Object 1 with VFP 5.0 Setup Wizard
    Q117838 FIX: SETUP.EXE Does Not Check for Available Disk Space
    Q163545 FIX: Setup /F Causes Error When Created by Setup Wizard
    Q120948 FIX: Setup of Professional Edition PPC/68K Hangs on Power Mac
    Q194195 FIX: Setup Wizard Cannot Differentiate Files With Same Name
    Q197941 FIX: Setup Wizard Cannot Register Foxhhelpps.dll File
    Q139363 FIX: Setup Wizard Creates Disk Images That Are Too Big
    Q162442 FIX: Setup Wizard Creates Disk Images That Cannot Be Copied
    Q194198 FIX: Setup Wizard Does Not Print All Reports
    Q163669 FIX: Setup Wizard Does Not Use Default Directory Specified
    Q107517 FIX: SetupWizard Generates Extra Zeros in COMPRESS Command
    Q158759 FIX: Setup Wizard Gives Setup Error 799 Objec
    Q134392 FIX: Shape Control's Mouseup Incorrectly Fired by Form Click
    Q171668 FIX: Shared Table in DBC Remains Locked After Table Update
    Q107512 FIX: SHIFT or CTRL Key Removes Second Line of Wait Window
    Q123350 FIX: SHIFT+RIGHTARROW Does Not Work As Expected
    Q221643 FIX: Shortcut Menus Limited by Form Size, Have Up/Down Arrows
    Q221643 FIX:Shortcut Menus Limited by Form Size, Have Up/Down Arrows
    Q108720 FIX: SHOW GET PROMPT for Check Box / Radio Button Causes GPF
    Q105587 FIX: SHOW GETS Does Not Clear List Box on Empty Record
    Q88042 FIX: SHOW POPUP ALL Display Order Problem
    Q87583 FIX: SHOW WINDOW REFRESH Does Not Refresh Browse Window
    Q110966 FIX: Simultaneous Appends from a Browse May Corrupt Data
    Q216318 FIX: Slow Performance of Remote Views w/ SQL Server Text Fields
    Q196773 FIX: Slow View Performance with Sybase ODBC Driver
    Q88220 FIX: SORT Creates New Database Smaller Than Original
    Q125788 FIX: SOUNDEX() Does Not Always Return a Four-Character String
    Q313921 FIX: Spanish Vers. of VFP 7.0 Doesn't Put Product ID in Registry
    Q131369 FIX: Specified Page Range Ignored with the TYPE Command
    Q106280 FIX: SPELLCHK.APP Closes FOXTOOLS.FLL Library
    Q133022 FIX: Spinner Doesn't Inherit Color Props from .vcx Definition
    Q136015 FIX: Spinner Name Doesn't Move with Spinner in a PageFrame
    Q124204 FIX: Splash Screen & Setup Display Version 2.6 Instead of 2.6a
    Q108714 FIX: "SQL Column Not Found" Error Causes Transgressed Handle
    Q140613 FIX:SQLDISCONNECT() May Cause Exception Error in Visual FoxPro
    Q88967 FIX: SQL INSERT Error Does Not Report Errant Field Name
    Q88059 FIX: SQL LIKE Operator Does Not Ignore Trailing Blanks
    Q279138 FIX: SQL Passthrough Does Not Map SQL_WLONGVARCHAR to Memo
    Q157187 FIX: SQL Query Returns Different Result Set with Korean Window
    Q122865 FIX: SQL Query Wizard Via CatMan Truncates Cursor Name
    Q106279 FIX: SQL SELECT Can Cause Extra Output
    Q88225 FIX: SQL SELECT Cursor Name Ignored w/ UNION ALL Clause
    Q88226 FIX: SQL SELECT "Illegal Operation on Memo Field" Error
    Q142887 FIX: SQL Select Inconsistency with SET ANSI OFF and ALLTRIM()
    Q171272 FIX: SQL-SELECT into Array Causes Illegal Operation
    Q104330 FIX: SQL SELECT Not Working on Ascending/Descending Indexes
    Q140300 FIX: SQL SELECT Returns Different Results Using the Same Data
    Q88069 FIX: SQL SELECT WHERE DELETED() Query Not Optimized
    Q145846 FIX: SQLSetProp() Without Expression Does Not Restore Defaults
    Q221659 FIX: SQL Upsizing Wizard Fails to Create PK Indexes
    Q221677 FIX: SQL Upsizing Wizard Problem if Upsized View Has '==' Filter
    Q221666 FIX: SQL Upsizing Wizard Save Generated SQL Bloats Script.fpt
    Q221659 FIX: SQL Upsizing Wizard - UW Fails to Create PK Indexes if Fields in Different Tables have Duplicate Names
    Q105504 FIX: SQL with a UDF Causes "Invalid Subscript Reference"
    Q88034 FIX: Stand-Alone .EXE SET HELP TO Causes Error Message
    Q88054 FIX: Standard Version READKEY() Returns 271 Value
    Q141723 FIX: Status Bar Message Does Not Refresh Properly
    Q135330 FIX: StatusBarText Does Not Change with SetFocus Method
    Q279135 FIX: Stored Proc Used w/ SQLEXEC Embeds NULL as Last Char
    Q140516 FIX: Storing Array Elements Causes GP Fault
    Q297767 FIX: Strings Stored in MEM Files Limited To 64K
    Q88630 FIX: "Structural CDX File Not Found" Error, No .CDX File
    Q165066 FIX: Subquery Causes SUM to Return Incorrect Results
    Q88634 FIX: "Subscript Out of Bounds" w/Variable Passed by Ref.
