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    Q96246 10-Point Fonts in Excel Paste As Default Point Size in WinWord
    Q115717 21st User Cannot Open Shared, Read-Only File on Novell 3.11
    Q105917 256-Color Bitmap Pastes into Word Smaller Than Expected
    Q115152 256-Color Graphic Edited in Microsoft Drawing Updates Wrong
    Q117701 600dpi Shading Prints at 300dpi with HP LaserJet 4
    Q104879 Accent Bar and Callout Line Not Resized with Callout
    Q78652 Accessing Character Sets Internal to Your Printer in WinWord
    Q99682 Accessing Menu Commands Not Visible on a Menu
    Q48402 Accessing the Ruler from the Keyboard in Windows Word
    Q105717 A Complete List of Help Topics That Include Demos
    Q115127 Actions That Clear the Undo List
    Q139777 Activating, Inserting Object May Cause Word to Hang
    Q94087 Add Button Unavailable in the Spelling Dialog Box
    Q65828 Added Printers Not Seen in Printer Setup
    Q140868 ADDIN Field Not Documented in Word 6.x Help
    Q112250 Adding and Removing 6.0 Supplemental Conversions Files
    Q127787 AddressBook Macro Fails
    Q112096 Adjusting Label Information (Text) Location
    Q102439 Adobe Type Manager 1.x Problem List and Troubleshooting Guide
    Q140101 Adobe Type Manager Fonts Don't Print Kerned in Windows 95
    Q80218 Adobe Type Manager General Hints and Tips
    Q115414 Agenda Wizard Displays Blank Dialog Box
    Q52071 Aligning Table Columns in Word for Windows
    Q81134 Alki's Comprehensive Speller Dictionary Install Button Dimmed
    Q158053 All Forms of Words Marked With Index Entry Field
    Q77485 ALT+SHIFT+L and ALT+SHIFT+R Perform Identically in Panes
    Q106046 Annotations and Footnotes Keep Revision Marks When Copied
    Q109095 Annotation Text Longer Than One Page May Not Print
    Q79189 ANSI Carriage Return Doesn't Work in Macro Editing Window
    Q78003 ANSI Characters 0 through 31 Do Not Display in WinWord
    Q135091 Answer Wizard Allows Access to Removed Menu Commands
    Q73595 APO Moves to Next Page with Text Inserted Above
    Q134349 AppInfo$(9) and AppInfo$(10) Not Supported in 32-Bit Word
    Q122205 Application Error Starting Spelling Checker
    Q134729 Application Error When Spell Checking Annotations
    Q35571 Applying a Style Overrides Existing Paragraph Formatting
    Q64258 Applying the PostScript Style to Text
    Q115613 ASK or FILLIN Appears for Every Record
    Q128052 Association File Doesn't Show .DTD or .DOT Changes
    Q86490 ATI Ultra Video Driver Causes GP Fault in WinWord Tutorial
    Q87920 At Measurement on Status Bar Incorrect in Multiple Columns
    Q126168 Attribute Name in SGML Instance Changed to Uppercase
    Q176715 AutoCorrect Does Not Capitalize First Letter of Days
    Q112781 AutoCorrect Does Not Replace Words That Contain an Apostrophe
    Q142335 AutoCorrect Entries Don't Work After Word 95 Upgrade
    Q142748 AutoCorrect Incorrectly Expands Words in a Table
    Q120777 AutoCorrect Incorrectly Reinserts Entries with Symbols
    Q109296 AutoCorrect Limitations for Word for Windows
    Q116223 AutoCorrect Words Don't Include Smart Quotes
    Q105702 AutoFormat Command Removes Hidden Text Formatting
    Q106048 AutoFormat Fails to Assign List Bullet Style
    Q119296 AutoFormat May Not Replace All Extra Paragraph Marks
    Q115170 AutoFormat Won't Review Last Paragraph Mark
    Q77013 Auto Line Spacing with Brother HL-8 Printer Driver
    Q113284 AutoMark Will Not Find or Mark Certain Words
    Q75758 Automatic Paper Tray Switching on HP LaserJet in WinWord
    Q133984 Automatic Spell Checking Flags Words Incorrectly
    Q118520 Automatic Word Selection Won't Allow Drag/Drop Between Quotes
    Q79054 AutoNew Macro Does Not Run When You Start Word for Windows
    Q153171 AutoSave Feature Doesn't Prompt for Document Properties
    Q105895 AutoSave Files Not Opened When User Is Low on Resources
    Q78514 Availability of Version 5.0
    Q145911 Avery 2186 Label Printed Incorrectly with Canon BJC-70 Driver
    Q146891 Avery A4 Product Information
    Q146890 Avery Dot-Matrix Product Information
    Q146892 Avery LaserJet and InkJet Product Information
    Q123310 Background Printing with Low Disk Space Hangs Word
    Q122754 BACKSPACE, ENTER, PAGE UP, PAGE DOWN Disable After Exit Macro
    Q105776 Backspace to Delete Paragraph Mark Changes Formatting
    Q78298 BAK-Extension Setting Accepts Only Alphanumeric Characters
    Q115608 Bar Codes Print Incorrectly on an Okidata Laser Printer
    Q115149 BatchConversion Macro Works Incorrectly on Novell NetWare
    Q117342 Bin Selection in Word Does Not Work on QMS Printer
    Q71008 Bin/Tray Selection on HP LaserJet IIP and IIIP
    Q130569 Black-and-White Graphic May Print Black to BJC 4000
    Q98902 Blank Envelope Feeds Printing Envelopes to Canon BJ-200/230
    Q101552 Blank Item Appears in Dialog ListBox or ComboBox
    Q141216 Blank Lines Appear Between Rows in Table
    Q116360 Blank Lines Not Suppressed During Conditional Mail Merge
    Q78237 Blank Lines Not Suppressed for Any Field Except MERGEFIELD
    Q106652 Blank Line Suppression When Using FILLIN field
    Q116215 Blue Selection Outline Unavailable for Preset Grid
    Q64283 Bold Formatting Lost in Outline Mode in Word for Windows
    Q143415 Bold, Italic, Underline Not Displayed for Marquee Element
    Q122231 Bookmark at Beginning of Document Is Not Saved in Template
    Q114113 Bookmark in Table Cell Grows When New Row Added
    Q119697 Bookmark in Text Box Produces GP Fault in Header or Footer
    Q76456 Bookmark Not Deleted When Internal Link Is Removed
    Q132204 Bookmark Not Retained When Inserted into Another Document
    Q82134 Bookmark Returns When Creating a New Glossary Entry
    Q81647 Border Below or Above Does Not Display or Print
    Q78472 Border Information not Pasted into Other Cells in WinWord
    Q113978 "BorderLineStyle 0" Does Not Remove Border
    Q105546 Border or Shading Formatting Affects Multiple Paragraphs
    Q106404 Borders Misalign in Framed, Indented Paragraphs
    Q121450 Borders Removed When Table Contains Shading
    Q116224 Borders Toolbar Buttons Don't Respond When on Side of Document
    Q110321 Boxes Appear in Documents Saved from Word as Text Only
    Q110355 Boxes Print Instead of Smart Quotes or Publishing Characters
    Q109872 Brittanic Bold Font Prints Incorrectly on HP LaserJet 4
    Q88125 Bulleted List Does Not Align with Margin Using Unindent Button
    Q87021 Bulleting Alphabetized List Displays Incorrect Message
    Q131209 Bullets Added to Items Using Unordered List,UL Style
    Q71026 Bullets And Numbering Command Deletes Abbreviations
    Q105694 Bullets and Numbering Lost Saving as Text Only
    Q90516 Bullets and Numbering on Selection Resets Indent Information
    Q142346 Bullets, Numbers Align Incorrectly
    Q142963 Buttons for Starting Bookshelf Are Missing
    Q136455 Callout Box Superimposed over Mail Header in WordMail
    Q145130 Callout or Text Box Printed Without Color Fill
    Q128507 "Call to Undefined Dynalink" After Internet Assistant Setup
    Q152765 "Call to Undefined Dynalink" Errors in Word for Windows 95
    Q85887 "Call to Undefined Dynalink" Error with Old Printer Drivers
    Q100336 "Call to Undefined Dynalink" with SHELL.DLL Supplied with Word
    Q106470 Canceling AutoOpen Macro Gives Hourglass--Appears Hung
    Q134900 Cannot Access Network Neighborhood from Advanced Find
    Q105219 Cannot Add Vertical Bar Tab from Ruler
    Q116214 Cannot Attach a Template to Another Template
    Q78996 Cannot Cancel Macro Description in Word for Windows 2.0
    Q109565 Cannot Change Directories to a UNC Path
    Q113482 Cannot Change LINK Source File to Different Excel Worksheet
    Q78683 Cannot Change Name and Organization After WinWord Setup
    Q139853 Cannot Change Typeface of Inserted Symbols
    Q107736 Cannot Convert WordPerfect Password-Protected File
    Q105574 Cannot Convert Word Version 1.x for Windows Macros in Word 6.0
    Q79931 Cannot Copy Over NORMAL.DOT When Running Word for Windows
    Q141217 Cannot Create Dialog Boxes in a WLL Using the CAPI
    Q112777 Cannot Create New Directory on Novell Network
    Q69946 Cannot Delete File After Closing It in Word for Windows
    Q100948 Cannot Edit Search Nonbreaking Hyphen Within Spanish Word
    Q110655 Cannot Fax from Word 6.0 Using HP LaserJet Fax
    Q121855 Cannot Find or Replace Unused Styles
    Q144737 Cannot Find Qlfengl.dll Starting Word, Works
    Q122433 Cannot Find SDLLCAW.LIB When Building a .WLL
    Q147332 "Cannot Find the Folder Called... 'Public Shortcuts Folder'"
    Q147956 Cannot Find Thesaurus File MSTH232.DLL
    Q134813 "Cannot Find the Wrdbasic.hlp File" After Typical Installation
    Q139851 "Cannot Find..." Using Shell Command with Long File Names
    Q114179 Cannot Find WORDCBT.CBT Error When Using Quick Preview
    Q139774 Cannot Insert and Link To File or Picture with Long Path
    Q86244 Cannot Insert ASCII Null Character From The Keyboard
    Q94880 Cannot Insert Clipboard Contents Using ^c in Edit Replace
    Q78466 Cannot Install Word for Windows From MS-DOS Prompt
    Q110319 Cannot Install Word from Different Drive or Network
    Q111373 Cannot Link Microsoft Access 1.x Data into Word 6.0 Document
    Q128500 Cannot Link to a Specific Section in Another Document
    Q142334 Cannot Make ODBC Connection After Installing 32-Bit Wbodbc.wll
    Q116458 Cannot Open Documents or Data Files from Network Location
    Q98901 Cannot Open File with Same Name from Second Floppy Disk
    Q114396 Cannot Open TABLE.XLS Included with Word Resource Kit
    Q105705 Cannot Print Envelope with the Windows Printing System
    Q93731 Cannot Print from Mixed Bins to Canon LBP-8 III or IV Printer
    Q119511 Cannot Print Multiple Documents to HP DeskJet Using Find File
    Q86056 Cannot Print Outside 1" Bottom Margin Using PANSON24.DRV
    Q123300 Cannot Print to Status Bar When Closing a Dialog Box
    Q138869 "Cannot Print" When Printer on Windows NT or Windows 95 Server
    Q113186 "Cannot Read from Drive C" Error with WFW 3.11
    Q111692 Cannot Remove Border Formatting from Picture
    Q49191 Cannot Remove Header/Footer from a Section in WinWord
    Q134896 Cannot Rename If Word Mail Is Running
    Q105783 Cannot Replace Border or Shading Formats
    Q120281 Cannot Resize Objects in Converted Word 2.x Documents
    Q122942 "Cannot Run Program" Error Starting Word for Windows NT
    Q96055 Cannot Save Files on Mounted Unix Volumes
    Q109530 "Cannot Save or Create This File..." While Macro Is Running
    Q114742 Cannot Scale Microsoft Excel 4.0 Object in Word 6.0
    Q70730 Cannot Select Radio Button with Mouse in User Dialog Box
    Q117339 Cannot Send Routed Word Document to Second Recipient
    Q109534 Cannot Set Custom Kerning Information for Character Pairs
    Q119138 Cannot Set Default Printer to Network Print Queue from Word
    Q86870 Cannot Shrink Selection When Using Some Key Combinations
    Q49457 Cannot Start Speller/Thesaurus/Converter When Memory Low
    Q116367 Cannot Suppress Blank Space Using Q&A for MS-DOS as Data File
    Q114305 Cannot Undo Because Undo List Is Empty
    Q65841 Cannot Undo Glossary Functions in Word for Windows
    Q58172 Cannot Update or Cancel More Than One Link at a Time
    Q82181 Cannot Use Auto Numbering in WinWord Header or Footer
    Q108254 Cannot Use Earlier DECOMP.EXE Version with WinWord 6.0 Files
    Q114007 Cannot Use Edit Replace for Finding and Replacing Symbols
    Q112163 Cannot Use In-Place Editing with Field Codes On
    Q94085 Cannot Use MS-DOS Reserved Filenames As Document Name
    Q110421 Cannot Use Network Variables in Setup Script (SETUP.STF)
    Q94241 Cannot Use Spaces to Indent a Wrapped Line
    Q86857 Cannot Use Tab Alignment as Edit Find or Replace Criteria
    Q86856 Cannot Use Tab Leader as Edit Find or Edit Replace Criteria
    Q69542 Cannot Use WinWord Symbol Fonts with LaserMaster Controller
    Q147168 Can't Change Page Size of Restored Envelope Merge Document
    Q115791 Can't Copy Selection to Left of Itself with Drag-and-Drop
    Q123301 Can't Create OLE Object from Freehand 4.0 File
    Q145092 Can't Dimension File New Dialog to Specify a Default Template
    Q129275 Can't Edit/Activate Object in Web Browse View
    Q145446 Can't Edit Embedded Spreadsheet or Word Object
    Q142090 Can't Edit Equation Editor 1.0 After Installing Word 6.0
    Q94768 Can't Edit Selected Text when Grammar/Spelling Macro Modified
    Q64708 Can't Enter Text Inside Field Code Brackets in WinWord
    Q134535 "Can't Find SDM32.DLL" When Starting NTWord on Windows 95
    Q115297 Can't Find Text with Wildcard (*)
    Q64710 Can't Include an Excel Chart with an {include} Field
    Q148121 Can't Insert Access 7 Database if Path Contains Apostrophe
    Q129247 Can't Install Foreign Language Proofing Tools on Word for NT
    Q79715 Can't Install to External Disk with File Sharing
    Q145205 Can't Open Attachments in Read-Only Message
    Q135590 Can't Open Selected Document Using FileFind Macro
    Q163548 Can't Print Document Containing Inline Picture (NT 4.0)
    Q120867 Can't Print Multiple Copies or Color to the Canon BJ-600C
    Q153788 Can't Run Administrative Setup from Word, Bookshelf CD-ROM
    Q126170 Can't Run InternetWorks After Removing Internet Asst
    Q122651 Can't Save Address in Envelopes And Labels Dialog Box
    Q163393 "Can’t Save File" After Changing Regional/Keyboard Setting
    Q134899 Can't Search Multiple Paths in Advanced Search
    Q135283 Can't Set Margin, Tab in Merged Table Cell
    Q94844 Can't Switch to Different NORMAL.DOT If Word Is Running
    Q144022 Can't Toggle Single Field Code in Page Layout View
    Q120916 Can't Use ALT+R or ALT+C in Table Cell Height and Width Dialog
    Q126549 Can't Use Go Back Commands in FTP Session
    Q135284 Caption Buttons for Document Window Appear as Black Boxes
    Q114206 Case of Form Field Text Won't Change from Uppercase
    Q95799 Causes for "WordBasic Err=100: Syntax Error"
    Q117704 cc:Mail Address Book Sorted and Listed by First Name in Word
    Q106074 Cell Border Extends Farther Left/Right Than Shading in Table
    Q69861 Centering a Table Horizontally on the Page in Word for Windows
    Q110011 Certain Colors of Text Do Not Print on Noncolor Printers
    Q112680 Certain Fonts Do Not Print Kerned on HP LaserJet 4 Printers
    Q113787 Certain Wizards Print and Preview Blank Pages
    Q106720 "Certificate of Merit" Does Not Print on Canon BJ-200 Printer
    Q41315 Changes to Template in One Document Apply to All in WinWord
    Q106045 Changing Envelope Feed Icon Has No Effect on Printout
    Q47857 Changing Footnote Reference Styles in Word for Windows
    Q79930 Changing Printing Functionality with Printer Heuristics
    Q113700 Changing the Background Color of the Document Window
    Q80674 Changing the Jump Term Color in Word for Windows Help
    Q120235 Changing to Landscape Orientation Causes Short Pause
    Q106050 Chapter-Page Numbers Appear Only in One Section
    Q71676 Character Property Indicators Dimmed with Large Selection
    Q95068 Characters (~)(`)(')(") and (^) Don't Display When Key Pressed
    Q121106 Character Spacing from User Info Not Set in Envelope Dialog
    Q77427 Character Spacing Spin Box Selects Incorrect Value
    Q94117 Characters Redraw Using Orchid Pro Designer II Video Driver
    Q127780 ChDir Command May Fail on Novell Networks
    Q127782 Clicking on the Ruler or Toolbar Crashes Word 6.0 for the Mac
    Q78370 Clipboard in Windows Is Not Used to Paste Data Within WinWord
    Q65844 Clipped Ascending, Descending Characters in Word for Windows
    Q109244 "Clock On Top" Interferes with Word Examples and Demos
    Q130258 Close All Doesn't Function Properly After Installing IA
    Q106256 Close Command on Control Menu Unavailable in Custom Dialog Box
    Q134120 Closing WinMail Modal Dialog Box Produces Error
    Q139850 "Collate Copies" Not Available with Windows 95 DeskJet Drivers
    Q79572 Color Formatting Options for Versions 4.0 and 5.0
    Q86059 Color Graphics Preview in Color with Noncolor Printer Driver
    Q120780 Color Text Is Black After Inserting Word 2.0 Object
    Q36459 Column of Letters Displays Along Left Side Of WinWord Screen
    Q66917 Columns Print Crookedly When Aligned Using Spaces in WinWord
    Q89327 Column Width in Table Changes After Moving/Cutting and Pasting
    Q89831 Comma in Quoted Text Causes Conversion to Two Columns in Table
    Q99693 Command and Macro with Same Name Use Same Assignment
    Q92608 Command Button Equivalents in Word for Windows
    Q118440 "Command Failed" Running ToolsOptionsSpelling Macro
    Q123209 COMMAND+OPTION+PLUS SIGN Mouse Pointer Changes Back to Arrow
    Q113706 Commas Change to Decimals in MS Excel Chart Pasted as Picture
    Q79173 Common Defaults
    Q62411 Compare Version Command's Limitations
    Q106346 Compare Versions Does Not Flag Header and Footer Changes
    Q109532 Compare Versions Does Not Mark Some Modified Field Results
    Q117695 Compare Versions Doesn't Work with File with No Extension
    Q142753 Compare Versions, Merge Revisions Selects Current Document
    Q63687 Comparing Dates During Print Merge
    Q118441 Comparison of Formatting Shortcut Keys Between Word 2.0 & 6.0
    Q133812 Comparison of Shortcut Keys for WinWord 6 and WinWord 7
    Q107142 Components Installed in Typical, Complete, and Minimum Setup
    Q105580 Computer Hangs Switching to Full Screen View in Print Preview
    Q121611 Confirm Data Source Dialog Displayed w/MailMergeOpenDataSource
    Q92427 Contents of Upgrade Package for 5.0 to 5.1 Upgrade
    Q99656 Contents of What's New in Word 5.1 for the Macintosh?
    Q106650 Contents of Word Assistant READ.ME file
    Q105321 Contents: Word 6.0 for Windows Supplemental Offers Coupon
    Q110627 Context-Sensitive Help (F1) Topic Does Not Exist for View Tab
    Q78775 Context-Sensitive Help for Items Added to the Tool Bar
    Q77233 Continuous Section Breaks Become New Page Breaks in Landscape
    Q75109 Control Panel Changes Insert Field Date and Time Instructions
    Q107713 Conversion of Bullets and Numbering
    Q128690 Converted HTML Form Loses Drop-Down List Items
    Q114224 Converters, Filters, Data Access Not Uninstalled but Checked
    Q121702 Converting MacWord 5.1 Settings File Resets SHIFT+RETURN
    Q107200 Converting Password-Protected Documents in Word for Windows
    Q110928 Converting Word 2.x Macros to Word 6.0 for Windows
    Q99815 Copied File in File Manager to Clipboard Generates Error
    Q134808 CopyFile Command Altered by Hide MS-DOS Extension Option
    Q73539 Copying and Pasting Cells Replaces Text in Table in WinWord
    Q112414 CorelDraw! 3.0 Graphics Cropped When Pasted from Clipboard
    Q88905 Corel Draw! 3.0 TrueType Fonts Display Spaces as Squares
    Q117883 CorrectSpell Main Spelling Dictionary Modifier Available
    Q82251 Corruption with Macro Run on ToolsGrammar and ToolsSpelling
    Q122309 CountDirectories() Fails on Novell NetWare Server Drive
    Q112679 Cover Letter and Disk Label: Word 6.0a Replacement Patch Disk
    Q105692 Create Button Unavailable with Built-in Command Selected
    Q140864 CreateDate Field Displays Zeros
    Q48532 Creating a Box on a Page for any Printer
    Q114691 Creating a Custom Button with an Existing Button Image
    Q60128 Creating a Locked Template Form with Underlined Fields
    Q48289 Creating an "Open Apple" Character
    Q114299 Creating a Password-Style Macro Dialog Text Box
    Q61028 Creating a Single Border Around a Text Block and a Table
    Q36402 Creating Check Boxes with Insert Graphics in Word for Windows
    Q113315 Creating Cross-References in a Word Document
    Q79023 Creating Envelopes in WinWord with an Okilaser 840 Printer
    Q105700 Creating Example Text and Style Samples for Style Gallery.
    Q86611 Creating Multiple Equations Without Closing Equation Editor
    Q79795 Creating Separate Box Borders for Consecutive Paragraphs
    Q71532 Creating Side-By-Side Tables in Word for Windows
    Q78160 Creating Special and Foreign Characters in Word for Windows
    Q121110 Cropped Embedded Objects in AutoText Don't Retain Format
    Q120347 Cross-Reference Loses Caption Number After Updating
    Q121470 Cross-Reference to Heading Number Is Not Text
    Q110020 CTRL+HOME Moves Insertion Point to Framed Object
    Q120673 CTRL+Left Mouse Click Disabled with MasterWord 6.0
    Q117401 CTRL+Left Mouse Drag-and-Drop Results in Move
    Q114116 CTRL+Q Turns On All the Toolbars in Legal DEMO.DOT
    Q115336 CTRL+SHIFT+M Key Combination Does Not Work as Assigned
    Q123700 Currency-Formatted Numbers Round When Merged Using ODBC
    Q96865 Current Page Option Doesn't Print or Prints Wrong Page
    Q64287 Custom Fonts Not Printing Smart Quotes and Apostrophes
    Q106453 Customizing Menus and Keystrokes Quickly with Shortcut Keys
    Q81783 Customizing the Button Text, Face, and Shadow Color
    Q110111 Customizing the Font Assistant in Word Assistant
    Q106657 Customizing the Font Selector in Word Assistant
    Q129418 Custom Page Size Prints Incorrectly on Canon BubbleJet 200
    Q120676 Custom Paper Size Changes to C5 Envelope with HP II or 4
    Q116228 Custom Paper Sizes Do Not Print to NEC 1097 Printer
    Q146241 Custom Properties Not Saved with Document Protection Password
    Q94409 Custom Setup Overwrites Word Registration Information File
    Q120766 Custom Toolbars Use Too Much Space Starting Word Minimized
    Q115606 Data Form Adds Blank or Empty Records
    Q51825 Data from Excel Pasted as a Table in Word for Windows
    Q114483 Data Records Deleted Closing Mail Merge Data Document
    Q115248 DATE Field Nested in ASK or FILLIN Prompts Multiple Times
    Q28225 Date Formats Customizable in Word Beginning with 5.0
    Q86471 DDE Channel Not Closed After DDE Time-Out in Word for Windows
    Q96945 DDE Commands for Word, Excel, Access, Foxpro and Visual Basic
    Q98348 DDE Execute Instruction Returns Fail Code
    Q36406 DDE Limitations on Number of Links in Word for Windows
    Q64251 DDE Linking Single Excel Value into Word for Windows Paragraph
    Q93716 DDE Link to Excel Does Not Update After Editing in WinWord
    Q106151 DDERequest Does Not Return Line Feed Terminator CHR$(10)
    Q71926 Decimal Tabs Within a Table Don't Behave Normally
    Q109090 DefaultDir$(0) Does Not Return DOC-PATH Directory
    Q133788 DefaultDir$() and GetDirectory$() Return Lowercase Path
    Q121966 DefaultDir$() Function Always Returns Path in Lowercase
    Q119745 Default Document Location Not Retained
    Q114433 Default Document Name Increments by Two After Using AWARD.WIZ
    Q94845 Default File or Help Menus Displayed Instead of Custom Menus
    Q86234 Default Font Patch Appnote Available
    Q110171 Default Paragraph Font Is Based on Installed Printer
    Q164030 Define and Lookup Reference Unavailable in Word
    Q128051 Definition,DFN Style Not Widely Supported
    Q106047 Definition of Rich Text Edit (RTE) Dialog Boxes
    Q114745 Degree Symbol Lost Saving to MS-DOS Text with Line Breaks
    Q110400 Delete Button Does Not Change in Grammar Checker
    Q115254 Deleted Agenda Wizard Topic Time Reappears on Agenda
    Q105780 Deleted Text Copied to Clipboard with Revision Marks On
    Q57772 Deleting a Bookmark in Word for Windows
    Q49192 Deleting a Document File from Word for Windows
    Q49865 Deleting a Table from a Word for Windows Document
    Q61761 Deleting Header/Footer Text Does Not Delete Paragraph Mark
    Q78544 Deleting Key Assignments In Word for Windows 2.0
    Q130778 Delivery Address Is Wrong When Address Contains IF Fields
    Q126863 Delivery Point Bar Code Uses 99 in Last Two Digits of Address
    Q48110 DEL Key Doesn't Copy Deletion to Clipboard
    Q110013 Demo Screen Stays Minimized When Selecting Outside
    Q116369 Demo Stops After Clicking Application on Top of Demo Window
    Q69731 Descenders Cut Off in Table Using Adobe Postscript Cartridge
    Q110302 Description and Information on Microsoft Workgroup Templates
    Q88593 Description of Auto Quote Option in WinWord Macro Dialog Box
    Q114235 Description of Files Supplied with Word 6.0 for Windows
    Q80262 Description of Formatting Switches in Word Field Codes
    Q106370 Description of the ODBC.INI File
    Q83567 DeskJet Doesn't Switch to Paper Tray After Printing Envelope
    Q99955 Determining the Number of Instances an Application Is Running
    Q45835 Determining Which Mail Version to Use with Word 4.0
    Q20352 Diablo Printers Supported and Features Available
    Q98999 Diacritical Marks Described and Explained
    Q122229 Dialog Boxes Don't Display Eastern European Characters
    Q105820 Dialog Editor Removes Subscript Numbers from Array
    Q96731 Differences Between the WordBasic Write and Print Commands
    Q37806 Differences Between Types of Columns in Word for Windows
    Q117399 DisableAutoMacros Disables Only AutoExec from Command Line
    Q48542 Disabling Make Backup Files/Fast Save Enabled Settings
    Q58582 Disk Contents for Version 4.0
    Q106632 Disk Error While Saving, Embedded Object Becomes a Box
    Q105689 "Disk Is Full..." Saving File Under Windows for Workgroups
    Q108686 Displaying a Word or Custom Dialog Using OLE Automation
    Q139778 "Display or Hide Scroll Bars" Help Topic Not Available
    Q86889 Display Problem in Glossary Tutorial Using Super VGA Driver
    Q125942 "DisplayText Cannot Span More Than One Line"
    Q90193 Divide by Zero or Overflow Error with Linotronic Print Driver
    Q182436 DMM: Address List May Not Appear in "Select a List File"
    Q179968 DMM: Address Printed on Second Page of Flyer
    Q181875 DMM: Auto Macros Ignored When Using Word to Mail Merge
    Q180695 DMM: Canceling Import of Second Address List Exits Program
    Q182369 DMM: Cannot Import Paradox 7.x Address List
    Q182235 DMM: Crash: No Error Message When Filtering Address List
    Q182372 DMM: Enhanced Version of Direct Mail Manager Available
    Q182370 DMM: Err Msg: "Msexch35.dll Was Unable to Register" During Setup
    Q182610 DMM: Err Msg: "Runtime Error" When Creating Form Letter
    Q179973 DMM: Error (5922) - Word Was Unable to Open the Data Source
    Q182371 DMM: Error Messages During Direct Mail Manager Setup
    Q179973 DMM: Errors Using Word to Create Mail Merge Document
    Q179969 DMM: Error: Word Needed to Close the Mail Merge Helper...
