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    Q134686 32-Bit ODBC Drivers in 16-Bit Windows Cause "Cannot find file"
    Q73776 3-D Area Charts Plot Negative Values as Positive
    Q69149 3-D Tool Bar Not Available on EGA Graphics Adapters
    Q147744 AAP: Cannot Use UNC Connections When Importing Data
    Q123329 Access Data Source Error Entering Record with Long Data Type
    Q149250 Accounting Format and Wrap Text Display Erroneous Characters
    Q28743 Active Cell Placement Using FORMULA.GOTO Macro Command
    Q162601 ActiveX Image Control on a Worksheet Cannot Be Edited
    Q49137 Adding an Additional Category to an Excel Chart
    Q75652 Adding a New Chart Series with Time or DateValues
    Q57899 Adding a New Series to an Excel Chart
    Q37999 Adding Data Points to a Type 8 Line Chart in Windows Excel
    Q45559 Adding Every Fifth Value in a Column in Excel
    Q70216 ADDINMGR.XLA Operates Incorrectly in Excel
    Q74390 ADDRESS Function Incorrect in Excel Documentation
    Q70235 Adobe Type Manager Rotated Text Disappears in Charts
    Q75901 All Fields Not Displaying When Editing Records in Q+E
    Q154673 ALT+ENTER Fails to Insert Hard Carriage Return After Pasting
    Q46458 Alternate Method of Autosizing a Database in Excel
    Q80109 ALT+LETTER Does Not Change Field Selection in Custom Dialog
    Q68403 ALTSTART.XLA Adds the Parameter AltStartup= to EXCEL.INI
    Q90365 Anchoring the Position of Unattached Text in Excel Charts
    Q142138 An Explanation of Trappable Errors in Visual Basic for Apps
    Q72733 Append /x:on Causes Excel to Open All Files in a Directory
    Q75859 Application Must Be in Open Window Before Executing SEND.KEYS
    Q86794 Application Note on Cell Referencing From a Macro
    Q72621 Applying Rotated Text to a Worksheet in Excel
    Q119082 AppNote: A Practical Guide to Q+E, Part II (WE0821)
    Q115975 AppNote: A Practical Guide to Using Q+E, Part I (WE0500)
    Q119849 AppNote: "Jet Error Help File (Msjeterr.hlp)" (WE1238)
    Q98910 AppNote XE0186: Database Tips
    Q59990 Approximate Metric/U.S. Conversions
    Q100360 APP.SIZE() Returns Error When Document Window Is Maximized
    Q68918 Assigning Shortcut Keys to Edit Boxes in a Custom Dialog Box
    Q31437 Attached Text Scrolling Beyond the Visible Region in Excel
    Q68015 Attaching an Embedded Chart Using Lotus 1-2-3 Help
    Q68722 Attaching Auto_Open Macros to Templates in Excel 3.00
    Q46350 Auto_Close, Auto_Open Macros Not Executed in Excel
    Q120041 AutoFit/Best Fit Commands Work Incorrectly With Hidden Cells
    Q57637 Automating a Paste from Excel to Word for Windows
    Q28189 Auto_Open Macro Not Working Correctly on Excel Worksheet
    Q28872 Avoiding Circular-Reference Errors When Keeping Running Totals
    Q64804 Avoiding "Replace Existing..." Alert from an Excel Macro
    Q126099 BACKSPACE Key Sent Twice Using SendKeys Statement in Procedure
    Q48144 Batch Printing of Files from Excel
    Q68014 Best Fit Does Not Dynamically Change Column Width
    Q108075 Bitmap Image in Print Preview But Doesn't Print to Printer
    Q89519 Blank Cells, Text, and Error Values Affect Crosstab Table
    Q57906 Blank Chart Is Generated in Excel When Pressing F11
    Q115276 Both Auto_Open and Auto_Activate Macros Run When Sheet Opened
    Q76357 BREAK Command May Not Interrupt a Macro Loop in Excel
    Q194911 BUG: MS Query Fails Against Oracle Names Server
    Q68505 Buttons on Worksheets and Custom Dialogs Convert to Pure Color
    Q74399 Buttons Print with Rounded Corners in Excel
    Q25653 Calculate Precision As Displayed Versus Format Number
    Q72086 Calculating NPV with Large Number of Variable Cash Flows
    Q67700 Calculating Present Value in Excel with HP-12C
    Q30970 Calculating the Future Value of a Single Cash Flow in Excel
    Q72617 Calculating the Median of a Set of Values in Excel
    Q73170 Calculating the Price and Yield of a Discounted Note in Excel
    Q83414 "Call to Undefined Dynalink" Message When Starting Excel 4.0
    Q71886 Camera Images Print and Preview Incorrectly in Excel
    Q72922 CANCEL.KEY Example in Function Reference Incorrect
    Q126998 "Cannot Access <FILENAME.XLA>" Opening Add-Ins Dialog Box
    Q148315 Cannot Add Accented Words to Custom Dictionary
    Q131255 Cannot Add Criteria to Memo Field Using Access 2.0 ODBC Driver
    Q46019 Cannot Add or Delete Records After Performing a Join in Q+E
    Q69776 Cannot Change Alignment with Formulas Displayed
    Q68629 Cannot Change Information Entered in User Information Dialog
    Q45885 Cannot Close Window with ALT+HYPHEN+C in Q+E
    Q75106 Cannot Convert Lotus PrintGraph (PIC) Files into Excel
    Q107254 Cannot Disable ToolTips Directly from Microsoft Query
    Q71881 Cannot Edit Formulas with Data Form in Excel
    Q84016 Cannot Embed PPTGraph 1.0 Object in Excel
    Q61581 Cannot Extract Using Numbers as Field Label in Excel
    Q70113 "Cannot Find Macro" When Choosing Repeat from Edit Menu
    Q123572 Cannot Find Microsoft Excel Running WK4 Converter Setup
    Q118797 "Cannot Find" Using Analysis ToolPak Visual Basic Function
    Q35713 Cannot Have Multiple Line Headers in an Excel Worksheet
    Q73363 Cannot Hide a Graphic Object by Hiding Rows/Columns in Excel
    Q45992 Cannot Interrupt SQL Query in Q+E
    Q67772 Cannot Load Files from Novell Network Drives
    Q45932 Cannot Move Window with the ALT+HYPHEN+M Key Combination
    Q45928 "Cannot Open <Filename>.DBF" When Opening Query File in Q+E
    Q109246 Cannot Open Microsoft Works 3.0 or 4.0 Files
    Q149572 Cannot Paste Data in MS Excel if Object from MS Project
    Q72181 Cannot Paste Link a Picture of a Worksheet into WinWord
    Q74595 Cannot Permanently Change the Paste Arguments Default in Excel
    Q69610 Cannot Restrict Data Entries to Numbers in Custom Data Form
    Q85015 Cannot Save as Add-in or Template for Previous Version
    Q73254 Cannot Select Drawing or Charting Tools from Toolbar in Excel
    Q70474 Cannot Select More than One Item of Text in Chart
    Q67764 Cannot Setup Generic/Text Only Driver from Q+E
    Q72109 Cannot Size a Legend Manually in Excel
    Q45931 Cannot Size Window with the ALT+HYPHEN+S Key Combination
    Q45980 Cannot Undo Joined Files in Q+E
    Q45976 Cannot Undo Last Key Sorted in Q+E
    Q79268 Cannot Use a Function as a Condition in a Q+E Query
    Q76673 Canon BJ-130 Does Not Display Correct Paper Size in Page Setup
    Q76161 Canon Bubble Jet 10e Misprints Lines on Excel 3-D Chart
    Q124500 "Can't Access Table" Error If Table Name Contains Underscores
    Q108389 "Can't Access Table..." Error with Exclusive Option Cleared
    Q68519 Can't Apply Names If the Name Refers to Formula or Constant
    Q42963 Can't Concatenate Chart (Attached or Unattached) Text
    Q67577 "Can't Extend Database" Message with Excel Data Form
    Q31915 "Can't Find Microsoft Excel" Using Macro Translator
    Q113599 Can't Format Control Text in Objects Such As EditBox and Range
    Q86515 Can't Use Open, Save, or Print Commands but Toolbar Tools Work
    Q114538 Can Use MultiSelect with DrawingObjects, ListBox, ListBoxes
    Q121083 Cell Note Indicator in Worksheet Imported from Lotus 1-2-3
    Q142981 Certain Numbers Ending in .848 Display Incorrectly
    Q76359 Change in finance_rate Argument Doesn't Affect MIRR Result
    Q45958 Changes Are Not Saved to Original .DBF File in Q+E
    Q60066 Changing an Integer into an Excel Serial Number
    Q74295 Changing Buttonface Color Does Not Affect Toolbar
    Q68204 Changing Column Widths Affects Drawn Objects
    Q30971 Changing the File Format from Lotus 1-2-3 to Excel
    Q33358 Changing the Order of Printed Notes in Excel Is Not Possible
    Q68634 Changing the Preferred Chart Type for Embedding in Excel
    Q45915 Changing the Screen Font in Q+E
    Q75298 Character Missing in Printout When Print Titles Are Set
    Q65112 Chart Legend Affected by Changes in Spreadsheet
    Q74702 Chart Returns Serial Number When Breaking Link to Worksheet
    Q115132 <ChartType> Group Commands Missing in Embedded Chart Object
    Q59838 Choosing OK Doesn't Close (Custom) Dialog Box in Excel
    Q27520 Clearing Only Values from a Range, Leaving the Excel Formulas
    Q66760 =CLOSE() Returns a Macro Error on Protected Worksheet
    Q75334 Closing Sheet and/or Exiting from Excel Takes Excessively Long
    Q69665 Colored Chart Lines Print White on HP and PostScript Printers
    Q72906 Color Palette Option Is Dimmed on Object-Linked Charts
    Q70238 Combining Number Scaling and Scientific Notation UAEs in Excel
    Q68007 Comma Functions Improperly in Functions with Canadian Layout
    Q70239 COMPARE.XLA Fails with Filenames that Begin with a Number
    Q40159 Comparing Two Dates in Excel Returns FALSE
    Q66759 Comparing Two Ranges of Data and Returning a Single Value
    Q69722 Complex Data Error on Canon LBP-8III, IIIR and IV printers
    Q70233 Complex External Reference Not Calculating Correctly
    Q70477 Computed Criteria Example in Q+E Manual Is Incorrect
    Q74239 Computed Criteria Example on Page 64 Results in Blank Extract
    Q50442 Compute IRR of Investment with Irregular Cash Flows
    Q47492 Concatenating Cell References in Excel
    Q30529 Concatenating Text and Numeric Values
    Q163901 Configuring Mac Internet Explorer to Open MS Excel Files
    Q120254 Configuring MacTCP for ODBC Use
    Q76181 Consolidate Function Doesn't Create Links to Blank Cells
    Q71303 Consolidation Does Not Consolidate Text in Excel
    Q68269 Contents of Cells Show Through Objects with HP Printers
    Q137905 Contents of Network.txt from Excel 7.0 for Windows
    Q98606 Contents of README.TXT from Open EIS Pak 1.0a for Windows
    Q98607 Contents of README.TXT from Open EIS Pak 1.0 for Windows
    Q138890 Contents of README.TXT from Open EIS Pak 1.1 for Windows
    Q126894 Control Caused Stack Fault in ODBCJT16.DLL at 000E:096C
    Q71932 Controlling Placement of Linefeeds in a Text Box Object
    Q62141 Controlling the Tab Order in Excel Dialog Boxes
    Q66399 Converting a Cell's Underlying Formula to a Value
    Q73023 Converting a Decimal Degree Value to Degrees, Minutes, Seconds
    Q42964 Converting a Number with Minus Sign on Right to Minus on Left
    Q62726 Converting a Specialized Number Format with RIGHT() in Excel
    Q75770 Converting Mainframe Date Formats into Excel Date Formats
    Q43057 Converting Mainframe Date Format to Excel
    Q75945 Converting Text to Numbers in Excel
    Q118417 Copied Worksheet Reverts to Standard Row Height
    Q71719 Copy Field Names to Extract Range Procedure Is Incorrect
    Q68497 Copying a Custom Color Palette Between Sheets in Excel
    Q71696 Copying a Multiple Selection in Excel
    Q75863 Copying Data from Spreadsheet into a Cell Note
    Q69982 Copying Entire Rows and Columns Copies Formatting in Excel
    Q68515 Copying Formulas Between Two Instances of Excel: Pastes Values
    Q136314 Copying Sheets Between Workbooks Can Create Unexpected Links
    Q74840 Corrupted Font Files May Hang Excel During Print Preview
    Q84945 Corrupt EXCEL.XLB File May Cause General Protection Fault
    Q128189 Crash/GP Fault Opening Dependent File that Contains Chart Object
    Q73387 Creating a Custom Data Form from a Macro in Excel
    Q77513 Creating a Data Series Replaces Formatting in Excel
    Q43553 Creating a Date Series with a Stop Value in Excel
    Q68720 Creating an XYZ Chart Where Z Is a Function of X and Y
    Q68516 Creating a Template to Show in the File New Dialog in Excel
    Q73553 Creating Chart with More Series than Categories (Fast Method)
    Q73286 Creating Unstacked Area Charts in Excel
    Q74569 Creating X-Axis Labels in a Chart Using Edit Series in Excel
    Q58100 Criteria Range Must Be Contiguous in Excel
    Q102014 Crosstab Doesn't Use Database Defined in Active Worksheet
    Q119085 Crosstab Returns Zeros If Data in Scientific Notation
    Q69821 CROSSTABS.XLA Incorrectly Referred to in Lotus 1-2-3 Help
    Q116331 Cue Cards Don't Work When Displayed Off the Screen
    Q68416 Currency Format Causes Alignment Problems in Excel
    Q151442 Currency Style Toolbar Button Applies Accounting Number Format
    Q34318 Curve Fitting with Excel Using the Newton Method
    Q34315 Curve Fitting with Excel Using the TREND Function
    Q71743 Custom Colors Cause Shading to Appear in Double Line Borders
    Q62718 Custom Currency Formats in Excel
    Q69490 Custom Data Form Dialog Title Does Not Appear
    Q66637 Custom Dialog Boxes Will Not Allow Selecting on Sheet
    Q72616 Custom Dialog Box Leaves Copy on Screen When Moved in Excel
    Q162760 Custom Fill Color Preview Appears White
    Q37777 Custom VSEARCH and HSEARCH Macros to Replace VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP
    Q93529 DAM Extract from Remote Database Not Same As Local Extract
    Q164499 Data Associated with Blank Cells May Be Excluded from Subtotals
    Q141283 Database Drop-Down Is Unavailable in Add Tables Dialog Box
    Q45939 Database Field Names Cannot Be Edited with Q+E
    Q69667 Data Extract Will Not Use Highlighted Area in Excel
    Q75545 Data Form Changes Not Saved When Moving to Another Record
    Q47778 Data Form Displays General, Not Number, Formats
    Q71939 Data Form Will Not Work with an External Database in Excel
    Q75658 Data Loss Using Best Fit When Exporting with FLATFILE.XLA
    Q88187 Data Markers Missing From Lotus 1-2-3 Chart Opened in Excel
    Q85941 Data Parsed Incorrectly when Pasted or when Text File Opened
    Q61580 Data Sort Does Not Keep Border Format
    Q48254 Data Sort Not Sorting Correctly in Excel
    Q149999 "Data Truncated" Error if Path Contains Over 65 Characters
    Q42288 Date Formats Turning to Serial Numbers on Charts
    Q51518 Dates Appear As Serial Values from Excel DBF 2 File
    Q119096 Dates from MSQuery Not Returned to Excel 4.0 Using DDE
    Q125852 Dates in Sheet Imported from Enable Early By One Day
    Q73210 Days360 Calculates as Designed in Excel
    Q74242 DB.EXTRACT Requires the Destination Argument in Q+E
    Q121523 .DBF Table Created in MSQUERY not Recognized in dBASE III/III+
    Q82983 DB Functions Require Full Pathname For Extract
    Q72569 DB.LOGON Accepts Only the Source Arguement in Q+E
    Q85574 DB.LOGON Required Before DB.SQL.QUERY To A SQL Server
    Q71967 DB.PASTE.FIELDNAMES Pastes a Zero in Current Cell in Q+E
    Q74243 DB.SQL.QUERY Does Not Require the Filename and Link Arguments
    Q70745 DB.SQL.QUERY Requires Destination Number in Excel
    Q72772 DDE Error: Cannot Obtain Data from Excel Error Message
    Q66435 DDE Link to Q+E Truncated by Excel
    Q75070 DDE Timed Out in Word For Windows When Linked to Excel Doc.
    Q86740 Decimal/Currency Formatted Data Type Interpreted Incorrectly
    Q42282 Decimal Numbers Imported from dBASE Are Rounded
    Q98600 Default Tool IDs for Custom Tools
    Q58245 Defined Names Not Sorted in Excel
    Q74056 Define Field Command Unavailable in Q+E
    Q45074 Defining DDE Formulas in an Excel Cell
    Q68637 Defining Default Fonts Using Styles in Excel
    Q45941 Definition: Memo Fields in Q+E
    Q68783 Definition of SQL
    Q74652 Deleting Horizontal Lines that Appear on Protected Documents
    Q136699 Description and Usage of Joins in Microsoft Query
    Q68513 Description of Allowed Custom Dialog Box Items for Excel 3.0
    Q69529 Description of How International Macros Work in Excel
    Q30054 DeskJet Prints Script in Landscape Mode
    Q51139 Determining Display Metrics in an Excel Macro
    Q42801 Determining Frequency Distribution in a Range of Cells
    Q27738 Determining if the Fixed Decimal Option Is On or Off in Excel
    Q68406 Determining Page Breaks with Objects in Excel
    Q58180 Determining the Intersection of Two External Ranges in Excel
    Q42215 Difference between Scatter Charts and Line Charts
    Q68919 Difficulty Canceling Split Panes in Excel
    Q71255 Directories Function Returns an Error in Excel
    Q107649 Directory for Linked File or Directory List Box Not Updated
    Q75179 DISABLE.INPUT Disables ON.KEY Command in Excel
    Q138011 Disk Contents (3.5-inch): Open EIS Pak for Windows (Disks 1-2)
    Q10000 Disk Contents 3.5: Microsoft Excel Viewer 7.0 for Win 95
    Q136523 Disk Contents: Microsoft Excel for Windows 95, 7.0 (Disks 1-5)
    Q136524 Disk Contents: Microsoft Excel for Windows 95, 7.0 (Disks 6-10)
    Q142587 Disk Contents: MS Excel 5.0a for the Macintosh Disks 1-13
    Q66020 Displaying Sort Order Using Show Order Verus Show Info
    Q73226 Dividing Chart Legend Text Into Multiple Lines
    Q61353 Dividing Multiple Numbers on a Spreadsheet in Excel
    Q27943 DMIN and DMAX Return Decimal Values for Integer Entries
    Q61578 DOLLAR() Function Returns Text Value
    Q27091 Do Not Modify WIN.INI With Excel
    Q75103 DOS Operators Work When SQL Operators Are Chosen in Q+E
    Q68636 Double-Clicking a Cell Will Cause Cursor to Move in Excel
    Q132597 Dragging MS Excel Worksheet to WordPad Loses Properties
    Q117133 Drawing Object Coordinates Depend on Zoom Factor
    Q135396 Duplicate Files in Recently Used File List If Extensions Hidden
    Q72345 Edit Form Buttons Are Available When Select Distinct Is On
    Q37506 Editing a Worksheet Formula from a Macro in Excel
    Q70649 Edit Paste Command Causes Loss of Cell Notes in Excel
    Q99699 EIS Builder 1.0a Maintenance Upgrade
    Q30972 Eliminating Last 3, 6, or 9 Digits of a Number in Excel
    Q120589 Embedded and Subscribed Excel Charts Appear Black and White
    Q69261 Embedded Chart Description Is Wrong for Excel 3.00
    Q69262 Embedding an Excel Chart into an Excel Worksheet
    Q69263 Embedding an Excel Worksheet into an Excel Worksheet
    Q68415 Embedding Section Not Added to WIN.INI During Excel 3.0 Setup
    Q124501 "Ends With" Operator Won't Work with Some ODBC Drivers
    Q38361 Entering a Chart Title from a Macro in Windows Excel
    Q58690 Entering Data Using Excel Data Form
    Q27942 Entering Dates as Text in Excel
    Q35714 Entering Numbers as Text Through an Input Box
    Q70722 {ENTER} Not Working as Documented in Excel Manual
    Q133707 Err Msg: "Filename Is Not Valid" When You Quit Microsoft Excel
    Q112854 Err Msgs When Dynamic MSQuery/Microsoft Excel Links Activated
    Q131629 Err Msg: Syntax Error in DROP TABLE Statement
    Q65101 Err Msg: "That Name Is Not Valid" or Macro Error at SET.NAME
    Q114321 Err Msg: "Word Cannot Edit the Microsoft Excel Worksheet"
    Q124226 Error '1004' When Using the SQLRequest Macro Function
    Q71093 "ERROR! Incompatible File Format" Message in WordPerfect
    Q123194 "Error In Formula" or Incorrect Calculation Entering Formula
    Q114025 Error Message: Cue Cards File Was Launched with Runtime
    Q75611 Error Message: This Value Cannot Be Changed
    Q114097 Error Message Updating or Editing Link with Excel 4.0 Running
    Q115394 Error Opening Access Database After Using It in Query
    Q119659 Error Opening Chart in Excel 4.0 After Saving
    Q120733 Error Running Lotus 1-2-3 Macros with 3-D References
    Q124757 Errors Connecting to Btrieve Data Source (Empty Dialog Box)
    Q134920 Errors with Field Names with Lowercase Characters
    Q148470 Error Trying to Access Macro Functions Help in Function Wizard
    Q38004 Error Using "R" and "C" as Variable Names in an Excel Macro
    Q84172 Error Using WORKBOOK.ADD() without First Argument
    Q88982 Example in Q+E Manual may Return #REF! Error in Q+E
    Q33905 Excel 1.00-1.06: Creating Vertical Text in a Chart
    Q26248 Excel 1.00-1.06: Out of Memory Error Message Under MultiFinder
    Q38644 Excel 1.00-1.50: Can't Change Font or Size of Header Text
    Q31947 Excel 1.00-1.50: Protect Document with Password Through Macro
    Q62510 Excel 1.00-1.50: Series Name Must Be Text String in SERIES
    Q26067 Excel 1.03-1.04: No "Excel Data" Disk in Package
    Q20293 Excel 1.0-4.0: Window Menu Displays Only 28 Document Names
    Q83371 Excel: 11"x14" Paper Does not Appear in List of Paper Sizes
    Q91206 Excel: 1-2-3 Help Topic not Available Message Displays Twice
    Q31948 Excel 1.50: Can't Enable/Disable Entire Custom Menu
    Q65378 Excel 1.50: Can't Print Over Perforation to ImageWriter
    Q33930 Excel 1.50: Dialog Box Remains on Screen When RETURN Pressed
    Q32666 Excel 1.50: Item Height and Width in Wrong Position
    Q51028 Excel 1.5-2.2: VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, LOOKUP Return #REF! Error
    Q33895 Excel 1.5: Autoexec Macro Does Not Execute Properly
    Q33904 Excel 1.5: "Macro1!Openmacro" Appears Twice in Instructions
    Q30849 Excel 1.5: Missing Files from Master Program Disk
    Q27164 Excel 1.5: No Category Information Shows Zero in Category Axis
    Q84073 Excel: 1992 Publish Dates of Microsoft Press Books
    Q59248 Excel 1.x: Imported Spreadsheets Return a Memory Error
    Q41048 Excel 1.x: Printing Formulas Longer than 108 Characters
    Q43498 Excel 2.20: 1-MB Limit with System Earlier Than 6.0.2
    Q51057 Excel: 2.20 BIFF (Binary File Format) Information
    Q42070 Excel 2.20: Can Delete Built-In Menu Commands
    Q43937 Excel 2.20: Can't Reset Option Button Group by Clicking Title
    Q48481 Excel 2.20: Changing Color of Shading and Borders
    Q60485 Excel 2.20: Changing the Markers on a Hi-Lo Chart
    Q42066 Excel 2.20: Copying a Chart to the Clipboard
    Q48959 Excel 2.20: DISABLE.INPUT() Does Not Function on Macintosh
    Q49222 Excel 2.20: E, I, N, U, and Uppercase Letters as Macro Keys
    Q45251 Excel 2.20: Enter Versus Edit Mode of Active Formula Bar
    Q60475 Excel 2.20 Err Msg: Can't Create Backup File
    Q48156 Excel 2.20 Err Msg: Out of Application Memory
    Q48960 Excel 2.20: Expenses Worksheet Not on Help and Examples Disk
    Q49271 Excel: 2.20 File Icons Turning into Generic Document Icons
    Q48961 Excel 2.20: Fill Left and Fill Up Key Commands Incorrect
    Q48182 Excel 2.20: Minimum System Requirements (System 6.0.2)
    Q50435 Excel 2.20: Plotting XL Chart Using Discontinuous Data
    Q48160 Excel 2.20: Printing Colored Text to Mirus Spool File
    Q48172 Excel 2.20: Printing to InterFax Modem
    Q44016 Excel 2.20: Scroll2 Version 1.06 Crashes While Scrolling
    Q43241 Excel 2.20: SHIFT+CLEAR (Not CLEAR Alone) Toggles NUM LOCK
    Q48173 Excel 2.20: SHIFT+F4 Does Not Perform a Formula Find
    Q51948 Excel 2.20: Using Custom Help in a Custom Dialog Box
    Q50899 Excel 2.20: Using Floating Point Values in a Code Resource
    Q48201 Excel 2.20: VirusGuard Causes Excel to Crash on Startup
    Q52128 Excel 2.20: Worksheet Auditor Map Macro Problem
    Q65397 Excel 2.2: Ampersand Incorrect in Functions and Macros Manual
    Q70102 Excel 2.2: Crashes After PRINT Command in Macro
    Q50457 Excel 2.2: Date Incorrect When Opening a Text File
    Q48177 Excel 2.2: Documents Saved with MacSQZ! Won't Open
    Q75825 Excel 2.2: Evaluating EXTRACT Command May Cause System Error
    Q50494 Excel 2.2: F10 Key Causes Hang with Radius Monitor
    Q50898 Excel 2.2: File Conversions To/From Other Applications
    Q57197 Excel 2.2: Only the Eight Standard Macintosh Colors Supported
    Q51310 Excel 2.x: Can't Open or Save More Documents Error Message
    Q69006 Excel 3.00 on a CGA-Equipped System
    Q68414 Excel 3.00: PREVIEW.XLM Can Only Run on VGA and EGA
    Q73018 Excel 3.0 and 4.0 Academic Editions Do Not Ship with Q+E
    Q75082 Excel 3.0: Charts Paste Incorrectly into Drawing Programs
    Q71734 Excel 3.0 Documentation Error with EXEC Function
    Q81691 Excel 3.0 Macro References to WK3 Files Fail in 4.0
    Q89649 Excel: 3-D Chart Created in 3.0 Smaller when Opened
    Q78767 Excel: 3-D Chart Example Labels Cancel Button Incorrectly
    Q69489 Excel 3-D Charts Don't Display WYSIWYG Shading When Printed
    Q84907 Excel: 3-D Pie Chart Legend Redraws Incorrectly
    Q87463 Excel: 3D Toolbars Not Available on 12-inch Monitors
    Q60916 Excel: 3rd Party Automating Production Scheduling Program
    Q60914 Excel: 3rd-Party Forecasting and Risk-Management Program
    Q87243 Excel 4.0: Command+Option+E Gives "Invalid Database" Error
    Q84878 Excel 4.0 Err Msg: "Data May Be Lost" When Saving 2.x Files
    Q83144 Excel 4.0 IVR Fax: Chart Features
    Q83146 Excel 4.0 IVR Fax: Lotus 1-2-3 Interpreter