    Q99610 FIX: "Syntax Error" in .SPR File with #SECTION Directive
    Q297851 FIX: Syntax Error in Startup Program Causes Fatal Exception
    Q299681 FIX: Syntax Error on Form Makes Form Unusable
    Q193079 FIX: "Syntax Error" with EVAL of ALL or LTRIM in SELECT-SQL
    Q99604 FIX: Syntax Error with TICKTOCK Variable in Screen Builder
    Q161497 FIX: SYS(2014) Function Returns Incorrect Path
    Q88073 FIX: SYS(2018) Error Returns 1 Variable Name Multiple Times
    Q127154 FIX: SYSMETRIC(9) Returns Incorrect Value in FoxPro for Mac
    Q99620 FIX: System Error Sharing a .DBF on LAN Manager/Workgroups
    Q153032 FIX: System Hangs on Startup Under Windows 95 and Low Memory
    Q192977 FIX: Table Allows Modification Although DBC is Opened NOUPDATE
    Q190066 FIX: Table Can Not Be USED After REPLACE of Memo in TRANSACTION
    Q142169 FIX: TABLEREVERT() Does Not Release Header Lock
    Q174530 FIX: TABLEREVERT() with Table Buffering Results in Page Fault
    Q191522 FIX: TABLEUPDATE() Fails in Remote View With Empty Memo Field
    Q158757 FIX: TabPicture Property of SSTab Control Gives an OLE Error
    Q179480 FIX: Temp Environment Variable Causes Unusual Behavior in VFP
    Q179480 FIX: Temp Environment Variable Causes Unusual Behavior in Visual FoxPro
    Q136154 FIX: Text Box Does Not Respond to DblClick Event
    Q162256 FIX: TextBox Value in Grid Column Using Numeric ControlSource
    Q88026 FIX: Text Editor Status Line "Changed" Dot Not Cleared
    Q106705 FIX: Text Object Truncated or Changed After Transporting
    Q139145 FIX: Text Shifts to the Left and Down Slightly in a Grid
    Q301497 FIX: The adAsyncExecute Flag Fails with VFPODBC on MDAC 2.6
    Q318977 FIX: The CDATA Section of CURSORTOXML( ) May Format Characters
    Q320128 FIX: The XMLToCursor() Function Causes a Fatal Exception
    Q133100 FIX: Timer is Visible on a Form After Using Graphics Methods
    Q185655 FIX: TMP File Errors If ALTER TABLE Runs Same Time As ODBC DLL
    Q162551 FIX: TOBROWSER Error when Closing Class Browser Window
    Q141425 FIX: Toolbar Events Fire Differently When Using Dock Method
    Q319002 FIX: Toolbar May Cause Incorrect Control Focus with MSAA
    Q141635 FIX: ToolTipText Message Blank If Longer Than 50 Characters
    Q181144 FIX: "Too Many Names Used" Error With Requeries or USE AGAIN
    Q111509 FIX: "Too Many PICTURE Characters Specified" in @ ... GET
    Q135328 FIX: TOP and LEFT Properties Do not Reset to Default
    Q168526 FIX: Top-Level Form Releases Undocked Toolbars in VFP 5.0
    Q221749 FIX: Top Level Forms with Menus Allow Access to Datasession 0
    Q221707 FIX: Trace Breaks Too Often With Breakpoint on SET("NULL")
    Q133033 FIX: Tracing Main Program After DO *.PJX Causes Exception Err.
    Q190792 FIX: Transform on String Greater Than 255 Crashes VFP 6.0
    Q104050 FIX: "Transgressed Node During Compaction" from @ ... GET
    Q103588 FIX: Transporter (Win) Won't Work w/ FoxPro/FoxBASE+ Reports
    Q163473 FIX: Transporting Report Causes Error Type 11 Messsage
    Q105507 FIX: Transport Program Not Invoked After Open All Snippets
    Q122588 FIX: TRANSPRT.PRG Gives Wrong Message Converting dBASE Report
    Q165768 FIX: Treeview Control ItemTips Fail on Windows NT 4.0
    Q155749 FIX: Trigger Failed Error When Updating a Compound Primary Key
    Q95668 FIX: Trim Format on GET Field Causes Nonterminating Loop
    Q135611 FIX: Try to Modify Label Previewed by Another, Calls Converter
    Q135701 FIX: TTOC Returns More Than 14 Characters
    Q139835 FIX: TTOD() Returns Incorrect Date with Time of 12:00:00 AM
    Q110131 FIX: Two FoxPro Settings Files in System:Preferences Folder
    Q88959 FIX: Two Records Incorrectly Highlighted in a Browse Window
    Q115332 FIX: "Type 1" Error While Printing to StyleWriter II
    Q160918 FIX: Type() Crashes Visual FoxPro When Used with Save Screen
    Q167406 FIX: TYPE() Function Returns Wrong Value for Appended Records
    Q169565 FIX: Type Mismatch Using OLE Automation to Word 97
    Q297839 FIX: TYPE() of Combo/List Box Value May Crash VFP
    Q131710 FIX: TYPE() Returns "" Instead of "U" For OleBoundControl
    Q190736 FIX: Typing SYS Function Into Hidden Property Causes Crash
    Q88032 FIX: Unable to Define Pop-up Window of Less Than 3 Lines
    Q172346 FIX: Unable to Disable IME Box in a Grid at Runtime
    Q317493 FIX: "Unable to find Visual Class Library" Msgs with NewObject
    Q102191 FIX: Unable to Link Word for Windows Documents
    Q162444 FIX: Unable to Load Installable ISAM Error in Visual FoxPro 5
    Q118781 FIX: Unable to Scroll Popup Placed at Top of Screen
    Q135400 FIX: Unallocated Handle When Deleting Zero Value of a Grid
    Q135384 FIX: Unbalanced Parentheses in IF Condition Not Seen by Parser
    Q191503 FIX: Unexpected Results Display With Input Mask
    Q88880 FIX: Unexpected Scrolling Occurs in Text Edit Region
    Q134394 FIX: Unhandled Exception Win32S Error on Visual FoxPro Startup
    Q161897 FIX: Uninstalling Distributed Setup Removes OCX Licenses