    Q179963 DMM: Fixed Length Fields in Text Files Imported as a Single Field
    Q179963 DMM: Fixed Length Fields in Text Files Imported as Single Field
    Q182233 DMM: "Format Option Is Invalid" Importing Address Book as Text
    Q182301 DMM: General Information on Direct Mail Manager
    Q182327 DMM: Hang When Importing Outlook Folder and Network Unavailable
    Q180600 DMM: Hidden P.S. Included Even When You Select "Do Not Include P.S."
    Q180600 DMM: Hidden P.S. Included When You Select "Do Not Include P.S."
    Q179976 DMM: How the Wizards Create the Sample Record
    Q179966 DMM: How to Find Version Information for DMM
    Q182437 DMM: How to Print Labels Using Direct Mail Manager
    Q179970 DMM: Long Address Doesn't Fit on Small Labels
    Q179965 DMM: New Instance of Word Started When Word is Already Running
    Q182607 DMM: Not All Addresses Checked For Duplicates
    Q179959 DMM: Not All ZIP codes Get a Hyphen Added to Them
    Q179959 DMM: Not All ZIP Codes Get a Hyphen Added to Them
    Q179962 DMM: Personal Address Book Format Not Supported.
    Q181927 DMM: Protected Address List Causes Unusual Behavior
    Q179961 DMM: Saving Address List to a New File Adds New Column Headings
    Q181886 DMM: Saving Results of Address List May Save as Access mdb File
    Q181874 DMM: Saving to Original Address List Changes Field Names
    Q181596 DMM: Screen Appears to Hang When Importing Text File
    Q179960 DMM: Setup Fails to Find Word with Run-From-CD Installation of Office
    Q179960 DMM: Setup Fails to Find Word with Run-From-CD Install of Office
    Q181873 DMM: Some Postal Codes Missing After Importing Address File
    Q179964 DMM: Spool32 Caused a GP Fault in Module Hpfmlc08.dll
    Q179972 DMM: Supported Address List File Formats
    Q179971 DMM: Unable to Read Tab or Comma Delimited Word Documents
    Q181876 DMM: Word Does Not Prompt to Convert File When Opening Document
    Q182234 DMM: Word Mail Merge Document Not Listed in Direct Mail Manager
    Q110807 Doc Err: ATI Driver Versions Incorrect in Word Readme Help
    Q117692 Doc Err: FILENAME Help Topic Contains "/p" Instead of "\p"
    Q126595 Doc Err: Help Incorrectly Refers to WINWORD.INI
    Q86673 Doc Err: Incomplete Instructions for Using MAILLABL.DOT
    Q117696 DocErr: Online Help Shows SET Field Incorrectly
    Q117266 Doc Error: Blank Lines Not Suppressed for Certain Characters
    Q110577 Doc Error: Disabling In-Place Editing in Equation Editor 2.0
    Q121111 Doc Error: File Paths Not Displayed on Window Menu
    Q116363 Doc Error: Heading Numbering Is Not a Section-Level Setting
    Q113730 Doc Err: Picture Placeholders Don't Affect In-Place Editing
    Q113286 Doc Err: SelInfo() Has 36 Options, WDK Lists Only 32
    Q110869 DocErr: Space Required on Network File Server
    Q143302 DOCERR: Word Startup Switch /t Usage Incorrect
    Q87325 DOC-path Setting Takes Precedence Over Working Directory
    Q99684 Documentation Error on Page 201 of "Using WordBasic"
    Q81438 Documentation Error: WordBasic ViewNormal and ViewOutline
    Q78234 Documented WIN.INI Settings for Word for Windows 2.0
    Q135079 Document Loses Formatting When Opened or Pasted to WordPad
    Q105714 Document Object Margins Default to 0 (Zero) Inches
    Q78142 Document Password is Limited to 16 Characters in WinWord 2.0
    Q98501 Documents Fax Incorrectly Using ZSoft UltraFax Software
    Q118443 Documents Print Garbage on DeskJet After Word 6.0a Upgrade
    Q145636 Documents Protected for Revisions Protected for Forms Instead
    Q121932 ".." Doesn't Move to Parent Directory in File Open with UNC
    Q93376 Double-Clicking Graphic Does Not Open Edit Picture Window
    Q65838 Double-Clicking to Open Footnote Pane on Automatic References
    Q118442 Double Underline Prints Too Close Together
    Q110398 Drag-and-Drop Editing Not Functional with Pen Windows
    Q78593 Drag-and-Drop Editing With CTRL Key Copies Selected Items
    Q116221 Drag-and-Drop of Vertical Selection Copies (not Moves) Text
    Q124999 Dragging and Dropping Data from Word to Microsoft Excel
    Q41745 Dragging Ruler Indents or Tabs Off Screen Scrolls Ruler
    Q142953 Drawing Layer Lines Print with Rounded Ends
    Q104689 Drawing Object Does Not Appear on the Page
    Q112251 Drawing Objects Not Duplexing on LJIID or LJIIISi
    Q105545 Drawing Objects or Pleading Wizard Lines Do Not Display
    Q114238 Drawing Toolbar Palettes Don't Contain All Supported Colors
    Q113627 DropCap Adds Right Spacing If Paragraph Indented
    Q110216 Dr. Watson Causes Errors in Help Examples & Demos Modules
    Q107560 Dr Watson Error While Quitting Word for Windows Tutorial
    Q117306 Duplicate Bookmarks in Subdocuments Not Renamed
    Q111853 Duplicate Menu Commands and Standard Toolbar Buttons
    Q122834 Duplicate Menu Items Converting Word 5.x Commands to Word 6.0
    Q135592 Duplicate TOC Entries When Styles Used in Multi-page Table Row
    Q119948 EditClear Deletes Multiple Spaces with Smart Cut and Paste
    Q79334 EditClear Statement Deletes Footnote Reference or Field Code
    Q78655 Edited MERGEFIELD Results Do Not Affect Fields in WinWord
    Q98874 EditFind and EditSearch Not Working As Expected
    Q113313 Edit Find or Replace May Find Extra Extended Characters
    Q81934 Editing Links to Word for Windows Documents
    Q157314 Editing WordArt Picture Causes Closed Characters To Fill In
    Q49188 EDITTIME Must Be in Minutes
    Q86353 Effect of \*MERGEFORMAT When Updating Link to Excel Sheet
    Q77299 Embedded Excel Charts Do Not Display in Color in WinWord
    Q110354 Embedded Font Displays as Substitution Font
    Q115095 Embedded Object Becomes Blank Box in Reopened Document
    Q115790 Embedded Objects in Table Become Corrupt Saved as Template
    Q154306 Embedded PowerPoint Object Border Thin When Printed from Word
    Q97666 Embedded Project Object Displays Incorrectly After Update
    Q136396 Em Dash and Em Space Both Return Same ANSI Values
    Q78665 EndNote Plus Integrates with Word 5.1 for the Macintosh
    Q118507 English Spelling Dictionary Contains US and UK Spellings
    Q105573 Enhancements to the Proofing Tools in Word for Windows 6.0
    Q50172 Enlarging and Shrinking Font Size Using Hot Keys
    Q109529 Entering a Number in a Protected Form Field Produces Error
    Q47591 Entering Hard Page Breaks in Word for Windows
    Q105910 Entire Document Prints with Print Data Only For Forms Option
    Q143301 Entries Missing from Table of Contents
    Q113291 Entry Macro Runs Before AutoNew Macro in Protected Form
    Q108865 Envelope Address Style Is Double-Spaced
    Q110812 Envelope Barcodes Print Vertically on TI Microlaser Plus
    Q85755 Envelope Incorrectly Prints in Landscape on Canon BJ Printers
    Q121593 Envelope May Print Blank to Epson LQ-510 Printer
    Q113981 Envelope or Bin Selection Problems with the HP DeskJet 1200C
    Q109867 Envelope Prints Incorrectly on Panasonic KX-P4455 V.51.4
    Q106135 Envelopes Do Not Manual Feed with Okidata OL-800
    Q90731 Envelopes Merge Incorrectly Using HP PostScript Cartridge Plus
    Q110868 Envelopes Print Blank Using Canon LBP-4 Printer
    Q95094 Envelopes Print Incorrectly on NEC SilentWriter 95
    Q119294 Envelopes Print in Wrong Orientation with Some DeskJets
    Q110864 EPS Graphic Prints with Box Around It to HP LaserJet IV
    Q94738 EQ Field Codes for Foreign Language Characters: French
    Q94740 EQ Field Codes for Foreign Language Characters: Hungarian
    Q94742 EQ Field Codes for Foreign Language Characters: Norwegian
    Q94743 EQ Field Codes for Foreign Language Characters: Polish
    Q94744 EQ Field Codes For Foreign Language Characters: Spanish
    Q95968 Equation Does Not Print or Display in Print Preview
    Q110674 Equation Editor 2.0 Displays All Zoom Settings at 100 Percent
    Q110578 Equation Editor 2.0 Keyboard Shortcuts Unavailable
    Q116474 Equation Editor Fields Sized Incorrectly After Updating
    Q95106 Equation Editor Object Limited to 6 Inches
    Q122391 Equation Editor Objects Cropped When Printing to HP LaserJet
    Q140173 Equation Field Results Print Wrong with Word for Windows NT
    Q113732 Err Msg: File Access Denied Using ODBC
    Q98895 Err Msg in Place of REF Field Result: Bookmark Not Defined
    Q81059 Err Msg: "! Invalid Character Setting" in Expression Field
    Q97941 Err Msg: Number of Fields Does Not Match Number of Records...
    Q126550 Err Msg: Setup Cannot Find LABEL3.WMF, Retry, Abort, Ignore
    Q110083 Err Msg: "Setup Could Not Find Microsoft Word 6.0..."
    Q113107 Err Msg: "SPCLPPR.SPT Missing from Special Paper Directory"
    Q109263 Err Msg: "System Memory Too Low to Run Word"
    Q110786 Err Msg: "The Action Cannot Be Completed, Because..."
    Q93232 Err Msg: The Custom Dictionary Is Full. The Word Was Not Added
    Q126929 Err Msg: The Requested Envelope Size Is Not Valid
    Q109570 Err Msg: WordBasic Err=9 in NEWMACRO.DOC
    Q121606 Err Msg: Word Cannot Find the Hyphenation File HYPH.DLL
    Q147264 Err Msg: "Word could not merge the main document with the data source ..."
    Q93682 Err Msg: Word Does Not Have Enough Memory for Large Clipboard
    Q84673 Err Msg: Word Found No Valid Records to Sort
    Q78755 Err Msg: Word is Waiting for the Server to Release Object
    Q93922 Err Msg: You Cannot Save While File in Use by Another Process
    Q115259 Error at <Cell Reference> Appears Instead of Result
    Q113869 "Error! AutoText Entry Not Defined" or GPF with AUTOTEXT Field
    Q134999 "Error! Bookmark Not Defined" When Updating Table of Contents
    Q109533 Error Choosing Document from Menu to Open It
    Q127934 Error Generated on Start of Word Wizard
    Q182763 Error Installing Macros or Open Not Working with DOCS Open
    Q96921 Error Merging when Data File Is Microsoft Excel CSV or Text
    Q109792 Error Message: "Cannot Display Macintosh Pictures..."
    Q106557 Error Message: "Cannot Find SHARE..." During Word Setup
    Q82278 Error Message: Cannot Obtain Data from Excel fo
    Q109531 Error Message Does Not Give Filename of Missing Data Source
    Q105592 Error Message: "Margins Are Set Outside the Printable Area"
    Q110939 Error Message: "Not A Valid Link" for Manual Excel Link
    Q81715 Error Message: Not Enough Memory to Run Word
    Q144687 Error Message: Not Enough Memory to Run Word Viewer
    Q132267 Error Message Opening Attached Word Document in NT Mail
    Q88007 Error Message Printing Envelope on Microtek MTP-306 Printer
    Q90729 Error Message Printing Envelopes to Citizen GSX-145 Printer
    Q93277 Error Messages During Word Setup Caused by Anti-Virus Software
    Q110279 Error Message Starting Wizard: 1025: Cannot Open Document
    Q99739 Error Messages When Updating Too Many Fields at Once
    Q98304 Error Message: The Custom Dictionary <filename> Is Unavailable
    Q104691 Error Message: The Custom Dictionary Is Not Available
    Q92594 Error Message: The Document Is Too Large for Word to Handle
    Q86271 Error Message: Unrecoverable Disk Error on File ~DOC####.TMP
    Q97173 Error Message: WordBasic Err=39! Case Else Expected
    Q118587 Error Message: "Word Cannot Sort Fields in the Selection"
    Q115255 Error Message: "You Requested a Topic in Readme.Hlp..."
    Q100838 Error Msg: General Protection Fault in Module S3645K.DRV
    Q110218 Error on Novell with Only 51 Directories Specified for Search
    Q106452 Error Opening Filename Added to Menu with Shortcut Method
    Q107795 Error or Password Prompt When Attaching Paradox Files
    Q110558 Error Running Quick Preview: "...Opening a Word 1.x Template"
    Q96923 Error Sending Keys to FilePrinterSetup with No Default Printer
    Q109971 Errors If Share Is Loaded High
    Q119786 Errors Importing Word for Windows Document into Lotus Notes
    Q106558 Errors Opening or Saving Files in Word 6.0 for Windows
    Q107557 Errors Running Setup on Diskless Network Workstation
    Q126085 Errors Starting Word After Upgrade Due to Virus Protection
    Q112168 Error Starting Word: "Invalid DC Index: 17"
    Q119212 Error Starting Word's "Examples and Demos" in Online Help
    Q23673 Errors When Merging a Range of Records
    Q111852 Error: "The WIN-OS/2 Session Doesn't Support This Application"
    Q129421 Error "Unable to Open Specified Library" starting NT Word
    Q121371 "Error! Unknown Switch Argument." Reading German Word File
    Q86524 Error Updating Internal Link That Is Part of an External Link
    Q110215 Error Using Date Field in Database Query Using ODBC
    Q145641 Error When Pasting SPSS Graph in Word
    Q106014 Error When Starting Application from Word's Microsoft Toolbar
    Q110175 Error: Word Cannot Find or Run This Application (MSINFO)
    Q141052 Err: "Word Can Only Convert Word 5.0 and 5.1 Settings Files"
    Q140179 Err: "You Are Already Printing..." with LaserMaster WinPrinter
    Q80070 Evaluating Which Button Was Pressed in a User-Defined Dialog
    Q75101 Excel Data Pastes into Word with Incorrect Cell Alignment
    Q81151 Excel Dialog Box Pastes as Tabs and Numbers in WinWord
    Q94624 Excel Macro to Determine If Word for Windows Is Loaded
    Q85263 Excel's Default Template Not Used When Inserting Object
    Q95490 Excel Temporarily Hangs After Running Word for Windows Macro
    Q65718 Exclamation Marks Not Allowed in Calculated Selection
    Q121428 "Exit and Load SHARE.EXE" with SHARE.EXE or VSHARE.386 Running
    Q120670 Exit Macro Does Not Return Insertion Point to Correct Position
    Q107774 Expanding Share from the MS-DOS 6.2 Upgrade Disks
    Q122204 Explanation: High Resource Consumption w/ Word for Windows NT
    Q80036 Explanation of Grammar Checker Readability Statistics
    Q117122 Exponential Number from Microsoft Excel Converted Incorrectly
    Q109616 Exporting AutoCAD 12 for MS-DOS and Windows EPS Files
    Q110234 Exporting in .BMP Format from AutoCAD 12 for MS-DOS and Windows
    Q110233 Exporting PCX files from AutoCAD 12 for Windows and DOS
    Q127126 Extra Line Appears in Pasted Microsoft Excel Table
    Q47862 F11 and F12 Key Equivalents for AT Class Machines
    Q65229 F7 Does Not Spell Check the Entire Word for Windows Document
    Q51840 Fast Save Documents Increase/Decrease in Size
    Q103965 FastTips: File and Macro Conversions Questions and Answers
    Q103166 FastTips: File Storage and Recovery Questions and Answers
    Q103159 FastTips: Fonts and Screen Display Questions and Answers
    Q103143 FastTips: Graphics & Graphics Conversions Questions & Answers
    Q103874 FastTips: Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) and DDE Q&A
    Q103377 FastTips: Printing Questions and Answers
    Q103248 FastTips: Word 5.0 for Mac Installation Questions & Answers
    Q107426 Fax Wizard: Return Mailing Address Not Retained
    Q117404 "Feed From" Setting Not Retained in Envelope Printing Options
    Q77681 Field Braces Not Ignored During Search in Word for Windows
    Q80307 Field Format Switch Case Conversion Types
    Q134039 Field Highlight Extends Beyond Selected Field
    Q46344 Field Not Updating and/or No Result
    Q119418 Field Text Is Not Readable on Monochrome Display
    Q111695 "File Access Denied" Opening Paradox 3.5 Database Via ODBC
    Q122755 File Access Denied with FoxPro Data Attached to Template
    Q104694 File Conversion Starts a Second Instance of Word
    Q142779 File Doesn't Save with Low Disk Space, "Allow Fast Saves" On
    Q134812 File Extension Disappears in Open Dialog Box
    Q142206 File Find Delete Command Does Not Send File to Recycle Bin
    Q69761 File Find Print Option Uses Built-In Print Macro Only
    Q105410 "File in Use by Another Program" After OLE Automation Session
    Q119619 File I/O Problems After Installing Video 1.1 for Windows
    Q115257 Filename Not Added to Most Recently Used (MRU) List
    Q135294 File Open: Can't Select Documents, Folders with Keyboard
    Q121856 FileOpen Command Requires CHR$(34) with Long Filenames
    Q122232 File Open Dialog Doesn't List Files with Different Extensions
    Q140743 "File Permission Error" Saving Document with Leading Space
    Q79902 File Print Unavailable with Publisher's Powerpak in 2.0
    Q121934 Files$() Truncates Paths Longer Than 255 Characters
    Q117751 FileSaveAs Doc Err: Incorrect .Format Argument Explanation
    Q84697 FileSaveAs in a Macro Overwrites Existing Files Without Prompt
    Q110929 FileSaveAs Saves Documents in Incorrect Foreign File Format
    Q97134 File Save As Type List Box Unavailable for Template Files
    Q76188 File Search Macro in Word for Windows
    Q119785 File Send Command Unavailable Using Lotus Notes Mail
    Q132912 FileSendMail Command and MsgBox May Cause MAPI Error
    Q129629 File, Send Unavailable Editing Document Routed by cc:Mail
    Q141051 Files Installed by Internet Assistant for Word
    Q134810 Files Installed in MSOFFICE\WINWORD\WINWORD Folder
    Q106449 Files Opened from Mail and File Manager Not Added to MRU List
    Q128988 Files Saved as Word 2.0 Files Can't Be Opened by Word 6.0
    Q82086 FILLIN Fields with Embedded DATE Field as Default Text
    Q148010 Find File Advanced Search in Word 6 Ignores Word 5 Documents
    Q113944 Find File Columns Widths Not Saved Between Sessions of Word
    Q117210 Find File Command Fails to Find Files When Using Wildcards
    Q116364 Find File Command Searches Only the Current Directory
    Q110445 Find File Containing Text Field: Only Special Characters Work
    Q106644 Find File Ignores Match Case for Title
    Q107225 Find File List Does Not Refresh Correctly After Deleting File
    Q105782 FindFile List is Empty on When Searching a Network Drive
    Q59147 Find File Search Feature Finds Non-Matching Documents
    Q106653 FindFile .SearchPath Argument Ignored with File Extension
    Q110353 Finding and Replacing Text with Revision Marks
    Q58472 Finding Links to Document Templates in Word for Windows
    Q70725 Finding or Replacing Text in a Table Column
    Q37850 First Blank Document Is Closed if First Action Is Not an Edit
    Q112381 First Cell Deleted Dragging Word Table and Dropping in Excel
    Q116217 First Letter of Sentence or Paragraph Not Always Capitalized
    Q98276 First Page Does Not Print Duplexed on HP IIID or IIIsi Printer
    Q109093 First Two List Levels Have Same Multilevel Numbering Level
    Q72800 Font$(0) Returns Default Font Name in Word for Windows
    Q110591 Font Assistant F1 Key Is Not Context Sensitive
    Q117341 Font Changes Made by Macro Not Retained in Header or Footer
    Q85913 Font Changes When Editing Word Object Embedded in Client App.
    Q113746 Font Mapping (*.DAT) files in Word 6.0 for Windows
    Q123960 Font Missing in Font Substitution Dialog Box
    Q66602 Font Name Comparisons: Helvetica and Times Roman
    Q110442 Font Not on Substitutions List Still Available
    Q120446 Font Problems Using WinWord 6.0 with MS Multimedia Viewer
    Q116255 Fonts Display as Black Boxes on Radius Pivot Monitor
    Q141080 Fonts in Document Don't Appear in Toolbar Font List
    Q140103 Font Size Decreases When Using Increase Font Shortcut Keys
    Q145914 Font Size, Format Changed
    Q77992 Fonts Not Displaying in New Bullet List in Word for Windows
    Q24660 Font Substitution Does Not Work with Fractional Widths
    Q110788 Footnote and Endnote Reference Styles Cannot Be Applied
    Q142409 Footnote Changes Not Retained Using Master Document View
    Q109834 Footnote Reference Contains Trailing Space
    Q106072 Footnotes and Endnotes Not Renumbered with Revision Marks On
    Q85370 Footnotes Lost After Applying Change Case in Word 5.0
    Q66041 Footnotes Not Available in Header/Footer in Word for Windows
    Q79570 Foreign Dictionaries for Microsoft Word 5.x
    Q110782 Foreign Language Proofing Tools Error Message During Setup
    Q108862 Foreign Language Smart Quotes Change to English Smart Quotes
    Q99262 Foreign Language Translation Software Available
    Q76465 Format Border From Text Not an Option for Tables
    Q110697 Format Borders and Shading Can Apply to Whole Table
    Q107714 Format Bullets and Numbering Multilevel Tab Not Available
    Q125002 Format Change Case May Not Change Case Based on Selection
    Q119821 Format Font Displays Bookman Font as Bold on HP 4Si PS Printer
    Q134903 Format Painter, Highlight Not Available in Macro Window
    Q91210 Format Print Merge Output with Switches or MERGEFIELD Keyword
    Q136466 Format Shortcut Displays When You Double-Click Spelling Icon
    Q120283 Formatting Checker Displays Incorrect Information for Frames
    Q98451 Formatting for Avery Laser Business Cards Product Number 5371
    Q105916 Formatting Lost Pasting Label Address Text
    Q165909 Form Fields Are Not Editable in Word Viewer 97
    Q193879 Formula in Table Is Incorrect When Using Track Changes
    Q113628 FoxPro File Opened Via ODBC Displays Wrong Extended Characters
    Q78144 Frame Around Shaded Paragraph Corrupts Formatting in WinWord
    Q118517 Framed Border Displays Incorrectly in Print Preview
    Q86791 Framed, Linked Excel Worksheet Duplicates Itself When Dragged
    Q112454 Framed Objects Deleted After Rejecting Revisions
    Q106406 Frame Formatting Changes Differently Based on Sizing Handle
    Q147335 Frameset Element Moved Inside Body Element
    Q87828 French-Canadian and Swedish WinWord: REG.DAT Setup Incorrect
    Q142089 French Grammar Checker Doesn't Recognize Accented Uppercase
    Q112780 French Word 6.0 Error: "Invalid Filename (ERRFUSION1.DOC)
    Q113138 French Word 6.0: Syntax Error Updating Word 2.x Formula Field
    Q37803 Functionality of Style Sheets in Word for Windows
    Q154265 General Information About SGML Author for Word
    Q97126 General Information About WOPR Version 2.0
    Q91623 General Information on Using OLE in Microsoft Word
    Q113109 "General Mail Failure" Adding Routing Slip or Sending Mail
    Q111553 "General Mail Failure" Error Message with File Routing Slip
    Q134997 General Proofing Tool Information for Word for Windows 95
    Q115272 General Protection Fault at Module EHNWNNET.DRV
    Q139780 General Protection Fault in Module KRNL386.EXE
    Q107349 General Protection (GP) Fault Running Word 6.0 Help
    Q87764 General Troubleshooting Tips: Word for Windows
    Q123693 GetBookMark$ Returns Value and Form Field Name
    Q110196 GetSystemInfo$() Function Returns Incorrect Information
    Q81742 Glossary Entry with Normal Style Doesn't Maintain Alignment
    Q101453 GoBack Command Switches to Another Document
    Q117340 GP Fault After Choosing Frame from the Format Menu
    Q118483 GP Fault after Pressing CTRL+Q and Choosing Format Frame
    Q112778 GP Fault After Pressing TAB in User-Defined Dialog Box
    Q109273 GP Fault After Sending Word Document as Email Attachment
    Q115834 GP Fault Closing Template Attached to Mail Merge Data File
    Q111697 GP Fault Creating Document Based on Template with Excel Link
    Q105313 GP Fault Editing Document with Dell S3 Video Driver
    Q111074 GP Fault Entering Outline View from Print Preview
    Q115157 GP Fault Exiting Word and Retaining Large Clipboard Contents
    Q111073 GP Fault Grammar Checking Hyphenated Words
    Q145637 GP Fault Importing Word 5.x for the Macintosh Documents
    Q115864 GP Fault in EXCEL.EXE Opening Word Document
    Q99980 GP Fault in Header/Footer After Running ToolsSpelling in Macro
    Q126169 GP Fault in Internet Assistant Opening URL to Some Sites
    Q111835 GP Fault in MSSPELL.DLL
    Q114970 GP Fault in NETWARE.DRV While Running Word for Windows
    Q108864 GP Fault in OLE2.DLL when Starting Word
    Q153106 GP Fault in Olivetti EVD 256_1024.DRV Video Driver
    Q116307 GP Fault in Page Setup Dialog Box with Intel Faxability 2.0
    Q115151 GP Fault Inserting Harvard Graphics Slide as Object
    Q110200 GP Fault Inserting Picture with ET 4000 Windows Video Driver
    Q107504 GP Fault in the Find File Dialog Box in Preview View
    Q139941 GP Fault in Winword.exe Using /N Switch
    Q87436 GP Fault Occurs When You Insert a File into a Framed Table
    Q94083 GP Fault Occurs While Running Spelling Checker
    Q110267 GP Fault or Garbled Graphic with S3 Video Driver
    Q99979 GP Fault or System Hangs If ToolsOptionsSave Macro Is Edited
    Q105565 GP Fault Printing Document with Many Fonts
    Q133119 GP Fault Printing Help Topics Using Canon BJ200E.DRV
    Q113285 GP Fault Printing Help Topic Using HP LaserJet 4
    Q114026 GP Fault Printing to the HP DeskJet 310 (DESKJETP.DRV)
    Q105886 GP Fault Saving to Word for Windows 2.0 File Format
    Q121253 GP Fault Scrolling Through Edit Links Dialog Box
    Q108690 GP Fault Starting Equation Editor Under Windows NT
    Q122395 GP Fault Starting or Using Word 6.0 Under Windows NT 3.1
    Q111693 GP Fault Updating INCLUDETEXT Field That References Table Cell
    Q114390 GP Fault Using OLE Automation to Control Word 6.0
    Q114203 GP Fault Using Word with Random House Webster's Dictionary
    Q134142 GP Fault When Custom Toolbar Docked in Normal View
    Q106646 GP Fault When Inserting a Microsoft Access 1.0 Database
    Q132317 GP Fault When Using PaperDirect Templates
    Q110654 GP Fault While Scanning with OmniPage Direct
    Q113720 GP Fault with Atech FastFonts Printer Driver
    Q142338 GP Fault with DocProperty Field in Header or Footer
    Q110073 GP Fault with FilePrint Command in an AutoExec Macro
    Q110785 GP Fault with LaserMaster Version 4.0a Printer Driver
    Q115129 GP Fault with Microsoft Excel Object When Exiting Word
    Q117158 GP Fault with Word Assistant Under Windows NT
    Q130197 GPF in KEYBOARD.DRV with Norton's File Assist Macros
    Q123682 GPF in Table When Adjusting Column and Row Settings
    Q145513 Gram32.ini Created on desktop when Customizing Grammar
    Q110962 Grammar Checker Gives "Low on Memory" Message
    Q105579 Grammar Checker Posts Incorrect Readability Statistics
    Q135238 Grammar Checker, Word 2.0 Converter Missing from Typical Setup
    Q77951 Grammar Check Feature Also Flags Spelling Errors in WinWord
    Q143333 Grammar Check Halts When Checking
    Q73026 Grammar Checking Programs to Use with Word for Windows
    Q85854 Grammar/Spelling Module Update Appnote Available
    Q128972 Graphic Prints Solid Black with Print Selection
    Q100786 Graphics Appear Elongated Using Microsoft FAX Printer Driver
    Q71721 Graphics/Pictures Not Printing from Word for Windows
    Q112779 Gray or Poor Output Printing Color Text on Noncolor Printer
    Q94072 Gregorian and Julian Date Functions to Use in WinWord Macros
    Q78462 Gridlines Lost with Paste Special of Excel Worksheet Object
    Q110238 Gunning Fog Index Not Available in Word 5.1
    Q123055 Gutter in Unexpected Location in Mixed-Orientation Document
    Q106648 Hanging Indents Are Not Recorded Using Format Style
    Q135081 Hang, Invalid Page Fault Inserting Document
    Q24749 Hard Disk Installation Procedure
    Q105604 Having More Than One Multilevel Numbered List Per Document
    Q115407 Header Appears to Take Up Entire Page
    Q97865 Header Does Not Print Using HPPCL5MS.DRV
    Q92566 Header/Footer and Other Section Formatting Lost After Paste
    Q78145 Header/Footer Lost When Frame Extends Past Bottom Margin
    Q51535 Header or Footer Changes When Section Break Deleted
    Q114009 Header Row Not Being Recognized When Sorting a Table
    Q41750 Headers and Footers Do Not Wrap Around APOs in WinWord
    Q112501 Headers and Footers Not Visible with Hercules Monochrome
    Q95110 Header Text Lost When Margin and From Edge Value the Same
    Q110399 Heading Numbering Does Not Copy to Another Document
    Q127935 Help Button "Reveal Formats" Doesn't Work in Header or Footer
    Q105685 Help Errors: "Routine Not found" and "Cannot Display Resource"
    Q73204 Hidden Columns or Rows from Excel Paste As Non-Hidden in Word
    Q120091 Hidden Outlining Toolbar Appears Even After You Turn It Off
    Q78386 Hidden Temporary Files Left on Hard Drive
    Q78493 Hidden Text to the Left of Selection Becomes Part of Selection
    Q146893 Highlight Formatting Maintained When Creating New Row in Table
    Q134902 Highlight Not Displayed in AutoText Dialog Box
    Q126662 How "Auto" Macros Work with OLE Objects
    Q114431 How Bin Selection Works on the HP LaserJet 4
    Q85451 How INCLUDE Fields Affect Headers/Footers in Master Documents
    Q110085 How the Envelope Feed Option Icon Works
    Q110866 How the Spell Checker Checks Uppercase and Lowercase Words
    Q107224 How to Add a Command to a Shortcut Menu
    Q136467 How to Add "Ignore Always" to the Spelling Shortcut Menu
    Q118984 How to Add the Word 5.1 Font Menu to Word 6.0
    Q100047 How to Assign Sounds to Word for Windows Commands
    Q105900 How to Automatically Use ODBC Rather Than DDE
    Q118513 How to Bypass "Tip of the Day" When Starting Word 6.0
    Q119513 How to Call the ShellExecute Windows API in a WordBasic Macro
    Q95097 How to Center Text Vertically in a Table Row
    Q117621 How to Change Default Settings in the File Print Dialog Box
    Q119855 How to Change Letter Wizard (LETTER.WIZ) Document Formatting
    Q118841 How to Change the Award Wizard Document Formatting
    Q112095 How to Change the Color of the Desktop in Page Layout View
    Q75740 How to Change the Default File Name/Directory in Open Dialog
    Q93667 How to Change the Default "From" Value in MEMO2.DOT
    Q118479 How to Change the Default Number of Copies in File Print
    Q108226 How to Change the Default Program Group for Word for Windows
    Q114994 How to Change the Name in a Newsletter After Running Wizard
    Q119856 How to Change the Newsletter Wizard Formatting
    Q128175 How to Configure Proxy Servers for Internet Assistant
    Q153148 How to Convert Word 6.x AutoCorrect Entries to Word 7.0 And 97
    Q81117 How to Copy Text Using Drag-and-Drop
    Q91729 How to Create a Blank Button on the Toolbar
    Q122709 How to Create a Macro to Change Printer or Fax Driver
    Q94257 How to Create Custom Icons for the Word for Windows Toolbar
    Q146240 How to Create Custom Labels in Word for the Macintosh 5.x
    Q152770 How to Create Hidden Bookmarks
    Q128499 How to Create Hyperlinks to Bookmarks in Local Documents
    Q72763 How to Create Multiple Tables of Contents
    Q151105 How to Customize Documents Based on Professional Resume
    Q111078 How to Customize the Font Assistant in Word Assistant
    Q110344 How to Delete the Envelope Default Return Address
    Q142462 How to Delete Unnecessary Temporary Files in Word 2 and 6
    Q86557 How to Delete Words from Custom Dictionaries in Word
    Q89807 How to Determine the Position of a Cell Within a Table
    Q115716 How to Directly Format Bullet and Numbers
    Q95660 How to Disable Atech FastFonts for Windows
    Q96565 How to Disable a Word 'Auto' Macro
    Q89728 How to Disable Control Menu Items Using a WordBasic Macro
    Q71999 How to Disable the FastSave Option in Word for Windows
    Q126647 How to Display ASK/SET Statements Only Once During Print Merge
    Q135295 How to Enable, Disable Word as Your E-mail Editor in Exchange
    Q117697 How to Export Data from Word for Windows to "PowerLeads!"