    Q83147 Excel 4.0 IVR Fax: Printing
    Q83148 Excel 4.0 IVR Fax: Setup
    Q83150 Excel 4.0 IVR Fax: Upgrade
    Q83217 Excel 4.0 IVR Fax: Usage
    Q104035 Excel 4.x AppNote: Most Frequently Asked Questions Part 1 of 2
    Q119769 Excel 5.0c for Windows: List of Fixed Problems
    Q119376 Excel 5.0c for Windows: Summary List of Known Issues
    Q122854 Excel 5.0 for the Macintosh: Summary List of Known Issues
    Q112180 Excel 5.0 for Windows: Summary List of Known Issues
    Q89790 Excel: 7th Nested IF in Formula Can't Contain AND and OR
    Q78875 Excel: Activating Hidden Document Toggles Window Zoom Off
    Q24640 Excel: ACTIVE.CELL() Within SET.VALUE() Returns Macro Error
    Q30585 Excel: ADD.BAR() Returns Error When the Bar Limit Is Exceeded
    Q106464 Excel: Add-in Files and Their Associated Functions
    Q52127 Excel: Adding a New Record to Database with a Macro
    Q57190 Excel: Adding a New Series to an Existing Chart
    Q23608 Excel: Adding an Inputted Number to a Selected Cell
    Q64404 Excel: Adding a Separator Bar to Custom Menus
    Q24876 Excel: Adding a Series to a Chart with a Macro
    Q29768 Excel: Adding Attached and Unattached Text to a Chart
    Q48486 Excel: Adding Multiple Lines of Attached Text to Chart
    Q93345 Excel: Adding Sheet to Workbook Removes Password
    Q77799 Excel: Adding Weekdays to a Starting Date
    Q52131 Excel: Adding Years to a Date While Keeping Same Month and Day
    Q101940 Excel: Additional Arguments for SAVE.AS() in Version 4.0a
    Q78447 Excel: ADD.MENU Command Returns Error Message
    Q87623 Excel: Add Report Dialog Box Button is "OK" Not "Close"
    Q36656 Excel: Adjusting the Period of Financial Functions
    Q63962 Excel: Advantages and Uses of the OFFSET Function
    Q58423 Excel: Airfoil Example in Sampler Causes System Error
    Q76575 Excel: Aliases in the Excel Startup Folder Do Not Open
    Q80010 Excel: Aligning Graphics Objects Along a Border
    Q23378 Excel: Aligning Regular Number Formats with Dollar Formats
    Q70111 Excel: Aligning Text or Numbers at the Top of a Cell
    Q49269 Excel: Alignment Instructions Ignored in Header and Footer
    Q70103 Excel: allShare Can Save Only to the Hard Disk Desktop
    Q89984 Excel: All Views Have the Same Paper Size
    Q78674 Excel: Alphabetizing Custom Functions Under Paste Functions
    Q89732 Excel: Alternate Formula Entry Affects Date Criteria
    Q96027 Excel: Alternate Formula Entry Changes Named Links
    Q50451 Excel: Amortization Schedule in Sample Documents, LOAN3
    Q32737 Excel: Amount of Available Free Memory
    Q51341 Excel: Ampersand (&) Does Not Appear Using INPUT Command
    Q60997 Excel and Lotus DIF File Differences
    Q27776 Excel and REGISTER() Conventions
    Q24155 Excel: Appending Records to a Defined Database
    Q32548 Excel: Appending Text in Cells Using Copy and Paste
    Q31715 Excel: Applying Color to Text in a Cell
    Q49278 Excel: Applying the Standard Font with a Macro
    Q103840 Excel AppNote: Cell Referencing from a Macro (XE0125)
    Q50897 Excel: AppNote Complete Text "Entering Formulas" (ME0188)
    Q117813 Excel AppNote: "Equations for Financial Functions" (XE0962)
    Q103841 Excel AppNote: Generating Smooth Curves in Charts (WE0820)
    Q111350 Excel AppNote: "Introduction to Custom Dialog Boxes" (XE0938)
    Q104283 Excel AppNote: Most Frequently Asked Questions Part 2 of 2
    Q102142 Excel AppNote: Opening and Saving Text Files (ME0802)
    Q99844 Excel AppNote: Opening and Saving Text Files (WE0801)
    Q123783 Excel AppNote: Pentium Floating Point Unit Patch (WE1136)
    Q50886 Excel AppNote: Text Concatenation (ME0197)
    Q107484 Excel AppNote: Tips for Manipulating Data in a Chart (XE0183)
    Q110192 Excel AppNote: "Using Dynamic Dialog Boxes" (XE0449)
    Q61095 Excel: Area Series Overlap When Not Stacked in Chart
    Q78339 Excel: Arguments to the SUBSTITUTE Function Are Case Sensitive
    Q23944 Excel: Arranging Data for a Histogram Chart
    Q47010 Excel: Array Formula with GOTO or RETURN Doesn't Execute
    Q50094 Excel: Arrow Keys Do Not Move Within Selection
    Q49262 Excel: Arrow Overwrites Unattached Text
    Q29769 Excel: Attached Text Cannot Be Moved
    Q79129 Excel: Attached Text on a 3-D Chart Will Change Color
    Q58424 Excel: Attaching Text to a Chart Through a Macro
    Q50970 Excel: Attaching Text to an Entire Chart Series
    Q61495 Excel: Autoexec Macros Can Run Resident Macros
    Q81560 Excel: Autofill Restarts at Zero after Text 65535
    Q89228 Excel: AutoFill Rules for Creating a Series
    Q92513 Excel: Autoformat Sample Dialog Box Displayed Incorrectly
    Q29025 Excel Automatically Updating Links
    Q64357 Excel: Automatic Page Breaks Not Displaying with Print Area
    Q28573 Excel: Automatic Versus Manual Recalculation
    Q92696 Excel: Auto Save Add-in Macro Does Not Save Preferences
    Q80231 Excel: Auto-Sum Stops in the Middle of a Range of Cells
    Q93204 Excel: Available Memory Reduced when Using Embedded Graphics
    Q51309 Excel: Average Number of Years, Months, and Days Between Dates
    Q94354 Excel: AVI Files Are Not Played in Excel Client Window
    Q31700 Excel: Avoiding "Save Changes" Dialog when Closing Document
    Q63815 Excel: Avoiding "Save Changes?" When Closing a Macro Sheet
    Q89741 Excel: Axes Inaccessible When Concealed by Other Axes
    Q87794 Excel: Axis Plots Begin at One on Log Chart
    Q87335 Excel: Batch Printing of Files Without a Macro
    Q59250 Excel: BEEP(number) Argument Does Not Function as Expected
    Q51300 Excel: Benefits of Using Defined Names in Macros
    Q80004 Excel: Black Border Prints with Gridlines
    Q78092 Excel: Black Mountain Software's Commando
    Q80483 Excel: Blank Rows or Columns After Consolidating with Links
    Q83313 Excel: Blank Seed Argument in RANDOM() Results in Error
    Q25141 Excel: Blank Worksheet Opened When Resume Excel Launched
    Q88852 Excel: Borders Lost When Publishing Single Cell to Word
    Q62377 Excel: Breaking Link Between Chart and Worksheet
    Q114322 Excel: Broken Cell Border with Copy Picture As Printed Option
    Q49264 Excel: Building A1 Style Reference in a Worksheet
    Q88974 Excel: Building a SQL Query Longer than 255 Characters
    Q58500 Excel: Built-In Menu Bar ID Numbers
    Q67462 Excel: Button Fails to Run Correct Macro
    Q68404 Excel: Button Objects Do Not Appear Three-Dimensional
    Q79496 Excel: Calculate Message Persists with Iteration Selected
    Q26241 Excel: Calculate Now Calculates All Open Documents
    Q79138 Excel: Calculating a SUM+IF on a Discontinuous Selection
    Q81026 Excel: Calculating Days Remaining in a Time Period
    Q78388 Excel: Calculating Depreciation Using the Production Method
    Q51026 Excel: Calculating Linear Regression
    Q27530 Excel: Calculating Only One Cell When Running Macro
    Q52224 Excel: Calculating Principal Paid/Owed and Interest Paid/Owed
    Q74261 Excel: Calculating the Number of Weekdays Between Two Dates
    Q41622 Excel: Calculating Using Noncontiguous Areas
    Q87855 Excel: Calculating Work Hours for a Given Time Period
    Q51091 Excel: CALL() and REGISTER() Functions Return #VALUE
    Q51089 Excel: Calling a Code Resource Using CALL/REGISTER Routines
    Q27341 Excel: Calling Macros As Subroutines
    Q80999 Excel: Camera Picture Prints Gridlines Despite Page Setup
    Q86686 Excel: Camera tool Will Link to a Defined Name
    Q113695 Excel: Cancel and Enter Boxes on Formula Bar Are Black
    Q78760 Excel: C and FORTRAN Data Type Equivalents of DLL Codes
    Q87541 Excel: Cannot Access Workbook Table of Contents with Keyboard
    Q87421 Excel: Cannot Cancel Add Open File in Workbook
    Q61826 Excel: Cannot Change Color in Header or Footer
    Q50448 Excel: Cannot Disable Double-Click for Notes in Worksheet
    Q52058 Excel: Cannot Edit Single Cell of an Array
    Q70978 Excel: Cannot Eject 3.00 Setup Disk
    Q89651 Excel: 'Cannot Find Macro <macro name>' With Add-in Button
    Q64651 Excel: Cannot Insert Column with Hidden Column Selected
    Q96267 Excel: Cannot Insert Object from Microsoft PowerPoint 3.0
    Q91628 Excel: Cannot Modify Patterns on Series Data Markers
    Q32132 Excel: Cannot Move Auto-Positioned Objects in Dialog Editor
    Q87110 Excel: Cannot Open FoxPro .DBF File Containing Memo Fields
    Q102338 Excel: "Cannot Open Normal Multiplan Document" with Text File
    Q82083 Excel: Cannot Page Through Multiple Windows of Same Document
    Q78877 Excel: Cannot Paste Arguments for Function Macros
    Q49256 Excel: Cannot Paste Large Clipboard from Word into Excel
    Q85156 Excel: Cannot Print Cell Notes in PRINT_TITLE
    Q46513 Excel: Cannot Print from Data Form
    Q52222 Excel: Cannot Print Help Files
    Q63392 Excel: Cannot Print to Custom Paper Size
    Q86363 Excel: Cannot Record Sound Notes With System 6
    Q84140 Excel: Cannot Return Maximized Chart Object to Word
    Q89400 Excel: Cannot Save/Load Split from WK3 Format
    Q121467 Excel: Cannot Select Wide Columns with Mouse
    Q32133 Excel: Cannot Size Objects in Dialog Editor
    Q79552 Excel: Cannot Type Ampersands into Dialog Boxes
    Q71718 Excel: Cannot Undo the Goto Command
    Q70109 Excel: Cannot Use ADD.BAR to Restore Custom Bars
    Q63313 Excel: Cannot Use Attached Text to Add Text to Overlay Axis
    Q106337 Excel: Can See Background Images in "Transparent" Formula Bar
    Q71730 Excel: "Can't Access Document" Error Opening or Saving File
    Q52225 Excel: "Can't Access File" (GatorBox/TOPS/DOS Mounter/Dayna)
    Q63801 Excel: "Can't Access File" When Opening File over a Network
    Q80009 Excel: Can't Change Capitalization in Filename from MS Excel
    Q45842 Excel: Can't Change Font Characteristics in Custom Dialog Box
    Q26626 Excel: Can't Change Left/Right Margins for Headers and Footers
    Q84017 Excel: Can't Dock Toolbar on Left or Right Side of Window
    Q81025 Excel: Can't Evaluate Link to Closed Document in Formula Bar
    Q59614 Excel: "Can't Extend Database" Error with Data Form
    Q81273 Excel: Can't Insert Page Break with Row or Column Selected
    Q62485 Excel: Can't List Subset of Files with FILE.DELETE Function
    Q42060 Excel: Can't Open Large Text File in Versions 1.50 and Earlier
    Q81648 Excel: Can't Open Record Error When Loading Lotus Worksheet
    Q60912 Excel: Can't Print Multiple Draft Copies to the ImageWriter
    Q98064 Excel: Can't Run Tutorial from Network Drive
    Q48196 Excel: Can't Select Multiple Cells with Some Mac Keyboards
    Q61837 Excel: Can't Set Page Orientation/Print Reduction Using Macro
    Q57194 Excel: Can't Set Print Quality to Draft Through a Macro
    Q106205 Excel: Can't Use EXEC() Task ID with APP.ACTIVATE()
    Q102982 Excel: Can't Use Metric Measurements with PAGE.SETUP()
    Q105213 Excel: Can't Use Mouse to Select Cells from Custom Input Box
    Q88587 Excel: Can't Use Spelling Tool If Custom Dictionary Corrupted
    Q27772 Excel: Case Sensitivity and the DLL REGISTER() Function
    Q44482 Excel Category Axis Labels Hidden by Negative Value Columns
    Q82084 Excel: &c Code in Left or Right Header Section Overlaps Text
    Q95320 Excel CDK: Setup Fails
    Q88378 Excel: Cell Alignment Changes on Calculation
    Q89455 Excel: Cell Alignment Formats Cause Flatfile Export to Fail
    Q88823 Excel: Cell Contents Duplicated in Zoomed View
    Q42067 Excel: Cell Contents Not Displayed in Color Chosen Under Font
    Q79617 Excel: Cell Contents Repeat When Printing But Not on Screen
    Q24869 Excel: Cell Doesn't Update If Worksheet Linked to Macro Sheet
    Q64358 Excel: Cell Formats Not Saving When Using WKS or WK1 Format
    Q44022 Excel: CELL() Function Doesn't Update When Formatting Changed
    Q62520 Excel: CELL() Function in 2.20 Behaves Differently from 1.50
    Q80227 Excel: Cell Note Reference Gets Corrupted After Sort
    Q51302 Excel: Cell Reference Formats for an Excel Macro
    Q62515 Excel: Cell References for Cell Notes Not Printing
    Q24184 Excel: Cell References in Linked External Worksheets Are Wrong
    Q48199 Excel: Cells Don't Show Expected Number Formatting
    Q46515 Excel: Cell Shading Lost If Copied/Linked with Word 4.00
    Q89320 Excel: Centrally Locating Spelling Files on a Network
    Q65395 Excel: Change Button Unavailable in Links Dialog Box
    Q96124 Excel: Change Font from PRINT?() Macro Command Causes GP Fault
    Q80110 Excel: Changing Button Colors, Styles Created with Button Text
    Q63266 Excel: Changing Column Width Causes Number to Round
    Q60478 Excel: Changing Font of an Entire Chart
    Q27656 Excel: Changing Font Style and Size of X-Y Axis Text
    Q64337 Excel: Changing from Absolute to Relative or Mixed References
    Q24158 Excel: Changing Minimum and Maximum Values on Chart Axis
    Q74974 Excel: Changing Paper Sizes Using Page.Setup Macro Command
    Q51539 Excel: Changing Serial Number Date to Text Date Format
    Q89606 Excel: Changing Text file into Valid Custom Dictionary
    Q74342 Excel: Changing the Default Directory
    Q25776 Excel: Changing the Personalization
    Q64356 Excel: Characters Are Repeated in a Cell
    Q87497 Excel: Chart Based on Discontiguous Selection is Incorrect
    Q61831 Excel: Chart Changes When Inserting or Deleting Columns/Rows
    Q84024 Excel Chart Colors Print Differently Under Windows 3.1
    Q44017 Excel: Chart Copies in Black and White by Default
    Q29463 Excel: Chart Created with Preferred Format Has Incorrect Text
    Q48184 Excel: Charting Multiple Selection Yields Incorrect Results
    Q87968 Excel: Charting Nonadjacent Selections Return Hidden Series
    Q100980 Excel: Chart in Word Loses Color when Updated
    Q99964 Excel: Chart Is Cropped when Object Pasted with Paste Link
    Q47263 Excel: Chart Is Unexpectedly Blank
    Q85291 Excel: Chart Legend Cannot be Sized Manually
    Q78768 Excel: Chart Markers Differ in Size Between Versions
    Q90897 Excel: Chart Page Number Incorrect in User's Guide 1 Index
    Q80236 Excel: Chart Pastes to Worksheet as Picture or Embedded Object
    Q58638 Excel Chart Redraw with DDE
    Q51544 Excel: Charts Do Not Print As Well in Other Applications
    Q61825 Excel: Charts Not Pasting Correctly into Drawing Programs
    Q26378 Excel: Charts Not Printing Reduced with Reduction Set
    Q89328 Excel: Charts Print Very Slowly to PostScript Printer
    Q78219 Excel: Chart Text Cannot Be Aligned or Oriented Globally
    Q93561 Excel: Chart Text Truncated in Print Preview and When Printed
    Q65383 Excel: Chart Title Not Deleting When Chart Reopened
    Q81650 Excel: Chart Wizard Changes Series Formula References
    Q89983 Excel: ChartWizard Changes Title, X Axis, and Y Axis Fonts
    Q60120 Excel: Checking for a Defined Name in a Worksheet or Macro
    Q32364 Excel: Checking Results of a User-Defined Dialog Box
    Q48193 Excel: Choosing Comma or Tab Delimited When Importing Files
    Q87364 Excel: Choosing Help in Dialog Box Brings Up Wrong Help Topic
    Q84275 Excel: Choosing Page Setup Fails or Causes Excel to Halt
    Q41047 Excel: Circular Reference Alert Affects All Open Worksheets
    Q61845 Excel: CL/1 Connection Definitions for Various Configurations
    Q66375 Excel: Class-in-a-Box Training Package
    Q36655 Excel: Clearing Cells on a Worksheet
    Q87883 Excel: Clicking Auto-Fill Handle Causes General Protection
    Q78781 Excel: Clicking Scroll Bar in Print Preview Causes System Fail
    Q51060 Excel: Clicking Successive Cells Inserts + Signs
    Q79139 Excel: CLOSE.ALL in an Auto_Close Macro Generates Error
    Q81563 Excel: Closed Worksheet Number Formats Do Not Appear on Chart
    Q31179 Excel: Closed Worksheet Number Formats Do Not Appear on Chart
    Q80230 Excel: Closing an Add-In Macro from a Within a Macro
    Q86162 Excel: Closing Workbook Results in Multiple Prompts to Save
    Q51096 Excel: Code Resource Does Not Execute or Unexpected Results
    Q60123 Excel: Collapse Columns to Fit Desired Fields on Data Form
    Q72533 Excel: Colored Borders Don't Print as Solid Black
    Q78876 Excel: Colored Chart Gridlines Change to Black and White
    Q75039 Excel: Color Window Not Displayed in 16 Gray Mode in System 7
    Q93862 Excel: Columns Half Width or Invisible in Column Chart Overlay
    Q61497 Excel: Column Width Increments Dependent on Font Size
    Q72065 Excel: Column Widths Are Wider Than Expected
    Q48200 Excel: Column Widths Rounded in Files Saved as SYLK
    Q63953 Excel: Combining (Coercing) Different Data Value Types
    Q26966 Excel: COMMAND+= (Calculate Now) Acting Like an UP ARROW Key
    Q49267 Excel: COMMAND+` Doesn't Display Formulas with Certain INITs
    Q48166 Excel: COMMAND+F7 & COMMAND+F8 Don't Function on Macintosh
    Q62499 Excel: Command Keys for Find, Find Next, and Find Previous
    Q88004 Excel: COMMAND+O Highlights Save Button in Save As Dialog Box
    Q81561 Excel: Commands Added to Null Menu Don't Open Macro Sheets
    Q61498 Excel: COMMAND+SEMICOLON Does Not Enter Current Date in Cell
    Q71625 Excel: COMMAND+ Underlined Letter Not Working in Dialog Box
    Q50447 Excel: Commas and Decimal Points Not Retained in Chart Text
    Q99845 Excel: Communication Between Excel and Access Using DDE
    Q63948 Excel: Comparing Single Values to Arrays
    Q94188 Excel: Computed Criterion Does Not Need to Reference Database
    Q57393 Excel: Concatenating a Link Formula Using INDIRECT()
    Q67464 Excel: Consolidation Doesn't Display All Categories
    Q78649 Excel: Contents of Excel for the Macintosh Version 3.0 Disks
    Q87631 Excel: Contents of QEREADME.TXT from Excel 4.0 for Windows
    Q88263 Excel: Contents of README from Excel 4.0 for the Macintosh
    Q88265 Excel: Contents of README-NETWORK from Excel 4.0
    Q98868 Excel: Continuous Printing with Dot-Matrix Printer
    Q83814 Excel: Controlling Category/Series Orientation for Charts
    Q26900 Excel: Controlling How Worksheet Data is Plotted in a Chart
    Q51972 Excel: Controlling Iteration by Seeding Values in Circular Ref
    Q60476 Excel: Converting Date Fields from SYLK Files to FileMaker
    Q27524 Excel: Converting Decimal Numbers into Fractions
    Q46518 Excel: Converting Decimal to Hex and Hex to Decimal
    Q78117 Excel: Converting Imported Text String to a Date
    Q78933 Excel: Converting Time Entered as a Number to a Valid Time
    Q47580 Excel: Converting Time (h:mm) to Decimal (0.00 Hours)
    Q79489 Excel: Copied Cells Paste into Word as Tab Delimited Text
    Q95729 Excel: Copy and Paste Slow with OS/2 Version 2.0
    Q36888 Excel: Copying and Pasting Regions Through a Macro
    Q63810 Excel: Copying Defined Names Between Documents
    Q63028 Excel: Copying Defined Names to Another Worksheet or Macro
    Q29037 Excel: Copying Formula Without Relative References Changing
    Q26449 Excel: Copying the Exact Formula from the Cell Above
    Q52130 Excel: Copy Picture Changes Size of Graphic
    Q31177 Excel: Copy Picture Without Row/Column Headings and Gridlines
    Q49503 Excel: Core Topic Not Identified with Colored Rectangle
    Q84176 Excel: COUNT Function not the Same in Lotus
    Q24275 Excel: Counting Cells with Text Only & Counting NonBlank Cells
    Q89028 Excel: Courier Displays as a Proportional Font
    Q51095 Excel: Crashes/Unexpectedly Quits When Calling Code Resource
    Q74396 Excel: Crashing or Garbage Characters on SE or Plus with Dove
    Q61499 Excel: Crash When Printing with LaserServe
    Q44180 Excel: Creating a Box Around a Chart
    Q61426 Excel: Creating a Chart from Noncontiguous Data
    Q51093 Excel: Creating a Code Resource for Use in Macintosh Excel
    Q51391 Excel: Creating a Data Series with Time and Dates
    Q26395 Excel: Creating a Factorial() Function
    Q50092 Excel: Creating a List of the Defined Names in a Document
    Q28756 Excel: Creating a Loop in a Macro in Versions 1.06 and Earlier
    Q30653 Excel: Creating an Amortization Schedule
    Q60118 Excel: Creating an Analog Step Chart
    Q47579 Excel: Creating and Printing Multiple Print Areas
    Q79235 Excel: Creating an Exclusive Or (XOR) Function
    Q65399 Excel: Creating a Series of Letters
    Q27717 Excel: Creating a SUM Formula with a Macro Using Input Range
    Q49263 Excel: Creating Blank Lines in User-Defined Help File
    Q77241 Excel: Creating Charts with Multiple Groups of Stacked Bars
    Q23715 Excel: Creating Chart with Logarithmic Category Axis
    Q63331 Excel: Creating Command Underlined Items in Custom Data Form
    Q32738 Excel: Creating Compact Models and Reducing Memory Usage
    Q24666 Excel: Creating Criteria to Find Numbers or Text in Field
    Q24157 Excel: Creating Date, Year, Month, and Day Series in Worksheet
    Q73281 Excel: Creating Gantt Charts
    Q25494 Excel: Creating Key Commands for Page Right/Left/Down/Up
    Q96324 Excel: Creating Labels in Word for Windows Using Excel Data
    Q25756 Excel: Creating Line Charts with Error Bars
    Q77188 Excel: Creating Scatter Charts with Multiple X Ranges
    Q63029 Excel: Creating the Appearance of Multiple-Line Headers
    Q86766 Excel: Crosstab Cannot Group Using Custom Date Format
    Q87287 Excel: Crosstab Fails If Field Name Left Blank or Is Numeric
    Q51537 Excel: Crosstab Macro Dialog Box Cut Off on Small Monitors
    Q89643 Excel: CROSSTAB.RECALC Description Documentation Error
    Q100823 Excel: Crosstab Report May Not Sort Records Correctly
    Q101166 Excel: Crosstab Returns "Invalid Value in GROUP Field"
    Q79225 Excel: Crosstabs Macro Doesn't Work on Numbered Worksheet
    Q85863 Excel: Crosstabs May Return Error "Bad File Operation"
    Q92563 Excel: Crosstab Wizard Returns Blank Cell for Count
    Q43501 Excel: CTRL Key Doesn't Yield Alternate Character Set
    Q105014 Excel: CTRL+U Activates Windows Sound System Proofreader
    Q57389 Excel: Custom Commands Under Window Menu Change Position
    Q57404 Excel: Custom Data Form Not Behaving as Expected
    Q64336 Excel: Custom Data Form Not Inserting New Records in Database
    Q89173 Excel: Custom Dialog Box Limits
    Q50095 Excel: Custom Dialog Box Must Have Default Button
    Q47582 Excel: Custom Dialog Box Option Buttons Don't Dim
    Q61838 Excel: Custom Dialog Box Position Different in 2.20
    Q50990 Excel: Custom Format mm:ss Doesn't Display Values as Expected
    Q79226 Excel: Custom Gridlines in Chart Do Not Display Properly
    Q69499 Excel: "Custom Help File Conversion Utility" Application Note
    Q83815 Excel: Customizing Default Document Templates
    Q83872 Excel: Custom Menu Commands Disabled in Group Edit Mode
    Q49257 Excel: Custom Menus Not Appearing When Macro Is Run
    Q75609 Excel: Custom Number Format Causes Display of Number Signs
    Q64346 Excel: Custom Number Format May Cause Dialog Box Error
    Q45844 Excel: Custom Number Formats in Custom Dialog Boxes
    Q69670 Excel: Custom Number Format to Align Dollar Sign to the Left
    Q86457 Excel: Custom Tool Faces Must Be Picture-Type Objects
    Q25536 Excel: Cut/Copy Description in Clipboard
    Q78635 Excel: Cut, Paste Link Acts the Same as Copy, Paste Link
    Q64660 Excel: DAL Sales Information (CL/1); Supported Mainframes
    Q61842 Excel DAM: Copying and Pasting in the Query Editor
    Q70116 Excel DAM: DAL (Data Access Language) Is New Name for CL/1
    Q93125 Excel DAM: "File Read Error" When Logging onto Remote Database
    Q61297 Excel DAM: Finding Numbers in a Text Field
    Q93530 Excel DAM: Table and Field Names Are Not Sorted Correctly
    Q63905 Excel DAM: Unable to Establish Connection Returned Immediately
    Q62044 Excel DAM: Using Dates in Criteria for SQL Query
    Q61847 Excel DAM: "XLCL1 mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss" Files Created on Disk
    Q79490 Excel: Data Access Macro Does Not Function with System 7.0.1
    Q79490 Excel: Data Access Macro Does Not Function with System 7.0.1
    Q59245 Excel: Database AND in Criteria Example Incorrect
    Q78022 Excel: Database Extract Only Extracts One Record
    Q28190 Excel Database Extract to a Different Worksheet
    Q26739 Excel: Database Find Stops on Every Record in Database
    Q63030 Excel: Database Functions Not Returning Values as Expected
    Q61489 Excel: Database Functions Return Incorrect Results, Errors
    Q32741 Excel: Database Functions Return #REF!