    Q221629 FIX: "Unknown COM status code" With ActiveX Conferencing Control
    Q125605 FIX: "Unknown error code -50" When Start FoxPro/Mac On Network
    Q141805 FIX: 'Unknown member' Error Loading Form
    Q296676 FIX: Unreadable Characters Displayed in Reindexing Information
    Q114289 FIX: "Unrecognized Phrase/Keyword" Error with @ ... SCROLL
    Q258536 FIX: UPARROW Key Doesn't Work in Code Editor in Hebrew Windows
    Q88708 FIX: UPDATED() Returns .F. When .T. Is Expected
    Q134308 FIX: Upper Format Truncates Right/Center-Alligned Report Field
    Q139757 FIX: Upsize Wizard Falsely Creates Timestamp Field on SQL 6.0
    Q175615 FIX: Upsize Wizard Keeps Structure of Removed Table for Mapping
    Q169825 FIX: Upsizing Multiple Memo Fields to Oracle May Cause Data Loss
    Q221750 FIX: Upsizing to SQL 7.0 with Currency Type Fails
    Q157853 FIX: Upsizing Wizard Generated SQL Code Causes Errors
    Q197275 FIX: _urlcombobox Class Closes Any Current Work Area
    Q88217 FIX: USE AGAIN, Followed by SET MULTILOCKS OFF, Error
    Q97631 FIX: "Use of Transgressed Handle" with HP DeskJet+ Driver
    Q114353 FIXUSER.APP Ships Only with FoxPro for MS-DOS
    Q315656 FIX: USE Table CONNSTRING Ignores NODATA and ALIAS Clauses
    Q147277 FIX: Using an Array Element as the Counter in a For Loop Fails
    Q299799 FIX: Using Class w/ Same Name as a Base Class Causes Error
    Q164361 FIX: Using EditBox SelStart Property Causes Refresh Problems
    Q221628 FIX: Using Genhtml.prg in Distributed Application is Difficult
    Q131598 FIX: Using Keyboard to Activate Submenus Fails on Macintosh
    Q142313 FIX: Using RI Builder & Long Table Names Makes Triggers Fail
    Q162085 FIX: Using SET COLOR TO & Printing a Report Prints Blank Page
    Q299955 FIX: Using SET('PRINTER) in COM Server Causes Error
    Q170126 FIX: Using the SelPrint Method of the Rich Text Control
    Q299843 FIX: Using the Send Menu Changes the Current Folder
    Q88766 FIX: VALID Clause of READ TIMEOUT Not Executed
    Q88021 FIX: VALID Routine LOOKUP() Returns Incorrect Value
    Q120191 FIX: Variable Not Created by ON KEY or ON ERROR
    Q299912 FIX: Verify Connection With Access DB Changes Folder
    Q163023 FIX: VFP 3 Form or Class Modified in VFP 5 Loses Method Code
    Q177852 FIX: VFP5.0a under Japanese OS Causes DBC Characters Problems
    Q318615 FIX: VFP 7.0 Does Not Open Properly with Some Screen Readers
    Q308606 FIX: VFP 7.0 Hangs If Immersion Desktop Software Is Running
    Q297803 FIX: VFP Crashes With Two REPORT Previews Active
    Q299497 FIX: _VFP.DataToClip() Truncates DateTime Data
    Q314642 FIX: VFP Disappears When You Hold Mouse Pointer over Memo Field
    Q221688 FIX: _VFP.Eval() Only Accepts Strings of 255 Characters or Less
    Q221688 FIX:_VFP.Eval() Only Accepts Strings of 255 Characters or Less
    Q171553 FIX: VFP May Crash While Running MS Web Browser Control
    Q191926 FIX: VFP ODBC Driver Problem w/ {d 'yyyymmdd'} and Year > 1999
    Q195628 FIX: VFP Will Not Shutdown With Multiple Component Galleries
    Q143287 FIX: Visual Class Library's Registration Lost
    Q177852 FIX: Visual FoxPro 5.0a under Japanese Operating System Causes DBC Characters Problems
    Q320126 FIX: Visual FoxPro 7.0 Behaves Like _Screen.AlwaysOnTop is True
    Q318902 FIX: Visual FoxPro 7.0 Quits When You Run a Form with Grid
    Q138874 FIX: Visual FoxPro Apps Branded w/ "Engineering Prototype"
    Q141835 FIX: Visual FoxPro Doesn't Save File as Expected
    Q139108 FIX: Visual FoxPro Fails If Subclass Name Ends in a Number
    Q221633 FIX: Visual FoxPro Hangs After Rebuilding an Application
    Q136422 FIX:Visual FoxPro Hangs If Focus Set to TextBox in Grid Column
    Q172695 FIX: Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver Creates an Invalid File DSN
    Q141479 FIX: Visual FoxPro Quits If You Click Ignore or Suspend/Resume
    Q134881 FIX: WAIT WINDOW AT Clause Puts WAIT WINDOW on Windows Desktop
    Q107521 FIX: WAIT WINDOW Forces FoxPro to Be Active Application
    Q175766 FIX: WAIT WINDOW NOWAIT Problem with Top-Level Forms
    Q87661 FIX: WAIT WINDOW NOWAIT Window Disappears
    Q93635 FIX: "Warning: Error in Line x of Label Definition" Message
    Q163412 FIX: Web Browser Position is Wrong on Pageframe Page
    Q221632 FIX: Web Publishing Wizard Gives RunCode Runtime Error
    Q88048 FIX: WHEN Clause Moves Cursor to a Different Field
    Q105151 FIX: WHEN Clause Not Invoked When Bar Is Moved
    Q88954 FIX: When Popup Is Activated, Message Flashes on Screen
    Q318995 FIX: When You Mix TEXT TO and SET TEXTMERGE Commnds Error Occurs
    Q119903 FIX: Window Coordinates Differ Between BROWSE/ACTIVATE WINDOW
    Q87619 FIX: "Window Coordinates Invalid" Error Restoring Window
    Q88046 FIX: Window Not Maximized Completely in VGA 50 Line Mode
    Q136338 FIX: Windows 95 GDI Leak with Show Window Contents Setting
    Q105121 FIX: Window Text Clears After Multiple ZOOM WINDOW Commands