    Q137160 How to Fax a Document Using File Send and Exchange
    Q120772 How to Find the Path of a Program Using WordBasic
    Q122230 How to Generate a List of Keyboard Commands for Word
    Q113445 How to Include a Microsoft Excel Chart in a Mail Merge
    Q113625 How to Insert a Word Table in PowerPoint
    Q126802 How to Install Internet Assistant to a Network
    Q139867 How to Install Missing Clip Art
    Q139869 How to Install Missing Word 2.0 Converter and Works Converter
    Q139866 How to Install the CGM and CorelDraw Filters
    Q96927 How to Install WinFax Pro Version 3.0 Macros in WinWord
    Q100102 How To Justify the Last Line of a Justified Paragraph
    Q100931 How to Link a Microsoft Access Query in a Word Document
    Q100932 How to Link a Microsoft Access Table in a Word Document
    Q126087 How to Load the Windows Help File Using WordBasic
    Q125000 How to Mail Merge Using Word for Windows and Approach 2.1
    Q97129 How to Make the Spell Checker Ignore Repeated or Double Words
    Q109832 How to Manually Decompress Word 6.0 for Windows Files
    Q111715 How to Manually Install Word 6.0 If SETUP.EXE Fails
    Q118478 How to Merge from PowerLeads! to Word for Windows
    Q119632 How to Modify INVOICE.DOT to Display Blank Form Field Results
    Q127877 How to Modify the OrganizationalChartMaker Document
    Q121601 How to Obtain a Replacement Keyboard Template for Word 6.0
    Q98894 How to Obtain Draft Output on an HP DeskJet Printer
    Q111716 How to Obtain the WinWord Converter SDK (GC1039)
    Q89789 How to Open Word for Windows Table in Microsoft Excel Q+E
    Q111077 How to Order Word for Windows Developer's Kit and Resource Kit
    Q146901 How to Play a .AVI Video File in Full Screen in Word
    Q110808 How to Print Envelopes to the Canon BJ-200
    Q182437 How to Print Labels Using Direct Mail Manager
    Q97010 How to Print Merge Records that Start with a Certain Letter
    Q71429 How to Print Merge to Form Letters and Address Labels
    Q81172 How to Print Readability Statistic from the Grammar Checker
    Q140097 How to Rebuild User Preference and Options Settings
    Q106146 How to Redisplay Full Screen or Macro Toolbars After Closing
    Q113782 How to Remove a Border from a Text Box
    Q96819 How to Remove Unused Standard Styles from a Document
    Q100370 How to Remove Word for Windows Custom Dictionaries
    Q31105 How to Renumber Page 2 as Page 1
    Q116457 How to Restart a Numbering Sequence Within a Table
    Q114692 How to Run Word 2.x and 6.x on the Same Computer
    Q139962 How to Save an Attachment in WordMail
    Q95656 How to Save Disk Space when Using Inserted Objects
    Q129675 How to Save FTP Downloaded Files in Internet Assistant
    Q127742 How to See Both WordArt And Graphic in Text Box
    Q95091 How to Set Default Size and Position of WinWord Program Window
    Q116218 How to Sort Table Cells Continuously by Row
    Q108338 How to Specify a Destination Directory in a Setup Script
    Q120787 How to Specify a Limited Number of Mergefields
    Q82088 How to Start Word for Windows in a Maximized Window
    Q109567 How to Tell If ODBC Is Installed Correctly
    Q128694 How to Tell Where Word 6.0 Saves Documents Under System 7.5
    Q105409 How to Troubleshoot Problems Using DeskJet Printers with Word
    Q83452 How to Troubleshoot Using the PSS.DOC PrinterTest Macro
    Q107502 How to Uninstall MasterWord by ALKI Software
    Q118482 How to Use a Combo Box with a Text Form Field
    Q116456 How to Use an ACT for Windows File As a Mail Merge Data Source
    Q118634 How to Use "It's Legal for Windows" with Word
    Q120979 How to Use Named WordBasic Arguments in OLE Automation
    Q161547 How to Use OLE Automation with Word 6.0/7.0
    Q69939 How to Use Percent, Caret, and Plus SendKeys in WinWord
    Q145445 How to Use Spouse, Special Occasion Fields From Schedule+
    Q115609 How to Use "Take A Letter" with Word for Windows
    Q128993 How to Use Visual C++ to Debug a WLL
    Q88679 How to Use Wildcards to Perform Selective Print Merge
    Q93759 How to Use WordBasic Print Command to Send Output to Printer
    Q86470 How to Use WordBasic to Return Values from Win.ini or Registry
    Q87714 How WinWord Uses the REG.DAT File in Windows 3.1
    Q105951 How Word Determines What to Display in the Convert Dialog Box
    Q85241 How Word for Windows Uses a Math Coprocessor
    Q89247 How Word for Windows Uses Temporary Files
    Q114430 HP DeskJet Drag-and-Drop Prints in Courier with Norton Desktop
    Q116108 HP DeskJet "Scalable Font Initialization Error" with Word 6.0
    Q84985 HPFS Filenames Supported in Word for OS/2
    Q85699 HP IIIsi Err Msg: "EE Load Com10" When Printing Envelopes
    Q66044 HP LaserJet Com-10 Error Messages When Printing Envelopes
    Q99180 HP LaserJet II Printing Problems Corrected by Windows 3.1
    Q123705 HP Printer Loses Characters When Using A4 Paper and Landscape
    Q126042 HTML Document Appears Blank After Opening
    Q130256 HTML Document Opens as Text Only When Busy
    Q129419 HTML Documents Always Open in Normal View
    Q77893 Hyphenation Dialog Options Automatically Reset
    Q118315 Hyphenation Not Available in Protected Documents
    Q113655 Hyphenation Zone Fails to Return Error When Set Lower Than .01
    Q121938 Hyphens Don't Display Correctly with Numeric Picture Switch
    Q147339 IA: All Caps Format Not Retained in Table Exporting to HTML
    Q147330 IA: Automatic Numbered, Bulleted Lists Don't Behave Like Word
    Q142332 IA: AutoNum Field Values Disappear on HTML Export
    Q143415 IA: Bold, Italic, Underline Not Displayed for Marquee Element
    Q131211 IA: Browser Can't Find File or Display Image
    Q132161 IA: Can't Access URL After CompuServe Internet Connection
    Q147336 IA: "Cell Width and Spacing" Dialog Box Disappears, Reappears
    Q130216 IA: Character Formatting Lost After Copy Hyperlink or Save
    Q128151 IA: Character Styles Not Preserved in Hyperlink Text
    Q147329 IA: Clearing WYSIWYG Column Widths Doesn't Change Column Width
    Q130215 IA: Comments Within Inline Image Display After Conversion
    Q145631 IA: Conversion Dialog Box in Background for CDR, WPG Images
    Q130766 IA: "Copy Hyperlink" from Unsaved Document Is Invalid
    Q145626 IA: "Copy of" Prefix Added to Page After You View Source
    Q125991 IA Deletes Auto Macros from Downloaded Templates
    Q137667 IA: Document Views with HTML Tags Displayed
    Q143322 IA: Downloaded Page Different from Internet Explorer, Netscape
    Q126378 IA: Drop-Down Form Field Lose
    Q130767 IA: Duplicate Entries in the [No Proxy On] Section of IWIA.INI
    Q145632 IA: English Commands Using German, French, Italian Word
    Q143416 IA: Extra Column Added After Merging Cells
    Q153979 IA: Files Installed by Internet Assistant for Word for Macintosh
    Q143420 IA: Font Attributes Not Retained for Hyperlink Heading Styles
    Q145914 IA: Font Size, Format Changed
    Q128509 IA: Forms Toolbar Remains Active After Closing All Documents
    Q147335 IA: Frameset Element Moved Inside Body Element
    Q120643 IA: General Information about Internet Assistant for Word
    Q128502 IA: "Go Back" and "Go Forward" Don't Work After Editing Image
    Q158428 IA: GP Fault Opening HTML File w/ Graphics After Installing Word
    Q145628 IA: Greater Than/Less Than Characters Not Converted Correctly
    Q147891 IA: Hangs, Errors Opening HTML File with CDR, WPG Image
    Q133116 IA: How to Add Unsupported HTML Tags to Your HTML Document
    Q131722 IA: How to Re-create "Switch to Web Browse View" Button
    Q137666 IA: How to Use Internet Assistant 1.0 with Windows 95
    Q145915 IA: HTML Document Loses Sizing Changes Made to Graphic
    Q145915 IA: HTML Document Loses Sizing Changes Made To Graphic
    Q133122 IA: HTML Document Truncated When XMP Tag Is Used
    Q143418 IA: Hyperlink Isn't Blue with Increased Font
    Q136862 IA: Hyperlinks Do Not Work If You Are Running Windows NT 3.51
    Q133388 IA: "[Image Not Loaded]" Inserting Picture into HTML Document
    Q132163 IA: Increase, Decrease Indent Aren't Retained in HTML Document
    Q143218 IA: InsertPicture Dialog Box Defaults to "All Files"
    Q145633 IA: MENU Nested Inside OL, UL Doesn't Import, Export Correctly
    Q145634 IA: "Missing Picture" If Filename Uses Extended Characters
    Q128688 IA: Multilevel List Displays Incorrectly Before Converting
    Q145630 IA: Multiple DL Elements Merged into Single DL Element
    Q143417 IA: OK Button Has Focus in Sound, Cell Height, Width Dialogs
    Q145861 IA: PAGE UP, PAGE DOWN Keys Don't Work When Browsing Forms
    Q143419 IA: Resetting Table Background Color Removes Cell Background
    Q145629 IA: Resized Pre Element Reverts to Original Width
    Q145635 IA: Right Aligned Text in Table Displayed Incorrectly
    Q155313 IA Setup Error Installing to Workstation Installation of Word
    Q143216 IA: Startup Folder Removed When You Uninstall Internet Assistant
    Q128498 IA: Text Wraps to Right Window Border, Not Right Margin
    Q130214 IA: Title Bar, Status Bar Flash Downloading Files, Images
    Q129273 IA: TOC, Index, IncludeText Fields Merge into One Paragraph
    Q143217 IA: Trailing Underline Added to Hyperlink Text
    Q139703 IA: Unable to Open URL Address Http://
    Q145627 IA: Undocumented Registry Key, ShowTableTags
    Q145859 IA: Unlinked Image Retains Border When Border Size Set to Zero
    Q145912 IA: White Text on White Background Converting Table to HTML
    Q152767 IA: "Word Could Not Load This Add-In Program" or WordBasic Err
    Q97045 Ignore All in Spelling Dialog Box Selects Consecutive Words
    Q155174 Illegal Operation or Application Error Exiting Word
    Q145862 Image Not Loaded When You View HTML Source, Preview in Browser
    Q63033 Importing Quark XPress Documents
    Q134924 Improper Screen Redraw After Display Resolution Changed
    Q35566 Inability to Use BACKSPACE to Delete Text to Left
    Q112324 INCLUDEPICTURE and IMPORT Fields Do Not Merge Correctly
    Q110167 "Include Subdirectories" Option Does Not Remain Selected
    Q125883 IncludeText Field Disappears from Converted SGML Doc
    Q41309 Including Excel Charts in WinWord Documents
    Q142212 Incomplete or Incorrect Entries in Address Book
    Q117787 Incomplete or Incorrect Output from Printer Shared over Novell
    Q102394 Incorrect Bordering When Selection or Frame Contains a Table
    Q137668 Incorrect Bullets, Numbering After Changing Default Style
    Q110579 Incorrect Dialog for ASK and FILLIN Fields in Help
    Q117121 Incorrect File Conversions Running BatchConversion Macro
    Q125412 Incorrect Find File Results When TEMP/TMP Directory Is Invalid
    Q95064 Incorrect Font and No Graphics Print Using Turbo 25 Cartridge
    Q97663 Incorrect Formatting on Printout Using Print Selection Option
    Q61073 Incorrect Hanging Indent After Two Manual Page Breaks
    Q115612 Incorrect or No Printout Mail Merging to Avery Label Printer
    Q96679 Incorrect Output from StyleWriter and Personal LaserWriter LS
    Q107734 Incorrect Registration of Applets During Setup
    Q88774 Incorrect Results Using Wildcards in Selective Print Merge
    Q106139 Incorrect Revisions When Comparing Modified Table Cells
    Q108482 Incorrect SECTION and SECTIONPAGES Field Results
    Q120349 Incorrect SECTION Field Result in Text Box
    Q116216 Incorrect Status Bar Message with No Annotations
    Q119127 Incorrect TOC Numbering If TC Precedes SEQ Field
    Q117392 Increase/Decrease Indent Buttons Don't Change Numbering Level
    Q60015 Increasing Printing Speed with Microsoft Word for Windows
    Q115249 Indent Retained When Bullets or Numbering Is Removed
    Q57203 INDEX and XE (Index Entry) Are Case Sensitive in WinWord
    Q94626 Index Entries with "." Do Not Alphabetize As Expected
    Q62469 'Index' Field \e or \l Switch Limited to Number of Characters
    Q133692 Index Heading, TOA Heading, TOC Styles Don't Reflect Changes
    Q114006 INFO: List of Word 6.0 Files Modified by Word 6.0a Patch
    Q111075 Information: How Word Uses RESCUE.DOC If You Are Out of Memory
    Q110634 Information on IntelliSense in Word 6.0 for Windows
    Q128989 In-Place Editing of MS Excel Spreadsheet May Lose Keystrokes
    Q107533 InputBox$() Function Inserts an Extra Soft Return
    Q95105 Insert Annotation Unavailable in Header/Footer, Footnote Pane
    Q105812 Insert Break, File Page Setup, and Format Columns Unavailable
    Q129151 Insert ClipArt and File New Won't Default to Right Directories
    Q117123 Inserted Caption Does Not Retain Style Formatting
    Q110632 Insert Frame in Normal View Header Produces Incorrect Message
    Q79188 Inserting a Frame Around a Table Row in Word for Windows
    Q78534 Inserting a Frame Overwrites Border Information in WinWord
    Q117207 Inserting a Large Microsoft Excel 4.0 Object Produces Error
    Q79085 Inserting a Page or Section Break Within a Justified Paragraph
    Q105220 Inserting a Table of Figures Reformats Existing Tables
    Q122375 Inserting AutoText Entry in Envelope Dialog Box Causes Error
    Q86700 Inserting Bullet After Column Break Bullets Previous Paragraph
    Q115411 Inserting Caption Appears to Hang Word
    Q113704 Inserting MS Access Query Brings in Extra Fields
    Q115611 Inserting Object Results in Packager Icon or Error Message
    Q110276 Inserting Page Numbers Interferes with Section Alignment
    Q113727 Inserting Picture Clears Picture Placeholders Option
    Q77647 Insertion Point Disappears Moving WinWord Selection to Ruler
    Q117157 Insertion Point or Text Not Visible in Text Box or Callout
    Q86240 Insertion Point Position Changes When Selecting with Mouse
    Q66973 Insertion Point Position Measured Incorrectly with Spacing
    Q111694 Insertion Point Scrolls Off Bottom of Screen
    Q106658 Insertion Point Stays in Form Field with Protection Turned Off
    Q96044 Insert Object Command Unavailable
    Q106344 Insert Object Dialog Has Blank Entry at Top of List
    Q106683 Insert Symbol En Space or Em Space Not Repeatable
    Q122947 InsertTableOfAuthorities Doesn't Write WINWORD6.INI Entries
    Q92849 Installer Checks for Previous Installation of MS Graph
    Q92722 Installer Does Not Rebuild Desktop
    Q107702 Installer Fails, Stating Install Disk Is Wrong Disk
    Q93068 Installer May Fail on Some Macintosh Quadra Computers
    Q108341 Installing Bookshelf 1992 with Word 6.0 for Windows
    Q107350 Installing Bookshelf 1993 with Word 6.0 for Windows
    Q110938 Installing or Removing Word Using Office Setup Disks
    Q106519 Installing Word 6.0 for Windows over Multimedia Word
    Q123289 "Insufficient memory..." Editing Embedded MS Excel 5.0 Chart
    Q106448 Insufficient Memory Error Message When Temp Directory Is Full
    Q95067 International, Localized Versions of Word for Windows
    Q30289 International Releases
    Q130211 Internet Assistant: Bookmarks in Tables Convert Incorrectly
    Q132160 Internet Assistant: Can't Download URLs with Internet Adapter
    Q132160 Internet Assistant: Can't Download URLs with Internet Adapter
    Q128177 Internet Assistant Does Not Support URL as Startup Document
    Q126927 Internet Assistant Err Msg: "Insufficient Memory..."