    Q89509 Excel: Data Consolidate Returns Small Column Width
    Q89027 Excel: Data Extraction Copies Most Cell Formatting
    Q83117 Excel: Data Extract Leaves Old Formatting Beneath Extraction
    Q41624 Excel: Data Extract with Wildcards on Nontext Items
    Q48164 Excel: Data Form Definition Table Incorrect in 2.2 Manual
    Q80487 Excel: Data Form Width Set by Widest Column
    Q77549 Excel: Data Lost When File Saved in Text, CSV, or DBF Format
    Q50293 Excel: Data Parse Command Does Not Parse Numbers
    Q83198 Excel: Data Point Label Appears Above the Top of a Chart
    Q43927 Excel: Data Represented in Chart "Broken" If Cells Left Blank
    Q57387 Excel: Data Transferred from 1.50 Invisible in 2.20
    Q24255 Excel: Date Formats That Transfer Between Lotus 1-2-3 & Excel
    Q26454 Excel: Date Formulas Changing When Worksheet Is Opened
    Q26450 Excel: DATE Function with Dates After December 31, 1999
    Q32712 Excel: Date Incorrect in Documents from Excel for Windows
    Q92371 Excel: Dates Entered into Lotus Files Appear as Serial Numbers
    Q74400 Excel: Dates Formatted with mmm Display Incorrectly
    Q24972 Excel: Dates Imported from DOS Off by Four Years and One Day
    Q79582 Excel: Dates Incorrect When Manipulated with Macros
    Q81656 Excel: Date/Time Format Changes When Value in Cell Changes
    Q104226 Excel: Date Values Earlier Than 1900 Appear As Text
    Q47570 Excel: DAY Function Does Not Display Expected Date
    Q51303 Excel: DAY() Function Returns 1 When Referencing Blank Cell
    Q77429 Excel: DBF Files Do Not Support Number Labels
    Q82124 Excel: DDB() Results don't Match HP Calculator
    Q111438 Excel: DDE Command to Determine If Excel Is in Ready Mode
    Q79087 Excel: DDE Error When Sending End Command
    Q105879 Excel: DDE Execute Fails with Some Macro Functions
    Q115318 Excel: DDE Links Not Updated When Dialog Box Is Active
    Q91704 Excel: DDE Name "Microsoft Word" Does Not Work
    Q67094 Excel: Decimal Values in Charts Don't Appear As Expected
    Q122460 Excel: Default Font Used with Lotus WYSIWYG Spreadsheet
    Q57383 Excel: Definitions Reversed for step_num and end_num on Pg 145
    Q52167 Excel: Deleting a Print Area
    Q22822 Excel: Deleting Formulas from Cells Without Losing Values
    Q51546 Excel: Deleting Parts of a Legend
    Q59615 Excel: Description of the Excel Speak Macro; How to Use
    Q45758 Excel: Descriptions of Error Values Returned by Functions
    Q104103 Excel: DeskJet 500 Prints Gridlines Incorrectly
    Q95627 Excel: Desktop Granularity May Affect Tutorial
    Q67481 Excel: Determining an Object's ID Number in a Macro
    Q49265 Excel: Determining Button Clicked in User-Defined Dialog Box
    Q32766 Excel: Determining Cell Dependencies
    Q81028 Excel: Determining the Accounting Week of a Date
    Q78870 Excel: Determining the Location of the Excel Startup Folder
    Q63954 Excel: Determining the Name of the Active Macro
    Q94422 Excel: Dialog Box Definition Table Should Contain 3 Not 1
    Q51547 Excel: Dialog Box Does Not Reset Option Group
    Q44023 Excel: Dialog Boxes Not Centered on Large-Screen Monitors
    Q61839 Excel: Dialog Box Incorrect When Created Using Dialog Editor
    Q92564 Excel: Dialog Box Initialization Example Incorrect
    Q64407 Excel: Dialog Box Text Overlaps Its Corresponding Check Box
    Q84074 Excel: Dialogs Use Small Font if Helv is Missing
    Q26467 Excel: Differences Between 0 and # Symbols in Number Formats
    Q25956 Excel: Differences Between Printer Fonts and Screen Fonts
    Q29773 Excel: Direction of Values in Array Functions
    Q96949 Excel: DIRECTORIES() Function Returns #N/A
    Q60729 Excel: DIRECTORY Returns Error When Activating Root Level
    Q30882 Excel: Disabling Math Coprocessor
    Q78643 Excel: Discontinuous Range Charts as One Series
    Q89129 Excel: Disk Space Requirements for Excel 4.0
    Q92364 Excel: Displaying Automatic Page Breaks
    Q61296 Excel: Displaying Decimals in a Chart with Worksheet Closed
    Q50458 Excel: Displaying Insignificant, Leading Zeros
    Q25493 Excel: Displaying Row and/or Column Titles with Split Window
    Q70137 Excel: Displaying Significant Figures
    Q95951 Excel: Displaying the Current Date and Time with Text
    Q91691 Excel: Display Problems with E-Machines TX Color Monitor
    Q90075 Excel: Display Problems with Radius MultiView SVGA Monitor
    Q80113 Excel: Display Problem with Fahrenheit 1280 Orchid Video Card
    Q25518 Excel: Distribution of the RAND() Function
    Q83922 Excel: Doc Error Using an External Database as a Data Source
    Q86351 Excel: Doc Err: RADIANS() Located in Analysis ToolPak
    Q76574 Excel Docerr: SUBSCRIBER() Formula Example Incorrect
    Q63330 Excel: Documentation Error for DAY() Function
    Q89026 Excel: Documentation Error in YEARFRAC Function
    Q90037 Excel: Documentation Error on CLOSE Function
    Q86693 Excel: Documentation Error on Freezing Titles
    Q78661 Excel: Documentation Error with Array Arguments to Functions
    Q28767 Excel: Document Does Not Have Scroll Bars or Is Invisible
    Q46517 Excel: Document Saved as Text Not Text Until Closed, Reopened
    Q58220 Excel: Documents Not Opening Up in a Full Window
    Q64091 Excel Does Not Support the Weitek Math Coprocessor
    Q63338 Excel: Dotted Horizontal Underlines in Protected Document
    Q81853 Excel: Drag and Drop Doesn't Move or Copy Sheets to Desktop
    Q85909 Excel: Duplicate or Unexpected Logon Dialog Box
    Q84655 Excel: ECHO() Command Doesn't Suppress Menu Bar Updating
    Q89203 Excel: /e Command Line Switch
    Q42798 Excel: Edit and Copy Unavailable When Plot Area Selected
    Q65091 Excel: Edit Commands Don't Work with Letter Writer Plus 1.0
    Q80428 Excel: Editing a Password-Protected Template
    Q51181 Excel: Efficient Use of Memory When Referencing a Range
    Q103391 Excel: Embedded Paintbrush Object Not Automatically Updated
    Q79487 Excel: Emptying Trash with Excel Open
    Q64350 Excel: Emulating Wildcards in Numeric Database Functions
    Q89208 Excel: ENABLE.TOOL() Requires All Three Arguments
    Q88677 Excel: END Key Functionality Changed in Version 4.0
    Q85079 Excel: @ Entered When Promoting and Demoting Rows
    Q64342 Excel: Entering a Calculated Value as Unattached Text in Chart
    Q90830 Excel: Entering Date Without Year Defaults to Incorrect Year
    Q67470 Excel: Entering Fractions Without Decimal Values
    Q104442 Excel: Entering Multiple Lines in an Input Box
    Q59968 Excel: Entering Multiple Text Lines in a Chart with a Macro
    Q79086 Excel: {ENTER} with ON.KEY Differs Between Versions
    Q87581 Excel: Entire Chart Refreshes Upon Changing Source Value
    Q91641 Excel Err Msg: 'Application Busy or Missing' with Tutorial
    Q72838 Excel Err Msg: "Cannot Access CBT.XLW" when Running Tutorial
    Q75872 Excel Err Msg: Cannot Access Document
    Q97044 Excel Err Msg: "Cannot Access File" with Shared Files
    Q107905 Excel Err Msg: "Cannot Change Part of an Array"
    Q72106 Excel Err Msg: Cannot Enter a Formula in Data Form
    Q80485 Excel Err Msg: "Cannot Extend Database" with Data Form
    Q102674 Excel Err Msg: "Cannot Find File 'll'," Opening Multiple Files
    Q85959 Excel Err Msg: Cannot Find 'Filename' with SAVE.AS Function
    Q69782 Excel Err Msg: Cannot Find SOLVECMD.XLA
    Q78221 Excel Err Msg: Cannot Find Solver Add-in
    Q85861 Excel Err Msg: Cannot Find This File. Please Verify...
    Q101121 Excel Err Msg: "Cannot Find XLRDR.DLL" at Startup
    Q49274 Excel Err Msg: "Cannot Load That Help File" with Custom Help
    Q72574 Excel Err Msg: Cannot Open Printer Driver
    Q69491 Excel Err Msg: Cannot Shift Nonblank Cells Off Sheet
    Q85491 Excel Err Msg: "Can Only Run One Copy of Setup at a Time"
    Q48179 Excel Err Msg: "Can't Add More Formats" or "Too Many Formats"
    Q25535 Excel Err Msg: Can't Change Part of a Table
    Q23710 Excel Err Msg: Can't Copy mR X nC into <Reference>
    Q48257 Excel Err Msg: Can't Do That to a Multiple Selection
    Q88407 Excel Err Msg: Can't Read Record
    Q33244 Excel Err Msg: Can't Save If Dependent Sheet Refers to Old...
    Q38371 Excel Err Msg: Can't Shift Non-Blank Cells off Sheet
    Q68418 Excel Err Msg: Change Disk Cannot Find <Filename.dll>...
    Q77493 Excel Err Msg: CHANGER.XLA Error Messages
    Q92704 Excel Err Msg: 'CL1 Error...' with Data Access Macro
    Q102946 Excel Err Msg: Common Dialog Reported an Error While...
    Q73171 Excel Err Msg: Database Range Is Not Valid
    Q46507 Excel Err Msg: Data Form Is Not Correct
    Q69668 Excel Err Msg: DDE Error When Sending End Command
    Q93433 Excel Err Msg: 'Disk Is Full' when Installing to Remote Drive
    Q60119 Excel Err Msg: #DIV/0! with IRR() or MIRR() Instead of #NUM!
    Q70971 Excel Err Msg: Document Not Saved/Previous Copy Deleted
    Q92673 Excel Err Msg: 'Error in Formula' when Using Manual Link
    Q23834 Excel Err Msg: "Error in Formula" with a Function Macro
    Q26348 Excel Err Msg: Error in Formula with More Than 7 Embedded IF's
    Q96636 Excel Err Msg: "Error Locating Support File..." with RANDOM()
    Q94004 Excel Err Msg: "Error Printing on <Printer>," in Group Edit
    Q94676 Excel Err Msg: "Excel Has Caused a Segment Load Failure..."
    Q69615 Excel Err Msg: Excel.inf Is Missing the checksum...
    Q69669 Excel Err Msg: Extract Range Is Invalid
    Q92478 Excel Err Msg: 'File Error Cannot Find FILEFNS.DLL'
    Q89030 Excel Err Msg: File Error: Data May Have Been Lost
    Q30583 Excel Err Msg: "File Format Is Not Valid" with Linked Document
    Q67463 Excel Err Msg: File with the Name <Filename> Is Already Open
    Q71283 Excel Err Msg: Formula Is Too Long
    Q20294 Excel Err Msg: "Formula Too Long" with Formulas from Muliplan
    Q86026 Excel Err Msg: Help System Has Run Out of Memory
    Q100001 Excel Err Msg: "Help Topic Does Not Exist" Using Help Tool
    Q95811 Excel Err Msg: "Input Cell Reference Is Not Valid"
    Q90509 Excel Err Msg: Input Range Errors when Using Analysis Tools
    Q74504 Excel Err Msg: Locked Cell Can't Be Changed
    Q93577 Excel Err Msg: Macro Error at Cell <cell_ref> with ADD.COMMAND
    Q93540 Excel Err Msg: 'Macro Error at Cell' with Clipboard Functions
    Q87987 Excel Err Msg: Margins Do Not Fit Page Size
    Q96023 Excel Err Msg: "Not Enough Memory" Loading Lotus File in Excel
    Q89393 Excel Err Msg: 'Not Enough Memory to Print'
    Q99659 Excel Err Msg: "Not Enough Memory" with OS/2 Version 2.0
    Q99660 Excel Err Msg: "Not Enough System Resources" with Oval Object
    Q96451 Excel Err Msg: Not Translated: Print to File Not Available
    Q96734 Excel Err Msg: "Out of Memory" Printing a Chart to Dot Matrix
    Q78645 Excel Err Msg: 'Out of Memory' with Data Access Macro
    Q75734 Excel Err Msg: Reference Is Not Valid
    Q89504 Excel Err Msg: 'REGRESSION: Ranges Cannot Overlap'
    Q80481 Excel err msg:...Selection Already Contains Only Visible Cells
    Q102707 Excel Err Msg: "Serious Disk Error" Opening Multiple Files
    Q80228 Excel Err Msg: Sheet Is Protected...Format Cannot Be Used
    Q85435 Excel Err Msg: "Size Must Be Between 1 And 409 Points"
    Q105015 Excel Err Msg: "Too Many External References," with Windows NT
    Q57397 Excel Err Msg: Unable to Paste Link
    Q74171 Excel Err Msg: Unable to Paste Link
    Q85966 Excel Err Msg: Unexpected Error in Scenario Manager
    Q98652 Excel Err Msg: Update References to Unopened Documents
    Q52180 Excel: Error at Macro Cell Containing FOPEN Command
    Q92557 Excel: Error Checking in Macros and File Commands
    Q78868 Excel: ERROR(FALSE) with DDE Does Not Reset ERROR(TRUE)
    Q63316 Excel: Error in C Code in Code Resource Technical Reference
    Q64335 Excel: Error in Code Resource Technical Reference
    Q80206 Excel: Error in Instructions with Excel Help for Lotus 1-2-3
    Q24052 Excel: Error Message "Extract Range Is Not Valid"
    Q84800 Excel: Error Message "This Version of Help File not Supported"
    Q79626 Excel: Error Message with Paste Special Transpose
    Q28514 Excel Error Msg: Extract Range Is Not Valid
    Q103019 Excel: Error Opening File in Sound Recorder
    Q89714 Excel: Error Running Recorded Macro That Creates Chart Object
    Q89479 Excel: Error Saving Macintosh Excel File to LAN Manager Server
    Q67461 Excel: Errors Printing Columns Formatted with Best Fit
    Q40401 Excel: Errors Sorting Cells That Contain References
    Q104358 Excel: Errors Using SWITCH.XLA Buttons to Start Applications
    Q86854 Excel: Error When Extracting Conditional Dates with QE.XLA
    Q43995 Excel: Error When Using +, -, @, or = to Start Text in a Cell
    Q88846 Excel: Example for NAMES() Function Returns #VALUE!
    Q59246 Excel: Example of HALT() Command Is Incorrect
    Q104937 Excel: EXCEL4.INI Not Installed in Directory During Setup
    Q101844 Excel: EXCEL4.INI Settings for Size of Toolbar Tools
    Q89126 Excel: Excel Saved 1-2-3 File not Listed in Open Dialog Box
    Q63260 Excel: Excluding the Plus Sign from Scientific Notation
    Q50492 Excel: EXEC() Function Causes Crash with Long Pathname
    Q63341 Excel: EXEC() Function Does Not Return Logical Values
    Q93412 Excel: EXEC() Function Is Compatible with System 6.0.x
    Q70138 Excel: Exported Chart Causes LaserWriter PostScript Error
    Q90914 Excel: Exporting Data to Text Files
    Q51538 Excel: Exporting Worksheets and Charts to MORE II
    Q24257 Excel: Extending a Macro Without Redefining the Macro Range
    Q44172 Excel: Extracting Numbers Entered as Text in a Database
    Q97732 Excel: Extract Range Not Cleared when Using External Database
    Q70969 Excel: Extract Range Not Highlighted After Extract
    Q110210 Excel: F1 Key Does Not Access Custom Help From Input Box
    Q115796 Excel: FACT() and Functions Using Factorials Return #NUM!
    Q71337 Excel: Faster Option Unavailable in StyleWriter Print Dialog
    Q58455 Excel: File Close Command Closes All Windows of Document
    Q75107 ExcelFile Driver Supports the Money Data Type in Q+E
    Q65380 Excel: File Format Does Not Change to Normal When Saving
    Q67467 Excel: File Formats Excel 3.00 Can Save and Read
    Q87795 Excel: File from Microsoft Mail Saves to Current Folder
    Q89601 Excel: File Name Does Not Appear in Open Dialog
    Q103685 Excel: Filenames and File Formats in Windows and MS-DOS
    Q80232 Excel: File Open from Finder Allowed During Macro Execution
    Q89079 Excel: File Saved in DBF Format Deletes Data
    Q96379 Excel: File Saved in WK3 Displays Numbers Incorrectly in 1-2-3
    Q30656 Excel: File Saving Differences Between Excel, Lotus 1-2-3
    Q99926 Excel: FILES() Function Limited to 256 Filenames
    Q48145 Excel: FILES() Function Returns Files in FAT Order
    Q70977 Excel: Files on Original Disks Cannot Be Used Without Setup
    Q50491 Excel: File Transfers Between 4th Dimension and Excel
    Q49268 Excel: File Transfers Between Excel and WingZ
    Q81274 Excel: File Translation Between Macintosh and Windows Versions
    Q81024 Excel: File Won't Open from List of Recently Used Files
    Q111385 Excel: Filled Series Not Incremented with Cell Reference
    Q44174 Excel: Filling Formulas and Values Up or to the Left
    Q80594 Excel Financial Function Translation to Lotus Formats
    Q26355 Excel: Find Doesn't Find Dates on Spreadsheet, "No Match"
    Q33242 Excel: Finding a Date Using FORMULA.FIND() in a Macro
    Q63802 Excel: Finding All Records That Do Not Have Blank Fields
    Q45245 Excel: Finding a Record Using the Data Form
    Q38366 Excel: Finding Blank Cells Using FORMULA.FIND in a Macro
    Q52129 Excel: Finding Cell References in a Split or Frozen Pane
    Q26503 Excel: Finding Exact Match with LOOKUP() Functions
    Q83101 Excel: Finding the Date of the First or Last Day of the Week
    Q64339 Excel: Finding the Median of a Sorted Series of Numbers
    Q61177 Excel: Finding the Value at the Intersection of Defined Ranges
    Q79594 Excel: Fit To Page Option with Non-PostScript Printers
    Q46510 Excel: Fit To Page vs. Full Page Option for Printing a Chart
    Q76597 Excel: Flat File Add-In Gives Incorrect Percent Complete
    Q78637 Excel: Flat File Formats Noncontiguous Selections Vertically
    Q88981 Excel: Floating Toolbars Not Displaying Correctly
    Q90430 Excel: FMT File Not Opened by Lotus 1-2-3 Macro Using /fr
    Q51952 Excel: Fonts Larger Than 48 Points Not Listed in Format Font
    Q103614 Excel: Font Substitution When Point Size Smaller Than 8
    Q89642 Excel: FORMAT is Fourth Argument in OPEN Function
    Q89506 Excel: Formats Copied from Protected Document
    Q51543 Excel: Formats on Worksheet Not Displayed, Will Not Change
    Q31739 Excel: Formatting Different Aligned Text in Header and Footer
    Q46511 Excel: Formatting Not Transferred Between Linked Worksheets
    Q75828 Excel: Formulas Dependent on DDE Links Always Recalculate
    Q79184 Excel: Formulas from FILEFNS.XLA Add-In Return #VALUE!
    Q27416 Excel: Formulas Not Calculated After Fill Command
    Q79945 Excel: Formulas to Find the Log and Inverse Log of a Number
    Q34319 Excel: Formula to Calculate Number of Years Between Dates
    Q29492 Excel: Formula to Check if Cell Is Blank (Empty)
    Q85234 Excel: Formula To Find Last Valid Cell in a Range
    Q50449 Excel: Formula Viewer Macro Displays Unexpected Data
    Q86610 Excel for OS/2 May Not Print to All PostScript Printers
    Q75826 Excel: FoxBASE DBF Files Not Visible in File Open Dialog Box
    Q51541 Excel: Fractional Margins Not Accepted by Mac Daisy Link
    Q76254 Excel: Function Macros with a TYPE 8 Reference Recalculate
    Q24292 Excel: Functions Ignore Blank Cells to Calculate Result
    Q79044 Excel: Functions Return Zero with a Circular Reference
    Q75319 Excel: Function to Calculate a Geometric Mean
    Q61275 Excel: Function to Determine If Number is Real or Integer
    Q113215 Excel: Function Wizard Pastes Function Incorrectly in Formula
    Q75068 Excel: FWRITELN Command Does Not Write a Linefeed to File
    Q60913 Excel: Gaps Between Characters When Printing to the DeskJet
    Q45646 Excel: General Number Format Rounds Off Real Numbers
    Q89981 Excel: General Protection Fault in Module GENDRV.DLL
    Q49282 Excel: Generating a Random Number Between Two Values
    Q95936 Excel: Generic PostScript Does Not Retain Orientation
    Q63430 Excel: GET.CHART.ITEM() Returns Error with ECHO(FALSE)
    Q85233 Excel: GET.DOCUMENT(50) Returns Incorrect Result
    Q91629 Excel: GET.DOCUMENT(64) or (65) Return Incorrect Count or #N/A
    Q89614 Excel: GET.DOCUMENT Doc Errors for TYPE_NUM 19 and 20
    Q59967 Excel: GET.DOCUMENT() Incorrect with Type_of_Info 21-29
    Q59970 Excel: Getting Information from Chart Formula Bar with a Macro
    Q23605 Excel: Getting Unexpected Results with Computed Criteria
    Q93492 Excel: GET.TOOLBAR(9) Function Returns Incomplete Array of IDs
    Q43842 Excel: GET.WINDOW(1,"file") Returns #VALUE! If "file" Not Open
    Q88977 Excel: GET.WINDOW(4) Documentation Error
    Q86196 Excel: GET.WORKBOOK Returns Error
    Q67471 Excel: Goto Grayed on Macro Error Dialog
    Q104970 Excel: GP Fault After Copying Data from Exported Paradox File
    Q113468 Excel: GP Fault in ANALYSIS.XLL Using Regression Tool
    Q89740 Excel: GP Fault in Data Form When Linking Database to Word 2.0
    Q90074 Excel: GP Fault Opening Large Number of Text Files
    Q99876 Excel: GP Fault Running Tutorial with Auto_Close Macro Open
    Q87472 Excel: GP Fault Using GET.OBJECT() with Workbooks
    Q136143 Excel: GP Fault Using Resume() Function in MS Excel 4.0 Macro
    Q93490 Excel: GP Fault with Database Functions
    Q89127 Excel: Graphic in Edition Does Not Appear in Word
    Q82199 Excel: Graphic Object Appears as Point or Straight Line
    Q119271 Excel: Gridlines Not Displayed in Picture of Copied Cells
    Q90518 Excel: Group and Ungroup Tools Mislabeled
    Q24813 Excel: Grouping Windows in a Resume or Workspace File
    Q59618 Excel: Guided Tour Does Not Support Color
    Q82892 Excel: Hairline Widths Increase when Pasted from Excel
    Q72245 Excel: Header and Footer Use Only One Font
    Q60480 Excel: Header/Footer Font Names Must Match Format Font Name
    Q103737 Excel: Header/Footer Printed But Not Visible in Page Setup
    Q58221 Excel: Header/Footer Text Overlaps When Printed/Page Preview
    Q25483 Excel: Header or Footer Overwrites Worksheet Information
    Q111021 Excel: Help File of 100 Most Used Articles
    Q50452 Excel: Help Files Difficult to Read on Macintosh Color Screen
    Q89564 Excel: Help not Available with OS/2 2.0
    Q62511 Excel: Hewlett-Packard DeskJet Prints at 300 dpi Only
    Q51182 Excel: Hiding Macro Sheets Reduces Screen Redrawing
    Q32550 Excel: Hiding Text or Values on a Worksheet
    Q63804 Excel: How auto_close Is Invoked on Each Platform
    Q79792 Excel: How Default Column Widths Are Calculated
    Q58224 Excel: How New and Delete in Data Form Adjust Database Range
    Q93537 Excel: How to Access Custom Templates with NEW() Function
    Q93536 Excel: How to Calculate Elapsed Time
    Q93733 Excel: How to Calculate Odd and Even Negative Nth Roots
    Q57198 Excel: How to Convert Lotus 1-2-3 Macros to Macintosh Excel
    Q27414 Excel: How to Create an XY Chart
    Q92462 Excel: How to Create Mailing Labels with Excel Q+E
    Q86529 Excel: How to Disable the Drag and Drop Warning Message
    Q51184 Excel: How to Display, Print a Chart in Inverted Colors
    Q93903 Excel: How to Give Descriptive Names to Custom Add-in Macros
    Q25903 Excel: How to Keep Certain Values from Being Displayed
    Q89715 Excel: How to Print the Data Form
    Q97589 Excel: How to Resize Data Markers on Charts
    Q94364 Excel: How to Run a Word for Windows Macro from Excel
    Q77380 Excel: How to Sort Data with Each Recalculation
    Q103164 Excel: How to Use AutoSum in a Macro
    Q58543 Excel: How to Use the Sieve Macro to Find Prime Numbers
    Q75821 Excel: IF Function Returns 0 Instead of TRUE or FALSE
    Q91725 Excel: If Match Type Is 0 (zero) FASTMATCH() Returns #VALUE
    Q25992 Excel: IF() Statement Returns FALSE if R1C1 Used in Logical
    Q78195 Excel: Ignoring Zero Values in the AVERAGE Function
    Q50508 Excel: Illegal Dialog Error, Values Rounded in Custom Dialog
    Q66380 Excel: ImageWriter Can't Print Borders and Gridlines in Draft
    Q31698 Excel: Importing a Microsoft File Database into Excel
    Q47664 Excel: Importing and Exporting R:BASE Databases
    Q67455 Excel: Importing Comma-Delimited Text Files into Excel
    Q112363 Excel: Importing Lotus 1-2-3 Macro Library Files to Excel
    Q58229 Excel: Importing Lotus 1-2-3 Version 3.0 Files into Excel
    Q57394 Excel: Importing MORE II Outlines into Excel
    Q33143 Excel: Importing Space-Delimited Files to Versions Before 2.20
    Q78916 Excel: Importing TIF Formatted Graphic
    Q90798 Excel: Inactive Workbook Scroll Bars Activate Contents Buttons
    Q26247 Excel: Incomplete Alert When Printing After System Update
    Q25715 Excel: Inconsistent Display of Gridlines & Row/Column Headings
    Q28984 Excel: Incorrect Arguments Cause #VALUE! Error Message
    Q86767 Excel: Incorrect Descriptions of Resume Macro and Stop
    Q93253 Excel: Incorrect Example for MDURATION Function
    Q117362 Excel: Incorrect F-Test F Critical One-Tail Value Returned
    Q75069 Excel: Incorrect Keystrokes Given for Formatting Cells
    Q96043 Excel: Incorrect Margin Settings in Lotus WK3,FM3 File
    Q82261 Excel: Incorrect Print Preview of Text Color With HPIII
    Q72948 Excel: Incorrect Usage of the TEXTREF Function May Return #REF
    Q51843 Excel: Increasing Efficiency in Looping Over a Region of Cells
    Q89501 Excel: Index Option Using Crosstab ReportWizard
    Q88311 Excel: Information Duplicated on Scaled Printed Document
    Q80234 Excel: Information Not Saved to DBF File Format
    Q48202 Excel: INPUT() Command Returns Incorrect Cell Reference
    Q64349 Excel: INPUT "Default" Argument Does Not Center Dialog Box
    Q24630 Excel: INPUT() Function Storing a Reference
    Q89907 Excel: INPUT() Requires Two Arguments
    Q32363 Excel: INSERT(2) in Macro Repeats INSERT Command Continuously
    Q86568 Excel: Inserted Disk Unrecognized While Using Help
    Q44175 Excel: Inserting the Current Date or Time
    Q99661 Excel: Insert Paste Unavailable when Data Obtained with Cut
    Q85880 Excel: Installing onto a Network may Result in -50 error
    Q50993 Excel: INT() and TRUNC() Work Differently on Negative Numbers
    Q50985 Excel: Integer Edit Box in Custom Dialog Box Returns 32,767
    Q107625 Excel: International Date Format Changes Running Smart Parse
    Q96249 Excel: International Macro Changes Default Date and Time
    Q85293 Excel: International Versions Available
    Q68639 Excel: Interpolating Using Goal Seeker
    Q81559 Excel: INT() Function Doesn't Translate to WK1 or WK3 Formats
    Q89942 Excel: INTRATE() Function Uses Simple Interest
    Q79796 Excel: Invalid Field Name Accessing External Excel Database
    Q23601 Excel: IRR and MIRR Return #NUM Error
    Q70976 Excel: IRR and RATE Give Different Results in Version 3.00
    Q80233 Excel: IRR Function Returns Finite Result for Infinite Rate
    Q24284 Excel: IRR() Function Returns Unexpected Result with Blanks
    Q78783 Excel: IS Functions with External References Appear Incorrect
    Q93576 Excel: Item Selected in Linked List Dialog Box Not Highlighted
    Q44275 Excel: Iteration and Calculation Settings Are Reset
    Q79543 Excel: Iteration Setting Not Saved in Workspace File
    Q52165 Excel: Iterative Calc Returns Unexpected Value to Dependent WS
    Q79191 Excel: Keeping Formats when Changing Numbers to Text in Macro
    Q58227 Excel: Keyboard Select Current Region Doesn't Work on Mac Plus
    Q27309 Excel Keyboard Selection of Print Titles for Rows and Columns
    Q42068 Excel: Keyboard Selection Options in Dialog with Edit Boxes
    Q89183 Excel: Keyboard Shortcut Key Does Not Appear Correctly
    Q43936 Excel: Keyboard Shortcuts for Displaying Formulas
    Q64646 Excel: Kiwi Envelopes Crashes Excel After System Installation
    Q23772 Excel: Large-Screen Monitors Tested for Use with Excel
    Q90432 Excel: LCM() Function Returns Wrong Result
    Q64405 Excel: Legend in Bar Chart Is in Reverse Order of How Plotted
    Q86198 Excel: Legend May Display Incorrectly on 3-D Surface Chart
    Q47574 Excel: Legend Order in Stacked Bar/Column Chart Reversed
    Q25699 Excel: Legend Text Missing or Other Than Expected
    Q85259 Excel: Levco Prodigy Board Conflicts with Excel 3.0
    Q92405 Excel: Limits for Number of Items in Excel Custom Data Forms
    Q102952 Excel: Lines in Line Chart Not Printed to HP LaserJet III
    Q68721 Excel: Lines Not Correctly Plotted in 3-D Chart
    Q89472 Excel: LINEST() Returns Negative r^2 Value
    Q74263 Excel: Linked Attached Text Causes Macro Error
    Q95426 Excel: Linked Chart Shrinks When Window Is Minimized
    Q25907 Excel: Linking to File with Apostrophe in Name
    Q60547 Excel: Linking Worksheets with an R# or A$ Name
    Q89600 Excel: Links Change After Specifying Alternate Startup Folder
    Q90520 Excel: Links Command not on Shortcut Menu
    Q75549 Excel: Links Dialog Box Doesn't Show Filenames in System 7.0
    Q74615 Excel: Links Don't Update During Manual Document Calculation
    Q48176 Excel: Links to Closed Worksheets Return #REF!