    Q141558 FIX: WindowType Changed at Run Time Can't Be Changed Back
    Q87620 FIX: WIN File Causes "Invalid Window File Format" Error
    Q193940 FIX: Wingdings/Webdings/FoxPrint Not Printing from Windows 98
    Q134890 FIX: Wizards Can Be Hidden Allowing More Than One to Run
    Q114174 FIX: Wizards Fail If Path Is Longer Than 38 Characters
    Q221736 FIX: WriteExpression Fails With Unknown Error Code -5
    Q130126 FIX: Wrong Windows NT & Windows 3.11 versions in System Info
    Q316441 FIX: XMLToCursor Does Not Convert XML Dates with Seconds
    Q316439 FIX: XMLToCursor Error Messages with More Than 128 Columns
    Q316432 FIX: XMLToCursor Incorrectly Adds Row When You Use Inline Schema
    Q318993 FIX: XMLToCursor() Truncates Data on DBCS System
    Q153525 Flltest.exe Determines if FLL File Loads Successfully
    Q119231 Float Data Type Is Identical to Numeric Data Type
    Q99135 Font Dialog Box Behavior in FoxPro for Windows
    Q108826 Fonts Available on All Windows Systems
    Q100451 Font Used by @ ... PROMPT Command
    Q108623 Forcing FoxPro Window to Always Remain on Top
    Q102860 Foregrounding During @ ... SAY VERB "Play"
    Q120791 FOR() Function Returns Index Info in Uppercase Letters
    Q129425 Form Debugging Tips
    Q184218 Formexit.exe EXIT Command May Leave Form Object Visible
    Q130443 Form Wizard Basics and Differences from 2.6 Screen Wizard
    Q137447 Form Wizard Default Settings
    Q133356 Form Wizard Makes EditBox for Fields Longer Than 45 Characters
    Q108678 FoxApp Does Not Generate Multiuser Code
    Q114786 FoxApp Saves Source Code with Generated Application
    Q97165 FOXDOC.DLL Incorrectly Listed in Installation Guide
    Q97162 FoxDoc Generator Directives for Program Files
    Q104253 FoxDoc Limits for FoxPro for MS-DOS & FoxPro for Windows
    Q90028 FoxGraph Disk Directory (5.25-Inch Low-Density Disks)
    Q100474 FoxGraph Is No Longer Supported by Microsoft
    Q95721 Fox Mouse Support Numbers
    Q92355 FoxPro 1.02 Keyboard Shortcuts
    Q89676 FoxPro 2.0 (06/09/92) Disk Directory (5.25 Inch)
    Q89158 FoxPro 2.0 (6/9/92) Disk Directories (3.5 Inch)
    Q103490 FoxPro 2.0 Database out of Order with UNIQUE Indexes
    Q89157 FoxPro 2.0 Distribution Kit Directory (5.25 Inch)
    Q89003 FoxPro 2.0 for MS-DOS Basic Installation Files
    Q88662 FoxPro 2.0 for MS-DOS Disks (3.5 Inch, 5/20/92)
    Q89005 FoxPro 2.0 for MS-DOS Optional Installation Files
    Q99840 FoxPro 2.50 DK (03/15/93) Disk Directory (5.25)
    Q106446 FoxPro 2.5a for Windows Disk Directory (3.5 Inch, 1.44MB)
    Q111514 FoxPro 2.5b DK for Windows 3.5-Inch HD Disk Directory
    Q111319 FoxPro 2.5b for MS-DOS 3.5-Inch 720K Disk Directory
    Q111515 FoxPro 2.5b for Windows 3.5-Inch 1.44-MB Disk Directory
    Q108328 FoxPro 2.5b for Windows Disk Directories (3.5", 1.44 MB)
    Q96370 FoxPro 2.5 Databases with General Fields in FoxPro 2.0
    Q100070 FoxPro 2.5 Distribution Kit for Windows Disks (3.5 Inch)
    Q99839 FoxPro 2.5 DK for MS-DOS Disk Directory (3.5 Inch)
    Q99903 FoxPro 2.5 DK for MS-DOS Disk Directory (5.25 Inch)
    Q95299 FoxPro 2.5 for MS-DOS Disk Directories (5.25 Inch)
    Q95301 FoxPro 2.5 for Windows 3.5-Inch, 1.44-MB Disk Directories
    Q95300 FoxPro 2.5 for Windows 5.25-Inch Disk Directories
    Q100802 FoxPro 2.5 Library Construction Kit Disk Directory
    Q100071 FoxPro 2.5 Migration Kit Disks (3.5-Inch and 5.25-Inch)
    Q124199 FoxPro 2.6a for MS-DOS Disk Directories (3.5", 1.44 MB)
    Q124198 FoxPro 2.6a for MS-DOS Disk Directories (5.25", 1.2 MB)
    Q142882 FoxPro 2.6a for Windows - Availability and Support Options
    Q124200 FoxPro 2.6a for Windows Disk Directories (3.5", 1.44 MB)
    Q124201 FoxPro 2.6a for Windows Disk Directories (5.25", 1.2 MB)
    Q113514 FoxPro 2.6 CREATE QUERY <File> NOWAIT Pauses Execution
    Q113800 FoxPro 2.6 Enhancements to the Xbase Language
    Q112567 FoxPro 2.6 for MS-DOS: Most Frequently Asked Questions
    Q120186 FoxPro 2.6 for UNIX System Requirements
    Q112568 FoxPro 2.6 for Windows: Most Frequently Asked Questions
    Q124347 FoxPro Advisor Magazine Articles April 1994
    Q122327 FoxPro Advisor Magazine Articles February 1994
    Q127036 FoxPro Advisor Magazine Articles July 1994
    Q138914 FoxPro Advisor Magazine Articles July 1995
    Q125378 FoxPro Advisor Magazine Articles June 1994
    Q137507 FoxPro Advisor Magazine Articles June 1995
    Q122328 FoxPro Advisor Magazine Articles March 1994
    Q127068 FoxPro Advisor Magazine Articles May 1994
    Q140302 FoxPro Advisor Magazine Articles May 1995
    Q120241 FoxPro Advisor Magazine Articles October 1993
    Q99085 FoxPro Applications Running w/ Windows for Pen Computing
    Q104325 FoxPro Commands Not Documented in "Language Reference"
    Q93328 FoxPro Commands That Create Backup (.BAK & .TBK) Files
    Q101295 FoxPro COPY TO ARRAY Behavior with One-Dimensional Arrays
    Q101293 FoxPro DK 2.5 for MS-DOS Disk Directories (3.5 Inch)
    Q95302 FoxPro EJECT Program Example in Lang Ref Is Incorrect