    Q131721 Internet Assistant Error: "Warning: Failed to Notify Library"
    Q129069 Internet Assistant: Form Drop-Down Field Covers Check Box
    Q129608 Internet Assistant: Form Field In Ordered List Numbered Wrong
    Q129674 Internet Assistant: General Protection Fault in WORDHTML.WLL
    Q132164 Internet Assistant: Heading Numbering Converts to Ordered List
    Q128968 Internet Assistant: Hidden Text in Table Becomes Visible
    Q128503 Internet Assistant: How to Compare Versions of HTML Documents
    Q126364 Internet Assistant: How to View Raw HTML Markup
    Q127169 Internet Assistant: Nested Bookmarks Removed After Conversion
    Q129496 Internet Assistant: Nextid Setting Changes to 1 on File Reopen
    Q132520 Internet Assistant Not Included with Word for Windows 95
    Q130257 Internet Assistant: Repeat Picture Shows Wrong Dialog Box
    Q126248 Internet Assistant Saves Duplicate META Elements
    Q126246 Internet Assistant Supports HTTP, FTP, and Gopher
    Q129556 Internet Assistant: Tab-Aligned Cell Text Converts Incorrectly
    Q126804 Internet Assistant: Text Aligns with Bottom of In-Line Images
    Q126804 Internet Assistant: Text Aligns with Bottom of In-Line Images
    Q129557 Internet Assistant: "Word Cannot Open This Document Template"
    Q126548 Internet Assistant Word Styles Use Two Templates
    Q126167 Internet Asst: Error Message When Using HTML Template
    Q128049 InternetWorks Error 80080005 Opening a URL
    Q112710 "Invalid Database" Error Attaching Mail Merge Data Document
    Q134934 Invalid Match Between Value and Data Returns the Value Zero
    Q115719 "Invalid Measurement" Error Using Letter Wizard
    Q134724 "Invalid Page Fault" in Files with Many OLE Objects
    Q155517 Invalid Page Fault in Shell32.DLL With Lightspeed NVS32
    Q141218 "Invalid Page Fault..." Opening Document With Complex Graphics
    Q146011 Invalid Page Fault Running Grammar Checker
    Q135082 Invalid Page Fault Running VB Macro in Hidden Word Session
    Q138137 "Invalid Page Fault" When Dialog Open in Two Sessions of Word
    Q107140 "Invalid System Version" Loading SHARE.EXE
    Q115788 INVCE.DOT in Word Developer's Kit Displays Incorrect Results
    Q137161 Isolating Fax Problems in Word
    Q132506 Items under Tools/Options/Save Not Retained Between Documents
    Q131212 IWIA Starts External Viewers During URL Download
    Q94659 Japanese International Version 1.2 of Word for Windows
    Q114093 "Keep Lines Together" Has No Effect in Tables
    Q135000 Keyboard Shortcuts in Word 7.0 for Windows 95
    Q80245 Key Combination for Update Command in Equation Editor
    Q128967 Keystroke Changes Between Word 5.1 and 6.0
    Q111887 Labels Lose Paragraph Indent Formatting
    Q123699 Labels Print Incorrectly with the Generic Text Only Driver
    Q141050 Large Buttons Option Unavailable If WordMail/Binder Is Running
    Q111748 Large Embedded Object Is Cropped When Pasted into Word
    Q65178 Large Gaps Between Italic Capital and Small Capital Letters
    Q66036 Large Selection Blanks Ribbon and Some Dialog Box Settings
    Q110809 Large Unprintable Region with LJ 4P and Custom Paper Size
    Q110439 Last Digit in Table Cell Doesn't Print to PCL Printer
    Q105896 Last Paragraph Mark Has Small "Hot" Area for Reporting Formats
    Q73022 Last Paragraph of Included File Acquires Different Formatting
    Q78747 LASTSAVEDBY Field Not Updating Correctly in Word for Windows
    Q113963 Last Section of Document Is Protected Using INCLUDETEXT Field
    Q78666 Leader Characters Lost When Converting from Table Back to Text
    Q122558 Leading Spaces and Tabs Removed with Inserted Database
    Q105572 Left Indent Changes When Applying Hanging Indent
    Q96256 Left Side of Labels Are Cut Off on Citizen 9-Pin Printers
    Q85252 Legal Resource Kit with Lexis Macros Available from Microsoft
    Q119746 Letter Wizard Does Not Insert Page Numbers
    Q119747 Letter Wizard Retains Large Top Margin on Subsequent Pages
    Q114870 "LEX Formats Incompatible" Error During Administrative Setup
    Q35596 Limitations of the Cardtext Number Format
    Q110332 Limitations of Using Smart Cut and Paste
    Q114298 Limiting the Amount of Text in a Macro Combo Box or Text Box
    Q118515 Line Count Is Incorrect by One Line
    Q88750 Line Number Font and Size Different From Document Font or Size
    Q126594 Lines in Drawing Print "Fuzzy" with Epson Stylus Color Printer
    Q94266 Line Spacing Before Causes Clipped Text in Column
    Q71512 Line Spacing Changes Row Height of Inserted Table in WinWord
    Q122556 Line Suppression Does Not Occur When Merging to Fax or E-Mail
    Q109294 Linked and Embedded MSGraph Object's Appearances Differ
    Q76832 Linked Microsoft Excel Chart Resizes After Updating in Word
    Q120082 Linked Pictures in Same Paragraph Update Continuously
    Q115261 Linked Word Text Truncated on Right
    Q119289 Linotype Prints White Lines Through Shaded Text
    Q71444 Listing of Field Keys in Word for Windows
    Q111854 List of Confirmed Bugs in Word version 6.0 for Windows
    Q133808 List of Confirmed Bugs in Word version 7.0 for Windows 95
    Q106473 List of Corrections: "Microsoft Word User's Guide"
    Q119439 List of Files and File Locations Installed by Mac Word 6.0
    Q145523 List of Fixed Bugs in Word 7.0a for Windows 95
    Q145927 List of Fixed Bugs in Word 7.0a That Affect WordMail
    Q136226 List of Fixed Bugs in Word 7.0 for Windows 95
    Q120573 List of Fixed Bugs in Word version 6.0c for Windows
    Q117772 List of Fonts Installed with Word 6.0 for the Macintosh
    Q93194 List of Internal Scalable Fonts in HP LaserJet 4
    Q86890 List of Items Installed with Custom Installation in 5.0
    Q92663 List of Items Installed with Custom Installation in 5.1
    Q110991 List of Knowledge Base Offerings for Word 6.0 for Windows
    Q106341 List of Typefaces Shipped with Word 6.0 and 7.0
    Q105593 List of WINWORD6.INI Settings: Word Default Settings
    Q112543 List of Word 6.0 Commands Not Subject to Repeat or Redo
    Q112544 List of WordBasic Commands Not Subject to Undo
    Q111551 "Local Port Not Present" Error Printing From Word
    Q86078 Location of Macros Created in Word for Windows
    Q52113 Location of Word for Windows Template Files
    Q106654 Long Endnote Separator Used with Exactly One Page of Text
    Q116365 Loss of Memory After Editing Screen-Capture Bitmap
    Q83883 Loss of Windows Resources with PostScript Driver Version 3.5
    Q114689 Lotus 1-2-3 Charts Are Cropped When Inserted in Word Document
    Q85694 Low Memory Error Message When Embedding Large Excel Object
    Q110787 "Low Memory" Errors or GP Fault Updating Many Links
    Q98971 Low Memory Error with Repeated Use of WordBasic Dialog Record
    Q113738 Low Quality Output Printing Picture Using Intel Faxability
    Q115338 MacroCopy Without Destination Template Specified Causes GPF
    Q105548 MacroDesc$() and CountMacros() Exclude Some Commands
    Q80785 Macro Editing Commands Available When Template Is Read-Only
    Q136068 Macro Example: Find Field and Change to Text in Header/Footer
    Q122554 Macro Generates WordBasic Err=509, then GP Fault in SDM.DLL
    Q105094 Macro Recorder Does Not Record InsertTableOfFigures Statement
    Q105778 Macro Recorder Turns Off After Tools Protect Document
    Q122557 Macro Shortcut Keys with ALT Don't Copy to Other Templates
    Q105765 Macros in the CONVERT, LAYOUT, TABLES, and MACRO60 Templates
    Q94713 Macros to Create DDE Connections Between WinWord and Excel
    Q118821 Macro to Change Bullets to Hyphen (or Tab) + Space
    Q109836 Macro to Check for Multiple Instances of Word
    Q95969 Macro to Copy WordBasic String to Clipboard
    Q80657 Macro to Create a Subdirectory in Word for Windows
    Q113435 Macro to Determine Attached Template Filename
    Q107532 Macro to Determine If Active Document Is a Template
    Q119741 Macro to Determine If a Document Has Been Saved
    Q88853 Macro to Determine If the Active Window Is the Macro Window
    Q126023 Macro to Determine If the Current Document Is Read-Only
    Q96566 Macro to Generate Report of Files Found with FindFile Command
    Q71995 Macro to Insert Filename with Path Information
    Q107687 Macro to Print All Documents in a Directory
    Q99956 Macro to Run Macro or Insert Glossary, as in Word for MS-DOS
    Q49481 Macro to Set Create Backup As Default in Word for Windows
    Q135076 Macro to Specify Starting Number for Numbered Lists
    Q99954 Macro to Toggle All Document Field Codes On and Off
    Q106070 Macro Window Closes While the Macro Is Running
    Q122374 MacWord: 1.44-MB Floppy Disk Drive Required to Setup w/ Disks
    Q131321 MacWord 6.0 Fails to Start or Is Slow with Suitcase
    Q119335 MacWord 6.0 FastTip: Setup & Performance Optimization
    Q128852 MacWord 6.0: Location of Files on Setup Disks (10-Disk Set)
    Q129353 MacWord 6.0: Location of Files on Setup Disks (16-Disk Set)
    Q120143 MacWord Setup Creates Two Registration Databases
    Q117402 Magnifier Zooms to 100 Percent in Print Preview
    Q117338 Mail Merge: Blank Lines Not Suppressed in Included Document
    Q106475 Mail Merge with Access 1.0 Database Starts at Record 0 (Zero)
    Q105841 Main Document Header Prints on Envelope During Print Merge
    Q116219 Main Text May Not Display in Header/Footer View
    Q26264 Manual Page Breaks Ignored When Document Is Printed
    Q37799 Manual Page Breaks Ignored When Document Is Printed
    Q110791 Marking Index Entry Turns On Nonprinting Characters
    Q113765 Master Document Does Not Retain Protection Password
    Q86839 MasterWord Products Available from Alki Software
    Q23590 Math Symbols in Formulas Appear Incorrectly
    Q35601 Maximum Number of Characters in WinWord Search Function
    Q47533 Maximum Number of Tab Stops in Paragraphs in Word for Windows
    Q77359 Maximum Page Number with PAGE Field in Word for Windows
    Q97591 Maximum Values for Field Format Switches
    Q94717 Maximum X Position for Items in Large Custom Dialog Boxes
    Q87283 Meaning and Use of WIN3XPRINT Switch in WIN.INI File
    Q62195 Medical/Legal Dictionaries Available That Contain All MS Words
    Q164480 Menu and Toolbar Initialization Response Slow
    Q115789 Merge Button Unavailable When All MERGEFIELDs in Text Boxes
    Q50911 Merged Cells Must be in the Same Row
    Q114114 Merged Table Cell References Differ Between Word 2.x and 6.0
    Q126734 Merge Results Blank Using Header File with ODBC
    Q117788 Merge Revisions Error: "Original Text...Is Different"
    Q109970 Merge Revisions Operation Stops at Inserted Picture
    Q142344 Merging to Fax Unexpectedly Causes Exchange to Check Names
    Q106131 Methods to Save the NORMAL.DOT File with Low Disk Space
    Q118843 Micrografx Draw 3.0 Object Doesn't Update with HP4 Drivers
    Q115718 Microsoft Access Icon Active After Inserting Database in Word
    Q79876 Microsoft Draw Disk and RAM Memory-Related Error Messages
    Q95551 Microsoft Excel Numbers Lose Center Across Selection Alignment
    Q121604 Microsoft Excel Object Does Not Print As Displayed
    Q107786 Microsoft Excel Workbook May Not Activate from Object Packager
    Q100787 Microsoft FAX Driver Does Not Install Send Fax Command in Word
    Q107537 Microsoft Graph Does Not Create Custom Chart from Table
    Q124952 Microsoft Imager Available as Fulfillment Item
    Q106071 Microsoft Toolbar Ignores Working Directory
    Q135297 "Microsoft Word Err=1078 - This file could not be found..."
    Q117584 Missing Borders on Multipage Table Using Table AutoFormat
    Q165676 Missing Menu Items When WordMail Document Opened in Word
    Q106461 Missing _MSSETUP.EXE Prevents Setup from Completing
    Q117406 "Missing Picture" Error After Moving BatchConversion Macro
    Q134814 Missing Text in Help for WordPerfect Users Dialog Boxes
    Q98069 Misspelled Words in Main Dictionary, Thesaurus, or Templates
    Q88403 MMWinWord: How to Install Online Help Instead of User's Guide
    Q97438 MMWinWord: "TOOLS-PATH Not Valid" Error Message Starting Word
    Q111884 Modifying Advanced Printer Settings in Word 6.0 for Windows
    Q95065 Modifying the Format of TO: and CC: Lines in MEMO2.DOT
    Q51524 Modifying the Word Help File
    Q106451 More Than 2500 Styles Causes Low Memory Error Message
    Q140869 Mouse Click Selects Multiple Cells in Embedded Spreadsheet
    Q60599 Mouse Pointer Disappears in Word for Windows Macro Record
    Q84605 Movie PIM Displays Clapboard Instead of Preview Picture
    Q83995 Movie Plug-In Module Commands Explained
    Q116455 Moving Through Mail Merge Data Form Records Is Slow
    Q108454 MS-DOS Error 24 ("Too Many Files Open") Loading Add-in (.WLL)
    Q83432 MSETUP.INF Does Not Decompress OLECLI.DLL and OLESVR.DLL
    Q179025 MS Graph 97: Can't Use CTRL+F9 or CTRL+F10 to Resize Window
    Q181047 MS Graph 97: Characters Lost or Changed to All Caps When Typed
    Q98220 MS LineDraw Font Does Not Support ASCII Character
    Q116476 [MS ShareRes] in WIN.INI Contains Duplicate Path Entries
    Q162690 Multilevel Number Format Changes If Document Inserted as File
    Q129555 Multipage Preformatted Element Prints on One Page
    Q105699 Multiple Instances of Access Open When Inserting Database
    Q94264 Multiple Line Textboxes In Custom Dialog Boxes
    Q112870 Multiple-Page Table Rows Displayed or Printed Incorrectly
    Q80606 Must Choose Cancel to Close Find and Replace Dialog Boxes
    Q113287 Must Click Twice to Activate Cursor in Second Window
    Q85102 Must Delete and Reinstall Windows 3.1 Drivers After Setup
    Q112498 "Must Load SHARE.EXE" Starting Word 6.0 Under Windows NT
    Q69675 Must Specify as Integer When Calling External DLL
    Q110416 Name Truncated on Custom Text Toolbar Button
    Q78693 Negative Indents Change to Zero with Numbered or Bulleted List
    Q74053 Nested Fields in IF Statement Always Update in WinWord
    Q147331 Nested List Incorrectly Numbered in Internet Assistant
    Q119946 Nested Merge with IncludeText Field Does Not Merge File
    Q78425 Network Message "Another User" When Second User Opens File
    Q114847 Newsletter Wizard (NEWSLTTR.WIZ) Produces Blank Page
    Q111717 NEWS: MS Offers Word Support for Former WordPerfect Users
    Q115714 New Template Location Not Updated in Document Statistics
    Q106011 New Toolbar Title Displays as "Toc" When Toolbar Is Floating
    Q110304 No Blank Line Suppression When Printing Mail Merge Main Doc
    Q114989 No Bookshelf 1994 Toolbar Button in Word for Windows
    Q115252 No CAPS LOCK or NUM LOCK Indicator in Word 6.0
    Q118319 No Character-Aligned Tab in Word for Windows
    Q118319 No Character-Aligned Tab in Word For Windows
    Q134921 No Error Dialog Using Answer Wizard in Protected Document
    Q94057 No Error Message When Floppy Drive Is Empty
    Q106447 No Gridlines in Icon Editor with ATI Video Driver
    Q70017 No Header in WinWord Print Preview When Using Bin Feeder
    Q68618 No Header or Footer on Even Page
    Q147338 "No Help Topic" for Buttons in File Open Dialog Box
    Q113740 No Insert Symbol Shortcut Keys for Some Character Sets
    Q111698 No Kerning With Adobe Type Manager (ATM) Fonts
    Q77781 No Minimum/Maximum Value Listed for Numbered List in WinWord
    Q126245 Non-HTML Forms Lose Formatting After Conversion to HTML
    Q105819 No Print Setup Command on File Menu
    Q153789 No Prompt to Save Normal Template If WordMail Is Running
    Q113053 No Prompt to Save Word 6.0 Object After Editing
    Q134332 No Result or GP Fault After Clicking Printer Properties Button
    Q145640 No Result When You Try to Insert ANSI Code from Keypad
    Q80494 No Revision Marks When Adding and Deleting Line Numbers
    Q122559 No Revision Marks When Editing Text in Grammar Dialog Box
    Q108917 NORMAL.DOT Not Saved After Starting Word with /A Switch
    Q81693 NORMAL.DOT Template File Not Found in WinWord Directory
    Q78205 No Summary Info Prompt When Saving as WinWord 1.x Format
    Q84770 Not All Fonts Appear on Menu
    Q89813 Not All Installed Printers Show Up in Word for Windows
    Q107784 No Task Switching During Word Session Launched by Tutorial
    Q123056 "Not a Valid Link" Linking MS Excel Object in Word Table
    Q113054 "Not a Valid Print Range" Error Printing from Word 6.0
    Q110961 "Not Enough Memory" Message When Opening TIFF Graphic
    Q121936 "Not Enough Memory" Pasting to Word for Windows NT
    Q121933 Not Enough Memory Starting Word with High CACHESIZE
    Q119510 NTWord: FixDrawShowThru, FixWhiteText Disable Print Fonts
    Q113140 Number FORM Field Error Message: "A Valid Number Is Required"
    Q140862 Numbering Contains Odd Character After Converting to Text Only
    Q116368 Numbering "Position" Is Relative to Indent Level
    Q117346 Numbering Resets When Printing a Selection
    Q80136 Number of Words in WinWord 2.0 Spelling Checker and Thesaurus
    Q122560 Numeric Keypad Not Working After Merging Word Settings (5)
    Q125222 Numeric Lock Command Unavailable in Word 6.0
    Q75848 NUM LOCK on Extended Keyboard Doesn't Light Up
    Q136381 Object Lost When Dragged from PowerPoint to Word
    Q111714 ODBC: Adding, Modifying, or Deleting a Data Source
    Q122206 ODBC Drivers Are Not Shipped with Word for Windows NT
    Q109094 ODBC Error: "Can't Open Unkeyed Paradox Table"
    Q113108 ODBC: Installing the ODBC Administrator or ODBC Drivers
    Q129611 Odd Behavior in Wizards/Templates After Installing IA
    Q183004 OFF97: Error Installing Alki Foreign Language Proofing Tools
    Q177071 OFF97: IPF Exiting With File Containing Long Property Strings
    Q169058 OFF97: IPF in Module KERNEL32.DLL Saving File with Long Name
    Q168331 OFF97: Office for Alpha Chip Error Vba332.DLL Could Not Be Found
    Q168048 OFF97: Save As Command Overwrites Renamed File
    Q113484 Office 4.2 Upgrade Does Not Contain Word 6.0a
    Q86075 OkiLaser 400 Message: COM 10 ENVELOPE, MANUAL FEED REQUEST
    Q170954 OL97: Outlook Displays File Attachment as a Black Outlined Box
    Q108453 OLE 2.0 Embedded Object Prints at Low Resolution
    Q105684 OLE Automation: Retrieving Word's Dialog Box Settings
    Q105581 OLE Automation: Specifying a Command Button from Visual Basic
    Q105683 OLE Automation: Using Functions That Return Strings
    Q141875 OLE DLL Files Installed by Word 6.0 for Windows
    Q155167 "Online assistance is not available" Running Help in Word
    Q138867 Only First Cell of MS Excel Worksheet Appears in Word 7.0
    Q114757 Open and Send Mail Commands Cause Error or Start QuickMail
    Q70755 Opening a Corrupt Document That Causes Word to Crash
    Q155202 Opening Read-Only Document in Binder Takes a Long Time
    Q136863 Opening RTF Document from the Microsoft Network Starts Word
    Q122207 Opening Word Doc in NT File Manager: Cannot Find <filename.exe>
    Q113052 Opening Word Document in Text Editor Displays Deleted Text
    Q41780 Open Mail and Send Mail Commands Use Microsoft Mail
    Q100959 Open Source and Update Options Unavailable for Internal Link
    Q132719 OPP: Can't See Word 6.0 Templates in Word for Windows 95
    Q132315 OPP: Dynamic Dialog Boxes Don't Update
    Q132318 OPP: MRU List for Edit Find/Replace Not Displayed
    Q132213 OPP: Show Me for Backspace Tip Is Blank
    Q132216 OPP: Word 6 Templates Do Not Appear in Word for Windows 95
    Q132215 OPP: Word Hangs with Certain AutoCorrect Entry
    Q117343 Organization Chart Macro Truncates Text Incorrectly
    Q119126 Organizer Cannot Copy Default Toolbars
    Q97778 Organizing Files Shared Between Mac Word 5.x & PowerPoint 3.0
    Q85779 OS/2 2.0: Printer Drivers Included on Device Driver Disk #1
    Q85778 OS/2 2.0: Printer Drivers Included on Device Driver Disk #2
    Q98282 OS/2 Err Msg: "Operating System Cannot Run ."
    Q88095 Other Applications Can't Access Words in Custom Dictionary
    Q165677 Outlook Item Pastes as Text into Word or WordMail
    Q87141 Overstrike Formula Fails if List Separator Changed to Period
    Q88118 Overtype Mode Is Turned Off When You Exit Word for Windows
    Q111278 Overview: How to Use ODBC with Word 6.0 for Windows
    Q96946 Overview of Using DDE with Word for Windows
    Q114115 PackRat 5.0 Macros: What They Do in Word
    Q120304 Pagebreak inserted when Quickshelf Button Pressed
    Q116366 Page Formatting Not Retained in Clipboard After Exiting Word
    Q106342 Page Setup Command Unavailable in Unprotected Section
    Q82182 Page Setup May Not Apply to Whole Document or Other Sections
    Q115172 Paragraph Border Displays and Prints Across Page Breaks
    Q75717 Paragraph Inserted with Paste Linked Spreadsheet from Excel
    Q125366 Paragraph Marks Appear Black Instead of Gray
    Q81484 Paragraphs After Bullets & Numbering Retain Hanging Indent
    Q75713 Password Protected Files Can Be Deleted
    Q111696 Password Revealed in Converted File
    Q78473 Pasted or Imported Chart Does Not Display in WinWord
    Q114744 Pasted Text Is Not Hidden in TA, TC, or XE Field
    Q120674 Paste Linked Object Is Truncated After Update with A4 Paper
    Q105691 Paste Link from Excel Uses Relative Cell References
    Q109159 Paste Linking Paradox for Windows 1.0 Data in Word 6.0
    Q109242 Paste Link Not Available for Bitmap in Word Session
    Q106647 Paste Link Unavailable Copying Access Table from the Clipboard
    Q113051 Pasting Excel Outline Pastes Entire Spreadsheet in Word
    Q110660 Pasting Paintbrush Picture: Error! Not a Valid Embedded Object
    Q169059 PE97: Photo Editor Cannot Open Shortcut When Dragged
    Q134043 Pen Windows Support Not Available with Word for Windows 95
    Q127124 Picture Does Not Show in Word Picture Editor
    Q105950 Picture Resizes When Exiting Word 6.0 Picture Editor
    Q107440 Pictures in the Text Layer Won't Display or Print
    Q112677 Pictures Larger Than 8.5" Get Scaled When Exiting Picture Edit
    Q132505 Plain Text Appears Bold on Screen (and Vice Versa)
    Q115104 Pleading Wizard (PLEADING.WIZ) Differs from Word 6.0 to 6.0a
    Q144326 Poor Quality Faxes Sent Using Microsoft At Work PC Fax
    Q120767 Porting 16-Bit WordBasic Macros to 32-Bit WordBasic Macros
    Q120102 Portions of Help Window Appear on Screen in MacWord Document
    Q41737 Position Formatting Ignored When Printing from Outline View
    Q58421 Positioning Text and Graphics as One Object
    Q48517 PostScript Code Not Printing
    Q26556 PostScript Commands to Print a Word Under Text on a Page
    Q45974 PostScript Instructions Being Ignored in Header
    Q87092 PostScript: Second Page of Mixed-Bin Print Job is Distorted
    Q182336 PRB: Lists in Word Cause Numbering Problems When Saved As RTF
    Q106171 Predefined Styles Change from Winword 2.0 to Winword 6.0
    Q114743 PresentIt Macro Leaves ~Present.rtf in Temp Directory
    Q114392 Pressing BACKSPACE in WinWord Document Causes GP Fault
    Q134350 Pressing F1 with No File Open Causes Word to Shut Down
    Q114995 Preview Page Contains No Lines in File Page Setup Dialog Box
    Q106471 Printer Error "MP LOAD COM10" Printing Envelope in Windows NT
    Q80650 Printers Not Supporting Mixed Page Size or Mixed Orientation
    Q64703 Printing a Page Border with PostScript in Word for Windows
    Q37817 Printing Color Text on a Non-Color Printer in Word for Windows
    Q96206 Printing Envelopes on the HP LaserJet 4 from Word for Windows
    Q100199 Printing Envelopes on the Panasonic KX-P4450 or 4450i Printers
    Q110170 Printing Envelopes Using the IBM 4029 Print Accelerator
    Q95403 Printing Envelopes with the HP DeskJet 550C or 560C
    Q65849 Printing Extended Characters to TTY Driver Is Unpredictable
    Q116227 Printing Label Ignores Direct Formatting
    Q87126 Printing Labels on the Toshiba 351 Causes Premature Form Feed
    Q105603 Printing Large TrueType Font Size Produces Blank Page
    Q87627 Printing Problems with the IQ Engineering Font Cartridges
    Q78121 Printing to a File Repeatedly Prompts for Filename
    Q106250 Printing to a File Using the WordBasic FilePrint Statement
    Q112166 Printing to File Results in a 0 (zero) Byte Print File
    Q86285 Printing Underline Formatting with Generic/Text Only Driver
    Q98898 Printing ZIP Codes on Envelopes Using HP Bar Codes Cartridge
    Q96243 Print Merge Data Document Can Contain More Than 2000 Fields
    Q29980 Print Merge Data Document Formatting Is Ignored
    Q90460 Print Merge Error Message: Syntax Error in Field Condition
    Q71382 Print Merge Even/Odd Records in WinWord Form Letters
    Q97792 Print Merge Helper Creates Single-Column Table
    Q88807 Print Preview Displays Partial Page If Height Greater Than 14"
    Q81185 PRINT SCREEN Differs for Windowed & Non-Windowed Applications
    Q104080 "Print to File" Option Prints to Printer Under Windows NT
    Q110811 Print to File Unavailable with Some Printers
    Q110575 Problems Defining Style by Example with Object Selected
    Q109972 Problems Opening or Locating Files Using UNC Path
    Q95174 Problems Printing with TurboScript III PostScript Cartridge
    Q86496 Problems with Printing to FILE with Generic/Text Only Driver
    Q95178 Problems with the Hewlett-Packard PostScript Cartridge
    Q110015 Problem Using Wind
    Q47539 Producing Em and En Dashes in Word for Windows
    Q95101 Promoting and Demoting Text in Outline View
    Q129610 Prompt for Summary Info Doesn't Display After Installing IA
    Q134803 Prompt to Delete Parent Folder When No Files, Folder Selected
    Q97906 Prompt to Save Changes to Document Template
    Q98274 Proofing Tools Available from Alki Software
    Q140734 Properties Missing from Password-Protected Document
    Q118318 Protect for Annotations Causes Fields to Revise Continuously
    Q109564 \p Switch Defined Incorrectly in Insert Field for TOC
    Q105710 Purpose of INI-PATH Setting in the WINWORD6.INI File
    Q127998 Purpose of the SGML Author Section in the MSTXTCNV.INI File
    Q97039 Quality Not As Good with IBM QuietWriter III Printer
    Q127127 Querying a Database for Information with Variable Values
    Q113741 Question and Exclamation Sounds Do Not Work in Word
    Q115334 Quick Verse Add-in Bible Verse Program from Parsons Technology
    Q107898 Quiet Workstation Setup Does Not Install Icons Successfully
    Q128992 Read-Only Recommended Warning Doesn't Appear
    Q111766 Recently Used File List Does Not Update After Opening Document
    Q113240 Recorded Macro Does Not Retain Printer Selection
    Q74913 Recorded Macro to Print Merge to Printer Requires SendKeys
    Q187637 Recorded Macro to Print Merge to Printer Requires SendKeys
    Q84545 Recovering Password-Protected Documents in Word for Windows
    Q26249 Redefining and Setting the Default Font (Normal Style)
    Q135591 Red, Wavy Underline Appears in Callout Box
    Q78126 Reference Not Preserved If Pasted from Annotation Window
    Q77134 Reformatting Framed Text with Style Removes Frame
    Q111699 REF (Reference) Field Result Formatted as Bold
    Q105781 Relationship Between Available Disk Space and Conversions
    Q58422 Remedies for Slow Scrolling
    Q115296 Removing Bullets and Numbering Strips Manual Paragraph Indents
    Q50725 Removing Direct Character Formatting Using CTRL+SPACEBAR
    Q119631 Removing Installed Components of WOPR for Word 6.0
    Q118905 Removing Numbering Does Not Restart Next Item at 1
    Q110195 Removing Obsolete Word 2.0 Sections from the WIN.INI File
    Q112162 Removing Setup Billboards to Speed Network Installation
    Q115337 Removing Unwanted Class Names from the Insert Object List
    Q59454 Removing Unwanted Paragraph Marks from a Text File
    Q83205 Renaming Macro Removes Key, Menu, and Tool Bar Assignments
    Q48923 Renumbering Removes Leading Tabs in Word for Windows
    Q118348 Repeated Warning Messages from Format Columns Dialog
    Q35569 Replace with White Space (^w) Does Not Work in WinWord
    Q115270 Replacing Text with Drawing Object Results in Hang
    Q80219 Reprint of Adobe Type Manager Application-Specific Notes
    Q94846 Required Windows Versions for Word for Windows
    Q69873 Resetting Default Menus for Individual Templates in WinWord
    Q110696 Resizing Table Columns Seems to Resize Wrong Cells
    Q97729 Result of SEQ Field Is a Negative Number
    Q134816 Resume Wizard Error: "This Document Template Does Not Exist"
    Q95694 Returning to the Last Editing Position When Opening Files
    Q114117 Return to Command Prompt or GP Fault in Module WIN87EM.DLL
    Q153786 Revision Marks Don't Appear When You Edit Object
    Q97554 Ribbon Buttons Contain Dots Using Tseng Labs ET4000 Chip Set
    Q113184 Ricoh Printer Driver Causes GP Fault with Page Setup
    Q122234 Right (Secondary) Mouse Button Fails in Word with Pen Windows
    Q120785 RLE Bitmaps Print Without Colors
    Q116362 Route Document Dialog Box Removes "&" Character from Address
    Q111081 Ruler Is Incorrect for Paragraphs That Wrap Around Frame
    Q74653 Running Word for Windows Macro from Visual Basic Program
    Q77666 Running Word for Windows Setup in the Background
    Q110711 Running Word for Windows Tutorial May Cause Low Memory Message
    Q144798 Sample Macro to Clear the Print To File Check Box
    Q140742 Sample Macro to Print All Styles and Their Definitions
    Q37820 Save As Command Does Not Change the File Extension in WinWord
    Q77486 Saving a Hidden File Removes Hidden Attribute in WinWord
    Q152768 Saving Documents from NT Workstation Causes Errors
    Q130212 Saving HTML File Prompts to Save as Word Document
    Q81038 Scalable HP Fonts Show in Font Installer, Not in Applications
    Q134815 Scrap Object Drops into Wrong Table Cell
    Q105097 Screen Corruption with ATI Ultra and Other Video Drivers
    Q69872 Screen Fonts Show in Windows Write But Not in Word for Windows
    Q112453 Screen Garbage Using HP Intellifonts
    Q110631 Screen May Be Garbled or Hang with Some Graphics Cards
    Q110072 Scroll Bar and Status Bar Not Update with WordPerfect Help
    Q78329 Scroll Bar Does Not Indicate Position Relative to Page
    Q66612 Second Expression in Conditional Print Merge Statement
    Q119942 Second Save Overwrites Stationery with Word Document Format
    Q102475 Second User Receives No File Sharing Message on PC-TCP Network
    Q62196 Section Break in an INCLUDE Documents May Affect Format
    Q121795 Section Layout Formatting Not Applied Properly
    Q116267 Section Margins and Page Size Changes in Embedded Word Object
    Q122655 Section Symbol in Data Source Doesn't Allow Merge
    Q79000 Selecting Table in Outline View Causes Anchor Point to Change
    Q52090 Selecting the Entire Document in Word for Windows
    Q106709 Selection$() in a Table May Return Nothing
    Q105908 SelInfo Function Counts Heading Row of Table Only Once
    Q44831 Sending Mail from Word to Users on Different Servers
    Q110706 SEQ Field Shows 0 (Zero) in Header But Prints Correct Number
    Q83341 Sequentially Numbering Merged Records from Any Starting Number
    Q93407 Series of Files Prints to Printer Instead of PostScript File
    Q125030 Server Installation Does Not Install RISC Versions
    Q104036 SetPrinterHeuristic Macro Sets "winspool=x" for All Printers
    Q87111 Setting and Evaluating Values for a Dialog CheckBox
    Q120774 Setting Multilevel Numbering for Table of Contents
    Q72767 Setting Sequence Numbering Using a Bookmark in Word
    Q64423 Setting the Default Font in Word for Windows
    Q187308 Setting the Default Font in Word for Windows
    Q105221 Setting Up a Workstation Using Universal Naming Convention
    Q107788 Setup Displays "Setup Must Restart..." Repeatedly Under OS/2
    Q110936 Setup Err Msg: "Object ID 502: CustomAction Object:
    Q142333 "Setup Error 797, Object 570" with Stacker 4.0 or Earlier
    Q110422 Setup Error: "Cannot write to WIN.INI..."