    Q90790 Excel: List Boxes in Custom Dialogs Limited to 3,990 Items
    Q44224 Excel: List Box in Custom Dialog Box Appears Empty
    Q103780 Excel: List of Help Topics in EXCELHLP.HLP File for Excel 4.0
    Q103779 Excel: List of Help Topics in EXCELHLP.HLP File for Excel 4.0a
    Q65362 Excel: Locating Circular References
    Q35104 Excel: LOG10() Function Returning #NUM! Error
    Q78663 Excel: Logarithmic Scale Defaults Are Documented Incorrectly
    Q25966 Excel: Logicals in Array Formulas Return Unexpected Results
    Q24659 Excel: LOOKUP, HLOOKUP, VLOOKUP Return Incorrect Values
    Q97913 Excel: Lotus 1-2-3 .FMT Files Take Precedence Over .ALL Files
    Q95195 Excel: Lotus 1-2-3 ISNUMBER Function Changes to ISNONTEXT
    Q84078 Excel: Lotus Help Demo Halts with Minimized Document
    Q94634 Excel: Lotus Pie Chart Not Displayed in Black and White
    Q96191 Excel: Lotus WK3 File Has Unrecognizable Character Strings
    Q70114 Excel: Macintosh Freezes When Running Excel Speak Macro
    Q90940 Excel: Macro Buttons Don't Print
    Q51177 Excel: Macro Commands Not Available in Both Windows/Macintosh
    Q81277 Excel: Macro Error at ADD.TOOL with ID # 140-199 and >231
    Q48169 Excel: Macro Error at EXEC() Function, Must Use Full Pathname
    Q80486 Excel: Macro Error at NEW Command in Startup Macro
    Q51542 Excel: Macro Error on FOR() or WHILE() Loop Statement
    Q90953 Excel: Macro Errors When Scaling Output with PAGE.SETUP()
    Q83493 Excel: Macro Error Using SPELLING.CHECK() on Blank Cells
    Q80370 Excel: Macro Error Using Split Function if Range Off Screen
    Q85009 Excel: Macro Error Using TEXT.BOX() with Blank Parameters
    Q87300 Excel: Macro Error Using UNLOCKED.NEXT() or UNLOCKED.PREV()
    Q119141 Excel: "Macro Error..." with Lotus File Combine Macro
    Q62255 Excel: Macro Halts After Calling Subroutine Using GOTO
    Q51951 Excel: Macro Incorrect on Page 113 of Functions and Macros
    Q100197 Excel: Macro Interpreter Won't Run International 1-2-3 Macro
    Q65374 Excel: MacroMaker (Prior to 1.0.2) Macros Run Indefinitely
    Q30548 Excel Macro Not Executing Correctly When Hidden or Inactive
    Q36951 Excel: "Macro Not Found" When Item Chosen from Custom Menu
    Q94187 Excel: Macro Recorder Does Not Use Custom Macro Sheet
    Q47583 Excel: Macro Slow If Run with Show Info Window Open
    Q78866 Excel: Macros Run Slowly on Macintosh Portable or Notebook
    Q78334 Excel: Macro Statement to Test If File Is Open or Available
    Q66017 Excel Macro to Close All Open Worksheets Except for the Macro
    Q44736 Excel Macro to Convert yymmdd Date Format to a Serial Number
    Q74598 Excel Macro to Create Gantt Chart
    Q64090 Excel Macro to Determine if Active Cell Is in a Named Range
    Q108188 Excel: Macro to Display Message Box While Another Macro Runs
    Q73306 Excel Macro to Join More Than Two Files in Q+E for Excel
    Q43296 Excel Macro to Perform Arrange All When Sheet Is Clicked
    Q79216 Excel Macro to Print All Embedded Charts on a Worksheet
    Q67571 Excel Macro to Print All Open Documents
    Q51357 Excel Macro to Print Many Print Areas
    Q104997 Excel: Macro to Save Data as Tab-Delimited File without Quotes
    Q84021 Excel: Macro to View Excel in Split Window on a Macintosh
    Q58501 Excel: Making Numbers Appear Rounded While Keeping Accuracy
    Q47584 Excel: Managing Check Marks in Custom Menus
    Q31951 Excel: Mathematically Applying One Number to a Group of Cells
    Q63264 Excel: Mathematical Operation and Formatting in Paste Special
    Q30654 Excel: Maximum Data Points Allowed Is 2000 in Version 1.50
    Q49272 Excel: Maximum Number of Cells in an Array
    Q78770 Excel: Maximum Number of Characters in a Cell Note Is 15858
    Q75810 Excel: Maximum Number of Characters in a Formula Is Incorrect
    Q80997 Excel: Maximum Number of Custom Menu Items Limited to 255
    Q48181 Excel: Maximum Window Sizes Different in 1.50, 2.20
    Q63427 Excel: MAX or MIN Function Does Not Ignore Error Values
    Q79271 Excel May Generate a UAE when Choosing File Update
    Q97579 Excel: ME0185: Using Custom Help
    Q79238 Excel: MEDIAN Function Returns Incorrect Results
    Q61940 Excel: Memory Overflow May Occur When Printing to Laserjet II
    Q78526 Excel: Menu Options Appear to Be Chosen Automatically
    Q26333 Excel: Menu Options Available on a Protected Document
    Q44025 Excel: Menus Disappear or Hang with Moire ScreenSaver
    Q93664 Excel: Message in Status Bar Applies to Paste Not Paste Link
    Q102438 Excel: Methods for Conserving GDI Resources
    Q74523 Excel: Methods to Automatically Add Zeros After a Number
    Q77121 Excel: Method to Calculate the Duration of a Bond
    Q78342 Excel: Method to Reverse a Column of Values
    Q87854 Excel: Microsoft Mail Tool Cannot be Added with Switch Add-In
    Q88463 Excel: Mislabeled Disks with Excel Courseware Developer's Kit
    Q88588 Excel: Missing Help Topic for Illegal Reference Argument
    Q62519 Excel: MOD Function Returning a #NUM! Error
    Q84862 Excel: Modifying the Status Bar for a Custom Button
    Q74303 Excel: MONTH Function Tip in Excel Documentation Is Incorrect
    Q24949 Excel: Moving and Selecting Cells with the Keyboard
    Q26443 Excel: Moving a Selected Range with the Keyboard
    Q25492 Excel: Moving Between Unlocked Cells in Protected Worksheet
    Q59622 Excel: Moving the Window of a Locked Document Without Password
    Q50156 Excel: Moving to Next and Previous Unlocked Cells with Macro
    Q42730 Excel Msg: Revert to Saved Document
    Q31077 Excel: MultiFinder Allows Multiple Tasks in 1.50 and Later
    Q77152 Excel: Multiline List Boxes Display Text Incorrectly
    Q84277 Excel: Multiple Alerts Displayed When Closing WK3 file
    Q88683 Excel: Multiple 'Cannot Find <filename>' Alerts When Launching
    Q23700 Excel: Multiple Databases and Criteria in Database Functions
    Q109794 Excel: Multiple Links Between Excel and Word Cause GP Fault
    Q78782 Excel: Multiple Update References Messages with System 7.0
    Q60473 Excel: Multiply Time Entry to Obtain Decimal Number Equivalent
    Q63344 Excel: Must Save Workspace to Update Certain Items
    Q70979 Excel: Name Changer Macro Hangs on IF Statement
    Q60483 Excel: Name Defined As Constant Won't Link to Closed Worksheet
    Q97715 Excel: Name of Version 4.0 Settings File Is EXCEL4.INI
    Q80229 Excel: Names Defined as Formulas Don't Appear in Goto List
    Q62274 Excel: Negative Category Axis Labels Covered by Column or Bar
    Q98654 Excel: Network Installation of Open EIS PAK
    Q59620 Excel: Network Support
    Q88456 Excel: No Alert if User-defined Add-in Loaded Twice
    Q24182 Excel: No Gaps Between Pages Option Printing to ImageWriter
    Q84311 Excel: No Keyboard Selection for Print Quality in File Print
    Q31713 Excel: Noncontiguous Cells Print on Separate Pages
    Q67480 Excel: No Prompt for Scatter (X-Y) Chart
    Q78642 Excel: Normal Font Determines Font of Row and Column Headings
    Q96732 Excel: No Server Installation Option Using DEC Pathworks 4.0
    Q104696 Excel: "Not Enough Memory" Error When Defining Names
    Q96950 Excel: "Not Enough Memory" When Default Size Not Specified
    Q63791 Excel Not Executing with 3-D Buttons
    Q89742 Excel: No Working Models Available for Excel 4.0
    Q80088 Excel: NOW Returns #NUM! or TODAY Returns an Incorrect Result
    Q79584 Excel: Null Menu Bar Unavailable, Can't Quit Microsoft Excel
    Q79485 Excel: Number Appears at the Top of a Cell with Text Wrap
    Q59747 Excel Number Format that Displays Text Only
    Q66762 Excel: Number Format to Align Dollar ($) Signs
    Q95791 Excel: Number of Characters Allowed in a Text Box
    Q104225 Excel: Number of Files Allowed in Linked List Box
    Q26273 Excel: Numbers Don't Expand into Adjacent Cells
    Q24060 Excel: Number Signs (#) Fill Cell
    Q26967 Excel: Numbers Not Formatting, Functions Will Not Work
    Q59623 Excel: Numbers with an E Interpreted as Scientific Notation
    Q27817 Excel: #NUM! Error Returned with 68881 Math Coprocessor
    Q104839 Excel: Objects in Dialog Editor Appear Distorted
    Q88196 Excel: Objects Paste at Copied Size to Zoomed Worksheet
    Q66383 Excel: Obtaining a Count of the Currently Open Windows
    Q50261 Excel: Obtaining a List of the Defined Names in a Document
    Q141284 Excel ODBC Driver May Determine Wrong Data Type
    Q90179 Excel: ODDLPRICE() and ODDLYIELD() Documentation Error
    Q99789 Excel: Odd Results with Camera Tool and Paste Picture Link
    Q80108 Excel: OFFSET() Function Returns #VALUE When File Is Closed
    Q59621 Excel: OFFSET Returns a Reference, Not an Action Command
    Q64657 Excel: OK Button in Dialog Box Does Not Return a "True" Value
    Q102335 Excel: OLE Sound May Not Work if SoundBits Is Installed
    Q74617 Excel: ON.KEY Cannot Use COMMAND+PERIOD to Launch a Macro
    Q60944 Excel: ON.KEY Function Docerr in Functions and Macros Manual
    Q86245 Excel: Online Help Incorrect About Templates
    Q57412 Excel: Only Part of Text File with Quotation Marks is Read
    Q63426 Excel: Only Values Copied from Protected Document
    Q78784 Excel: Only Values Pasted If Source File is Closed
    Q101062 Excel: ON.TIME() Function May Run Macro at Midnight
    Q49273 Excel: OPEN and FILE.DELETE Functions Return Error
    Q88002 Excel: Opening 3-D Surface Chart Causes Divide by Zero Error
    Q88935 Excel: Opening a Query and Deleting a Saved Query
    Q95475 Excel: Opening a WK3 File with 3-D Links
    Q30824 Excel: Opening a Worksheet As Read Only from a Macro
    Q72576 Excel: Opening a Worksheet so That it Fills the Workspace
    Q47586 Excel: Opening Documents Not in Current Folder from Macro
    Q75608 Excel: Opening File from Finder Doesn't Set Directory
    Q111394 Excel: Opening File with Reference to Add-In Gives Error
    Q70115 Excel: Opening Multiple Linked Files in MultiFinder
    Q71908 Excel: Opening Text Files with More Than 256 Fields
    Q47575 Excel: Open Mail and Send Mail Functions
    Q48168 Excel: OPEN.MAIL(?) Returns "Error in Formula"
    Q29734 Excel: Operating US Versions on International Systems
    Q79136 Excel: Operation Performs on One Cell Only in a FOR.CELL Loop
    Q58226 Excel: Operations Using Database or Criteria on External WS
    Q51063 Excel: Optimizing the Speed of Macro Loops
    Q72622 Excel: Optimizing Worksheets for Fastest Calculation
    Q20284 Excel: Option Characters Not Included When File Saved as WKS
    Q50152 Excel: OPTION+Click to Insert Cells Doesn't Bring Up Dialog
    Q50510 Excel: OPTION+RETURN Inserts a Carriage Return in Cell Notes
    Q82118 Excel: Options Button on Page Setup Dialog Box Doesn't Work
    Q78185 Excel: Order in Which Add-Ins Located in XLSTART Are Opened
    Q63310 Excel: Order of Printing a Noncontiguous Print Area
    Q44024 Excel: Order of Searching Menus for Keyboard Commands
    Q84701 Excel or Project: GP Fault in WIN87EM.DLL
    Q67472 Excel: Outline Gray in Border Dialog Box
    Q69533 Excel: Outlining Icon Disappears in Outline Mode
    Q24254 Excel: Page Break Appears in Incorrect Position
    Q100361 Excel: Page Breaks Not Displayed Correctly with Fit To Option
    Q86410 Excel: PAGE DOWN Gives Error in Format Patterns Dialog Box
    Q59247 Excel: Page Preview Does Not Show or it Disappears
    Q80366 Excel: PAGE.SETUP Halts Macro with Show Info Window Active
    Q47576 Excel: Page Setup Information Not Retained When Saved as SYLK
    Q97851 Excel: PAGE.SETUP?() Macro Error Using Fit To Array
    Q79803 Excel: Page Setup Orientation Doesn't Control Printer Fonts
    Q70105 Excel: Parse Command Doesn't Work with Numbers
    Q79585 Excel: Part of Dialog Box with Trigger Items Is Erased
    Q109063 Excel: Passing Arguments to a Custom Menu Command
    Q58232 Excel: Password in PROTECT.DOCUMENT() Returns Macro Error
    Q74616 Excel: Password Protection Not Supported with WK3 Format
    Q89650 Excel: Passwords not Recognized After Switching Systems
    Q93177 Excel: Paste Command Unavailable when Copying Range of Cells
    Q48159 Excel: Paste Name/Function Not Selectable in Input Dialog Box
    Q45247 Excel: PASTE.SPECIAL Arguments for Skip_Blanks, Transpose
    Q50454 Excel: PASTE.SPECIAL Form 3 Represents Chart-to-Chart Pasting
    Q25690 Excel: Paste Special Formulas Option Also Pastes Values
    Q32367 Excel: Paste Special Not Available After the Cut Command
    Q86424 Excel: Pasting Bound Charts into Slide Show Add-in
    Q112392 Excel: Pasting Copied Chart to Publisher 2.0 Causes GP Fault
    Q41032 Excel: Pasting Defined Names from One Worksheet to Another
    Q93527 Excel: Pasting Embedded Chart Changes Source of Link
    Q83813 Excel: Pasting Non-Contiguous Range to Microsoft Word
    Q98399 Excel: Patterned Cells May Not Print to HP LaserJet 4
    Q68993 Excel Patterns Listed Out of Sequence from Macro
    Q44026 Excel: Pauses Before Switching to Another Application
    Q87964 Excel: Percentage Values Not Accurately Represented in Chart
    Q75819 Excel: Picture Chart Graphics Extend Beyond Ends of Bars
    Q86486 Excel: Picture Object in Dialog box Affected by Zoom
    Q70975 Excel: Picture Prints Incorrectly in PageMaker 4.01
    Q107568 Excel: Pipe Symbols Disappear When Exported to Lotus
    Q80005 Excel: Placing a Carriage Return in a Dialog Text Edit Box
    Q67476 Excel: Placing Quotation Marks in Number Formats
    Q25138 Excel: Placing Quotation Marks within a Text String in a Macro
    Q48639 Excel: Plotting Data from More Than One Worksheet in a Chart
    Q25652 Excel: Plotting More Than One Y Series in an X-Y Chart
    Q62517 Excel: Plotting Multiple Groups of X-Y Values on Chart
    Q26398 Excel: Positioning a Chart Legend
    Q51183 Excel: Positioning Active Cell at Top-Left Corner of Window
    Q46520 Excel: Possible Causes of "Can't Access <Filename>" Error
    Q78394 Excel: PostScript Driver Sizes Chart Text Incorrectly
    Q71396 Excel: PostScript Error Generated When Printing
    Q47577 Excel: Precision As Displayed Command Rounds Numbers
    Q90474 Excel: PRECISION() Function Documentation Error
    Q88748 Excel: Preferred Chart Format Doesn't Save Legend Position
    Q75823 Excel: Pressing TAB in Text Box Selects Next Object in Drawing
    Q50091 Excel: Press OPTION+RETURN to Enter Line Break in Cell Note
    Q89287 Excel: PRESS.TOOL() Requires Three Arguments
    Q78838 Excel: Preventing a Series from Displaying Within a Legend
    Q23813 Excel: Preventing Zero Values from Being Displayed
    Q82246 Excel: Print and Printer Setup Buttons Greyed in Page Setup
    Q89243 Excel: Printer Options Settings via Page Setup Don't Work
    Q89704 Excel: Printing 3-D Pie Charts with Improved Shading
    Q89627 Excel: Printing an Ampersand in a Header or Footer
    Q88576 Excel: Printing and Displaying Text Across Rows
    Q24941 Excel: Printing a Worksheet Without Row/Column Headings
    Q95179 Excel: Printing Chart after Page.Setup?() Macro Causes Error
    Q43823 Excel: Printing Chart Fit to Page Doesn't Enlarge Text
    Q51066 Excel: Printing Different Number of Rows from Same Document
    Q46506 Excel: Printing Documents in Color/Gray Scale to LaserWriter
    Q98001 Excel: Printing from File Manager Displays Print Dialog
    Q63805 Excel: Printing Information About Every Cell in Selection
    Q85670 Excel: Printing Multiple Copies
    Q23748 Excel: Printing Noncontiguous Areas of a Spreadsheet
    Q62508 Excel: Printing Range of Pages with Altered Page Numbers
    Q71228 Excel: Printing to an Imagewriter with Mac Daisy Link
    Q46509 Excel: Printing to LaserWriter Prints Number Signs (#)
    Q95476 Excel: Print Preview Not Same As Printed Document with HP 4/4M
    Q81764 Excel: Print Quality Doesn't Hold with Dot Matrix Printer
    Q89821 Excel: Print Report Incorrectly Numbers Pages
    Q82891 Excel: Problems with Filenames that Contain Backslashes
    Q82007 Excel: Problem with Database Tutorial When QE.XLA Loaded
    Q89174 Excel: Proportionally Resizing Freehand Drawing Objects
    Q44015 Excel: Protected Windows Don't Arrange Using Arrange All
    Q77211 Excel: {PRTSC} Does Not Work with ON.KEY or SEND.KEYS
    Q89396 Excel: Published Edition Reappears After Deletion
    Q112362 Excel: QDB.FORM() and DB.FIND() Commands Fail without QE.XLA
    Q24909 Excel: Quick Insertion of Rows or Columns on a Worksheet
    Q71088 Excel: Quick Keys for Top and Bottom Borders Disabled
    Q27308 Excel Quick Numeric Keypad Entry
    Q74659 Excel: QuickSwitch Doesn't Update Link Under System 7.0
    Q44018 Excel: QuickSwitch with Word Copies Excel Chart as Printed
    Q63809 Excel: QUIT Function Returns Macro Error if Cancel Selected
    Q93446 Excel: Radius Pivot Monitor May Hang Excel Version 4.0
    Q89904 Excel: RANDBETWEEN() is in Add-In Functions
    Q94215 Excel: RANDOM() Needs Values for Variables, Points, and Seed
    Q86523 Excel: Random Number Generation
    Q96932 Excel: Random Numbers in Worksheet With Fixed Decimal
    Q65398 Excel: Ranking Number Range with Array Formula
    Q69724 Excel: Reading the First DOS Environment Variable
    Q103098 Excel: README.TXT Documentation Errata Applies to Few Editions
    Q25624 Excel Reads Lotus 1-2-3 Files
    Q58228 Excel: Recalculating or Choosing Command Clears Clipboard
    Q90390 Excel: Recalculation Stops when Excel Loses Focus
    Q71626 Excel: Recently Opened Files Not Listed on File Menu
    Q50455 Excel: Recording Macro with Send Mail to a Group Doesn't Work
    Q29326 Excel: Recovering Data from a Password Protected Sheet
    Q29323 Excel: Redefining a Name to Refer to a New Range of Cells
    Q104357 Excel: Redraw Problem when Opening and Hiding Worksheets
    Q71066 Excel: Reduction Buttons Dimmed with Personal LaserWriter LS
    Q61290 Excel: Reference Requirements of Computed Criteria
    Q74821 Excel: References Change in File Transferred to Lotus 1-2-3
    Q62382 Excel: References in List Box Definition Must Use RC Notation
    Q80480 Excel: Referencing Defined Name Returns Macro Error or #REF
    Q25537 Excel: Referencing the Active Worksheet in a Macro
    Q88686 Excel: Regression Dialog Box Does Not Fit 9-inch Screen
    Q108905 Excel: Regression P-Value Is Calculated Incorrectly
    Q79583 Excel: Relative Names Convert Incorrectly from Excel 2.2
    Q96933 Excel: Removing Gridlines from a Section of a Worksheet
    Q75547 Excel: Removing the Most Recently Opened Files from File Menu
    Q89644 Excel: RENAME.COMMAND Tip Documentation Error
    Q24210 Excel: Reordering Series Names in Legend
    Q78449 Excel: Replacing Sheet1 with a User-Defined Template
    Q78644 Excel: Replacing Text in Cell Notes
    Q100406 Excel: Resetting Last Cell Address Fixes Memory/Printing Probs
    Q84076 Excel: =RESULT(8+64) Causes #VALUE! with 1-by-1 Array
    Q81815 Excel: Results of AutoSelect Different from CTRL+Arrow
    Q78156 Excel: Results of CELL Function Vary When Active Cell Changed
    Q58219 Excel: Retrieving Cell Notes from a Macro
    Q33897 Excel: RETURN() Function Cannot Be Entered As an Array
    Q25486 Excel: Returning a Blank Cell When IF Command Returns FALSE
    Q62278 Excel: Returning a Horizontal Array from a Function Macro
    Q25691 Excel: Returning Contents of Refers To Box for Defined Name
    Q104224 Excel: Returning the First or Last Match in an Array
    Q59244 Excel: Returning the Name of the Currently Running Macro Sheet
    Q61496 Excel: Returning the Pathnames of Linked Documents
    Q79267 Excel: Returning the Second Minimum or Maximum in a Range
    Q24729 Excel: Returning to the First Column of the Next Row
    Q76253 Excel: RETURN Key Cancels Printing to ImageWriter
    Q61841 Excel: RETURN Key Does Not Move Active Cell Down
    Q24333 Excel: Reversing the Order of Values on an Axis
    Q86628 Excel: Rotated Text in Automatic Sized Text Box Doesn't Print
    Q80478 Excel: Rounding Up or Down to a Defined Precision Limit
    Q102826 Excel: Row and Column Headings No Longer Have 3-D Effect
    Q62385 Excel: Row Height Changes After Deleting a Column
    Q81003 Excel: Row Heights Change in Documents Converted to Excel 3.0
    Q70260 Excel: Row Heights Change to Zero After Cut and Paste
    Q25789 Excel: Row Heights not Adjusting to Changing Font Sizes
    Q44397 Excel: Rows and/or Columns Printing Twice on First Page
    Q88430 Excel: Rules for Plotting Selections May Differ
    Q61843 Excel: Running the CL/1 Installer with GateKeeper Active
    Q43935 Excel: Save As DBF 2 and DBF 3 Options Grayed
    Q82893 Excel: Save As Dialog Appears when Closing Unchanged File
    Q89743 Excel: Save As Doesn't Build Another Copy of Workbook Document
    Q80011 Excel: SAVE.AS? Function Does Not Save in Excel 2.x Format
    Q63963 Excel: SAVE.AS Retains Password of Password-Protected Document
    Q31699 Excel: Save Chart as PICT Graphic to Copy to Other Application
    Q61289 Excel: Save Dialog Appears When No Changes Have Been Made
    Q88688 Excel: Saving an Excel 3.0 Template From Excel 4.0
    Q87508 Excel: Saving Excel 3.0 Document with Publishers Loses Format
    Q82122 Excel: Saving File Gets "Operation Failed" Alert
    Q45843 Excel: Saving Hidden Worksheets or Macro Sheets
    Q82121 Excel: Saving to Non-Excel File Format Returns Save As Dialog
    Q82123 Excel: Saving Unsaved Bound Files Saves Workbook
    Q105875 Excel: Scenario Manager Fails
    Q96983 Excel: Scenario Returns #REF! or #Invalid Value!