    Q106038 FoxPro Extensions Not Compatible with Windows NT
    Q105115 FoxPro Files Available on Microsoft Download Service
    Q101881 FoxPro Files That Can Be Deleted to Save Disk Space
    Q94350 FoxPro FONTMETRIC() Function Returns Font Attributes
    Q105838 FoxPro for Mac Does Not Use Templates for App
    Q110525 FoxPro for Mac Doesn't Support Command-Line Switches
    Q109601 FoxPro for Macintosh Allows Trailing Spaces in Filenames
    Q118431 FoxPro for Macintosh General Tips and Tricks
    Q111812 FoxPro for Macintosh Installer/Setup Memory Requirements
    Q118673 FoxPro for Macintosh Interface Tips and Tricks
    Q117722 FoxPro for Macintosh Language Tips and Tricks
    Q120177 FoxPro for Macintosh Performance Tips and Tricks
    Q120368 FoxPro for Macintosh Power Tool Tips and Tricks
    Q121080 FoxPro for MS-DOS No Longer Supports Demand Paging
    Q103773 FoxPro for MS-DOS vs. FoxPro for Windows Menu Differences
    Q118911 FoxPro for UNIX Configuration File Is Case Sensitive
    Q122980 FoxPro for UNIX Console Troubleshooting
    Q120292 FoxPro for UNIX Does Not Have a Graphing Package
    Q114664 FoxPro for UNIX Does Not Have Wizards
    Q120950 FoxPro for UNIX Keystroke Equivalents for Terminals
    Q118917 FoxPro for UNIX Screens Have MS-DOS Objects
    Q123090 FoxPro for UNIX Terminal Troubleshooting
    Q99084 FoxPro for Windows and Windows for Pen Computing
    Q117350 FoxPro for Windows Cross-Platform Tips and Tricks
    Q99837 FoxPro for Windows Distribution Kit Builds Compact .EXEs
    Q117569 FoxPro for Windows Interface Tips and Tricks
    Q118524 FoxPro for Windows Language Tips and Tricks
    Q117365 FoxPro for Windows Performance Tips and Tricks
    Q119155 FoxPro for Windows Power Tool Tips and Tricks
    Q119156 FoxPro for Windows Report Writer Tips and Tricks
    Q103693 FoxPro for Windows Won't Run Under OS/2 Version 2.0
    Q99540 FoxPro for Win Info on Invisible, Picture, & Push Buttons
    Q110968 FoxPro Header Check to Determine if Database Is Corrupt
    Q87500 FoxPro Index Missing References to FoxBind
    Q115839 FoxPro Information Resources Available on the Internet
    Q128377 FoxPro Information Stored in the Registry or REG.DAT
    Q88681 FoxPro LCK Code Can Access a Math Coprocessor
    Q88745 FoxPro LCK Documentation Lists Wrong Default Directory
    Q113666 FoxPro LCK Requires WATCOM 16-Bit Compiler
    Q127017 FoxPro Line Styles Explained
    Q88743 FoxPro Manual Documents Low-Level I/O Command Incorrectly
    Q97466 FoxPro MOVE POPUP and SIZE POPUP Code Examples Available
    Q93625 FoxPro Removes Inactive Window Scroll Bars
    Q87847 FoxPro RUN Command Memory Allocation Options
    Q89675 FoxPro Sample Code Demonstrates Usage of SCROLL Command
    Q89529 FoxPro Sample Pop Calculator Program
    Q92361 FoxPro SET HOURS TO Command Only Affects System Clock
    Q86908 FoxPro System Information Function
    Q109983 FoxPro Uses More Memory Than Specified with MEMLIMIT
    Q129004 FoxPro Version 2.5b for Windows DK Disk Directory [3.5LD]
    Q104553 FoxPro Version 2.5x & 2.6x Book and Video List
    Q118555 FOXR.EXE Is Not Included in Development Version of FoxPro
    Q152243 FoxTalk Magazine Articles February 1996
    Q152242 FoxTalk Magazine Articles January 1996
    Q96539 FOXTOOLS.FLL Calls to GetDC, GetDeviceCaps and ReleaseDC
    Q96480 Fp0779.exe ISDISKIN Utility
    Q120597 Fp1023.exe Describes Using FoxPro for MS-DOS Wizards
    Q99628 FP Distribution Kit Library Files Documented Incorrectly
    Q111990 _FP Macros in the LCK Different Between MS C and WATCOM C
    Q129400 FREE TABLE Command Removes Table from Corrupted Database
    Q107608 Functionality of the "DOS Objects Only" Check Box
    Q111744 Functionality of the Select Button During Setup
    Q106690 Function for Returning a Julian Date in FoxPro
    Q115055 Function to Calculate Elapsed or Accumulated Time
    Q106700 Function to Compute Average of the Elements in an Array
    Q100438 Function to Determine If a Year Is a Leap Year
    Q124606 Fw1125.exe Combines a Browse Window with Get Fields
    Q138317 Fw1180.exe Describes Screen Issues in FoxPro for Windows
    Q141797 Fw1223.exe Describes Components of a Customized Builder
    Q136692 General Functionality of the Setup Wizard
    Q116235 General Info. About the FoxPro Connectivity Kit and ODBC
    Q136942 General Information About the Image Editor
    Q155934 General Information About the OLE Automation Manager & RacMan
    Q136772 General Information on the Visual FoxPro Upsizing Wizard
    Q101296 General Information on Workstation Setup (INSTALL /N)
    Q117711 General ODBC/Connectivity Kit Information
    Q97163 General Text Merge Functionality
    Q104257 Generated Code Options Incorrectly Documented
    Q96290 Generating Screen Code by Directly Calling GENSCRN.PRG
    Q148641 Generic Categories of ODBC Errors
    Q96350 Generic Procedure to Increment Number or Date GET Fields
    Q162800 Genmenu5.exe Updated VFP 5.0 for Windows GENMENU Program