    Q142347 Setup Error: "Could Not Rename the C:\Autoexec.bat..."
    Q126244 Setup Error in Finalize Pass During IA Word Setup
    Q121701 Setup Error on Disk 2 with UK (Z) or Australian (AA) Word 6.0c
    Q112249 Setup Error: "Specified Directory Is Setup Server File."
    Q110277 Setup Hangs After WordPerfect Help Dialog Box
    Q113742 Setup Installs Converters and Filters in Unexpected Locations
    Q110417 Setup Installs MSAPPS on Network Server Instead of Hard Disk
    Q122654 Setup Repeatedly Prompts for Disk 2 with Netroom Installed
    Q103111 Setup Repeatedly Prompts for Disks During Upgrade
    Q104768 Setup Requires Restart of Windows with ODBC Drivers
    Q126603 SGML Author: 1.0 Contents of Compact Disc README.DOC
    Q126374 SGML Author: Button Text Doesn't Fit on Buttons
    Q126249 SGML Author for Word Questions and Answers
    Q126165 "SGML Author Not Found..." Installing SGML Author
    Q154264 SGML Author Support Policy
    Q125413 SGML Author: System Requirements
    Q126166 SGML: Buttons Displayed in Dark Gray/Black
    Q126292 SGML Converted Files Show Incorrect Page Numbers
    Q127999 SGML: Converter Error on DEC Alpha System
    Q126043 SGML: "Could Not Open the File..." During Setup
    Q126980 SGML Err Msg: "SGML Converter Error"
    Q126803 SGML: Err Msg: "Word Is Not Installed, Install Word Before..."
    Q125992 SGML: Error Reading/Writing Building Association MAP File
    Q126082 SGML: Files Installed During Setup
    Q126372 SGML: First Character of Button Text Missing
    Q126598 SGML: GP Fault in WINWORD.EXE at 0074:1C0A
    Q182947 SGML: How to Verify SGML Author Is Converting Properly
    Q126373 SGML: Incomplete Screen Redraw with Video Seven Driver
    Q126084 SGML: Inference Parser Error Annotations in Feedback File
    Q126376 SGML: Insufficient Memory Followed by Initialization Failure
    Q126163 SGML: Mapped Para Element Displays as Hyphen
    Q125989 SGML: Mapping Descriptors to the DTD Root Element
    Q125175 SGML: Microsoft SGML Author Technical Spec Sheet
    Q126164 SGML: Mouse Pointer Remains Hourglass
    Q126375 SGML: No Macros or Toolbars After Installation
    Q139562 SGML: Setup Error Message: "Word is not installed, install Word..."
    Q125502 SGML: "The Stylesheet Was Empty..."
    Q126596 SGML: Underscores Appear Instead of Characters
    Q128000 SGML: Window Handle Error 5033 Saving with SaveAsSGML Macro
    Q182879 SGML: Word Features Not Supported When Saving to SGML
    Q126377 SGML: "Your Log File Is Getting Large..."
    Q97794 Shaded Table Prints with White Vertical Gridlines
    Q96678 Shading Appears Coarse When Using QuickDraw Printer
    Q106218 Shading at Top of Page Displays at Bottom of Previous Page
    Q110710 Shading Patterns Do Not Print to High Resolution Printers
    Q120451 Shadow Border Differences Between Word 5.x and Word 6.0
    Q78794 Share Violation When Opening Included File in Windows Notepad
    Q109089 Sharing Violation Running Word over a Network
    Q128504 SHIFT+F5 (Go Back) Not Functioning with Internet Assistant
    Q105712 Shortcut Key Combinations for Mail/Print Merge Tools
    Q121967 Shortcut Key Description Incorrect for Cursor Keys
    Q140102 Shortcut Keys Don't Work with French Canadian Keyboard
    Q140740 "Shortcut to Old Template.lnk Is Unavailable" Error
    Q78212 Show All Option Displays Page and Section Breaks in WinWord
    Q105095 Show Next and Show Previous Buttons Go to Wrong Header/Footer
    Q117405 Single Mouse Click on Ruler Doesn't Set or Remove Tab
    Q134995 Sizes and Sources of Alki Foreign Language Proofing Tools
    Q69319 SKIPIF No Longer Functions Properly if Used With NEXT Field
    Q181861 Slow Performance Retrieving Access Info Using Insert Databas
    Q110086 Slow Printing or Hangs Using BubbleJet 600 Printer
    Q129070 Slow Screen Redraw Switching Between Access, Graph, and Word
    Q145502 Small Amount of Memory Lost for Each Document Created
    Q116226 Smart Quotes Encloses Equal Sign with Two Opening Quotes
    Q87286 Smart Quotes Misinterpreted as Word Delimiters by Quick Keys
    Q135074 Some Button Tooltips Don't Display Shortcut Keys
    Q94982 Some Empty Excel Spreadsheet Cells Are Merged in WinWord Table
    Q138806 Some Files Remain After Choosing "Remove All" Option in Setup
    Q120092 Some Keys Don't Work After Exit Macro Unprotects Document
    Q107558 Some Macro Commands Unavailable in Protected Document
    Q110071 Some Objects Don't Print with HPPCL5E.DRV on LaserJet 4
    Q106685 Some Paragraphs Not Changed When You Choose AutoFormat Command
    Q134927 Some Switches for TOC Field Not Documented in Online Help
    Q94629 Some Toolbar Buttons Do Not Display on Toolbar
    Q81569 Sorting Does Not Work When Key Type Is Set to Numeric
    Q61465 Sorting Numbers with Commas
    Q94353 Space Between Fields When Table Converted to Text with Commas
    Q60003 Special Bookmarks in the WordBasic Macro Language
    Q131367 Special Characters Don't Dislay as Alternate Text
    Q47538 Special Characters That Affect Lines, Paragraphs, Pages
    Q129068 Special Editing Features Not Available in Word 6.0 for the Mac
    Q81100 Spell Checker Does not Recognize French Contraction
    Q155465 Spell Checker Flags Same Word as Misspelled With Revisions
    Q125225 Spell Checker Flags Words with Nonbreaking Hyphens
    Q118313 Spell Check Shortcut Keys Change After Delete
    Q85200 Spelling Checker Does Not Ignore Repeated Words with Numbers
    Q84271 Spelling Checker Doesn't Suggest Replacing "i" with "I"
    Q120089 Spelling Checker Replaces Flagged Word with Page Break
    Q122228 Spelling Files Are Installed Incorrectly w/ Workstation Setup
    Q133872 Spelling Shortcut Menu Does Not Pop Up with Right Mouse Click
    Q110358 Spinning Disk Icon Appears in Find File Dialog Box
    Q135080 Splash Screen Doesn't Display When Starting Word
    Q122845 Starting Word 6 for the Macintosh with Maximized Document
    Q68481 Statistics Update Not Available with Printer on None
    Q107998 Status Bar and Selinfo Return Incorrect Section Number Value
    Q61087 Status Bar Display of At and Ln Information in WinWord
    Q115250 Strange Cursor Behavior in Cell with Exact Cell Height
    Q136456 Style Area Width Setting Not Retained
    Q139862 Subscriber Incorrectly Assumes Publisher Direct Formatting
    Q122504 Subscripts Very Small & Have Low Baseline in Lucida Fonts
    Q72399 Subsequent Sets of PostScript Commands Do Not Print
    Q129609 Summary Info Comments Are Truncated, Deleted Saving to HTML
    Q129433 Summary Info Page Says Document Consists of Only 1 Page
    Q89309 Summary Information Command Unavailable in Packaged Document
    Q128646 Summary of Bookshelf Integration with Word for Windows
    Q110176 SuperDocStatistics Macro: Purpose, Features, Issues
    Q85914 Supplemental Clip Art Available for Word for Windows
    Q110017 Supplemental Graphics Converters Information
    Q119124 Supplemental Graphics Filters Available on Software Library
    Q119124 Supplemental Graphics Filters Available Through the MSDL
    Q74050 Supported Mathematical Operators in WordBasic
    Q134809 Supported, Unsupported Arguments for FileFind Command
    Q96076 SYMBOL Field Affects Word Wrapping and Nonbreaking Characters
    Q78385 SYMBOL Field Font Switches \f, \s, and \h in Word for Windows
    Q128956 Syntax Error Using the FormatFoldOverBooklet Macro
    Q155504 "Syntax Error" When You Drop Document on Printer under NT 4.0
    Q80799 System: Common Printers and Their Printable Areas
    Q93683 System Error: Cannot Read from Drive "N"
    Q112380 "System Error" Running Word Help on DEC Pathworks Network
    Q139565 System Hangs During Spell Check or Thesaurus
    Q122405 System Hangs w/Equation Editor in Word for Windows NT on MIPS
    Q110021 System May Hang Using Diamond Stealth VRAM
    Q136383 System Requirements for Internet Assistant for Word
    Q83991 System Resources Added During Installation
    Q118314 Tabbed Text Misaligns with Center Paragraph Alignment
    Q82183 Tab-Delimited Text Converted to Table Format in WinWord 2.0
    Q125491 Tab Doesn't Line Up with Hanging Paragraph
    Q114747 Table Borders Preview Correctly but Print Incorrectly
    Q60847 Table Cell Formatting with Borders Is Inconsistent
    Q80695 Table Extends Beyond Right Margin After Increasing Margins
    Q88895 Table Gridlines Not Visible with Paradise Accelerator Card
    Q121710 Table Header and "Keep With Next" Causes Infinite Repagination
    Q112499 Table Header and Page Break Before Causes Lengthy Repagination
    Q110165 TableMath Macro: Purpose, Usage, and Issues
    Q139650 Table Missing Top Border After Page Break
    Q112164 Table of Contents Does Not Include Blank Entries
    Q108455 Table of Contents Entries, Cross-References, & Captions Marked
    Q114205 Table-to-Text Conversion Inserts Comma Plus Space
    Q136454 Table with Borders and Shading Prints Slower in Word 7.0
    Q86712 Tab Positions Incorrect in Center and Right-Aligned Paragraphs
    Q77252 Tall Paragraph Mark Clipped If Text Characters Are Smaller
    Q128579 Temp Files Left Behind After Closing Internet Assistant
    Q113735 Template and User Styles not Saved in Subdocument
    Q105859 Template Not Listed in File Find Summary View
    Q119629 Templates Created on Workstation Lose Macros and Buttons
    Q117120 Temporary Wizard Files (~$name.WIZ) Appear on Hard Drive
    Q23773 Tested Large-Screen Monitors
    Q78494 Text Added to Left of Bookmark Included in WinWord Bookmark
    Q121610 Text Area Measurements Are Always Displayed on Ruler
    Q77685 Text Disappears In Table Cell or Frame in Word for Windows
    Q115409 Text Disappears When Using the Fax Wizard
    Q127786 Text Doesn't Print When FileMacPageSetup Command Is Used
    Q176191 Text Fails to Appear in Envelopes/Labels Delivery Box
    Q110301 Text File Larger Than 64K Causes ODBC Error or Hangs System
    Q133880 Text Formatting Lost When Sending Text from Word to WordMail
    Q122197 Text Form Field Inserted as AutoText Creates New Styles
    Q110145 Text Frame Positioned Left Relative to Page Not at Page Edge
    Q94270 Text in One Section Overlaps Text in Next Section on Page
    Q105547 Text in Return Address Is Obscured or Deleted by Graphic
    Q47597 Text in Table Appears in Columns in Word for Windows
    Q117583 Text in Table Cell Does Not Sort Properly
    Q113729 Text in Variable-Width Columns Appears to Wrap Incorrectly
    Q78778 Text Only Driver Only Prints Three Lines of Justified Text
    Q123706 Text Pasted from Word Loses Formatting
    Q121918 Text Won't Wrap Around Frame or Text Box in Header/Footer
    Q109092 Text Wraps One Character Per Line in Multiple-Column Document
    Q137669 "The Dimensions After Cropping Are Too Small or Too Large"
    Q85033 The Microsoft Word Challenge: Questions and Answers
    Q137917 Thesaurus in International Versions Shows Wrong Synonyms
    Q105029 Thick Dotted Line Drawing Displays Vertically Elongated
    Q80690 Third-Party TrueType Font Converters
    Q113870 Time and Date Stamp of Word 6.0 Document Updated
    Q119818 TITLE Field in Subdocument Displays Master Document Filename
    Q115269 TOC Shows Backslash Instead of Quotation Mark
    Q106017 Toolbar Button Faces Look Bad in Small Button Mode
    Q112500 Toolbar Buttons Appear Flat on Hercules Monochrome Display
    Q106106 Toolbar List Boxes Too Narrow to Display List Items
    Q125886 Toolbars Absent When SGML Template Is Active
    Q110593 Toolbars and Font Selector Cannot Be Closed Using Keyboard
    Q139776 Toolbars Disappear, No Graph After Inserting Graph 5 Object
    Q110378 ToolsAdvancedSettings Command Writes to WINWORD6.INI
    Q118907 ToolsAdvancedSettings Displays Duplicate Settings
    Q130570 ToolsOptions Commands Unavailable Without an Open Document
    Q116361 "Too Many Data Fields" Error in Single-Field Data Document
    Q68042 Top Border of Paragraph Is Lost if Preceded by Two Page Breaks
    Q155121 Total Editing Time Reset to Zero When Document Saved
    Q135075 Trojan Horse Virus Alert Starting Word 6.0.1 with SAM 4.0
    Q132404 Troubleshooting an Internet Assistant Connection
    Q107144 Troubleshooting "Cannot Save or Create File" Error Messages
    Q114800 Troubleshooting GP Faults in Word 2.x and 6.0 for Windows
    Q113908 Troubleshooting Guide: Master Document Error Messages
    Q20330 Troubleshooting Out-of-Memory Messages
    Q134996 Troubleshooting Proofing Tool Error Messages in Word 95
    Q110420 Troubleshooting Word 6.0 for Windows Setup Problems
    Q107228 TrueType Fonts Displayed with Jagged Edges
    Q107227 TrueType Fonts Do Not Print Kerned
    Q83412 TrueType Fonts Not Appearing in Word for Windows
    Q133878 TrueType Text Bleeds Through Drawing Objects When Printed
    Q140436 Truncated Titles in Table of Contents Using \B Switch
    Q115271 Two Capitals (e.g., "PCs") Changed to Initial Capped ("Pcs")
    Q78799 Unable to Activate Source Program for Embedded Object
    Q144774 Unable to Change Source for a Microsoft Excel Chart Object
    Q144390 Unable to Edit Data Source After Attaching MS Excel Worksheet
    Q119512 "Unable to Find STF File in WIN.INI" Running Word 6.0a Patch
    Q134911 Unable to Save Preview Picture in a Master Document
    Q110217 Unable to See Tool Tips Fanfare Software Magic Cursor Loaded
    Q109871 Unable to Sign Out from Mail After File Send in Word
    Q115273 Unchanged Mail Merge Main Document Prompts to Save Changes
    Q143265 Underlined Bullet Doesn't Show Underline At 115% Zoom
    Q120781 Underlined Text May Not Print at Lower Resolution
    Q43871 Underline Printed Incorrectly to a LaserWriter Printer
    Q106472 Underline Problems with HP LaserJet 4/4M
    Q85455 Underscore Character Doesn't Display with Exact Line Spacing
    Q89752 Underscore Character Prints As Dash In Lucida TrueType Fonts
    Q117579 Undocumented Arguments for DisableInput Statement
    Q116229 Undocumented .LabelAutoText Argument for ToolsCreateEnvelope
    Q109791 Undocumented: Press CTRL+ALT+F1 to Run Microsoft System Info
    Q109870 Undocumented Settings for WINWORD6.INI, WIN.INI, EQNEDIT.INI
    Q35597 Undoing Hyphenation in Word for Windows
    Q112419 Undo Paste Special to Remove PhotoMagic Link Hangs System
    Q113843 Unexpected Cursor and Selection Behavior in Split Table Row
    Q79789 Unexpected Loss of Border Formatting in Pasted Table
    Q155112 Unexpected Results Inserting FreeHand 5.0 Objects into Word
    Q117344 Unexpected Text or Field After ZIP Code in Letter Templates
    Q165910 Uninstalling Word Viewer 97 Doesn't Restore WordPad Associations
    Q87144 Unlinking PRINT, MACROBUTTON, GOTOBUTTON Fields Deletes Them
    Q118444 Unprotecting Section Immediately After Index Unprotects Index
    Q84654 Updated Diamond Stealth Video Drivers Needed for Windows 3.1
    Q84322 Update Source Key Does Not Update Non-WinWord Documents
    Q106347 Updating Database Appears to Insert Duplicate Copy
    Q37849 Updating Field Moves Insertion Point to Beginning of Field
    Q97857 "Use As Default" Causes WordBasic Error in Letter Template
    Q80031 Use WexTech Doc-To-Help to Create Windows Help Files
    Q121983 Using a Macro to Insert a Custom Formatted Date
    Q123303 Using a Macro to Tell If 16- or 32-Bit Word Currently Running
    Q68043 Using "And", "Or", "Attn" in an IF Statement in Print Merge
    Q153670 Using AutoCorrect on Existing Documents
    Q120675 Using AutoSketch Images in Word
    Q134922 Using CTRL+ALT+HYPHEN with Right Mouse Click Causes Error
    Q111783 Using DDE to Run a Word for Windows Macro from Access
    Q66046 Using Edit Search and Edit Go To to Search for Page Breaks
    Q84334 Using Excel Dictionary Files with Word for Windows
    Q95886 Using Expression Fields to Manipulate Page Numbering
    Q107505 Using File Locations and UNC Returns Error on Network Drive
    Q95090 Using Find File Command to Locate Password-Protected Files
    Q107539 Using Foreign Language Dictionaries in Word for Windows
    Q107539 Using Foreign Language Proofing Tools in Word for Windows
    Q71956 Using Formatting Switches in Print Merge Fields
    Q95659 Using MAILLABL.DOT to Print the Same Data on Multiple Labels
    Q119894 Using MicroLathe with Word for Windows
    Q62189 Using Monospace Fonts to Print Pica and Elite
    Q120572 Using MS PowerPoint to Save Word Drawing Objects as WMFs
    Q83070 Using Other Word Dictionaries with Word for Windows 2.0
    Q121607 Using Points as Unit of Measurement Increments Incorrectly
    Q115067 Using PowerLeads! as a Data Source for Word 6.0 Mail Merge
    Q81101 Using Print Merge to Print Envelopes in Word for Windows 2.0
    Q163778 Using Send From Word to PowerPoint Doesn't Work with OLE
    Q98835 Using SetProfileString Statement to Set Values in WIN.INI File
    Q119893 Using Sharkware with Word for Windows
    Q79696 Using Shell Statement to Access MS-DOS Prompt from WinWord
    Q70729 Using SHIFT+ENTER Within a Justified Paragraph
    Q69496 Using Special Reserved Bookmarks in WordBasic
    Q48113 Using Tabs Within the Cell of a Table in Word for Windows
    Q47534 Using the ANSI Extended Character Set in Word for Windows
    Q58917 Using the ASCII and ANSI Characters in Word for Windows
    Q97946 Using the HP Envelope Tray on a LaserJet Series II Printer
    Q110635 Using the Logitech Three-Button Mouse with Word 6.0
    Q94712 Using the Macro Manager from the Using WordBasic Disk
    Q78274 Using the Main, Exclude, and Custom Dictionaries
    Q71351 Using the OrgChart Macro in Word For Windows
    Q65837 Using the {print} Field with Dot-Matrix Printers and Winword
    Q109293 Using the .Tab Argument to Set an Active Tab in a Dialog Box
    Q109158 Using ToolsAdvancedSettings to View WINWORD6.INI and WIN.INI
    Q97728 Using US-Int'l Keyboard Layout to Type Accented Characters
    Q65725 Using Utilities Revision Marks Command in Word for Windows
    Q80931 Using Windows Calls to Create Dialog Boxes in Word for Windows
    Q81792 Using Windows Calls to Write to a Private Text File
    Q64712 Using Word for DOS 5.0 Bitstream Fonts with Word for Windows
    Q75694 Utilities Hyphenate Won't Hyphenate Quoted Words in WinWord
    Q48924 Utilities Renumber Overwrites Leading Paragraph Numbers
    Q73209 Variable Assigned to Comments Field Limited to 127 Characters
    Q78157 Vertical Alignments Visible Only in Print Preview in WinWord
    Q98275 Vertical Justification Causes Space Between Table Rows
    Q75541 Vertical Justification May Split Paragraph Box Borders
    Q108252 ViewFootnotes Command in Exit Macro Causes GP Fault
    Q128692 Virtual Memory Problems Printing Tables to PostScript Printers
    Q106642 Visual Basic 3.0 Does Not Pass Parameters by Reference
    Q112869 VSHARE.386 Not Copied During Full-Disk Word 6.0a Setup
    Q100491 WD0523: Frequently Requested Macros Descriptions
    Q134728 WD1215: "Macro Virus Protection Tool" (Windows)
    Q135438 WD1216: Word for Windows 95 Frequently Asked Questions
    Q80444 WD2x: Dot-Matrix Avery Labels Missing from MAILLABL.DOT Template
    Q24156 WD3x: Information Copied to Clipboard Loses Formatting
    Q139701 WD4: Type 3 Error Starting Word 4.0 on PCI-based Power Mac
    Q85439 WD5X: Adding Outside Bar Commands to MacWord Appnote Available
    Q141055 WD5X: "An Error Occurred While Installing..."
    Q98916 WD5X: Can't Open Password-Protected WinWord Doc in MacWord 5.x
    Q144374 WD5X: Can't Print Envelopes to the StyleWriter, StyleWriter II
    Q182286 WD5x: Features in Word 98 That Make Upgrading from Word 5.x Easy
    Q176142 WD5x: How to Automatically Resize Column Widths to Be Equal
    Q181320 WD5x: How to Convert Word 5.x Stationery Documents to Templates
    Q181316 WD5x: How to Open MacWord 5.x Files in Word 6.0 or Word 98
    Q181317 WD5x: How to Use a Word 5.x Dictionary in Word 6.0 or Word 98
    Q181318 WD5x: How to Use Word 5.x Glossary Entries in Word 6.0 or Later
    Q181808 WD5x: How to Use Word 6.0 or Word 98 Documents in Word 5.x
    Q177211 WD5x: Table Box Border Converted to Partial Grid Border
    Q181319 WD5x: Using 5.x Settings Files/Styles in Word 6.0 or Later
    Q181809 WD5x: Using Word 5.x Envelope Address Lists in Word 6.0
    Q181804 WD5x: Using Word 5.x Envelope Address Lists in Word 98
    Q153822 WD6.0.1: Internet Assistant Setup Not Completed Successfully
    Q128506 WD6: BatchConversion Macro Fails to Convert To/From HTML
    Q129244 WD6: Can't Fax with MacComCenter or QuickLink II from Word 6.0
    Q117659 WD6: Characters Don't Show Keystroke in Insert/Symbol
    Q129274 WD6: Direct Formatting of Normal Style Lost If Font Is Courier
    Q129554 WD6: Document's Protection Status Changes After IA Installation
    Q123098 WD6: Drag-and-Drop Pointer Does Not Change to Prohibit Pointer
    Q129978 WD6: Envelope Prints Wrong with PacificPage PostScript Cartridge
    Q121711 WD6: Envelopes Print Incorrectly to LaserWriter Select 300
    Q127781 WD6: Error Message: Word Can't Find the Thesaurus
    Q112168 WD6: Error Starting Word: "Invalid DC Index: 17"
    Q129248 WD6: Files Not Overwritten Running IA Setup over Old Version
    Q128689 WD6: GP Fault in IWIA.EXE Saving IWIA Object
    Q129432 WD6: How to Speed Up Internet Assistant
    Q127125 WD6: Internet Assistant, "Cannot Open Help File" Using Help in
    Q126363 WD6: Internet Assistant Can't Use Find Command Within FTP Object
    Q128687 WD6: Internet Assistant, Clicking Image Unprotects Form in Web
    Q128508 WD6: Internet Assistant, General Protection Fault in MACX.DRV
    Q128939 WD6: Internet Assistant, GPF in IFFGIF.DLL Downloading URL File
    Q128497 WD6: Internet Assistant How to Add an ISMAP to an HTML Document
    Q129558 WD6: Internet Assistant How to Set the Length of History List
    Q128501 WD6: Internet Assistant, Hyperlink Jumps to Bookmarks Lose Page
    Q130779 WD6: Internet Assistant, Insert Object Error If No Browse Option
    Q128510 WD6: Internet Assistant, Odd Shortcut Key Behavior in Hyperlink
    Q129246 WD6: Internet Assistant Repeat Find Replaces FTP Object
    Q128176 WD6: Internet Assistant, What Happens When Setup Is Run fro
    Q146652 WD6: LaserWriter Pro 630 8.3 Driver Doesn't Print Return Address
    Q130571 WD6: Letter Wizard Produces Error Messages
    Q121846 WD6: MacWord Print Job Disappears with QuickDraw GX Running
    Q120094 WD6: Running Microsoft Word Setup Data Does Not Start Word Setup
    Q125988 WD6: SGML: How to Verify SGML Author Is Converting Properly
    Q125887 WD6: SGML: Parser Errors Importing .sgm File
    Q139562 WD6: SGML: Setup Err Msg: "Word Is Not Installed, Install Word..