    Q62491 Excel: Screen Refreshes Repeatedly When Adding to Database
    Q86292 Excel: Screen Size Should Be Constrained When Opening Lotus File
    Q47588 Excel: Scrolling in Page/Print Preview Zoom (Magnified) Mode
    Q96559 Excel: Second Argument in POKE Should Contain Backslash
    Q79609 Excel: Selected Gallery Option Changes with Chart Formatting
    Q101455 Excel: SELECT.END() Doesn't Work on Minimized Worksheets
    Q79246 Excel: SELECT.END Macro Example Is Incorrect
    Q77800 Excel: SELECT() Function Interprets Relative Names Differently
    Q26886 Excel: Selecting Active Portion of Spreadsheet Using a Macro
    Q49277 Excel: Selecting a Data Point in a Chart with a Macro
    Q49799 Excel: Selecting a Discontinuous Range with or Without Mouse
    Q43847 Excel: Selecting an Array of Cells
    Q25654 Excel: Selecting a Range with Defined Names
    Q67477 Excel: Selecting a Single Data Point on a Chart
    Q89608 Excel: Selecting a Tool to Draw Multiple Objects
    Q21585 Excel: Selecting a Variable Range Through a Macro
    Q57196 Excel: Selecting Intersection of Two Ranges with a Macro
    Q51629 Excel: Selecting Multiple Defined Names from a Macro
    Q87324 Excel: Selecting Noncontiguous Ranges with a Macro
    Q72602 Excel: Selecting Parent Directory with the DIRECTORY Command
    Q93560 Excel: Selecting Precedents Doesn't Select External References
    Q61487 Excel: Selecting Records Within a Range of Data Example Wrong
    Q42069 Excel: Selecting SHIFT Menu Options Using Alternate Menu Key
    Q81642 Excel: Selecting Trend With Data Series May Change Cell Values
    Q86426 Excel: Selection Tool Unavailable on Embedded Chart or Graph
    Q20279 Excel: Select Last Cell Chooses Cell Beyond Active Region
    Q60911 Excel: Select Records for Last 30 Days Criteria Example Wrong
    Q109172 Excel: Select Special, Find, and Replace Commands Ignore Cells
    Q92561 Excel: Semicolon Should be Used to Separate Rows of an Array
    Q28571 Excel: Sending Special Codes to a Serial Printer
    Q67578 Excel: SEND.KEYS() Not Executing Correct Menu Commands
    Q102876 Excel: Send Mail Command Does Not Appear on File Menu
    Q51554 Excel: SEND.MAIL Function Description Is Incorrect
    Q31705 Excel: Series Command to Increment Time by 15 or 30 Minutes
    Q99059 Excel: Server Installation Button Not Available on OS/2 Server
    Q25902 Excel: Setting ImageWriter to Draft Mode Using Macro
    Q60479 Excel: Setting Noncontiguous Area as Print Titles
    Q71298 Excel: Setting the Focus in a Custom Dialog Box
    Q78222 Excel Setup Attempted from Locked Disk Causes System Error -49
    Q70972 Excel: Setup Disks Cannot Be Renamed
    Q84020 Excel Setup Fails and Drops to the MS-DOS Prompt
    Q70750 Excel Setup Fails (Error -49)
    Q71925 Excel: Setup Fails with File Read/Write Error with Empower
    Q70272 Excel: Setup Hangs if Pyro! Blanks Screen
    Q97830 Excel: Setup May Hang When Using Saber Menu System Shell
    Q78648 Excel: Setup Program Requests Ejected Disk and Then Fails
    Q51067 Excel: SET.VALUE() Is Faster Than SET.NAME() and FORMULA()
    Q88980 Excel: SET.VALUE Reference Parameter Documentation Error
    Q26066 Excel: SET.VALUE, SET.NAME, and DEFINE.NAME Differences
    Q84702 Excel: Shaded Text Prints Incorrectly to LaserJet III
    Q75071 Excel: Shading May Not Print if Text Box Exists on Same Sheet
    Q85588 Excel: Shadow on Unfilled Rounded Objects Don't Print
    Q98982 Excel: Sheets Open in R1C1 Style with WinFax 3.0
    Q50511 Excel: SHIFT+BACKSPACE Functions the Same as ENTER Key
    Q51961 Excel: SHIFT+Click on Step Button to Debug Macro
    Q60486 Excel: SHIFT-Selecting Multiple Noncontiguous Ranges
    Q51555 Excel: SHIFT+TAB Does Not Select Previous Field in Data Form
    Q89776 Excel: Shortcut for Entering the Current Date and Time
    Q89908 Excel: Shortcut Menu Commands Create Unexpected Results
    Q63101 Excel: SHOW.BAR Doesn't Restore Built-in Menu Bar
    Q31178 Excel: Showing a Column After Setting Column Width to Zero
    Q50490 Excel: Showing Additional Fields with Custom Data Form
    Q80235 Excel: Simulating Subscripts and Superscripts with Text Boxes
    Q48640 Excel: Simulating Wider Cell Borders in Version 2.20
    Q85973 Excel: Single-Ply WK3 Files Open as Workbooks
    Q74302 Excel: Size Limitation of Embedded Chart
    Q92560 Excel: Size Limit of Input Range in Histogram Tool
    Q89702 Excel: Slide Show Add-in Setup Incorrectly Documented
    Q90076 Excel: Slide Show Help Documentation Error
    Q50992 Excel: Slow Typing and Menu Selection
    Q79588 Excel: Smart Quotes Cannot Replace Straight Quotes
    Q78756 Excel: Solver Cannot Constrain Value to Multiple of a Value
    Q78646 Excel: Solver Command Does Not Appear in the Formula Menu
    Q90185 Excel: Solver Error Value in a Target or Constraint
    Q78200 Excel: Solver's Options Dialog Box Will Not Close
    Q64341 Excel: Sort Doesn't Change Order of Lower/Upper Case Letters
    Q60114 Excel: Sorting Alphanumeric Strings with Numeric Strings
    Q102436 Excel: SOUND.PLAY() Function Cannot Play Compressed Wave Files
    Q90786 Excel: SOUND.PLAY() Ignored in Auto_Open Macro
    Q102334 Excel: SOUND.PLAY() Results in Macro Error if Object Selected
    Q51965 Excel: Space Parsing Macro for Versions 1.50 and Earlier
    Q81272 Excel: Specifying a Range for a Single-Value Argument
    Q48155 Excel: Specifying Font Size in Header/Footer in 2.20
    Q99927 Excel: Spelling Not Checking Uppercase Text
    Q93126 Excel: Split Not Saved in Workbook
    Q64355 Excel: Standard Font Affects Row and Column Headings Style
    Q51565 Excel: Standard Menu Not Updating After Using Custom Menu Bar
    Q46516 Excel: Standard Row Height Dependent on Font Size
    Q83400 Excel: Startup Alert Loading Analysis Toolpak Support Files
    Q80369 Excel: Startup Sheets Loading Twice
    Q99584 Excel: Startup Template Overrides EXCEL4.INI Settings
    Q77296 Excel: Stationery Files Are Treated as Templates
    Q84174 Excel: STDEV Function is Translated Incorrectly to Lotus 1-2-3
    Q90402 Excel: STEP() Causes Macro Error in Auto_Open Macro
    Q75816 Excel: SUBSCRIBER Function Cannot Be Entered in Formula Bar
    Q77235 Excel: Subscribing to an Excel Edition with a Picture
    Q81565 Excel: Subscription to Large Edition Displays #N/A
    Q83816 Excel: Substituting Defined Names for Array Formulas
    Q142117 Excel: Summary of Methods to Recover Data from Corrupted Files
    Q24766 Excel: Summing a Field in a Database Based on Criteria
    Q31369 Excel's Update Remote References Option Is Not Saved
    Q26468 Excel: Suppressing a Leading Zero in a Decimal Number Format
    Q59249 Excel: Suppressing Decimal Places in Pie Chart #6
    Q48165 Excel: Suppressing #DIV/0! Error Messages in Division
    Q31691 Excel: Suppressing Error Alerts in Macro or Branching at Error
    Q93520 Excel: Switch Add-In Macro Only Works with System 7 and Later
    Q64338 Excel: SYLK File Format Additional P Record Fields
    Q26095 Excel: SYLK, WKS and WK1 File Format Options Grayed
    Q85085 Excel: Symbol Command in Word 5.0 Disables Excel Shortcut Keys
    Q100330 Excel: System Slow with Sheet Containing Linked Picture
    Q64352 Excel: TAB Key Movement Order in Custom Dialog Box
    Q51029 Excel: Tables Calculate Slowly With Dependent Cells
    Q49279 Excel: Tables Not Recalculating When Sheet Opened or Saved
    Q94233 Excel: TBILLPRICE() Function Example Error
    Q67478 Excel: Template Name Not Showing Up in File New
    Q89733 Excel: Templates and Add-ins Can't be Saved to Workbooks
    Q89979 Excel: Template Unexpectedly Opens in Edit Mode
    Q75817 Excel: Text Alignment Options Don't Affect Attached Chart Text
    Q67479 Excel: Text Box Rotates Whenever Selected
    Q64647 Excel: Text Does Not Flow into Adjacent Cells
    Q57395 Excel: Text File Opens Blank or with Partial Data
    Q75072 Excel: Text File Opens Partially or Data Missing
    Q74618 Excel: Text May Be Lost When Saving in a DBF File Format
    Q93462 Excel: Text Not Visible with Center Across Selection Format
    Q38369 Excel: Text Numbers Become Numbers if Document Saved as Text
    Q88976 Excel: Text Only When Printing to HP Paint Series Printer
    Q72192 Excel: Text Overflows Text Box Outline on Some Printers
    Q79551 Excel: Text Pasted from Word for Windows Gets Truncated
    Q64403 Excel: Text Truncated When Using Parse Command
    Q93254 Excel: Text Values in XY (Scatter) Chart Change Format
    Q59959 Excel: Third Column of Custom Command Table Is COMMAND Key
    Q52166 Excel: Third-Party Driver Must Be Used to Print to a Plotter
    Q95194 Excel: Third-Party Video Driver May Hang Microsoft Excel
    Q52221 Excel: Timing of Payments in the NPV() Function
    Q32549 Excel: Tip for Setting Print Titles
    Q71629 Excel: Toggling Menu Items Using a Command Macro
    Q89716 Excel: 'To_reference' Cannot be Enlarged Multiple of 'From_ref
    Q105050 Excel: Trailing Space Added to Text Pasted into Find What Box
    Q67459 Excel: Transferring 3.00 Files to Excel 2.20
    Q25716 Excel: Transferring a Worksheet or Chart into Aldus PageMaker
    Q51304 Excel: Transferring Files Between Adobe Illustrator 88 & Excel
    Q51301 Excel: Transferring Files Between Canvas II and Excel
    Q31182 Excel: Transferring Files Between Excel and OverVue
    Q51306 Excel: Transferring Files Between MacDraw, MacDraw II & Excel
    Q51308 Excel: Transferring Files Between MacPaint and Excel
    Q23672 Excel: Transferring Files Containing Dates to Microsoft File
    Q20280 Excel: Transferring Microsoft Chart Data to Excel
    Q121643 Excel: Transposed Formulas from Paste Special Incorrect
    Q63064 Excel: TREND Function Returning #VALUE! in Every Cell
    Q41064 Excel: Trigonometric Functions Returning Incorrect Values
    Q93904 Excel: Trouble Printing Charts on HP PaintJet Printer
    Q71411 Excel: Troubleshooting Plotter Problems With Charts
    Q50982 Excel: Troubles Printing Color with Mac II, SE/30 or Higher
    Q80466 Excel: Truncated Characters with HP Tax 1 Cartridge
    Q92585 Excel: TRUNC() Function Not Described Clearly in Manual
    Q92558 Excel: T-Test May Return Negative Pooled Variance for Means
    Q58542 Excel: Turning NUM LOCK On and Off
    Q52223 Excel: Turn Off Status/Formula Bar to Print Screen Dump
    Q110004 Excel: Tutorial Can't Be Completed If TrueType Only Is Enabled
    Q78220 Excel: Tutorial Does Not Launch Properly with Hypercard 2.0
    Q84077 Excel: Tutorial Doesn't Run Under Pen Windows
    Q30881 Excel: Two Monitor (Color and Black/White) Display Problems
    Q67475 Excel: Types of File Sharing/File Protection
    Q71473 Excel UAEs in Print Preview with Attachmate Extra for DOS
    Q78341 Excel: UAE with Bitstream FaceLift and File Page Setup
    Q61846 Excel: 'Unable to Establish Connection' After Initial Login
    Q60117 Excel: Unable to Invoke Macro with CAPS LOCK Key Pressed Down
    Q63102 Excel: Unable to Print Footer on A4 Letter Size to LaserWriter
    Q124752 Excel: Unable to Select Nonadjacent Cells with MS Mouse 9.01
    Q63803 Excel: Unable to Use Data Form with Linked Spreadsheets
    Q72534 Excel: Unattached Text Doesn't Cover Overlay Axes
    Q26947 Excel: Unattached Text on Chart Cut Off When Printed
    Q81859 Excel: Unbound Closed Files Remain Listed in Workbooks
    Q70107 Excel: Undefined Name Has Value
    Q49281 Excel: Undo Command in Custom Menu Has No Effect
    Q80998 Excel: Undoing a Data Sort Without the Undo Command
    Q47573 Excel: Unexpected Field Highlighted in Custom Data Form
    Q58230 Excel: Unexpected Full or Fast Scrolling in Worksheet
    Q82980 Excel: Unexpected Quit Under Macintosh System 7.0.x
    Q52176 Excel: Unexpected Results Returned from Date/Time Functions
    Q62386 Excel: Unexpected Scale with Combination Chart
    Q49276 Excel: Unexpected Values Returned When Defined Name Referenced
    Q83727 Excel: Unlocked Cells in Lotus Files Lose Normal Font and Color
    Q50438 Excel: Unprotected Cells Do Not Print with Underline
    Q28758 Excel: Unsupported Features
    Q59251 Excel: Update Argument of CALCULATION Command Doesn't Function
    Q75808 Excel: Update Remote References Option is Unavailable
    Q25651 Excel: Update Remote References with Linked Excel Charts
    Q51027 Excel: Updating from 1.50 to 2.20
    Q60474 Excel: Use Arrow Keys to Select Different Items in a Chart
    Q90297 Excel: Use COMMAND Key to Open Separate Workbook Window
    Q101645 Excel: User Defined Function Not in Paste Function Dialog Box
    Q87498 Excel: USER= Line in EXCEL4.INI Doesn't Affect Help About Dial
    Q78197 Excel: Using a Data Table to Summarize Database Information
    Q67460 Excel: Using ADD.COMMAND to Move Built-in Menu Items
    Q78957 Excel: Using Advanced Windows Help Features in Custom Help
    Q59619 Excel: Using a Macro to Change the Font in a Header
    Q79270 Excel: Using a Multiple Selection with Data Series
    Q63329 Excel: Using Boolean Expression (Avoiding IF Statements)
    Q61090 Excel: Using Cell References and Defined Names in Criteria
    Q93559 Excel: Using Color Tool Changes Weight of Graphic Lines
    Q100655 Excel: Using COMMAND() to Send an Excecute String to Q+E
    Q86685 Excel: Using COMPARE.XLA Generates Macro Error
    Q67469 Excel: Using Conditions in Number Formats
    Q26441 Excel: Using DCOUNT to Count Occurrences of Text in a Database
    Q46505 Excel: Using Discontinuous Ranges in a Function
    Q91726 Excel: Using EDIT.OBJECT() With Windows Sound System Objects
    Q80111 Excel: Using Excel's Macro Recorder to Record an SQL Query
    Q43848 Excel: Using "Excel Startup" File to Create Default Settings
    Q27064 Excel: Using Exponentiation
    Q51062 Excel: Using External References to Make Macros Run Faster
    Q84871 Excel: Using Fill Down with Multiple Selections
    Q45249 Excel: Using GET.WINDOW() to See if Window Is Split or Zoomed
    Q67473 Excel: Using HALT to Stop an Auto_Close Macro in 3.00
    Q65761 Excel: Using IRR() and MIRR() with Non-Contiguous Data
    Q83383 Excel: Using Learning Microsoft Excel Alters Toolbars
    Q104410 Excel: Using LINE.PRINT to Change Global and Document Settings
    Q101260 Excel: Using LINE.PRINT to Print Multiple Lines on a Page
    Q48482 Excel: Using More Than One Macro Function in a Single Cell
    Q89507 Excel: Using NETWORKDAYS() With Multiple Holidays
    Q79625 Excel: Using Noncontiguous Ranges in Array Functions
    Q28867 Excel: Using Numbers for Series Names or Categories in Chart
    Q45248 Excel: Using R1C1 Notation When Using A1 Notation
    Q51553 Excel: Using R1C1 References as Text in a SELECT() Statement
    Q46514 Excel: Using Relative R1C1 References in Macros
    Q62417 Excel: Using Same Chart Configuration with New Values
    Q61427 Excel: Using Skip Blanks Option in Paste Special Command
    Q58544 Excel: Using Special Characters in Headers and Footers
    Q98016 Excel: Using Special Characters, Such As Degrees and Exponents
    Q91632 Excel: Using Startup Switches with Excel for Windows 4.0
    Q26019 Excel: Using the Add Feature to Make Multiple Selections
    Q109157 Excel: Using the Glossary Add-In Command to Insert Data
    Q84310 Excel: Using the Keyboard to Move Between Workbook Pages
    Q61287 Excel: Using the Keyboard to Select Items in a Chart
    Q46512 Excel: Using the NOTE Macro Command to Delete Cell Notes
    Q29325 Excel: Using the NOW Function with Computed Criteria
    Q78337 Excel: Using the Numeric Keypad with the ON.KEY Function
    Q85911 Excel: Using the OPEN.DIALOG and SAVE.DIALOG Functions
    Q61401 Excel: Using the OPEN.MAIL Command in Macro
    Q33065 Excel: Using the REQUEST Macro Command for System Information
    Q51071 Excel: Using the SEND.MAIL() Function in 2.20
    Q46519 Excel: Using the WAIT() Macro Function
    Q92559 Excel: Using Time Values that Include Fractions of a Second
    Q64345 Excel: Using Unattached Text with Overlay (Right) Value Axis
    Q86530 Excel: Using Underscores in Custom Number Formats
    Q101363 Excel: Using Workgroup Extensions for Microsoft Excel
    Q83865 Excel: Using Zoom After Best Fit May Result in #### in Cells
    Q109675 Excel: Utilities That Can Recover Damaged Files
    Q99658 Excel: #VALUE Error Returned by Workgroup Extensions Functions
    Q94202 Excel: #VALUE! Error When Concatenating Cells
    Q23887 Excel: #VALUE! Returned in Formulas with Range References
    Q58231 Excel: Values Not Shown in Cells, But Seen in Formula Bar
    Q67468 Excel: Values Returned in FOR.CELL Loop Incorrect
    Q91626 Excel: Version 4.0 SDK Instructions for Installation
    Q47264 Excel: Vertical Criteria Not Available
    Q87782 Excel: Vertical Print Titles Are Incorrect When Scaling
    Q23774 Excel: Viewing Values Returned by Formula in Formula Bar
    Q85908 Excel: Views Do Not Save Row Heights and Column Widths
    Q75065 Excel: WEEKDAY Function Returns Incorrect Day
    Q79589 Excel: White Out Format Does Not Display on 3-D Column Chart
    Q80501 Excel: White Text Prints As Black on LaserWriter LS
    Q49223 Excel: Widening Cell Doesn't Convert Scientific Notation
    Q79591 Excel: Wildcard Characters Do Not Modify OPEN?() File List
    Q69465 Excel Will Not Print on Large Paper on Plotters
    Q68499 Excel Will Not Translate Lotus 3-D Reference
    Q89175 Excel: Window Hide Command Different in Excel 4.0
    Q85177 Excel: Window Menu Does Not Show All Sheets in a Workbook
    Q87740 Excel: Window Name Missing from Open Window List
    Q90398 Excel: Window Reverts to 100 Percent View
    Q86017 Excel: Windows 3.1 PC Speaker Driver Does Not Work with Slide
    Q102337 Excel: WinFax 3.0 Loads Excel Default Worksheet at Startup
    Q63812 Excel: WKS File from 1-2-3 or dBASE Has Only 2048 Rows
    Q94632 Excel: WordBasic Macro with FileExit Command Hangs Computer
    Q24569 Excel: Word Paste/Update Link Errors with 1.06 and Earlier
    Q42710 Excel: Words in Category Names Wrap in Column Chart
    Q90171 Excel: Workbook Document Names Truncated
    Q110555 Excel: Workbook Object Does Not Behave as Expected
    Q81635 Excel Workbooks Not Saved with Toolbar Information
    Q88682 Excel: Working With Multiple Windows of a Worksheet
    Q89397 Excel: Works 2.0 Sheets with Splits Open in Two Windows
    Q80477 Excel: Worksheet1 Created with Document Opened from Finder
    Q24047 Excel: Worksheet Does Not Retain Manual Calculation
    Q86011 Excel: Worksheet Formula to Beep and Display an Alert Box
    Q61274 Excel: Worksheet Function to Determine if Integer Even or Odd
    Q61292 Excel: Worksheet Recalculates More Than Seems Necessary
    Q50153 Excel: Worksheet Scrolls When Arrow Keys Used (Scroll Lock)
    Q24871 Excel: Worksheet vs Macro Sheet Order of Calculation
    Q23380 Excel: Worksheet Window Cut Off on Screen
    Q81562 Excel: Workspace Command Ignored When Chosen
    Q88206 Excel: WORKSPACE() Hides but Won't Display All Toolbars
    Q63031 Excel: Wrapping Category Text Labels in a Chart
    Q80112 Excel: Wrap Text Does Not Work on Protected Document
    Q78520 Excel: Wrap Text Option May Affect Custom Number Formats
    Q84019 Excel: xy Coordinates Ignored for Triggered, Movable Dialog
    Q70217 Excel: Xy_series Argument in NEW() Ignored with Chart Template
    Q89031 Excel: YEARFRAC Does Not Count Extra Day in Leap Years
    Q90071 Excel: YEARFRAC() Function Returns Incorrect Results
    Q89130 Excel: Y_POS Documentation Error in WINDOW.MOVE Function
    Q79181 Excel: Zen Software's Excel Reporter
    Q75822 Excel: Zero Divided by Zero Returns "#NUM" Instead of "DIV/0!"
    Q71426 Excel: Zoom Button Grayed in Page Preview
    Q68419 EXEC() Command Can Cause System Integrity Error in Excel
    Q71490 Executing a Stored Procedure from Excel Using DDE and Q+E
    Q76229 Executing a Stored Procedure Through Q+E May Cause UAE
    Q74235 Executing Stored Procedures with More than One Parameters
    Q74240 Executing Stored Procedures with Parameters from QE
    Q73288 Executing Stored Procedures with Text Parameters from Excel
    Q74520 Executing the FORM? Function from Another Application
    Q118588 Explanation of ODBC Btrieve Data Source Settings
    Q45937 Explanation of the All Radio Button in File Open Dialog
    Q65113 Exported HPGL File Will Not Appear in Word 5.00 PreView
    Q66280 Exporting Data from Q+E for a Print Merge in Word for Windows
    Q47142 Exporting HPGL Format from Microsoft Excel
    Q73590 Extended Characters Imported Incorrectly From Word for Windows
    Q75876 "External Reference Is Not Valid" Error on an Excel Chart
    Q30962 External Reference to Worksheet with Leading Numeric Character
    Q69671 Extracted Values Not Highlighted After Data Extract
    Q66297 Extracting Cell Notes into Another Application
    Q120726 F1 Starts Localized Help When in English Mode of Visual Basic
    Q68915 FaceLift Fonts Not Printing Using Deskjet or Laserjet III
    Q135836 FastTips: "Basic Use Questions and Answers" (WE1208)
    Q87910 FastTips for Excel 3.0 for the Macintosh: Charting Q&A
    Q88010 FastTips for Excel 3.0 for the Macintosh: Installing Q&A
    Q87941 FastTips for Excel 3.0 for the Macintosh: Printing Q&A
    Q87942 FastTips for Excel 3.0 for the Macintosh: Updating Q&A
    Q88013 FastTips for Excel 3.0 for the Macintosh: Usage Q&A
    Q87948 FastTips for Excel 3.0 for Windows: Charting Q&A
    Q87949 FastTips for Excel 3.0 for Windows: Installing Q&A
    Q87950 FastTips for Excel 3.0 for Windows: Printing Q&A
    Q87951 FastTips for Excel 3.0 for Windows: Upgrading Q&A
    Q87952 FastTips for Excel 3.0 for Windows: Usage Q&A
    Q89050 FastTips for Excel 4.0 for Windows: Charting Q&A
    Q89052 FastTips for Excel 4.0 for Windows: Macro Interpreter Q&A
    Q89053 FastTips for Excel 4.0 for Windows: Macros Q&A
    Q89055 FastTips for Excel 4.0 for Windows: Printing Q&A
    Q89056 FastTips for Excel 4.0 for Windows: Setup Q&A
    Q89057 FastTips for Excel 4.0 for Windows: Upgrading Q&A
    Q89059 FastTips for Excel 4.0 for Windows: Usage Q&A
    Q85070 FastTips for Microsoft Excel 4.0: Chart Q&A
    Q85071 FastTips for Microsoft Excel 4.0: Macros Q&A
    Q85072 FastTips for Microsoft Excel 4.0: Printing Q&A
    Q85073 FastTips for Microsoft Excel 4.0: Setup Q&A
    Q85074 FastTips for Microsoft Excel 4.0: Upgrade Q&A
    Q85075 FastTips for Microsoft Excel 4.0: Usage Q&A
    Q85090 FastTips for Microsoft Excel 4.0: Workbook Q&A
    Q135833 FastTips: "Printing Questions and Answers" (WE1209)
    Q135837 FastTips: "Shared Documents Questions and Answers" (WE1210)
    Q135834 FastTips: "Upgrading Questions and Answers" (WE1207)
    Q85550 Fetch Command with Joined Q+E File Returns Blanks
    Q45940 Field Names Can Be Only 10 Characters Long in dBASE
    Q74522 Field Names Replaced with FIELD1, FIELD2 if TEXT Function Used
    Q100824 Field Reference Changes with Imported Lotus Files
    Q68914 Fields May Save Incorrectly in dBASE Formats from Excel
    Q150712 File Conversion Wizard Does Not Open Files Saved on a Server
    Q148140 File Conversion Wizard Does Not Run Under MS Excel for NT
    Q148243 File Conversion Wizard for Microsoft Excel Available
    Q79621 "Filename is not Valid" in Chart Template with Text Reference
    Q69003 File Open Dialog Box Is Blank in Excel
    Q66032 File Saved as CON, AUX, or PRN Hangs Excel
    Q131550 File Saved in XL4 from Lotus 1-2-3 Does Not Display Gridlines
    Q142116 Files Corrupted on Save: How to Troubleshoot Source of Problem
    Q139725 Files Installed with the Data Access Options
    Q43483 Filling a Column with a Character that Follows the Width
    Q27945 Find and Extract Commands on Data Menu Do Not Work Correctly
    Q26115 Finding a Range of Dates in a Single-Data Field in Excel
    Q41489 Finding End of Rows and Columns in Excel Using XLM Code
    Q26866 Finding Entries Such As ="34" in an Excel Database
    Q75727 Finding Subtotals with dBASE, Excel, or Text Files
    Q75960 Finding the Intersection of External Defined Ranges
    Q71727 FLATFILE.XLA Does Not Retain 1904 Date Format in Excel
    Q77974 Floating-Point Rounding May Cause Incorrect IF Evaluation
    Q69148 font= Line in EXCEL.INI Doesn't Change Reference/Status Fonts
    Q109182 Formatting Changes Not Updated in Linked Worksheet
    Q68253 Formula for Distance/Velocity Returned in Hours and Minutes
    Q66880 Formula for Summing Elapsed Hours and Minutes in Excel
    Q70478 FORMULA Function Gives Macro Error on Hidden Worksheet
    Q39282 "Formula Is Not Valid" Error when Semicolons Appear for Commas
    Q61575 Formula to Find Number of Weekdays Between Dates
    Q151101 Freeze Panes and Split Work Differently with View Mgr
    Q78278 "Function Is Not Valid," "Error in Formula" with FLATFILE.XLA
    Q68059 Function Macros Do Not Require an Argument Function
    Q72141 Function Macro to Calculate the Cross Product in Excel
    Q43552 Function Macro to Determine Even or Odd Number
    Q150609 Functions in .dlls Recalculate More Slowly in MS Excel 7.0
    Q46393 Function to Compute Average without High and Low Values
    Q44738 Generating a Random Number without RAND() in Excel
    Q89271 German Release of Excel 4.0 Includes Smaller Dictionary File
    Q71361 GET.CELL Command Cannot Detect an Automatic Page Break
    Q68019 Get.Cell with Type_num 24 Returns Color of Font Not Number
    Q93730 GET.CHART.ITEM() Returns Unexpected Results with 3-D Chart
    Q51721 Getting PARSE to Guess in an Excel Macro
    Q44459 Getting Standard Time with Narrow Columns in Excel
    Q75508 GLOSSARY.XLA Is Limited to 31 Entries in Excel
    Q71534 Go To Dialog Box Does Not Display All Names in Excel
    Q74350 GoTo Function Does Not Operate on Active Pane in Excel
    Q118657 GP Fault Exiting MS Query After Canceling Get External Data
    Q87630 GP Fault or UAE Loading Excel 3.0 Files in 4.0
    Q118974 GP Fault Using DDEExecute with Multiple Commands
    Q114860 GP Fault Using Item Number Zero in Dialog Box Definition
    Q123579 GP Fault When Using INDIRECT in a Formula for a Defined Name
    Q89137 Graphic Conversion Capability of Excel 4.0 for Windows and Mac
    Q33746 Gridlines in Excel Appear on Protected Documents
    Q72752 Groups Option Works Improperly in CROSSTAB.XLA with Excel
    Q86833 GROWTH() Function Produces Unexpected Results in Excel 4.0
    Q62290 Halting Macro for User Input in Excel
    Q69721 Header or Footer Prints in the Font from Normal Style
    Q71724 Help Menu Cannot Be Restored to Default Menu in Excel
    Q148628 Hidden Rows and Columns Are Displayed in Point Mode
    Q42291 Hiding Cells on an Excel Worksheet and Printout
    Q143349 History of Windows ODBC Drivers Available from Microsoft
    Q46017 How Q+E Displays Dates
    Q71952 How to Calculate Interest Paid for Multiple Periods
    Q66403 How to Calculate the Correlation Coefficient in Excel
    Q67093 How to Calculate the Number of Months Between Two Given Dates
    Q44737 How to Center Numbers and Have Decimals Line Up in Excel
    Q32783 How to Chart Multiple Noncontiguous Areas on an XY Chart
    Q67089 How to Control Placement of Carriage Returns in an Alert Box
    Q170431 How to Convert All Files on a Server to Microsoft Excel
    Q66023 How to Create a Floating (High-Low) Bar or Column Chart
    Q142589 How to Create PivotTables from Multiple Consolidation Ranges
    Q73889 How to Display an Embedded Chart Using the UNHIDE Function
    Q64805 How to Extract Blank Cells in an Excel Database
    Q146197 How to Find Technical Information About Microsoft Excel
    Q49975 How to Find the Minimum Positive Number in Range of Numbers
    Q51589 How to Format Percent Entries in a Pie Chart in Excel
    Q67096 How to Graph Polar Coordinates in Excel
    Q118536 How to Install Foreign Object Libraries on the Macintosh
    Q74150 How to Join Related Database Tables in an Excel Spreadsheet
    Q32317 How to Link an Excel Worksheet to a Macro Sheet
    Q64094 How to Nest Function Macros
    Q62827 How to Obtain a Windows 3.00 Compatible Version of Q+E
    Q142118 How to Obtain Missing Disks or Manuals
    Q75510 How to Obtain Q+E from Microsoft
    Q165759 How to Open Files with Xlviewer.exe in MS Internet Explorer
    Q68202 How to Quickly Reenter the Contents of the Cell Above
    Q75184 How to Regain Keyboard and/or Mouse Control from DISABLE.INPUT