    Q136691 GenMenu Differences Between FoxPro 2.x and Visual FoxPro
    Q103574 GENSCRN Parses PARAMETER Differently in 2.5 Than in 2.0
    Q92344 GET Command VALID Clause UDF Executed For Each Entry
    Q176804 Getdrive.exe: How To List the Drives on a Win32 System
    Q89084 GETENV() Function Returns MS-DOS Environment Variables
    Q111873 GETFILE() and PUTFILE() Return Values in Uppercase
    Q103605 @ ... GET List Behavior Difference with Disabled Options
    Q88873 @ ... GET-PUSH Order of WHEN / VALID Execution in FoxPro
    Q165172 Gphsamp.exe Shows Automation to DataSheet in MS Graph 8
    Q176093 Gridtest.exe Sample Grid Does Not Refresh Properly
    Q136921 Guidelines for Creating Unique and Sequential Keys
    Q135307 Guide to Visual FoxPro Documentation
    Q98696 Handling Deleted Records in a UNIQUE Index
    Q102896 Hard to Read Screen Builder Ruler in Windows 3.0 VGA Mode
    Q173709 Header.exe Lists Microsoft Outlook 97 Constants
    Q109309 Heading for WATCOM C Makefile Is Missing
    Q136582 Help Converting from FoxPro 2.x to Visual FoxPro 3.0
    Q114479 Help Incorrectly Lists Unsupported SQL Field Functions
    Q119255 Help Incorrectly Says MEMLIMIT Can Be Used in FoxPro/Mac
    Q96366 HIDE WINDOW with No Arguments Returns "Syntax Error"
    Q150432 How an MFC Application Can Use the Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver
    Q136689 How an ON ERROR Routine Affects the Error Event
    Q103585 How API Function Array Arguments Are Passed
    Q107827 How Clock Check Box in View Window Affects Clock Position
    Q119600 How Colors Are Specified for the Wizards
    Q97647 How Exclude Blanks, but Not Zeros, from an Average
    Q96288 How FoxPro for Windows Uses the FOXPRO.INI File
    Q126953 How FoxPro Passes Parameters to a Form
    Q101025 How FoxPro Passes Parameters to Subroutines
    Q109984 How FoxPro Runs MS-DOS-Based Applications and Files
    Q118557 How FoxPro Uses Universal Thunking for 32-Bit API Calls
    Q125792 How GENGRAPH.APP Locates Microsoft GRAPH
    Q102895 How Increase & Decrease Size of Compound Structural Index
    Q128633 How Inheritance Affects PROTECTED Methods and Properties
    Q136765 How Memory & Disk Space Are Used During an SQL SELECT Command
    Q103600 How Menu Events Are Handled by Windows & Macintosh
    Q136421 How NULL Values Sort in Indexes
    Q131838 How OptionGroup Buttons Behave
    Q95309 How _PDPARMS Array Is Created for a Printer Driver Setup
    Q103580 How Pictures Work with GET Fields and Proportional Fonts
    Q120291 How Position & Size of @...SAY/GET Fields Are Calculated
    Q98703 How SET KEYCOMP Works in FoxPro for Windows
    Q111809 How SROWS() and SCOLS() Behave in FoxPro for Macintosh
    Q133002 How the AddColumn Method Computes New ColumnCount Value
    Q115037 How the Catalog Manager Locates Wizard Files
    Q132051 How the Color of Screen and GET Objects Is Converted
    Q113172 How the EVALUATE() Function Works
    Q136857 How the EXCLUSIVE Setting Interacts With OPEN DATABASE Command
    Q121079 How the Extended (32-Bit) Version of FoxPro Uses Memory
    Q128890 How the Import Wizard Determines the Text File Type
    Q103601 How the Menu Font Is Determined in FoxPro for Windows
    Q142398 How the Paint Event of a Form Works
    Q88578 How the Standard and Extended FoxPro Versions Use Memory
    Q136995 How the Visual FoxPro Setup Wizard Compresses Large Files
    Q191272 HOWTO: A Brief Exploration of the Project Object Model
    Q101586 How to Access Close All Snippets Command on Screen Menu
    Q170146 HOWTO: Access ImageList from TreeView & ListView Control
    Q170146 HOWTO: Accessing ImageList from TreeView & ListView Control
    Q145816 How to Access Report's Data Environment While the Report Runs
    Q124272 How to Activate a Browse Window from a Push Button
    Q138913 How to Activate and Use the Record Marker of a Grid
    Q155847 How To Activate a System Menu Item in Visual FoxPro 5.0
    Q155847 HOWTO: Activate a System Menu Item in Visual FoxPro 5.0
    Q136212 How to Activate FoxPro 2.6 Style System Menu in Visual FoxPro
    Q157048 HOWTO: Add a Check Box to a List in Visual FoxPro
    Q157048 How To Add a Check Box to a List in Visual FoxPro 5.0
    Q140290 How to Add a Clock Display to a Form
    Q199131 HOWTO: Add a FoxPro Database to SQL Server as a Linked Server
    Q139769 How to Add a New Value to a List of Values in a Combo Box
    Q138044 How to Add an Existing Form to a FormSet
    Q140025 How To Add an Outline Control to a Form and Populate It
    Q140025 HOWTO: Add an Outline Control to a Form and Populate It
    Q147652 How to Add a Table to a Form's Data Environment at Run Time
    Q191694 HOWTO: Add a User and Set User Privileges to SQL Server
    Q152694 How To Add BMPs to Picture Properties in OutLine Control
    Q147726 How to Add Buttons to an OptionGroup Dynamically
    Q152366 How To Add Calculator, Calendar, Puzzle, Filer to System Menu
    Q121277 How to Add Code to WHEN Snippets Created from ScreenWizard