    Q125501 WD6: SGML: Unable to Open Import Debug File: IMPDBG.RTF
    Q140183 WD6: Shortcut Displays as Box in Special Characters Dialog
    Q128836 WD6: Some Servers Fail to Respond to Internet Assistant
    Q120231 WD6: Start Time of PowerMac Version Longer Than 68K Version
    Q128837 WD6: System Hang, Odd Display After Downloading URL
    Q129495 WD6: Title Tag Missing in HTML Document
    Q129420 WD6: Troubleshooting Errors That Occur Using HTML Documents
    Q118986 WD6: Using the 5.1 Upgrade Template to Convert Address Lists
    Q128691 WD6: "Word Cannot Open..." When Opening Multiple HTML Documents
    Q115717 WD6x: 21st User Can't Open Shared/Read-Only File on Novell 3.11
    Q121378 WD6X: Adobe Type Reunion Not Functional in Word 6.0 Ribbon
    Q125581 WD6X: AppleScript Example: Count Command
    Q119887 WD6X: AppleScript Example: MacScript and MacScript$()
    Q126371 WD6X: AppleScript Get Command Incorrectly Returns Hyphen
    Q125585 WD6X: AppleScript "Run" and "Activate" Produce Different Results
    Q112199 WD6X: Applications Missing as Default Picture Editor Choices
    Q106368 WD6X: AutoCaption Left Behind When Its Object Is Moved
    Q118901 WD6X: AutoCorrect Entries Are Stored in the Normal Template
    Q144878 WD6X: Automatic, Manual Link Update Unavailable
    Q118839 WD6X: AutoText Entry Not Selected in AutoText Dialog Box
    Q143221 WD6X: "Bad F-line Instruction" in MacWord with Older Extensions
    Q119031 WD6X: Balloon Help Flashes with Pointer over Toolbar Buttons
    Q125247 WD6X: Blank Fields in Data Source Slow Down Mail Merge
    Q120093 WD6X: Calculate Command Does Not Appear on the Tools Menu
    Q120224 WD6X: Cancelling Setup Does Not Remove Already-Installed Files
    Q110559 WD6X: Cannot Insert Paragraph Mark in FORM Field
    Q122377 WD6X: Cannot Open List of Supplied Graphics Filters in Help
    Q104878 WD6X: Cannot Repeat "Insert Word Field" Command
    Q119287 WD6X: "Cannot Save or Create File" If Path Over 255 Characters
    Q118903 WD6X: Cannot Select or Copy from Find File Preview Window on Mac
    Q120277 WD6X: Cannot Select Words in Some Mac Dialog Boxes with Keyboard
    Q125579 WD6X: Cannot Suppress Print Dialog Box Using AppleScript
    Q122499 WD6X:Cannot Use Some GX Printing Commands in WordBasic Macro
    Q144888 WD6X: Can't Choose Envelope With LaserWriter Select 300
    Q132402 WD6X: Can't Create New Document/Template in File New Dialog Box
    Q119078 WD6X: Can't Disable Scroll Box Movement in WordBasic Macro
    Q121456 WD6X: Can't Drag Table or Column Button Grids Between Monitors
    Q129247 WD6X: Can't Install Language Proofing Tools on Word for NT
    Q105708 WD6X: Change Case Command Does Not Toggle to Sentence/Title Case
    Q125002 WD6x: Change Case May Not Change Case Based on Selection
    Q110935 WD6X: Chapter Page Numbering May Not Appear in Master Documents
    Q146886 WD6X: Character Formatting Changes After Inserting Table
    Q106115 WD6X: Character Formatting Changes When Toggled at End of Word
    Q119300 WD6X: Clicking Text Box Doesn't Activate Custom Mark (Footnote)
    Q106118 WD6X: Column Selection with Merged or Deleted Cells Not Straight
    Q119621 WD6X: Comparison of Shortcut Keys for MacWord 6 and WinWord 6
    Q139854 WD6X: "Connect to File Server..." Error Choosing File Menu
    Q118902 WD6X: CountFoundFiles() Returns 0 If Over 100 Files Counted
    Q115173 WD6X: Create Labels Help Gives Incorrect Shortcut Keys
    Q106468 WD6X: Custom Dictionaries Path Does Not Display Completely
    Q118776 WD6X: Customized User Options Location Is Ignored
    Q131329 WD6X: Custom Page Size Prints Incorrectly in MacWord
    Q108404 WD6X: Date Toolbar Button Inserts Incorrect Date Format
    Q132433 WD6X: Decorative Symbols Confuse Grammar Checker
    Q122376 WD6x: Default Dialog Box Font (Geneva) Appears Jagged
    Q124885 WD6X: DeskWriter Preview Button Causes Envelope to Print
    Q126024 WD6X: DlgFocus Statement Does Not Change the Focus in MacWord
    Q126893 WD6X: Doc Err: Converting Addresses from Word 5.1 to Word 6.0
    Q140176 WD6X: DOCERR: Customize Tip of the Day
    Q121107 WD6x: Doc Error: Coupon for WDK Not Included in Retail Package
    Q129497 WD6X: Doc Error: No Word51Keystrokes Macro (Resource Kit) on Mac
    Q120866 WD6X: Doc Error: Online Help MenuMode Statement Incorrect
    Q114482 WD6X: Doc Errors, Corrections, Additons to Word Developer's Kit
    Q130555 WD6x: Documentation Errors in "Microsoft Word Resource Kit"
    Q120977 WD6X: Document Loses Heading Numbering Formatting
    Q125177 WD6X: Document May Print Incompletely Using LaserWriter Driver
    Q178946 WD6x: Double-Clicking Clipart Starts TeachText, Generates Error
    Q104690 WD6X: Drag-and-Drop Extends Selection Instead of Moving It
    Q114522 WD6X: Drag-and-Drop Launch Opens Any Type of File in MacWord
    Q105698 WD6X: Drawing Layer Shortcuts and Tips
    Q110144 WD6X:Drawings with Chord or Pie Wedge Shapes Display Incorrectly
    Q122836 WD6x: Duplicate Spelling Files in the Microsoft Folder
    Q121239 WD6X: Edit Replace Menu Is Missing Hot-Key Accelerator Underline
    Q145119 WD6X: EPS Graphic Files May Not Appear in List Box
    Q128048 WD6X: Err Msg: "Setup CopyFiles Error"
    Q143300 WD6X: Err Msg: "The File Could Not Be Found" When Inserting File
    Q121605 WD6X: "Error! Bookmark Not Defined" Generating Table of Contents
    Q126088 WD6X: Error Message Starting Math Type or Equation Editor
    Q131642 WD6X: Error Message: "Word Cannot Save or Create This File"
    Q121713 WD6X: Errors Creating Data Source When Contains Text
    Q153835 WD6X: Errors Starting MacWord After Installing Empowerment Pack
    Q120350 WD6x: Error: "ToolsProtectDocument Command Is Not Available"
    Q115128 WD6X:Excel 5.0 Object with Double-Line Border Pastes Incorrectly
    Q135784 WD6X: Fax Drivers Tested With Word 6.0.1 for the Macintosh
    Q105773 WD6X: File Conversions Questions and Answers
    Q119029 WD6X: "File Not Recognized by Graphics Filter" Inserting Picture
    Q184329 WD6x: Files Installed by the Word 97-98 Import Converter
    Q176119 WD6x: Find File Fails with Dates Beyond Year 1999
    Q171286 WD6X: Find File Fails with Dates Beyond Year 2000
    Q110022 WD6X: Font Formatting Does Not Display in Some Dialog Boxes
    Q153834 WD6X: Fonts, Commands Not Available on the Font Menu
    Q176775 WD6X: Formatted Text in Tables Displayed Incorrectly in Browser
    Q118834 WD6X: GetProfileString() Returns Invalid Path
    Q125938 WD6X: Grammar Checker Causes System to Stop Responding
    Q141054 WD6X: Grammar Checker Inserts Bold, Red Words
    Q106450 WD6X: Grammar Check Replaces Smart Quotes with Straight Quotes
    Q109292 WD6X: Grammar Readability Statistics Dialog Shown Improperly
    Q118933 WD6X: Graphic Pattern Lost When Edited in Word for Macintosh
    Q132258 WD6X:Graphics, Borders Print Incorrectly to Color ImageWriter II
    Q128944 WD6X: Handling Cross-Platform Differences in WordBasic
    Q139852 WD6X: How to Add a Font to the Symbol Font List
    Q132432 WD6X: How to Add Font Sizes to the Font Menu in MacWord 6.0
    Q118775 WD6X: How to Add Stationery Documents to a Menu
    Q179159 WD6X: How to Automatically Size Table Columns
    Q120935 WD6X: How to Create a Work Menu in Word 6.0 for the Macintosh
    Q181615 WD6x: How to Create Multiple Table of Contents in Same Document
    Q120100 WD6X: How to Display Which Word Components Are Installed
    Q126250 WD6x: How to Insert a Hard Carriage Return in Text Form Field
    Q153620 WD6X: How to Print Envelopes to Personal LW NTR from MacWord 6.x
    Q110995 WD6X: How to Set a Default DATE Field Format in Word 6
    Q145355 WD6x: HP LaserJet 4, 5 Printer Driver Causes GP Fault
    Q119002 WD6X: Incompatibilities with MacWord 6.0 and Now Utilities 4.01
    Q127741 WD6X: Incorrect Insert Break Shortcut Keys Given in MacWord Help
    Q117205 WD6x: Incorrect Newsletter Wizard Information in Quick Results
    Q108482 WD6X: Incorrect SECTION and SECTIONPAGES Field Results
    Q179902 WD6X: Index Entries Converted Incorrectly from MacWord 5.x
    Q139961 WD6x: InsertFile Command Returns -1 for Both OK and Cancel
    Q122696 WD6X: Installable Font in WinWord File Print as Arial in MacWord
    Q123432 WD6X: It Takes Longer Than Expected to Build a Table of Contents
    Q121102 WD6X: List Numbering Incorrect After Applying Style
    Q126254 WD6X: List of Confirmed Bugs in Word for Macintosh Version 6.0
    Q129242 WD6X: List of Fixed Bugs in Word 6.0.1 for the Mac & Power Mac
    Q119079 WD6X: Macintosh Balloon Help Doesn't Work in Word 6 Dialog Box
    Q119421 WD6X: Macintosh System 7 Refers to Templates As Word 6 Documents
    Q113871 WD6x: Macro Recorder Records Number Format "None" Incorrectly
    Q133895 WD6X: Macro Virus Protection Tool for the Macintosh (MW1222)
    Q122408 WD6X: MacWord6: Printing Envelopes to DW 520, 540, 550, 560, 600
    Q119859 WD6x: MacWord 6.x Supplemental File Converters Available
    Q121293 WD6X: Mac WordBasic Commands Deleted in Word 6.0 for Windows
    Q118832 WD6X: MacWord Doesn't Support Selected SendKeys Keystrokes
    Q137519 WD6X: Mac Word File Doesn't Appear in QuarkXPress Get Text List
    Q170685 WD6X: MacWord Prints Bullets Without Spaces to LaserWriter II SC
    Q156665 WD6X: MacWord Quits When You Edit Column Width in HTML Document
    Q122835 WD6X: MacWord Setup: Double-Clicking Doesn't Mount Network Drive
    Q122792 WD6X: MacWord Setup Err Msg: Cannot Replace Folder with File...
    Q120142 WD6X: MacWord Setup Repeatedly Requests the Same Disk
    Q122406 WD6X: MacWord Setup Selects an Incorrect Destination Folder
    Q123099 WD6X: MacWord: WordBasic Error 135 on Dialog Box Sizing Command
    Q132427 WD6X: Mail Merge Query Options Doesn't Sort in Descending Order
    Q105746 WD6X: Mark Citation Finds Partial Words
    Q106282 WD6X: Menu Items Available When Word 6.0 Is in Server Mode
    Q179307 WD6X: Merge Data Source Saved as Word Document
    Q123431 WD6x: Message Box Buttons Appear in the Wrong Order
    Q126597 WD6X: Mouse Pointer Flashes with Adobe Type Manager Installed
    Q103968 WD6X: MS Announces ODBC Desktop Database Drivers Version 1.0
    Q119288 WD6X: Name Not Selected in AutoText Dialog Box (Macintosh Only)
    Q119030 WD6X: "Not Enough Memory" During Paste Special in RTF in MacWord
    Q144961 WD6X: "Not Enough Memory" Errors Inserting AutoText Entries
    Q179610 WD6X: Not Enough Memory Error Using Agenda Wizard in MacWord
    Q141013 WD6X: "Not Enough Memory" Error When Opening Help File
    Q131708 WD6X: "Not Enough Memory" When Starting Find File
    Q186040 WD6X: NTWord 6.0: Alki Language Proofing Tools Available
    Q122009 WD6X: Optimizing Your Macintosh System Configuration
    Q122994 WD6X: Outline/Shadow Format Not Removed with Replace Command
    Q166179 WD6X: Pages Fax Black with MacComCenter Fax Center in MacWord
    Q179842 WD6X: Pagination Different in Converted WordPerfect Documents
    Q123306 WD6X: "Please Locate Custom Dictionary" Error During Spell Check
    Q132270 WD6X: Portions Missing from Bullets And Numbering Dialog Box
    Q119622 WD6x: Power Macintosh Hangs When Using Word's Examples and Demos
    Q128747 WD6X: Power Mac Word Doesn't Start After Booting from Disk Tools
    Q104603 WD6X: Printers and Printing Q & A
    Q122238 WD6X: Printer Won't Pull Envelope from Envelope Feeder with Word
    Q128970 WD6X: Printing Envelope from MacWord 6 to Color StyleWriter 2400
    Q144967 WD6X: Printing Envelopes from MacWord 6 to Deskwriter (C)
    Q144993 WD6X: Printing Envelopes from MacWord 6 to the Epson StylusColor
    Q128971 WD6X: Printing Envelopes from MacWord 6 to the StyleWriter II
    Q155273 WD6X: Printing Envelopes from MacWord to Apple LaserWriter 16/60
    Q143223 WD6X: Printing Envelopes to LaserWriter 4/600, LaserWriter 320
    Q144782 WD6X: Printing Envelopes to the Apple Portable StyleWriter
    Q146649 WD6X: Printing Envelopes to the HP LaserJet 5MP Printer
    Q127784 WD6X: Printing Multiple Copies of Envelopes Doesn't Work
    Q180955 WD6X: Printing to a HP 4000 Printer from Microsoft Word
    Q191381 WD6x: Print: Odd Pages and Even Pages Have Opposite Effect
    Q120233 WD6X: Print Status Dialog Box Does Not Indicate Total Pages
    Q110653 WD6x: Queries Tab Not Available When Using Access via ODBC
    Q118456 WD6X: Quitting Word for the Macintosh Closes Word Help As Well
    Q145917 WD6X: Random Hangs, Unable to Fax with Geoport, System 7.5
    Q179594 WD6X: Refresh Problems When Scrolling in PowerBook 2400 and 3400
    Q121101 WD6X: Removing Macro from Template Removes from Menu
    Q123618 WD6X: Same Graphic Prints/Displays in Multiple Places
    Q132259 WD6X: Save Button Appears Completely Black on Mac PowerBook 140
    Q105772 WD6X: Screen Display Problems Q & A
    Q121844 WD6X: Scrolling is Slow in Some Word for the Macintosh Documents
    Q117771 WD6X: Section Formatting Not Read from MacWord Settings (5)
    Q105774 WD6X: Setup Questions and Answers
    Q125802 WD6X: Shading and OLE Objects Don't Print to QuickDraw Printers
    Q105771 WD6x: SHARE.EXE Questions and Answers
    Q122503 WD6X: Shortcut Keys in User Dialogs Not Automatically Underlined
    Q118525 WD6X: Spelling Checker Does Not Select Some Misspelled Words
    Q114746 WD6X: Spelling Checker Flags Asterisks (**) in Custom Dictionary
    Q110358 WD6x: Spinning Disk Icon Appears in Find File Dialog Box
    Q106013 WD6X: Straight and Smart Quotes Under AutoCorrect and AutoFormat
    Q114236 WD6x: "Subscript Out of Range" Running BatchConversion Macro
    Q120621 WD6X: Summary of Known Third-Party Extension Conflicts
    Q125410 WD6X: Supplemental Converters Installed Locally on Network
    Q123606 WD6X: Supplemental Macros for Word 6.0 for Windows Available
    Q136860 WD6X: Table Shading Prints Incorrectly on LaserWriter
    Q109881 WD6X: Tabs Dialog Does Not Appear in Mail Label Setup
    Q110418 WD6X: Tabs Not Included in Table of Contents or Index
    Q120234 WD6X: Tall Adjusted and 50-Percent Reduction Dimmed in MacWord
    Q105906 WD6X: Template Macros, Toolbars, Keyboard, and Menu Changes Lost
    Q130567 WD6X: Testing for Full Screen Mode Using a Macro
    Q153799 WD6X:TextBox Control Reverts to Automatic Width in Dialog Editor
    Q106049 WD6X: Thesuarus Incorrect If Table Cell Is Selected
    Q113870 WD6x: Time and Date Stamp of Word 6.0 Document Updated
    Q140178 WD6X: ToolsOptionsSave Doesn't Remove Password
    Q131843 WD6X: "Too Many Subdocuments Open" in a MacWord Master Document
    Q145390 WD6X: Troubleshooting Corrupted Documents, Word 6 For Macintosh
    Q152714 WD6X: Troubleshooting System Problems on Word for Power Mac
    Q107790 WD6x: Tutorial Not Installed Under OS/2
    Q130689 WD6X: Unable to Paste Word Text into Freehand v.5
    Q121473 WD6X: "Unable to Start Due to an Error" Starting MacWord 6.0
    Q154307 WD6X: Underlined Tab Extends to Margins When Printed
    Q118453 WD6X: Undocumented Word for Macintosh Keyboard Startup Options
    Q110300 WD6X: Undoing an Update to an Index May Not Work as Expected
    Q183155 WD6x: Unsaved Information Lost Printing from OS Shell
    Q122695 WD6X: Update Links Setting Not Retained Between MacWord Sessions
    Q118904 WD6x: Using the FileFind WordBasic Statement
    Q112458 WD6x: WD0264: Updated Word 2.x Templates for Use with Word 6.0
    Q105775 WD6X: What's New in Word 6.0?
    Q119337 WD6X: What's New in Word 6.0 for the Macintosh
    Q186039 WD6X: WinWord: Alki Language Proofing Tools Available
    Q129344 WD6x: Word 6.0.1 Components for Typical, Complete, Minimum Setup
    Q122392 WD6X: Word 6.0 for Macintosh Starts Slowly
    Q142752 WD6X: Word 6.0 for the Macintosh Operating Limitations
    Q118581 WD6x: Word 6.0 for Windows Function Key Keyboard Commands
    Q110091 WD6X: Word 6.0 for Windows TableMath Macro
    Q128645 WD6X: Word 6 .0 Hangs When Saving File or Previewing Graphics
    Q122693 WD6X: WordBasic Err=543 in 5.1 Upgrade Document
    Q122198 WD6X: WordBasic Examples: Outline and Outline()
    Q119464 WD6X: "Word Cannot Obtain the Data for the Unknown Link" Error
    Q128179 WD6X: Word Doesn't Fax with Delrina's No Chooser Extension
    Q142097 WD6X: Word Fails to Start or Produces OLE Error Message
    Q122347 WD6X: Word for Macintosh Unexpectedly Quits During Grammar Check
    Q123726 WD6X: Word for Power Mac Fulfillment Package Ships Only 7 Disks
    Q139116 WD6X: Word for the Macintosh Ignores New, Copied Normal Template
    Q122501 WD6X: Word Hangs When Launched with Corrupted Fonts
    Q105777 WD6X: Word Is Slow Finding Previous Record in Data Document
    Q126176 WD6x: WordPerfect Conversion Kit Available
    Q121937 WD6X: Word Prints a Documents in Middle of Another
    Q105824 WD6X: Word Prompts to Save When Closing Already-Saved File
    Q124663 WD6X: Word Quits When Printing to Color StyleWriter 2400
    Q124806 WD6X: Word Quits When You Convert 5.1 Settings File Under GX
    Q119027 WD6X: Word Saves Normal Document Template in Word Program Folder
    Q120107 WD6X: Word Unexpectedly Quits While Modifying AutoCorrect Entry
    Q127093 WD6X: Word Uses Orange Highlight Color When Blue/White Selected
    Q132252 WD6X: WP 5.x Paragraph Number Cross-Reference Cannot Be Updated
    Q182337 WD6X: X of Y Page Numbering Scheme for Sections Is Not Correct
    Q106242 WD6X: Zoom Changed to 100% When Launching Picture Editor
    Q140741 WD7: Can't Change Orientation of PowerPoint Slide in Word 7.0
    Q186038 WD95: Alki Language Proofing Tools Available
    Q144528 WD95: All Capital Letters Change to Mixed Case in Imported Word 97 Document
    Q134805 WD95: AutoCorrect Entries Not Converted in Form Field
    Q145147 WD95: AutoCorrect Expanded Text Includes Text from Other Entries
    Q188076 WD95: Background Proof Doesn't Function in Unprotected Section
    Q186899 WD95: Callout Boxes and Arrows Missing or Incorrect
    Q134896 WD95: Cannot Rename If Word Mail Is Running
    Q186717 WD95: Can't See HTML Source Code When Opening HTML Document
    Q153787 WD95: Can't Set Workgroup Template Location on Banyan Vines
    Q186958 WD95: Can't Use UNC Drive for Document Path on Some Networks
    Q184046 WD95: Case Change in Spelling Checker Causes Constant Recheck
    Q185531 WD95: Clicking a Help Topic Does Not Display Topic Selected
    Q192882 WD95: Convert File Dialog Box Defaults to Text Only During File Open
    Q186957 WD95: "Disk Is full..." or "ScanDisk Cannot Check the Drive..."