    Q45959 How to Remove Deleted Records from a dBASE File in Q+E
    Q59774 How to Retrieve the Pathname of File
    Q75513 How to Reverse the Order of Words in a Text String
    Q74344 How to Save Dialog Box Information Outside of a Macro Sheet
    Q45071 How to Select a Chart Series that Is Invisible in Excel
    Q25768 How to Select, Move, and Size an Arrow with the Keyboard
    Q101467 How to Test for a Faulty Pentium FPU
    Q58367 How to Use DDEExecute from Word for Windows to Excel
    Q40185 How to Use Multiple OK Buttons in an Excel Dialog Box
    Q141764 How Transition Formula Entry Affects Behavior in MS Excel
    Q69778 HP NewWave Error Messages in Excel
    Q69004 HP PaintJet Prints Charts in Red in Excel 3.00
    Q69605 IF() END.IF() Handles Errors Differently than IF() in Excel
    Q67773 Importing dBASE-Compatible Files from Excel
    Q69397 Importing DBF File with Blank Date Fields Doesn't Indent Lines
    Q59624 Importing Nonstandard DIF Files into Excel
    Q33801 Incorrect Header Alignment in Excel
    Q71927 Incorrect Line Extensions in X-Y Scatter Charts
    Q109978 Incorrect LOOKUP() Results with Formula in Lookup_Vector
    Q114956 Incorrect Margin Using Fit To Scaling Option with PostScript
    Q74233 Incorrect Record Copied to the Clipboard
    Q137075 Incorrect Results Printing Linked Object in Nested Mergefield
    Q72017 Incorrect Results Using Dates in Comparisons
    Q116390 Incorrect Slack Value Returned in Solver Answer Report
    Q152265 Incrementing Relative References in Formulas by More Than One
    Q58356 INPUT() Function Clears the Clipboard in Excel
    Q48932 In Q+E Only One Memo Field Prints Out
    Q85492 Installing Excel 4.0 over Excel 3.0
    Q86350 Integration of Microsoft Excel 4.0 with HP New Wave
    Q123188 "Internal Error at File XLRDR.C" Starting Excel
    Q73365 Internal Excel Error, XL with HP NewWave's Edit Share Command
    Q72512 "Invalid File Name" Error Saving Spreadsheet Based on Template
    Q121164 "Invalid Name" When Adding Index to Btrieve Table
    Q124181 "Invalid Path..." Error Installing Lotus 1-2-3 WK4 Converter
    Q29739 "Invalid SYLK File" Error When Opening Text or CSV Files
    Q70215 Item Limitation for Custom Data Forms
    Q75375 Join and Outer Join Are Case-Sensitive in Excel
    Q71481 Join External Database Files Example in Q+E Guide Is Incorrect
    Q76312 Keeping a Running Count of Occurrences on a Spreadsheet
    Q69956 LAN Manager 2.00 Enhanced Required to Access a SQL Server
    Q76848 Large Screen Fonts After Installing PowerPoint for Windows
    Q67813 Limit of List Boxes in Custom Dialog Box Causes Macro Error
    Q69779 Limits Per Cell Have Increased with Excel 3.0
    Q60996 Lines Between Data Points Not Appearing in Excel
    Q73229 Linked Cell Picture Does Not Update Automatically
    Q69007 Linked List Box Returns #N/A When the Selected Item Is Edited
    Q26117 Linking Text on a Worksheet to a Chart in Excel
    Q101341 Links May Not Work After Moving Mac File to Excel for Windows
    Q133203 List of Confirmed Bugs in MS Excel 5.0a for the Macintosh
    Q73177 Location of Valid SendKeys, Send.Keys, and On.Keys Codes
    Q60549 LOGEST Returns #NUM! if Y Values Are Negative or Zero
    Q69607 Long vs. Short Legend Symbols for Line or Scatter Charts
    Q74986 Lookup_value Examples Incorrect in Excel Reference Manual
    Q58930 Lotus 1-2-3 Files and the 1904 Date System
    Q84865 Lotus Charts Open Differently in Excel 4.0 and Later
    Q66634 Lotus Error Message: "Not a Valid Lotus File"
    Q121815 Lotus Macro Interpreter Anomalies with Range Justify
    Q87741 Lotus Macros Using Direction Key Commands May Fail in Excel
    Q69817 Lotus Spreadsheet Partially Loads in Excel 3.0
    Q70791 Macro Command to Select Records in an Excel Database
    Q72137 Macro Errors May Occur if an Object Is Currently Selected
    Q66635 Macro Error with CTRL+ENTER Key Combination
    Q76176 Macro File Opened in Text Format in Excel
    Q51770 Macro Halts and Returns Error at SIZE() Command
    Q73561 Macro Recorder Improperly Records CTRL+SHIFT+ARROW Keys
    Q72445 Macro That Will Open the Most Recently Used File in Excel
    Q65764 Macro to Activate the Maximum Value of a Column
    Q69777 Macro to Convert Decimal Number to a Different Base
    Q63134 Macro to Display Time in Status Bar in Excel
    Q73025 Macro to Find the Name of the Active Cell on a Worksheet
    Q73884 Macro to Save in the Excel 2.1 Format
    Q65332 Macro to Set the Last Cell in Selected Range as Active Cell
    Q59296 Macro to Test Whether Windows Application Is Loaded
    Q68642 Macro to Transfer an Array Without Selecting the Data
    Q36771 Making Room for Unattached Text Below or Beside a Chart
    Q91086 Managing Excel Toolbars and Toolbar Files
    Q115468 Manual Calculation Doesn't Update External Link Value
    Q25919 Manual Calculation of Active Excel Worksheet Only
    Q61622 Manually Recalculating a Single Cell or Range
    Q72557 Manually Specifying Fonts and Font Sizes in Excel
    Q142897 Map Created with External Data Is Blank or Is Missing Data
    Q65785 Marker Styles on Excel Chart Do Not Appear on Screen with 8514
    Q68641 Marquee Must Surround Entire Object(s) to Select
    Q59483 MATCH Function Equivalent with Data in Ascending Order
    Q57298 Math Coprocessor May Use Different Level of Precision
    Q67510 Memo Fields Can Be Created in Q+E 2.50
    Q45956 Memo Fields Cannot Be Created by Excel or Q+E 2.10
    Q132438 Microsoft Excel 5.0a for the Macintosh: List of Fixed Problems
    Q127097 Microsoft Excel 5.0c Disk Contents or .CAB Files
    Q113336 Microsoft Excel 5.0 Reads Native Multiplan File Format
    Q162319 Microsoft Excel Articles Available by Fax or E-Mail: Components
    Q162320 Microsoft Excel Articles Available by Fax or E-Mail: VBA
    Q66016 Microsoft Excel Small Business Consultant
    Q218440 Microsoft Excel Viewer 7.0 for Win 95
    Q121813 Microsoft ODBC Drivers Fulfillment Kit
    Q107601 Microsoft Open Enterprise Information System (EIS) Pack
    Q72863 Minimum X-Axis Value Defaults to Zero in Excel
    Q69209 Minor Tick Marks Do Not Appear on Value Axis in Excel
    Q71434 Minus Key Results in EXT Message in Status Bar in Excel
    Q75852 Missing Gridlines and Row and Column Headings
    Q48141 Missing Row or Column Headings in Excel
    Q72871 Modifying Hi-Low Close-Volume Chart so Volume Uses Line Format
    Q129510 Module Font Reset to "Fixedsys" When You Quit Microsoft Excel
    Q67816 More Than One Active Cell When Using Split Panes in Excel
    Q72892 Moving and Sizing Items in the Dialog Editor
    Q44404 Moving Microsoft Chart 3.00 Files to Excel under Windows
    Q114646 Moving or Cutting Unlocked Cells in Protected Document
    Q104310 MS Excel 2.x/3.x/4.x Worksheets Take a Long Time to Open/Save
    Q162321 MS Excel Articles Available by Fax or E-Mail: Functionality
    Q162322 MS Excel Articles Available by Fax or E-Mail: User Interface
    Q147888 MS Excel Crashes Copying Sheet with 3-D References in Formulas
    Q154661 MS Excel Documents May Not Show in Recent Documents List
    Q150004 MS Excel Internet Assistant Wizard: Removing Gridlines in HTML
    Q154863 MS Excel Virus Search Add-In Is Not Needed on the Macintosh
    Q110357 MSQuery 1.0: Paradox 4.x File Format Not Supported
    Q121864 MSQuery: Access Database Created Even After Choosing Cancel
    Q155010 MSQUERY: Adding Table Is Slow with MS Excel ODBC Driver
    Q149773 MSQUERY: Application Error With Microsoft Access ODBC Driver
    Q132975 MSQUERY: Available Data Sources List Empty
    Q153764 MSQUERY: Cannot Access Password-Protected Paradox 4.x Table
    Q141175 MsQuery: Cannot Create a Scrap
    Q108190 MSQuery: Cannot Create Index with Text ODBC Data Source
    Q113169 MSQuery: Cannot Create Paradox Index
    Q139804 MSQuery: Cannot Open Saved Query for Oracle Data Source
    Q101448 MSQuery: Cannot Switch from MS Query Once Query Has Started
    Q132481 MSQUERY: "Can't Access" Adding Table Using UNC Network Drive
    Q141285 MSQuery: "Can't access table..." If Paradox Table Not Indexed
    Q121525 MSQuery: "Can't Access Table..." Using Shared Paradox Database
    Q108891 MSQuery: Can't Add Index to Read-Only Table
    Q121597 MSQuery: Can't Escape Query Using dBASE Data Source
    Q119094 MSQuery: "Can't Group By..." Error Adding Criteria
    Q126251 MSQUERY: Can't Manually Edit Query Preferences File
    Q105034 MSQuery: Can't Print from Microsoft Query
    Q132049 MSQUERY: "Can't Show All Records" Error Viewing Query
    Q139572 MSQuery: Can't Use Views with User-Defined Functions
    Q113317 MSQuery: Case Sensitive Table Names Not Recognized
    Q125399 MSQuery: "Connection Failed" Error Connecting to SQL Server
    Q124612 MSQUERY: "Couldn't Find Cue Cards..." Error Message
    Q138282 MSQuery: "Couldn't Read This File" Opening .qry File
    Q134622 MSQUERY: Crash or Query Lost after "Division By Zero" Error
    Q112727 MSQuery: Data Not Sorted or Sorted Incorrectly
    Q149999 MSQuery: "Data Truncated" Error If Path Contains Over 65 Characters
    Q121526 MSQuery: dBASE Data Source Uses FoxPro Index File
    Q110601 MSQuery: dBASE Files and Field Limits
    Q149875 MSQuery: DDE Command Fetch.Unadvise Does Not Break Link
    Q121865 MSQuery: Default Value for Access Table Ignored
    Q141789 MSQuery: Define Text Format Dialog Is White Rather Than Gray
    Q115317 MSQuery ErrMsg: "Cannot Access Table..." If No Defined Database
    Q115317 MSQuery ErrMsg: "Cannot Access Table..." If No Defined Database
    Q111046 MSQuery Err Msg: "Cannot Define Primary" in Paradox Table
    Q141767 MSQuery Err Msg: "Can't Open Cue Cards Without a File Name"
    Q121469 MSQuery Err Msg: Illegal Character Detected With DEC Rdb
    Q124108 MS Query Err Msg: Memory Allocation Error
    Q115340 MSQuery Err Msg: "Query Can Have Only One Outer Join"
    Q115340 MSQuery: Err Msg: "Query Can Have Only One Outer Join"
    Q115047 MSQuery Err Msg: SCHEMA.INI Is a Read Only File
    Q125855 MSQuery ErrMsg: "Unable to Retrieve Values" Using DEC Driver
    Q115469 MSQuery Err: "Obsolete Database Format" with Access Database
    Q123003 MSQUERY: Error Adding 256 Fields Using Excel Data Source
    Q121163 MSQuery Error: 'DSN Name Too Long' or 'Data Truncated'
    Q139419 MSQUERY: Error Entering Criteria with Add Criteria Dialog
    Q141781 MSQuery: Error Occurs Editing Paradox 5.x Timestamp Field
    Q121598 MSQuery: ErrorText Item Not Returned Using DDE
    Q107196 MSQuery: Error Using Date in Criteria Expression in Query
    Q113572 MSQuery: Error Using Decimal Values with Custom Expressions
    Q124750 MSQUERY: "Error While Starting Cue Cards" After MS Excel Setup
    Q125959 MSQuery Err: "Syntax Error . . . " Using ODBC Driver
    Q121524 MSQuery: "Failed to Add Column" Saving to Btrieve Table
    Q118757 MSQuery: GP Fault Deleting Column After Copy
    Q105813 MSQuery: How Microsoft Query Uses ODBC
    Q119700 MSQuery: How to Undelete Records and Pack dBASE Files
    Q121599 MSQuery: "Illegal Duplicate Key" After Creating Index
    Q110603 MSQuery: Illegal Duplicate Key When Adding Character Data
    Q135719 MSQUERY: Illegal Operation Error Sizing Column Heading
    Q124231 MSQUERY: Incorrect Display of Extended Character in Field Name
    Q173043 MSQuery: "Invalid Bracketing" Error Adding Field to MS Query
    Q114286 MSQuery: Invalid Column Number Adding Fields from Table
    Q119320 MSQuery: "Invalid Path" Using Access 2.0 Driver
    Q108061 MSQuery: May Not Receive Error Message with Invalid Query
    Q107835 MSQuery: Microsoft Query Error Message "Cannot Access Table"
    Q140701 MSQuery: Microsoft Query May Open the Wrong dbf File
    Q164383 MSQuery: No Tables Appear in Add Tables Dialog Box
    Q121596 MSQuery: Not All Unique Indexes Appear Bold
    Q101449 MSQuery: ODBC Information Not Displayed in Error Messages
    Q121550 MSQuery: ORA-00911 Error Adding Record to Oracle Table
    Q115090 MSQuery: "Out of Memory" Error with More Than 4,000 Tables
    Q121859 MSQuery: Query Can Be Created Against Read-Only Access Table
    Q124106 MSQUERY: "Query Can't Be Represented" Using Paradox Table
    Q141174 MSQuery: Query Specifications
    Q125948 MSQUERY: Reserved Keywords in MS Query
    Q140539 MSQuery: Returning a Long SQL Statement from Query with DDE
    Q147889 MSQuery Returns "Out of Memory" Error with Action Query
    Q115792 MSQuery: Saving or Opening a Query Also Executes the Query
    Q136398 MSQUERY: Selected Value(s) Dialog Box Contains Null Values
    Q136737 MSQUERY: Setup Does Not Create File Type for QRY Files
    Q110463 MSQuery: SHIFT+UP ARROW/DOWN ARROW Don't Select Multiple Fields
    Q134684 MSQuery: Some ODBC Drivers Do Not Support Delete
    Q134684 MSQUERY: Some ODBC Drivers Do Not Support Delete
    Q108827 MSQuery: SQL Data Source Connection Limit
    Q121322 MSQuery: SQL Server Connectivity Options
    Q134685 MSQUERY: "Syntax Error" Occurs Using Field Name Aliases
    Q134411 MSQUERY: Syntax Error When Field Name Starts with a Number
    Q124666 MSQUERY: "Syntax in CREATE TABLE Statement" Error
    Q151277 MSQuery: "Table or View Does Not Exist" Uing Visigenic Driver
    Q151277 MSQuery: "Table or View Does Not Exist" Using Visigenic Driver
    Q108724 MSQuery: TAB Selects First Record in Access Table
    Q124664 MSQUERY: Unexpected Single Quotation Marks Added to Criteria
    Q124490 MSQUERY: Using Find and Replace Feature with Data in Table
    Q112448 MSQuery: Valid Settings for the .INI File for Microsoft Query
    Q72623 Multiplan Help Does Not Operate Correctly in Excel
    Q69571 Multiple IRRs When More than One Sign Change in the Cash Flow
    Q45960 Multiple Selection with the Keyboard in Q+E
    Q63972 Multiply 0 by Negative on Coprocessor Yields -0 in Excel
    Q100934 MXL4: Macro Error when You Run a Recorded Solver Macro
    Q108906 MXL4: Only Part of Cell's Contents Printed with Wrap-Text
    Q175700 MXL5: Accelerator Key for Dialog Box Button May Not Run Macro
    Q175700 MXL5: Accelerator Key for Dialog Box Button May Not Run Macro
    Q128748 MXL5: AppleScript Close Method Does Not Ask to Save Changes
    Q124637 MXL5: "Application Could Not Be Found" Double-Clicking File
    Q129434 MXL5: Application.Quit in Auto_Open Sub Causes Computer to Hang
    Q153453 MXL5: Auto_Add and Auto_Remove Macros Do Not Run
    Q125906 MXL5: "Cannot Open Help File" in Visual Basic Help
    Q128191 MXL5: "Can't Access File" Opening File on Novell Server
    Q123193 MXL5: "Can't Find File" Error After Renaming System Folder
    Q122069 MXL5: Can't Use Shortcut Keys to Cut, Copy, or Paste in Dialog
    Q129569 MXL5: Complete Installation File Locations for Macintosh
    Q151527 MXL5: Contents of the MS Excel for Mac 15-Digit Read Me File
    Q174196 MXL5: Control+Click Causes MS Excel to Temporarily Lose Focus
    Q151528 MXL5: Disk Contents: MS Excel for Mac 15-Digit Patches
    Q135003 MXL5 Err Msg: MS Excel Shared Resources Could Not Be Opened
    Q118991 MXL5 Err Msg: "Run-time Error..." with Shell Example
    Q141359 MXL5: Errors When Non-Power Mac Version of MS Excel Installed
    Q128002 MXL5: "Error Type 11" Running Macro That Contains InputBox
    Q124810 MXL5: Excel for the Power Macintosh Installed on Workstation
    Q122507 MXL5: Extension Overrides Default Directory Setting
    Q121327 MXL5: "File Not Found" Error Inserting or Opening Module
    Q127098 MXL5: Function Wizard Cannot Find Help File with Long Path
    Q118536 MXL5: How to Install Foreign Object Libraries on the Macintosh
    Q151523 MXL5: How to Install MS Excel for the Macintosh 15-Digit Patch
    Q124333 MXL5: Large Cursor in Edit Box with Multiple Line Height
    Q122464 MXL5: Links Incorrect When Source Document(s) Closed
    Q139406 MXL5: Macintosh System Memory Requirements
    Q174047 MXL5: Menus May Become Detached or Hard to Read
    Q128420 MXL5: Microsoft Excel Version 5.0a for the Macintosh Release
    Q193257 MXL5: "Microsoft_OLE2--StglsStorageFileFSp" Error Starting Excel
    Q132407 MXL5: MS Excel Hangs When You Use ATM 3.8.1 Type 1 Fonts
    Q121325 MXL5: MS Excel Starts and Then Quits Without Error Message
    Q122068 MXL5: Not All Worksheets Use Selected Printer Option
    Q124756 MXL5: "Not Enough Available Memory" Using Find File
    Q127788 MXL5: "Number must be between 1 and 32767" in Print Preview
    Q126045 MXL5: Range Method May Fail When Used in Auto_Open Macro
    Q122067 MXL5: Rotated Text in Text Box Prints to Bottom of Page
    Q125804 MXL5: Run-Time Error '1004' or '1006' Using ATP Function
    Q120256 MXL5: System Error -192 Starting MS Excel for Power Macintosh
    Q123973 MXL5: Toolbar Truncated Using Radius Precision Pivot Monitor
    Q124635 MXL5: Troubleshooting Microsoft Excel 5.0 for the Macintosh
    Q127203 MXL5: Type 1 Error Double-Clicking MS Excel File in the Finder
    Q125726 MXL5: Type 1 Error/Hang Saving File with 32-Bit Addressing On
    Q128003 MXL5: Type 1 Error or Hang Copying Custom Toolbar to Workbook
    Q173699 MXL5: Unknown Error "ID = -50" Printing to a File
    Q129074 MXL5: Using FoxPro Index Files with Microsoft Query
    Q133138 MXL5: Vertical Oriented Text Printed Outside of Cell
    Q128712 MXL5: Wristwatch Mouse Cursor in Button Editor Using Macro
    Q140540 MXL5: X Axis Labels Incorrect in XY Chart with Dates in X Axis
    Q100702 MXL: Adding a QuickTime Movie from Another Application
    Q132376 MXL: Can't Access Files on Other Workstations
    Q44013 MXL: Can't Close Print Dialog Box by Double-Clicking It
    Q114537 MXL: Changing Currency Symbol in Numbers Control Panel
    Q105509 MXL Err Msg: Bad F-Line Instruction
    Q127131 MXL Err Msg: "Cannot access folder '<path>'."
    Q176462 MXL: Error Creating Linking Formula That Points to an Alias
    Q124668 MXL: Error Inserting Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object
    Q129158 MXL: ESC Doesn't Choose Cancel Button in Shutdown Dialog Box
    Q27655 MXL: File and Creator Types for All Versions
    Q128190 MXL: "File Being Modified" Error Opening Read-Only File
    Q141567 MXL: How to Expand .hqx Files Downloaded from Online Services
    Q142127 MXL: How to Open Microsoft Excel Version 1.x Files
    Q138822 MXL: How to Use the MacID Function
    Q171022 MXL: MRU File Names May Appear Incorrectly on File Menu
    Q94278 MXL: Page Setup Info Lost When File Opened in Later Version
    Q125951 MXL: Recommended (Minimum) Hardware Configurations for Excel
    Q129158 MXL: System 7.5/7.6 ESC Doesn't Choose Cancel Button in Shutdown
    Q126664 MXL: Type 1 Error or Hang Starting Excel
    Q113891 MXL: Using AppleScript with Microsoft Excel
    Q65335 NEC Pinwriter Driver Previews Incorrectly in Excel
    Q117313 Negative Number in Query Incorrect When Returned to Worksheet
    Q97113 NETWORKDAYS() Function Causes GP Fault
    Q72097 New PaintJet Driver Prints in Color with ATM in Excel
    Q73766 Next and Previous Buttons Are Grayed in Custom Help
    Q90428 Next Item Added After Picture in Excel Dialog Editor is Dimmed
    Q62722 No Automatic Close for an Excel Workspace
    Q114184 No Dictionary Language Prompt with Australia Country Setting
    Q68813 No EXCEL Function Exists in Microsoft Excel
    Q57896 No Help Messages for Custom Menu Names in Excel
    Q62729 No Margin Reserved for Binding on Duplex Printer
    Q74343 No Match Error When Using Formula Find Command in Excel
    Q114991 No MSYSMacros in System Table List for MS Access Database
    Q134335 No "New" Dialog Box When You Click New on the File Menu
    Q79627 Non-Excel Worksheets Recalculate When Opened
    Q71063 No Option to Change Directory in Q+E Save As Dialog Box
    Q108893 No Result Set From Tables Joined with Outer Then Inner Join
    Q74778 No Servers Listed in SQL Logon Screen in Q+E
    Q114749 "No Such Table..." If Extended Character in Table Name
    Q32379 Notes in Excel Are Split Between Pages when Printing
    Q68407 Not Showing Certain Options as Available in Page Setup
    Q63232 No Warning for File Loading Failures
    Q76158 Number Entered as Text Value in Lotus Appears As Number Value
    Q60101 Number Format in Attached Text Reverts to General
    Q65904 Numbers Separated by a Slash Display Differently in Excel
    Q125032 Numbers with 1000 Separator Format Appear Incorrectly
    Q72902 Numbers with Hyphens May Be Subtracted when Imported
    Q29264 Numeric Keypad Not Available in Excel Tutorial
    Q58786 Numeric Values May Be Treated as Text
    Q119058 Numeric Values Truncated Saving to dBASE Table
    Q135796 ODBC 2.0 Drivers Use the MID() Scalar Function
    Q127099 ODBC Driver Errors If Database Path Contains Special
    Q153894 OFF95: Binder Prints Extra Blank Page Under NT 3.51
    Q156351 OFF97: Cannot Open Shared Folder on Network Server
    Q158065 OFF97: Controlling How and When the Office Assistant Appears
    Q169718 OFF97: Dr. Watson Error with Rotated Text in Embedded Workbook
    Q171363 OFF97: "Enter Network Password" Error Running Office Programs
    Q165447 OFF97: Error Closing Binder when Visual Basic Editor Visible
    Q166782 OFF97: Error Inserting Wang Image Control into Document
    Q161469 OFF97: Errors Appear Inserting OLE Objects or Binder Sections
    Q161445 OFF97: Errors Appear When Dragging Files into a Briefcase
    Q168971 OFF97: Error Sending Workbook to Mail Recipient
    Q175289 OFF97: Errors Opening File Containing ActiveX Controls
    Q159406 OFF97: How to Change a Toolbar Button in the OSB
    Q158889 OFF97: Imported EMF Files Are Not Printed Correctly
    Q178305 OFF97: Inserting MS Excel Object Causes Errors
    Q161141 OFF97: Invalid Page Fault When Using Office Assistant
    Q151068 OFF97: Lines Drawn Incorrectly on Imported Graphics
    Q166690 OFF97: "Lock Aspect Ratio" Checkbox Doesn't Always Work
    Q163269 Off97: Menu Disappears with Kensington TrackBall
    Q162631 OFF97: Menu Font Is Unreadable
    Q162916 OFF97: Office Assistant Doesn't Appear
    Q179877 OFF97: Preventing UNC Registry References for ClipArt
    Q162177 OFF97: Read/Write Permission Required for Customized Toolbars
    Q159572 OFF97: Right-Clicking File Causes Error and Computer Stops
    Q169721 OFF97: Toolbar Buttons Disappear When Closing Customize Dialog
    Q182072 OFF98: "Cannot Load Shared Libraries" Message Appears When Starting an Office 98 Program After Removing a Program
    Q186766 OFF98: Collapsed Document Window Reopens When Toolbar Is Moved
    Q186006 OFF98: Find File Search Fails with Long Property String
    Q187588 OFF98: Foreign Language Font Names Not Displayed Correctly
    Q184793 OFF98: Minimum Extensions and Control Panels Required for ODBC
    Q186254 OFF98: Network and Printing Failures Using Office Programs
    Q180183 OFF98: ODBC Driver Versions That Are Available
    Q186971 OFF98: Shortcut Keys May Not Be Available
    Q187697 OFF98: Troubleshooting Installation of Classroom Tools Disc 1
    Q159374 OFF: Clicking Button on OSB Starts a New Session
    Q137674 OFF: Errors Working with a Binder That Contains a Worksheet
    Q159359 OFF: How to Rename a Button on the Office Shortcut Bar
    Q165985 OFF: "Out of Memory" Messages When Running Microsoft Office
    Q108074 OLE Automation: GetObject Function with Filename Opens File
    Q68507 Only Vector Fonts Change Size When Copied Pictures Are Sized
    Q71969 OPEN.INDEX Not Working Correctly in Q+E Example
    Q34155 Opening a File with a Cell Reference in Excel
    Q78088 OPEN Macro Command Switches Don't Work in Q+E
    Q99788 OPENn= Statement in EXCEL4.INI Fails if not in Sequence
    Q52040 Optional Parameter Specification for Excel's GET.CHART.ITEM()
    Q71749 Options on Edit Menu Are Dimmed in Q+E
    Q29027 Options Protect Document and Password Features in Excel
    Q116011 Oracle Error: Local Kernel Only Supported in Standard Mode
    Q29528 Order of Files Saved in Excel Workspace
    Q157500 Orientation Does Not Change with LaserWriter 8.4 Driver
    Q90711 Orientation Setting Lost Transferring From Windows to Mac
    Q84225 OS/2 Extended Edition Not Available in Excel 4.0
    Q68633 Outlining and Drawing Operations Not Supported in Workgroup
    Q60703 Overflow Text Not Printing in Excel
    Q73802 Packrat Includes Excel Macro to Exchange Data
    Q45064 Page Breaks Not Viewable in Shaded Cells in Excel
    Q48222 Page References for QECHAP14.XLM Macros in Q+E
    Q72573 Parsing Names in a Worksheet Without Data Parse in Excel
    Q72102 Partial Printouts When Printing in Draft Mode to an HP DeskJet
    Q75877 Password-Protected Files Can Be Deleted in Excel
    Q70274 PASTE.APPEND DDE Example Results in Error in Q+E Formula
    Q125403 Pasted Formula with Name Returns Cell Address Rather Than Name
    Q76243 Paste Link a Single Record to a Range in Excel from Q+E
    Q70471 Paste Linking an Excel Embedded Chart into Word for Windows
    Q96416 Paste Special Operations Won't Work with Nonadjacent Data
    Q31634 Pasting Additional Data to a Database with a Macro
    Q72938 Pattern Redraw Problem with Excel and 8514 Driver
    Q74521 PC Tools 7.0 Utilities May Cause Problems with Excel 3.0
    Q77114 Performing a Lookup with Unsorted Data in Excel
    Q140115 Performing an Administrative Setup of the ODBC 2.0 Kit
    Q141769 Phantom Printer Names in Excel 5.0
    Q132507 Pie Chart Loses Data When Pasted from MS Excel to MSDraw in Word
    Q76611 Pie Chart Prints as Vertical Line to PostScript Printer
    Q70227 Pioneer's Version 2.6 Includes an Oracle Driver
    Q110602 Pivot Table Refresh Overwrites Formatting
    Q31374 Plotting Individual X-Y Scatter with Legend Containing Labels
    Q85986 PMPLOT.QPR Queue Driver Necessary to Plot in Excel for OS/2
    Q76358 PMT Argument Not Required with FV, NPER, PV, and RATE Function
    Q178050 Pocket XL: "Error Occurred" Opening File in Invalid Format
    Q72870 POKE Example Uses Invalid Bookmark Name in Excel
    Q71493 POKE Function Example in Q+E Manual Is Incorrect
    Q151047 PPT97: Excel Chart Does Not Refresh Properly After Update
    Q70152 Pressing ESC While Scrolling Through Large File May Cause UAE
    Q69666 Preventing Excel Button Objects from Scrolling
    Q70472 PREVIEW.XLM Third Screen Sum Totals Are Incorrect
    Q48197 Previous Button Dimmed in Page Preview if Notes Are Displayed
    Q123837 Primary or Secondary Y Axis Incorrect Scale with Smoothed Series
    Q73284 Printed Notes Are Based on Normal Style in Excel
    Q74843 Printing Excel Info Windows May Cause Machines to Hang
    Q72581 Printing Text in Color with Adobe Type Manager (ATM)
    Q25764 Printing without Headers or Footers Using PAGE.SETUP in Excel
    Q68512 Print Preview Differs from Screen Display in Excel
    Q68420 Print Preview Shows Different Printer Settings than Chosen
    Q147318 Problems Exporting MS Excel Files from MS Access 2.0
    Q123836 "Problems Obtaining Data" Using External Data in Pivot Table
    Q68635 Problems Reported with Some 1024 x 768 Video Displays
    Q147189 Problems Saving Files Using FTP's Interdrive95
    Q120504 Problems Using .DBF Files in Microsoft Query
    Q59432 Problems Using SEND.KEYS Function in Excel
    Q125303 Project: "For Each" Assignments Loop Results in Error
    Q98266 ProofReader Fails with Extended Workbook Filenames
    Q45930 Purpose of the SQL Button in the Q+E File Open Dialog
    Q88939 Q+E: Additional Parameters for LOGON() Command
    Q75907 Q+E: Allow Editing Command Unavailable on Novell Network
    Q82887 Q+E and SQL Server Common .DLL Files
    Q73298 Q+E Cannot Open Protected Excel Sheet
    Q45929 Q+E Commands Don't Appear in the Data Menu
    Q96000 Q+E: Connecting to an Oracle Database
    Q76278 Q+E Converts Numbers to Text if First Field Is Blank
    Q107747 Q+E: DDE or SQL Error Message Extracting Oracle Dates
    Q60641 Q+E Err Msg: Cannot Initialize
    Q45957 Q+E Err Msg: Cannot Open <Filename>.DBT
    Q78769 Q+E Err Msg: Column of Type (char) Does Not Allow Nulls
    Q66670 Q+E Err Msg: Command Has Been Aborted
    Q77015 Q+E Err Msg: DB-Library Network Communication Layer Not Loaded
    Q98572 Q+E Err Msg: Duplicate Field Names in Table: XA
    Q95757 Q+E Err Msg: "Error in SQL Statement"
    Q48150 Q+E Err Msg: External Database Commands Are Disabled...