    Q134790 How to Add Code to Wizard-Generated Command Buttons
    Q134704 How To Add Controls to a Form Generated by the Form Wizard
    Q134704 HOWTO: Add Controls to a Form Generated by the Form Wizard
    Q168835 HOWTO: Add Copy and Paste Functionality to Grid Control
    Q128651 How to Add Custom Label Sizes to Visual FoxPro
    Q101049 How to Add Fields to a Quick Report in FoxPro for Windows
    Q139158 How to Add Fields to a Table in Visual FoxPro Programmatically
    Q117836 How to Add Fields to a Table Programmatically
    Q305985 HOWTO: Add Functionality to Your Dynamically Built Grid
    Q114228 How to Add Icons After Distributed Setup Program Is Run
    Q114228 HOWTO: Add Icons After Distributed Setup Program Is Run
    Q111312 How to Add Information to Existing Data in a Field
    Q168835 HOWTO: Adding Copy and Paste Functionality to Grid Control
    Q141529 HOWTO: Adding or Removing Pages from a PageFrame
    Q170127 HOWTO: Adding Tables in a Database to Source Control
    Q138654 How to Add Items to a Combo Box with RowSourceType of Value
    Q137183 How to Add Items to a Multiple-Column Combo Box
    Q129205 How to Add Multiple Properties When You Add Objects
    Q120021 How to Add or Modify a terminfo Entry for a Terminal
    Q176043 HOWTO: Add or Subtract Time with a DateTime Data Type
    Q131145 How to Add Properties/Methods to a Button in Button Group
    Q208208 HOWTO: Add Records with Memo Data Using the VFP ODBC Driver
    Q105042 How to Add/Remove Network Connections in FoxPro
    Q105042 HOWTO: Add/Remove Network Connections in FoxPro
    Q138678 How To Add & Remove Network Connections in Visual FoxPro
    Q138678 HOWTO: Add & Remove Network Connections in Visual FoxPro
    Q100803 How to Add Searchable Type When Using HotSpot Editor
    Q247036 HOWTO: Add Sound to Form Using the Microsoft Multimedia Control
    Q130122 How To Add SQL SELECT to the Data Environment of a Report
    Q130122 HOWTO: Add SQL SELECT to the Data Environment of a Report
    Q135624 How to Add Table Fields to Screen Wizard-Generated Screens
    Q170127 HOWTO: Add Tables in a Database to Source Control
    Q142885 How to Add the Data Environment to a Form Programmatically
    Q131289 How to Add to the System Menu as Visual FoxPro Starts
    Q128589 How to Add Yearly Quarters to a Query for Use in Reports
    Q128069 How to Add Years to a Date Expression
    Q189918 HOWTO: Administer SQL Server Users from Visual FoxPro
    Q120467 How to Allocate Global Memory from Within the LCK
    Q126954 How to Allocate More File Handles for FoxPro 2.6 for UNIX
    Q136043 How to Allow Empty Fields in Visual FoxPro Crosstab Queries
    Q178760 HOWTO: Alter the Properties of a View at Run Time
    Q176894 HOWTO: Append Data from a Single Sheet of an Excel Workbook
    Q165408 HOWTO: Appending Menu to an Existing Top-Level Form Menu
    Q165408 HOWTO: Append Menu to an Existing Top-Level Form Menu
    Q114251 How to Append One Field to End of Another in Same Table
    Q140294 How to Append Records from Any Delimited File with Memo Data
    Q140294 HOWTO: Append Records from Any Delimited File with Memo Data
    Q130840 How to Append Records from One Remote View to Another
    Q138559 How to Append Records to a Grid
    Q164870 HOWTO: Applying, Removing a Filter from Form's DataEnvironment
    Q164870 HOWTO: Apply, Remove a Filter from Form's DataEnvironment
    Q246088 HOWTO: Apply RichText Effect in VFP Reports
    Q130162 How to Assign an Icon to an .EXE File
    Q128996 How to Assign Database Location Generically in Data Env
    Q128996 HOWTO: Assign Database Location Generically in Data Env
    Q186913 HOWTO: Assign FoxPro Foundation Classes via Field Mapping
    Q237454 HOWTO: Associate File Extensions with a Custom Fox App
    Q237454 HOWTO: Associate File Extensions with a Custom Visual FoxPro Application
    Q192343 HOWTO: Associating the Default ProjectHook Class to a Project
    Q135517 How to Attach a Menu to a Form
    Q149633 How to Automate a Word Mail Merge with Applescript
    Q161197 HOWTO: Automate a Word Object Embedded in a Form
    Q114486 How to Automate Calls to ADDICON.APP
    Q265731 HOWTO: Automate Excel 2000 Subtotals Function in Visual FoxPro
    Q184761 HOWTO: Automate Internet Explorer 4 to Open a Specific Web Page
    Q181926 HOWTO: Automate Mail Merge to Word97 SR-1 Using OLE and ODBC
    Q286020 HOWTO: Automate Trip Routing in Microsoft MapPoint
    Q269617 HOWTO: Automatically Add Contacts to Outlook
    Q161197 HOWTO: Automating a Word Object Embedded in a Form
    Q138916 HOWTO: Backing Up Visual FoxPro Setup Disks
    Q140305 How to Bring an Overlapping Image to the Foreground
    Q131711 HOWTO: Browse a Table While Using Row Buffering in a Form
    Q88617 How to Browse for a Specific Character String
    Q107195 How to Browse with Mixed Read-Only and Read/Write Fields
    Q155013 How to Build a Custom Combo Box
    Q117786 How to Build an Application from an Existing Screen Set