    Q166391 WD95: Document Saved As Word 2.x Errors When Opened in Word 95
    Q217169 WD95: Envelope Address Shifts Printing to HP LaserJet 6p
    Q147956 WD95: Err Msg "Can't Find Thesaurus File MSTH232.DLL" U.K. File
    Q186900 WD95: Error Message Opening a Document with Hyperlinks
    Q161841 WD95: Error Message Opening Word 97 File in Word 6.x, 7.x
    Q152771 WD95: Error Setting Document Location to Banyan or Pathworks
    Q188570 WD95: Errors Using ODBC to Insert Microsoft Excel Worksheet
    Q189021 WD95: Error Using Text Data Source with ODBC Driver
    Q186947 WD95: Error: "Word Cannot Open Document" with Long File Name
    Q169865 WD95: Explanation for Converting Redlining Incorrect in ORK
    Q174997 WD95: Extra Tab Inserted in Multilevel Numbered Paragraphs
    Q184323 WD95: Files Installed by the Word 97 Import Converter
    Q135296 WD95: First Page Prints on Back of Last Page with Duplex
    Q193008 WD95: Graphics Imported from Mac Displayed as QuickTime Logo
    Q186956 WD95: How to Create a Document Shortcut
    Q186959 WD95: How to Disable the "AutoFormat As You Type" Feature
    Q139797 WD95: How to Install the Missing Grammar Checker
    Q186955 WD95: How to Modify the Layout of an Address Book Entry
    Q153149 WD95: How to Move AutoCorrect Entries Between Computers
    Q161630 WD95: How to Reset Word 7.0 MRU Lists
    Q193718 WD95: How to Use Microsoft Access 95 Data in Word
    Q187352 WD95: How to Use Microsoft Excel Data Source for Word Mail Merge
    Q134724 WD95: Invalid Page Fault, Disk Full Error Saving File w/Many OLE Objects
    Q187304 WD95: "Invalid Page Fault" During Mail Merge
    Q132233 WD95: Invalid Page Fault in MSSP232.DLL
    Q193507 WD95: IPF Linking Custom Document Property to Empty Form Field
    Q169258 WD95: Large Envelopes Print in Portrait to HP 5si MX, 5n on NT 4
    Q186724 WD95: Leading Spaces and Tabs Removed with Inserted Database
    Q170030 WD95: ListNum Fields Missing from Imported Word 97 Document
    Q136226 WD95: List of Fixed Bugs in Word 7.0 for Windows 95
    Q172380 WD95: Macros in CONVERT7, LAYOUT7, TABLES7, and MACROS7 Template
    Q189152 WD95: Mouse Click Selects Multiple Cells in Embedded Spreadsheet
    Q170041 WD95: Multiple Numbered Lists Change to One Single Numbered List
    Q192974 WD95: No Macro Warning Opening File in Template Folder
    Q190732 WD95: Opening Word Document in Text Editor Displays Deleted Text
    Q142339 WD95: Operating Parameter Limitations and Specifications
    Q146045 WD95: Outline Numbering Brackets Lost When Document Imported from Word 97
    Q174122 WD95: Outline Numbering Incorrect in Imported Word 97 Document
    Q186902 WD95: Positive Sloped Lines Change to Negative Sloped Lines
    Q191379 WD95: Print: Odd Pages and Even Pages Have Opposite Effect
    Q184048 WD95: Punctuation May Cause Word to Constantly Check Same Word
    Q193713 WD95: Queries Not Available When Using Access Database
    Q139563 WD95: Quiet Mode Setup Does Typical Instead of Complete Setup
    Q184142 WD95: Some Characters Missing/Cutoff When Displayed on Screen
    Q169531 WD95: Spelling Checker Does Not Correct Spelling Errors
    Q181242 WD95: Text Boxes Disappear When You Open Word 97 Document
    Q181241 WD95: Text Box Fills/Lines Wrong in Imported Word 97 Document
    Q173232 WD95: Title/INFO Title Field Causes Invalid Page Fault
    Q173505 WD95: Unable to Run Macro with Multiple Command Line Switches
    Q173505 WD95: Unable to Run Macro w/Multiple Command Line Switches
    Q176445 WD95: Unable to Set File Locations to NT 4.0 NTFS Partition
    Q176445 WD95: Unable To Set file Locations To NT 4.0 NTFS Partition
    Q183154 WD95: Unsaved Information Lost Printing from OS Shell
    Q191939 WD95: "User Options" File Location Path Has No Function
    Q181729 WD95: Using Mail Merge to Create a List Sorted by Category
    Q135872 WD95: Where Settings Are Stored in the Registry
    Q167622 WD95: Word 97 Linked Picture Causes Invalid Page Fault in Mswrd832
    Q132214 WD95: WordBasic Err=582 "Unable to Load Specified Library"
    Q182282 WD95: WordBasic Macro to Copy Data Key from the Registry
    Q139796 WD95: WordBasic Reference Not Available in Help
    Q178360 WD95: Word Cannot "Save As" Due To A File Permission Error
    Q179834 WD95: Word Does Not Appear to Run or Is Slow Opening Files
    Q178874 WD95: Word Hangs When Choosing Address Book or Using File Send
    Q179354 WD95: Word Removes Underscore Characters from Mergefield Names
    Q187841 WD95: WP 5.x Paragraph Number Cross-Reference Cannot Be Updated
    Q157134 WD97: 3-D Page Border is not Applied
    Q165801 WD97: "Activate As" Word Picture Activates Object as Word Doc
    Q162598 WD97: ActiveX Controls Lose Sizing After Previewing in Browser
    Q169981 WD97: Addin Field Data Lost in Word 6.0/7.0 Conversion
    Q157843 WD97: Adding AutoText to the AutoText Menu
    Q155945 WD97: Additional Word Templates Available in ValuPack Folder
    Q157521 WD97: Agenda Wizard Table Cells Misaligned
    Q162955 WD97: Alignment of Bulleted or Numbered List Lost in HTML
    Q170406 WD97: Allow Fast Save Option Not Selected by Default
    Q168330 WD97: Alpha: Cannot Use Word 97 Converter with Alpha Word 6.0
    Q162982 WD97: Appearance of Document Not Refreshed Saving as HTML
    Q172677 WD97: "Appellant vs. Appellee" Added to Pleading Wizard
    Q181256 WD97: Application Error Saving File w/Graphic to WordPerfect 5.x
    Q165715 WD97: Applying Single Border to Selected Text Sets All Borders
    Q173621 WD97: Attached Template Changes to Normal After Saving Document
    Q168101 WD97: AutoComplete Suggests Incorrect Date
    Q168968 WD97: AutoCorrect Entry "wern't" Not Corrected
    Q180165 WD97: AutoCorrect Feature Limitations
    Q161582 WD97: AutoCorrect Text Deleted, Partially Visible in Form Field
    Q172317 WD97: Automatic Numbered List Doesn't Work If Text Contains Tabs
    Q165301 WD97: Auto Numbering Changes by One After You Press ENTER
    Q165162 WD97: AutoNum Fields Don't Update When Deleted W/ Track Changes
    Q158700 WD97: AutoRecover Doesn't Create Recovered Document
    Q161551 WD97: AutoSummarize Doesn't Find Some Text to Summarize
    Q173149 WD97: Avery Label Wizard Setup Gives Error, Hangs, or Crashes
    Q169937 WD97: Avoiding Save As Alert When Saving to Different Format
    Q166981 WD97: Back Button Not Available After Viewing HTML Source
    Q157757 WD97: Background Color Won't Print
    Q164688 WD97: Background Image Reference Changed Saving As HTML
    Q162983 WD97: Background Sound Continues to Play
    Q162986 WD97: Background Sound Object Embedded in Document Header
    Q168856 WD97: Background Texture Tab Doesn't Display Correct Path
    Q158057 WD97: Backslash, Semicolon Dropped from XE Field
    Q171597 WD97: Banyan Vines Drives Do Not Appear in Word Drive List
    Q168423 WD97: Batch Conversion Macro Causes Error Converting File
    Q173864 WD97: Batch Conversion Wizard Document Open After Dialog Closed
    Q168448 WD97: Batch Conversion Wizard Enters Endless Loop
    Q172742 WD97: Batch Converter Not Restored on AutoUpdate Uninstall
    Q157772 WD97: Bitmap Icon Is Lost After Saving to RTF
    Q173674 WD97: Blue Underline for Hyperlink Not Placed Below Object
    Q172310 WD97: Bookman Font Fails to Print Bold on PS Printers
    Q173228 WD97: Borders Applied to More Lines in Selection Than Expected
    Q171607 WD97: Borders Print Poorly with Hewlett-Packard 820Cse
    Q165882 WD97: Bottom Table Row Will Not Resize With Mouse
    Q163813 WD97: Boxes in Central European, Russian, or Greek Document
    Q157197 WD97: Browse For Folder Dialog Box Behind Conversion Wizard
    Q163731 WD97: Bullets and Horizontal Lines Lost After Save to FTP Server
    Q165564 WD97: Bullets and Numbering Lose Formatting with Track Changes
    Q165253 WD97: Bullets and Numbering Not Aligned in Document Map
    Q166942 WD97: Bullets and Numbers Styles Convert Incorrectly to 6.x/7.x
    Q165881 WD97: Bullets Change to Other Characters When Changed to Text
    Q170211 WD97: Bullets in Multilevel Numbering Convert to Boxes
    Q157613 WD97: Bullet Symbol Changes After Roundtrip Conversion
    Q163158 WD97: Calculate On Exit Doesn't Function for Calculation
    Q174324 WD97: Can Add Bookmark to Hyperlink When No Bookmark Exists
    Q164992 WD97: Cancel RegOptions Macro Doesn't Cancel Registry Changes
    Q181062 WD97: Cannot Change Default Field Names in Mail Merge Helper
    Q163057 WD97: Cannot Change Default Language for New Documents
    Q165978 WD97: Cannot Change Word 95 Document Text Box After Opening It
    Q174985 WD97: Cannot Check for AutoUpdate After Installing IE 4.0
    Q167317 WD97: Cannot Close or Save
    Q173601 WD97: Cannot Color Table Border in HTML Document
    Q179659 WD97: Cannot Convert MS-DOS Glossaries into Word 97
    Q166060 WD97: Cannot Copy and Paste Floating Objects in Word Viewer
    Q174314 WD97: Cannot Copy from Word and Paste to GroupWise 4.1a
    Q182284 WD97: Cannot Cross-reference to Caption in Text Box
    Q162956 WD97: Cannot Delete Certain Objects in HTML Document
    Q158602 WD97: Cannot Extend Selection Across Linked Text Boxes
    Q166061 WD97: Cannot Follow Hyperlink to Its Source from Word Viewer
    Q168913 WD97: Cannot Insert a Caption Inside a Table Cell
    Q171602 WD97: Cannot Insert Address from Schedule+ Address Book
    Q157544 WD97: Cannot Link More Than 32 Text Boxes
    Q158617 WD97: Cannot Link Text Boxes in Different Subdocuments
    Q166953 WD97: Cannot Locate Msconv97.dll When Converting Files
    Q173490 WD97: Cannot Move to Previous or Next Linked Text Box
    Q173489 WD97: Cannot Open Hyperlinked Document Using Shortcut Menu
    Q157666 WD97: Cannot Open Word 97 Documents in Word 6.0 or 7.0
    Q168811 WD97: Cannot Paste or Drag Text to Text Box
    Q166065 WD97: Cannot Paste to the Desktop Folder from Word Viewer
    Q166646 WD97: Cannot Print Multiple Copies to HP LaserJet 5
    Q164616 WD97: Cannot Resolve Hyperlink Containing Punctuation
    Q178788 WD97: Cannot "Search the Web" After Canceling Connection to ISP
    Q179477 WD97: Cannot Select Document Properties to Print from File Open
    Q168810 WD97: Cannot Type in Floating Text Box with Protected Document
    Q176216 WD97: Cannot Undo Automatic Field Updates
    Q173117 WD97: Cannot Undo Style Gallery Change
    Q158499 WD97: Cannot Use ScanProt with Word 97
    Q173574 WD97: Cannot Use Visual Fox Pro ODBC Driver in Word Mail Merge
    Q165566 WD97: Cannot Use "What's This?" in Text Boxes
    Q173854 WD97: Cannot View Graphics Inserted with Image Submit Control
    Q157397 WD97: Can't Access Form Properties With Frame Control
    Q162541 WD97: Can't Access Mail Merge Data Source on Banyan Network
    Q159817 WD97: Can't Connect, Insert Database with ODBC and MSQuery
    Q169064 WD97: Can't Convert Picture Object in Built-in Template
    Q155777 WD97: Can't Crop Object with SHIFT Key (Dragging Size Handle)
    Q161525 WD97: Can't Distinguish AutoSummary Text from Highlighted Text
    Q166950 WD97: Can't Fax When Recipient Name Is Blank
    Q166181 WD97: Can't Insert Page Numbers into WordMail Message
    Q161824 WD97: Can't Make First Letter of Sentence a Capital Letter
    Q172327 WD97: Can't Merge Documents with Tracked Changes
    Q157774 WD97: Can't Open HTML Document with Nested Tables
    Q160592 WD97: Can't Print Multiple Files from Open Dialog Box
    Q157295 WD97: Can't Redefine Normal Style from Style Box
    Q157121 WD97: Can't Remove Background Sound Object in HTML Document
    Q160242 WD97: Can't Resize Text Box, Drawing Object in Header, Footer
    Q163546 WD97: Can't Save Changes to Toolbar Buttons on Custom Toolbar
    Q166068 WD97: Can't Save File from Word Viewer
    Q157775 WD97: Can't Save Version for Read-Only Document
    Q162989 WD97: Can't Save Versions of a Document from Office Binder
    Q157465 WD97: Can't See Field Codes for Some Objects
    Q167738 WD97: Can't See or Manipulate Objects (and Other Odd Behavior)
    Q178478 WD97: Can't Send Word Document with Outlook Express
    Q163366 WD97: Can't Type Text Across Entire Label Using DeskJet 500
    Q157226 WD97: Can't Use Back, Forward Buttons After View HTML Source
    Q160455 WD97: Can't Use CRTL+ALT+F8 on Programmable Keyboard
    Q166067 WD97: Can't Use CTRL+C in Word Viewer to Close Full Screen View
    Q168911 WD97: Can't Use Customize Dialog Box to Remove Customize Menu
    Q164332 WD97 Can't Use Spell Check If Text Formatted With Certain Fonts
    Q168059 WD97: Can't Use Word 97 as Server for Word 6.0/95 Link
    Q161868 WD97: Captions in Text Boxes Not Updated Correctly
    Q169929 WD97: Captions Update to Zero If Grouped with Objects
    Q159758 WD97: Caption Text Shifted Right or Missing from Caption Box
    Q160915 WD97: Caption with Chapter Numbering Reset to 1
    Q179340 WD97: CC: Address Gone After Using Address Book in Letter Wizard
    Q161501 WD97: CD-ROM Contents (Part 1 of 7)
    Q161500 WD97: CD-ROM Contents (Part 2 of 7)
    Q161502 WD97: CD-ROM Contents (Part 3 of 7)
    Q161503 WD97: CD-ROM Contents (Part 4 of 7)
    Q161505 WD97: CD-ROM Contents (Part 5 of 7)
    Q161506 WD97: CD-ROM Contents (Part 6 of 7)
    Q161507 WD97: CD-ROM Contents (Part 7 of 7)
    Q172678 WD97: Changes in Word SR-1 Spelling and Thesaurus
    Q170405 WD97: Changes to Compatibility Options Not Saved in
    Q179710 WD97: Changes to Custom Template Do Not Show in Preview
    Q157859 WD97: Changes To Inline Pictures Are Not Saved
    Q172764 WD97: Changes to List Number Styles May be Lost
    Q164335 WD97: "Change Text Direction" Button Shows Incorrect Direction
    Q157892 WD97: Change to Address Font Not Saved from Envelopes Tab
    Q155773 WD97: Changing Hypertext Display Text Doesn't Change Underlying
    Q179559 WD97: Changing Object Wrapping Changes Order to Behind Text
    Q167392 WD97: Changing Text Formatting Changes Paragraph Formatting
    Q173784 WD97: Changing the Bullet Type in HTML Creates a Second Bullet
    Q158348 WD97: Changing the Default File Name and Directory
    Q173052 WD97: Chart Missing Pasting Grouped Items from Microsoft Excel
    Q167623 WD97: "Check Drive" Error When File Name Has Extended Characters
    Q173394 WD97: Check Links Does Not Accept Some Protocols as Valid Links
    Q173770 WD97: Check Links Finds Some Redirected Links Are Invalid
    Q173771 WD97: Check Links Reports Broken Links If Connection Lost or Bad
    Q170943 WD97: Clicking a Suggestion in Spelling And Grammar Causes IPF
    Q168732 WD97: Clicking UNC Hyperlink to HTML File Starts Web Browser
    Q173286 WD97: Clipart Images Display Incorrect Format Picture Options
    Q165077 WD97: Clipart Loses Objects in Word Picture Editor
    Q160864 WD97: Close All Doesn't Close Multiple HTML Documents
    Q166017 WD97: Color Borders Print Solid Black Instead of Gray
    Q172325 WD97: Color Pattern Borders Print Incorrectly on Some Printers
    Q155964 WD97: Column Paragraph Bordering May Print Uneven
    Q161756 WD97: Comment Inserted at Unexpected Location
    Q179345 WD97: Comments Pane Doesn't Close When Opened Via Hyperlinks
    Q172704 WD97: Company Name Not Added to Header w/ Letter Wizard
    Q179709 WD97: Company Name Style Text Changes Style Using Letter Wizard
    Q159924 WD97: Contents of the Wdread8.txt Readme File
    Q169969 WD97: Contents Of Wdread8.txt File for Word 97 Alpha Version
    Q165528 WD97: Template Missing AutoText Entries
    Q171732 WD97: Control Code for Finding/Replacing with Unicode Value
    Q164618 WD97: Conversion of Bullets and Numbering
    Q157777 WD97: Conversion Wizard Quits if Convert8.dll is Missing
    Q157198 WD97: Conversion Wizard Restarts After Clicking Close
    Q165781 WD97: Converted Document Contains PRIVATE Fields
    Q155779 WD97: Copies Not Reset to One After Selecting Different Printer
    Q172187 WD97: Corel Square Fountain Fill Changed to Radial
    Q169543 WD97: Cover Sheet Missing When Merging to Fax
    Q179077 WD97: Creating a Hyperlink to a Microsoft Access Table or Query
    Q168805 WD97: Creating Large Numbers of Styles Creates Huge Scratch File
    Q168855 WD97: Criteria Used by AutoStyle to Assign Body Text Style
    Q170339 WD97: Cropped Pictures and Objects Are Resized
    Q165740 WD97: Cross Reference to ListNum Field Is Incomplete
    Q155801 WD97: CTRL+Page Up/Down Keys, Previous/Next Page Buttons Change
    Q155965 WD97: CTRL+Z UNDO Will Not Work In Form Control Tools
    Q165822 WD97: Custom Bullet or Number Lost After Save to RTF
    Q163457 WD97: Customized Toolbar Button Reappears After Removing Button
    Q172631 WD97: Custom Numbering Scheme Not Available on Other Computer
    Q172744 WD97: Custom Outline Numbered Preview Changes Location
    Q179708 WD97: Custom "Page Design" Changes Not Used by Letter Wizard
    Q157868 WD97: Custom Style Based on List Number Style Drops Numbering
    Q182246 WD97: Custom Toolbar Lost Saving Document as New Template
    Q170734 WD97: Cut or Copy Object in Label Causes IPF
    Q170212 WD97: Cutting Object wth Document Map Showing Hangs Word
    Q165880 WD97: Dash in Autosignature Is Autoformatted to a Dot
    Q156486 WD97: Database Command Missing from the Insert Menu
    Q174063 WD97: Data in Wrong Cell After Being Pasted from Table to Graph
    Q155775 WD97: Date Field Changes to Text Using Letter Wizard
    Q169530 WD97: Date/Time Field Doesn't Update to International Version
    Q164011 WD97: Default Bullet Format Lost After Reopening HTML File
    Q163094 WD97: Define Command Missing from Shortcut Menu
    Q172746 WD97: Deleted Browser Reappears in Web Page Preview Dialog Box
    Q163659 WD97: Deleted Text from Tracked Changes Appears in HTML
    Q158467 WD97: Description of Options for Conversion Wizard
    Q168000 WD97: Dialog Box Text Truncated
    Q171684 WD97: Differences Between RTF and Binary Export Converter
    Q163300 WD97: Differences Between Word and FrontPage for Web Authoring
    Q179495 WD97: Different Date Formats Listed on Insert Date and Time List
    Q159549 WD97: Different-Width Cells Display as Equal-Width Cells in Brow
    Q155944 WD97: Display Icon Changes After Clicking Undo Convert Object
    Q165925 WD97: "Distance From Text" Property Not Applied to Inside Border
    Q179112 WD97: Distribute Relative to Page Ignores Landscape Page Setting
    Q159625 WD97: Docerr: Message Box Refers to MultiLevel Not Outline List
    Q173226 WD97: Document Containing FILLIN Fields May Not Prompt to Save
    Q161001 WD97: Document Macro Shortcut Key Assignments Won't Print
    Q180594 WD97: Document Map Applies Level 1 to Incorrect Paragraphs
    Q155950 WD97: Document Map Width Not Retained
    Q182292 WD97: Document Margins Not Retained When Inserted as File
    Q166053 WD97: Document Menu Unavailable in Word Viewer
    Q160347 WD97: Document Opened as Text Only If Already Open
    Q166063 WD97: Document Open in Word Viewer, Word Has Read-Only Access
    Q166069 WD97: Document Properties Blank When Printed from Word Viewer
    Q159334 WD97: Document Repaginated When You Switch to Header/Footer
    Q166059 WD97: Documents Open in Word Instead of Word Viewer on NT 3.51
    Q172042 WD97: Document Text Extends into Margin, Overlaps, or Gaps
    Q166098 WD97: DocVariable Field Is Autoindex Field After Conversion
    Q172918 WD97: Dot or Dash Border Lost Opening Word 6.x, 7.x Document
    Q173820 WD97: Double-Clicking Document Icon Does Not Open Document
    Q165770 WD97: Double Strikethrough Lost When File Openned in Word 6.0/95
    Q167962 WD97: Drawing Object/AutoShape Fill Pattern Appear as Shading
    Q172745 WD97: Editing Web Browser Path Creates Duplicate Entry
    Q173275 WD97: EMF Graphic Missing When You Open Document
    Q170905 WD97: Envelope Address Moves After Canceling Font Changes
    Q179316 WD97: Envelope Address Style Not Applied to Envelope Address
    Q155959 WD97: Envelope Feed Method Displayed Incorrectly (HP DeskJet)
    Q158482 WD97: Envelopes Printed Upside Down on Hewlett-Packard 5si/5si
    Q169733 WD97: Equation 3.0 Incorrectly Converts Spaces From Version 2.x
    Q170877 WD97: Equation Editor Error: Elements That Are Not Available
    Q172014 WD97: Equation Editor Help Reference Incorrect
    Q157476 WD97: Equation Editor Objects Not Visible In Converted Document
    Q167282 WD97: Equation Object Not Inserted at Insertion Point
    Q166977 WD97: Erratic Scrolling Caused by Large Objects
    Q171596 WD97: ErrMsg in Letter and Envelope Mail Merge w/ Excel DDE Data
    Q170410 WD97: ErrMsg Inserting If Then Else Field into Envelope
    Q177059 WD97: Err Msg: "..Invalid Page Fault.." When Inserting a Symbol
    Q170407 WD97: ErrMsg Saving Graphic File to Read Only Share
    Q162260 WD97: Err Msg: "The Subdocument Is Missing" Word Hangs
    Q163458 WD97: Err Msg: "Unable to Open Selected TWAIN Source" in Word 97
    Q178878 WD97: Error 5152 Running Macro To Insert Graphic w/URL Address
    Q179435 WD97: Error: "Cannot Access the File" After File Closed (ODMA)
    Q174326 WD97: Error Expanding Subdocuments If Network Connection Lost
    Q162984 WD97: Error Inserting Video if HTML
    Q170354 WD97: Error Installing Updated Word 6.0/95 Export Converter
    Q163096 WD97: Error Installing Word Foreign Language Proofing Tools
    Q160977 WD97: Error: ListNum Field In Table Causes Invalid Page Fault
    Q159719 WD97: Error Merging with Outlook CSV, TSV File
    Q178977 WD97: Error Message in Print Preview with Excel DDE Data Source
    Q169739 WD97: Error Message on Clicking Help Button for Convert to Frame
    Q173069 WD97: Error Message or Invalid Page Fault Saving to Nearly Full
    Q173683 WD97: Error Message: "Word Cannot Give a Document the Same Name"
    Q170265 WD97: Error Opening Korean Document with Numbering in U.S. Word
    Q179310 WD97: Error or Unexpected Quit When You Type Complex Sentence
    Q178481 WD97: Errors Accessing the Address Book Icon
    Q165717 WD97: Errors After Running Avery Wizard Setup
    Q173908 WD97: Errors Opening File If Low Memory or Low Disk Space
    Q173051 WD97: Errors Removing "Run From Network Server" Installation
    Q180905 WD97: Errors Saving File with Low Hard Disk Space
    Q178732 WD97: Errors Starting Word After Installing EasyPhoto
    Q160931 WD97: "Error! Style Not Defined" When Printing File
    Q164012 WD97: Error "The RTF file .\<name> Is Corrupted At Offset..."
    Q157616 WD97: Error Using Documents.Open to Open Non-Word File
    Q176865 WD97: Error with Missing FormField Bookmark Names
    Q178973 WD97: Error with Wave Sound Icon Inserted in Text Box
    Q162559 WD97: Err: ".Password-Protected with an Encryption Scheme.."
    Q157638 WD97: Excel 97 Chart Object Becomes Picture Converting to Word 7
    Q170411 WD97: Excel Text Uses Wrong Font When Pasted into Word
    Q169866 WD97: Explanation for Converting Redlining Incorrect in ORK
    Q170266 WD97: Extended Characters Fax Incorrectly Using Fax Wizard
    Q171071 WD97: Extended Characters Improperly Converted in ASCII RTF File
    Q181104 WD97: Extend Mode (EXT) Is Unexpectedly Deactivated
    Q157547 WD97: Extra Images Created After Using Web Page Wizard
    Q160474 WD97: Fax Wizard Falsely Implies Completion of Faxing Process
    Q165231 WD97: Fax Wizard Leaves .tmp Files Behind
    Q155963 WD97: Fax Wizard Sends Cover Sheets Before Form Letters
    Q157477 WD97: Features Not Available During Web Authoring
    Q170887 WD97: Field Code Becomes Damaged Under Certain Circumstances
    Q167283 WD97: Field Shading Split by Inline Object
    Q168100 WD97: Fields Inserted in an AutoText Entry Are Updated Automatic
    Q167217 WD97: Field Switches Moved Inside Field After Saving as HTML
    Q181935 WD97: FileOpen and Auto Macros Renamed
    Q170914 WD97: File Open Reverts to Program Folder Not Network Location
    Q162437 WD97: File Saved in RTF Has Extra Language Property
    Q179661 WD97: File Sharing Options Are Ignored
    Q168967 WD97: File Size Twice as Big When Compared to Earlier Version
    Q173053 WD97: Files Not Added to "Recent" Folder
    Q157552 WD97: Fill Color Extends Through Border Formatting
    Q164547 WD97: Fillin Field Prompts Twice
    Q173814 WD97: Find and Replace Won't Use Buttons on Formatting Toolbar
    Q155822 WD97: "Float Over Text" Check Box Checked If Paste Link Selected
    Q157667 WD97: Float Over Text Objects Cut Off in Online Layout View
    Q171336 WD97: Font Animation May Not Be Shown on Last Line of Text
    Q161810 WD97: Font MRU List Not Retained After You Quit Word
    Q170912 WD97: Fonts in Converted RTF File Not Mapped Correctly
    Q155946 WD97: Footer Truncated or Missing from Legal Pleading
    Q163459 WD97: Footnote/Endnote Deleted by Grammar Check
    Q178029 WD97: Forcing Word to Save a Document with the .wpd Extension
    Q157749 WD97: Format Callout Dimmed After Drawing Certain Callouts
    Q166980 WD97: Format Changed If Hyperlink Spans Several Paragraphs
    Q179417 WD97: Format Font Option in Find and Replace Does Not Work
    Q157844 WD97: Format of List Style Unexpectedly Removed
    Q179245 WD97: Format Painter Does Not Work with Inline Objects
    Q162954 WD97: Formatting Not Retained for Blank Table Cells in HTML
    Q164334 WD97: Formatting Toolbar Shows Incorrect Text Direction in Table
    Q156485 WD97: Form Field Command No Longer on the Insert Menu
    Q173929 WD97: Frame Converted from Text Box Is Gray When Header Is Open
    Q155774 WD97: Framed Object Positioned Incorrectly in Online Layout View
    Q167655 WD97: Frequently Asked Questions About the Grammar Checker
    Q166636 WD97: Frequently Asked Questions About Word Viewer 97
    Q165079 WD97: "From Scanner" Missing from Insert Picture Menu
    Q161988 WD97: Full Screen View Toolbar Is Hidden
    Q164472 WD97: GC1282: Rich Text Format Addendum (Spec. for Word 97)
    Q159941 WD97: General Information about "Auto" Features in Word 97
    Q159943 WD97: General Information About Bullets and Numbering
    Q159945 WD97: General Information About E-Mail Support
    Q159940 WD97: General Information About Hyperlinks in Word
    Q159950 WD97: General Information About International Functionality
    Q169938 WD97: General Information About Microsoft Photo Editor
    Q157098 WD97: General Information About Page Borders in Word
    Q159942 WD97: General Information about Text Boxes and Frames in Word 97
    Q173428 WD97: General Information About the Comments Feature
    Q159948 WD97: General Information About Web Page Authoring
    Q169545 WD97: GetSpellingSuggestions Method Causes Errors
    Q179344 WD97: GoTo Previous Comment Does Not Go To Correct Comment
    Q170913 WD97: GPF in Module Unidrv.dll Printing to Fax Drivers
    Q173289 WD97: Graphic Does Not Appear or Print in a Master Document
    Q173925 WD97: Graphic on Select Browse Object Button Does Not Resize
    Q157083 WD97: Graphics Filters Installed During Typical Setup
    Q163156 WD97: Gridlines Missing from Cells Pasted as Excel Object
    Q163191 WD97: Grouped Drawing Objects Open as a Box in Word 7.0
    Q167883 WD97: Hang Editing WordMail Template
    Q157292 WD97: Hangs When Printing Multiple Open Documents
    Q157550 WD97: Headings Inside Table Don't Display in Document Map
    Q167214 WD97: Heading Styles Missing From Style List
    Q159236 WD97: Help Topic for Supplemental Converters Listed Twice
    Q167373 WD97: Hidden Text Is Ignored w/ Spelling and Grammar Checking
    Q157776 WD97: Horizontal Lines Display With Different Widths
    Q157224 WD97: Horizontal Rule and Other Web Elements Limited to 6.5 Inch
    Q162490 WD97: How to Access Sample Macros for Word 97
    Q162235 WD97: How to Add a Portrait Page Number to a Landscape Page
    Q140863 WD97: How to Add Automatic Signatures to WordMail Messages
    Q170342 WD97: How to Add Templates to the Letter Wizard
    Q181111 WD97: How to Automatically Display Drop-Down Form Field Contents
    Q182311 WD97: How to Change Delivery or Return Address Formatting
    Q169967 WD97: How to Change the Default Date AutoComplete Format
    Q181172 WD97: How to Clear the Undo Stack
    Q159896 WD97: How to Control the Tabbing Order in a Form
    Q169968 WD97: How to Copy Custom Label Information to Another Computer
    Q181641 WD97: How to Create an Exclude Dictionary
    Q180976 WD97: How to Create a Watermark in Word
    Q163547 WD97: How to Create Custom Toolbars and Toolbar Buttons
    Q181617 WD97: How to Create Multiple Tables of Contents in Same Document
    Q155800 WD97: How to Customize, Create, and Restore Word Menus/Toolbars
    Q171044 WD97: How to Determine the Number of Days Between Two Dates
    Q171406 WD97: How to Disable the Use of UNC
    Q159476 WD97: How to Enable, Disable Microsoft Word as the E-Mail Editor