    Q72771 Q+E Err Msg: Incompatible Datatypes in Expression
    Q94704 Q+E Err Msg: "Invalid dBASE Index File Name"
    Q69524 Q+E Err Msg: More Than One Field Has This Name...
    Q45886 Q+E Err Msg: The String Was Not Found
    Q78759 Q+E: Error Accessing SQLServer Fields Containing a Space
    Q98571 Q+E: Errors Opening Text Files that Contain Blank First Row
    Q79797 Q+E: Example of WHERE Clause with COMMAND Function
    Q70232 Q+E: Excel Driver Does Not Compare Blank Fields Correctly
    Q95828 Q+E: Excel Err Msg: SQL Statement Is Not Valid or DDE Error
    Q90431 Q+E: Field Names get Truncated to Eight Characters
    Q68822 Q+E Is Limited to 16 Queries on Each dBASE File
    Q68823 Q+E Is Limited to 20 Queries
    Q94645 Q+E: Large Values in Money Field in ExcelFile Are Blank
    Q67796 Q+E Macro Extract Returns Incorrect Records
    Q107875 Q+E Makes Microsoft Excel File Read-Only
    Q75615 Q+E: OPEN Does Not Use use_colhdr for the Source ExcelFile
    Q113633 Q+E: Query to Return Records That Don't Have Match in 2nd File
    Q78660 Q+E Reads One Field in Text File
    Q45938 Q+E Records Displayed in Saved Order When a File Is Opened
    Q45914 Q+E's Allow Editing Option Is Disabled for All Files
    Q76360 Q+E Saves dBASE II, IV Files in Dbase III Format
    Q45888 Q+E's File Open Command Is Disabled When 11 Files Are Open
    Q46018 Q+E Supports Both dBASE IV SQL and ANSI SQL
    Q74237 Q+E Truncates Decimal Numbers Imported from Excel
    Q76294 Q+E UAE with % Search on Date column With SQLServer Driver
    Q73297 Q+E UAE with % Search on Date column With SQLServer Driver
    Q95386 Q+E: Unexpected Results with Mixed Alpha and Numeric Data
    Q76781 Q+E: Using Outer Join Operators to Include Nonmatching Records
    Q67509 Q+E Version 2.50 Supports the Keyword DISTINCT
    Q75102 Q+E Warning: Unable to Connect to Database Driver
    Q45913 Q+E Will Run with Excel Run Time
    Q84226 QE.XLA Replaces QESTART.XLA in Excel 4.0
    Q156837 Query97: Cannot Save a Query's Result Set as a Table
    Q157957 Query97: Redraw Problems in Choose Columns Dialog Box
    Q188967 Query98: Indexed Field Name Does not Display in Bold Letters
    Q187699 Query98: MSQuery Uses 1900 Date When Two Digits Are Used for the Year
    Q188663 Query98: "Query can have only one Outer Join" Error Message
    Q188011 Query98: "Table Does Not Exist..." Error Adding Index to Locked Table
    Q117274 Query Does Not Appear to Delete Records from dBASE Table
    Q118962 Query Err Msg: "Non Unique Column Reference" with dBASE Tables
    Q108483 Query Err Msg: SQL Query Can't Be Represented Graphically
    Q122510 Query Err Msg: Wrong Number of Parameters
    Q124228 Query: Error Adding Criteria to Float--Required Field
    Q150245 Query Hangs If Adding 256-Field Table from Excel Data Source
    Q48151 Querying Two Databases with SQL
    Q154843 QuickTime Movies Do Not Print on HP DeskWriter 550 Printer
    Q65876 Random Letter Generation in Excel
    Q76849 RATE Differs from HP Calculator for Periods Other than Annual
    Q25809 Reading CSV Files into Excel
    Q98604 README.TXT from Intl. Open EIS Pak 1.0a for Windows
    Q71520 Reasons Why Save Worksheet As Is Displayed in Excel
    Q70727 Recalculation Problems Running Function Macros in Excel 3.00
    Q72619 Recently Opened Worksheet List Not Updated in Excel
    Q88144 Recorded CROSSTAB Macro Is Interactive if Fields Not Selected
    Q88245 Recorded Macro Is Interactive If CROSSTAB.CREATE() Is Too Long
    Q71072 "Ref_2" Argument Is Not Optional with CREATE.OBJECT Command
    Q37740 Removing Manual Page Breaks in Excel
    Q45977 Removing the Last Condition with Edit Undo in Q+E
    Q72104 RENAME.COMMAND Does Not Retain Changes with Certain Menu Items
    Q66533 Required Field Does Not Fit in the Data Form in Q+E
    Q131924 Reset TipWizard Check Box Appears Gray (Semi-Select State)
    Q70219 Result of ISNUMBER() Displayed Incorrectly in the Formula Bar
    Q75834 Returning an Array of Sequential Numbers in Excel
    Q74386 Returning More than 255 Characters from a Text Box or Button
    Q71946 Returning Multiple Values from an Excel Function Macro
    Q32867 Return Value of Canceled Dialog Box in Excel
    Q163903 Revision Number and Total Edit Time Boxes Are Empty
    Q70066 Rotated Chart Text Doesn't Appear in Excel When Using FaceLift
    Q115580 Rotated/Colored Text Not Displayed Correctly in Pasted Chart
    Q72140 Rotated Text Prints Black Boxes if No Vector Fonts Installed
    Q68630 Rounding Inconsistencies Fixed with Excel Version 3.00
    Q63973 Rounding to the Nearest Limit in Excel
    Q125895 "Routine not found" Error Using Microsoft Excel or Office Help
    Q94643 Row Headings Displayed Incorrectly with Zoom Command
    Q68916 Run-Time Windows Files Not Deleted by Excel 3.00 Setup
    Q71076 Save As Fails When Specifying a Different SQL Server Database
    Q65905 SAVE.AS Returns Error if Replacing Existing? Dialog Canceled
    Q74458 SAVE.LABELS.AS Example Creates Labels with No Spaces in Q+E
    Q72012 Save or Print Is Slow After a Join in Q+E
    Q68498 Saving and Translating Lotus Versions 3.x Files
    Q51228 Saving an Excel Worksheet Full Screen
    Q68994 Saving a Previous Database Definition When Using QE.XLA
    Q167391 SBFM97: Additional Accounting Filters Available
    Q165612 SBFM97: Axis Labels Missing on Profitability Chart
    Q169400 SBFM97: Beginning Balances in Report Are Incorrect
    Q164283 SBFM97: Cannot Find the Aapc.hlp in Canadian SBFM
    Q171408 SBFM97: Contents of the Quickbooks 5.0 Filter Readme.txt
    Q167428 SBFM97: Contents of the Readme.txt Additional Filters
    Q165937 SBFM97: Contents of the README.TXT Quickbooks Filter Update
    Q169887 SBFM97: Currency Changes Sign in Profitability Analysis
    Q166046 SBFM97 ErrMsg: Illegal Operation Updating Quickbooks Data
    Q172830 SBFM97: Error Message When Running Wizards Under MS Windows NT
    Q164747 SBFM97: Error Updating Accounting Data
    Q169886 SBFM97: Error Updating Database After Creating Report
    Q166746 SBFM97: Files Installed with Small Business Financial Manager
    Q164995 SBFM97: List of Supported Accounting Programs
    Q166766 SBFM97: Payments Per Year Input Box Only Allows One Digit
    Q167384 SBFM97: Quickbooks 3.1 Filter Fails Under Windows NT
    Q163885 SBFM97: Quickbooks 4.0 Filter Fails Under Windows NT 4.0
    Q171341 SBFM97: Quickbooks Version 5.0 Filter Is Available
    Q176533 SBFM97: Resolving Problems with the QuickBooks Accounting Filter
    Q164285 SBFM97: Restore Wizard Values Does Not Recalculate Worksheet
    Q163680 SBFM97: 'Run-time Error 13' Using Buy vs. Lease Analysis
    Q165120 SBFM97: 'Run-time Error 13' Using Compare What-If Scenarios
    Q177370 SBFM97: "Setup Could Not Find Microsoft Excel" Error Message
    Q170613 SBFM97: Setup Could Not Find Microsoft Excel Installed
    Q164745 SBFM97: Total Monthly Payments Calculation Is Incorrect
    Q169401 SBFM97: Trial Balance with Scenarios Out of Balance
    Q165938 SBFM97: Update for Quickbooks Version 4.0 Filter
    Q165381 SBFM97: What-If Scenario Name Does Not Appear in Overview
    Q187927 SBFM98: "Setup Does Not Support Being Run in This Mode"
    Q157387 SBFM: Accounting Data Files Don't Appear in Import Wizard
    Q152815 SBFM: Accounting Terminology
    Q147744 SBFM: Cannot Use UNC Connections When Importing Data
    Q154132 SBFM: Cell Note for Net Sales to Total Assets Incorrect
    Q154662 SBFM: Contents of the Additional Drivers Disk
    Q153314 SBFM: Contents of the README.TXT Additional Drivers
    Q103005 SBFM: Contents of the README.TXT Peachtree Additional Driver
    Q153482 SBFM: Displaying the Legal Disclaimer After Setup
    Q154142 SBFM Error: Cannot Find 'C:\Windows\System\Msaap.xla'
    Q152780 SBFM: Error Launching SBFM From Desktop Shortcut
    Q153031 SBFM: Files Installed by MS Small Business Financial Manager
    Q153277 SBFM: How to Distribute SBFM Over a Network
    Q152818 SBFM: How to Uninstall Small Business Financial Manager
    Q152662 SBFM: Installation Requirements and Limitations
    Q170409 SBFM: Invalid Page Faults in Dao350.dll During Import
    Q153280 SBFM: Minimum System Requirements
    Q152747 SBFM: Overview of Small Business Financial Manager
    Q153033 SBFM: Problems Using SBFM After Installing MS Access 2.0
    Q153055 SBFM: Problems Using SBFM with MS Excel Being Run From Server
    Q155458 SBFM: Quickbooks Driver Currently Supports Version 3.1 Only
    Q163682 SBFM: Small Business Financial Manager 1.0 Requires Office 7.0
    Q153030 SBFM: Small Business Financial Manager (DMF) Disk Contents
    Q153440 SBFM: Standard Financial Reports and Related Sub Reports
    Q156663 SBFM: Updated Accounting Program Drivers Available
    Q152757 SBFM: Wrong Version of Peachtree for Windows Listed in Help
    Q69783 Scatter Charts: Plot Line Beyond Specified Maximum Value
    Q68362 Screen Blanks While Using Split Window Command in Excel
    Q75735 Screen Unit Sizes in an Excel Dialog Box
    Q74273 Second Wind Provides Software Link Between Excel and Oracle
    Q35731 Selecting a Block of Cells with an Excel Macro
    Q68518 Selecting, Editing, or Extracting Values from Cells in Table
    Q73675 Selecting Individual Objects from the Keyboard
    Q49425 Selecting Noncontinuous Ranges by Name in an Excel Macro
    Q73325 Selecting Records Based on Multiple Conditions in Same Field
    Q112028 Selection.Cells with Nonadjacent Selection Returns Single Cell
    Q128407 "Selection Too Large" Message Using SQLRetrieve Function
    Q66015 Select Noncontiguous Areas Without a Mouse in Excel
    Q61352 SEND.KEYS Command Equivalent for Parentheses in Excel
    Q42299 SEND.KEYS() Function Doesn't Work on Toggle Switch
    Q76309 Send.Keys Macro to Size Window Doesn't Work in Excel
    Q69266 SET.NAME() Cannot Define a Formula
    Q59433 Setting Multiple Row Heights and Column Widths with the Mouse
    Q91134 Setting Print_Area to Adjust Automatically to Extracted Data
    Q71776 Setting the Default Driver for File Open in Q+E
    Q74541 Setting the Default Font in Q+E for Microsoft Excel
    Q44012 Sheet Name Containing a Hyphen Gives an Error in Excel
    Q68631 Showing Detail Only of an Excel Outline
    Q70650 Solver Err Msg: Filename Is Not Valid, Cannot Find Macro
    Q79610 Solver Err Msg: Solver an Unexpected Internal Error Occurred
    Q72415 Solver Error Messages
    Q75714 Solver Limits for Constraints and Adjustable Cells
    Q71324 Solver Sample Worksheet Documentation Error
    Q74270 Solver's Linearity Condition Error Message Returned
    Q74281 Some Printer Drivers May Show Screen Fonts as Printer Fonts
    Q62719 Sorting on Portions of the Contents of a Cell
    Q70720 Space Available in Excel Setup Displays Incorrectly
    Q46386 Specifying Column Start Positions for Q+E Mailing Labels
    Q83582 Spell Checker Changes Font in Excel Object
    Q68508 Spreadsheet Won't Visibly Update Behind Triggered Dialog Box
    Q45979 SQL Order By Clause Must Be a Field Name in Q+E
    Q74241 SQL.QUER Returns #REF in Q+E
    Q25695 Square Block Displayed by Excel Area Chart #2
    Q70726 Star Printer Displays Garbage in Page Size Field of Page Setup
    Q77538 Starting Excel with No Worksheets Open
    Q69984 Starting Q+E Message in Status Bar Is Not Removed
    Q61000 STDEVP Excel Function Is Documented Incorrectly
    Q62347 STEP() Function Prevents SEND.KEYS from Working Correctly
    Q86163 Support for Excel Developers
    Q39575 Symphony Macros Are Not Translated Correctly
    Q74989 Symphony UK 2.2 with ATM Displays Huge Row Numbers in Excel
    Q45070 Symptoms of a Faulty Math Coprocessor in Microsoft Excel
    Q131162 "Syntax error in CREATE TABLE statement" with ODBC 2.0 Drivers
    Q131920 "Syntax error in FROM clause" Using ODBC 2.0 Drivers
    Q125910 Tables in SQL Data Sources Not Present in Add Tables Dialog Box
    Q124896 "TDS Buffer Length Too Large" Error Connecting to SQL Server
    Q75873 Temporarily Changing a Remote Link
    Q67442 Terminating a Channel with Q+E Closes the File
    Q61270 Text Attached to Data Points Always on Right in Excel
    Q57861 Text Does Not Overwrite into the Next Cell
    Q72841 Text Doesn't Overflow into Adjacent Blank Cell in Excel
    Q118656 Text Import Wizard Is Displayed Using OPEN?() with Text File
    Q158283 Text Import Wizard May Not Run With Virus Search Add-In
    Q72443 Text in Compressed Row May Extend into Row Above in Printout
    Q82949 Text not Formatted Pasting to Word for Windows 2.0
    Q76857 Text Opaque or White Out Feature Does Not Print Correctly
    Q73287 Text Will Not Be Dithered in Excel for Windows
    Q65762 The Equivalent of the SPACEBAR for the SEND.KEYS Function
    Q45081 "The Expert": an Excel Monthly Publication
    Q90508 Third-Party Vendors of Microsoft Excel-Related Products
    Q45474 Time Considerations in Excel Macros with ON.TIME() And WAIT()
    Q109778 Timer Driver and "Error Occurred Initializing VBA Libraries"
    Q74234 Token Too Big Message When Executing a SQL Statement
    Q35710 Transferring Files Between Macintosh Excel and Lotus 1-2-3
    Q103412 Transferring Files Between Works 2.0 for Windows and Excel
    Q32509 Translating Lotus VLOOKUP to Excel VLOOKUP
    Q73783 Translating Picture Charts Between Platforms
    Q76671 TREND Function Requires Known_x's if New_x's Are Specified
    Q46021 TRIM() and RTRIM() SQL Functions Work the Same
    Q151508 Troubleshooting Information for AccessLinks
    Q68270 Troubleshooting Macros that Use ON.DATA() in Excel
    Q102818 t-Test Assuming Unequal Variance Returns Incorrect DF Value
    Q71187 Tutorial Crashes While Running Winclock in Excel
    Q72138 Tutorial Problems Occur if Helvetica Font Does Not Exist
    Q37993 Two-Step Method to Calculate Bond Price in Excel
    Q71090 UAE Editing Function Macro with Manual Calculation in Excel
    Q72464 UAE or Internal Stack Overflow with Peak/DM BIOS
    Q69466 UAE Using Canon LBP-8III/LBP-4 Driver
    Q76782 UAE When Extracting Data from Two External Excel Databases
    Q71619 Unable to Access Help When WINHELP.EXE Has Been Deleted
    Q45990 Unable to Interrupt Loading File in Q+E
    Q68408 Unable to Page Through Print Preview in Excel 3.0
    Q71747 Unable to Read Row and Column Heading Text in Excel
    Q74275 Unattached Text, Arrows Cannot Be Copied Between Excel Windows
    Q118997 Unattached Text Moves Relative to Chart Axis Scale
    Q25937 Unbracketed Data Deleted with Excel Parse Command
    Q171656 UNCONF: Problems Using PowerBuilder with Microsoft Excel 97
    Q147181 UNCONF: WB1 Converter May Not Be Installed with Complete Setup
    Q128710 UNCONF: XL5 Files Locked w/ Norton DiskLock May Be Damaged
    Q45991 Undeleting Deleted Records from dBASE File in Q+E
    Q68628 Underline Appears Under Character in User Information Dialog
    Q81655 Unexpected Behavior When Entering Data and Using Navigation Keys
    Q124276 Unexpected Codes Appear Under Number and Custom Number Formats
    Q111904 Unexpected Results with Second Paste Link to Item
    Q88869 Unix SQL Server by Sybase Not Supported by Q+E
    Q117856 Unpatterned/Uncolored Cells Have Pattern or Color When Redrawn
    Q71282 Unrecoverable Application Error on Dell 320 LX in Excel
    Q129161 Unsaved Filename Shows in Title Bar After "Disk is Full" Error
    Q44011 Unselecting Your Chart with the Keyboard in Excel
    Q61939 Unusual Results with SELECT Function in Protected Document
    Q82886 Update All With Too Many Characters Gives Missing Quote Error
    Q124310 Updating Incorrect Calculations on Worksheet Created on Pentium
    Q71968 USE.INDEX Example Not Working Correctly in Q+E
    Q45075 Use of Array Constants with the =DSUM Function in Excel
    Q70476 Use of GOTO and RUN Macro Commands in Excel
    Q59616 Use of the IRR Function in Excel
    Q58448 Use of the ON.DATA() Command in Excel
    Q68643 User-Defined Dialogs Are Smaller on Screen in Excel 3.00
    Q74524 Uses of the Window Size Box in Excel
    Q74236 Use the KEYS Function to Send an Array of Data to Q+E
    Q32511 Using a Command Macro with Caps Lock
    Q74267 Using a Mouse to Enter References into a Custom Dialog Box
    Q29999 Using an Asterisk "*" Character in Replace Command
    Q46020 Using Apostrophes and Quotation Marks with SQL WHERE Clause
    Q74842 Using a Q+E DEFINE.FIELD Function With an Excel File
    Q109410 Using Arrays with Workgroup Extensions for Microsoft Excel
    Q64891 Using Arrow Keys in Formula Define Name Edit Box
    Q38750 Using CHOOSE() with Range References in Excel Formulas
    Q68203 Using COMMAND() to Send an Execute String to Q+E
    Q77683 Using Computed Criteria in Excel for Multiple Conditions
    Q70100 Using Computed Criteria on External Databases
    Q45978 Using Compute within Select Not Allowed in Q+E
    Q70067 Using DB.SQL.QUERY with Type 2 Requires Double Single Quotes
    Q60993 Using DSUM() Function on Multiple Fields Using Arrays
    Q141227 Using External Data with Microsoft Excel
    Q69507 Using File Define to Pack a dBASE Compatible File
    Q70096 Using FORMULA.CONVERT() to Change Relative/Absolute References
    Q30008 Using FWRITELN() to Write a Formatted Number
    Q67765 Using Indexes Does Not Improve Search Performance in Q+E
    Q73586 Using INDEX() to Automatically Update Range in SUM() Formula
    Q72266 Using INDIRECT Maintains an Absolute Range in a Defined Name
    Q70475 Using INDIRECT to Prevent the Updating of Linked References
    Q61891 Using Intersections of Named Ranges in Excel Formulas
    Q75504 Using IRR with a Range that Includes Blank Cells in Excel
    Q60546 Using ISBLANK() with ACTIVE.CELL()
    Q60548 Using LOOKUP to Open Files in a Macro Loop in Excel
    Q28477 Using Macro Commands to Search for Double Quotation Marks (")
    Q71265 Using Micrologic MoreFonts with Excel
    Q87517 Using Multiple Custom Dictionaries with Excel Spelling Checker
    Q72542 Using Multiple Fonts in Headers and/or Footers in Excel
    Q97486 Using Multiple Select List Boxes in a Custom Dialog Box
    Q48931 Using NOW in Narrow-Columned Cell
    Q58951 Using ON.KEY() in Excel
    Q75768 Using Paradox Version 3.5 CSV Files with Excel
    Q89007 Using Q+E with DEC RDB
    Q58365 Using RAND() Function with Manual Calculation in Excel
    Q135570 Using REQUEST With FieldCount DDE Topic Causes Macro Error
    Q69614 Using SEND.KEYS() to Change Paper Source in Printer Setup
    Q69304 Using SQL Server COMPUTE, COMPUTE BY Clauses from Within Q+E
    Q47974 Using System Date as Default in an INPUT Function in Excel
    Q70712 Using Tabs and Paste.Append from an Excel Macro to Q+E
    Q133052 Using the DIR() Function Does Not Produce Error
    Q27586 Using the Excel Data Parse Command without a Mouse
    Q77981 Using the [Init Commands] Section of the EXCEL.INI File
    Q27311 Using the Input Box to Select a Range in Excel
    Q46145 Using the TEXT Function within a FORMULA Function in Excel
    Q82009 Using Transition Keys to Align Text
    Q72551 Value Axis Format Is Dependent on First Data Series Format
    Q66913 Version History of Microsoft Excel for Windows
    Q70473 Vertical Bars Appear in Print Preview Using the Plotter Driver
    Q76160 Video Seven VRAM II with Excel and MS-DOS 5.0 Causes UAE
    Q87996 Virus Protection Causes Problems with Excel 4.x Setup
    Q150491 WD97: Screen Flickers Constantly After Pasting Excel Chart
    Q122583 WE1130: Lotus 1-2-3 WK4 File Converter
    Q128332 WE1254: 15-Digit Number Patch for MS Excel Version 5.0c
    Q150990 WE1280: Virus Search Add-in
    Q69150 WHATIF.XLA Dialog Box Is Replicated When Moved
    Q45989 What Q+E Loads into Memory When a File Is Opened
    Q45887 Wildcard Characters Cannot Be Used with Q+E's Select Find
    Q66436 Wildcard Characters Do Not Work with the Find Command
    Q45993 Window Background Color Does Not Change in Q+E
    Q71937 Window Background Color Prints as Shading on Objects
    Q78125 WINDOW.MOVE Returns Error Message if Window Is Maximized
    Q83873 "Wired for Sound" Causes GP Fault in Excel Setup
    Q90523 Word Count for Excel Spell Checker Dictionary and Thesaurus
    Q163024 Workbook Settings Ignored or Disabled in MS Internet Explorer
    Q44274 Working with Defined Ranges on a Worksheet Through a Macro
    Q69530 Working with International Macros
    Q107988 Works: Functions Imported from Excel 4.0 to Works
    Q51381 Worksheet Data Overwritten by Footer/Header in Excel
    Q69207 Worksheet Functions to Solve Linear Equations
    Q118976 Worksheet Name in 4.0 Macro File Contains Filename Extension
    Q72178 Worksheet Recalculates Slowly in Excel 3.00
    Q107989 Works: Transferring Files Between Works and Excel
    Q68514 Wrap Text Is Not Dynamic in Microsoft Excel 3.0 and 4.0
    Q109224 XE0927: Using Macros Questions and Answers (FastTips)
    Q111354 XL: 1-2-3 Commands to Attach Text Data Labels to a Chart
    Q214068 XL2000: Date Values Earlier Than 1900 Appear As Text
    Q59958 XL2: Toggle Between Values and Formulas Incorrect in Manual
    Q79587 XL2/XL3: Function Macros Don't Update When Macro Code Is Changed
    Q95810 XL2/XL3: OPEN.LINKS May Open Files When No Links Exist
    Q74470 XL3: Can't Hide Button Objects Only
    Q137090 XL3: "Illegal Operation" Printing or Viewing in Print Preview
    Q98650 XL3: LINEST() Returns #NUM! Error for r^2
    Q103161 XL3/XL4: Cannot Open or View Password Protected Add-in Macro
    Q103287 XL3/XL4: Dynamic Linked List Dialog Boxes
    Q51545 XL3/XL4: Extracting Every "nth" Record from a Database
    Q104579 XL3/XL4: Function with Best Fit Removes Borders from Worksheet
    Q104695 XL3/XL4: How the Current Mode of Calculation Is Determined
    Q102862 XL3/XL4: How to Create a 2-D chart with Two Identical Y- Axes
    Q102862 XL3/XL4: How to Create a 2-D chart with Two Identical Y-Axes
    Q103708 XL3/XL4: Including or Excluding a List of Records in Extract
    Q100944 XL3/XL4: Macro to Open an Add-in for Editing
    Q104503 XL3/XL4: Recent File List not Updated to Show Saved Chart
    Q96136 XL3/XL4: STDEVP Function Returns #NUM! Error Value
    Q107975 XL: 4.0 Menus Different From Actual 4.0 Menus
    Q98623 XL4: Cannot Use Worksheet Comparison with Bound Worksheet
    Q104356 XL4: Can't Find Dialog Box Definitions in "User's Guide 1"
    Q104306 XL4: Cell Pattern Format Not Copied to Inserted Cell
    Q99879 XL4: Computer Hangs with CROSSTAB.CREATE() Function
    Q98979 XL4: Crosstab ReportWizard May Overwrite Data
    Q101892 XL4 Err Msg: Cannot Open Dependent Document with Same Name
    Q96611 XL4 Err Msg: "No Match in Current Cell" When Match Does Exist
    Q121390 XL4: Error Saving Bound Protected Chart in Protected Workbook
    Q98958 XL4: Formula with SELECT() and OFFSET() Is Incorrect
    Q122853 XL4: GP Fault in Excel 4.0 Printing or Closing Print Preview
    Q89182 XL4: Hidden Rows and Columns Are Displayed in Point Mode