    Q122141 How to Build a Sample Windows-Style Help File
    Q136693 How To Build Distribution Disks for Different Op Systems
    Q253595 HOWTO: Build Indexes with DateTime Fields and Other Data Types
    Q190064 HOWTO: Build SELECT Statements Based on User Column Privileges
    Q156507 How To Bypass Registry Settings on Visual FoxPro 5.0 Startup
    Q156507 HOWTO: Bypass Registry Settings on Visual FoxPro Startup
    Q129015 How to Bypass the When Clause Default in a List Box
    Q124327 How To Calculate a Person's Current Age
    Q155692 How To Calculate Payments in FoxPro
    Q155692 HOWTO: Calculate Payments in FoxPro
    Q102890 How to Calculate Running Totals in a BROWSE Command
    Q88987 How to Calculate the Approximate Size of a .DBF File
    Q88943 How to Calculate the Approximate Size of an .IDX File
    Q129534 How to Calculate the Checksum Byte of a General Field
    Q130444 HOWTO: Calculating Years, Months, and Days Between Two Dates
    Q195047 HOWTO: Call a Parameterized SQL Server Stored Procedure from ADO
    Q321512 HOWTO: Call a Visual FoxPro 7.0 Web Service from ASP
    Q152280 How To Call a Visual FoxPro Application Using AppleScript
    Q307355 HOW TO: Call a Web Service in Visual FoxPro 7.0
    Q138781 How to Call a Windows Help Search Macro by Using Code
    Q130610 How to Call a Wizard in a Program
    Q169500 HOWTO: Call Driver Specific Functions in a Remote View
    Q113971 How to Call GENXTAB.PRG
    Q169500 HOWTO: Calling Driver Specific Functions in a Remote View
    Q186010 HOWTO: Calling the Splash Screen Foundation Class From Code
    Q125464 How to Call SetCursorPos() API to Move Mouse Pointer in FoxPro
    Q138496 How to Call the Class Code of a Control in a Container
    Q140291 How To Call the Graph Wizard & Create a Chart Programmatically
    Q140291 HOWTO: Call the Graph Wizard & Create a Chart Programmatically
    Q115216 How to Call the Introductory FoxPro 2.6 Screen
    Q138782 How to Call Windows Help Search Macro in FoxPro 2.x
    Q124938 How to Cancel a Process While in a READ
    Q148918 How to Capitalize Some Characters in a Text Box Automatically
    Q140652 How To Capture Input in a Combo Box
    Q140652 HOWTO: Capture Input in a Combo Box
    Q240239 HOWTO: Capture the Path to a File that has been Loaded into an A
    Q240227 HOWTO: Capture the Path to the Windows and System Folders
    Q133451 HOWTO: Causing a Form or Formset to Time Out
    Q193774 HOWTO: Change a Drive's Volume Label Programmatically
    Q114254 How to Change a Field Color Based on the Field's Contents
    Q140306 How To Change a Grid's RecordSource Property Programmatically
    Q140306 HOWTO: Change a Grid's RecordSource Property Programmatically
    Q141076 How to Change a Method at Run Time
    Q129098 How to Change a Table's Name
    Q106702 How to Change Color of Push Buttons in FoxPro for Windows
    Q94345 How to Change Colors of Objects in FoxPro for Windows
    Q101590 How to Change Data in a GET Field from a VALID Procedure
    Q187982 HOWTO: Change Default Properties for Genhtml
    Q136817 How to Change Editor Settings
    Q119792 How to Change Fields to Use Memory Variables, Not Aliases
    Q103772 How to Change Keyboard Shortcuts in FoxPro for Windows
    Q134313 How to Change Object Properties Based on a Logical Field
    Q125922 How to Change TAB Spacing in Memo of Report
    Q132295 How to Change the Attributes of a Visual FoxPro Window
    Q96360 How to Change the Attributes of the Main FoxPro Screen
    Q139291 HOWTO: Change the BackColor of a ToolBar When it is Docked
    Q139291 How to Change the BackColor of a ToolBar When It's Docked
    Q130127 How to Change the Background Color of a Tab
    Q98924 How to Change the Band Height in the Report Writer
    Q146423 How to Change the .BMP Picture On a Command Button at Run Time
    Q220835 HOWTO: Change the Code Page of Project Files
    Q136925 How to Change the Color of an "X" in a Check Box
    Q141317 How to Change the Color of Edit Boxes on a Wizard Form
    Q129280 How to Change the Color of the Active Cell in a Grid
    Q129280 HOWTO: Change the Color of the Active Cell in a Grid
    Q130605 How to Change the Colors of a Wait Window in FoxPro for MS-DOS
    Q107360 How to Change the Colors of the Help File
    Q136773 How to Change the Connection UserId Programmatically
    Q109482 How to Change the Creator and Type Set by FCREATE()
    Q186094 HOWTO: Change the Data Series in MSGraph Using the PlotBy Prop
    Q98752 How to Change the Default Desktop Font
    Q130500 How to Change the Default Font of the Class Browser
    Q186392 HOWTO: Change the Default Printer with FoxPro 2.x and Windows 95
    Q157629 How To Change the Default Source of Printer Programmatically
    Q157629 HOWTO: Change the Default Source of Printer Programmatically
    Q101589 How to Change the Default Values in SETUP.APP in Dist Kit
    Q103645 How to Change the Default Windows Printer from FoxPro
    Q103645 HOWTO: Change the Default Windows Printer from FoxPro