    Q165409 WD97: How to Find Help for Creating Non-Breaking Spaces
    Q176992 WD97: How to Find the ANSI Value of Characters
    Q167722 WD97: How to Format a Hyperlinked Object in an HTML Document
    Q157091 WD97: How to Import Word 97 Documents into Word 2.x, 6.x, 7.x
    Q158918 WD97: How to Insert a Caption Next to an Equation or Object
    Q181175 WD97: How to Insert a Slashed Zero (0 Overlaid with a /)
    Q157373 WD97: How to Insert Sample Text into a Document
    Q157991 WD97: How to Install Missing Clipart and Clipart Extra
    Q155977 WD97: How to Install More Templates and Wizards
    Q159471 WD97: How to Install the Far East Support Files
    Q172527 WD97: How to Obtain Word 97 for Windows Service Release 1
    Q170263 WD97: How to Open HTML Files Directly into Source View
    Q164503 WD97: How to Order the Resource and Developer's Kits
    Q181178 WD97: How to Place a Bullet in the Middle of a Sentence
    Q170730 WD97: How to Play a .wav Sound File Using a Macro
    Q173670 WD97: How to Recover a Saved Field Value
    Q156573 WD97: How to Recover Text from Any File
    Q181471 WD97: How to Reset User Options and Registry Settings
    Q161631 WD97: How to Reset Word 97 MRU Lists
    Q171730 WD97: How to Retain the Template View in the New Dialog Box
    Q181252 WD97: How to Rotate a Clipart Picture or WMF file
    Q173220 WD97: How to Scroll Smoothly When Dragging Vertical Scroll Bar
    Q159866 WD97: How to Set Table Width to Percentage of Browser Window
    Q181993 WD97: How to Show Access Check Boxes During a Mail Merge
    Q178355 WD97: How to Simulate a Vertical Text Flip for a "Tent" Page
    Q173224 WD97: How to Turn On/Off Prompts in Word Web Authoring
    Q165532 WD97: How to Upgrade from Works to Word 97
    Q166019 WD97: How to Use, Disable Protection Furnished by Protection.doc
    Q180599 WD97:How to Use Query to Merge Two Excel Files for Data Source
    Q162895 WD97: How to Use the ListNum Field in Word
    Q179934 WD97: How to View Multiple Pages Using Zoom on a Toolbar
    Q165739 WD97: How Word Determines the Name of a Saved Version
    Q167694 WD97: HTML Alternate Text Displayed with Object
    Q165406 WD97: HTML Page w/Style Tag Doesn't Display in Internet Explorer
    Q167255 WD97: HTML Tags Nested Incorrectly After Saving Word 97 File
    Q169874 WD97: Hyperlink Nested Inside Other Hyperlink After Drag & Drop
    Q173379 WD97: Hyperlink Not Inserted After Saving as HTML
    Q155982 WD97: Hyperlink Style Format Is Not Retained After Merge
    Q173150 WD97: Hyperlink to Anchor or Bookmark Goes to Top of Document
    Q170972 WD97: IExplore Back Button Ignored after Hyperlink from Word
    Q173399 WD97: Image Not Correctly Shown in Table of an HTML Document
    Q164993 WD97: IncludePicture Inserts Blank Placeholder
    Q181184 WD97: Incorrect Calculation in Drop-Down Form Field Using Macro
    Q174317 WD97: Incorrect Characters Displayed in Multilingual Web Page
    Q157639 WD97: Incorrect Hyperlink, Error Inserting from Insert Field
    Q173678 WD97: Incorrect Results When Undo Dragging of Objects
    Q159678 WD97: Incorrect SectionPages Result with Background Printing
    Q166272 WD97: Incorrect Total When Table Has More Than 85 Rows
    Q173378 WD97: Indentation in List Disappears After Restart Numbering
    Q181699 WD97: Index Updates Incorrectly with Modified Page Numbering
    Q165810 WD97: “?” in E-mail Address Using Web Wizard Submit Button
    Q172326 WD97: Infinite Loop When Using Spelling Checker
    Q172629 WD97: Information About the Word Internet LookUp Template
    Q170466 WD97: Inline Picture Becomes Red X in Word 6.0/95 Format
    Q170904 WD97: Inline Picture Inside Text Box Becomes Larger in Word 7.x
    Q155983 WD97: InsertBreak Statement Inserts a Carriage Return
    Q155804 WD97: Inserted Picture or Drawing Object Moves Down Page
    Q164617 WD97: Inserted Table Automatically Formatted with Grid Border
    Q173581 WD97: Inserted Video Missing When HTML Document Is Reopened
    Q172345 WD97: Inserted Word Document Object Loses Header/Footer
    Q167465 WD97: Inserting a Graphic Over Hyperlink Retains Hyperlink Style
    Q173916 WD97: Inserting or Pasting over Selection Retains Hyperlink
    Q157640 WD97: Insertion Point Disappears After Inserting Scrolling Text
    Q172818 WD97: Insert WordArt/AutoShape Opens Blank Picture Object
    Q164686 WD97: Instant Access OCR, Word Proofreader Commands Unavailable
    Q162400 WD97: IntelliMouse Changes Not Reflected in Current Session
    Q155960 WD97: IntelliMouse Wheel Doesn't Scroll in Open, Save As
    Q159341 WD97: International Fonts Do Not Appear in Font List
    Q166865 WD97: "Invalid Document ID" Opening/Saving Document
    Q174069 WD97: Invalid Links from Link to Remote File Transfer Protocol
    Q167254 WD97: Invalid Page Fault Applying Font Animation to Footer Text
    Q164830 WD97: Invalid Page Fault Clearing "Float Over Text" Check Box
    Q159880 WD97: Invalid Page Fault Clicking Check Errors
    Q167880 WD97: Invalid Page Fault Dragging Copied Hyperlink
    Q168401 WD97: Invalid Page Fault Error When You Click Links Command
    Q166970 WD97: "...Invalid Page Fault in Excel32.cnv" When Opening a File
    Q167997 WD97: Invalid Page Fault in KERNEL32.DLL with Browser Control
    Q181053 WD97: Invalid Page Fault in Module MFC40.DLL When Quitting Word
    Q165392 WD97: Invalid Page Fault in PIMAB32.dll w/ Compaq Address Book
    Q166969 WD97: Invalid Page Fault in Word at Startup When Disk Space Low
    Q161524 WD97: Invalid Page Fault Modifying Numbered Style
    Q167149 WD97: Invalid Page Fault on NT 4.0 After Opening More Than 2000
    Q159779 WD97: Invalid Page Fault Opening File with Long Path, File Name
    Q170268 WD97: Invalid Page Fault Pasting Object from PowerPoint 97
    Q164338 WD97: Invalid Page Fault Printing Current Page
    Q168339 WD97: Invalid Page Fault Promoting/Demoting Heading
    Q167958 WD97: Invalid Page Fault Typing Symbol in Equation Editor 3.0
    Q168923 WD97: Invalid Page Fault Using DocVariable Field
    Q166971 WD97: Invalid Page Fault When Normal.Dot Is a Document
    Q227478 WD97: Invalid Page Fault When Printing in Photo Editor
    Q168560 WD97: Invalid Page Fault When You Edit a Picture
    Q167621 WD97: Invalid Page Fault with Proofing Tools on Network
    Q157532 WD97: Invalid Procedure Name Error Creating a New Macro
    Q167881 WD97: IPF Clicking Next Section in Binder Print Preview
    Q167159 WD97: IPF Creating New Blank Web Page Template
    Q167721 WD97: IPF Error Opening File with Recover Text Converter
    Q166064 WD97: IPF in Word Viewer When Document Opened on Server
    Q168325 WD97: IPF Opening RTF File with Background Texture in Viewer
    Q170875 WD97: IPF Printing Document with Large Merged Cells
    Q167218 WD97: IPF Updating Field w/ Dollartext Switch, Spanish Language
    Q170873 WD97: IPF Viewing Name or Path on Linked Floating Picture
    Q165160 WD97: Items Missing from Message Using "Send To Mail Recipient"
    Q172961 WD97: Items Missing from Recently Used File List
    Q169939 WD97: JPN: Word 95 Document May Not Convert Correctly
    Q180639 WD97: "Keep Lines Together" Has No Effect in Tables
    Q157935 WD97: Keyboard Shortcuts for Word 97
    Q166703 WD97: Known Video Driver Conflicts in Word 97
    Q170465 WD97: Large MS-DOS File Is Damaged When Opened as MS-DOS Text
    Q179597 WD97: Laserjet III Ignores Allow A4 Paper Resizing Setting
    Q162545 WD97: Launching Word Corrupts Tseng Labs ET6000 Video
    Q157799 WD97: Letter Wizard Defaults Stored In Normal Template
    Q161612 WD97: Letter Wizard Replaces Merge Field with AutoTextList
    Q172703 WD97: Letter Wizard Second Page Header Contains Date/Page Number
    Q163550 WD97: Letter Wizard Subject Line Not Selected
    Q157088 WD97: Limitations Converting Documents from Word 97 to 6.x/7.0
    Q157086 WD97: Limitations of Converting from Word Format to HTML
    Q157089 WD97: Limitations of Converting from WordPerfect 6.x to Word 97
    Q157085 WD97: Limitations of Converting WordPerfect 5.x Documents
    Q173222 WD97: Line Between Columns Fails to Appear and Is Not Printed
    Q168063 WD97: LineDraw and Extended Characters Mapped Incorrectly
    Q179493 WD97: Line Pattern Printed Solid If Pasted as Picture or Bitmap
    Q162579 WD97: Linked Picture Doesn't Preserve Scaling Properties
    Q173501 WD97: Linked Picture Missing When Word 6.0/95 Document Reopened
    Q173223 WD97: Linked Picture Size Lost Saving as Rich Text Format
    Q170971 WD97: Link to Floating Picture Lost When Document Saved as Word
    Q165255 WD97: ListIndent and ListOutdent Fail to Return Error
    Q165471 WD97: ListNum Changes Numbering Level When Heading Style Applied
    Q155961 WD97: ListNum Field Not Converted Saving to Word 6.0/95
    Q160697 WD97: Macro Name Truncated in Customize Dialog Box
    Q170726 WD97: Macros to Test for an Existing AutoText Entry Name
    Q170732 WD97: Macro to Count Number of Document Paragraphs and Lines
    Q170612 WD97: Macro to Create Table of Contents Entry Automatically
    Q170724 WD97: Macro to Determine If Insertion Point Is in a Table
    Q157773 WD97: Macro to Disable Float Over Text Property
    Q169932 WD97: Macro to Generate Report of Files Found
    Q170731 WD97: Macro to Test for the Last Cell in a Table
    Q161515 WD97: Macro Virus Warning Shows When No Macros Exist in File
    Q163649 WD97: Mailing Label Wizard Prints Only in Column 1
    Q171689 WD97: Mail Merge Main and Data Documents Not Saved in Background
    Q178356 WD97: Mail Merge May Affect Existing Toolbars
    Q172328 WD97: Mail Merge with Merged Cells in Data Table Hangs Word
    Q172819 WD97: Main Document Not Connected to Data Source in Word 6.x/7.x
    Q166956 WD97: Many Page Breaks With "First Page Footer" Causes Problems
    Q166055 WD97: Margins Outside Printable Error in Word Viewer
    Q157559 WD97: Master Document Toolbar Buttons Grayed in Master Document
    Q172383 WD97: Matching AddressLayout Fields to Outlook Contact Fields
    Q168057 WD97: Maximum Number of Printers Visible in Word
    Q157199 WD97: Memo Wizard Quits If Memo Title Is over 255 Characters
    Q179833 WD97: Menu Bar Fails to Hide in Full Screen Mode
    Q162292 WD97: Menu Item Moved When Template Converted to Word 97
    Q166052 WD97: Menus in Word Viewer Do Not Respond on First Click
    Q166951 WD97: Merge Cells Before Split Setting Causes Unexpected Results
    Q155899 WD97: Merged Document Based on Elegant Template Includes Header
    Q171063 WD97: Merged Table Cells and Rows Do Not Print Bottom Border
    Q182057 WD97: Merging Documents vs. Comparing Documents
    Q169542 WD97: Messages When Attempting to Fax from Word
    Q166206 WD97: Month, Day Transposed After Updating Form Field
    Q163601 WD97: More Cool Stuff Template Refers to Personal Web Server
    Q168338 WD97: Mouse Causes Equation Editor Toolbar to Disappear
    Q169879 WD97: MS Excel Text Formatting May Not Convert Properly to Word
    Q179422 WD97: MS LineDraw Font Not Usable in Word
    Q169541 WD97: Multiple Cover Pages Sent When Using Fax Wizard
    Q157122 WD97: Multiple Instances of Toolbar Buttons
    Q158154 WD97: Multiple Line Table Row In Text Box Won't Break
    Q167624 WD97: Need .doc Extension to Open WordPerfect Subdocuments
    Q168852 WD97: Nested Calculations Updated Incorrectly (International)
    Q157135 WD97: Newsletter Footer Doesn't Print Using Default Settings
    Q157148 WD97: Newsletter Wizard Address Printed in Wrong Location
    Q166018 WD97: Newsletter Wizard Creates Extra Blank Page
    Q155778 WD97: Next Page Button Closes Header or Footer View
    Q176470 WD97: Next Page Section Break Changes to Odd or Even
    Q162969 WD97: No Connectors Command on AutoShapes Menu
    Q174513 WD97: Nonbreaking Space Missing Using French Language
    Q173934 WD97: No Outlook Address Book File to Open on Hard Disk Drive
    Q178121 WD97: No Password Prompt for "Modify" in Mail Client
    Q172382 WD97: No Results When Faxing by Using Outlook Distribution List
    Q163155 WD97: No Shortcut Menu in Find and Replace Dialog Box
    Q180145 WD97: "Not Enough Memory" Error When Printing from Photo Editor
    Q163305 WD97: Not Enough Memory with Effect Preview in Photo Editor
    Q172916 WD97: Nothing Happens When OCR Scanning from Word
    Q157612 WD97: No Warning When You Edit EPS Image (Image Converted)
    Q165473 WD97: Numbered List Restarts at One After Saving to HTML
    Q165302 WD97: Numbered Page Break Added When File Opened in Word 7.0
    Q162532 WD97: Numbering Continues in Pasted/Linked Table
    Q165256 WD97: Numbering Gallery Retains Custom Scheme After Exiting
    Q164548 WD97: NumPages Field Not Updated When You Open File
    Q158477 WD97: Object Deleted When You Run Letter Wizard
    Q169873 WD97: Object in Header Causes Object in Document to Reposition
    Q157548 WD97: Objects in Converted Document Don't Display in Normal View
    Q170527 WD97: Objects Print Incorrectly on Non-Square Resolutions
    Q158481 WD97: Objects Stacked After Converting to Word 6.x/95 or RTF
    Q167885 WD97: ODMA: File Open Dialog May Display Behind Application
    Q166787 WD97: ODMA File Open Not Supported in Mail Merge
    Q174304 WD97: ODMA Save As Command Does Not Close the Previous Document
    Q165530 WD97: ODMA TeamLinks: Cannot Open Reserved File
    Q163460 WD97: ODMA TeamLinks or PCDOCS: Images Missing Saving to HTML
    Q160240 WD97: Office Assistant Balloon Has No Controls After Replace
    Q181807 WD97: OLE Objects Appear Distorted When Saved as HTML
    Q180000 WD97: OLE Objects Print Incorrectly with Float Over Text
    Q179341 WD97: On Exit Macro Jump to Unprotected Section Fails
    Q168964 WD97: Open Dialog Box Displays Folders as Question Marks
    Q166058 WD97: Open For Editing from Word Viewer Creates Instance of Word
    Q166339 WD97: Opening a JPEG File in Photo Editor Causes an Error
    Q168402 WD97: Opening Version After Updating Linked Picture Hangs Word
    Q168804 WD97: Operating Parameter Limitations and Specifications
    Q160068 WD97: Optimizing Microsoft Word 97
    Q157528 WD97: "Outline Effect" Text Garbled or in All Caps When Printed
    Q166054 WD97: Outline Expand/Collapse Keystrokes Fail in Word Viewer
    Q165527 WD97: Outline Numbering Incorrect After Saving to HTML
    Q157138 WD97: Outline Numbering Is Not Reapplied
    Q165470 WD97: Outline Numbering Links to All Styles After Style Copy
    Q168236 WD97: Outlook Address Book Not Available in Mail Merge Helper
    Q157535 WD97: Outlook Message Title Shows Invalid Character
    Q166050 WD97: Outlook/WordMail Tries to Use Word Viewer as Editor
    Q170944 WD97: Page Border Art Has a White Background
    Q157227 WD97: Page Border Doesn't Show When Inserted in Normal, Outline
    Q167874 WD97: Page Borders May Display/Print Wrong or Give Error Message
    Q160241 WD97: Page Break Deleted After Drawing Table
    Q157833 WD97: "PAGE \#..." Displays in Screen Tip for Comments
    Q159856 WD97: Page Field in Header/Footer Causes Odd Behavior
    Q158054 WD97: Page Number Field Not Marked As Deleted, Reinserted
    Q165526 WD97: Page Numbering Is Different in Online View
    Q157200 WD97: Paragraph Border Extends Past Text Box Border
    Q169532 WD97: Paragraph Borders Displayed Erratically with Objects
    Q168327 WD97: Paragraph Mark Appears Cropped When Using Tahoma Font
    Q172962 WD97: Parentheses Don't Display in Result of a Form Field Numbe
    Q170940 WD97: Password Not Prompted with First Expansion of Sub-document
    Q170463 WD97: Photo Editor Appears to Hang On Low-Memory Computer
    Q157664 WD97: Picture Deleted When Typing Text Into Text Box
    Q162349 WD97: Picture Displayed as Red "X" in Document
    Q164342 WD97: Picture Hyperlinks Lost When Saved as HTML
    Q163808 WD97: Picture Is Pasted as Float Over Text Not as Inline
    Q173499 WD97: Picture Loses Picture Placeholder Text When Hyperlinked
    Q170564 WD97: Pictures and Objects Inserted as Inline by Default in SR-
    Q163095 WD97: Pictures Lost Saving a Web Page in Word
    Q157119 WD97: Pictures Visible Even When Picture Placeholders Selected
    Q157637 WD97: Placeholder Replaces Image After Adding Hyperlink
    Q157456 WD97: Pleading Wizard Block Quotation Not Justified
    Q164244 WD97: Pleading Wizard Doesn't Change Lines Per Page
    Q181365 WD97: Pleading Wizard Font Point Size Is Too Small or Too Large
    Q167882 WD97: Pleading Wizard Halts if Visual Basic Editor Window Open
    Q169875 WD97: Pressing BACKSPACE Doesn't Delete Section Break
    Q173988 WD97: Pressing F10 in Document in Binder Doesn't Access Menu Bar
    Q166982 WD97: Pressing TAB Key Moves Insertion Point to Wrong Cell
    Q163135 WD97: Printing File in File Open Hangs When File is Open
    Q169166 WD97: Print To File on Windows May Produce Incorrect Output
    Q157665 WD97: Print To PostScript File Cuts Off Top Of Picture
    Q167284 WD97: Problem Saving on Computer with Multiple Users
    Q162827 WD97: Problems Printing Document with Many Drawing Objects
    Q164273 WD97 Problems Scrolling After Changing Zoom in Online View
    Q177455 WD97: Problems with Document Based on Contemporary Memo Template
    Q161692 WD97: Problems With Float Over Text Objects
    Q157381 WD97: Problems with Letter Wizard Contemporary Page Design
    Q162596 WD97: Products That Qualify for the Word Upgrade
    Q179338 WD97: Programatically Unlinking Fields in Footer Makes Word Hang
    Q181435 WD97: Programs Missing from Default Picture Editor List
    Q167878 WD97: Progress Meter Remains Visible in Status Bar After Error
    Q166868 WD97: Properties (Summary Info) Comments in Wrong Format/Missing
    Q165773 WD97: Protected Document Stuck in Normal View After You Edit It
    Q162602 WD97: Questions About Saving in the Word 6.0/95 File Format
    Q158056 WD97: Quick View Doesn't Convert Word 97 Documents
    Q169544 WD97: ReadabilityStatistics Collection Causes Invalid Page Fault
    Q168334 WD97: Read-Only Recommended Option Lost When Saving
    Q171858 WD97: Receive "The Specified Path Is Invalid" Saving HTML File
    Q165602 WD97: RecentFile.Path Is Empty When Referencing An ODMA DMS
    Q179337 WD97: Recorded Macro to Stop "Same As Previous" Fail On Playback
    Q171042 WD97: Red Box Prints Behind WordArt Object on Canon BJC 4550
    Q167653 WD97: Redo Deletion of Toolbox Control Causes Invalid Page Fault
    Q167216 WD97: REF Field Becomes Text Converting from Word 97 to MacWord
    Q166049 WD97: Relative Links Don't Work in Word Viewer
    Q173147 WD97: Removing Headings When Running Resume Wizard Causes Errors
    Q167368 WD97: "Reset My Tips" Doesn't Work as Expected
    Q166707 WD97: Resizing Graph Object After Pressing CTRL+Z Causes Error
    Q161976 WD97: Reveal Formatting Help Tool Not Installed
    Q160112 WD97: Revision Marks Displayed/Printed in Wrong Location
    Q172092 WD97: Right-aligned Graphic Deletes HTML Code When Saved
    Q161978 WD97: RTF Format Given to File Saved in Word 6.0/95
    Q166066 WD97: RTF Link in Netscape Starts New Instance of Word Viewer
    Q173146 WD97: Run from Network Install for Web Authoring AutoUpdate
    Q172318 WD97: Run Time Error If Court Name Blank in Pleading Wizard
    Q170733 WD97: Sample Macro Code to Select Table Columns and Rows
    Q170725 WD97: Sample Macro That Uses a Loop to Find Text
    Q182726 WD97: Save Preview Picture Setting Is Document Specific
    Q161984 WD97: "Save Word Files As" Help Topic Incorrect
    Q170720 WD97: Saving as HTML Removes Hyperlink "Target" Tag
    Q168618 WD97: Saving As Word 6.0/95 Format Saves Incorrect File Size
    Q172179 WD97: Saving to a Banyan Vines Server Hangs Word
    Q169256 WD97: Scrolling Causes Text to "Disappear"
    Q179087 WD97: Selected Word Is Not Spell Checked First
    Q158689 WD97: Self-Help and Online Support Options
    Q172188 WD97: Semitransparent Inline Graphics Display Incorrectly
    Q164687 WD97: Send To PowerPoint Fails
    Q176189 WD97: Shading of Solid Black or Gray Wont Print Duplex on NT
    Q171333 WD97: Skip Numbering and Stop Numbering Not on Shortcut Menu
    Q170886 WD97: Smart Quotes Incorrect When Language Is Set to French
    Q171599 WD97: Some AutoComplete Tips Do Not Show
    Q158424 WD97: Some Characters Not Supported in ScreenTips
    Q169787 WD97: Some Colors Missing From DIB Images w/ HP LaserJet Driver
    Q157294 WD97: Some Commands Not Available When Control Object Selected
    Q174325 WD97: Some Corel Draw EMF Graphics Do Not Display Gradients
    Q155962 WD97: Some Features Disabled After Setup
    Q164502 WD97: Some Files Remain After "Remove All"
    Q163059 WD97: Some Fonts Are Not Available in Word
    Q158009 WD97: Some Graphic Filters Not Installed During Setup
    Q180023 WD97: Some Menu Commands Unavailable When Document Protected
    Q169547 WD97: Some OLE Automation Commands Fail with Visual Fox Pro 5.x
    Q165078 WD97: Some Open Shortcuts Changed
    Q156004 WD97: Some Paragraph Border Styles Are Not Transparent
    Q159418 WD97: Some Printers Will Not Print Unicode Characters
    Q176845 WD97: Some Style Formats Not Displayed with Reveal Formatting
    Q172016 WD97: Some Text Attributes Lost Inserting Corel Graphic (.cdr)
    Q171046 WD97: Some Underline Styles Are Lost During Save to HTML
    Q181314 WD97: Some Underline Styles Are Lost During Save to HTML
    Q173577 WD97: Some View Options Change Between Views
    Q157580 WD97: Some Wizards Don't Show Finish On Progress Indicator
    Q171449 WD97: Spell Checking HTML File with BGSOUND Changes View
    Q163306 WD97: Squares Not Symbols in Insert Symbol Dialog Box
    Q167215 WD97: StartConversionWizard Selects Wrong Files to Convert
    Q166051 WD97: Starting Word Viewer Starts Word 97 Instead
    Q174071 WD97: Strange Behavior with Equation Toolbar in Arrange All Vie
    Q173377 WD97: Style Changes Not Retained with HTML Styles
    Q165529 WD97: Style Changes When Numbering Applied to Based On Style
    Q170351 WD97: Style Drop-down Shows Styles Out of Order
    Q166978 WD97: Subdocuments Lost When Master Document Saved in HTML
    Q158478 WD97: Subdocuments Not Saved to Remote Server Location
    Q180516 WD97: Subdocuments Not Saved with Master Document on FTP Server
    Q163153 WD97: "Suggest" Button Missing from Spelling Checker
    Q157092 WD97: Supplemental Text Converters Available for Word 97
    Q162987 WD97: Supported Non-Word File Formats
    Q157834 WD97: Switching Between Bullets and Numbers Removes Indents
    Q160022 WD97: Symbol Characters Change to Box Characters
    Q160070 WD97: Symbol Dialog Different from Previous Versions
    Q173013 WD97: Symbol in Heading Removes Heading Numbering from TOC
    Q159417 WD97: System Requirements for Microsoft Word 97
    Q172748 WD97: Tab Character Appears as Space in Web Browser
    Q179352 WD97: Tab Characters Removed When Turning Bullets On/Off
    Q167617 WD97: Table Borders Misaligned When Printed to 9-Pin Printer
    Q155910 WD97: Table Column Selection May Show Incorrect With Merged Cell
    Q161519 WD97: Table Column Width Changes When Opened As HTML
    Q163658 WD97: Table of Contents Doesn't Display Paragraph Numbering
    Q165232 WD97: Table of Contents Page Number Tip Incorrect
    Q157531 WD97: Table of Figures (TOF) Missing Captions from Text Boxes
    Q166452 WD97: Table Row Height Set to "At Least" After Vertical Merge
    Q168062 WD97: Table Row Will Not Increase to Show All Vertical Text
    Q182757 WD97: Tables Appear Incomplete in File Open Preview
    Q171982 WD97: Tabs in Heading Styles Look Wrong in Table of Contents
    Q161667 WD97: Tab Spacing Incorrect in Online Layout View
    Q168733 WD97: Template Layout Changes When Opened in Word
    Q170878 WD97: Template Menu Customization Lost Opening in Word 97
    Q163549 WD97: Templates and Wizards Available from Microsoft
    Q172492 WD97: Templates and Wizards Not Included with SR-1 Patch
    Q171690 WD97: Text and Images in CorelDRAW Graphic Appear Overlaid
    Q163732 WD97 Text Color Changes When Formatting HTML Body Text
    Q157849 WD97: Text Color in Text Box Not Changed to White with Dark Fill
    Q157084 WD97: Text Converters Installed in a Typical Setup
    Q171608 WD97: Text Converter Updates in Service Release 1
    Q179185 WD97: Text Disappears Behind Floating Object
    Q181577 WD97: Text Form Fields Not Retained During Mail Merge
    Q163189 WD97: Text in Shaded Table Missing Printing to NT Servers
    Q159363 WD97: Text in Text Box Missing, Truncated in Online Layout View
    Q181384 WD97: Text, Line Numbering Don't Line Up in Pleading File
    Q162691 WD97: Text Missing, Saving as "Hide Everything But Summary"
    Q157395 WD97: Text Not Centered if Selection Includes Section Break, Tab
    Q181361 WD97: Text/Table Disappears Following Check Box Form Field
    Q164458 WD97: "The Document May Be Corrupt" Error Editing Master Doc
    Q166789 WD97: Title of HTML Document Begins with a Question Mark
    Q167620 WD97: TOC Styles Don't Have Tab Stop When Applied Manually
    Q179361 WD97: Toolbar Button Color Lost Converting Word 95 Toolbar
    Q162801 WD97: Toolbars Dock on Top of Other Toolbars, Hide Buttons
    Q163190 WD97: Track Changes Accept Button Does Not Accept Revision
    Q178287 WD97: Track Changes Does Not Mark Some Formatting Changes
    Q163850 WD97 Tracked Changes Doesn't Find Revisions in Subdocument
    Q169755 WD97: Troubleshooting Fax Problems from Word
    Q168198 WD97: Troubleshooting Invalid Page Faults in Word 97
    Q172502 WD97: Troubleshooting Setup for the Web AutoUpdate Feature
    Q157120 WD97: Two Shortcut Menus for Text Box
    Q165303 WD97: Unable to Apply Bullets, Numbers (Tracked Changes Enabled)
    Q155942 WD97: Unable to Attach Outlook Address Book for Mail Merge
    Q163600 WD97: Unable to Connect to Web with Browse Web Art Command
    Q166949 WD97: Unable to Fax When You Start Word the First Time
    Q172590 WD97: Unable to Insert Objects into Table Cell
    Q166952 WD97: Unable to Send to Fax Recipient from Word
    Q167959 WD97: "_Underline_" AutoFormat Option Applies Italic
    Q177235 WD97: Undoing Grouped Linked Text Boxes Causes IPF and Crash
    Q161292 WD97: Undo Insert Page Numbers Causes Word To Hang
    Q172488 WD97: Unexpected Results When Clicking Between Text Form Fields
    Q172379 WD97: Unexpected Results When Printing in Master Document View
    Q157403 WD97: Unexpected Results with "Next Text Box" in Headers/Footers
    Q182837 WD97: Unsaved Information Lost Printing from OS Shell
    Q173070 WD97: Unwanted Tab Stop Inserted in Outline Numbered Sequence
    Q143480 WD97: Updated Word 6.0/95 Export Converter Available
    Q166736 WD97: User Name Dialog Box Appears When You Start Word
    Q168416 WD97: Using ActiveX Control in Mail Merge Causes Page Fault
    Q157463 WD97: Using Calculate on Exit in a Forms Document
    Q164831 WD97: Using CTRL+DEL with Track Changes Deletes Two Words
    Q171263 WD97: Using as WordMail Template May Cause Problems
    Q181730 WD97: Using Mail Merge to Create a List Sorted by Category
    Q162985 WD97: Using Relative Paths in HTML Files
    Q170719 WD97: Using SendKeys with Dialog Boxes in Word for Windows
    Q157094 WD97: Using StartConversionWizard to Convert Multiple Documents
    Q181786 WD97: Using the INFO Field to Obtain Summary Info Data
    Q171418 WD97: Using Word as Email Editor in Outlook Changes View in Word
    Q163254 WD97: Valupk8.hlp Topic for Macintosh Converter Incorrect
    Q158060 WD97: VB Code Lost After Converting from Word 97 to RTF
    Q168632 WD97: Versions Lost When Using Send to Mail Recipient
    Q168729 WD97: View Merged Data Fails After Using Find Record
    Q179076 WD97: Visio Object Background Turns Black When Doc Saved as HTML
    Q170876 WD97: Visual Basic Example to Print Current Page
    Q170727 WD97: Visual Basic for Applications Command for Copying Files
    Q167877 WD97: Voice Dictation Systems Appear To Run Slowly With Word
    Q174315 WD97: Warning When Saving Multilingual Web Page or HTML Document
    Q158641 WD97: Watermark Causes Uneven Spacing in Online Layout View
    Q157195 WD97: WD97: How to Add or Remove a Command from a Shortcut Menu
    Q157356 WD97: WD97: Online Layout View Does Not Show Negative Indent
    Q167619 WD97: Web Address Is Cut Off in Web Toolbar
    Q173783 WD97: Web Browser Cannot Open a Mailed or Routed HTML File
    Q163299 WD97: Web Page Authoring Tools AutoUpdate
    Q173432 WD97: Web Page Wizard Creates Unnecessary Copies of Image Files
    Q172743 WD97: Web Preview Edit Browser Path Limited to 50 Characters
    Q172874 WD97: Web Publisher Does Not Make Absolute Paths Relative Paths