    Q105429 XL4: Histogram and FREQUENCY Results Different for Same Data
    Q101122 XL4: How Fonts are Mapped from Lotus 1-2-3 to Excel
    Q104998 XL4: How to Manipulate Array Variables Using a Macro
    Q98452 XL4: Line Not Straight in Chart Created with Regression Tool
    Q97567 XL4: Low Option in AutoSave Add-in Saves Every 27 Minutes
    Q179026 XL4: Macro Help File for Microsoft Excel for the Macintosh Is Available
    Q179026 XL4: Macro Help File for MS Excel for the Macintosh Is Available
    Q103985 XL4: Macro to Export Text File with Commas and Quotation Marks
    Q96934 XL4: Manual Pages Breaks Are Not Always Displayed
    Q99702 XL4: Regression Tool Returns #DIV/0 and #NUM! Error Values
    Q108220 XL4: Size of Graphic Objects Change When Printed
    Q87880 XL4: Using Consolidate with Workbooks
    Q99701 XL4: Workbook Disappears when Using FORMULA.GOTO()
    Q124092 XL: 5.0c Allows You To Choose Recording Method Before Recording
    Q117126 XL5: 3-D Syntax in Array Formula Calculated Incorrectly
    Q119915 XL5: Accounting Underline Overlaps Cell Data
    Q117753 XL5: Advanced Filter Extracts All Records
    Q110860 XL5: After Setup, Choosing Continue Button Restarts Windows
    Q109191 XL5 AppNote: Basic Use Questions and Answers (XE0923)
    Q109223 XL5 AppNote: List Management & Data Analysis Q&A (XE0926)
    Q112730 XL5: AppNote: MAPI-to-VIM Translation .DLL MAPIVIM.DLL
    Q109190 XL5 AppNote: Upgrade and Setup Questions and Answers (WE0922)
    Q109193 XL5 AppNote: Working w/ Charts Questions and Answers (XE0925)
    Q118799 XL5: "Argument Not Optional" Using Visual Basic ATP Functions
    Q130708 XL5: Array Formula Doesn't Recalculate Using Calculate Method
    Q109571 XL5: Array Formula Fills Range When Entered in Single Cell
    Q107834 XL5: Arrow Keys Inactive in an Object Link Edit Box
    Q130573 XL5: ATP Functions Evaluate to #REF in MS Excel 4.0 File
    Q118466 XL5: ATP Functions Return #VALUE! Using Array as Argument
    Q121404 XL5: AutoFilter Doesn't Filter Strings That Contain Operator
    Q104377 XL5: AutoFit Selection Makes Column Too Wide or Works Slowly
    Q115514 XL5: AutoFormat Page Setup Options Not Applied to Chart
    Q125638 XL5: AutoSum Feature Does Not Work Properly on Large Ranges
    Q112290 XL5: Bad or Missing WPD File Prevents Proper Page Setup
    Q118925 XL5: Calculation Err Msg Incomplete When Re-establishing Links
    Q163902 XL5: Calculation Property Fails if Chart Sheet Is Active
    Q118796 XL5: Caller Does Not Return Hierarchical Menu Information
    Q114315 XL5: Cannot Delete Records After Using AutoFilter
    Q120724 XL5: "Cannot Execute MSQUERY.EXE" Using External Data
    Q115905 XL5: "Cannot Find Macro" Running Macro in Active Workbook
    Q112219 XL5: "Cannot Find Macro..." Using Run Method with Add-in Macro
    Q116393 XL5: "Cannot Open Help File" Running Examples And Demos
    Q111728 XL5: Cannot Reopen Password-Protected File
    Q112088 XL5: Cannot Select More Than 23 Files in Open Dialog Box
    Q112176 XL5: Cannot Set Chart Data Marker Color Using Macro
    Q113910 XL5: Cannot Set Consecutive Delimiter for TextWizard in Macro
    Q104494 XL5: Cannot Size Full Page Chart
    Q108329 XL5: Cannot Use & Character as Accelerator Key in Dialog Box
    Q107705 XL5: Cannot Use Crosstab Add-in Macro in Worksheet Object
    Q124223 XL5: Cannot Use Visual Basic to Delete Names with Spaces
    Q112628 XL5: Can't Activate MSQuery from Embedded OLE 2.0 Object
    Q120040 XL5: Can't Change Directories in Object Dialog Using Keyboard
    Q126314 XL5: Can't Choose Refresh Data Button to Update Query
    Q104838 XL5: Can't Clear Entire Contents of Cell with Shortcut Menu
    Q126089 XL5: Can't Delete Style Name That Ends with a Space Character
    Q105099 XL5: Can't Drag Information from One Workbook to Another
    Q113988 XL5: Can't Edit or Activate Copy Picture Link from Excel
    Q128192 XL5: Can't Insert Sheet Based on Template with Hidden Sheet
    Q109421 XL5: Can't Preview Word for Windows Files in Find File
    Q117754 XL5: Can't Record Resetting Color Palette in Visual Basic
    Q111983 XL5: Can't Reference Name in Closed Excel 4.0 Workbook
    Q131299 XL5: Can't Run 5.0 for NT and Win95 Program on Same Computer
    Q109207 XL5: Can't Sign Out of Microsoft Mail After Routing Document
    Q119436 XL5: Can't Type in Debug Window
    Q119714 XL5: Can't Ungroup Module Sheet While Editing Worksheet Object
    Q112291 XL5: Can't Use CTRL Key to Select Extend List Box
    Q120801 XL5: Can't Use Norton Desktop for Windows FileAssist 3.0
    Q112099 XL5: Can't Use Toolbar Button Name to Index Toolbar Buttons
    Q110756 XL5: Can't View Workbook Summary Info in Word for Windows
    Q125400 XL5: Cell Contents Not Visible in Quattro Pro File
    Q132282 XL5: CELL() Function Does Not Return the Worksheet Name
    Q125271 XL5: Cells Recalculate When You Choose the Options Command
    Q124113 XL5: Changing Links Does Not Prompt for Worksheet Name
    Q121380 XL5: Chart Legend And Axis Font Changes After Chart Saved
    Q111667 XL5: Chart Legend Text Truncated Using Zoom Command
    Q112031 XL5: Chart References to Pivot Table Not Updated Correctly
    Q112032 XL5: Chart Sheet Tab Contains Filename Extension When Opened
    Q108430 XL5: Chart Size Changes if Embedded Chart Edited in OLE Client
    Q123839 XL5: Chart Type Defaults to Column
    Q124665 XL5: Choosing New from File Menu Does Not Display Dialog Box
    Q120196 XL5: Clicking Sheet Tab While Entering Formula Causes Hang
    Q121613 XL5: Click on Sheet Tab May Remove Sheet from Workbook
    Q109690 XL5: Color List Not Wide Enough to Display 'Automatic'
    Q111711 XL5: Columns Not Aligned in System Info Dialog Box
    Q119132 XL5: Components Installed with Each Installation Option
    Q120684 XL5: Computed Criteria with External Reference Doesn't Work
    Q126665 XL5: Contents of Lotus 1-2-3 WK4 File Converter Disk
    Q119097 XL5: Control Missing/Incorrect Location After Moving Dialog
    Q123259 XL5: "Could Not Open the File..." Running WK4 Converter Setup
    Q148614 XL5: Crash When Using Replace Command with Long Formulas
    Q123573 XL5C: Setup Doesn't Reinstall VSHARE.386
    Q109573 XL5: CTRL+BREAK When Opening Workbook with Dialog Sheet
    Q118601 XL5: Currency Number Format Lost When Entering Fraction
    Q124894 XL5: Current User Settings Remain After Remove All Under NT
    Q135503 XL5: Custom Colors on Chart Change to Black When Workbook Open
    Q118655 XL5: Custom Function Doesn't Recalculate with Calculate Method
    Q124005 XL5: Custom Macro Command Duplicated on Tools Menu
    Q112067 XL5: Custom Multiple Select List Box Returns Incorrect Result
    Q127791 XL5: Cut/Paste Formula with Reference Returns #REF! Error
    Q147323 XL5: Data Filter Unavailable If Worksheet Is Protected
    Q114748 XL5: Data Labels Displayed Incorrectly on Quattro Pro Graph
    Q119131 XL5: Data Type Example Does Not Work with Dynamic Array
    Q123838 XL5: DDEInitialize in VB User's Guide Should Be DDEInitiate
    Q118798 XL5: DDE Poke Command Fails When Mouse Cursor Over Toolbar
    Q110857 XL5: Defining Name in Name Box Causes Type Mismatch Error
    Q111324 XL5: Dialog Box Frame and Group Box Ignore Locked Text
    Q119142 XL5: DialogFrame Object Does Not Have BottomRightCell Property
    Q104786 XL5: Dialog Sheets Limited to One Dialog Box Per Sheet
    Q123576 XL5: DocErr Add Method of Workbooks Class
    Q106040 XL5: DocErr: Incorrect Reference to XL5GALRY.XLG
    Q129075 XL5 Doc Error: Single Custom List Entry Character Limit
    Q110895 XL5: DocErr: Referring Directly to Objects in Visual Basic
    Q111282 XL5 Docerr: Shell Function Pathname and Windowstyle Parts
    Q118602 XL5: DOCUMENTS() and WINDOWS() Return XL5GALRY.XLS Filename
    Q120723 XL5: Double-Clicking File in File Manager Doesn't Start Excel
    Q117598 XL5: DrawingObjects Shadow Property Listed Twice in Help File
    Q117175 XL5: Drawing Object Truncated or Not Printed
    Q122666 XL5: DSUM/DAVERAGE Functions Fail with Computed Criteria
    Q111958 XL5: Edited TipWizard Bulb Will Not Change Colors
    Q125643 XL5: Embedded Chart Links Not Updated When Copying Sheet
    Q115399 XL5: EOMONTH() Function Off by One Day
    Q112682 XL5 Err Msg: "Call to Undefined Dynalink" During Setup
    Q118404 XL5 Err Msg: "Cannot Access MSQUERY.EXE" Under OS/2 2.x
    Q110500 XL5 Err Msg: "Cannot Open Help..." XLODBC.XLA in Object Browser
    Q110402 XL5 Err Msg: "Cannot Open Printer Driver" with Chart Sheet
    Q108191 XL5 Err Msg: "Cannot Read from Drive" When Accessing Help Menu
    Q124277 XL5 Err Msg: "Can't Find Project or Library" Running Macro
    Q124180 XL5 Err Msg: "File Format No Longer Supported" Creating Add-in
    Q122059 XL5 Err Msg: GP Fault in Module SDM.DLL
    Q126312 XL5: Err Msg: "Invalid File Format" Attempting to Save
    Q106499 XL5 Err Msg: "Must Exit Windows and Load SHARE.EXE. . ."
    Q109209 XL5 Err Msg: "Not Enough Memory" With Indirect Defined Names
    Q118401 XL5 Err Msg: Object Library is Corrupted or Missing
    Q124331 XL5: Err Msg: Running Auto_Open from Shortcut Key
    Q117840 XL5 Err Msgs: "Excel Busy..." or "Application Can't Be Found"
    Q111842 XL5 Err Msg: "That Name Is not Valid" with Macro Translator
    Q115470 XL5: Error 79 Printing to HP 4 Using Wide Latin Font
    Q129437 XL5: Error Adding Protected Add-in Workbook to Add-in Manager
    Q113855 XL5: Error Bars Too Large When Standard Error Used
    Q119437 XL5: Error Choosing Button After Assigning Macro
    Q119259 XL5: Error/Incorrect Result Running SQL Function from Button
    Q121323 XL5: "Error in Formula" Using FormulaArray Property
    Q121083 XL5: Error Message "Cannot read record" in Imported Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet
    Q116151 XL5: Error "Not enough Memory" When Saving File
    Q123762 XL5: Error Returning Formula with Long Sheet and Filename
    Q126735 XL5: Error Running Microsoft Schedule+ from Microsoft Toolbar
    Q115135 XL5: Error Selecting Data Access Driver in ODBC Help Topic
    Q118755 XL5: Errors Using Wildcard in Sheet Name with Consolidate
    Q109275 XL5: Errors When Trying to Use Charting Toolbar Buttons
    Q120406 XL5: Error Using ChangeLink Method with Assigned Procedure
    Q172357 XL5: Error Using PivotTable in Workbook Saved by MS Excel 97
    Q113697 XL5: Examples And Demos Not Compatible with 80286 Processor
    Q113249 XL5: Excel 5.0 CBT Does Not Install on Windows NT
    Q113147 XL5: Excel 5.0 CBT Is Not Installed Under OS/2
    Q118958 XL5: Excel 5.0c Setup Program Installs VSHARE.386
    Q119378 XL5: Excel Displays Alerts When Activated Using CreateObject
    Q122284 XL5: Excel FX Fields Not Updated in Notes Document
    Q121120 XL5: Exiting Windows Leaves Files in TEMP Directory
    Q130498 XL5: External Link to WK3/WK4 File Returns Incorrect Value
    Q110870 XL5: Extra Ampersand Appears in Combination Drop-Down Edit Box
    Q115400 XL5: Extracted Data Not Automatically Updated in Formulas
    Q127968 XL5: "File Format No Longer Supported" Using Macro Module
    Q123258 XL5: "File Format Not Valid" Error After Selecting File Type
    Q109177 XL5: Filename Not Displayed When Protected File Opened
    Q137738 XL5: "Filename Reserved by XL 95 Users" When Workbook Opened
    Q147635 XL5: File Name with Extra Period Doesn't Show in File/Open Box
    Q129992 XL5: "'FILENAME.XLS' is Reserved By XL 95 Users" Opening File
    Q120404 XL5: "File Not Found" Error Using References Dialog Box
    Q124893 XL5: &[File] Not Printed Correctly in Custom Header/Footer
    Q110560 XL5: File Opened by Dialog Box Macro Is Not Recognized as Open
    Q132286 XL5: Files Not Displayed on Compressed NTFS Drive
    Q131926 XL5: Filter Takes Long Time With Border Applied to List
    Q104407 XL5: Find File Command Different from Find File in Word
    Q104406 XL5: Find File Command or Button Dimmed
    Q112989 XL5: Find File: Pressing Letter Doesn't Select First Item
    Q105098 XL5: Find File Subdirectory Search Limitations
    Q107621 XL5: Finding Default Printer and Port Settings
    Q109206 XL5: Font List on Module Format Tab Subset of Available Fonts
    Q110975 XL5: Fonts Appear Incorrect if HP DeskJet 500 at 150/175 dpi
    Q125850 XL5: Formats Copied Over Differently with Paste Special
    Q109422 XL5: Formatting Dialog Frame When Sheet Protected Hangs Excel
    Q123268 XL5: Formula in WK4 File Displays #VALUE! Error Value
    Q109297 XL5: Formulas Incorrect When File Saved in SYLK Format
    Q117642 XL5: Formulas Incorrect When Transposing Excel 4.0 Data
    Q119270 XL5: Formulas That Reference Defined Names Not Calculated
    Q123197 XL5: FoxPro Dates Exported to Microsoft Excel as Text
    Q121328 XL5: Function Procedure Not Updated Correctly on Worksheet
    Q119435 XL5: Function Wizard Displays Argument Text Without Name
    Q121940 XL5: Function Wizard Error When Function Contains Loop
    Q114572 XL5: FVSCHEDULE Function Causes GP Fault in ANALYSIS.XLL
    Q112077 XL5: GET.CHART.ITEM() Returns #Value! If Chart Item Selected
    Q118654 XL5: GET.DOCUMENT(4) Returns FALSE After FOR.CELL Function
    Q120159 XL5: GET.FORMULA Doesn't Return Chart Title Text
    Q111973 XL5: GET.WORKBOOK(16) and GET.DOCUMENT(1) Not the Same
    Q120541 XL5: GP Fault Adding Multiple Default Chart Formats
    Q120005 XL5: GP Fault After Sorting List That Contains Subtotals
    Q112027 XL5: GP Fault Checking Spelling in Worksheet
    Q120042 XL5: GP Fault Closing Workbook while Macro is Recording
    Q120721 XL5: GP Fault Copying, Moving, or Scrolling Visual Basic Module
    Q109185 XL5: GP Fault Cutting and Pasting Formula to New Workbook
    Q119377 XL5: GP Fault Evaluating INDIRECT() in Defined Name on Chart
    Q119658 XL5: GP Fault Formatting Chart Series Data Label Text
    Q119656 XL5: GP Fault/Hang Moving or Formatting Chart Title
    Q110595 XL5: GP Fault If REFTEXT() Refers to Closed Workbook
    Q117848 XL5: GP Fault Inserting or Formatting Picture on a Chart
    Q111944 XL5: GP Fault in Text Import Scrolling File with Large Columns
    Q111906 XL5: GP Fault in VBA.DLL on Exit After Saving to Floppy Drive
    Q120113 XL5: GP Fault in XLCONVMP.DLL Opening Multiplan File
    Q109184 XL5: GP Fault Opening File Saved as Microsoft Excel 2.1
    Q120001 XL5: GP Fault Opening Quattro Pro Files with Synched Window
    Q120408 XL5: GP Fault or Strange Results Using CHOOSE Function
    Q121326 XL5: GP Fault or Unexpected Results Using Object Dialog Box
    Q112175 XL5: GP Fault Pasting Multiple Grouped Drawing Objects
    Q118415 XL5: GP Fault Pasting Object in Protected Workbook
    Q120115 XL5: GP Fault Running Dialog with Mouse Cursor in Edit Box
    Q120197 XL5: GP Fault Running Macro After Adding Option Private
    Q120043 XL5: GP Fault Running Macro That Passes Argument to Sub
    Q116329 XL5: GP Fault Saving File with Invalid Name Reference
    Q120502 XL5: GP Fault Saving to Excel 4.0 Workbook with Linked Data
    Q121268 XL5: GP Fault Setting PageSetup Object Property to Null
    Q119713 XL5: GP Fault Showing Dependents/Precedents for Selected Cell
    Q124215 XL5: GP Fault Using Add-in Functions with the Function Wizard
    Q127986 XL5: GP Fault Using AutoFilter with Wrapped Text
    Q119569 XL5: GP Fault Using Find Dialog Box on Chart Sheet
    Q126983 XL5: GP Fault Using Go To While Function Wizard Dialog Open
    Q124311 XL5: GP Fault Using INSERT.OBJECT Without All Arguments
    Q118603 XL5: GP Fault Using Paste Name Dialog Box in Print Area
    Q119571 XL5: GP Fault Using PATTERNS Formula with Cell Selected
    Q125945 XL5: GP Fault Using Routing Slip with Your Name as Recipient
    Q118756 XL5: GP Fault Using Shared Formula as Computed Criteria
    Q118416 XL5: GP Fault Using Size Command with Chart Corners Selected
    Q124179 XL5: GP Fault When Creating New Chart Sheet
    Q108889 XL5: GP Fault with Custom Toolbar with the Name "Charts"
    Q109574 XL5: GPF Editing Word Object Linked to Embedded Word Object
    Q109572 XL5: GPF Opening Worksheet With Reference to Named 3-D Range
    Q112460 XL5: Graphs Not Saved to Lotus .WK3 (1-2-3) File Format
    Q114856 XL5: Hang Using WORKDAY Function with Large Number of Days
    Q108641 XL5: Headings May Have Different Color Than Gridlines
    Q121945 XL5: Help Example Wrong for PrintTitleRows/PrintTitleColumns
    Q118600 XL5: Hidden Column/Row Not Saved in Text or CSV File Format
    Q110209 XL5: Hierarchy of Methods to Change the Working Directory
    Q135006 XL5: High-Low-Close Chart Missing Close Marker
    Q123264 XL5: Improving Performance Using XLODBC.XLA
    Q136220 XL5: Incorrect Average Using Anova Two-Factor With Replication
    Q117478 XL5: Incorrect Directory for NWind Data Source
    Q117557 XL5: Incorrect Limit on Number of Solver Constraints
    Q117849 XL5: Incorrect Reg.dat Entries After Automatic Registration
    Q121400 XL5: Incorrect Results/GP Fault Double-Clicking Toolbar Area
    Q120405 XL5: Incorrect Result Using Large Array in Worksheet Function
    Q109622 XL5: Incorrect Syntax for VB Equivalent of FILES() Function
    Q112174 XL5: Invalid Filename Entered in Linked List Closes Dialog
    Q120374 XL5: "Invalid Inside Procedure" Using Declare Statement
    Q115428 XL5: Labels Cut Off in 3-D Pie Chart
    Q123269 XL5: Large File Size After Saving WK4 File as Excel Workbook
    Q116186 XL5: Last Cell Incorrect in Imported .DIF Files
    Q119486 XL5: Line of Text in Text Box Only Partially Selected
    Q127128 XL5: Linked Cell in Formatted Row Returns Value 0
    Q112348 XL5: "Linked Document Is Unavailable" Editing Linked Chart
    Q124114 XL5: Link Problems Using Relative Names to Closed Workbooks
    Q111900 XL5: List in Dialog Box Does Not Reflect Changes Made by Macro
    Q110761 XL5: List of File Formats Supported in Microsoft Excel 5.0
    Q114387 XL5: List of Files Installed with Each Setup Method
    Q125230 XL5: List of Help Topics in MAINXL.HLP File (Part 1 of 2)
    Q125231 XL5: List of Help Topics in MAINXL.HLP File (Part 2 of 2)
    Q110594 XL5: List of the Files You Need to Run Microsoft Excel
    Q120539 XL5: Local Name Used Without Sheet Name Is Defined After Save
    Q133330 XL5: Lotus 1-2-3 WK4 File Converter May Not Expand Properly
    Q120505 XL5: Macintosh ODBC SQL Server Doesn't Support Sybase
    Q131551 XL5: Macro Cannot Set Module to xlVeryHidden
    Q124933 XL5: Macro Errors Changing Data Source to "Another PivotTable"
    Q118414 XL5: Macro Error Using GET.DOCUMENT(1) with Text File
    Q121828 XL5: Macro Error with AutoSave and Embedded Chart
    Q125912 XL5: Macro Fails If Worksheet Name Contains a Hyphen
    Q126315 XL5: Macro Specified with OnSheetActivate/Deactivate Doesn't Run
    Q108828 XL5: Macro with EDIT.REPEAT() Function Runs Indefinitely
    Q110974 XL5: Maximum Data Series Error with Plot Visible Cells On
    Q119485 XL5: Menu Bar Flashes with Active Worksheet Object
    Q112507 XL5: Message Always Sent from cc:Mail as "Low Priority"
    Q111971 XL5: Methods Fail When Embedded Chart Is Edited
    Q111291 XL5: Microsoft Excel 5.0 Not Compatible with OS/2 Version 2.0
    Q110604 XL5: Microsoft Query Records Not Sorted Correctly
    Q114951 XL5: Module Sheet Prints Incorrectly to HP LaserJet 4/4M
    Q120407 XL5: MsgBox Function Doesn't Display System Modal Dialog Box
    Q104307 XL5: Multiple Sheet Insert Fails
    Q119484 XL5: "Name is Not Defined" Changing OLE Link Source
    Q116152 XL5: Names Created on Dialog Sheet Not Available Under Go To
    Q112179 XL5: NAMES() Returns #N/A If Active Sheet Is Chart or Module
    Q111903 XL5: Name Value Not Updated If Worksheet Not Active
    Q129422 XL5: Network Admin Method for Updating Registration Database
    Q104305 XL5: New and Insert Dialog Boxes Are Updated Automatically
    Q118944 XL5: "No Documents" Menu Bar Displayed When Document Is Open
    Q118418 XL5: No Label Added to Subtotal in List
    Q118754 XL5: No Option to Save/Not Save Password with MSQuery Add-in
    Q104408 XL5: "No Preview Is Available for This File" in Find File
    Q119712 XL5: Not All Commands Recorded Using Get External Data
    Q112395 XL5: Not All Files Removed in Upgrade to 5.0 from 3.0
    Q148622 XL5: "Not Enough Memory" Message When You Save a Workbook
    Q136085 XL5NT: Can't Print Multiple Copies of a Document in Windows 95
    Q125184 XL5: Null Fields Returned with Values Using SQL Functions
    Q120409 XL5: Number Format Error Opening File or Increasing Decimal
    Q119042 XL5: Offset Function in an Array Does Not Calculate Correctly
    Q120007 XL5: OK Button Doesn't Change to Selected Subdirectory
    Q124753 XL5: OnAction Event Handler Example Incorrect
    Q124234 XL5: Open EIS Pak Setup Error with Excel Workstation Install
    Q108815 XL5: Opening Lotus 1-2-3 Version 4.0 for Windows Files
    Q119881 XL5: Opening Quattro Pro WQ1 File Causes GP Fault
    Q109179 XL5: Options to Back Up or Password Protect Add-In Don't Work
    Q108426 XL5: Overview of Examples And Demos and Quick Preview
    Q112247 XL5: Overview of How to Use the Microsoft Excel Documentation
    Q112247 XL5: Overview of How to Use the Microsoft Excel Documentation
    Q111087 XL5: Page Setup Settings Not Saved with Visual Basic Modules
    Q151312 XL5: PageSetup.Zoom Does Not Work with Some Printers
    Q124090 XL5: PasteSpecial Method (Range Object) Example Incorrect
    Q104403 XL5: Pivot Table Aggregate Functions Reflect All Data
    Q120195 XL5: Pivot Table Data Not Added To Chart After Dragging
    Q120685 XL5: Pivot Table Displays Duplicate Months After Grouping
    Q106710 XL5: Pivot Table Field Named "Data" Is Changed to Data2
    Q110896 XL5: PivotTable Wizard Creates a Blank Column and Row
    Q113840 XL5: Polygon with Attached Macro Changes When Fill Set to None
    Q116059 XL5: Pressing F1 on Custom Dialog May Not Activate Help Button
    Q120116 XL5: Previous Property Doesn't Work if Sheet Protected
    Q109066 XL5: Print Dialog Box Does Not Update Number of Copies
    Q149774 XL5: Printed Pie Chart Border Missing
    Q115342 XL5: Printer Setup Option Doesn't Affect Selected Sheet
    Q123263 XL5: Printing Fails After Printing Workbook Multiple Times
    Q156420 XL5: Print Options Settings Are Not Retained
    Q112177 XL5: Print Preview Hangs Using SpeedSTAR PRO & Other Drivers
    Q113212 XL5: Print Quality and Draft Quality Produce Different Results
    Q119657 XL5: Problems Running or Recording Macro to Set Print Title
    Q115620 XL5: Problems with MultiSelect Property of ListBox Class
    Q117124 XL5 Quick Preview: Can't Use BACKSPACE Key To Delete Text
    Q116391 XL5: Recorded Object Position Incorrect on Zoomed Worksheet
    Q121816 XL5: Records Lost Adding Field Names with MSQuery
    Q115427 XL5: Reference to Remote Link Not Updated
    Q118304 XL5: Refresh Data Command May Not Update as Expected
    Q124110 XL5: Registry Not Updated After Reinstall Under Windows NT
    Q120503 XL5: R